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Street Fighter

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About The Game

Conversion of the Capcom arcade fighting game that spawned the superior (and more popular) Street Fighter II and thus started the fighting game craze in the '90s. Players star as street fighter Ryu and travel to five different countries: Japan, United States, England, China, and Thailand. Each country acts as a stage for one-on-one battles. Players have to defeat two enemies in each stage to move on to special bonus round and then the next region.

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Street Fighter Review

By Leandro Herena

First off, let me begin with an homage to the Street Fighter franchise. It completely formed the arcade fighter industry that we live in today. It's roots can be traced back to the original 1987 version reviewed here. What is most amazing is how it has stood the test of time and is considered one of the longest running game franchises out there. That being said, it's nice to see where it all began. In 1987 I was 4 years old and was barely able to retain any memory of the game. So doing a bit of time travel and pulling this game out of the hat is a bit of a lesson in patience. Why? Well what do you think games were like in 1987? So the original Street Fighter plays like a campaign in that you progress by beating the baddies you're faced with. You're given 2 different players to choose from, Ryu or Ken. Basically, they are the same character save for a few paint swathes here and there. You progress by beating fighter in different countries which is kind of funny in an almost racist sort of way. Conquer America. Conquer China. Conquer Japan. What I love most is how much they have retained from the original. The hadouken and shoryouken have been in the repertoire of the fighter since day one. Even the music theme has been retained. The only gripe is that in the US version, the voices have actually been altered from it's Japanese roots. Instead of hadouken it would be psycho fireball. Fun, but it's just not the same. This is a game that is fun just to behold. Know your roots!

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