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Stuart Little 2

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Skateboarding, swimming, climbing, and crawling all over Manhattan, Stuart will try to make it all the way to the dreaded Flacon for a big showdown. There are plenty of familiar faces (including Snowball and Miss Margalo) to keep you company, and tons of mini-games to keep you challenged.

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Stuart Little 2 Review

By Brian Egan |

It's difficult to place Stuart Little into any formula and not have an immediate classic since there's nothing little about the lovely Stuart. Though Stuart Little 2 for PC definitely won't become a classic, it does provide the flavor of Stuart while providing a wide variety of games that aren't plagued with bad controls. Based on key moments from the film, Stuart Little 2 looks good, controls well, and is introduced nicely to the PC.

Players get to not only cruise in Stuart's awesome convertible, but also fly a model bi-plane, among other things. By remaining true to the film's story, Stuart Little 2 quickly attracts kids into game play. Three difficulty levels allow a broader age group to feel challenged, while the brevity of the game keeps the game from feeling too repetitive. Serving a wide variety of gamer needs, each of the five mini-games inside offer a simple task to complete with a brief cut-scene describing the purpose. A help symbol is always available for entertaining details if a gamer should happen to be confused.

In all five games, Stuart is mobile, with the games featuring his car and aircraft being the most fun. Drain Game features an arcade labyrinth and may be the most fun as Stuart unstops veggie blockages in the drain with his plunger. Regardless of the activity, the customizable difficulty helps keep it age appropriate.

For the most part, Stuart reacts amazingly to the sometimes-quirky keypad controls. During Roof Skate, teenagers may be disappointed at Stuart's lack of ability to turn mid-air, but younger kids will likely appreciate the wait should they decide to change route. Driving controls are very simple, and all ages should be able to manage navigation with ease.

Possibly the greatest disadvantage to Stuart Little 2 is its length. Each of the five games is over before you know it, and had a few more games been involved, it would have been much better. Yet, with definitely no unpleasant content, no assault, and no anger, the overall activity is appropriate for even the tiniest of gamers, and the brevity allows for a fast feeling of fulfillment. Regardless of your child's age, if they are a fan of Stuart Little, they will surely love this game.

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