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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doesn't wear its nostalgic aspects particularly well, and the remaining components simply don't make for a very entertaining experience.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

By Daniel Lampkin |

If you spent even a portion of your youth in the early 1990s, chances are that you have at least a vague, working knowledge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Starting out as an underground comic book in the '80s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles achieved massive success when it was translated into a Saturday morning cartoon in 1987. From there, movies, action figures, and the inevitable video game spin-offs followed. Unsurprisingly, the games based on the TMNT franchise were largely very popular; what was surprising, however, was that they weren't successful simply because of their brand name but because many of the games were actually legitimately well made. Though the TMNT franchise has been taking a bit of a breather over the last few years, a new TV series has recently debuted, and not far behind it is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the latest video game featuring the heroes in a half shell. Developed by Konami, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a pure beat-'em-up that aims to rekindle favorable nostalgia for the TMNT games of days past, while at the same time the game also looks to update the look and feel of the franchise for fans of the new series. Unfortunately, TMNT doesn't wear its nostalgic aspects particularly well, and the remaining components simply don't make for a very entertaining experience.

Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael are back, once again fighting Shredder and his insidious Foot Clan.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tells the story of four unassuming turtles who, one day, while wandering through the sewers of New York, are mutated into humanlike form by a mysterious radioactive ooze. With the help of a rat named Splinter (who was also transformed by the ooze), the turtles take the next logical step by learning martial arts and becoming superheroes. The game's plot revolves around a mystical sword that is being sought by the evil Shredder and his army of ninja thugs, known as the Foot Clan, so that they may perform unspeakable acts of evil with it. Along the way, you'll encounter many faces from the show, including the Turtles' best pal, April, and Casey Jones, the hockey-mask-sporting vigilante hero. The game's story is told in an episodic fashion, with each stage containing its own segment of the overall story--although certain stages don't quite seem to fit into the overall plotline. Every stage has around five or six areas that you must clear to pass on to the next stage. Certain areas are preceded or succeeded by either a story sequence, using the in-engine characters, or an actual full-blown cutscene, using the animation style and voice talent from the TV show. The cutscenes are actually quite well done, but the in-engine stuff only has the characters standing around occasionally shaking their fists or marginally changing their facial expressions to signify being mad or something similar. The show's voice talent is used in these scenes as well, but, overall, they're still decidedly lackluster when compared to the real cutscenes.

TMNT's gameplay is about as simple as you can get for a modern-day action game. Though you can play as any of the four turtles, they all handle roughly the same and there's no meaningful difference between them. The four main attack buttons let you perform a basic attack, a spin attack, a jump, and a throw (which, in this case, is "the throw" of a ninja star). You also have the ability to execute an uppercut attack, where you can juggle opponents in the air, and there's a dash function that lets you speed past groups of attackers. You can earn new attacks and stats for your chosen turtle by taking part in dojo missions. Dojo missions are training levels that appear from time to time, where you have to perform various tasks assigned by Master Splinter. These tasks range from the reasonably easy (breaking a number of boxes within a three-minute time span) to the seemingly impossible (defeating 30 opponents without being hit). If you successfully defeat the dojo level to Splinter's liking, you'll earn a new attack (like a jump attack) or an increased attribute (like stronger defense or offense). Despite these upgrades, however, you'll primarily just be running around, slashing through each area as fast as you can. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of skill required for this.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bases its gameplay style after the classic TMNT beat-'em-up titles, but it doesn't quite capture your attention the way those titles did.

Once you've gotten a feel for your range of attacks--which really shouldn't take very long at all--you should be able to breeze through TMNT pretty quickly. Enemies come in reasonably strong numbers, but, considering that none of them are particularly intelligent, their numbers are really their only advantage. Bad guys generally spawn a good distance away from you, and, unless you get right up into their personal space, they'll often just stay right where they are. Of course, you'll have to beat every enemy to progress to the next section of the level. So, periodically, you'll have to trot back to wherever the one stray bad guy, whom you didn't trigger, is standing. Then you must beat him down. Additionally, sometimes the game won't spawn the next cadre of thugs until you hit a very specific point in the level, requiring you to kind of aimlessly wander around until they appear. Later-level enemies have a slightly higher range of attack, but most of the thugs you'll face off against simply run at you and aimlessly swipe at you with a pipe, stick, or what have you. The boss fights are significantly better than the rest of the in-game action and do require a bit of skill and planning, but, considering you only encounter one in about every three areas, that still leaves too much flat, flavorless action.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the PC can be controlled using either a keyboard or control pad, but really, the game was designed with a console control scheme in mind. Because of this, the keyboard controls are a little too jittery to be especially effective during combat sequences, and there's no mouse functionality whatsoever--though, considering the fact that the game uses a more cinematic style of camera, you really don't need it anyway. So your best bet, as far as a controller is concerned, is definitely one with analog-stick control, since controllers with directional pads only are also a little on the skittish side when it comes to trying to direct your chosen Turtle.

The game's plot is told through cutscenes, featuring voice talent from the latest Ninja Turtles cartoon series.

The one nice thing about TMNT is that it does feature a multiplayer component. You and a friend can pair up against Shredder's forces in the game's story mode, similar to how you could in past TMNT games. Playing the game in two-player is definitely more entertaining than playing alone, but there are some quirks. Periodically, the game's camera can get hung up in certain spots if the two controlled Turtles get too far away from one another, and this can cause some visual problems. Additionally, gameplay becomes much, much easier with a duo, due to the fact that the game doesn't make up for the increased handicap by throwing more enemies at you or anything. Finally, and most depressing of all, the game absolutely screams for four-player capability, considering how much the game is geared as a throwback to previous Turtle titles and the fact that there are four turtle characters. Perhaps this would be a bit more difficult to execute on a PC, what with its usually limited controller and keyboard ports. Thankfully, the two-player action on the PC version of the game works just as well as on its console counterparts.

Aside from the story mode, there are also a couple of other gameplay modes in TMNT. Versus mode is as close as you'll get in this console generation to the 16-bit classic TMNT: Tournament Fighters. In versus mode, you can choose from any of the four Turtles (as well as a number of characters you can unlock in the story mode) and go one-on-one in a straight-up brawl. While this is a nice feature, the game's fighting mechanics don't lend themselves terribly well to a fighting game-styled match, and, generally, the fight is over pretty quickly. There's also an unlockable challenge mode, where your goal is to run through a selected level as fast as you can. Challenge is also a nice addition, but it's not terribly interesting after a few plays through.

TMNT's strongest features definitely lie in the graphics department. The game features a fully cel-shaded look--and a great one at that. The models for the Turtles, side characters, and even generic enemies are great, and they include a nice level of detail and vibrant colors. Everything in the game animates very smoothly, and, no matter how many character models are onscreen, the action almost never slows down, save for a few instances when massive explosions go off in the background. These things being said, TMNT's graphics aren't completely above reproach. The game's level environments, for instance, are pretty lacking in any manner of detail and just don't look anywhere near as polished as the character models. Another minor quirk of note includes the fact that enemies can simply spawn out of thin air, and nothing is done to cover this up. Additionally, the effects used to accentuate hits--like the big "Smash!" and "Pow!" icons--can obscure certain parts of the game's action.

When we played with a top of the line graphics card on a very high-end PC, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles looked very crisp and clean--without any problems to speak of. However, when we tried the game on a slightly older model PC with a just-over-a-year-old GeForce card, numerous glitches would pop up. For instance, there would frequently be missing pieces of explosion animations, and our life bar would many times just disappear into an ugly white space on the screen. We also took note of some rather obvious aliasing issues in the in-engine cutscenes. There were also some bizarre hiccups evident as icons from our desktop would briefly flash over menu screens. While the console versions of the game looked pretty great for their respective systems, the PC version seems like it was somewhat cheaply ported over. So, unless you have the absolute best in graphics card hardware, you're likely to experience some problems.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' graphical style is a vibrant, colorful, cel-shaded look, and it works well with the subject matter--although the PC version does contain some unfortunate glitches.

Unfortunately, the least impressive feature of TMNT is its sound quality, which, despite the roster of voice actors from the TV show, falters in pretty much every other category. During the game, the Turtles will spout off a limited array of catchphrases as they pummel their foes; unfortunately, they also spout the aforementioned catchphrases ridiculously often, which means that you'll be hearing such phrases as "Talk to the feet!" and "Slice and dice!" at a practically constant rate. The game's scant selection of music is decent, though pretty unmemorable, and, as far as in-game effects go (like the catchphrases) there aren't a lot of them, and they repeat--and repeat often.

There are things about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that can be praised. Its graphical style is quite pleasing to look at, and the game certainly deserves points for giving you a multiplayer option. Unfortunately, the gameplay, though an earnest attempt to mirror its predecessors, is too hollow on its own merits and simply lacks the charm and fun of previous titles. Furthermore, the PC version's graphical limitations are likely to be a nuisance for players with less than top-notch PCs. That is not to say that the game is a total loss, by any means; younger fans of the new TV series will likely not be swayed by the game's elementary fighting mechanics and should find the storyline entertaining. Even so, anyone who really wants to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles should definitely look toward any of the console versions of the game rather than the PC version, as it just doesn't hold up its end of the bargain, comparatively.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cheats

D - Donatello L - Leonardo M - Michaelangelo R - Raphael S - ShredderPasswordEffectLMSSLAlt. costume for Donatello (press special attack on char. select screen)MSRLRAlt. Costume for Leonardo (press special attack on char. select screen)MMMSLAlt. Costume for Michaelangelo (press special attack on char. select screen)SMLSRAlt. Costume for Raphael (press special attack on char. select screen)DRLDSAttack up for DonatelloLMLSDAttack up for LeonardoRDSRLAttack up for RaphaelSLSRSAlternate sound effectsLRLDDDefense up for DonatelloSSRSLDefense up for LeonardoLSSDRDefense up for MichaelangeloDSRRSDefense up for RaphaelLDRSMUnlocks Master SplinterLSDRMToy DatabaseSDDLSDouble power up effects for DonatelloLDDRSDouble power up effects for LeonardoLMLMSDouble power up effects for MichaelangeloDLDRSDouble power up effects for RaphaelMDMSLUnlimited Fire Shuriken and all food is pizza for MichaelangeloSRRDMUnlimited Shuriken for LeonardoMSRMMAttack up for Michelangelo
UnlockableHow to UnlockBeat Story mode with all four turtlesChallenge mode
  • Versus mode charactersCharacters that can be unlocked by completing the following tasks.UnlockableHow to UnlockBeat him in Stage 1 in Raphael's story modeCasey JonesBeat him in Stage 3 with any turtleEvil TurtlebotBeat him in Dojo Stage 3 in Leonardo's story modeSplinterBeat him in Stage 6 in Michelangelo's story modeHunBeat him in Stage 6 with any turtleShredderBeat him in Stage 6 with any turtleOroku SakiBeat him in Challenge mode with any characterHamato Yoshi
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Walkthrough

    |Game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   |
    |Platform: PC/PS2/GC/XBOX             |
    |Release: November 25, 2003.          | 
    |Document: Challenge Mode FAQ         |  
    |Author: SaiyanPureheart/Rasheed Islam|
    NOTE: Press Ctrl + F to find what you're looking for.
          A) Leonardo
          B) Raphael
          C) Donatello
          D) Michelangelo
    V) TIPS
          A) DRAGON FACE
          B) CASEY JONES
          D) NANO MONSTER VER.2.1
          J) EVIL TURTLEBOT VER.1.5
          L) QUARRY
          M) RAZOR FIST
          R) BOSS FIGHT: HUN
    |I) VERSION|
    2.0 (03/26/10) - The guide is complete.
    1.5 (03/25/10) - All boss fights completed; turtles assessment section
                     not complete. 
    1.0 (03/24/10) - Guide started; 10 boss fights completed.
     Hello. Welcome to my Challenge Mode FAQ for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    Despite what some people say otherwise, this is actually a very fun 
    game. Whether you are ninja turtles fan or not, I recommend this game 
    to anyone who enjoys beat em' ups. The cel-shading graphics are perfect, 
    as they do a good job of giving it a comic book feel. 
     Anyway, I hope you'll find this guide helpful as it will explain how to 
    conquer Challenge Mode victoriously.
    NOTE: Although this guide is made for the PC version of the game, it can 
          still be used for other platforms (Gamecube, PS2, and XBOX).
     Challenge mode is a mode in which you go one on one against 
    previously fought bosses (except King Nail) and occassional 
    regular enemies. It is unlocked once you have beaten the STORY 
    mode with all four turtles. You are placed on a small ring and 
    have to make the best use of your limited space to overcome 
    each boss.
     It's a great mode that you can play in, as it helps you gain 
    more experience on defeating each boss with ease so that you 
    can cream them all in STORY mode again. 
     One thing I should note is that you cannot use your Gembu 
    attack in Challenge Mode. Otherwise, it would be an easy KO 
    for some of the nasty bosses you must fight. 
    |A) Leonardo|
     He's well-balanced, having a good attack reach, speed, and 
    strength. His jump kick is also effective. Leonardo can hold 
    his own against all the bosses if one can use him to his full 
     Despite being well-balanced, Leonardo is not without his 
    flaws. His jump kick requires some precision, as it is 
    short-ranged and can miss the enemy. His turtle sweep attack 
    is also not well-ranged. In fact, both his kick and sweep attacks
    require him to move up close to an enemy. And that could cost 
    Leonardo the battle. He is still manageable though. 
    |B) Raphael|
     He's the toughest of the four turtles, being capable of dealing 
    out the most amount of damage. His jump attack, a dive bomb, is 
    also effective against bosses like the giant mouser. He's effective 
    against several bosses, like the giant mouser and Dr. Stockman, but 
    may run into trouble against some. 
     His great strength comes at a terrible price though: his speed. 
    He's the slowest of the four turtles. And in that sense, he could 
    be the weakest. When you're up against bosses like Hun, Elite Foot 
    Ninjas, Turtlebot, and Hamato Yoshi, speed does matter. And his 
    attack reach is the worst of the four, so you need to be really
    skilled to use him effectively. 
    |C) Donatello|
     He has the best reach of the four turtles. And if you're trying 
    to set a record of a combo streak, he's your man. His attacks do 
    good damage. His jump attack and turtle sweep are also great. 
    Donatello is very good against most bosses like Hamato Yoshi and 
    Shredder (though I've never beaten Shredder head to head before).
     He's a bit slower than Michelangelo, however, so be cautious when 
    you're going up against bosses like Hun or Oroku Saki.
    |D) Michelangelo|
     He's the fastest of the four turtles. His jump attack lifts him 
    off the ground and allows him to perform a helicopter kick, which 
    is very useful against the giant mouser robot. He's also incredibly 
    useful against bosses like Hun and the four elite foot ninjas. 
    In fact, with practice, he can be very effective against all the 
     He may be fastest of the four turtles, but he's also the weakest. 
    None of his attacks finish off bosses as quickly as the other turtles 
    could. Michelangelo's attacks are also sometimes difficult to control. 
    And with his awesome speed, if it is not used properly, then you could 
    accidentally dash straight into an enemy's attack. 
     Personally, I use him the most in Challenge Mode. But like I said, he 
    does require some practice to use effectively. 
    |V) TIPS|
    - You have infinite time, so no need to rush if you're a beginner.
    - Dash a lot to avoid getting hit by bosses, especially against 
      Hun, Oroku Saki, and Hamato Yoshi. If you need more practice 
      dashing, play the story mode again.
    - In between fights, you will find a circle of boxes around the ring. 
      And you only have a few seconds to smash as many boxes as you can 
      before you are taken to the next fight. The boxes contain either
      health or shurikens. You want to try and get as many shurikens as
      This is where your dash becomes VERY useful. Dash up to a box, dash 
      to the item, and then dash to the next box to grab the next item. 
      With enough practice, you can smash up to three boxes.
    - Save all your shuriken for the nastier boss fights. For instance, 
      don't spend 20 fire shurikens on an easy boss like Dragon Face and 
      Casey. Otherwise you won't have enough (or any at all) to confront 
      the even tougher bosses. You can hold up to 99 of each type of shuriken 
      (normal, electric, and fire).
    - Most bosses pause for a moment after performing their attacks. This 
      is the significance of dashing. If you can sucessfully avoid the boss
      after their attack, they will be open to attack so you can combo them.
      If you find a certain boss too difficult (even with dashing), use your
      shurikens wisely. 
    - Remember the 3 Ps: Practice, practice, practice. Each time you fail at a 
      certain boss, try to make it to that boss again. This way, you will 
      become progressively better at conquering the Challenge Mode.
       DIFFICULTY: 1/10
    VERY easy. Rush up to him and hit him three times before dashing away to 
    avoid his fists. You could also use your turtle sweep 
    (directional button + S) to damage him better. Once you have gained enough 
    practice, you'll find that you can easily beat him without taking a scratch. 
       DIFFICULTY: 1/10
    Again VERY easy. Apply the same strategy you used on Dragon Face. He swipes
    his hockey stick three times, which can easily be avoided. 
       DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    A more difficult challenge than the previous two, but still an easy fight. 
    As soon as the fight begins, keep away from it because it will spin its
    arms into a drill. When it's done attacking, get a few combos into it. 
    Try to attack it from behind so that it doesn't spin its arms again to 
    endlessly combo you. It could lunge at you with its pincers as well. 
    It could also attack you from behind by slamming on its rear. 
    If you're using Michelangelo, this fight is cake. Use your helicopter kick 
    to score big combos. When it's health is about halfway down, it will start
    shooting missiles. They are pretty easy to avoid, but dash carefully. 
       DIFFICULTY: 3/10
    Dashing is your best friend here. Try attacking from behind and hit it 
    at least twice before dashing away from one of its several attacks. It 
    could slam on you, release debris, or punch you. But they're all easily 
    avoided if you can dash well. 
    The next fight is a breather for you. It's only a little mouser robot. 
    You've fought them before in the story mode of the game. 
       DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    If you try to dash up to him, chances are he will release a tornado 
    on your face. And every time you try to approach him, he'll keep 
    releasing a tornado. Try to dash up and hit him just before he is 
    able to release a tornado. He usually takes a moment to release 
    one, so you should be able to combo him before then. 
    If he does release a tornado on you before you can charge on him, 
    it will follow you around until it hits you. Try to hit him before
    getting hit yourself. It doesn't do that much damage anyway. 
    After comboing him, he'll release a huge whirlwind that could hit you. 
    Then he'll jump over to another part of the ring. Dash away to avoid
    the whirlwind and try to anticipate where he'll end up on the ring so
    you can combo him again. He's a very fragile boss, so he should go down 
    pretty easily.
       DIFFICULTY: 4.5/10 
    Slightly harder than the previous ninja, but no sweat. Again, use the 
    same strategy as before. He'll release a floating boulder on you, but
    you should be able to dash and hit him quickly. 
    After hitting him, watch out when he does a spin. He will release a mud 
    that will move in a line. If you happen to be standing within that 
    line, the mud will slow you down drastically and you could be open to his 
    boulder attacks. If this happens, try to move away from him until the mud 
    effect wears off. It's easy to avoid if you dash away.
    After releasing the mud, he will jump to another part of the ring. 
    Again, like the previous fight, predict where he'll end up so you can 
    hit him again. Watch out, though, because if you close in on him,
    he could release another mud attack. Follow his movement and finish him.
       DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    The first thing you'll notice in this fight is a box in the center of 
    the ring between you and the ninja. DO NOT BREAK THAT BOX! If you do, 
    you'll be caught in his flood combo, where he releases water all around 
    the arena. It is impossible to avoid unless you're using Michelangelo 
    Otherwise, he's real easy. Approach and combo him quickly before he 
    releases a bubble on you. After hitting him, he'll start spreading water 
    around, so jump on that box in the center to avoid it. When the water 
    disappears, finish him off.
       DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    The hardest of the five ninjas, this guy can be an absolute pain. Use the 
    same strategy as before. He'll release several metal orbs at you that 
    spread around like crazy. All the orbs are difficult to avoid, so don't 
    It can be difficult to combo him because he can hit you before you get the 
    chance to hit him. If you do hit him, chances are he'll release a HUGE orb 
    on you. Just focus on hitting him. If things get ugly, use some of your 
    shurikens (being careful not to use them all up).
       DIFFICULTY: 4.5/10 
    The last elemental ninja you will face. He's about as difficult as 
    the earth ninja. He'll release a flame at you if you try to approach him. 
    Again, use the same strategy as before (dash and combo). 
    After hitting him, he'll spin a little and release about four pillars 
    of fire that can be pretty hard to avoid because you don't know where 
    he'll shoot it from. He'll then jump to another part of the ring. 
    Anticipate his movements and hit him where it hurts.
    Next up is just another mouser robot. 
       DIFFICULTY: 7/10
    This fight could end either way if you're not careful. As soon as 
    the fight starts, dash away to a corner. He should start following 
    you around. Keep dashing and try to leave yourself enough space so 
    that you can perform a turtle sweep. 
    You can also combo him, but that requires a lot of timing and skill 
    in dashing. Just before he can hit you, you need to be able to dash 
    at the last second to avoid his attack. When he's done attacking, you 
    can combo him. 
    Do not combo him for too long though because he will hit you hard. When
    his health drops about half way, he'll change his weapon into something 
    else, which could make the fight that much harder. Do your best to avoid 
    his attacks and turtle sweep/combo him to finish the fight.
       DIFFICULTY: 6.5/10
    The trick to defeat this guy is to hit him from behind. As you have 
    noticed, he has a shield in front, making frontal assaults useless 
    against him. Getting behind and hitting him is difficult because you 
    have to worry about the attacks he does at front, which are difficult 
    to avoid.
    He can fire homing missiles at you (and as you may have figured it 
    out, they follow you around), spread a flame across the ring with 
    a flamethrower, and shoot bullets at you. 
    It's a lot easier to get behind and hit him when he's using the 
    flamethrower. You need to be able to dash quickly before the flame 
    hits you. Get in as much hits as you can before he turns around to 
    face you. Keep on dashing to his rear and hit him when you get the 
    chance. Nothing more can be said.
       DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    He's easy. As soon as the battle starts, he will teleport. When 
    he reappears, you'll see three whirlwinds right near you. Two of 
    them will be empty while the third will be Quarry reappearing. 
    Just as he reappears, though, you can combo him decently. He will 
    disappear and reappear again near you. Rinse, lather, and repeat. 
    Of course if you take too long to hit him as he reappears, he will 
    end up comboing you. And his combos really hurt. So don't get carried 
       DIFFICULTY: 6.5/10
    This fight is more or less like the fight you had with the Foot 
    Gunner Ninja. You have to hit him from behind. If you try hitting 
    him in front, he'll block all your attacks, and possibly hurl you 
    around like a rag doll. 
    Again, dashing is your best friend. Try to stay behind him and 
    get as many hits as you can. If you attack his rear for too 
    long, he'll slam on you or whack you with his tail. You might find 
    him running around the ring in a circle. If this happens, try to 
    hit him once in the front to get him to stop. Then hit his rear 
    The next fight is just with a foot ninja. 
       DIFFICULTY: 7/10
    Be careful. These guys can be VERY annoying. You'll have to face three 
    more of them after this one, so get used to the strategy I'm about to 
    give you.
    As soon as the fight starts, dash away from him because he will begin 
    approaching you. He moves around very quickly, and could end up on your 
    part of the ring in the blink of an eye. Dash to avoid his slashes, then 
    combo him when he's done. 
    After you've damaged him a little or a lot, he'll start multiplying 
    into two or three. Keep your eyes open for the real one, as the fake 
    ones are shadows. Before he reappears as he multiplies, position yourself 
    in a way so that you can hit him as well as the fakes so that they 
    He'll probably do a spinning sword combo, which will leave him dizzy and 
    open to attack when he's done. Do your best to avoid it, and finish him 
       DIFFICULTY: 7/10
    Just like before, except he's wielding a different weapon. Dashing 
    is your best friend. I know I'm repeating myself here, but it will save 
    your life. Use the same tactic as before to finish him off. You can also 
    use your turtle sweep if you want to play defensively. 
       DIFFICULTY: 7/10
    Not much to say. Use the same strategy as before. 
       DIFFICULTY: 7/10
    Not much to say. Use the same strategy as before.
       DIFFICULTY: 12/10
    Oh....my.....God. That's all I can say about this fight. Many 
    people lose to this gigantic fellow either because they panic 
    or get carried away. If you haven't mastered dashing by now, you're 
    you CAN damage him, he doesn't flinch one bit. And what's worse is 
    that not even your strongest shurikens, fire or electric, can stun 
    As the battle begins, Hun will charge at you. QUICKLY dash away 
    from him like your life depended on it. He will try to trap you 
    into his tremendously painful combos. Keep dashing and wait until 
    he slams himself to the ground. That's when he'll be immobolized 
    temporarily, allowing you to get a few hits on him. Do NOT hit 
    him for too long, or you'll regret it.
    When you have depleted about half his health, he'll turn red. 
    You thought he was bad before? Well he's FAR worse than bad now 
    because he's faster, has much more damaging attacks, and can deliver 
    bigger combos. At this point, I DO NOT recommend you to keep dashing 
    away from him until he slams to the ground (unless you're either 
    feeling lucky or brave). 
    You should have collected a decent amount of fire and electric 
    shurikens by now. Use them on him until he dies. Remember that he 
    doesn't flinch to your shurikens, so always keep on the move. It could 
    be VERY frustrating that you make it this far but only to lose to a 
    fatso like him. So don't leave anything to chance. 
    As you may have figured it out by now, I consider this as the most 
    difficult fight in all of Challenge Mode. 
    After that brutal fight, you are rewarded with a foot ninja to kill!
       DIFFICULTY: 1/10 OR 8.5/10
    You have two options here to defeat him: the quick and easy way, or 
    the slow and painfully hard way. 
    I don't recommend attacking this guy at a head on assault because 
    it's a lot more trouble than it's worth. Instead, I would advise 
    you to use your fire shurikens. Don't use the regular or electric 
    shurikens, as he doesn't flinch to those. Just keep shooting fire 
    shurikens at him to end the fight. Tap the D button fast though, 
    because even though he flinches to fire shurikens, he can quickly 
    Of course, if you want to save the number of shurikens you've 
    collected thus far, you'll have to beat him the hard way. If 
    you're Raphael, it's slightly easier because of his diving attack. 
    Before you can damage his body at all, you'll have to shatter the 
    cockpit. Your jump attacks must be used at the right moment, but 
    it requires some patience. 
    It's real difficult to hit him though because he's constantly 
    shooting fireballs, using a gatling gun, and raining down a 
    flame. He could even grab and toss you around like a rag doll, 
    which hurts. 
    Personally, I like to finish him with fire shurikens, but it's up 
    to you to decide on what to do.
       DIFFICULTY: 1/10 OR 8.5/10
    By now, you should have at least over 60 fire and electric shurikens. 
    Unfortunately, I have never defeated Shredder without using shurikens 
    before. I usually end the fight with fire or electric shurikens. 
    If you want to take him head on, good luck. He's difficult to challenge,
    but compared to Oroku Saki, not that difficult. But still, I don't like
    taking my chances of stopping him in hand to hand. His attacks are swift
    even with his armor. You must play defensively to win here. 
    You can turtle rush him if your timing is good. If you're playing as
    Donatello, it's even easier because of his reach. Shredder will perform 
    a series of slashes before stabbing his sword on the ground to release 
    a field of electricity (which can be avoided). After he does that, he's 
    vulnerable for a moment. Keep in mind that you have to dash a LOT in this 
    fight, and comboing him is difficult. His slashes become harder to 
    anticipate as his health gets lower, so good luck.
       DIFFICULTY: 1/10 OR 11/10
    It's Shredder without his armor. This can be a VERY nasty fight 
    if you choose to go head on against him. Otherwise, use either your 
    fire or electric shurikens to end this fight now. Shoot one shuriken 
    at a time though if you're using fire or electric. If you only have 
    regular, shoot them carefully so that you don't waste any when he 
    powers up.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a strategy for this guy. I simply couldn't 
    beat him in a head to head. There was a time I came close, but no dice.  
    When his health goes about half-way down, his aura will change to red. 
    Be very careful when shooting your shuriken. Otherwise, you'll be in 
    a world of hurt because he's much stronger and faster. Remember to 
    dash a lot. 
    Just pray that you had received full health and a couple of 
    fire/electric/regular shurikens before reaching this boss fight. 
    And if you still have enough after this fight, consider yourself 
    to be safe. 
       DIFFICULTY: 1/10 OR 10/10
    The final boss of the challenge mode is not TOO difficult. But going 
    head to head with him is still SUICIDE, let me tell you that. 
    Don't bother using your shurikens on him because he's invincible 
    for about 10 seconds. So just dash away from him. At least he 
    approaches you slowly.
    Once you think you've waited long enough, you can switch to 
    your electric shuriken (if you have enough) and shoot one at him. He 
    will be stunned by it temporarily, so you can get a few hits on him. 
    However, do this AT YOUR OWN RISK.  
    As you deplete his health, he will start moving faster and his attacks 
    become much more fierce.
    If you want to play it safe, though, keep shooting whatever shurikens 
    you have left until he goes down. Good luck. 
    it with all four turtles! =D
     If you have any questions or comments, please email me at 
    rasheed_islam@hotmail.com. Please leave a written subject on your email, 
    such as "Ninja Turtles Question" before sending it to me. I will still 
    read my mails, but please make my reading more convenient. If you wish 
    to add anything to the guide, please send it in. I will gladly give you 
    credit for it.
    - KONAMI Computer Entertainment Studio for creating the game
    - Myself for creating the guide
    - You for reading it
    - Gamefaqs for hosting it
    I am NOT professionally affiliated with the creators of this game. 
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    -Copyright  2010 Rasheed Islam-
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