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Developed by Blue 52 and published by Hip Games, Stolen is a realistic, third person, stealth-based, action game, based around Anya Romanov, a professional high-tech female thief. As Anya, break into and out of movie-like locations, hide in the shadows, and steal priceless items. Employ hi-tech gadgets, tools and weapons to reach your objectives and outsmart various security companies and systems, each with unique personalities and traits. The game immerses the player in a stressful atmosphere, complete with tense and dramatic action set pieces. Various enemies and guards will be doing their best to make you fail. Luckily, Anya has access to various high-tech thief equipment, including tracking devices, sonic visor, traversal equipment and more.

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Stolen Review

By Adrienne Dudek |

This stealth title has you play as Anya Romanov, a female thief with no discernable personality and some goofy, glowing glasses. She's supposedly the best thief in the crime-ridden Forge City, and she's in it for the thrill of the heist rather than the financial reward. Anya is backed up by an ex-security officer and tech geek, Louie, who designs all her stealth gear and coaches her during her missions. The game opens with a cutscene of a newscast detailing the upcoming mayoral election in Forge City. You aren't given much more of a backstory, and as you progress through the game you'll briefly meet a few characters and discover the dirty motivations of the one overtly sinister mayoral candidate. None of it matters though, because the story and characters aren't interesting enough to engage you in any way.

The bland environments are made even worse by an abundance of dull textures and unsightly aliasing. Hard edges are horribly jagged, and some of the lighting effects are misplaced.

The only difficult part about Stolen is finding the patience to actually remain hidden when it's easier to just charge through the levels. The only penalty for doing so is that the guards will immediately start shooting at you once you're spotted, but you can easily lose them by running through the nearest door. You do have an option to fight the guards, but you can't use lethal force, so you're left with a poorly implemented punch-punch-kick melee combat system that looks and feels ridiculous.

In the end, Stolen feels like a budget title being sold at full price, and with so many good stealth games already available, there's simply no reason to play this one.

Stolen Cheats

Create a shortcut to the file "stolen.exe" in the main game directory. Edit the properties of this shortcut and add the following parameters in the target box after the name of the executable.CheatEffect-sendintheclownsguards get big heads, big feet and funny sounding voices-thisbottleofstevensit says "cheats enabled" in the executable but I haven't noticed anything special

Stolen Game Walkthrough

This FAQ was part of IGN's free Stolen message board at:


and compiled by board users listed in the FAQ below.

Museum machine room. I'm stuck!!! I keep getting to the part of the room that has got the second faulty set of floor lasers, and cannot manage to get over the fence into the part with the switch. You can't jump over it and if you try running up the wall and jumping you end up swinging back over the fence and getting tazered!!! Help it is driving me scatty!! --jojohotstuff This may be tricky to explain...but here goes. Anya jumps onto the easy generator, corners untill her back is to the shorting lasers and does a backwards jump ( on x box its hold back left joystict and hit "A" ..I think ) get the item and time the jump so the red lasers are off. Anya then does a running wall jump onto the next generator corners untill her BACK is to that fence. Do another backwards jump landing on that next generator on the other side of the fence. Corner untill her back is to the 2nd shorting out laser...time another backwards jump....wall jump onto a waterpipe hanging off the ceiling..walk across it, jump down ...and theres the switch..wall jump back up and swing back to front door. I had a problem with this too but then I realized Anya can do a backwards jump with the correct pull of the joystick. --Catsuit how do i get into the locked room in the museum? in the museum, there is a locked room with the terminal that I need to access. but theres a guard in there that i,m supposed to get to come out. some times i can get him to come out, but nothing happens. i pick his pocket and all i get is breath mints. i also try to sneak in past him when he comes out or goes back in but nothing happens. there is also an air duct in that same room, but when i crawl thru it the end is closed. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO????? --pro3000 I assUme that you found the terminal next to the sleeping guard upstairs and hacked into it. He will come out of the secure controll room and fix the problem. I had planned to go in there while he was out but I couldnt slink past the guards without being spotted. What did work was this. He forgets to lock the door when he returns, Choke out the hallway guard and the controll room guard and load the virus by hacking the computer...then find a safe place to hide because both guards will wake up ( it would have been better if Anya tied them up so they were out of play untill the morning shift change ) and sound an alarm. Now you will have access to the locked doors in the far right corner of the pacing guard by the 2 pillars room...and off you go. I am loving this game...the no killing is a refreshing and challenging new look to stealth games. --Catsuit hey how do i get to the terminal from the bathroom by the room where i have to upload the virus?pls and thx --pspmaniac1017 Go all the way past it , the controll room ,and into a gallery. there will be 2 guards there. One sleeping upstairs. There is a terminal there that Anya can hack. The controll room guard will come out to investigate the damage Anya causes. --Catsuit I'm trying to beat the girl in the tight red outfit. She's up on the balcony walking from right to left, throwing ninja stars at me. I can hack into the computer on the left side of the room easily. However, I can't seem to hack the computer in the front of the room, right under where she walks. I log in to hack the computer and after the sequence goes that I'm supposed to repeat, the red girl throws the ninja stars at me and I have to start all over, but I was never able to follow 1 sequence to hack the computer...Am I missing something? How do you beat her? --Jeffreyrh80 You're probably missing the fact that you can put out the light in the room temporarily so Breeze can't see you. There are five junction boxes above the catwalk you need to shoot with a nullifier. Look around. They show up in first person view. --lordepsilon Level 3 APEK H.Q. Problems in the APEK H.Q. level, I've stolen from every guard, broke in to the 2 safes, looked in every desk of the 4 rooms, but from here on I'm stuck. I know there is a door that can't be opened, I also know there are a few wooden cases with electric around it (outside with 3 balconys): can I pass this in anyway, and I also know there is some sort of control room with electric and a fence that can't be opened. --bukwolf You may be at the part where Anya has to go out the open window by the white security bars . Have you been to ? There is a more lively message board there with pro-active fans. This board seems to be full of Splinter Cell groupies who just want to bad mouth Stolen. I dont know why they feel threatened. Both games are quite fun. --Catsuit

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