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A sultry wizardress, a soaring gunslinger, a powerful swordsman, a dark huntress. These four heroes are about to be hurtled over the edge into a flight filled with darkness. Sudeki, a roleplaying game designed by UK-based Climax features huge worlds, powerful heroes, and sexy heroines -- all wrapped up in Hong Kong-style cinematic combat. Set in a world ripped apart by deceit, the heroes of Sudeki journey down a twisting path of betrayal, gravity-defying combat, and unbelievable magic. The party's four characters can combine forces to form cooperative super strikes that can devastate legions of foes, of which there are more than 100 different types.

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Sudeki Review

By Boyd Kitson |

Sudeki was developed in the UK by Climax and first released on Xbox. Set in a world torn into light and dark by two warring sibling gods, Sudeki features four distinct heroes attempting to save the planet from oblivion: swordmaster Tal, magical staff-wielding Ailish, shape-shifting woman/beast Buki, and inventor Elco. You begin your quest as Tal, and as you progress through the towns, villages, forests and dungeons, you meet the other characters, who provide extra skills, weapon attacks and magic to help defeat the increasingly aggressive enemies that include warlords, metallic spiders, ogres, sirens and giant crabs.

Unfortunately, this action RPG doesn't live up to its early promise, possessing a poor combat system beneath the vibrant and colorful fantasy. Rather than opting for the usual turn-based approach, Sudeki enables you to enjoy mouse button mashing play, pull off combos by pressing the left and right mouse buttons three times in a sequence, or enter slo-mo mode by pressing M to execute special attacks.

You switch between characters using the function keys during a battle, but even with this addition from the Xbox version, the combat system is still imprecise and random as to which enemies you hit. When you have more than six enemies to battle, it's tricky to aim and keep track of the action.

Sudeki isn't in the same league as as RPGs such as Final Fantasy VII and Tales Of Symphonia. What it does have are hundreds of NPCs, side quests and hidden treasures, along with plenty of weapon, magic and character upgrades, plus eye-smacking graphics that approach the visual splendor of those titles.

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