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Stealth Combat

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About The Game

Stealth Combat is a tactical action game for PC CD-Rom set in the near future, where a war is raging between the EMA (Economic and Military Alliance) and the Great Empire. Choose your side and immerse yourself in more than 25 infiltration, reconnaissance or destruction based missions in the cockpit of the best mobile military equipment the Special Forces have to offer.

The player has to take command of dozens of different combat vehicles, from jeeps to helicopters via all kinds of airborne and amphibious units. You can choose new vehicles to control or leave it to the advanced AI. The various combat situations (on land, sea and air) and the game conditions (action, tactics and simulation) give Stealth Combat a depth that is unequalled in any other military action game.

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Stealth Combat

Stealth Combat Review

By Brian Egan |

Here is a game that has you control a different vehicle every level, ranging from an armed jeep to a Star Wars-like walker. Often you have a variety of subordinate vehicles you can issue orders to. Each mission has a series of objectives, and generally, the other side has enough firepower to wipe out your entire force if you just charge in firing blindly. Which is where the "stealth" aspect comes in; this isn't quite Thief for vehicles, combat is often necessary, but succeeding typically requires a degree of finesse as well as mastery of the combat UI.

Combat is of the 'arcade shooter' style; while there is a good sense of controlling a vehicle over terrain, the emphasis is definitely not on simulation of vehicle characteristics and different types of armaments.

The production values of Stealth Combat are pretty decent; this was an A-level (if not triple-A) title in its year of publication (2001), and the graphics hold up pretty well today. Despite its limited distribution outside Europe, we're suprised it hasn't received more attention; it's well conceived, professionally executed, tense, and has a pretty good story arc.

Finally, the asking price for this game is low, so if it sounds like the kind of concept you would enjoy, it is most likely a good value for you.

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