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The Bard's Tale

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About The Game

Loosely based on (or "inspired by", if you will) the classic The Bard's Tale series that started out as a 1985 Apple II RPG, this new tale brings a fresh dose of comedy to the RPG world set with a 3D isometric engine similar titles such as Diablo and Fallout. Is a dragon terrorizing the locals? The Bard will take care of it ... for the right price. Local princess held captive? The Bard is your man ... as long as she's hot.

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The Bard's Tale Game Walkthrough

Knightshyfte (whatistobe hotmail com) 
October 8, 2006 

The Bard's Tale

Item Locations

message: * This is a partial list- gathered from the several times i've played 
The Bard's Tale- of Songs and Tokens.i'm hoping by posting this to get clued 
into the locations for the few ones i haven't been able to find by other Bard 

*** SONGS ***
MERCENERY- Kirkwall Highlands (gift from Mell after defeating Fnarf there) 
MERCENERY UPGRADE- Mountain Pass (in chest serving as trap on the first ice-

KNIGHT- Mountain Tower (reward after killing Lugh) KNIGHT UPGRADE- MacRath's 
Dungeon, Chicken area (secret room)

HEROINE- FairyHaunt Woods (gift from Bannafeet after freeing/killing 
Kettleswart) HEROINE UPGRADE- MacRath's Dungeon, Chicken area (secret room)

BRUTE- Dounby Olde City (chest)
BRUTE UPGRADE- (unknown)

FIRE ELEMENTAL- Viking Tombs (gift from Valkyre for helping Hrafn) FIRE 
ELEMENTAL UPGRADE- Stromness (gift for being Nice twice to trow by docks)

BEHEMOTH- Macrath's Dungeon, Cow area (chest in center) BEHEMOTH UPGRADE- 
Obligatory Lava Level (after dispelling magic wall in Finfolk Caverns) 
(plucked from dead Chosen One if Snarky to him twice)

THUNDER SPIDER- Houton Inn Basement (gift from mysterious old man) THUNDER 
SPIDER UPGRADE- Forest Tower, Level 1 (stump in side passage)

KNOCKER- East Houton, house (reward after doing tasks for French guys) KNOCKER 
UPGRADE- Finfolk Caverns (chest in SW after passing magic wall)

CRONE- Neversdale, Kettleswart's Treehouse (chest) CRONE UPGRADE- Dounby Olde 
City (chest)

ENCHANTRESS- MacRath's Dungeon, Moon area (gift from floating skull) 
ENCHANTRESS UPGRADE- Island Tower, Level 1 (chest)

BODYGUARD- Kirkwall, Storage Broch (chest behind barrels) BODYGUARD UPGRADE- 
Finfolk Caverns (gift from rambling Viking)

ROGUE- Finstown, Silkbeard's Throneroom (chest) ROGUE UPGRADE- Island Tower, 
Level 2 (Chest in NE)

EXPLORER- Forest Tower, Level 1 (stump)
EXPLORER UPGRADE- Mountain Tower (reward after killing Lugh)

GOUGER- Finstown, Silkbeard's Throneroom (chest) GOUGER UPGRADE- Stromness 
(gift for being Snarky twice to trow by temple)

LIGHT FAIRY- Kirkwall (gift from Bodbs)
LIGHT FAIRY UPGRADE- Mountain Tower, Level 1 (looted from Chosen One in side 
room off main arena)

RAT- Houton (already have at start)
VORPAL RAT (UPGRADE)- Kirkwall Highlands (stump in hills just before meeting 
Fnarf again)

*** TOKENS ***
STRENGTH +1 - Badger Hide Gloves - Neversdale (stump in side area across from 
Kettleswart's Treehouse) STRENGTH +2 - Belt of the Oak - MacRath's Dungeon, 
Moon area (chest) STRENGTH +3 - Firbolg Armbands - Finfolk Caverns (either 
reward for firbolg's death or gift for rescuing him)

VITALITY +1 - Finduine Charm - Hunting Grounds (stump) VITALITY +2 - Fae 
Locket - MacRath's Dungeon, Skull (Tree?) area (chest in secret room) VITALITY 
+3 - Phial of Medb - Cairn of Carrowmore (chest in secret room NE)

LUCK +1 - Rabbit's Foot - Houton, Ogan's Mum's Broch (gift for being Nice 
after telling her about son's death) LUCK +2 - Silver Horseshoe - Mountain 
Tower, Level 2 (chest) LUCK +3 - Four Leaf Clover - Stromness Farm (stump in 

DEXTERITY +1 - ? - ?
DEXTERITY +2 - Boots of Quickening - West Dounby, Tup Bar (gift for winning 
contest) DEXTERITY +3 - Lightning Stone - Finfolk Caverns (gift from rambling 
Viking for listening to his entire story without interrupting)

CHARISMA +1 - Silver Torc - Forest Tower, Level 3 (stump near entrance) 
CHARISMA +2 - Gold Coronet - ? (found it in my first game, but haven't again) 
CHARISMA +3 - Mantel of Ossian - Finstown, Trowie's Pub (gift from Viking 
after summoning rat)

RHYTHYM +1 - Eagle Charm - Neversdale, Kettleswart's Treehouse (chest) RHYTHYM 
+2 - ? - ?
RHYTHYM +3 - Cormais Chalice - Ruins of Tara (chest in secret area in NW)

HEALTH +50 - Goldlen Thistle Ring - Stromness Farm (stump along north wall 
near entrance to Firbolg Mines) HEALTH +10% REGENERATION - Broonie's Cloak - 
Finstown, Armoury (chest)

MANA +50 - White Book of Rhydderch - Firbolg Mines (gift from firbolg after 
freeing from cave-in) MANA +10% RENERATION - White Book of Hergest - Ruins of 
Emain Macha (chest in last room)

TREASURE +10% - Golden Spyglass - Ruins of Dun Ailinne (chest at end of center 

EXPERIENCE +10% - Falstone - Kirkwall, Storage Broch (chest behind barrels)

? - ? - ? (there is one Token slot open, so there is one item i've never found)


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