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About The Game

The Da Vinci Code revolves around secret societies, ancient cover-ups and calculated vengeance in an action-oriented suspense experience. While attempting to solve a murder, Harvard professor Robert Langdon and brilliant French cryptographer Sophie Neveu uncover a 2000-year-old conspiracy through clues encoded in paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci. The Da Vinci Code takes you on a heart-pounding non-stop race through Paris and through time to find the truth and protect a secret that could shake the world.

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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code Review

By Chad Montague |

It's no secret that movies don't make the best videogames. Reasons vary depending on the title, but it's usually a matter of time. Specifically, developers simply don't have enough of it to make a quality product. Videogames based on movies need to hit the marketplace around the same time as the films themselves, so gamers usually wind up with rushed software.

Even when movie-based titles have an intriguing premise, or even promising design, sloppy execution usually stifles any fun. Sadly, that's the case with The Da Vinci Code, based off the best-selling novel by Dan Brown. It borrows a riveting story of conspiracy and murder, yet gets bogged down by sloppy gameplay. It even has a few interesting mechanics here and there, but these feel underdeveloped and haphazardly thrown in, too.

Now, before going any further, just know there's a good reason why this game even exists. And it has to do with money. Lots and lots of money. The book and film made a ton of it. So, naturally, the need to keep things moving required the property to expand into the game market. To go even further, the reason why the book and movie made tons of cash is because they both told a good story -- a tale of murder, conspiracy, killer monks and 2,000 year-old-secrets about Jesus Christ.

Just like in the movie, the game follows two characters, symbologist Robert Langdon and police cryptologist Sophie Neveu. You control them both, though not at the same time. Each behaves exactly the same in terms of combat and puzzle-solving abilities, and the game decides which one you control at any given time. The selection tries to coincide with the happenings of the book and movie, but it's not always spot-on. And while having two characters never hurt, it's mainly cosmetic here. It would have freshened things up a bit to have each character claim his/her own strengths.

You spend most of the game navigating museums, tombs and other environments in the third-person, fighting cops and solving puzzles as you go. The deeper you get, the more of the Da Vinci mystery you unravel. And while the story and overarching riddle do entertain, the actual gameplay needs serious work. First, the combat engine simply doesn't belong anywhere in this game. The book deals with an intellectual struggle, not a physical one. Well, not so much that you need to brawl with dozens of killer monks, anyway.

Combat splits into two phases. The first one plays like any other third-person brawler, in that you can walk up to an enemy and start beating them by mashing on the face buttons. You do this until the game switches to phase two, which it does automatically. Here, you win or lose the encounter depending on how you play a mini-game. It's pretty basic, all you need to do is hit the right sequence of buttons before the timer runs out to pummel foes into oblivion. You're also given a choice at the bottom of the screen to throw enemies, which takes a simple button press. When the above system works, it's fine. A little dull, by fine and it doesn't bog the experience by any means.

The Da Vinci Code Game Walkthrough

Walkthrough for:

The Da Vinci Code (Playstation 2, XBox, PC)

Version 1.8

Author:  Eric Waechter






May 21, 2006 - Version 1.0 Completed first draft of COMPLETE walkthrough.

May 22, 2006 - Version 1.1 Corrected mixup of church organ room and 
               closet with can of oil and bolt cutters in Saint Sulpice.

May 23, 2006 - Version 1.2 Easier solution to slider puzzle in Chateau 
               Villett added.

               Link to image of completed picture puzzle at Westminster
               Abbey at Newton's Tomb added

               Link to image of gear placement in the basement of Temple
               Church added

May 23, 2006 - Solutions to Anagrams and button puzzle in Rosslyn Chapel
               Revisited added

May 24, 2006 - Version 1.3 New and improved description for the solution 
               of the torch puzzle at the end of Normandy Mansion

May 26, 2006 - Version 1.4 "Helpful Images" added throughout the entire
               walkthrough.  Credits added and contact info updated.  
               Some spelling and grammatical errors corrected and some
               puzzle descriptions improved.

June 3, 2006 - Version 1.5  Added the "Before you contact me" section.  
               Clarified how to unlock everything in Rosslyn Chapel Revisited.
               Corrected number of "creepy monks" found in Saint Sulpice.
               Added links to PDF and DOC version of this walkthrough
               (Version 1.4)

June 9, 2006 - Version 1.6  Replaced all image links with working ones
               to a site where I haven't "exceeded my bandwidth limit".
               Added link to webpage version of this walkthrough with 
               images included.

June 12, 2006 - Version 1.7 Added FAQ and Dumb FAQ section.  Changed contact
                address to walkthrough specific address.

June 13, 2006 - Version 1.8 Authorized sites list updated. 

Copyright Notice
This document is copyrighted  2006 by Eric Waechter (author) This guide 
is for personal use only and may not be altered, printed or distributed 
for any commercial purposes.  This guide may be printed for personal use 
providing it is not further distributed or sold.  No part of this guide 
may be used without written consent of the author and the requester agrees
to provide proper recognition.  Violators of this copyright will be 
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

All characters, trademarks and images taken from this game are property of
Dan Brown, 2K Games and The Collective.  

The only Internet sites 
that have permission to use this guide are: 

If this guide is found on any other sites, please 
contact the author.

Being that this is my first and probably only walkthrough I will ever do,
I'll just say now that I originally just wrote this stuff down to help my
wife when she played the game, and since there were no walkthroughs up 
for it yet, I decided to go ahead and submit it.  The walkthrough, while
truncated, answers every puzzle, reveals every secret item and will 
successfully get you through the entire game including the "Revisited"
levels.  The nitpicky little stuff like controls I won't be including
because I feel like if you went through the trouble to look up a walkthrough,
then you are probably capable of reading the book the game came with to
get the controls.  I'm also not going to retell you the story of the game.
If you want the story, read the book.  This walkthrough is designed simply
to get you through the game when you get stuck.

UPDATE JUNE 10, 2006 - Due to the popularity of this walkthrough and from
numerous requests to do so, I will retract my statement about this being the
only walkthrough I am doing.  I am beginning work on the walkthrough for
Grand Theft Auto:  Liberty City Stories.


   I.  The Louvre
  II.  Saint Sulpice
 III.  Normandy Mansion
  IV.  Bank of Zurich
   V.  Chateau Villette
  VI.  Biggin Hill Airfield
 VII.  Temple Church
VIII.  Westminster Abbey
  IX.  Rosslyn Chapel
   X.  The Louvre Revisited
  XI.  Rosslyn Chapel Revisited
 XII.  Credits
XIII.  Cheat Codes
  XV.  Dumb FAQ
 XVI.  Contact Information


     Since the walkthrough must be presented to the various websites in
     a .txt based format, I have included URL's throughout the walkthrough
     to images that I have posted to help you get through the game.

     Because of the popularity of the walkthrough, the website that I
     had originally hosted the images on has shut me down because I 
     exceeded my allotted bandwidth within a span of 2 days, therefore,
     I've put them up on my own webspace upping my monthly bandwidth 
     limitation from 250MB to 30Gig.

     These images are hosted in a photo gallery of my own creation on
     one of my own websites.  I have only put in a few as necessary to
     help you get through the game, however there are over 800 screenshots
     in total throughout the entire gallery if you would like to view it.
     It can be found at

     As of June 3, 2006, the PDF and DOC versions can be downloaded from 
     the links shown below:




I do not mind answering questions, in fact I have enjoyed hearing from folks
all over the world already and have met some really great people, but I would 
ask this:  Please don't write with a question until you have CAREFULLY checked
the walkthrough to be sure the answer isn't there.  I have been recieving a LOT
of e mail and I'm the type of person who has to answer EVERY SINGLE ONE (it is
just the kinda guy I am and I wouldn't sleep if I didn't answer one - not that
I sleep anyway).  Far too many of the questions have been things that were
answered in the walkthrough, and either because the individual read too quickly
or they had not read far enough, they didn't find the answer they needed.
Please help me by making absolutely sure the answer isn't in the walkthrough

I am a writer.  I write in english and I appreciate those that respond to me
in english, do it correctly.  I do not respond to "internet shorthand".  Do 
not write "r" instead of "are".  Do not write "4" instead of "for".  Do not 
write "2" instead of "to" and for God's sake, don't write "knoe" instead of 
"know".  I took the time to write using proper english, you will take the time
to respond to me in proper english.  I believe "internet shorthand" is an
abomination of the language and simply goes to demonstrate INCREDIBLE laziness.
I also used capital letters, punctuation and sentence structure.  I expect
you to do so as well.  The idea here is that if you can read it correctly, 
then you ought to be able to write it correctly too.  This is a major pet peeve
of mine and I will not bend on it.  Any e mail sent to me like this will 
simply get this paragraph, copied and pasted, in return.


I.  The Louvre (3 Secrets) 
(Secrets will be indicated by surrounding stars and all capital 
letters.  eg: **SECRET**)

Starting with the opening scene with Silas sitting on the bed, carefully
watch the entire opening scenes.  Take special note of the order in which
each character appears in the opening sequence.  I know its a little early 
to be talking about it now, but this sequence of character appearance will 
be important to you in the very last puzzle of the game.

You'll go through some more scenes and finally you will gain control. 
You will get a phone call that doesn't make any sense to you, and you will
say as much to Sophie.  She will then slip you a business card.  Go into 
your inventory and examine the business card and you will find a number on
the back of it.  Then use the cell phone in your inventory and dial "454"
on the phone and there will be a message that will clear things up a bit.

You'll then end up in the bathroom with Sophie.  Get the bar of soap from 
the counter, go into your inventory and combine it with the tracking device.
Use the buttons you are instructed to, to lift the window and throw the 
resulting device out.

**I have recieved numerous e mails about people not being able to get this 
window open.  You have to tap the button that appears at the bottom of the 
screen REPEATEDLY until that icon turns bright green (you have built up his 
strength), then you must QUICKLY push up on both joysticks and the window 
will raise.  If you don't push up quickly enough, Langdon will lose his 
strength and you will have to start again.  Get used to this procedure!!  
You will be using it a lot in this game!**

Now you'll have a cryptogram puzzle.  Rearrange the letters in "OH LAME 
SAINT" to make "THE MONA LISA"  A clue!

Now you'll be Sophie and you'll have to creep towards the entrance way
to get the UV light from the Crime Investigators box.  Just crouch and
sneak past the first two guards and in the next room grab the pole on the
ground and sneak up behind the third guard staring into the box and club
him quietly to the floor.  Examine the box and you'll eventually find
the UV light.  Poof - You're standing in front of the Mona Lisa and 
Langdon is with you again. 

Examine the Mona Lisa with the UV light and you'll see the cryptogram.
Use the UV light to highlight EVERY SINGLE character and it will switch
you over so you can solve the puzzle by replacing the symbols with 
letters.  The solution will be:


Congratulations, you've solved the first of many cryptograms.  Grab the 
**SATURN SPHERE** from the statue in the middle of the room.


Take note of the glowing symbol on the statue before you grab the item.
This is what you will look for to find further secret items.  Now head
out the door back into the main hall.  Just outside the door you'll 
find the paintings of both Bacchus and Uriel and a cutscene will ensue.
Examine the painting in between the two and you'll find something.
Lift Sophie up and she'll grab the PRIORY RING.  More cutscene.

Now you'll be heading to Sauniere's office.  Either hide out in the main 
hall and sneak past the guards (wait for them to walk out), or double 
team them and beat 'em up, your choice.  Go into the office (the guards 
won't return).  Examine all the objects on the desk (grab the small
bandage in the top right drawer if you need it).  When you've done that,
move to the wall and examine the map with the UV light.  Another clue!
Go to the air vent on the wall just to the left of the map and lift 
Sophie up to climb in.  She'll open up the Restoration room and let you in.

In here you'll need to examine another desk and read a note to learn 
about mixing chemicals.  Directly behind you on top of some boxes, you
can find **DA VINCI'S ARIAL SCREW** (There are no glowing symbols to 
indicate any of Da Vinci's contraptions, you've actually gotta look for


Now you want to head to the table with the chemicals on it and examine
that.  Just to sort out what you read at the desk, you want 1 shot of
Chitinase, 1 shot of Dismutase and 1 shot of Catalase (1st, 2nd and 4th
chemicals) and you'll have your mixture.  Now look by a yellow toolbox
and find the TOWEL.  Combine the towel and the chemical.  Take the 
resulting red rag and use it on the dirty painting.  When the cutscene 
is done, grab a first aid kit from a corner of the room behind some tall
paintings and you can head out of this room.  You're heading back down
to the Mona Lisa room.

When you get back in there, creep up the left side of the room because
a guard will come around from the right side of the Mona Lisa.  You
want to go where he came from, you just want to get there from the
left side of the painting.  Creeping will avoid having to deal with him
at all.  Go through the doorway behind the Mona Lisa and creep directly
to the left side of the two doorways and hide in that corner.  In just
a second, the two guards in the next room will get called away and you
can cruise in there without having to deal with either of them.  There
is nothing of importance in that room so just run on through to the 
other side and you'll enter the Nike room.

Go down either stairwell, it doesn't matter.  When you get to the landing
and start to go up the next set of stairs, a guard will pop out from 
behind the Nike Statue.  If you're creeping, then he won't see you and 
in just a second, he'll turn his back to you and go up a set of stairs
to the left.  Creep up behind him and do the stealth knockout and you
can breathe relief.  Examine the statue and learn stuff.  Go back up to
the platform you knocked out the guard on and examine the display case
there.  You'll see a round hole here.  Be sure to pan the camera so that 
the round hole is in the center of the screen and is indicated as such at
the top of the screen.  Use the PRIORY RING on it and a drawer will slide
out to give you a FLEUR-DE-LIS DISC.

You're all done here and now its time to escape the Louvre.  Go down to
the landing below the Nike statue and two guards will start to come up
towards you.  Hide to the right, wait for them to separate and you can
take them both out with stealth attacks.  After both guards are knocked out,
look around on the lower landing (the right side as you came down the 
stairs).  You should see a glowing symbol on the wall as you turn to
look back up the stairs.  Examine the railing and you'll find the
**LEAD COIN**.  Finally, head carefully out the exit door there at the
very bottom.  You'll see one guard, but there are actually two.  Creep
up behind the statue to the left and if you're lucky, you can take out
one of them with a stealth attack, but at a minimum you're going to end 
up fighting at least one of them, so take them out.  When they are 
disposed of, head to the exit and the level is over.

II.  SAINT SULPICE (2 Secrets)

Once the opening sequence is done you'll be standing in a bedroom.  There
is a small bandage on the table between the beds, other than that, there
is nothing useful in here at all.  Head out and go to the bedroom straight 
across.  Examine the dead sister on the floor (make sure you examine her
outstretched hand).  Examine the desk and read stuff.  The numbers "7:14"
are important.  That's all you can do in here for now, so go out of this
room and go to the door to the right (balcony) and enter.  

Cross the balcony to the other door (there is nothing useful on the 
balcony) and enter.  You find yourself in a closet, so search around and
be sure to find the CAN OF OIL and the BOLT CUTTERS and then head back
across the balcony.  

Back in the living quarters area, head into the little alcove with the two
doors in it.    

The door to your right is the sisters room and if you knock on her door, 
she will give you hints, but if you're using this guide, you don't need her.
Go out the other door.  First things first, there is a creepy monk walking 
away from you.  Simply creep up behind him and knock him out with a 
stealth attack, then search around this area (don't go down the stairs yet)
and you'll find the diagram on the wall that tells you the letters that
corresponds to symbols.  Note this because you'll need this twice in
this level -- 


or you can just keep using this walkthrough 'cause I'm gonna tell you anyway.  
Head back to the room with the dead sister on the floor.

If you examined her hand earlier, he said something about her pointing
to the bed.  Stand beside that bed and pull it out of the way.  You will
reveal a safe on the floor that has a slide puzzle lock.  The center row
of the puzzle has symbols in the blocks underneath the slider tiles.
These tell you what letters should be in the center row using the earlier
noted diagram.  You want the center row to say "SION".


I generally hate these kind of puzzles, but its already pretty close and 
you can make that arrangement in about 5 moves.  Complete it and it will 
open to give you the BRONZE SLIDE.  Head back out to the area that had the 
alphabet diagram.

Now you can head down those steps and enter the door, then you will go 
through yet another door and you'll be standing in one big a$$ room.
There are two creepy monks walking around in here, one of whom is right
in front of you with his back to you.  Creep up behind him and stealth
attack his butt.  There is a large bandage in this area where you 
knocked him out, behind a round concrete thingy with a cross on top. The
other creepy monk is way down near the other end of this giant room.
Hunt him down and take him out.  (There MAY be a third creepy monk in 
here, I forget, but I don't think so.)  You may now freely explore this 
very large room.  You can listen to the stories on all 14 of the posts,
but note the little platform on the bottom of each one.  Get the 
**TIN COIN** in the window of the dark alcove between #'s 9 (IX)and 10 (X).


The quickest way to get this done is to go down to the end of the room
between #'s 7 (VII) and 8 (VIII)where you will find two fountains that 
look like seashells.  In the fountain closest to #8 you will find an ORNATE
KEY. Grab this key and head all the way back up to the room with the dead
sister and the "under the bed" puzzle.  Use the ornate key on the 
armoire.  (Once again, be sure to center the camera on the keyhole of the
armoire.)  Look inside to find a small statue of Jesus after his death,
then head back down to the giant room.

I don't believe the creepy monks come back when you return, so you 
should be ok.  Now we're ready to finish up this room (for such a large
room, there isn't a whole lot to do here).  Go to the alcove between 
#'s 3 (III) and 4 (IV).  Read the book there and then turn to the stone 
tablet on the floor and examine it.  Using what you learned in the book, 
you know that you have to turn the left dial to "Aprilis" and the right
dial to "XI".  


Just outside the alcove, a piece of the floor will rise up and there you 
will find another small statue of Jesus carrying the cross.

Now head down to the large double doors near pillar #7.  You'll know you
are at the right one because it is locked with a padlock.  Yank out the
trusty BOLT CUTTERS and unlock the door.  You will go up a short set of 
stairs and enter another door.  You are standing in front of the church 
organ.  To your left there is a small bandage on the floor.  Go to the 
crank to the right of the organ and use it to change the clock to 7:14.


A slot in the floor will open up in front of the organ keys and you will 
get the COPPER SLIDE.  Now head back to the large pillar room.  

Three creepy monks return in the pillar room when you return, so do what 
you have to do to get rid of them.

Now go to pillar #7 and examine it.  Put the statue of Jesus carrying the
cross on the platform.  From there go to pillar #14 and put the remaining
statue there.  


A trapdoor in the floor between pillars 10 and 11 will unlock and thats 
where we're going next.  Open the trapdoor and enter.

You'll find yourself in a cave.  There is a stack of boxes immediately
to your right, behind which you will find **DA VINCI'S ORNITHOPTER**.


Head around to the left to the stone table with the 3 lanterns on it.
Stand behind the table and examine it.  Use the can of oil on the oil
valve.  Now open the lanterns and put the sliders that you found in
the appropriate lantern (Put the BRASS SLIDE in the BRASS LANTERN, etc)
and use the matches to light all the lanterns.  You will now see the
word "JERUSALEM" projected on the wall.  That's a hint, folks.

Now go to the crypt to the left of the lanterns (left as you are looking
at the word projected on the wall) and push it to the side.  Behind
it you will find a series of buttons with those symbols on them that
you found in the alphabet diagram at the beginning of this level.  The
symbols all correspond to the letters in the word "JERUSALEM" and there-
fore need to be pushed in that order.  (Since there are two "E's", the
first one you push is indicated by 1 dot and the second indicated by
2 dots)  To help you out, I'll translate the buttons in the diagram

     / S / E / R / J / L / A / M / E / U /
           1                       2

When the puzzle is solved, a door in the floor will open up and you 
will get a list of all the Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion.  You
will never use this or hear mention of it again in the rest of the game,
so I'm not entirely sure why we had to go through all this except to
be able to move on to the next level of the game.

As soon as the cutscene is done, two creepy monks will be heading towards
you from the way you came in and they are blocking your hasty exit.
Since facing two of these guys in a fight when you are alone RARELY
works out in your favor, hide behind the crypt opposite the button
puzzle.  (There is one of those golf club looking things on the floor 
there for your convenience - although I'm not sure what a golf club is 
doing in an ancient crypt).  Keep an eye on these two and when they 
head in separate directions, do your best to creep up behind one of them
and take him out with a stealth attack (usually the easiest one to get
is the one that heads towards the lanterns).  You are then free to fight
the other monk as you wish.  (If you do manage to get discovered by both
monks, simply take the option to run away and get as far away as possible.
It doesn't take long for them to believe they lost you and resume their
patrol)  Head out the way you came in after you've disposed of the monks.

Now that you've made it out of that trap and are back up in the large 14
pillar room, you will find that the game has kindly placed 3 monks into
this room now.  You can either carefully beat the crap out of all of them
one at a time, or slowly creep past all of them . . .either way, your 
goal here is to get back to the door to head back upstairs.  Once you've
chosen your method, get to the door and head back up.  You are going to
knock on the door of the sisters room and get the cutscene that ends
the level.  Yay you.


You begin facing the mansion.  Don't worry about the dogs yet, they're not
coming after you unless you go right up to them and you're not going 
over there yet anyway.  Go behind the shed to your right and climb in 
the back window.  As soon as you start to move, the Creepy Monk Leader
(Silas) will follow you in in a cutscene and then you'll have to beat him
unconscious before you can do anything.  Once he's out, you need to go 
examine the lockbox on the shelves next to the chalkboard with the numbers
on it.  The numbers indicate the Fibonacci Sequence which is simply a 
sequence in which the next number is the sum of the two numbers in front
of it. (1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8; thus 1,1,2,3,5,8)  This being like a
hint and all, it means that the number you need to unlock the box is 
related to this.  Quite simply, you just need the next numbers in the
sequence, so it's solved like this:
     5+8=13, 8+13=21, 13+21=34  or  13, 21, 34
Unlock the box with the combination 132134.  Get the key found inside and
leave the shed.


Time to deal with the dogs.  Walk straight out from the shed to the other
building and find the boarded up door at the end.  (You should be looking
almost straight at it when you exit the shed).  Break down the door.
Inside this small room, locate the freezer that you can examine, and get
the steak out from inside.  Head back out of this little room and over 
to the open cage with the dog bowls in it.  Put the steak in the bowl
(You only need to put it in one bowl, the steak will appear in both bowls
after you do it)  Walk out of the cage and turn to the left (back towards
the room with the freezers).  You'll see a big square on the sidewalk 
there (its a shadow of the belfrey) and there is a rope there.  Pull the
rope and the bell will ring and the dogs will run up to eat.  You are
now a friend to the dogs and they are no longer a threat.

Now you need to turn the bridge so you can get to the mansion, so go down
to the big spool just below the shed.  Grab the crank and turn it to spin
the bridge around.  (NOTE:  This action is SUPER picky compared to every
other action you will do in this whole game.  Do EXACTLY what the indicator
on the bottom of the screen is showing you . . . .do not get ahead of it,
and don't fall to far behind what it is indicating.  You will need to spin
it 4 times.  It's annoying, but keep trying.)  Once the bridge is spun, 
head across to the mansion.  Don't let the dogs upset you, they're your
friends now, but it kind of freaked me out the first time I saw them 
running at me.  Go up to the door and use the key you found in the shed.

Now that you are standing inside, ignore the stairs in front of you for now
and head into the alcove on the left.  Look in the cabinet you find there
and you will find the AENEAS STATUE.  Go into the room opposite the cabinet
with the lions head with the fleur de lis discs over it.  Notice that there 
is a disc missing.  Well, now you know what to do with that disc you found
back in the Louvre, but now she's crabbing about not remembering how they 
are supposed to be rotated, so we'll have to figure that out.  Head towards
the back of this room and look on a little table on the left side.  Sitting
right there in front of everybody with no puzzle or locks or cabinets or
anything is the CUPID STATUE.  Grab it.  Keep going out the back of this 
room and head up the stairs you find here.  You can examine the stained 
glass windows here, but at the moment it is meaningless to you, so head all
the way to the top of the stairs.  The PRIORY RING is what unlocks this door,
so unlock it and head in.

You find yourself in a bedroom (wish I had a bedroom like that).  First,
examine the bed and find **DA VINCI'S TANK**.  


Now go to the dresser and examine it.  There is a poem you need to read in 
the top center drawer, which gives you a clue as to how you are going to 
rotate the discs downstairs.  There is a large bandage in the middle drawer 
on the right.  The drawer on the bottom left is locked, but once again, the 
PRIORY RING is the key to unlock it.  In that drawer you find the VULCAN 
STATUE.  Now head back out the way you came in and go observe the stained 
glass windows.

You'll see that each window has a God on it and Sophie will tell you the 
story of each one.  Each God has a fleur de lis symbol in a pane above it
rotated in a certain direction.  Each line of the poem you found in the
dresser refers to one of these God's, and your goal here is to figure out
which God each line refers to and therefore which direction their 
respective fleur de lis is facing.  


It's all very confusing at first, but for the purposes of this walkthrough, 
head down to the fleur de lis discs over the lion's head and examine the 
discs again.  Turn them like this:

(The direction refers to which way the TOP of the design faces)

         DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT


The lions mouth will open and give you the VENUS STATUE.  Now head back up
to the bedroom.

Go all the way through the bedroom and into the library on the other side.
Stay on the top level for now and go to the table you see to your left.
Look inside the box first and you'll get the JUPITER STATUE, then read the
note on the table.  After you've read the text of the note, you'll get your
second cryptogram of the game.  Give it a shot first (hint:  the symbols
always represent the same letter in EVERY cryptogram you will do in the 
whole game), but if you don't wanna, this is what it says:

        JUPITER IS

Now head down the stairs to the lower part of this library.  Upon reaching
the bottom of the stairs you will be treated to another cutscene and 
another "You don't have any choice close quarters fight with a crazed monk".
Once you have disposed of the monk, examine the table with the skeleton
sitting on it like a monk fight spectator.  Examine the funky UFO lookin'
thing and a statue will roll out from under it.  Move your gaze to the floor
under the table and pick up the MARS STATUE.  Pick either door out of this
room and make your way back to the stairs you saw when you first entered the 
mansion and head up.

Halfway up there is a little overlook area with two paintings.  Examine the 
painting on the left and you'll find the **JUPITER SPHERE**.  Now head the 
rest of the way up the stairs to the room at the top.

In this room, go to the round table with the pentacle on it and place all
6 statues on it (They will all line up on the platform on the left side
of the table).  Once they are all there, its time to place them all on the
pentacle in the correct spot and facing the correct direction.  Put them
on the pentacle in THIS ORDER:

     Put Aeneas on the lower right point
     Put Mars on the upper right point
     Put Cupid on the lower left point
     Put Jupiter on the top point
     Put Venus in the center
     Put Vulcan in the upper left point


When you are done, make sure that all the statues are FACING VENUS, and that
Venus is facing Aeneas.  You'll get a cutscene, and when its over, you'll be
in the garden below.

The concept here is pretty simple, its just a matter of getting it done.  The
garden is a big replica of the pentacle table you just completed.  You simply
have to go around the outside and rotate all the statues so that they face
Venus, which is pretty easy considering that when the statue is facing the
right way, a big box pops up on the screen and tells you that its right.
The trick is the 3 guards wandering around in there.  Fortunately,
it does allow so that you only run into one guard at a time (MOST of the
time.  One time I did get snagged by two at once.), and you can usually
sneak up on him and take him out with a stealth attack.  Just be sure to drag
them out of the way so one of the other guards doesn't find him and wake him
back up (Metal Gear Solid flashbacks).  The safest bet is to drag them to one
of the statues that you have to rotate . . .they don't go there on their
patrol.  Once you have them all turned the right way, the Venus statue will
rise up out of the ground to reveal an entranceway beneath it.  Of course,
you should go there and enter.

So now you're in the "Underground Grotto".  

First, there is a statue on either side of the room.  Go to the one that
looks like King Tut and take the TORCH (You can examine the other statue, but
there is nothing there to examine until the puzzle is completed, and then
its a cutscene anyway, so forget it).  Light the torch on one of the flaming
birds.  Now, you can do what I did and run around for 45 minutes just
lighting torches until you get lucky and the puzzle solves itself or you can
do this:

Starting from scratch before you've lit any torches, imagine the torches in
a clock format.  When you walk in the room, the one furthest from you being
the 12 o'clock position, illustrated as shown below:


     -----door you come in-----


Now light the torches in this order:

12 oclock
10 oclock
5 oclock
10 oclock
2 oclock
10 oclock
7 oclock 

(Many thanks to 'maceasar' on the Message Boards for this description
of solving the puzzle!)

A cutscene ensues, the LASER ETCHED KEY is retrieved and the level is over.

IV.  BANK OF ZURICH (3 Secrets)

If I had to pick which level is "Chock full O' guards", this is it, so if
you don't like the guard fights and creeping around, go ahead and mentally
prepare yourself now.

First thing you're going to do is talk to the guard at the main desk and
he'll point you through the door on the right.  Go through the two doors here
and you'll be in the "Atrium".  There is nothing to find on this level and 
the only door you can go through is the one in the center on the left side,
so just head there and go in.

Speaking to the guard here is useless unless you just want to hear him say
stuff that only borders on funny, so you can skip him and go to the gate and
use your newly aquired LASER ETCHED KEY to get in.  Once the gate is open, 
there is an open room right in front of you to go in.  Don't bother exploring
the hallway, there is nothing there.

In this new room, you will again use the laser etched key to retrieve your 
box o' goodies, but, to your surprise, it gets there and THEN it decides
to let you know you need a password.  Then you have cutscenes telling you
about the symbol on your box of goodies and what numbers it represents and
the Fibonacci Sequence and 21 and 500 and 521 and blah blah blah, so its 
going to make you do math again, but at least its math you can do in your 
head because you only need a 4 digit number this time so:

     21+500=521 (this you know already), 500+521=1021

How about that.  A 4 digit number.  "1021" is your password, so enter it, and
the box o' goodies is yours.  Inside, you get the Cryptex and no clue how to
open it . . . .SWEEEEEEET!!   not.

Examine the box again and you will find that there is a tiny hole in the 
smaller box that contained the Cryptex, but you need something to poke into
the hole.  Well, of all things, suddenly you can examine the desk on the left
side of this room.  Open the drawer and inside you'll get a paper clip.  Of
course Sophie will tell you how very perfect that is, so go and use it on 
the little hole in the Cryptex case.  You get a lovely little poem that if
you know anything at all about "The Da Vinci Code" (even if you've only seen
commercials, or it could be you are over 30 years old and you are a Monty 
Python fan), you know boils down to one word:  "GRAIL"  Go into your 
inventory and chose the Cryptex and "use" it.  Enter the word "GRAIL" and 
you're on your way.  The bank manager comes in and very kindly tells you to
get the hell out and he's going to help you do it without getting busted.

After the cutscene, head out the way you came in, but when you get back to
the "Atrium", head to the left and around to the elevators.  Use the security
card the bank manager just gave you on the elevator.  A cutscene lets you
know that this is the last friendly guard you're gonna see on this level,
because this guy is too stupid to know he's supposed to be pissed at you yet.

When you're in the elevator, you're told that you're screwed and you need to
get out of there before the elevator opens, so lift Sophie through the door
in the top of the elevator and up you both go.  Once there, turn the crank 
you see on the wall to open the doors.

Head to the right out of the elevator.  There are two guards patrolling this
floor.  Go into the first set of doors you come to, which should put you in
a storage closet.  Look around in here and you'll find a large bandage, and
you should see the eerie glow of one of the secret items, so, of course, 
search the shelves to find the **MARS SPHERE**.  Exit the closet.


At this point, what you do with the guards is up to you.  What you want to do
is continue along this side of the Atrium to the doors further down the hall.
If you can get there and into the Admin Office without messing with the 
guards, good for you, if not, try to only have to get rid of one of them.
Enter the Admin Office.

In here, there are two more guards.  Sophie will not follow you in here, so
you are on your own for fighting, so just don't fight.  Immediately crouch
and look straight ahead and a guard will pass from right to left.  Sneak up
behind him and stealth attack him and knock him cold.  Move up a little 
further and look to your right around the cubicles and you'll see another 
guard on patrol.  If you crept up correctly, you should be able to sneak up
on him and do the same thing you did to the first guard in here.  If not, 
just fight him and take him out.  You are now free to explore and do your
thing on your own time in here.

First thing we'll do is take care of one of the two hardest secrets in the
game to find.  If you go to the door you came into this room, and turn 
around and look into the room just as you did when you came in, you need to
go all the way to the back of the room to the furthest cubicle on the RIGHT.
(If this description confuses you, just check each of the four corner cubicles
and you've got a one in four chance of hitting it.  At least you won't have to
search all of them like I did and finally find it in the last one you check.)
Go in the cubicle and you'll get the "examine" cue.  Examine the shelf here
and you'll get **DA VINCI'S BALLISTA**.  (If you choose to find this cubicle
by looking at the map on the wall to either side of the door, it will be the 
cubicle in the lower right corner.)


Now you have to go to the Administrator's office.  As you came in, its on the
left side near the back, and you have to walk through a smaller office with 
about 7 cubicles in it to get to the Admin Office.  (Does this mean the
Administrator has 7 secretaries??  This guy can DELEGATE!!)  Once in the 
Admin office, go to the desk and insert the security card after the bank
manager gives you the code.  Enter the code "867530" and it will be wrong,

     (TRIVIA NOTE:  For those of you who might be fan's of 80's music, note
      that this passcode is the first 6 digits of the song "867-5309 (Jenny)"
      that Tommy Tutone topped the charts with in 1981.  I have yet to 
      confirm if this was on purpose, or if its a freaky coincidence.  Is my
      age showing?)

so the manager tells you to check out the Office Managers office.  As you 
stand, the Office Managers office is directly across the main cubicle room
from you,so head out and go across and enter the Office Manger's office.

Search the desk first.  There is a large bandage in the bottom left drawer
and a password in the middle right drawer.  When you're done with the desk,
turn around and examine the painting with the UV light.  Examine the 
fingerprints you find.  Now you can lift the painting and reveal the safe
that is hidden behind it.  Use the password you found in the drawer to open
the safe "728559".  Take the FILE CABINET KEY you find inside and leave that

Go to the right and enter the file room at the end.  Go all the way to the 
back of the room to the last set of free standing file cabinets (IE:  Not the
ones against the wall) and find the set that allows you to "examine".  Unlock
the top drawer with the key you just obtained from the safe and get the 
password.  Go back to the Admin Office.

Put the security card back in the computer and enter the code that you found
in the file cabinet "260924".  Head out of here and back towards the door you
came in here from and find the Security Card Reader in that corner.  Use the
security card and move to the stairwell.  When you get to the bottom, you'll
go through another door and end up on the lower floor of the "Atrium".  (Sophie
begins to follow you again when you head down the stairs.  Wasn't she helpful?)

There are guards here, but if you immediately crouch and head to the left,
you'll end up near a door that says it is "Deposits and Servers" or something
to that effect.  Enter that door and go down a long hallway that has nothing 
in it but doors you can't open until the last door on the left.  Go through
that door, down a little hallway past an unmanned security desk and through 
another door.  You end up in a small break room.  Walk through it and you'll
be in a big "privacy cubicle" room.  Walk all the way to the far side of this
room and peek to your left and you'll see the two guards in this room.  It's 
up to you how you handle those two because I knocked them both out when I was
searching for secrets, but it is possible to get through the room without the
guards even knowing you're there.

As you come in this room, the place you want to be is the other corner of
this room directly to your left (there is a security card reader and another
door in this corner).  There is a privacy room you can enter, closest to the
security card reader, however the secret you want is in the privacy room
directly BEHIND it.  In other words, check the two privacy rooms closest to 
the card reader, you'll see the glowing symbol on the wall when you go in.
Get the **IRON COIN**.


On the same wall as the door by the card reader, there is an air vent.  Go 
there and you will be prompted to shove Sophie through it.  Do so.

You are now in a small server room and a guard will walk up between the 
servers and turn his back to you.  Creep up on him and take him out with a 
stealth attack.  Go to the left from here and you'll find a set of doors and 
an office with no door.  Creep into the office because there is a guard 
standing there with his back to you.  Take him out with a stealth attack. 
You can now upgrade your security card once again at the computer found in
this office.  Just stick it in . . . no password or puzzle necessary.

Go back out of this office and through the doors right beside it.  Go down
the short hallway outside the card upgrade office and open the door at the
other end with the security card.  Langdon will meet you there and you'll be
back in the "privacy cubicle" room.  Leave here the way you came in and go 
back to the "Atrium".

When you're back in the Atrium, there are two guards here, but there is no 
need to even mess with them.  Simply crouch, turn to the right and follow the
wall around to the loading dock door.  You've got time and space here, so 
listen to the guards conversation for a giggle if you want.  If not, go ahead
and enter the loading dock area.

You'll be in a sitting room with a security card reader and a caged off door.
Use your upgraded card in the card reader and the cage will raise.  Creep
through the doorway quick enough and there will be a guard walking away
from you that you can sneak up on and take out with a stealth attack.  As 
you now stand, you should now see a guard just standing there and looking
to your left.  Believe it or not, you can crouch and sneak up beside and then
behind him and take him out with a stealth attack (the guys gotta be BLIND!).
There is a small bandage in the closet behind that guard.  Now look down 
where that guard was looking and you'll see a guard waaaaaaay down on the 
other end.  He does pace back and forth, so I suppose you COULD sneak up on
him, but its quicker just to run up, fight him and knock him out.

The arrow on the floor points you out the door, so follow it.  Go to the end
of that hall, use the Vehicle Key on the doors and the level is over.


This level has only one enemy and you don't see him till the end, so in the
meantime we'll have to endure the fact that Teabing is longwinded and just
get through this.  When you finally have control after the cutscenes, the 
first thing I recommend that you do (Only if you want all the secrets) is
take the steps down into the basement.  Go through the door and the basement
is to your left.  Go to the back left corner of the basement (look for the
glowing symbol) and there are some chairs there that let you "examine" them.
You'll find the **COPPER COIN** there.  Go back upstairs to the room everyone
is standing in.


Listen to Teabing babble and observe the two paintings on the wall.  When
he's done, you can either go to each shield at the back of the room and 
listen to Teabings story, or, you can listen long enough to find "Gallahad's"
shield and "Percival's" shield.  In either case, it is the shield furthest 
to the left in both sets.  (Gallahad's shield is a red cross, Percival's
shield is the Heart)

Grab Gallahad's shield and put it on the Knight closest to the painting of 
the knight looking at the Angels.

Grab Percival's shield and put it on the Knight closest to the painting of 
the knight looking at the castle and the Grail floating in the sky.


Doors will open.  (From this point on, the door next to Gallahad's shield
is "Gallahad's Room" and the door next to Percival's shield is "Percival's

Enter Gallahad's Room and read the note on the bookcase in the corner 
directly to your right.  Go over to Percival's Room and read the Bible on
the bookcase.  Go back to Gallahad's Room and enter "HEAR" as the password
on the security door.  In this new room, there is a piano and two other 
doors.  The furthest door takes you back to the main hall of the house, the 
other door puts you in a closet in which you will find a table you can 
"examine".  Under it, you will find **VENUS SPHERE**.  Go back  the into room 
and then back into Gallahad's room.  Observe the Chalices in this room and find
the "Red Dragon Chalise".  Take it and carry it to Percival's Room.

Place the chalise on the display stand directly to your left that says 
"Arthur".  A door will slide open and you will have to do a slide puzzle to
put together a picture.  It's pretty easy and you can complete it in 5 moves.
Click on the tiles in this order:

Bottom Left
Top Left
Top Center
Bottom Center
Bottom Right


The puzzle will be finished and the door to the library will open.  Go in this
new room.

Turn right and go to the corner and on top of an empty display case you will
find **DA VINCI'S WARCART**.  


You walked past a table on the way here, so stop now and grab the music.  
Take the music back to the piano you found in the room off of Gallahad's room.
Use the music sheet on the piano and just hit the buttons AFTER the note 
displays to complete this very slow and easy puzzle.  More longwinded speach,
then go back to Gallahad's Room.

You'll go through many longwinded cutscenes here, but basically you'll be 
searching "The Last Supper".  Basically, after you have observed and heard
about the following items, you'll be done:

The "V Shape"
The "Grail"
"John is Mary"
The "M Shape"
"Peter mad at Mary"
The "Grail" (again)
"Jesus and Mary"

Apparently, now you have all you need to solve Cryptex #2, so go in your 
inventory, use Cryptex #2 and put in "MAGDALENE"

Large cutscene here with the Creepy Monk (Silas) and now you'll have to send 
parts to the basement to complete a weapon.  Run upstairs to the room with 
the piano and grab a GLOBE in the corner.  You'll end up having to fight the 
crazy monk for it.  Get away with it and they send it to the basement.

Go over to Percival's Room and go to the right as soon as you enter.  The 
thing you need is over there, but you end up having to fight the crazed monk
yet again.  When you're done, the cutscene sends that part downstairs too.

Now, you have to run around and enter the room you just crammed the crazed
monk into, (I know, sounds stupid, doesn't it?) via the other door from the
main hall.  Head to the far corner and you'll be attacked again (DUH!!).  
Fight him off, make Langdon crush him under the bookcase, and the final piece
will head to the basement.  It's all cutscene from here on out.  Watch,
enjoy, and move on.


You start off here freezing in the rain and cops are beating on the door.
Go to the dumpster nearby and push it in front of the door.  Behind the 
dumpster you just moved, there is a power switch.  Activate the power switch
and move over behind the rail car.  Release the brake on the rail car and
walk carefully behind it.  The cops will be shooting at you, but the rail car
is your cover, so stay behind it and you'll be fine.  When the car stops, you
are at the end and you can enter the door you've come to.

Once in the hanger, turn directly to your right and get **DA VINCI'S BRIDGE**


from on top of the crates there.  You are standing very close to a "Bunker
Map" on the wall next to the door you came in.  Right next to that is a tool
box in which you will find BOLT CUTTERS.  Go to the left side of the plane (as
you are looking at it) and find the gate with the padlock.  Cut the lock,
enter the fence and climb the ladder.  Get the large bandage off the table
then activate the controls to move the crate.  Climb back down, go back into 
main hanger area and two guards come in to ruin your day/evening/weekend. 
Dispose of both of them.  Enter the cage you revealed by moving the crate.
Get the FLARES off of the shelves in there, then open and enter the trapdoor.

Follow the dark stairwell all the way down until you get a cutscene.  When its
over, enter the very dark room and open the grate on the floor and crawl down.
Go forward to another short set of stairs, go down and find a gate with a pad-
lock.  Cut the lock with the bolt cutters and head down the new hallway.  Go
through another door and head to a fuse box that is straight in front of you.
Take all the fuses (3 of them).  Turn to your left and head into the next
room until you hit the railing, then turn right.  There is an alcove here and
at the back of it, there is another fuse box with 300 amp fuses (2 of them)
you can take.  Go all the way to the opposite end of this room from this
set of fuses (STRAIGHT ACROSS, do not go downstairs yet!), and climb the 
ladder to the Control Room.

In here, find a first aid kit on a shelf behind some cleaner, then take the 
elevator to the control tower.  Up here you will have more cutscenes and
another fuse box.  Take all the 300amp fuses (3 of them).  Go back down to 
the control room.

A guard meets you there.  Defeat him.  Go back down again and there are two
guards patrolling here.  Do what you will with the guards, but make your way
back to the opposite side and take the ladder down into the lower area and 
then come back to the far end to find the "fuse box", "switch" and the 
"schematic".  Use the UV light on the schematic.  Go to the fuse panel and 
put in the correct fuses to activate the "left generator", "right generator",
and "surface door"  (Generators take all the 300amp fuses,surface door takes 
the 50amp fuses).  

The fusebox should end up looking something like this:


(emp= empty or unused)

300  300  emp  300  300
300  300  emp  300  300
emp  emp  emp  emp  emp
 50   50  emp  emp  emp

(You will indeed have leftover or extra fuses)

Pull the switch.

Start heading back the way you came, but before you climb back up, go behind
the ladder and to the left into the alcove underneath where you found the
first set of 300amp fuses.  Look for the glowing symbol on the wall and look
around for the **MERCURY COIN**.    When you get past where you took all the


fuses from, down the long hallway and then down a short set of stairs, creep
up and you'll see a guard pass from left to right.  Sneak up behind the guard 
and stealth attack him and take him out.  Go back to where the guard came from
and find the alcove on the right.  Look for the glowing symbol in there and 
get the **MERCURY SPHERE**.  (You cannot get this secret on the way in.  It


will not let you find it until the lights are back on.) Head back towards the 
door that you could not open because it had no power, and there is a guard 
there with his back to you. Knock him out, pull the switch and the door opens.

Follow this path until you reach a ladder.  Take the ladder up to the next 
floor and you'll find another ladder.  Take this ladder up and you'll find 
yourself back up in the rain and outside.  There are two guards here, but it
is very possible to sneak up on both of them and take them both out with
stealth attacks.  Once they are taken care of, go to the cage at the back of 
the gas tank and cut the lock with the bolt cutters.  Open the valve you find
there to release the gas.  Go over to the ladder on the building and climb to
the roof.  Sneak up and stealth attack the guard here and then use the flare
on the edge of the building.

Consider this level over.


You start in the courtyard outside the church with Langdon and Teabing.  The
first thing you have to do is go into your inventory and "use" the coded
message you find there.  It is a cryptogram, so give it shot or I'll just
tell you what it is here:

          OUTDOORS THE
          YOU WILL SEE
          MUST FIND THE

The boys head off into the church and leave you alone.  Behind you as you face
the church, look for a sunken area.  Go either to the left or right, it 
doesn't matter, and you'll find a path down.  In this path you'll find a
window with a trash bag laying under it.  Examine the window and you'll find
the **SILVER COIN**.  Go back up to the courtyard.


Go to the bulletin board just to the right of the front door of the church.
Examine the board and you'll find you can grab the handle and open it.  Inside
you'll find a key.

Go to the left side of the church and use the key to unlock the gate to the
backyard of the church.  Once inside, there is one guard walking away from
you, so grab the shovel on your left, creep up behind him and stealth attack
him so he's down.

There is a long wall with archways in front of you.  Go to the sixth arch and
enter.  Look for the glowing symbol and grab the **MOON SPHERE** in the pile 
of boxes to your right.  Cross the rest of the way under the arches (you will
have to back out of this archway and go back two are three archways) and 
find the stairway upwards to the right.  Creep up the stairs as there are 
two guards having a silly conversation at the top.  Wait for their conversation
to end and they will walk away from each other.  Pick one to sneak up behind
and you can take him out with a stealth attack.  Watch what the other one does
and you can do the same to him as well.

Now you are enemy free.  Go down the walkway over the archways and find the 
wheelbarrow.  Get the SHEARS from the wheelbarrow and go back to where you
knocked out the guards and go to the fountain.  In the planter closest to the
church, use the SHEARS and you will cut back the roses.  Use your PRIORY RING
on the resulting plaque, and you will get the METAL SHARD.


You awake in a cell with a guard looking through the window giving you crap.
Eventually he will go away and watch TV.  Turn and look towards the door to
the room.  To your right is a table on which you will find a PIECE OF CARD-
BOARD.  To the right of that table is a pallet on which you will find a
METAL ROD.  Turn right 90 degrees from the pallet and pull the chair out from
under that table and get the SMALL GEAR.

Now go to the door and examine it.  Go to the bottom of the door and use the
PIECE OF CARDBOARD on the space below the door.  Move up and use the METAL ROD
on the keyhole.  Congrats, now you have the key and can get out of your cell.

The guard is watching TV and he is entertained.  Sneak up behind him and take
him out with a stealth attack.  You can breathe for a moment, so go into the
room that was directly across from your cell.  In there you will find **DA
VINCI'S PADDLEBOAT** on top of the file cabinets just to your right inside


the door.  Go back in by the guard you knocked out and enter the door just
to the right of the television.

You are in a large sanctuary, with a crypy to your left.  There are two guards
in the crypt having a conversation.  Wait for them to finish and quietly take
them both out with stealth attacks when they go their separate ways.  There
is still one guard left in the main sanctuary area.  Sneak around and take him
out too.

You are now free to roam, but not much you need.  In the main sanctuary, there
are two cabinets in opposing corners.  One has doors on it, and the other
does not.  The one that has doors on it has only a SMALL GEAR, grab it and go
to the other corner.  In that cabinet that has no doors, get another SMALL
GEAR and a large bandage.

Go back over to the crypt area where you took out the first two guards and
turn to your left.  You will find a desk that has a LARGE GEAR on it.  Head 
back to the door and go back down to where you were held prisoner.  When you
go back in this room, go to the right and find the gearbox.  In your 
inventory you should have 1 large gear and 3 small gears.  You may rearrange
the gears you see in the gearbox, but this should be your final result:

             (Ex)Ls s(Sw)

  s=small gear
  L=larger gear
  (Ex) = Exit gear
  (Sw) = Switch gear


When you get it right, pull the switch and you'll get a cutscene and you'll be
Sophie again.


All you have to do here is be sneaky and take out the two guards.  Wait in
the archway that you start in and listen to the conversation that the guards
are having on the radio (absolutely hysterical!) The guards will then walk
by you to the right, and then very quickly turn around and walk back to 
where they came from.  As they pass back by, sneak up behind them and knock
them out.  Enter the basement door when they are taken care of.  Thats it, 
you're done.  You join Langdon in the basement.

Now that you have Sophie with you, you can take her down the long hallway in
this room and open the door to the tunnels (catacombs).  Once inside the
tunnels there is a small bandage just to your left in the little alcove.  Let
the two guards have their conversation and when they are done talking, they
will split up.  Now you can creep down and stealth attack the first guard.
Continue on down the tunnel and beat up the next guard as well.

Carefully continue through the tunnels until you come up on 2 more guards and
let them finish talking as well.  Let the first guard come to you and then 
subdue him.  Look in the crypts on the wall in this area (should be on your
left as you are walking through the tunnels) and you should find your first
TEMPLAR SEAL.  Now you need to move up and dispose of the remaining guard.  
Move a little further along the tunnels and look for a crypt on your right 
with a cardboard box in it.  Move the box and get the second TEMPLAR SEAL.

Continue through the tunnels until you get to one lonely guard complaining
about the electrical switch.  Creep up on him and stealth attack him.  Now
you get a brief (very brief) break from the guards.  Examine the electrical
box on the wall.  There are 4 green buttons inside that you need to push  

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