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Street Legal Racing: Redline

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About The Game

The streets come alive after the sun goes down, and you're behind the wheel of a high octane, super charged import that takes no prisoners! This is where the street separates the men from the boys!

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Street Legal Racing: Redline

Street Legal Racing: Redline Review

By Adrienne Dudek |

Redline is a blast to play, with surprising realism and a lot of fun from a bargain title. Damage modeling, realistic upgrades, and the ability to tweak your car for all it's worth make this a must-have, even if a niche title for the really hardcore gearheads out there. Sure, if you're a "casual" race gamer, you'll get a lot out of this title, but to get every little bit out of it, you really need to get in depth and spend some time in the garage.

Not a lot to this game graphically, but this is a bargain game. Your car looks very nice, and the same goes for the other racers as well as the environments. The other cars look pretty blocky, but don't pick it up for the graphics though, because you will be disappointed. There's also damage modeling, but that's for later in the review. When you buy a used car, it'll have rust on it, and when you wreck and repair your car, you'll still see chipped paint.

The engine sounds are pretty good, from the growl of the V-8s to the whine of 4 bangers. I pulled out the music tracks to make room for a better framerate, but what I heard of them sounded pretty good.

Here's where the game really shines. You start off with a small amount of cash, and no car, so, time to go to the used car dealer and pick a ride! Don't worry, you won't know the cars by their name but chances are, you will know them by look. They didn't get the licenses to use real cars, but they are pretty close visually to the "real" thing. When you do visual upgrades to your cars, it's shown immediately on your car, and you can paint your car just about any way you want to. When you're out driving on the test track, or on the street, chances are, you'll damage your precious car. You're in a race with some soon-to-be loser. Suddenly, some blocky car pulls out in front of you doing about half of your speed. You have an unscheduled meeting with the other cars' rear end, and suddenly you're missing headlights, front bumpers, front clips, or your hood. At this point, I'd like to mention that this damage isn't all cosmetic. You might notice that your car is now pulling to one side or the other, and quite difficult to control. Also, all of this revving could damage your engine, tranny and tires, showed very clearly on-screen. You can spend most of your time in the garage tweaking your car, going out to the test track, and repeating, or you can go for it all on the streets, up to and including racing for pink slips!

Street Legal Racing: Redline Cheats

This trick requires you to adjust your game files, so do this on your own risk.

To make copies of your car, first go to the game directory ("...street legal redlinesave00(your place in users menu)").

There should be two files plus other files that represent the cars that you have. Simply copy the file "PlayerCar0" (or whatever car file that you want) and paste them. Then change their names to "PlayerCar1", "PlayerCar2", "PlayerCar3", and so on.

Now go to the garage in the game, and you will find copies of your original car. (To get money easily, you can make copies of your car and then sell them.)

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