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About The Game

Taikodom is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game set in the 23rd century taken by surprise when a mysterious energy field blocked Earth, humankind has then expanded to the space, where people joined in different space communities. Several terrestrial humans have escaped Earth in suspended animation. Awakened by the Consortium, a sort of centralized government, these humans are now called resurrects, who have to struggle in order to guarantee a spot at space society. And you will enter Taikodom as one of them. Set in a breathtaking journey through the universe, Taikodom is filled with adventure, riches, danger, and glory; are you up to the challenge?

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Taikodom Review

By Leandro Herena

Taikodom is a 3D Sci Fi themed space action MMORPG that looks remarkably like Eve Online. The game is currently being published by GamersFirst and features many of the gameplay elements found in other space themed MMOs including exploration, trading and open PvP. Even though the game looks and feels a lot like Eve Online, it's still the first of its kind to hit the ‘free to play' market.

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