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About The Game

With the ultimate fusion of gravity-defying stunts and lightning-speed racing, Stunt GP has graphically rich environments jam-packed with ramps, flyovers and loop-the-loops. Players perform xhilarating, daredevil stunts and combos while racing sensational vehicles at breakneck speeds. Stunt GP?s stunning visuals provide total player immersion for maximum fun and adrenaline pumping action.

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Stunt GP

Stunt GP Review

By Adrienne Dudek |

This title doesn't really have a whole lot going for it. The game was never too solid to begin with--aside from its amusing track design and decent customization elements, there really isn't anything much there in regard to actual compelling gameplay.

In Stunt GP, you race remote-controlled cars on huge, twisty electric-toy-track-styled courses. The events are straight-up races, in which you take on a series of AI-controlled drones for a few longish laps.

The tracks themselves are the game's most inspired element. Most of them resemble roller coaster tracks more than anything else, and many of them get pretty outlandish. Ramps, bumps, and other protrusions litter most of the courses, and these serve as the catalysts for Stunt GP's trick element. This would have been cool, were Stunt GP's trick system thoughtfully designed.

The trick system is fairly limited, and most of the time you'll feel as if the game's nutty physics model is the one having all the fun. Basically, you execute tricks while in the air.

The point of all this tricking is to acquire money to upgrade your car in the game's championship mode. You can upgrade many of your car's systems, from the CPU, engine, and brakes, to the tires, turbo boost, and transmission. As in any driving game's simulation mode, it's easy to become engrossed in the process of empowering your little racers. Given the limitations of the gameplay, though, it's unlikely that you'll get too far in the process.

Overall, this is a very half-hearted title and it is recommended that you pass on it.

Stunt GP Cheats

Fulfill the following requirements to unlock the corresponding car:UnlockableHow to UnlockSuccessfully complete championship mode, then finish track 21 in second place.ForksterSuccessfully complete championship mode, then finish track 21 in first place.WormsComplete all tracks in arcade mode.Stunt CarFinish time trial faster than the best lap ghost.Formula 17Beat Time Trial's best ghost on every trackTeam Machine

Stunt GP Game Walkthrough

                         Stunt GP for PC FAQ version 1.3
                                       by Vlada Peric (Gallavant)

                                         _,-'  _|
                                      ,-'    .'
                                 _,. |  .-|  |
                             _,.|   |  | |  |            __
                        _,. '  ||    '  | |  |        _,-'  
                    _,-'  | |  ||  .    | |  |    _,-'       |
                _,-'  _,  | |  ||  |   | |.-'_,-'   _,-.    |
            _,-' _   | |  | |  ||  | .-' _,-'      |   |    |
           /  ,-' |  | |  |_/  /|_.'  _,-'_,-.      |   |    |
          |   `-. |  | |    _.'   _,-'   /   |      |_,-'   /
          |      |  |  ,-'  _,-'    _,'    |          _,-' 
           `-.   || _|     ,-'    _,-'   _   |       ,-'
          |`-'  / '`      /      /   _,-' |  |      |
           _.-'         !      | .-'     |  |      |
                         |      | |.      |  |     _|
                         |      |  |      !   _,-'
                         |      .-'     /
                         |           _,-'


1. Copyright

2. Contact

3. Version History

4. Introduction

5. The Game
 5.1 Game Concepts
 5.2 Controls
 5.3 Game Types
 5.4 HUD

6. Tactics
 6.1 Turbo
 6.2 Stunts
 6.3 Arcade Guide
 6.4 Championship Guide
 6.5 General Tips

7. Appendix's
 7.1 Stunt Appendix
 7.2 Track Appendix
 7.3 Car Appendix

8. Credits

1. Copyright:

 This FAQ is copyright (c) 2003 Vlada Peric (Gallavant). It's for personal 
and private use only. It may not be reprinted in part or in whole,
or reproduced in any way or in any form (written or otherwise).
This document is free, and thus cannot be used in any commercial transaction.
You must get my express written consent to reference, alter or post FAQ.

This FAQ can be found at:
If you find it anywhere else please tell me.

2. Contact:

 If you have any contributions, questions or suggestions for this FAQ you may 
contact me at Make sure to put "Stunt GP" or
something similar in the subject or the e-mail might be ignored because of mine
spam filters. All mail is encouraged. 

3. Version History

1.0    29.01.2004.
    - First release

1.1    31.01.2004.
    - Added Tracks Appendix
    - Added Cars Appendix
    - Added more General Tips
    - Fixed typos

1.2    12.02.2004.
    - Added (better) ASCII art
    - Fixed typos

1.3    22.06.2004.
    - Added a couple cars
    - Fixed some spelling
    - Changed my e-mail

4. Introduction

 In this game you drive remote-controled cars. It has loads of tracks, and
loads of cars. I feel this game isn't getting all the attention it deserves
so I will try to remedy that. I have decided to write this FAQ to help people
with general help they will need in this game. I probably won't get into making
specific strategies for tracks and cars, though you never know. It depends on 
how I start progressing with this FAQ. I WILL add descriptions of the HUD and
ways to unlock cars and tracks. I will also provide you, the readers, with
descriptions of all the game modes etc. And now, onward!! 

5. The Game

5.1 Game Concepts

 In this game you drive remote controlled cars, meaning the cars have batteries
so that you have to recharge them once in a while. You do this in the 'pit
stop' above the finish line. When you enter it, the car will be computer
controled while it recharges. You will regain control when it comes down. Here
you also have the turbo, which adds speed, but expends batteries at a great 
rate. Specific strategies will be needed, and I will explain those later. You
can also do stunts, by pressing the 'stunt' button on the moment your car 
leaves the ground (on a jump). You can then use the arrow keys to make your 
car spin in various directions. I will explain this in greater detail in an
later section. You gain AeroMiles with successful jumping and stunts, which
add to your score/money.

5.2 Controls

 OK, this isn't as straigthforward as it seems. Sure, it has the normal, racing
game controls for directions, but it has two more buttons: "Turbo" and "Stunt"
buttons... and they aren't listed anywhere. "Turbo" is on 'Ctrl' and "Stunt" 
is 'Shift'. I will explain uses of those buttons in a later section. 

5.2 Game Types

 - Arcade: In arcade you pick a vehicle (one of the initial few, which means 
   very little choice) and drive the first track according to the vehicle(dirt
   tracks for Jeeps etc.). Then, if you pass the first track (based on points)
   you will get a coice between two other tracks. This goes on in four layers,
   with higher point values recquired for each layer. If you do well on any of
   the tracks, you will (again, based on points) get the track for use in 
   Exhibition and Time Trial modes. 

 - Exhibition: In this mode you chose your car and track and race against 1-5
   opponents. Your car and tracks choice is limited by the things you have 
   unlocked. Tracks can be unlocked in Arcade mode, and cars can be acquired 
   by playing and completing the Championship mode. In essence, this is a race
   where you customize all the options and play it. 

 - Time Trial: Here, you pick a car and a track and race trying to improve 
   your highscores. Here you get unlimited turbo, making these scores a little
   unreal, so I suggest that if you are doing this for real, you shouldn't use
   turbo at all. Tracks can be unlocked in Arcade mode (be aware that you can
   win a track with a lower amount of points, and thus make the track only 
   useful for Exibition, so you may have much more tracks for Exibition then
   for Time Trial). Cars can be unlocked by progressing and completing 
   Championship mode.

 - Stunt Challenge: In this mode you get a great car to drive down a 'vert' 
   track while trying to rack up your score. You have ninety seconds for this
   action. Also, during the Championship mode, you will sometimes have a Stunt
   challenge (I think its after 5th and 15th race, but I'm not sure). However,
   in those Championship Stunt Challenges you have a lower time limit, which is
   30 seconds.

 - Championship: The meat of the game, and all the other modes are just
   training for this mode (except perhaps, Arcade, which is quite interesting)
   In here you get to chose a sponsor, with each giving you a set amount of 
   money allowing you to buy your first car. After each race, you will earn 
   some money allowing you to upgrade your car, or buy another car. You will 
   drive through 20 races, with each getting progressively more dificult with
   more complex tracks, and smarter and upgraded opponents. During this time, 
   you will get better and better equipment for you car, as well as win cars
   for buying or using in other modes. 

5.3 HUD

 The HUD is quite important in this game, as it shows you all the information
you could need in a simple manner. I will describe each part of it. 

Up, Left (1): You will see a big number showing your position.

Up, Left (2): You will see a long line, with little car pictures on it. Your
              car icon is always in the middle of the line. Other cars are left
              or right from your car depending on your relative position (left
              if they are behind you, and right if they are ahead of you). If a
              car icon blinks, it means the car is out of batteries. If a car
              icon is all the way to the left of you, means that you are a full
              lap ahead of them. If they are all the way to the right, they are
              a full lap ahead.

Up, Middle  : This is your Aeromiles counter. It's composed of three parts: the
              counter itself, the little red blinking dot and the stars
              counter. When you perform a successful stunt, you will gain one
              star, which allows your next stunt to be worth more points. The
              red dot blinks when your stars are going to expire. The faster it
              blinks, the sooner they will disappear.

Up, Right   : Is composed out of three parts. The Lap Time counter, showing
              your current lap time; the Record counter, showing the lap record
              for this track and the Lap Total counter which shows your current
              lap out of the total number of laps.

Down, Right : Here you have you Speed counter. It shows your current speed and
              the umm... (I'm not really good with car things, and even if I 
              knew what this is, I don't know how to say it in English. 
              Someone, please enlighten me) anyway, that's the little bar that 
              when the arrow reaches the red part, shows that you have to 
              change your gear. 

Down, Right : Your batteries counter. This is the little bar that shows you
              your batteries. When it starts blinking, you really should go
              to 'pit stop'.

Down, Middle: Sometimes, text pops up explaining things like who is recharging,
              who has taken the lead, who is out of batteries and and when you
              come into the final lap.

Down, Left  : This little number shows your current gear, from 1-6. 

6. Tactics

 In this section I will describe the tactics I use for stunts, turbo, in Arcade
and Championship and perhaps some track specific strategies.

6.1 Turbo

 Turbo is activated when you press 'Ctrl', left or right. It lasts as long as
you keep the button pressed. It is shown graphically by the flameish graphics
from the back of your car. The graphical representation lasts longer then the
actual turbo, because it slowly diminishes. Using Turbo expends batteries. When
your battery bar starts blinking, which happens when you have very low
batteries, you cannot use turbo.

 I tend to use turbo only on bigger straight sections, like the start line or
similar length. I then hold it for a second or two. On smaller straights I only
tap the turbo, or don't use it at all. I use it a bit on bigger hills, so I
wouldn't slow too much. It's also usefull right before you use a stunt, so you
will get some height for the stunt and not hit the ground. Stunts increase your
batteries, which means that they increase your turbo ability, which means you
shouldn't save turbo too much if you are going to do a stunt in a bit.

 You should never use turbo on rough tracks, especially if you don't have the
right tires. That's because when you encounter a bump, you turbo will boost you
too much while you are in the air, and you will likely land on the roof,
costing you time and energy.

6.2 Stunts

 Stunts are activated when you press 'Shift' on the moment the car leaves the 
surface of the road. Then, flames like those from 'Turbo' come out of your car
and indicate that you are in 'stunt mode', which lasts as long as you are in
air. If you don't press shift at the appropriate time, 'stunt mode' won't
activate, even though you are still flying.

 When in 'stunt mode', press one of arrows, up, down, left or right, and your
car will spin in that direction. If it is still pressed when the car turns
around 360 degrees, your car will take a spin, and so on. You can also just
repress the button when the car turns once, to make it turn again. Each
successful stunt you do with using the 'Shift' button (successful means that
you have landed without problems) replenishes your batteries. Each succesful
stunt also adds points to your aeromiles. For further information, refer to
Stunt Appendix.

 There are also stunts that aren't activated by using 'Shift'. I might be
forgetting a few. These stunts also give you points, though they don't
replenish you batteries.Those are: Super Looper, Grind, Slide, Side Grind,
Barrel Roll, Trick Start, Wheelie.

 To do a Trick start, press up-down quickly before the race starts. If you do
it right, you will get a free turbo boost. You will quickly get the hang of it.
Barrel Roll happens when your car flips to the right/left. It's hard to get and
I can't really offer you a rule to get them. Grind is when you grind the side
of the track, having two of your wheels on the side of the track, and two on 
the track. Side Grind is the same as grind, only that two of your wheels are on
the outside of the track. Side Grind is very rare and hard to do. I did it only
once. Slide is when your backwheels slide on a curve. Super Looper is gotten 
when you successfully go through a loop. I don't really know how to get a
Wheelie I had it happen only several times during Stunt Challenge. It hapens
when you put your front two tyres in the air.

 Different cars have different results with stunts. Cars from the stunt group
are better at stunts, because they spin faster, which allows them to spin more
on the same jumps and do more stunts. Stunt Strategies differ among these cars
and the rest.

 When you jump, you will automatically receive some points for the jump (unless
you jump up very, very little). They are represented with medals that you can
see in the top-middle of the screen. A bronze medal gives 100 points, a silver
125 points, and a gold 250 points to your aeromiles. Also, while you are flying
your aeromiles meter will start counting the number of miles you spent in the 
air, however, this is very little, and has little to do with stunts, so it will
be ignored.

 According to the car type you are using, I will tell you when you should
stunt. If you are using a stunt car, don't be afraid of doing two spins on a
silver medal jump, if you are driving at normal speed. If you are going slow,
one should suffice. Golden jumps are rare, but you should be able to do 3
spins on them. When you are using a non-stunt car, you should jump on bronze
medals only when you have very high speed. One spin on silver, and two to three
spins on gold medal jumps. You should never try to spin on jumps that are
shortly followed by curves, as you might go over/hit the side. You should only
try this on silver medal jumps, with a stunt car and low speed, though it
isn't worth intentionally decreasing speed to do a stunt, unless you need
batteries badly. 

 After each successful stunt using the Shift key, your stars counter will
increase (see section 5.3 HUD). When you do a succesfull stunt (when with a
star your stunt will be worth bonus points) you will get one more star. You can
have up to 10 stars, and the more stars you have, the bigger the bonus. On some
track (Intersector comes to mind) you can achieve the full ten stars, granting
very, very large bonuses. The less stars you have, the faster they will wear
out. When one star wears out, it doesn't matter if it's the first, or the
tenth, all the stars will wear out very fast. 

6.3 Arcade Guide

 There are a few arcade specific things you should remember. I'll also explain
the rules in more detail. 

 When you begin an Arcade game, first you have to chose your car. You only have
few choices, that being two-three cars from each group (Off-Road, Stunt and
Speeders). Depending on the car you've chosen, you will then start the
appropriate track. If you pass the first track, you will then be given a choice
of two other tracks. This goes on in four layers. If you get a certain amount
of points (which are calculated at the end of a race) you will then unlock the
track you have just passed for use in Exibition and perhaps Time Trial mod
(again, depending on points). 

SCORING: You will get 100000 points for the first place in a race, 60000 for
         the second place, 40000 for the third place, 30000 for  fourth, 10000
         for fifth place and nothing for the last place (I am not 100% sure on
         these values, so if you have any correction, please correct me). You
         will also get three medals in these areas: Stunts, Lap Time and Race
         Time. Gold medal is 10000 points, silver is 6000 and bronze is 4000.
         Oh, yeah, you will also add your aero miles total to the score.

 In arcade mode you must remember that you usually don't have enough time to
reach your opponents if you crash in the begining, or make some other fatal
mistake. This is because in Arcade, you drive only 3 laps in the first race, 4
in the second, 5 in the third and 6 in the fourth and last. Also, remember
that you won't be getting your supper beefed cars like you do in championship
mode, but you'll get a weak car with mostly the lowest grade equipment. The 
most noticeable of these handicaps is that you won't have much batteries. That
means you shouldn't really use turbo that much, only when you fall and need to
get some initial speed. Rely on the Trick Start to keep up with them. Also, if
a track has many stunt options, you should try doing as many stunts as possible
so that you would have many points at the end (plus maybe the Stunt medal).

6.4 Championship Guide

 In Championship mode you first need to choose your sponsor. Each sponsor makes
some part of the cars you drive, and gives you a bonus on the parts he produces
I suggest choosing Caltex, which produce motors, or Titan, which produce 
batteries. Next you will have to buy a car. For the first time, I suggest some 
car from the Racer group (lowest). They have reasonable speed and handling. For
the second time, I suggest you to chose some car from the Stunt group, for 
doing more stunts for more points. You will then go to the screen for race one.

 Before each race, you will go to a menu that shows the current scorebaord, 
allows you to modify your vehicle, change it, quit the game and start the race.
After each race you should usually modify your vehicle, to buy better batteries
engines, tyres, and so on. However, in your campaign game you will pretty much
have to change your car, to be able to get the most advanced equipment. I 
suggest you to do this after at least 10-12 races.

SCORING: When you finish a race first, you get 10 points. Six points for second
         place; 4 for third; 1 for fifth and none for sixth. According to your
         points, you will also get some money. Your AeroMiles total will also
         be added to this amount.

 For upgrading equipment, I suggest first upgrading batteries and engine. Be
advised though, as they are the most expensive components. Also, remember to
change your tyres according to the next track (to see that, click the Race 
button in the menu, then when you see what race you are going to drive, press
Esc, and go back to the previous menu). You should never use the Ultra Slick
tyres, as your car will slide too much.

6.5 General Tips

 - Drive aggressively. Hit your opponents on the side of their car. Even better 
   would be to hit them right before the jump, as there is a big chance you 
   will hit them strong enough for them to fall off the side of the track. 

 - Speed. Always try to keep as much speed as possible. When you see a car 
   approaching from the back with great speed/using turbo, position yorself
   so that the car will hit you in the back of your car. This will give you a
   bump forward and also increase your speed by a bit. They will also slow down
   Try not to hit other cars from behind, or the same might happen to you.

 - Batteries. Always watch them. When you are low, do a stunt or two. When they
   are almost full, don't hesitate to use turbo. In Championship mode, buy new
   batteries as soon as possible; they increase your battery limit, lower the
   decrease of driving and using turbo as well as lower your 'blinking' limit.
   If, however, you are sure that you will need a refill during the race, plan
   it beforehand. It is best to do so approx. at the middle of the race, so you
   have the time to expend the batteries, and that you will have the time to 
   reach your opponents before the race ends.

 - Deny the opponents access to 'pit stop'. When you see a computer is trying
   to go to pit stop, try to position yourself between them and the pit stop
   entrance. If done succesfully you have blocked the entrance to another car
   forcing them to drive without batteries for a full lap.

7. Appendix's

 This section will provide you with a Stunt Appendix, showing how much points 
each trick/stunts get you; a Track Appendix, showing you general info for all 
tracks and perhaps giving you some tips on how do drive through them; and a
Car Appendix, showing the abilities of each car as well as how to unlock them.

7.1 Stunt Appendix

 In the first table you will see stunts that can be gotten with using the Shift
button. Front and Back flips get you the same amount of points; as do Left and
Right, so they are listed together.

                  | Name of the Stunt | Medal  | Points | 
                  | Front/Back 360    | Bronze |   250  |
                  | Front/Back 720    | Silver |   750  |
                  | Super Front Flip  | Gold   |  2500  |
                  | Super Back Flip   | Gold   |  2500  |
                  | 360 Left/Right    | Bronze |   500  | 
                  | 720 Left/Right    | Silver |  1250  |
                  | Super Left Flip   | Gold   |  5000  |
                  | Super Right Flip  | Gold   |  5000  |

 This table shows the stunts that aren't gotten with using the Shift key.

                       | Name of the Stunt | Points |
                       | Super Looper      |  1750  |
                       | Grind             |   350  |
                       | Slide             |   ???  |
                       | Side Grind        |   ???  |
                       | Barell Roll       |  1500  |
                       | Trick Start       |   250  |
                       | Wheelie           |   750  |

7.2 Track Appendix

 This section shows the track; what tyres you shoul use on them and the track
difficulty, on a scale of one to five, and the amount of stunt possibilities on
that track. Note that the grades are relative to other tracks.

            | Name of the Track    | Tyres     | Diff. | Stunt   |
            | Bank Job             | Aerostunt |  Two  |     Low |
            | Dust Buster          | Maxi Grip | Three |  V. Low |
            | Skytop Speed Circuit | Aerostunt |  One  |     Low |
            | The Chronozone       | Aerostunt |  Two  |     Low |
            | Wide Wall Chase      | Aerostunt |  One  |  V. Low |
            | Curb City Circuit    | Aerostunt |  One  |     Low |
            | Curbed Heights       | Aerostunt | Three |     Low | 
            | Helipad Heights      | Vortex    |  Four |    High |
            | Sunken Sights        | Maxi Grip |  Five |  Medium |
            | Snake Storm          | Vortex    | Three |  Medium |
            | The Loopback         | Vortex    | Three |    High |
            | Intersector          | Aerostunt |  Four | Extreme |
            | Rise 'N' Fall        | Vortex    |  Four |    High |
            | High Roller          | Aerostunt |  Four |  V. Low |
            | Tubular Hell         | Vortex    |  Four |  Medium |
            | Secret Six           | Vortex    |  Two  |    High |
            | Crazy Straights      | Aerostunt | Three | Medium  |
            | Freefall Freeway     | Vortex    |  Five |    High |
            | The Sandwinder       | Maxi Grip |  Four |     Low |
            | Twin Loop Circuit    | Vortex    | Three | Extreme |

7.3 Car Appendix

 This apendix will show a list af cars, which I will grade. Note that the 
grades are in relation to other cars, not its usability. A four is excellent
for use in championship modes, and should be one of the cars you finish with.

                    | Name of the car |   Group  | Grade |
                    | Dune Rat        | Off-Road | Three |
                    | The Brute       | Off-Road |  Two  |
                    | Sand Shark      | Off-Road |  Two  |
                    | Sky Hawk        |   Stunt  | Three |
                    | Stunt Monkey    |   Stunt  | Three |
                    | Flying mantix   |   Stunt  |  Four |
                    | Mean Streak     |   Racer  | Three | 
                    | Alley Kat       |   Racer  | Three |
                    | Nitro Lightin'  |   Racer  |  Four |
                    | The Phantom     |   Racer  |  Four | 
                    | The Inferno     |   Racer  |       |
                    | The Forkster    | Specials |  Five |
                    | Worms Mobile    | Specials |  Five |

 To unlock 'The Forkster' complete the championship mode. To unlock the 'Worms
Mobile' complete the 21st race first (you'll see what I mean at the end).

 You can also unlock cars by completing the top levels of the Arcades. The
Phanton and The Inferno are gotten by having a high score in the first two
'blue squares' for the end race. 

8. Credits

 Thanks to osrevad for the wonderfull ASCII art from the start of the guide. 
You can contact him via AIM (nahuwe) or e-mail ( He
is wiling to make ASCII for anyone else.

 Thanks to Valek for explaining how to unlock The Phantom and The Inferno.

 Thanks to marth ue for helping me with the guide.

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2003 Vlada Peric.


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