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Sub Culture

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Under the sea, a race unknown to man lives and thrives in their fifty centimeter wide cities. Metal, oxygen and a particular mineral are the base for this tiny life: Bubba is one of the freelance scavengers hired to scour the dangerous wastes for resources. Unfortunately, his house is destroyed by a metal can and he now finds himself without money in the world's borderlines, where the technologist Procha and free-living Bohine battle for supremacy. It's up to you, as Bubba, to decide which side to hinder and which one to help, or to try and remain impartial as you undertake the 30 plot missions set in a beautifully rendered underwater landscape. Fight the enemy will dodging fishes, algae and gigantic (!) turtles - but as the shadow of ruthless pirates abates, who is going to turn out as the real enemy?

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Sub Culture

Sub Culture Review

By Boyd Kitson |

Here is a game that is fun to play. You can pilot your craft from a first-person point of view or opt for an external camera, and you can switch back and forth at any time. The missions boast enough variety that you never get the feel of doing the same thing over and over again, and they help the story move along smoothly. Since the game has an open trading engine, you can also take your time accomplishing different actions. If you don't feel like you have the firepower to get something done, you can simply trade for a while and wait until you have enough money to buy the armament you need. The game's look is unbeatable, flawlessly detailing an underwater world, complete with lens flares and smoke trails. The game's graphics are so stunning in fact, that you'll often find yourself piloting around just sightseeing, your original mission forgotten. Finally, the game boasts some of the cleanest force feedback joystick support I've yet seen.

Even with all of its positives, Sub Culture still has several flaws that keep it from being the instant classic that it could have been. First off, the title won't offer much challenge to players who have even the most basic gaming experience. I played from start to finish in just under 14 hours and never really broke a sweat on any of the missions. The game has three different storylines that you can follow, but each of them offers the basic mission types and none offers up enough difference to really make you want to play the game again and again. Second, after finishing the game, my reward was a brief animation and a rolling of the credits. Other minor problems like the fact that there are parts of the game where the plot is furthered by taking away your ability to control your ship are also present.

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