Star Wars: TIE Fighter (Collector's CD-ROM Edition)




Star Wars: TIE Fighter (Collector's CD-ROM Edition)

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Compilation of the original game and the add-on disk, plus Enemies of the Empire campaign. Larry Holland's epic space combat simulator released to stores and promptly set one hundred and seventy eight new bars by which all other games that planned to feature stars and shooting would be judged. Among other things, Tie Fighter Collector's CD-ROM featured super advanced polygonal graphics and crisp CD-quality audio highlighted by an ultra-intuitive, yet unimaginably deep network of starship, squad and fleet controls. The result was a wonderfully complex Star Wars universe with gameplay that still dominates the genre. And all this came accented by one of the coolest evil heroes in history. Believe us, Grand Admiral Thrawn is one bad-assed silvery grey-blue Imperial you do not want to mess around with.

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Star Wars: TIE Fighter (Collector's CD-ROM Edition) Review

By Brian Egan |

TIE Fighter is the best space combat game ever made. Having said that, I know I face the wrath of Wing Commander fans everywhere. Too bad, because while Wing Commander has always been a fantastic game, TIE Fighter and its noteworthy predecessor, X-Wing, offer a little more. Not only does their flight modeling "feel" better, but they benefit from drawing on George Lucas's Star Wars universe, which over the years has become ingrained in the American psyche.

The latest incarnation of TIE Fighter is the Collector's CD-ROM, which gives the game a needed facelift and brings the total number of available missions to over 100. Furthermore, graphics resolution now goes as high as 640x480 in high-res mode for combat sequences. This, coupled with the addition of small details like rotating turrets and more sophisticated shading, lends TIE an even more impressive look. The new missions run the gamut from tricky escorts to strikes, to other battles that draw on the full range of TIE spacecraft.

With such a rich selection of ships and missions, chock-full of scorching action, TIE Fighter is an easy game to get hooked on. It can get pretty tough in some of those later missions, but don't worry you can handle it. After all, you're working for the Dark Side.

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