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StoneAge 2

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About The Game

Set in the prehistoric ages, StoneAge2 brings a mixture of dinosaurs of unimaginable heights and invisible spirits who help humans roam altered terrains such as dungeons and arid desserts.

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StoneAge 2

StoneAge 2 Review

By Brian Egan |

A simple game who's main emphasis seems to be on pet ownership. Players catch various pets, train them, feed them, and teach them new skills. I'm not quite sure why but every 2D turn based MMORPG seems to follow this formula. Luckily, Stone Age 2 has a unique setting; prehistory. The cute, bright anime inspired graphics and varied character models do make Stone Age 2 an attractive game for those looking for a simpler MMORPG.

Stone Age 2 uses the classic RPG method of combat; turn based. Walking around outside towns leads to random encounters every so often which are handled on a separate screen. The player issues commands for both himself and his active pets. I've seen players with up to three pets which brings their party total to 4 characters, quite formidable! Anyone with prior RPG experience shouldn't have much difficulty figuring out the commands available. Players can issue melee attack orders, guard, use special skills, or items. Each level, players are given additional points to use towards their stats. There are no classes in Stone Age 2 which leaves players free to grow their character as they prefer and with a maximum level of 500+, there's always a reason to hunt. Fighting monsters around your level takes little strategy, simply spamming melee attack usually does the trick. Towns are well decorated but vast portions of the game world are simple open field which makes for a very boring battlefield.

Stone Age 2 has cute, bright but unimpressive graphics. Its only saving grace is the elaborate pet system which may appeal to players who enjoy mostly single player pet raising/battling games. Most gamers should already know if Stone Age 2 is their type of game or not.

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