The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- Dawnguard




The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- Dawnguard

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About The Game

This first expansion for the massive RPG Skyrim bites into the latest media craze: vampires and werewolves! After rescuing Serena, a vampire princess in possession of an Elder Scroll, your hero travels to Castle Volkihar and learns of Vampire Lord Harkon’s plan to extinguish the light of Tamriel’s sun to make the land a safer place for him and his bloodsucking brethren. Choose to join him in his nefarious plan, or fight against him as part of the Dawnguard’s vampire hunting squadron. With a slew of new enemies, weapons, and magical abilities, as well as the potential to transform into a Vampire Lord yourself, Skyrim: Dawnguard adds to the game’s already huge world, and is an expansion you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

Game Features:

  • • Access a host of vampiric abilities: turn into clouds of fog or bats, throw people around with telekinesis, or drink blood to restore your lifeforce
  • • Ten extra hours of gameplay in your quest to stop Lord Harkon from blotting out the sun and casting Tamriel into eternal night
  • • Become a badass vampire hunter, utilizing a variety of tools including the new crossbow and Dragonbone weaponry, which eclipses even Daedric armaments in power
  • • Fall under the lycan’s curse, gaining extra strength and speed in exchange for a portion of your humanity
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- Dawnguard

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- Dawnguard Review

By Gus McZeal |

It doesn’t seem like anywhere is safe from Twilight fever… not even Skyrim. Bethesda Softworks’ latest downloadable content package for their best-selling RPG titled Dawnguard, enables players to finally live out their dreams of creating a hero called “EdWarDCuLLen69” and turning him into a Vampire Lord. No word on whether Bella Swan will appear as future downloadable content, but given the recent state of Kristen Stewart’s public image, it seems unlikely. Oops!

Dawnguard’s premise is fairly simple. After hearing from some town guards that vampires are becoming a big problem in Tamriel, your hero heads to Fort Dawnguard, a vampire-hunter stronghold, to see how he or she can get involved in combating the vampire threat. After traveling to a site of old creepy ruins to see if you can find any vampires—because as centuries of literature have taught us they’re always hanging out in places like this—lo and behold, you find a sexy vampire princess called Serena trapped inside a statue, holding an Elder Scroll. Serena turns out to be a pretty nice vampire; rather than biting the hero’s face off and flapping off into the night, she asks for an escort back to her home at the mysterious Castle Volkihar. There, you’ll meet Lord Harkon, the vampire king, who thanks you for rescuing his daughter and lets you choose between becoming a Vampire Lord or going free and returning to Fort Dawnguard. I dunno about you, but to me, the correct choice here seems pretty obvious.

Being a Vampire Lord lets you access a lot of badass powers that basically turn you into Tamriel’s version of Darth Vader. Besides being able to turn into a cloud of bats or summon demonic gargoyles to do your bidding, your hero EdWarDCuLLen69 gains an ability called Vampiric Grip, which lets you grab an enemy from afar using telekinesis and hold them in the air while slowly draining their life energy. Talk about killer. You can also hover, claw people to death with deadly melee attacks, raise the dead, and transform into an invulnerable cloud of mist. Bethesda also added special skills for Taylor Lautner fans—I mean, werewolves. You can do more damage in melee range, summon a pack of wolves, and feast on the corpses of your enemies to regenerate health.

As cool as it seems, being a Vampire Lord is not all badassery: as everyone knows, Vampires have weaknesses that can be exploited. While you won’t be sparkling in the sunlight in Dawnguard, you will be weaker during daylight hours, and you’ll have to feast on blood—human or animal—at regular intervals to stay alive. Unfortunately, the weaknesses of being a vampire aren’t just lore-based, either. Transforming into the Vampire Lord form forces you into a third-person perspective, and the animations are pretty janky; when flying through the air towards his prey, our hero EdWarDCuLLen69 looks more like a gargoyle than the creatures he summons using his abilities. You can’t loot chests or enemies while in Vampire Lord form, which is just poor design. These are only a few of the problems, which don’t really lessen the fun of being a Vampire Lord but they do make you wonder what exactly Bethesda had in mind with these limitations.

If you choose not to become a Vampire Lord, you’ll join the Dawnguard vampire hunters and gain the ability to use crossbows and participate in a storyline where you work towards stopping Lord Harkon from blotting out the sun forever. While this, to me anyway, isn’t nearly as cool as becoming a Vampire Lord, it does hold appeal for players who don’t want to do anything “evil.” Meh!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim—Dawnguard is a great piece of DLC, adding about twenty hours of exciting and unique gameplay to Bethesda’s already-lengthy title, provided you like vampires. The expansion is available now on PC and Xbox 360, costing around $20, and earns a Z-Score of 85/100.

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