Tag: The Power of Paint




Tag: The Power of Paint

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About The Game

Tag: The Power of Paint is a free, first-person puzzle platformer which focuses on the players’ ability to modify their environment as they see fit, simply by painting it. Enjoy a unique and emergent gameplay experience, as you traverse each highly stylized level, using your endless supply of paint and all the power that comes with it to make your way to the goal.

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By Leandro Herena

If you're an avid PaintShop Pro user of previous versions, you may want to know before hand that it has completely changed. If you decide to buy the new version, just make sure you have the correct mind set for these new changes...If you're not a person for change, then you may want to hold off for a bit. Me on the other hand, these new changes were something different for me, but in no time I adjusted to them quite fast. The new changes are noticeable to point out, and you will soon realize how beneficial and great these features are. Here are a few of the changes in the new version...

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