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About The Game

Brain twisting and mind bending at its heart, the puzzle game Strimko challenges players' logic-solving abilities in number based puzzles. Play the adventure mode and help Luana save the planet by collecting celestial amulets and reassembling her magical Astrolabe.

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Strimko Review

By Brian Egan |

This is a puzzle game that is very similar to Sudoku. The difference between the two? Guidelines. Just like Sudoku, you have to get numbers into a grid, guaranteeing that no variety appears twice in any row or pillar. However, Strimko contributes the unique idea of have collections that zig-zag through the various grids. The statistics along this range operate like a row or pillar, demanding you to avoid duplicating statistics along it. It's a smart idea that contributes proportions to the overall game.

There are two modes of play, Story and Classic, with 220 stages to complete. The story has you assisting someone known as Luana in improving an astro-lab and cure her home world. Gameplay is similar in both modes save for mini-games in the story version. Mini-games range from finding a similar couple to a small invisible item game. All of these mini-games are skipable, and don't add a good deal to the gameplay. In fact, that idea seems to be persistent in Strimko. Including extras waters down the experience.

From a development viewpoint, Strimko is fantastic. Graphically, the game is vibrant and detailed. The soundtrack deserves mentions, as the developers created a single 60-minute piece of music, getting rid of the terrifying, frustrating cycle.

If only keeping track of Zen and Tri, Strimko is a great task activity with a unique alternative to the conventional Sudoku system. However, having to perform jigsaw puzzles may not be your cup of tea.

Do give Strimko a chance for the fantastic ideas it does provide.

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