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Star Wars TIE Fighter: Collector's CD-ROM

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TIE Fighter is the best space combat game ever made.
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Star Wars TIE Fighter: Collector's CD-ROM

Star Wars TIE Fighter: Collector's CD-ROM Review

By James Archuleta |

TIE Fighter is the best space combat game ever made. Having said that, I know I face the wrath of Wing Commander fans everywhere. Too bad, because while Wing Commander has always been a fantastic game, TIE Fighter and its noteworthy predecessor, X-Wing, offer a little more. Not only does their flight modeling "feel" better, but they benefit from drawing on George Lucas's Star Wars universe, which over the years has become ingrained in the American psyche.

The original TIE Fighter put you into the cockpit of one of Darth Vader's fighter ships, those nasty, nimble pests that gave you so much trouble in X-Wing. There's a diverse mix of spacecraft available, which helps keep mission diversity pretty high, since each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The latest incarnation of TIE Fighter is the Collector's CD-ROM, which gives the game a needed facelift and brings the total number of available missions to over 100. Furthermore, graphics resolution now goes as high as 640x480 in high-res mode for combat sequences. This, coupled with the addition of small details like rotating turrets and more sophisticated shading, lends TIE an even more impressive look. The new missions run the gamut from tricky escorts to strikes, to other battles that draw on the full range of TIE spacecraft.

With such a rich selection of ships and missions, chock-full of scorching action, TIE Fighter is an easy game to get hooked on. It can get pretty tough in some of those later missions, but don't worry—you can handle it. After all, you're working for the Dark Side.

Star Wars TIE Fighter: Collector's CD-ROM Game Walkthrough

The long, long history of Tie Fighter Collectorís Edition:
A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far awayÖ there was 
me-AceJoel. I am a Rebel sympathizer, a High Royal Captain 
from the Battle of Naboo. Unfortunately, the Republic I 
used to fight for is now an evil Empire. Being in the good 
graces of the Emperor has its perks: money, esteem, powerÖ 
and a one-way ticket to double-agentís ville. Being on the 
Rebel Allianceís side would be great, but I can help them 
out much more by attacking the Imperials from the inside. 
This history is intended for those who wish to infiltrate 
the Empire as fighter pilots. It covers the difficult 
decisions you must make to maintain your cover and inflict 
maximum damage to the Empire. I will guide you through my 
own missions, offering strategies that will keep you alive 
and grow in rank and in the trust of higher-echelon 

Like every other Tom, Dick, and Han, I had to start out in 
the Empireís lowest position: Cadet. All those platinum 
medals I earned wouldnít have meant a thing if I couldnít 
prove myself within the Imperial Space Navy. I fought my 
way into the Emperorís Secret Inner Circle, becoming the 
Emperorís Reach. I eventually became a General, 
accomplishing every primary, secondary, and secret goal 
(which the Emperor had set forth). Iíve earned every flight 
simulator medal, training medal, and meritorious 
accomplishment award for winning battles available at the 

The history below contains a history of the events 
commencing with the Rebel defeat at Hoth, and ending just 
before the Battle of Endor. The main battles involved 
pirates, the Imperial traitor Admiral Harkov, and Admiral 
Zaarin, who sought to usurp the Emperor. It also covers 
Grand Admiral Thrawnís rise to power, and provides an 
inside look at the Emperorís plot to trap the Rebel 
Alliance at the Battle of Endor. The history shows why the 
Empire lost the battle to achieve space superiority with 
fighter craft. I also include a list of the names of every 
ship involved in every battle, just in case one of these 
ships later turns out to have a greater historical 

After a brief summary of each battle and commentary on the 
surrounding events will be a more detailed discussion of 
winning strategies. These strategies will prove useful in 
combating the remaining imperials, and in flight simulator 
practice of the historical battles Iíve fought. 

The history will be examined from the Imperialís point of 
view. This will give us a better understanding of the 
enemy, and equip us with the tools of education needed to 
fight the war against Imperial ignorance. Iíve learned 
through my battles that many Imperials arenít bad: they 
think they are fighting for the same peace, freedom, and 
order that we are. We can gain potential allies by clearing 
up these misunderstandings spread by Imperial propaganda. 

Included in the history is the explaining Iíve had to do in 
front of the Allianceís war tribunals, intelligence agents, 
and old friends. Gaining the trust of the Empire meant 
killing members of the Alliance and foiling plots that had 
the potential to topple the Emporer. But by doing so, I 
weakened Imperial forces many times more, ultimately 
forcing them into their own trap at Endor. I will show how 
my seemingly treacherous acts were the most faithful things 
I could have done in the service of the Alliance.

Basic TIE Fighter Chronology: 
Historical Battles 1- 4 and the Steele Chronicles.
Battles 1- 4.
Historical Battle 5 debuts
Battles 5 and 6
Historical Battle 6 debuts
Battle 7
Historical Battle 7 debuts
Battles 8-13

Battle 1: The Aftermath of Hoth
Summary: This particular series of missions took place in 
the Javin sector in the outer rim, as well as the Tungra 
sector and the Bruanii sector. The battle consisted of 
Rebel attempts to take over an Imperial base. This group of 
Rebels was allied with the Mugaari pirates. 
Until this battle, the Mugaari had been independent raiders 
with a moderate influence in the Outer Rim. By joining the 
Rebels, they became mercenaries for hire in addition to 
their occupation of piracy. 
Prior to this battle, Cygnus Spaceworks had released the 
Escort Shuttle. This craft is a design modification of the 
older Lambda Class Tyderian shuttles, made for use as a 
military assault and heavily armed escort vehicle. The 
Mugaari stole several shuttles, used a few of them briefly, 
and soon sold the remainder to the Rebels. 

Commentary: The Rebel attacks failed because of the massive 
defeat at Hoth. This was not the right time to go on the 
offensive; it was a time for retreat. Plus, this group of 
Rebels allied themselves with pirates, could have betrayed 
them as soon as they were paid to do so by the Empire. I 
ended this uneasy alliance before the pirates could get to 
know the Rebels closely enough to do some real damage. 

During my training in the Navy, I had this message drilled 
into my head: Imperials are the good guys. The following is 
an expert from one of my orientation manuals:
ďAt the battle of Yavin Rebel terrorists [Even the most 
sheltered, ignorant being has had some exposure to at least 
one of the Empireís wrongdoings. No matter where you went, 
there were always rumors that the Rebels were the good 
guys. Despite this, if you hear it enough times, even if 
you know itís false, you start to believe it. Compound this 
by multiple missions where youíre given bad intelligence as 
to the motives of the Rebels, and it makes a pretty 
compelling case against usÖ unless youíre given the truth 
as well] aided by spies [Admiral Ackbar, former slave of 
the late Grand Moff Tarkin] and traitors within the Empire 
[By Imperial definition, anyone who disagrees with you] 
struck a cowardly blow [Of the dozens of X-Wings and Y-
Wings involved in the assault, less than five made it out 
alive. They knew going into the assault what the chances of 
survival were, and they did it anyway. No matter which side 
you fight on, going to war ainít for chickens. Or those 
things Jabba flicks off the railing in the Phantom Menace.] 
at the new symbol of Imperial power. The Death Star! [Which 
also had the power to blow up peaceful planets like 
Alderaan. Iíd call it more of a symbol of Imperial misuse 
of power.]

ďDarth Vader brought swift justice to the rebels by 
destroying their main base on Hoth. The pitiful remnants of 
the Alliance [Endor is one of our greatest victories. It 
shows we were down but not out.] have now scattered to the 
Outer Rim. 

ďIn the days ahead, the Emperor will call upon the Imperial 
Navy to eradicate the last vestiges of rebellion and 
restore law and order in the galaxy! [Iíll keep this as 
short as possible. The Emperor was an evil Sith bent on 
oppressing freedom and killing anyone who opposed his 

Battle 1 Mission 1: Patrol Jump Point D-34
Summary: A routine deep-space inspection near base XQ1 D-34 
turned into a Rebel offensive. Rebel refugees from Hoth 
were found aboard a Mugaari pirate transport, captured, and 
interrogated. This led to the discovery of another group of 
Rebel refugees. The attack on the second Rebel group would 
take place in B1M3. The interrogation also revealed that 
the Rebels had been planning to destroy the station prior 
to this mission. 

Commentary: The first mission is always the hardest, and 
this one sure was. During a routine inspection mission at a 
deep space based platform, a freighter was found containing 
Rebel refugees from Hoth. They were captured and 
interrogated, but not before ten Rebel fighters were lost 
trying to rescue it. Again, the problem was that they 
attacked at all. Friendships are important, but more 
Alliance members can be saved if this loss had been written 
The location of a group of more Rebel refugees was revealed 
during the interrogation. I didnít like having to destroy 
ten Rebel ships and their crew, but it was the first step 
to gaining the confidence of the Emperor. If I couldnít 
complete my first mission, there was no way I could have 
made the tough decisions of later missions. 
From the Imperial POV, this was a matter of war against 
terrorist aggressors, and of defending an Imperial base 
against attack. 
Ship List: Platform XQ1 D-34, B-18, B-16, Glich; groups: 
Dayta, Yander, Taloos, Onece, Tough, Roe, Escro.

Strategy: The way to beat this is to fly straight by Dayta 
1,2 at maximum speed, with laser power redirected to 
engines. [I hit ďTĒ fast so that I would inspect both.] 
Inspect them. Freighter group Onece will be arranged in a 
V-formation. Onece 3 contains Rebels. Save it for last, 
inspect the others first. When shuttle group Roe comes in, 
go straight towards them. (Tip #1: Keep a bogie coming 
towards you at the edge of your left radar. So long as he 
stays there, he canít shoot you.) (Tip #2: Match speed or 
reduce speed to zero for slow-moving targets.) Apply Tips 1 
and 2 to the shuttles. Then destroy group Escro. After 
theyíre destroyed, head over to whoever is closest to you 
of Yander and Taloos. Destroy Glich [Tie Fighter has many 
easter eggs in it, but they all come in the form of hidden 
names. Glich might be the first one: glitch, as in a 
computer bug] as soon as he comes in. Glich is your first 
priority. Now for the hard part: Escort Shuttle group Tough 
will come in soon after you destroy Escro. While they 
number only three, they have three lasers on the front, and 
a rear-firing laser on the back that is very difficult to 
avoid. Also, youíre in a tie fighter, so it only takes 
about three shots to bring you down. Re-direct power to 
engines, and go back to the base. Hide behind it. (Tip #3: 
Use a large battleship, cruiser, or station to destroy 
fighters for you by making fighters shoot at it. The 
battleship will react in self-defense, shooting at an 
attacking ship whether or not it is a friendly. To 
accomplish this, switch to the outside camera, fly toward 
the battleship, and by dodging your attackerís shots, force 
him to hit the battleship). [In the game, Escort shuttles 
react like a battleship when attacked, meaning theyíll 
destroy each other if one accidentally shoots the other. I 
got lucky when this happened, and only narrowly beat the 
mission. This mission took me weeks to beat, but my brother 
beat it in a few tries by being bold about attacking the 
Escort shuttles. He didnít attack them head-on though. ] If 
all goes well, you can finish off the weakened shuttles. 
Fly home to the base. 

Battle 1 Mission 2: Red Alert
Summary: The Imperials stepped up security in anticipation 
of the impending Rebel attack. During the Rebel assault, 
ISD Hammer arrived as a relief force. Rebel officers who 
had stolen an Imperial shuttle during their escape from 
Hoth were captured during the attack. 
It was during this mission that I first met a special envoy 
of the Emperor. He would give me my secondary mission goals 
that had been defined by the Emperor. He and the XO 
survived until the end of my time with the Empire. I don't 
know what happened to them, but since we haven't heard from 
them since, I assume that they died in the Battle of Endor. 
I don't know much about that mysterious cloaked figure, not 
even his name. I do know that he was an upper-echelon 
member of the Emperor's secret inner circle, because he 
administered the promotion ceremonies. He also had Force 
powers, including the ability to use Force lightning to do 
Ship List: XQ1 D-34, Hammer, Scutz, , Flanken, B-16, B-17, 
B-18, B-19; groups: Petdur, Laire, Derk, Ubote. [EE: Ubote 
= U-Boat, as in Underwater Boat. Think WWII.]

Battle 1 Mission 3: Counter-Attack
Summary: The Mugaariís inbound hyperjump was traced back to 
a cargo loading waypoint in the Tungra sector. During a 
weapons transfer between the Rebels and the Mugaari, the 
Imperials attacked, destroying all cargo ships, shuttles, 
and fighters present. 
During the mission, a group of Rebels not present at the 
loading were alerted that the Imperials were occupied with 
the attack on the loading area. Reasoning that the base 
would be left defenseless, the Rebels captured the base 
with the help of the Mugaari. They began raiding the base's 
arms and equipment. 
The timing of the Rebel's attack on the base was perfect. 
The only way the Rebels could have known that the Imperials 
were had left the base unguarded would be if the Rebels had 
been informed by an upper-level Imperial officer. This leak 
contributed to the Emperor's later suspicions that Admiral 
Harkov was a secret ally of the Rebels. 
Commentary: At this time, the Mugaari had mostly old star 

Ship List: Hammer, Fogger, Gallon, Romold, Kann, Wess, 
Prince, Queen, Thor (see also H7M4; not related), Dawn, 
Destion, Xesre [EE: Xerxes?], Dunns. 

Battle 1 Mission 4: Outpost D-34 Has Fallen
Summary: The Imperials learned that the base in the Javin 
sector had fallen to the Rebels and Mugaari, and recaptured 
the base. Some of the Rebel raiders were destroyed as well. 
Commentary: We know later on that Harkov was responsible 
for the leak of intelligence in B1M3. But why would he 
allow an Imperial base to fall into Rebel hands? It could 
have been a gift of good faith to the Rebels, or he may 
have sold the information to them for money. Either way, 
Harkov showed that he did not have the best interests of 
the Empire in mind. 
This attack saw the Escort Shuttles used in Rebel hands for 
the first time. 
[The Rebel attack that was never seen would make a good mod 
mission, played as a Rebel.]
Ship List: XQ1 D-34, Fogger, Hammer, Gopher, B-16, B-17, B-
18, B-19; groups: Claf [EE: Gopher = Go for = Go for this, 
go for that. It's a transport, remember?]

Battle 1 Mission 5: Attack Rebel Lt Cruiser
Summary: The Imperials found the cruiser that the attack 
was launched from in the Bruanii sector. This mission 
stripped the cruiser of its star fighter defenses. 
Imperial probes, stolen from D-34, were found at the sight, 
providing the single greatest piece of evidence that an 
Imperial traitor was selling goods to the Rebels. This was 
further supported when the second wave of Imperials 
destroyed the evidence. 
Admiral Harkov was later revealed to be the traitor in 
B5M1. The traitorous second wave had been under his 
The Imperials probably found the Rebelís hideout through 
the captured CORT Gopher. 
Youíll notice that even though the probe containers are 
destroyed in this mission, in B1M6 there are three more 
identical containers with the same contents. In B1M6, there 
is a minefield, even though two of the minelayers were 
destroyed in this mission. Harkov explains both of these 
discrepancies. He didnít want this mission to succeed, and 
he knew where the cruiser was from supplying them 
previously. So he equipped the Rebels in between the two 
missions with more mines and replaced the supplies. 
Ship List: Lulsla, Container C group C440, Modd, Leven.
Strategy: [Before I get into strategy, let me state that 
this mission took me two and a half months to beat. The 
main reason for this applies to the other extremely hard 
missions: lack of realism. If this had been a real battle, 
I would have had more control during the pre-mission 
preparation. I would have had the opportunity to teach my 
fellow wingmen how to dogfight, and given them specific 
instructions on what not to do. I would have given some 
wingmen heavy rockets, and some advanced missiles. If it 
were real, I would have been able to tell the 
reinforcements to be a positive presence, despite not being 
under my control.] 
Do not, at any point in this mission, let any weapons fire 
hit the Lulsla. If it does, give up. A virtually endless 
supply of A-Wings and X-Wings will come from the Lulsla, 
and the Lulsla will attack you with missiles. This includes 
you, your wingmen (thatís why you have to kill Mu 1 and 2), 
and enemy fighters. Later on, youíll be luring your 
attackers away from the Lulsla to prevent this. 
Runners: a fighter that has lost his shields, and usually 
taken heavy hull damage, who then proceeds to hyperspace 
out, or run for his home shipís hanger. I canít blame them, 
because itís what I would do. Wedge Antilles ran when he 
ran out of proton torpedoes, and look at how he turned out. 
(Tip #4: Spotting runners- look for a ship who isnít 
fighting, who is heading in a straight line, who has taken 
heavy damage, and is going slower than normal. The long way 
to spot them is to use your map: any runner will have a 
line going clean off the map. If a mission has a moderate 
occurrence of runners, cycle really fast through your 
targets, looking for yellow in the shield and hull 
percentages. [This is easier in the DOS version, where you 
can cycle through targets by holding ďtĒ or ďyĒ down.] The 
best way to confirm it is to use the ďzĒ key to view the 
description of their current and intended activities. But 
donít use this as your first option. It blocks out your 
flight view while the mission keeps going, leaving you 
There will be plenty of opportunity for runners in this 
mission. Keep a wary eye out for them.
Immediately go to full throttle. Switch to heavy rockets. 
Fire one missile each at Mu 1 and Mu 2 without waiting for 
a lock. Put all power to engines. Divert all power from 
lasers into shields using the /í/ key (the apostrophe). 
Target Modd, the first transport that comes out. Fire as 
soon as you get a lock. On your way over to where the next 
transport, Leven, will be less than 20 seconds from now, 
youíll probably pass by the B-Wings. Wait until youíre less 
than 2 klicks away to fire. It may lay a mine before you 
destroy it, so charge up shields and lasers, and destroy 
the mine (If you were too slow or inaccurate). Youíll be 
under fire from the B-Wings at this point. While dodging 
the B-Wings, inspect the cargo containers. Start attacking 
the B-Wings with heavy rockets (when you get near point 
blank range), and lasers (when theyíre within laser range). 
Donít use ion cannons. If they get disabled, youíll 
probably run in to them. Dumb-fire your rockets when they 
get close enough. Tell your wingman to help you destroy 
fighters. Youíll soon get your shields recharged 
completely, so you can turn them to normal recharge rate 
when they do. This is the time when youíre most likely to 
get runners. Attack the X-Wings next, using lasers. Attack 
the A-Wings using ion cannons. Tell all Imperials to leave 
at least one of them alone. After youíve disabled all of 
them, recharge completely (youíll hear me use this often. 
It means you must have your shields completely green, where 
you canít divert any more power into shields. Your lasers 
should also be completely charged). Allow your remaining 
wing mate(s) to recharge completely as well. Destroy all 
but one of the A-Wings with lasers. Leave the one closest 
to a point about 2 klicks from the Lulsla. Fly to a point 
on the hanger side of the Lulsla about 1.5 klicks away, and 
orient yourself so that you are parallel to the Lulsla. Get 
ready for the hard part. Destroy the last A-Wing. Start 
firing with lasers at the X-Wings as soon as they come out. 
Follow them out to about 2 klicks from the Lulsla, and 
remember to avoid putting the X-Wings into a position where 
they could accidentally fire at the Lulsla. Alternate 
between targets, not letting any one get a lock on you. 
Constantly hit either ďeĒ or ďrĒ. I kept my laser recharge 
rate at max, and my shield recharge rate at partway. After 
youíve disabled every X-Wing, start destroying them with 
lasers or rockets. Use the same criterion in picking out 
which one youíll destroy last as you did with the A-Wings. 
Make sure youíre completely recharged after every round. 
After four rounds of five X-Wings each, youíll get the 
ďsecret mission objectives completeĒ message. Hyperspace 
out. [My brother completed this mission on Hard, along with 
all of the bonus and secondary goals. He did it in less 
than 90 minutes of trying, and didnít kill off Mu 1 and 2. 
I still donít know how he did it.]

Battle 1 Mission 6: Destroy the Lulsla
Summary: The cruiser, its remaining defenses and supplies, 
and fleeing crew were destroyed in the second phase of the 
attack. Several commanders were captured while fleeing. 
The destruction of the last of the forces involved in the 
post-Hoth offensive signaled the end of this battle. The 
Rebels changed their offensive tactics to brief raids 
Commentary: The fleeing crew would have brought 
reinforcements. It wasnít great that they were destroyed, 
but I was still gaining the trust of the Emperor at this 
Ship List: Lulsla, Zack, Charity; groups: Container C group 
C440, Starway, Gargon, Derris, MX-B, MX-C, MX-D, MX-E, MX-
F, RQ-A, RQ-B, RQ-C, RQ-D, RQ-E, RQ-F, RQ-G. [E.E.: I think 
a Gorgon is a mythical Greek monster.]

Battle Two: The Sepan Civil War
Summary: The Imperials ended a prolonged civil war between 
the Dimok and the Riboblus in the Sepan system near the 
outer rim. After the Empire helped each side counter acts 
of aggression from the other, the forces attempted to forge 
a peace treaty without the supervision of the Empire. As a 
result, the Empire destroyed the joint forces of both, and 
seized power in the region.

Battle Two Mission One: Respond to S.O.S.
Summary: The Imperials began efforts to eliminate acts of 
aggression from both sides to quell the civil war. The 
Imperials received a distress signal from a Riboblus under 
attack from Dimok raiders. The Empire drove off the Dimok. 
The Dimok reported their leaders, who then realized the 
Empire sought to end the war. 
Commentary: The Dimok and Riboblus were guilty of 
committing atrocities against the other. The Imperials 
intervened at a time when the Sepan Civil War threatened to 
break out into full fury, spilling over into neighboring 
This is one battle Iím glad the Empire fought. They brought 
some semblance of order to a region involved in a bloody 
war. It saved the Alliance from having to spare the 
resources to settle this conflict. 
The Dimok fleet of battleships was small, consisting mainly 
of small to medium warships. Many were converted 
Admiral Harkovís poor performance had caught the Emperorís 
suspicions before this war even started. B1M4 was an 
example of leaked intelligence that Harkov may have been 
responsible for. Suspicions of Harkov supplying both sides 
were fueled by the revelation of Imperial supplies in 
sectarian transports. 
Ship List: Falaricae, Delphine, Falx, Mangonel; groups: 

Battle Two Mission Two: Intercept Attack
Summary: The Riboblus staged a reprisal attack on a Dimok 
research facility. The Imperials drove off the attack, 
proving that they favored neither side in the war.
Commentary: To their credit, the research facility was 
actually a secret Dimok weapons lab, but the Empire still 
sought to end aggression. 
Youíll notice that shuttle Toten, which will later appear 
in B5M1, also appears in this mission. 
[E.E.: Atawar = at war? ĎAt a war = that a war = thatís a 
war = that is a war = way to go, war?]
[E.E.: Malat = Mallet]
Ship List: Toten, Dromon, XQ1 Youst, Selander, Tug CUV/L 
11f5, Sword, Pike, Galliot, Retec, Atawar, Musket, Halberd, 
Pilum, Nipasa, Sapre, Malat; groups: C Lab Module

Battle Two Mission Three: Rescue War Refugees
Summary: A Group of Riboblus refugees tried to flee the 
Civil War, but the government of the Riboblus sought to 
destroy them rather than let them escape. The refugees 
found a safe Haven aboard Star Destroyer Protector. The 
Dimok joined into the fray, attacking all sides. 
Commentary: System Patrol Craft Glas had no hyperdrive 
engine. Glas was accompanied by a couple of shuttles. Glas 
docked with the Protector, transferred the passengers, and 
was fitted with decoys. All of them made it alive. The 
abandoned Glas was later destroyed. 
The refugees were mainly scientists weary from the misuse 
of their technology by the Riboblus. Iím guessing that 
several of them were from the weapons lab from B2M2. 

Ship List: The Protector, Glas, P-87, B-145; groups: Typhon 
[E.E.: Typhoon], Nazaar, Able, and Baker

Battle 2 Mission 4: Capture Enemies
Summary: This mission took place near Sepan 8. The Dimok 
and Riboblus put aside their differences and joined forces 
against the Empire. The Dimok and Riboblus attempted to 
formalize the peace by forging a treaty. 
To ensure that neither side would betray the other, each 
exchanged the children of their own leaders. The Imperials 
captured both craft, ensuring their safety; however, this 
act by the Imperials was enough to solidify the Dimok and 
Riboblus unification against the Empire. 
With the increased power of two combined enemies, the 
Empire needed significant reinforcements to pacify the 
Sepan system. 
More evidence was found in the possession of the joint 
forces showing that Imperial supplies were being illegally 
Ship List: Kedon, Phantele, Glaive, Runka, Godenday, 
Falarcie, Manus Ferre, Shemsher, Moran; groups: Adam, 
Baker, Charlie, Arabu, Berono, Calitana, Degio
Commentary: Nebulon B Frigate Shemsher was destroyed during 
this mission; by the next one, the Riboblus had renamed a 
Nebulon B-2 Frigate ďShemsherĒ to replace it. 
The Manus Ferre was the Dimok flagship at the time. 
Imperial Intel had intercepted the communications regarding 
the meeting. The Emperor suspected that the Dimok and 
Riboblus were getting Imperial weapons because the Sepans 
did not have sufficient supplies manufacturing 
capabilities- they needed to have an outside source. 
The reason why the Dimok and Riboblus joined forces was 
probably because neither liked the fact that the Empire was 
more powerful than either of them. 

Battle Two Mission Five: Guard Resupply 
Summary: The Dimok and Riboblus put aside their differences 
to fight a common enemy- the Empire. An Imperial 
fortification of newly developed TIE Advanced fighters to 
the Sepan region coupled with destruction of the majority 
of Riboblus-Dimok joint forces resulted in the end of the 
Sepan Civil War. This took place near Gerbuad 3. The 
Imperials took direct possession of the government and 
Commentary: The primary purpose of this mission was to 
replace the Interceptors and TIE fighters that had been 
lost in previous battles with TIE advanced fighters. In 
addition to gaining the edge by sheer number of fighters, 
the threat of a highly developed superiority fighter proved 
too much of a deterrent to maintain a war with the Empire. 
The Dimok-Riboblus joint forces staged a desperate last-
ditch attack to stop the Empireís aggression in the system.
The Imperials were alerted to the attack that took place on 
the rendezvous through stationary space probes. These 
probes picked up the plan from communications traffic. I 
think you can see these same probes when you enter the 
By the Dimok and Riboblus sat aside their differences to 
fight the true enemy it was too late. The dark horse of the 
already united Empire destroyed their forces, and seized 
When shuttle Omulaut was inspected, a Rebel envoy was 
onboard. This greatly contributed to the growing suspicions 
of Admiral Harkovís waning loyalty, in addition to Harkovís 
chronically missing Imperial supplies turning up in Rebel 
hands. Initially, Harkov had been selling Imperial supplies 
to the highest bidder, but he later gave himself wholly 
over to the Rebels. 
After this mission, the TIE advanced fighter was put into 
service for the Empire.
[This is the single hardest mission in the game. It took me 
about 2 or three months of exhausting every imaginable 
strategy before I realized that the developers didnít beta 
test this mission on Hard, with the intent to get all the 
goals. In fact this mission is impossible to beat on 
Medium. It isnít so much a matter of difficulty as it is a 
lack of realism. In virtually every aspect of the mission, 
there is an element that could be made easier through 
simple communication orders, craft choice, weapons choice, 
timing, and flight physics. The final element that makes 
this mission unbeatable on Hard is that the Shemsher 
hyperspaces out as soon as the escort shuttles are 
destroyed. Be encouraged though, because you can still 
achieve all of the bonus goals on Easy, with a lot of 
strategy. The one I list is by no means the only way to get 
it done. After months of varying my attempts, I 
consistently got to the Shemsher with all other goals 
complete, using vastly different strategies.]
Ship List: the Protector, Tropsobor, Ben Het, Long Tan, 
Suoi Tre, Can Guoic, Omulaut, IDSNB G1 and G2 (probes); 
groups: Abo, Bordok, Chubb, Elba, Fuzzum, Givin, Killam, 
Larkma, Raven, Seakyte.
Immediately go to full power and request reinforcements. 
Destroy the Protectorís laser gun on the right side of the 
conning tower, and then destroy the one on the top of the 
bridge. (You are reducing the Protectors firepower in order 
to give the escort shuttles more time. Youíll need all the 
time you can get to destroy the Shemsher.) Divert power to 
engines. Plot an intercept course to the Ben Het before 
itís even there- you want it to hyperspace in so that 
youíre right on top of its hanger bay, fully charged and 
ready to take out Z-95s. Save the Tropsobor to F5, Ben Het 
to F6, and Long Tan to F7. Destroy as many Z-95s as you 
can, but stay close enough to destroy Killam 1 when he 
comes out. Tell your wingmen to attack Y-Wing Bordock, but 
when they get close, tell them to wait for further orders 
(They wonít be able to do much damage, and they will get 
themselves killed in the process. But you want them to be 
out there to help you take them down eventually). Try to 
take out any Z-95s close to the Ben Het, and stay around 
there until the TIE bombers get within laser range. After 
the first few laser hits contact the Ben Het, start 
destroying its laser guns and laser turrets. After the 
first round of TIE bombers are destroyed, break off your 
attack. There might be some Z-95s close by that you can 
take down. Whenever the TIE advanced fighters are 
threatened, tell your wingmen to attack their attacker. You 
may have to go help out if it looks like one is taking a 
lot of damage. After your hit-and-run efforts have stripped 
Ben Het of its defenses, start shooting it yourself. Lasers 
that are charged up to overcharge supposedly do more damage 
and have greater range (though Iíve never seen convincing 
proof of this), so when you start to go to the darker 
green, wait for them to fully recharge. After Ben Het is 
destroyed, go get the Y-Wings off of the Tropsobor, and get 
your wingmen to help you. After all of Y-Wing groups 
Bordock, Chubb, Givin, and Larkma have been destroyed, go 
to the Long Tan. Tell your wingmen to wait further away 
from it, at least 2 klicks, so theyíll be safe from laser 
fire. (Tip #6: Blind Spots. Most battle cruisers and 
corvettes have a blind spot where you are relatively safe 
from weapons fire. From here, you can completely destroy 
even the biggest and toughest of battleships. Sometimes 
youíll have to destroy one or more guns before you can use 
it. The spots are usually towards the back, by the engines, 
and any lasers will be blocked by the shipís hull.) The 
blind spot for a modified corvette is .13 km behind the 
engines. Match its speed. Get its shields down to 4%, 
recharging as needed. Youíll want to be near the right side 
of the engine banks. When you put the next few shots in, 
Get ready to go back and forth between full throttle, and 
matching its speed, still firing. Slow down when it is 
destroyed, but donít break off until it is vaporized. You 
may not have to worry about doing this though. Sometimes it 
is destroyed by the bombers or by the gunboats. The two 
cargo ferries should come in soon. Get over to them as fast 
as possible. The blind spot on cargo ferries must be 
reached by destroying one of the wing guns, and then 
staying underneath it, and to the side. Destroy both. As as 
Omulaut hyperspaces in, finish up whatever it is you are 
doing, divert everything to engines, plot an intercept 
course, and then inspect it. You, the Imperials, Harkov, 
and the Rebels will benefit from the Rebel onvoy onboard 
being killed. 
When Shemsher comes in, tell your wingmen to attack it, but 
before they get within laser range, tell them to wait for 
further instructions. Escort Shuttle group Raven will exit 
from hyperspace a few seconds after the Shemsher. Allow the 
Assault Gunboats and TIE interceptors to get closer to 
Raven, but donít allow them to attack (You want them to be 
closer to the Shemsher.). You should be close to the 
Shemsher, approaching it head on. The TIE bombers will be 
the only ones attacking the Shemsher, using their 
torpedoes. Slow down to zero and fully recharge about 2 
klicks away. Set lasers to single fire. The Shemsher is a 
very fast ship, and it may pass you up. Stay with it to the 
side if it does. 
Any time one of them starts heading back to the Protector, 
finish them off. Once the last of the three bombers is 
weakened partially destroy him.Youíll get a fresh wave of 
bombers if all of them die. Check from time to time that 
they arenít attacking the Escort Shuttles. 
Once theyíve fired their first laser shots at the Shemsher 
and the Shemsher fires back, tell your wingmen to attack 
the Shemsher. You must shoot off all of the Shemsherís 
weapons, except for the missile launcher. Your main goal is 
to keep yourself and the bombers alive, so the destruction 
pattern can vary. Once you start shooting a turret, try to 
completely destroy it. Your recharge rate should be set to 
maximum. They take 12 to 14 shots. Keep your speed pretty 
slow, probably less than one third. Running into it will 
kill you. Chances are good that your wingmen will be killed 
shortly after beginning their attack. When a fresh wave of 
TIEs comes in, tell them to wait for further instructions. 
Depending on the timing of all of this, youíll either be 
about 1km away from the nose, or slightly to the side. The 
front position is better, because the nose and ventral guns 
are harder to shoot off. 
If you are at the front, shoot off these two cannons, go 
along the back of the Shemsher, and shoot off its rear gun. 
If you are on the starboard side of the Shemsher (Avoid 
going to its port side. It doesnít pose an immediate threat 
to the bombers.), then take out the wingtip cannons, 
starboard turret, and dorsal turret. On your next pass, 
shoot off the guns that are on the right wing tip, the left 
underside wing tip, and the right wing turret. Then shoot 
off the dorsal turret, left upper side gun, and port 
Now begin taking down its shields. You should have a full 
charge at all times. If you go to dark green, wait until 
youíve fully recharged to begin your attack again. Stay 
behind the Shemsher, not focusing on destroying any one 
part; your top priority is to youíre your laser shots hit 
some point on the hull. Around this time, the last of the 
Escort Shuttles will be destroyed [when I played it on 
Easy, the last of Seakyte was destroyed after the Shemsher 
was destroyed, however.]. When this happens, tell everyone 
to commence his attack (Shift + G). The Shemsher will make 
a run for it. He hyperspaces out when the ďZĒ information 
says he is 13 seconds away. If it starts getting near this, 
donít worry about keeping your lasers charged up- empty 
everything you have into him. Donít stop shooting until he 
blows to smithereens. [E.E.: Dimok = Democrat, Riboblus = 

Battle 3: Battle on the Frontier
Summary: This battle took place in the Pakuuni system in 
the Outer Rim, near the planet Argoon, planet Pakuuni, and 
Arecka. It followed Vice Admiral Thrawnís efforts to 
establish an outpost from nothing. Resident Pakuuni pirates 
were replaced by the Imperials as the dominant power. 
The Pakuuni pirates were receiving backing from the Rebels. 
Commentary: This was my favorite battle, mostly because 
Thrawn was in it, and thus was easy. 

Battle 3 Mission 1: Load Base Equipment
Summary: Thrawn began by transferring supplies from an 
outpost near Argoon. Prior to Thrawn's arrival in the 
Stalwart, the outpost learned of an impending Rebel attack. 
The base was abandoned, and the Rebels attacked when Thrawn 
The Rebels were defeated and Thrawn left with the supplies. 
Ship List: Stalwart, Vanguard, Beecon, Dragon, Viper, 
Splinter, Scouter; groups: THX-1136A, THX-1137D, THX-1138B, 
THX-1139D, THX-1140D, and Mule (also seen in H5M2). 
[E.E.: Arecka = A wreck; THX-1138B = THX-1138; this was the 
name of George Lucasís first movie. Mule = a mule is a pack 
animal, a transport. This ship is a transporter. Beecon = 

Battle 3 Mission 2: Destroy Pirate Outpost
Summary: Near the planet Pakuuni, M/FRG Ludwick destroyed a 
Pakuuni pirate station and its fleet to neutralize the 
pirates's influence in the sector. Rebel advisors to the 
pirates were captured. Thrawn was not present. 
Commentary: Once again, the Imperials got some dirty work 
done for us. The Imperials restored order to an area rife 
with smugglers and pirates, who had preyed upon innocent 
The Rebel advisors had it coming. Consorting with pirates 
isn't good business. 
Ship List: Sonia, Ludwick, Tiger (see also B8M2 and B5M2 
(no relation); this is an ATR), Leach, Clavier, Grapler; 
groups: DLC11A, CRM908A, CG-78, and Jiggs. 

Battle 3 Mission 3: Hold Position
Summary: M/FRG Ludwick defended the area until the base 
parts convoy, the relief forces, and Thrawn arrived. The 
Pakuuni and Rebels were defeated in their joint attack. 
Thrawn left in the Stalwart to get more supplies. 
Ship List: Ludwick, Stalwart, Huntress; groups: Bakkun, 
Anta, Amber, Horvus, Gorfan, Ravn, Escape
[E.E.: Ravn = Raven]

Battle 3 Mission 4: Guard Space Station NL-1
Summary: NL-1 was constructed near planet Arecka and was 
mostly functional, but its shields were not fully 
operational. The Rebel-Pakuuni joint forces attacked the 
station, but were defeated. Thrawn arrived again partway 
through the mission. The station survived. Thrawn left 
High-ranking Rebel officers were captured fleeing an 
attacking Rebel M/FRG. They provided information on their 
future plans in the sector. 
Ship List: NL-1, Ludwick, Stalwart, Baruu, Hord, SI-78, SI-
79, DI-49, Soonya; groups: Del, Layter, Moori, Runeer, and 
[E.E.: Soonya and Layter = Sooner and Later; Soryi = Sorry; 
Maaser = Master Ė it only appears when you play it on Hard; 
Hord = Hoard, it is a tool used to collect things; Baruu  = 
Borrow; Del = Dell computers?]

Battle 3 Mission 5: Thrawn Inspects NL-1
Summary: Thrawn arrived again. Thrawn formally inspected 
the station. His shuttle was defended from a Rebel-Pakuuni 
This mission marked the debut of advanced concussion 
missiles. These missiles were smarter, faster, and stronger 
than their predecessors. 
Ship List: NL-1, Ludwick, Stalwart, Reef, Resupply; groups: 
Gamer, Bliss, Noway. 
[E.E: Noway = No way = they are difficult to defeat]
Commentary: Even with the Rebels captured from two seperate 
missions, the Imperials still didn't know that this attack 
was going to happen. I guess the Rebels didn't crack. 
I received this briefing from the XO: "Almost all of our 
TIE Fighters and Interceptors are out of service undergoing 
maintenance repairs at this time.  We have no choice but to 
use the TIE Bomber in a defensive role, something it was 
not designed to do. " Thrawn was either a mad man or a 
brilliant man to inspect the station under these 
conditions. He was correct in assuming that with one of the 
best pilots in the galaxy guarding him, he wouldn't be in 
any real danger. 
Thrawn bestowed me the honor of guarding his shuttle. 

Battle 3 Mission 6: Wait for Relief Forces
Summary: NL-1 was completed. The resident Rebels had been 
stripped of their medium-sized capital ships. The Rebels 
had captured several Imperial assault craft and transports. 
Thrawn left, escorted two System Patrol Craft back, and 
left again. 
The Pakuuni-Rebel forces attacked. Thrawn arrived with the 
last of the stationís fleet and supplies late in the 
mission. The last of the Pakuuni-Rebel forces were 
defeated, establishing a permanent Imperial stronghold in 
the Pakuuni sector. 
Rebel officers were captured. 
Ship List: Luft, Clue, Shark (see also H5M2; no relation), 
NL-1, Ludwick, Stalwart, Gaarni, Clipper; groups: Ranger, 
Sivaa, Taxel, Thunder (see also H6M2; not related), 
Electra, and Rover
Commentary: Thrawn would go into hiding in the Unknown 
Regions after the Battle of Endor. I suspect that he used 
many of the same techniques used for establishing Imperial 
control as he did here, but he had less supplies to work 
 This was the Rebelís last stand. They were desperate. 

Battle 4: Conflict at Mylock IV
The Imperials battled pirates in the Outer Rim. The Habeen 
and Nharwaak pirates had a group of scientists that had 
developed hyperdrive technology for small starfighters. The 
Habeen were pro-Empire, but the Nharwaak were pro-Rebel. In 
exchange for being allowed into the Empire, the Habeen 
would give the Imperials the hyperdrive technology.
The Habeen were safely accepted into the Empire, the 
Nharwaak were destroyed, and the Imperials gained the 
hyperdrive technology. 

Battle 4 Mission 1: Escort Convoy
Summary: This mission was the evaluation of the piratesí 
hyperdrive technology by Admiral Zaarin. 
The Nharwaak ambushed the transfer of the fighters from the 
Habeen to the Shamus, but were defeated. 
Admiral Zaarin was a research scientist who would later 
produce the TIE Advanced and TIE defender. He would also 
commit mutiny later.  
Commentary: This marks the first appearance of Admiral 
I canít think of how more powerful Imperial ships would 
help the Rebellion, so Iíll put this in the ďtrying to keep 
my coverĒ category. Any time a technological development 
happens, both sides will eventually gain control of the 
technology, anyway. 
Ship List: Shamus, Nihema; groups: Verack, Stimner, Striker 
Y-Wings (see H1M4), Charger
[E.E. Nihema = Nehemiah?]

Battle 4 Mission 2: Attack the Nharwaak
Summary: Negotiations with the Nharwaak failed, so their 
main base and technology was destroyed. 
Commentary: The Rebels were supplying the Nharwaak with 
older star fighters. 
Shotgun made a previous appearance in H4M3. Because this is 
a group of CRVs instead of a single one, they probably 
arenít related. However, maybe Shotgun was formerly an 
Imperial group, and the pirates hijacked most of them, so 
now the three are separated from the last one. I doubt it 
Ship List: Shamus, Junker, Hume, Workshop, Repo, Petor, 
Shotgun, Sunbird; groups: Pamir. 

Battle 4 Mission 3: Defend Tech Center
Summary: The main Habeen base was attacked and destroyed by 
the remnant Nharwaak in reprisal for the Imperial raid. The 
Imperials arrived during the attack, drove off the 
Nharwaak, and the Habeen personnel escaped completely. All 
of the vital equipment and technology was saved. 
Commentary: Donít go on the offensive against the Empire 
unless you know you can win. The Nharwaak actually stood a 
good chance though, and it would have been a good thing if 
they had been able to destroy the technology. 
Ship List: Shamus, Phoenix, Notz, Phalanx, Runner, Doyle, 
Sgidek; groups: CN/A Order, Baker. 

Battle 4 Mission 4: Diplomatic Meeting
Summary: The Habeen formalized relations with the Empire in 
a final contract signing. The Nharwaak made a last ditch 
attack that failed. Immediately afterwards, the Habeen 
hyperdrive units were transferred to the Shamus. 
Commentary: The Habeen threw in bonus experimental 
technology in the transfer. 
Trident is also the name of a Rebel cruiser in B4M3; the 
two are not related. 
Ship List: Shamus, Trident, Lendova, Fairfax, Nexus; 
groups: Phazer, Star, Ram, Scarlet, TRN Ferry. 
[E.E. Phazer as in Star Trek phaser?]

Battle 4 Mission 5: Rebel Arms Deal
Summary: The Nharwaak followed through on their threat to 
sell their hyperdrive technology to the Rebels. Their 
attempt to transfer the advanced equipment to the Rebels 
was prevented. The Nharwaak were completely destroyed, and 
the Rebels took heavy damages. 
Commentary: The hyperdrive technology was a high priority 
to the Rebels. They threw in a great amount of star 
fighters, piloted by some of their best. Thus, it was a 
huge loss to the Rebels. 
After this battle, Admiral Zaarin showed Darth Vader the 
first hyperdrive-capable TIE advanced fighters. Darth Vader 
commissioned Zaarin to begin work on TIE Defender 
prototypes, but these would not make their battlefield 
debut until B6M1. 
Glazer makes a prior appearance in H2M3, and played a 
supporting role in it as well. The similarly named Glaser 
is probably not related to it; Glaser is a Rebel craft. 
Ship List: Shamus, Glazer, Janson, Xerxes, Coffey, Fonel, 
and Tela; groups Flash, Vite, Strike
[E.E.: Coffey = Coffee; Tela = Tea; Glazer = Glazed donut; 
Vite = Vitamin; Fonel = Funnel Cake]

Battle 5: Battle for Honor
Summary: Admiral Harkov openly defected to the side of the 
Rebels. Harkov fled, but the Imperials found him, and 
blockaded his supplies. Harkov departed his flagship 
temporarily for the increased safety of a Rebel supply 
station, and his fleet fled. The station and Harkov were 
Harkovís rebellion segued into Admiral Zaarinís coup-de-

Battle 5 Mission 1: Mineclearing
Summary: Admiral Harkov set a trap to kill an Imperial 
loyalist before defecting to the Rebels. Under the guise of 
a mineclearing operation, the pilot was to be destroyed by 
his own wingmen. The pilot survived the attack, and 
discovered Harkovís first officer en route to a Rebel 
Cruiser. Harkov became a traitor of the Empire, marked by 
the Emporer for interrogation and execution.
Commentary: The growing suspicions of the Emporer were 
validated when Harkov attempted to kill me using standard 
manuver 717 [You can see another example of this in ďWalk 
the Path Thatís GivenĒ from Star Wars Tales #23]. Luckily, 
since Harkov never does anything right, I was put in a TIE 
Interceptor instead of a regular TIE. The cargo containers 
provided more proof that Harkov was exchanging supplies 
with the Rebels. 
Youíll notice that shuttle Toten, which appears in M2M2, 
also appears in this mission.
Ship List: The Protector, Osprey, Toten, and Margaret
Strategy: [I turned In-flight speech off for this mission. 
Harkovís lame taunts get annoying fast. The hard part about 
this mission is runners. Also, remember that the TIE 
Advanced fighters use lasers, but not warheads. Theyíre 
plenty deadly without warheads, anyway. I took only one hit 
when I won this mission for the last time, and it was from 
a stationary mine, not a TIE Advanced fighter. ] 
Do not, at any point in the mission, let your laser fire 
hit the Protector. Immediately request reinforcements. Use 
single fire to take out the Interceptors in front of you, 
right one first [I had to replay this part so many times 
that I could take them out with six shots total, with 100% 
accuracy.]. Set laser recharge to maximum. Go to full 
throttle, and steer towards the Protectorís hanger bay. Go 
to 1/3 throttle a couple times before you get there. Be 
sure you are at full throttle before the fighters come out. 
Link your lasers. Twist so that youíre level with the 
Destroy the bombers quickly when they come out. After 
theyíre all destroyed, Go back towards the Protector, using 
your outside camera view to avoid the laser fire from the 
avengers. Donít run into the Protector, but get really 
close to it. Youíll be using Tip #3 for the next few 
minutes. Be on constant lookout for runners, using Tip #4. 
In this mission, this means checking your map every 20 
seconds or so, and checking your messages for the word 
ďhangerĒ. If you see it, restart. When a ship is getting 
close to the Protector, switch to single fire, destroy it, 
and then link your lasers again. The next wave of bombers 
should exit within a few seconds. Destroy them completely. 
Sometime during this destruction, shuttle Lambda will exit 
the Protector. Fire about five salvos, but donít destroy it 
until youíve inspected it. 
Divert laser power to engines. Head over towards the Osprey 
(You can save targets while in your map view. Switch to map 
view, and save the Osprey to F5). Now is a likely time for 
runners. The Osprey will fire on your attackers with lasers 
and, more importantly, missiles. It is a friendly, so it 
wonít fire at you. 
On your way over, destroy Y-Wing group Red. This is the 
easy part. (This is the key to getting all the secret bonus 
goals.) Orbit around the Osprey (about .13km away), being 
careful not to run into it. Use your outside camera view. 
Keep the Osprey between you and your attackers. Watch for 
runners. There will be 4 waves each of groups Alpha and 
Gamma. X-Wing group Blue will probably be the last to be 
destroyed. When the last of your attackers are destroyed, 
breathe a big sigh of relief, confirm that they were all 
destroyed, and then fully recharge. 
Use your map view to target one of the corner mines. Set 
your laser recharge rate to normal, and keep your lasers 
linked. Keep moving as you destroy the mines, using the 
outside camera view to avoid laser fire. Donít get caught 
in the middle of them, or get close to the Protector. When 
it gets too hot, run for the Osprey, recharge, and then 
continue clearing the mines. After theyíre gone, inspect 
the containers, and donít run into them. After youíve 
inspected them all, destroy them. Check your goals, and fly 
home to the Osprey. 

Battle 5 Mission 2: Assault Gunboat Recon
Summary: The Imperials begin a search for the defecting 
Admiral Harkov at Rebel supply depots. Harkov was found 
during the reconnaissance when he arrived for supplies. 
Darth Vader was notified of Harkovís location. By 
inspecting the Rebel supplies, the Imperials knew what 
supplies were critical to Harkov. 
Commentary: After obliterating much of Harkovís fleet in a 
defensive gesture, I finally got a chance to go on the 
offensive. The last mission revealed Harkovís 
misappropriations of Imperial supplies, and his plan to 
defect to the Rebels. The Imperials split up, and found a 
Rebel supply depot. Harkov arrived at a Rebel base to pick 
up these supplies during the reconnaissance mission. Darth 
Vader began his journey towards the location where Harkov 
was last seen. He planned on interrogating and then 
executing Harkov. The supplies, Rebel defensive screen, and 
a portion of Harkovís fleet were destroyed. 
Again, Harkov joining the Rebels could only be a 
detrimental thing. He did enough damage to the Imperials 
while he was on their side, and he would have betrayed the 
Rebels as soon as it was personally beneficial. 
This mission was a case example of how Rebel fleet 
strategy: supply bases are hidden in deep space, relatively 
secure from discovery. It is not necessary to heavily 
defend them, as they are behind friendly lines. Therefore, 
they have the leftovers of the Rebels: a few Z-95s. On the 
off chance that a Rebel base is discovered, it usually 
wipes out the base, its defensive screen, and any supplies. 
This was a target rich environment.
However, due to Harkovís presence, there were B-Wings and 
A-Wings present, in addition to his own fleet of TIE 
Advanced fighters. 
Containers were inspected to determine what was critical 
for Harkovís fleet. 
Ship List: Cimigo, Protector, Platform XQ DS 5.
Strategy: Compared to the last mission, this one is easy. 
[It takes a really long time to complete though. It took me 
about an hour and a half of flying to beat it. This is also 
easier with the DOS version, because ships are clearer to 
see, and I think the AI is easier.] Choose advanced 
missiles. As soon as you get out of hyperspace, go to your 
map. Target Corellian Transport Cimigo. Immediately after 
you close out of your map, divert all power to engines. 
Switch to missiles. Link them. As soon as you get a lock, 
fire three salvos. Plot an intercept course to Cimigo. On 
your way there, switch to ion cannons and divert power from 
shields into lasers using the ď;Ē key. Disable him, inspect 
him, and then destroy him (You must inspect him to meet 
your bonus goals). Start charging up lasers and shields 
while you take out all the Z-95s. Fully recharge. Inspect 
all the containers and the station. Request reinforcements. 
Start destroying the containers. As soon as you get your 
first layer of shields knocked out, fly away from the 
station. (Tip #5: Use your outside view to avoid lasers by 
hitting ďF3Ē, especially by looking backwards by using the 
ď2Ē key. Be careful you donít run into anything, though.) 
Fully recharge. Repeat the hit-and-run strategy until all 
the containers are destroyed. Harkov will arrive soon. Take 
out any remaining Z-95s and B-Wings, even if A-Wings have 
already arrived. Your wing mates and reinforcements will 
run as soon as Harkov arrives, so the next hour is going to 
be pretty busy with some of the most fighter opposition 
youíve faced so far. I ended up fending off one Z-95, three 
B-Wings, six A-Wings, and six TIE Avengers. Thatís sixteen, 
folks. The good thing is, youíre in a craft with shields, 
for once, and remember battleship programming: if you hit 
me, then Iíll hit back. With such dense fighter activity, 
ships will hit each other, doing some of your job for you. 
[When I played it, the TIE Avengers soon left the dogfight 
and started patrolling for targets.] Destroy everyone with 
lasers, unless you run out of energy. In that case, use ion 
cannons to weaken fighters. You wonít want to disable 
fighters, because you arenít going to be able to clean them 
up later. Concentrate on one fighter group at a time: first 
the Z-95s, then the B-Wings, and then the A-Wings. Try to 
stay away from the station and the Protector. Keep moving, 
using Tip #5 and charging up whenever your first layer of 
shields is gone. When your shields are at least in yellow, 
lower your shield recharge rate to normal, while keeping 
your lasers on full charge. Go for the A-Wings; you have to 
be moving fast to catch them. You can use missiles, but 
save some for later for the Avengers. Once all of the A-
Wings are gone, the Avengers will come for you, probably 
one at a time. If theyíre far enough out, you can dual-fire 
your missiles. Donít waste time trying to get a lock after 
youíre in a dogfight, though. They juke around so much that 
youíre better off with lasers. After youíve destroyed the 
first three, the remaining three will come for you. Do what 
youíve been doing: keep away from the station, concentrate 
on one fighter at a time, and keep moving. After youíve 
destroyed the last one, the hardest part comes up: six new 
TIE Advanced fighters. You have to destroy at least one, so 
try to take one out with missiles at long range. I kept 
alive by going towards the Protector, and having Harkov 
weaken them for me. Pick the weakest one while avoiding 
laser fire, and destroy him with lasers. The Protector 
should have taken at least one hit from the Avengers. As 
soon as you get the ďsecret mission objectives completeĒ 
message, try to hyperspace out. I had some difficulty doing 
this, because there were so many objects in the way. 

Battle 5 Mission 3: Convoy Attack
Summary: An Imperial attack on an emergency supply convoy 
en route to Harkov near a Rebel base. It gave the Imperials 
the upper hand in the following mission. 
Commentary: This mission insured that the following mission 
would be a decisive victory, without more loss of life than 
necessary. Without supplies, Harkovís forces would be 
weakened. Like the previous two missions, many of Harkovís 
fighters were destroyed, making the odds more even. 
Ship List: The Protector, Platform XQ DS 5, group Karflo, 
Modular Conveyor Group SoroSuub, group Morgath, group 
Strategy: You'll be flying an Assault Gunboat. Choose 
advanced missiles. You must inspect at least one of group 
Karflo, SoroSuub, Sundog, Morgath 1 and Morgath 5. Destroy 
everything after that.
You'll have to divert everything to engines in order to 
make it over to Heavy Lifter AAA Tow in time [Easter Egg: 
AAA is a car insurance group. Part of being a member means 
that you get deals on tow truck services. A Heavy Lifter 
tows stuff like a tow truck, and this one has ďtowĒ in the 
name].  Divert what laser power you have at the start into 
Go towards the Protector. Keep hitting "U" until Karflo 
comes out of hyperspace. Target Karflo 3, and inspect it on 
your way over. As soon as the A-Wings come out of 
hyperspace, tell your wingmen to destroy the closest one. 
As soon as that A-Wing is destroyed, tell them to destroy 
the next A-Wing. Then tell each of them to head home; 
theyíll get themselves killed, and donít have the skill 
needed to destroy a fleeing A-Wing. Plus, youíll get a 
point bonus. 
Save HF AAA to F5. Switch to missiles, and link your 
missiles. On your way over, target Alpha 1. When it gets 
within 3.5km, head towards it. Donít bother getting a lock, 
fire when youíve gotten about 4 beeps. Switch back to 
single fire. Target AAA. After you get 5 beeps, fire. 
Go towards the station, with all power still at your 
engines. Do not hit the Protector, or Platform XQ DS 5. In 
fact, donít fire energy weapons unless youíve got a good 
chance of hitting a straight moving, target that is not 
darting around, and is not between you and the station. 
Keep your shields fully aft. Donít worry about runners. 
Only one fighter each from groups Alpha, Beta, Delta, and 
Gamma need to be destroyed. Once you get there, set shield 
and laser recharge rate to maximum. Use Tip #3, donít run 
into the station, constantly even out shields (That is, 
unless an attacker has a missile lock on you. In that case, 
switch shields to aft.), and constantly divert power to 
engines. The station will hit you with lasers, but 
infrequently. It will fire lasers and missiles at the TIE 
Advanced fighters. Whenever a new batch of TIE advanced 
fighters comes out, use your map to target one, get a lock, 
and then fire two missiles. You might be able to get all 
three if youíre lucky. Destroy HF A1 when it comes out just 
like you did with AAA. Repeat this when A2 comes out. 
Staying alive through the next few minutes is the hard 
part. You canít continue your mission until every single 
fighter is gone from the battlefield. 
There is a good chance that Alpha and Gamma will be 
destroyed, but Beta and Delta havenít come out yet. This is 
usually because none of group Karflo has been destroyed, or 
the Protector was never hit by a stray shot. In this case, 
Karflo will probably be very near the station. It will 
still take them about 15 minutes to hyperspace out. Fully 
recharge, and destroy one of them with lasers. Beta should 
come out. 
However, the more likely scenario is that Beta and Delta 
will come out while youíre still dodging Alpha and Gamma. 
Continue to use the above strategies until every last 
fighter is gone.
Once you are safe, inspect one of container group Pi, 
destroy group Karflo, inspect one freighter from Sorosuub, 
destroy group Sorosuub, inspect Morgath 1, destroy Morgath 
1, inspect Morgath 5, destroy Morgath 5, inspect one 
corvette from group Sundog, and then use Tip #6 to destroy 
group Sundog. 
If you didnít get a secondary or secret mission objectives 
complete message, check your goals list. It could be the 
Protector was never attacked. If you did get the messages, 
then you should hyperspace out. 

Battle 5 Mission 4: Tactical Superiority
Summary: The last mission left Harkov stranded at the Rebel 
supply station. The remaining TIE Advanced fighters were 
destroyed to ease Harkov's capture. Harkov temporarily 
abandoned his followers and sought refuge onboard the Rebel 
supply base. The Protector temporarily left the area. 
Commentary: The last three missions severely weakened 
Harkov's forces by destroying his fighter support and 
supply venue. This mission saw some of the first battles 
where TIE Advanced fighters were used by both sides. After 
the last two missions, the base made an attempt to increase 
its defenses by setting up a minefield, and by using two 
Modified Corvettes. 
I think it was at this time that I was promoted to be the 
Emperorís Hand. Apparently, Mara Jade wasnít the only one. 
Who knows, there could be more of us out there somewhere.
Before Harkov left for the base, the Empire had been 
planning to board the Protector to capture Harkov. By 
moving to the base, he made the next mission easier for the 
Ship List: the Protector, Platform XQ1 DS 5, group Wurger, 
Toten; group Badger.
Strategy: Choose advanced torpedoes before you go in. Send 
for reinforcements. Switch to warheads. Divert laser energy 
to shields, and then divert power to engines. Head for the 
cargo transports. Continue dodging fire and picking off 
missiles before they hit you. Fire three warheads at each 
transport. After they're destroyed, head for the Protector, 
avoiding fire. Shuttle Toten will come out soon, carrying 
Harkov. Inspect it. He must be captured alive, so Toten 
must finish its mission. You must then attack the Protector 
if the TIE advanced fighters haven't already. Soon, the 
Protector will leave the area. Finish off the mines, then 
the TIE advanced fighters. Stay away from the base. Fully 
recharge, and then inspect one of group Wurger. Tip #6 
isn't effective, or necessary. After you've fired a few 
shots at both, fly between them. They'll kill each other 
for you, but you should finish them off. Hyperspace out.

Battle 5 Mission 5: Capture Harkov
Summary: The Imperials captured the Rebel base, supplies, 
and ships, as well as Harkov. Harkov was interrogated and 
Commentary: [E.E.: Geddawai = Get away.] Several ships left 
the station as decoys. Harkov was on board Corellian 
Transport Geddawai. Reinforcement arrived for the Rebels, 
including the second half of Modified Corellion Corvette 
group Wurger. However, despite the many reinforcements, the 
Rebels lost the base, Harkov, and the battle. 
Darth Vader was present for this mission on board the 
Garrett. After Harkov was captured, Vader executed him 
before Harkov got a chance to answer a single question, 
diminishing the purpose of the last three missions, which 
was to catch Harkov alive so that he could be questioned. 
Ship List: Platform XQ1 DS5, Toten, Kolermigon, Geddawai, 
Wurger, Olinor, Garrett, Tug CUV 8f1. 
Strategy: Choose advanced missiles. Donít worry about the 
mines; while youíre busy with other goals, the TIE advanced 
escort and your wingmen will take care of the mines. Go 
towards the base. Donít send for reinforcements yet. Tell 
your wingmen to attack the nearest fighter. Youíll be 
pretty busy, but if you can spare the attention, tell them 
to attack the next fighter after theyíve destroyed the 
current one. Switch to warheads and link your missiles. 
Inspect Geddawai, Toten, and Kolermigon. Geddawai will be 
the first to leave the station. Divert everything to 
engines in order to keep up with him. Fire a total of six 
missiles, or three salvos. By the time you get within ion 
cannon range, youíll be out of energy weapon power. You 

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