Tank Universal: Challenger Eight




Tank Universal: Challenger Eight

Developer:Dialogue Design Genre:Action Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Take part in a 3D, "Tron-like" world as you make your way through 20 levels of tank battles.
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Tank Universal: Challenger Eight Cheats

Press tilde (~) then enter the following.CheatEffecthelpDisplays all possible commandsgodToggle god modegive shardsGives 99 powershardsgive upgradesGives 99 upgrade pointswarp xxWhere xx is a level from 00-20
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.UnlockableHow to Unlock128 Glyphs collected.Glyph Freak DeluxeSaviour of the Resistance medal awarded (hard difficulty).Saviour of the ResistanceAll transports evacuated safely.All Transports Away!Trooper of the Resistance medal awarded (easy difficulty).Trooper of the ResistanceAll upgrades + sub-upgrades installed.A Full Rack256 Bit Supreme rank achieved.256 Bit SupremeNuke launched.The Big BangCompleted the ride first time.I Am Sheep Master128 Bit Overlord rank achieved.128 Bit OverlordHero of the Resistance medal awarded (normal difficulty).Hero of the ResistanceBehemoth takedown by minelaying.Stepped On Something128 Bit Deathtank rank achieved.128 Bit Deathtank128 Bit Hardened rank achieved.128 Bit Hardened64 Bit Reaper rank achieved.64 Bit Reaper64 Glyphs converted.Glyph FreakFull Access rank achieved.Full Access512 Powershards collected.Shard TV DinnerMegaron Tank takedown achieved.Big Boy Be Gone!Behemoth takedown achieved.Behemoth TakedownChipHead rank achieved.ChipHead!256 kills achieved.1000 Mile StareCan Read Write rank achieved.Can Read Write256 Powershards collected.Shard Snack128 kills achieved.Hit And RunnerBasic training passed.Basic Training OkTwo Bit Unit rank achieved.Two Bit UnitBit Brain rank achieved.Bit Brain

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