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Terrawars: New York Invasion

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Terrawars: New York Invasion pits you against alien invaders in New York.
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Terrawars: New York Invasion

Terrawars: New York Invasion Review

By Daniel Lampkin |

Terrawars: New York Invasion encompasses some of the most overused themes in the history of video games. You'll experience alien invasion, gun fights, platform jumping, and time travel. OK, so there's no time travel actually in the game, but playing it will give you the distinct feeling that you've traveled back in time to play a mediocre Half-Life mod from 1999. The overall lack of quality is painfully evident throughout Terrawars, from the eye-gouging visuals to the rudimentary, almost primitive, design. Compared to modern PC shooters, Terrawars is outclassed in every possible way, and it certainly isn't worth even a budget price.

John Armstrong, med student and alien killer extraordinaire.

In this game you don't get to play as a marine or even as a soldier. You're not a cybernetic ninja or a rookie cop. You aren't even an ex-con or a hapless research scientist. No, instead you are John Armstrong, a medical student who works for the National Guard in New York City. Luckily for all those city dwellers, medical students in the National Guard apparently receive extensive training in tactical combat, including weapons proficiency training with machine guns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. This all comes in handy, of course, when all of a sudden the city of New York is invaded by a bunch of multicolored aliens that look like poorly animated Covenant rip-offs from Halo. There's no story behind the invasion, but all you need to know is that aliens are bad and must be destroyed.

The game takes you through more than a dozen levels scattered throughout the rubble of what was once New York City. The levels are all very linear, and you're gently guided in the right direction by invisible walls and impassable barriers, such as office chairs that restrict your movement to a narrow and straightforward path through each stage. You'll usually have objectives to fulfill, such as finding the injured soldiers scattered throughout the area or securing a particular point on the map. However, all you ever have to do is shoot all the aliens you see, and in doing so you'll always end up fulfilling your objectives anyway. The action is all scripted, so no matter how many times you play the game you'll encounter the same aliens in the same spot doing the same thing each and every time. It all becomes very predictable after just a few minutes of playing the game. You enter an area, and as soon as you hit the invisible trigger, a bunch of aliens jump out and start shooting you. As you kill those aliens, more appear from thin air right in front of you, and you have to keep killing one after the other until they finally stop spawning. Then you move on to the next area and do it all over again.

There is more to the game than just shooting, though. Sometimes you'll have to partake in a bit of platform jumping. First-person shooters and platformers go together like hair and gummy bears, but it's especially bad here because the collision detection means that you'll get stuck on the edge of ledges or miss jumps due to invisible barriers. There are parts where you have to jump on narrow pipes and boards or crawl around in air ducts, and you'll greet each of these sections with a groan of frustration as you attempt to maneuver the clumsy John Armstrong on top of rickety old boards and other items that look like they wouldn't hold the weight of a house cat, much less a medical student. Even more annoying is that you have to pay attention to a stamina gauge, and if it gets depleted, you can't do anything but walk slowly until your stamina recharges.

The one thing this game does well is keeping you busy by throwing tons of enemies at you. That doesn't matter much, though, because the gunplay in Terrawars is neither fun nor exciting. The guns are very generic. You start out with a semiautomatic pistol and a combat knife, and you quickly find new weapons, like an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher. These weapons all feel weak, though, and there's never any reason to use anything other than the basic assault rifle, which has a fast rate of fire, inflicts as much damage as any other weapon, and is accurate enough for sniping. All of your guns can be upgraded by collecting vials of biomatter that can be exchanged for increased damage, accuracy, and clip size at any time. It's a fine if nonsensical idea, but the improvements you'll see in your weapons are minimal. If guns aren't your thing, you can also chuck grenades at your enemies, which comes in handy for dispatching groups of aliens, but the explosions aren't very satisfying. Instead of seeing crumpled bodies go flying, you'll see the aliens throw their hands up and disappear into a cloud of green mist. The hit context is completely inconsistent as well. Sometimes you can instantly kill enemies with well-placed headshots, but other times you can shoot enemies in the head and they won't so much as flinch.

The gunplay also gets old quickly because you'll constantly be fighting the same enemies throughout the game. There are about four different types of aliens, which all look exactly the same but with different-colored skin. There are only two boss fights in the game, and they're so short-lived and lame that they do nothing to break the monotony. The aliens usually stand in fixed positions shooting at you, but sometimes they'll twitch and jitter their way after you, or simply float right through solid objects in the environment. The aliens, it seems, can even shoot through walls, and you'll often see a disembodied arm shooting at you through a closed door. They don't need to aim their weapons either, because even if an alien isn't facing you, its blasters will somehow manage to shoot right at you. On the default difficulty setting, these problems can make the game especially challenging, because it takes only a couple of hits for you to die. There's a quicksave function, though, so if you're feeling masochistic you can just reload your save and try it all again.

If for some reason you want to share this experience with a friend, you can play Terrawars cooperatively. You can play on a local network and supposedly online as well, although we weren't able to find a single server, so it looks like you'll have to set up your own if you want to actually play this game online. Considering how bad the single-player game is, playing it again with another player probably won't do anything to improve the experience. There are a multitude of available online multiplayer shooters for the PC, so there's no reason to go to the trouble to play this one.

There's a bit of platforming required, and yeah, it's as unenjoyable as it sounds.

One of the bullet points on the back of the box states in bold type that Terrawars "runs well on diverse PC configurations." That basically means that the game is so out of date that it will run on an old hand-me-down laptop. To its credit, the game does in fact run fairly well, but it looks very ugly doing so. The levels are all empty and smeared with the same couple of blurry textures, and the geometry in the levels is jagged and unnatural. You'll see ugly flickering and texture seams all over the place, and it's all set to the backdrop of multicolored fog that blocks out any detail that might have been present in the backgrounds. The sound isn't any better either, with no music to speak of, a handful of tinny sound effects, and a few repeated grunts from the aliens. The voice acting is some of the worst you'll find in any game. The characters are obviously voiced by actors whose primary language is not English, and the fake American accents sound terrible. It doesn't help that the dialogue includes such choice lines as, "I'm glad you two made it back, in the proverbial nick of time!"

Terrawars: New York Invasion is a terrible game that should be avoided. The visuals are dated, the gameplay is repetitive and simple, the multiplayer is worthless, and the story is nonexistent. Even at $20, Terrawars is a rip-off.

Terrawars: New York Invasion Cheats

While playing the game, press T to display the console window. Then type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.CheatEffectgodGod ModenotargetInvisibilityarmorFull ArmorhealthFull HealthammoFull AmmunitiongunsAll WeaponsposPosition Mode

Terrawars: New York Invasion Game Walkthrough


Platform: PC
Genre: FPS

CREATED BY: Shadow Edge (aka King Scar)
E-MAIL ADDRESS: bernardojr@gmail.com
bernardojr@gmail.com (MSN)
senichi_kudo@yahoo.com (YIM)
DATE SUBMITTED: August 29, 2006

I. COPYRIGHT INFO [COP] |====================================================||

This FAQ belongs to me (Shadow Edge) and is protected by global copyright
laws. You may use and print this FAQ for personal use only. You may not use
this FAQ for any profitable purpose(s). Plagiarism is against the law. No
stealing of any info. Give proper credit to where it is due.

If you want to put up this FAQ on your website or on any other media, kindly
send me an e-mail at bernardojr@gmail.com.

II. DISCLAIMER [DIS] |=======================================================||

All character names, things, etc. belong to their respective owners, as well as
any songs, music, etc. that can be found here also belong to the respective
owners. I am not affiliated with Ladyluck, Sgt. Yeager, Capt. Morgan, etc.
or any other trademark names here. They all belong to their respective owners.

III. VERSION HISTORY [VER] |=================================================||

  Version 0.15
   - Finished Level 2
   - Some weapon info
   - FAQ size: 16KB

|                              IV.  WALKTHROUGH                               |

| Level 1 - Battery Park [L01]

Right from the start, just shoot the aliens peering out of the windows. After
killing them, a big alien arrives and kills your troops. It'll shoot down your

Grab the ammo, heavy body armor and health pack right infront of you. Walk
forward, there's an intersection. Take the left path and walk until you see a
door. Press F to open it and there will be aliens inside. Kill them all.
Right-click to zoom. Leaning is recommended. There will be aliens on the ground
floor and about three on the second floor. Grab all the Biomatter they drop.
Don't upgrade yet. Go to the room in the middle of the second floor and grab
the items inside. Activate the switch to open the gate.

Go back to the intersection. We took left, right? Now take the right path and
continue through the gate we just opened. There will be aliens. Take cover
behind the car and shoot them. Aliens can also approach you, so be careful.

Now go to the clearning and a cutscene will start about Capt. Morgan heaving a
wounded Sgt. Yeager. After that, grab the M4 assault rifle plus the ammo behind
the crate. Use the crate for cover and use right-click to zoom in for better
accuracy. After the first wave of aliens, Capt. Morgan will change position and
start shooting on the cliff, where about three aliens appeared. Take cover
behind the tank. After that, aliens will appear just beyond the fence. If you
can't kill them straightaway some will jump above the fence, which is what we
don't want. Shoot and kill. By this time, you should upgrade the M4 Accuracy to

A cutscene starts. Capt. Morgan heaves Sgt. Yeager towards another location
while you cover for them. There will be lots of aliens. Just hind behind the
crate and pick them off one by one. If you're low on health, press H to use a
Med Pack. Continue with this, and the aliens should be all dead. Grab all the
Biomatter. Upgrade M4 Damage to LV2 if you can.

Capt. Morgan will lay Sgt. Yeager besides a tank. Now another toughie wave of
aliens. Run towards where Capt. Morgan is, then shoot the aliens on your left
side to make it safe. Now shoot the remaining aliens. Grab all the Biomatter.

Cutscene again. Capt. Morgan will set some C4 to blow up some obstacles.

Somewhat tough. Tons of aliens. Take advantage of the mound of land and crouch
for cover. Shoot the aliens that's popping out. Now run for cover beside the
wall and try with all your best to hit the aliens at long distance. Right-click
for zoom, remember. Clear the area of aliens and grab all the Biomatter.

Cutscene. Capt. Morgan tells you about upgrading and that Sgt. Yeager needs to
be healed.. You can upgrade on the pod, or just press U anywhere. Grab the
items around the pod. Approach Sgt. Yeager and you will see a green cross
symbol. Press H. He's healed.

Follow them. Shoot some alien nasties. You will now be introduced to an Alien
Gunpod thing that rapidly shoots yellow orbs. Don't bother shooting him from
where your team are; the Alien Gunpod is shielded on front. On the left side
is a bunker on the floor. Follow the path. A few aliens will pop out which
can be easily taken care of. Just follow the path and it'll lead you to the
back of the alien. Shoot it. Grab all the Biomatter.

Follor your team. Capt. Morgan tells you to cover the rear, but all the enemies
are at the front. There will be tons of aliens. Take cover behind...
the chain-linked fence!? Yeah, it works. Just work your way to blasting the
aliens then grab all the Biomatter.

Follow them to an elevated landing. More aliens. More Biomatter to pick up. 
You'll be leaded into a building. Still, some aliens and one Alien Gunpod
on a wall. Take care of the minor grunts first while hiding behind the car.
Then go to the side of the Alien Gunpod while hugging the wall. It can't hit
you from there. Lob a grenade at it then collect all the Biomatter.

Your team leaves you. Sgt. Yeager goes to the roof and Capt. Morgan reports
to HQ. This leaves you alone in the building. Go inside and go to the door
directly infront of you. It's an emergency staircase. Just keep climbing to
the top and open the door. Alien infront of you, kill it. You can't reach the
Biomatter it drops from here, so fall on the hole on the floor and grab the
items. Open the door and lob a grenade then shoot the remaining aliens. As
usual, collect all Biomatter.

**Access the door inside and shoot the aliens again. Follow the path and you
should be headed upwards. Follow the path and you'll be able to get the
Biomatter you couldn't get moments ago. Then go to the clearing with that
ground forming a path. Follow it. There are some easy aliens. Kill and collect
Biomatter (if any). You'll be leaded inside Staten Ferry Island building, which
looks a lot like a mall. 

There are quite a number of aliens inside. Use the pillars for cover. You'll
encounter an Alien Grunt LV2 on the second floor plus some aliens, but just
shoot it from a distance with a zoomed M4. By now, you should have a enough
Biomatter to upgrade your M4 Damage to LV3, so do it. The rifle blast changes
color to purplish. Cool. :3

Just climb the escalator and a cutscene start. Capt. Morgan and Sgt. Yeager
arrives for help. The roof collapses and blocks the escalator. There will be
*tons* of aliens from a lot of directions. Grab the items quickly. Take note
that I will decrese the tendency to mention "Collect Biomatter/items" from
now, specially if it's on plain view. Use the measly pillar for cover and
shoot the aliens. Remember, in this part you just have to survive. Your LV3
Damage M4 rifle should kill those aliens in a few hits. Lob a grenade at
clusters of enemies. Sgt. Yeager will keep shouting stuff like "Good shot!"
and stuff until he shouts "I'm running low on ammo!", by which Capt. Morgan
tells him to make do with whatever he has.

After all that, a cutscene stars. Lt Girl arrives from the elevator and tells
you to get inside while she holds the aliens off. Do it.

As soon as the elevator opens, there are enemies outside. I suggest taking
cover inside the elevator. Lean then shoot.

A cutscene starts and Lt Girl will introduce herself. She tells you about a
ship that's still possible to use and it'll need some time to fix. Capt Morgan
commends the team for the job done. Sgt Yeager gives you his M40A3, which is a
powerful sniper rifle. Then just follow Capt Morgan into the manhole.

- End of Level 1 - 

| Level 2 - Battery Park Tunnel [L01]

You are now in Battery Park Tunnel. Capt. Morgan will brief you, then follow
him. Turn on your Flashlight by pressing X (default control). You will be
inside a tunnel full of cars. He'll tell you to scout ahead. Expect Alien
Grunts. Kill the first two you see and then go to the left side where Capt.
Morgan is. It's a good barricade of cars. Just crouch and face back to where
Capt. Morgan is firing. He'll take care of the front, you take care of the
back. After all the Grunts are killed, follow Capt. Morgan to the back of an
overturned car. You'll notice that there is an Alien Gunpod shooting at you.
Lob a grenade at it. When you hear the firing stop, it's dead. Follow the
captain to another car barricade.

Walk forward and Alien Grunts will appear. Go beside Capt. Morgan and take
cover beside the barricade. Kill the Grunts. Grenades are useful, since
they cluster together. Pick up the Health Pack. Follow Capt. Morgan. He'll
say that the way is blocked to Downtown Newyork, so he'll take an alternative
route. Follow his lead. Another wave of Alien Grunts. As usual, take cover
and shoot.

Follow the captain again. Another group of Alien Grunts. Take cover and shoot.
Then follow the captain. There'll be a part where a car is in the middle, and
Capt. Morgan will run on the right side. RUN ON THE LEFT. There's an Alien
Gunpod waiting to shoot you when you take the right. Take cover with the
Captain, then lob a grenade. Then pick up the Grenades on the right. Follow
the captain, who will take the stairs on the left side leading to a parking
lot. Pick up the M4 ammo. He'll tell you to be careful. Follow him. Another
wave of Alien Grunts, who sometimes jump over the cars. Still easy, take
cover and shoot.

Go to the left and Alien Grunts will spawn. Take cover behind a car and shoot.
Follow the path to the right. A wave of Alien Grunts and a Brown Alien Grunt
will appear. Take out the brown one first, since he's also got armor and is
more powerful AND he'll chase you. It's been a while since you last got a
bottle of Biomatter. Well, he'll drop 30. I suggest upgrading your M4 Clip
Size to LV2.

After that, take cover and kill the Grunts. Follow the captain and then
another wave of Grunts. Get the ammo just beside the car. Follow the path.
By now you'll notice we're going in a zigzagging path. Anyways, a wave of
Grunts and a Brown Grunt will appear. Quickly run back and lob a grenade to
instantly kill them all. Don't worry about Capt. Morgan. He's got a very
sturdy armor. Then follow the path. Grab the armor beside the car.

Follow Capt. Morgan, and he'll say it's an ideal ambush point. It is. Take
cover beside a wall then lean. There's an Alien Gunpod, so lean and throw
a grenade. Grab the ammo behind it, then follow the path. Another wave of
Grunts. Run back, take cover and shoot. There's also a Brown Grunt. Just
throw a grenade then start shooting. There's a Health Pack and Armor,
grab it. 

Another wave of Grunts. Take cover and shoot. Follow the Captain and follow
the path. Another Grunt wave. Take cover and shoot. Some Grunts are hard
to see because it's dark. Take the Grenades beside the car.

Capt. Morgan tells you that there's another Alien Gunpod around. Take
cover behind the wall and lob a grenade. Grab the armor and Health Pack
behind it. Capt. Morgan tells you that the elevator should take you both
up to the Lobby. Enter the elevator. Heal the captain if he's got low
health and armor.

You'll enter a *large* Lobby. It's full of Grunts. Take cover and shoot.
There are tons of Aliens around. Admittedly, my age-old computer started
to stutter awfully. Use grenades to your advantage. There are three 15
Biomatter bottles dropped by Grunts.

Capt. Morgan says that there are prolly friendlies around. Follow him
upstairs and you'll see a wounded soldier. The Soldier will tell you
he got wounded and lost consciousness, and that his team retreated to
the dining area. Follow Capt. Morgan. Some Alien Grunts at far and a
Brown Grunt. It's a very good time to use your M40A3, so snipe the
Brown Grunt. Grab the Biomatter. Walk forward and turn left to grab
a Rocket. Then follow Capt. Morgan.

You'll hear gunshots. Capt. Morgan will kick the door open then follow
him. Shoot the Grunts. After that, hug the wall on the left and you'll
see a window inside a room where soldiers are fighting Brown Grunts.
Lob a grenade or two inside, it won't kill the soldiers.

A cutscene starts. Capt. Morgan tells the soldiers about the debris
blocking your path. The soldiers will send a medic over tot he wounded
Soldier. They'll ask you to rescue the Manager. After the cutscene,
grab the tons of items inside, including the SMAW Rocket Launcher.
It's a damn powerful weapon that deals 1250 damage by default.

Don't bother exploring the kitchen. It's just some empty rooms. You'll
only need to go there later. Now follow Capt. Morgan and go back to
where we got our first Rocket ammo.

The escalator has two Alien Gunpod (Turret). You can't reach them
with a grenade. Use your Rocket Launcher. Don't attack from their
front. Attack them from the side. Don't worry missing. Beside Capt.
Morgan is an infinite source of Rockets. You can carry only up to
1 though. Shame.

Follow Capt. Morgan to the third floor. Some more alien nasties.
Grab Biomatter. Sometimes, the cutscene will start before you can
get the Biomatter. If it does, just come back.

The cutscene will be about Capt. Morgan talking to the Bldg Manager.
He'll ask if there's another route to the Hospital. The Manager
tells you to the the underground, but you'll have to jump to the
second tower from the current tower's 15th floor. The cutscene ends
and you'll be infront of the elevator. Enter the elevator. It will
take you to the 15th floor.

When the elevator stops, grab the items (including the Stamina Max
+20) outside. FOLLOW CAPT. MORGAN. This floor looks like a maze.
He'll point you to go forward, and a Brown Grunt plus Grunts
charges in. Blast them then grab Biomatter.

Follow the Capt. and you'll be inside an office, which I suspect
is LadyLuck's office space. There'll be Grunts inside.

Take the opened room on the right and enter. You'll get a Max Armor
+15. Exit that.

Now enter the big room full of cubicles. Jump into the window,
which is open, by the way, and grab the Armor. Capt. Morgan tells
you that you go ahead. Jump to the second building from the
scaffolding. Careful not to fall. It'll break, and Capt. Morgan
tells you he'll find another way in. Blast the windows of the left
side and go in. Follow the path until you reach the glass doors.

Now through the radar, try to get into the yellow dot. It's an
open elevator. Enter it, and Level 2 ends.

- End of Level 2 -

to be continued . . .

V . WEAPONS [WEA]   |========================================================||

| Combat Knife [CKN]

Kabar Combat Knife

A knife for close combat. Don't use this unless you've miraculously wasted
all your ammo.

 You start with this.

 LV1 - 30 dam (base)
 LV2 - 60     (60 Biomatter)
 LV3 - 90     (120 Biomatter)
 LV4 - 120    (240 Biomatter)

Clip Size
 LV1 - 0 bul (MAX)

 LV1 - 0.09 acc (MAX)

| Handgun [HGN]

You start out with this gun. Less than decent power,
decent firing rate. Ditch this as soon as you get M4.

 You start with this equipped.

LV1 - 10 dam (Base)
LV2 - ??? (???)
LV3 - ??? (???)
LV4 - ??? (???)

Clip Size
LV1 - ??? (???)
LV2 - ??? (???)
LV3 - ??? (???)
LV4 - ??? (???)

LV1 - 0.17 acc (Base)
LV2 - ??? (???)
LV3 - ??? (???)
LV4 - ??? (???)

| M4 [M4R]

Assault Rifle
 5.56mm rounds.

This is a good rifle that you acquire early in the game.
Good power, accuracy and clip size. This serves as your
main offensive weapon.

 Right after you meet Capt. Morgan. Behind a crate.


 LV1 - 15 dam (Base)
 LV2 - 23 dam (75 Biomatter)
 LV3 - 30 dam (150 Biomatter)
 LV4 - 37 dam (300 Biomatter)

Clip Size
 LV1 - 30 bul (Base)
 LV2 - 45 bul (60 Biomatter)
 LV3 - 60 bul (120 Biomatter)
 LV4 - 75 bul (240 Biomatter)

 LV1 - 0.17 acc (Base)
 LV2 - 0.23 (45 Biomatter)
 LV3 - ???? (90? Biomatter)
 LV4 - ???? (180? Biomatter)

| M40A3 [M40]

M40A3 Sniper Rifle

A powerful rifle for sniping. But you can blow enemies close range with it
too, because it's damn powerful. It reloads slowly, fires slowly.

Level 1 - In the basement after the elevator. Sgt. Yeager gives you this
before the end of LV1.

 LV1 - 150 dam (Base)
 LV2 - 225 dam (80 Biomatter)
 LV3 - ??? dam (???)
 LV4 - ??? dam (???)

Clip Size
 LV1 - 5 amm (Base)
 LV2 - 7 amm (60 Biomatter)
 LV3 - ??? amm (???)
 LV4 - ??? amm (???)

 LV1 - 0.17 acc (Base)
 LV2 - 0.23 acc (60 Biomatter)
 LV3 - ??? (???)
 LV4 - ??? (???)


SMAW Rocket Launcher

A very powerful weapon that isn't upgradable.
Slow and cumbersome, but still powerful. You can only carry
up to one Rocket though.

 Level 2 - After you find the group of soldiers.

 LV1 - 1250 dam (MAX)

Clip Size
 LV1 - 1 amm(MAX)

 LV1 - 0.09 acc (MAX)


- Ladyluck, for their brave attempt into the FPS market, despite odds.
- CJayC, for making GameFAQs, which is the best gaming site there is, while
    keeping it very dial-up friendly.
- Disney, for The Lion King, and Scar. Don't ask. :P

If you don't see your name here, please e-mail me: bernardojr@gmail.com.

Copyrighted by Shadow Edge (aka King Scar)
Updates can be found at 
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