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Steel Fury -- Kharkov 1942

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About The Game

A WWII tank sim based on the little-known offensive operation events conducted by the Red Army from May 12 to 28, 1942. In the course of German counterattack, begun May 17, 1942, three Soviet Armies were surrounded and forced through fierce fighting to leave from the "meat grinder" of the "Barvenkovskiy Kotel". In this entire devil's sabbath of the war horror the player will have only one human desire - to SURVIVE!!!

The tanks and their crews, represented with the maximum historical authenticity, are the central elements of the game. Entertainment and scale battles with the participation of all possible troops are joined into three campaigns perfectly focused on the events of those days. Each of the campaigns gives the specific tank, which has its special features of control, behavior while under power and in combat. The player will be introduced to the special features of conducting tank combat. Its rules are simple: do not turn to the enemy with your board, actively maneuver, shoot earlier and be more precise than enemy.

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Steel Fury -- Kharkov 1942

Steel Fury -- Kharkov 1942 Review

By Brian Egan |

This is a WW2 tank simulation. Steel Fury models a number of German and Russian tanks from the 1942 time period. In each of these tanks you can play as the driver, the gunner, the loader, or the tank commander.

The game ships with a group of six single missions, with different tanks, different objectives, and different time of day and different weather. It's a good start and the missions are well made with good briefings, battle maps, and objectives. I've played each mission at least five times and each time it is slightly different. One time you'll start in a far defensive position, the next time you play that same mission you may be up front nearest the battle. Very well done.

And finally the campaigns, there are three of them. Two Soviet Army campaigns, (north and south). And one German campaign. The campaigns are not dynamic in nature but rather strings of missions tied together. But they are well done, very detailed and reportedly true in nature to the actual battles, but again at a smaller scale. The campaign missions have to be done in order, and you unlock the next one by completing the previous mission in the campaign.

Excellent visuals and sound make it feel like a WW2 battlefield. Excellently modeled player-controlled tanks with high interior and exterior detail. Excellent basic WW2 armor combat with proper landscape, rolling hills and wood lines. Good interface with an easy-to-use map features and order system.

If you like tank games, armor simulations, WW2 land battles, then do yourself a favor and buy this game.

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