Super Combo Chaos!




Super Combo Chaos!

Developer:Half Pint Genre:Puzzle Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Combo Chaos is a memory card game in which you must race to find match pairs of cards before the screen fills up.
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Super Combo Chaos! Review

By James Archuleta |

Combo Chaos is the kind of game that you'll be familiar with the second you lay your hands on it. That's because it's very similar to the memory card game that you probably played when you were a kid. The challenge here is that you've got to work as fast as you can to match pairs before the screen fills up to the top. The end result is a fun game, though it can get repetitive quickly. While the addition of wildcard pieces and power-ups serves to break up the pace of the game a bit, mastering the game ultimately comes down to just how fast you can click the mouse and score points.

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