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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition

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Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition combines The Force Unleashed and three all-new levels.
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition Review

By James Archuleta |

The first sign that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a mediocre port comes as soon as you boot up the game: you canít navigate the menus with a mouse. On its own, this isn't an awful fact, but it's an omen of bad things to come. Aside from resolution and brightness options, there are no visual options to tweak. There is no antialiasing and no way to enable it. And frame rate troubles will haunt your every saber swing. It's too bad that so little respect was shown for the platform--and to those that will spend money on this product--because the underlying game is rather good. As Darth Vader's secret apprentice, you slice through grunting Rodians with your glowing lightsaber, go head-to-head with slobbering rancors, and punt jawas into the distance as if they were pigskins. You might be lucky enough to avoid this troubled port's technical flaws and experience the full pleasures of The Force Unleashed, but be warned: Picking up a copy of this physics-heavy action game is one gamble that may not pay off.

The only thing that stinks more than the trash on Raxus Prime is this port.

The Force Unleashed's main campaign is the same as the one that appeared on consoles in 2008. For more details, check our full review of that version, as all of the ups and downs of the original release still hold true. When the action comes together, it's hard to stifle your excitement. As Galen Marek, aka Starkiller, you execute your foes by carving them up with your lightsaber, using your Force push ability to propel them down corridors and zap them with jolts of Force lightning. The best moments come by way of the Force grip power, which you use to lift objects and foes and fling them around, leaving a trail of death, destruction, and Wookiee corpses in your wake. Unfortunately, the difficulties of the earlier console version are along for the ride, too, such as the imprecise targeting that makes it too difficult to pick up the object you intended. Thankfully, the keyboard and mouse controls don't usually add more to the frustration, and they do a good enough of job of letting you chain your powers together during most battles. The fixed-camera boss battles, which are more comfortably played with a controller, are an exception. As a result, you'll probably want to stick with a gamepad for the most consistently rewarding experience.

Sadly, technical problems may hinder your chances for enjoyment. On two out of three test systems--all of which exceeded the game's recommended hardware requirements--we encountered performance issues that heavily interfered with the experience. The frame rate was wildly inconsistent, taking huge dips whenever there was a lot of action onscreen, and on one system, frame rate troubles were accompanied by snaps and crackles in the audio. Should you run into visual issues, there is no way to adjust graphics settings to improve the game's performance. The Force Unleashed allows you to only adjust the display resolution and brightness levels, so forget tweaking your lighting and anisotropic filter settings. Even if you can run the game without trouble, you'll lament that the widescreen cinematics are stretched on a monitor with a 4:3 aspect ratio. It's a shame that these issues will overshadow some absolutely excellent art design for so many players. Environments like the robot graveyards on Raxus Prime look fantastic, and swirled, stylized textures add fantasy flair to the overall look. The visuals won't blow you away when compared to other PC games, but they have plenty of dramatic appeal.

While at the Jedi temple, be sure to pray for a smooth frame rate. Just don't expect your prayer to be answered.

This edition of The Force Unleashed includes three stand-alone missions, two of which were released as downloadable content for the original console version. The Jedi Temple mission is excellent, pitting you against large groups of foes that will have you on the move and exploiting every Force power to its fullest. It drops you right into the action from the outset and maintains a high level of excitement, particularly during a thrilling battle against a crowd of droids. A few puzzle sequences help break up the tempo to keep the mission fresh, and lots of destructible objects make the action seem especially explosive. The visuals are lovely--in keeping with the best levels from the main campaign--and some ethereal music plucked from the Star Wars library makes one sequence feel, appropriately enough, otherworldly. The second of these missions takes place on Tatooine and features familiar characters, as well as more great art design. There are also a couple of fun boss fights and an intriguing alternate-history story. For more information, check out our review of the Tatooine Mission Pack.

The final additional mission was not available as console DLC and is exclusive to the Ultimate Sith Edition. Compared to the other stand-alone journeys, this mission on Hoth is a disappointment--though not from a story perspective, thanks to a fascinating ending that will give Star Wars fans an opportunity to munch on all sorts of non-canon fodder. The gameplay is less compelling and involves moving from one ice cave to the next, chopping and zapping rebel soldiers and wampas. The action is broken up only by a couple of boss battles and a few light puzzle elements. The mission is fun, but its predictable pace and bland level design hinders it from reaching the heights of the other two added missions.

If you need to warm up, you won't find any tauntaun corpses to shelter you.

It's a wonder that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition for the PC was released at all considering the insignificant effort that seems to have been put into it. Even in the realm of sloppy ports, this one seems particularly egregious, considering its almost total lack of visual options and performance troubles. It's unfortunate that this version feels so rushed because in spite of the core game's scattered flaws, it's an ultimately enjoyable adventure that tells a great story populated by memorable characters. Alas, if you're a PC enthusiast who is tired of rushed console ports, The Force Unleashed is another game to add to that ever-growing list.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition Cheats

CheatEffectOSSUSUnlocks All Database EntriesADEGANAll Saber Throw Ranks UnlockedJOCASTAAll Talents UnlockedEXARKUNAll Force Push Ranks UnlockedRAGNOSCombo UnlockFREEDONNew ComboLUMIYANew ComboMASSASSINew ComboSAZENNew ComboMARAJADENew ComboKATARNMaximum Force PowersDATHOMIRMaximum Force Repulse RankYADDLENew ComboVENTRESSUnlocks the Aerial Ambush ComboEETHKOTHUnlocks the Aerial Assault ComboPLOKOONUnlocks the Saber Slam ComboKITFISTOUnlocks the Saber Sling ComboDARAGONUnlocks the Sith Slash ComboSOHNDANNAll CostumesLIGHTSABERAmplified Lightsaber DamageHURRIKANEAll Lightsaber CrystalsMOLDYCROWAll CombosBRUTALSTABUnlocks the Lightsaber ImpaleMINDTRICKMirrored Levels
  • Character CodesUnlock the following CharactersCheatEffectVICEROYBail OrganaMASTERMINDEmporer PalpatineMANDALOREGeneral Rahm KotaHARDBOILEDGeneral Rahm Kota(Drunken)HOLOCRONJedi Adventure RobeDANTOOINEJedi Ceremonial RobeTK421GREENKashyyyk StormtrooperWOOKIEEKento's RobesPROTOTYPEPROXYFERRALScout TrooperBLACKHOLEShadowtrooperKORRIBANSith Stalker ArmorTK421WHITEStorm TrooperTK421BLUEStorm Trooper Comander
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition Game Walkthrough

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    Speedrun FAQ Guide (For PS3) v. 1.00
    Written & mostly discovered by: findlestick
    Combat info (& other additional info) by GMG/BigVEE
    Version History
    Version 1.00: 25th March 2012 - 12 April 2012 (File Size: 91KB)
    --Guide started, tried to include as much as possible so that someone can do a
    successful speedrun of this game as of this date. Having said that, there are
    many improvements that can be made. I didn't worry all that much about
    names of enemies or places etc. (I think I refer to Rodians as Felucians at a
    few places, all this will be fixed in later updates of this FAQ...if there
    are to be any).
    If you see something incorrect in this guide, or if you know more skips,
    tricks & exploits that would help in a speedrun of this game, please
    contact me. Or if you have any questions feel free to contact me at the
    details outlined at the very end of this here:--------[ms02]
    Table of Contents
    1. Intro.......................................................[in00]
     * About This Guide
     * About The Author
     * How to Use This Guide
     * Full Video Playlist of Skips, Speed Tricks & Techniques
    2. Before Starting Your Speedrun...............................[bs00]
     * Required Combos.............................................[bs01]
     * Upgrades....................................................[bs02]
     * Sabers......................................................[bs03]
     * Action Camera...............................................[bs04]
     * Notes on Bosses.............................................[bs05]
    3. Save Points [IMPORTANT].....................................[bs06]
     * The Game Clock & The "Momentum Glitch"......................[bs07]
     * Restarting Strategies [IMPORTANT]...........................[bs08]
    4. Abbreviations...............................................[gt00]
    5. Introducing "The Momentum Glitch"...........................[mg00]
    6. The Techniques (How-to).....................................[tq00]
     * Super Aerial Strike.........................................[tq01]
     * Super Dashing Blast.........................................[tq02]
     * Trigger Breach Trick........................................[tq03]
     * High Jump & Infinite Jump...................................[tq04]
     * Infinite Air/Ground Dash....................................[tq05]
     * Grip Jump...................................................[tq06]
     * Short Range Long Jump.......................................[tq07]
    7. Level-by-level Skips & Speed Tricks/Strategies..............[lv00]
     * Mission 'Vader' - Kashyyyk..................................[lvin]
     * Mission One - TIE Fighter Factory...........................[lv01]
     * Mission Two - Raxus Prime...................................[lv02]
     * Mission Three - Felucia.....................................[lv03]
     * Mission Four - The Empirical................................[lv04]
     * Mission Five - Cloud City...................................[lv05]
     * Mission Six - Imperial Kashyyyk.............................[lv06]
     * Mission Seven - Imperial Felucia............................[lv07]
     * Mission Eight - Imperial Raxus Prime........................[lv08]
     * Mission Nine - Death Star...................................[lv09]
     * DLC Mission - Jedi Temple...................................[lv10]
     * DLC Mission - Tatooine......................................[lv11]
     * Ultimate Sith Edition Mission - Hoth........................[lv12]
    8. Miscellaneous...............................................[ms00]
     * Credits/Special Thanks......................................[ms01]
     * Contact Info................................................[ms02]
     * Legal Stuff.................................................[ms03]
    1. Intro-------------------------------------------------------[in00]
     * About This Guide
    The purpose of this guide is to assist anyone wishing to do a full speedrun of
    this game 'from scratch'. It not only explains how to do certain techniques
    required, but it also includes a level-by-level walkthrough of skips, speed
    strategies & speedy combat info. And to top it off, there is full video
    coverage of nearly all the skips, techniques etc. via YouTube links.
    As much info as possible, in order to complete the game in world record time.
     * About The Author
    One of my hobbies is to find skips, glitches & exploits in PS3 games, mainly
    to help out potential future speedrunners of certain games. But besides
    finding skips & exploits, I generally enjoy finding bizzare glitches for the
    fun value they bring to me & to others.
    I have also done two 'exploit speedruns' (including skips/glitches/exploits).
    I did one of God of War 2 and also God of War 3, I'm always open to the
    possibility of doing other speedruns in the future.
    Games that I've done glitch-work on so far:
     * God of War 2
     * God of War 3 (As well as the GoW3 Demo)
     * Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
     * Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
     * Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma
     * Ninja Gaiden 3
     * Uncharted 2
     * Uncharted 3
     * inFAMOUS
     * Dante's Inferno
     * Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
     * Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
     * Green Lantern: RotM
    More to come?...
    I upload my skips/exploits & glitches to my (main) YouTube channel:
    The main reason I like to 'glitch' is because it's both a creative &
    intellectual exercise. Because you can ONLY use the 'tools' that the game
    provides, you have to be inventive enough to use only those tools to find
    the glitches, exploits, skips etc. In short, It's - very much - a problem
    solving exercise.
    A YouTube user once put it well: "A glitcher is a hacker...that only uses a
     * How to Use This Guide
    When using this guide, make note of the 'quickjump codes' provided. Example of
    a quickjump code: [lv00]
    Use the ctrl+f function and enter a code as provided in the 'Table of
    Contents' to jump to a section of the guide fast. 
    Or use the: "Edit> Find..." function at the top of your menu (That is next to
    'File, View etc' from your drop-down menu).
    I've also added "time-tags" to the video links, this means that if there is a
    video that has something I want to show at - say - 3 minutes into a video...
    you just need to press the link, and you will automatically get taken directly
    to that time in the video. 
    You don't need to search for that time within the video!
    * Full Video-playlist of Skips, Speed Tricks & Techniques
    Just in case you need it:
    2. Before Starting Your Speedrun-----------------------------------------[bs00]
     * Required Combos-------------------------------------------------------[bs01]
       Firstly, the two most important 'Force Combos' you will need to do some 
    pretty cool techniques are (in order of importance):
    (a) Aerial Strike (Cost: 3 Points)
    (b) Dashing Blast (Cost: 1 Point)
    I've tested that in a speedrun it's possible to get the 4 points required,
    simply by getting every Holocron before reaching General Kota Boss
    (very early on) & by killing about 20-25 enemies (approx.) on the way to him.
    NOTE: Get Aerial Strike as soon as possible!
    NOTE2: "Regarding i-frames, you have them in the ground/air back/side evades
    and Repulse (noting other cases isn't terribly important *QTEs and the last
    hit of SSF*). That's part of ignoring the lasers in the (Death Star) firing
    tube (getting in them while active)". (Gratz GMG)
     * Upgrades--------------------------------------------------------------[bs02]
    This is an area that I've not yet done much research (maybe at a next update),
    a speedrunner would have to consider this before starting a speedrun. GMG has
    some info with regards to this:
    "In terms of moves, you might want Saber Slam, Aerial Ambush, Aerial Assault,
    Aerial Throw and Aerial Slam. Most of the air moves, really. Though I wonder
    if the expense is too much (slowing you down). Sith Toss sets up air moves,
    but I believe it still makes you get Aeriel Assault before you can unlock
    either of the air throws (if you had to pick just one, I'm not sure which to
    suggest over the other).
    It is possible you could do without them and instead use simpler tactics:
    NOTE: (Powers) Lightning is clearly good, but I don't know if you
    need lvl2+. Lightning Shield is not necessary. Repulse lvl2+ might be
    desirable for heavier damage when you do use it (which should be pretty often
    as the cost doesn't change much between charged and uncharged, but the damage
    does). Push doesn't seem like you'll be needing it upgraded much at all.
    Same to SaberThrow.
    TALENTS: I'm not sure you would have much need of more HP. I don't even think
    you'll need more Force really. Force Affinity might help with regards to the
    speed of recovering the Force...but I don't know that you'll often be pressed
    to rapidly use it. Vitality covers the amount of HP you get back from
    killing foes.
    I don't know that you plan to get hit or have to recovery beyond the Jedi
    Holocrons (and some Sith) perhaps *if at all*. Resilience covers the damage
    you take, but again you aren't planning on soaking it up. Battle Meditation
    covers the speed of charging Force powers, which might help to get an ugprade
    for (charged Repulse), but seems somewhat dubious. 
    Saber Mastery (attack damage for saber strikes) is an obvious call
    *you want it*. Defense Mastery covers how good your passive and active blocks
    are with returning bolt fire. I don't see you needing to worry about
    this either.
    Combo Mastery pertains not to damage for unlocked moves, but rather the cost
    of certain 'combination' moves (Lightning Grenade, Impale, Cannonbal, etc.).
    Lightning Grenade isn't very costly as it is. I don't believe this affects
    special force moves like Saber Toss, Lightning Shield, Repulse, etc. It
    probably won't help."
     * Sabers:---------------------------------------------------------------[bs03]
    The RUBAT saber crystal would be the best during your speedrun, since it deals
    greater damage. Here is some general info on sabers:
    Power Crystal: Ilum
    >Augment: None
    >Unlocked: Default
    Power Crystal: Rubat
    >Augment: Increased Damage
    >Unlocked: Holocron #10 on TIE Fighter Factory
    Power Crystal: Firkrann
    >Augment: Attacks have a chance to deal Lightning damage
    >Unlocked: Holocron #14 on Raxus Prime
    Power Crystal: Lorrdian
    >Augment: Blaster Deflection Increased
    >Unlocked: Holocron #5 on The Empirical
    Power Crystal: Ruusan
    >Augment: Force Powers use less energy
    >Unlocked: Holocron #1 on Cloud City
    Power Crystal: Vexxtal
    >Augment: Corrupts opponents with damaging aura
    >Unlocked: Holocron #7 on Imperial Felucia
    Power Crystal: Sigil
    >Augment: Lightning attacks do more damage
    >Unlocked: Holocron #1 on Imperial Raxus Prime
    Power Crystal: Katak
    >Augment: Attacks have a chance to drain Health from enemies
    >Unlocked: Holocron #2 on Death Star
    "I most often imagine you want to avoid 'chance' crystals (low chance) and
    stick to guaranteed crystals though they too have low % alteration. When you
    DO have to fight, most often I imagine saber strikes coming into play, so
    RUBAT would be advised as there is no kinetic damage increase crystal, just a
    generalized one for cheaper force usage (your exploits don't tend to require
    more of it anyway) or lightning damage increase. That's how I see it anyway."
     * Action Camera:--------------------------------------------------------[bs04]
    Make sure you have it turned OFF!! (Press 'up' on the D-pad to toggle it off
    and on). Action Camera is the feature that shows you any enemy that you send
    flying 'in detail', having to watch this at any given moment will cost you
    precious time.
     * Notes On Bosses-------------------------------------------------------[bs05]
    Like with Proxy and some other bosses, square whoring with Block/movement
    cancels can be enough to lock them (usually).
    Also, the boss QTEs are identical each time, so it would help to have
    them memorized so you can quickly do them without even having to (barely)
    see each prompt, and also so you won't fail and be forced to restart
    the 'chain'.
    3. Save Points [IMPORTANT]:----------------------------------------------[bs06]
    Since the game is inflexible with regards to save points, you need to make
    sure you know where each auto-savepoint is. Namely because you need to be
    %100 sure that you are happy with a segement of your run before you hit a
    save point, cos once you hit a savepoint...there is no going back!
    Since this is important, I've noted where every save point is in the
    'level-by-level' walkthrough section below. (However, there is always a chance
    I may have missed one, so take note of this).
     * The Game Clock & "The Momentum Glitch"--------------------------------[bs07]
    Nearly every technique requires - what I call - 'THE MOMENTUM GLITCH' (I go
    into this in more detail further below). And doing the Momentum Glitch
    requires you to go into the menu for what seems like a long time...
    ...luckily the clock does NOT run when you are in the menus doing The Momentum
    I've done extensive testing on this, & I can confirm this %100!
     * Restarting Strategies [IMPORTANT]-------------------------------------[bs08]
    Right! With regards to restarting during the game (if you've messed up & want
    to redo a segment of your run)...there is good news & bad news. Luckily there
    is more good news than bad!
    Here is the good news:
    (a) If you mess up during your run, simply doing a 'Load Last Savepoint' will
    RESET the clock! So you'll end up back at the last savepoint you hit, with
    the clock also "rewinding" itself back to when you were last at that savepoint.
    (b) If you exit the game at any point - including exiting just as you see
    Starkiller start his 'dying animation'. The game resets the clock (at which
    point you will have to re-load the saved game of course). If you then look at
    your time on the saved game, you will notice that no time has elapsed.
    Here is the bad news:
    (a) If you kill Starkiller in an attempt to restart, the game will NOT reset
    the clock. After killing Starkiller, the game will place Starkiller back at
    the last savepoint that you hit...and it will also add all your previous time
    that you took before & during death, to your game time.
    So with these facts in mind, these will be your main strategies for restarting:
    (a) If you mess up during a segement, you restart by pressing 'Start'>
    Mission Select> (then select the required mission)> Load Last Save Point. 
    NOTE: Make sure you restart before hitting a Save Point, more on this below at
    the 'Savepoints' section.
    (b) If it looks like Starkiller is about to die (Via enemies or falling off a
    cliff or into insta-death collision) QUICKLY press 'Start'> Exit>. Then just
    simply load your saved game, remember that if Starkiller will incur
    a time penalty!
    There are a couple of other ways to restart the game, but I've not looked into
    them. Mainly because the above two methods are the most convenient as far as I
    can tell. (If you want, you can look into the "continue game" restart. I can't
    vouch for it with regards to the clock resetting or not, maybe at a future FAQ
    NOTE: In the DLC missions, you can't access the "Mission Select" section of
    the menu. So you have to use the restart by using method (b) above.
    (Or possibly the "continue game" option, but can't vouch for this option).
    4. Abbreviations:--------------------------------------------------------[gt00]
    SAS = Super Aerial Strike
    SDB = Super Dashing Blast
    TBT = Trigger Breach Trick
    HJ  = High Jump
    IJ  = Infinite Jump
    GJ  = Grip Jump
    SRLJ = Short Range Long Jump
    TMG  = The Momentum Glitch
    AS = Aerial Strike
    DB = Dashing Blast
    5. Introducing THE MOMENTUM GLITCH [c: findlestick]----------------------[mg00]
    The "Momentum Glitch" is the game-breaking glitch that is behind most of the
    techniques that you will be using in your speedrun.
    Simply put...this technique multiplies the momentum of certain techniques done
    by Starkiller (it also works when you briefly use Darth Vader). 
    The glitch works like this: If you start a certain movement, & then just as
    Starkiller BARELY starts to perform the movement QUICKLY enter the menu and
    then any sub-menu (except for 'mission objectives', save or exit)...if you
    then simply return to the game screen, the momentum of the technique that
    Starkiller started to perform earlier, will suddenly be increased by
    about 8 to 12 times!
    And if this wasn't enough, you can do this technique back-to-back infinitely
    without losing ANY of the momentum. So it's possible to do some very useful
    techniques thanks to The Momentum Glitch.
    1, findlestick's vid (of only some of the possible techniques)
    6. The Techniques (How-to)-----------------------------------------------[tq00]
    (a) Super Aerial Strike (SAS) [c: findlestick]---------------------------[tq01]
       (Requires 'Aerial Strike' Combo)
    This technique allows you to go flying GIGANTIC distances at SUPER-SONIC
    speeds in any direction you want! (As long as there is an object or enemy
    about that you can target or lift with 'Grip'). You can infinitely do
    back-to-back SASs. 
    This is THE most important technique with regards to skips. And it's also the
    fastest way of travelling around, so this is one of a few different options
    you will use for generally getting around.
    1, findlestick's vid (findlestick's vid of infinite SAS at 3:13):

    2, findlestick's vid (findlestick's vid of just a single SAS):

    Instructions on doing Super Aerial Strike (SAS)
    1. Hold up an object or enemy in the direction you want to go flying. (Or
    lock-on an object or enemy without lifing them to do the 'ground version').
    2. Let go of the object...BUT...KEEP THE OBJECT 'LOCKED-ON' (So DON'T let go
    of R1 AT ALL!)
    3. As soon as you let the object go, move towards it 1 step, jump once
    towards it and use Aerial Strike towards it...BUT...
    4. ...then enter the menu even BEFORE Starkiller has barely moved an inch.
    (That part is crucial, or it won't work properly).
    5. From there, enter one of the submenu's (I usually enter the 'Data Bank'
    sub-menu or the 'Costumes' sub-menu).
    6. Don't do anything in any of the menus, you only need to enter them & then
    immediately exit them, & them return to the game. 
    *********NOTE: Doing Steps 4 to 6 (above), are required for nearly all these
    techniques. So, from this point onwards (instead of describing steps 4 to 6
    over & over) I'll simply refer to doing steps 4 to 6 (above) as "DO THE
    7. Once you return to the game, Starkiller will go flying a MASSIVE distance
    at SUPER-HIGH speeds.
    *********NOTE: You can chain all individual techniques back-to-back
    infinitely, By repeatly doing The Momentum Glitch over & over & over.
    8. As a can then do a jump into Air Dash/Dashing Blast, to get
    extra distance/finish off your jump.
    (b) Super Dashing Blast (SDB) [c: findlestick]---------------------------[tq02]
       (Requires Dashing Blast Combo)
    This techniques allows you to do a really long Dashing Blast to cross chasms,
    or along the ground. This technique can be done back-to-back infinitely.
    This is also one of a few different options you will use for generally
    getting around.
    Even tho this doesn't give you the distance or speed of the above technique
    (SAS)...this does have the advantage that it can be done without relying an
    any available oject or enemy. (Can be done on it's own anywhere, as long as
    you have the 'Dashing Blast' Combo).
    1, findlestick's vid (of infinite SDB 'Air', with menu edits at 3:03).

    2, findlestick's vid (of infinite Super Dashing Blasts (Ground), with edits)

    3, findlestick's vid (of a single SDB, at the start of the vid)

    Instructions on doing Super Dashing Blast (SDB):
    1. Jump (or double jump) followed by an 'Air Dash', followed up by a 'Dashing 
    2. Then simply 'DO THE MOMENTUM GLITCH' (Remember...steps 4 to 6 at the
    above 'SAS Section' explains how to do The Momentum Glitch).
    (c) Trigger Breach Trick (TBT)[c: GMG, findlestick]----------------------[tq03]
       (Requires Aerial Strike Combo)
    This technique lets you go through loading triggers undetected. So that it's
    possible to skip triggers that load barriers, cutscenes etc. 
    1, findlestick's vid

    Instructions on doing TBT:
    1. Approach a trigger & stand as close as possible, without touching
    the trigger.
    2. Lock on to an oject that is behind the trigger.
    3. Jump up & do an Aerial Strike at the targetted object.
    4. If done correctly, Starkiller will go through the trigger undetected. Thus
    skipping the trigger & whatever it would normally load.
    5. The second way to do 'TBT', is to do a Super Aerial Strike
    (SAS) through it. The advantage that SAS has, is that you don't have to
    stand as close to the trigger when starting. The margin for error is much
    greater with SAS.
    (d) High Jump/Infinite Jump (HJ & IJ) [c: findlestick]-------------------[tq04]
       (No combos required, can be done from the very first moment of the game)
    These techniques let you get decent vertical height to clear objects etc.
    1, findlestick's vid

    Instructions on doing a High Jump:
    1. Jump.
    2. Do Momentum Glitch.
    (Remember...steps 4 to 6 above at: "(a) Super Aerial Strike (SAS)", explains
    how to do The Momentum Glitch).
    Instruction on doing the Infinite Jump:
    1. Jump.
    2. Do Momentum glitch
    3. When you see Starkiller rise about less than 2/ the momentum glitch.
    4. When you see Starkiller rise about less than 2/ the momentum glitch.
    5. Repeat over & over.
    (Obviously the High Jump is just one single 'menu visit').
    (e) Infinite Air/Ground Dash (IA/GD) [c: findlestick]--------------------[tq05]
       (Can be done from the very start of Mission 1)
    This technique lets you do infinite dashes in mid air or on ground. It doesn't
    get the distance or speed that Super Dashing Blast gets. But this has the
    advantage that it can be done from the very start of the TIE Fighter Factory
    Level. So you would use this before having enough points to get Dashing Blast.
    This is also one of a few different options you will use for generally
    getting around.
    1, findlestick's vid (of the 'air' variation)

    Note: The above vid shows the infinite air dash after doing a high jump.
    And obviously the 'ground' variation is done on...well...ground...
    Instructions on doing Infinite Air/Ground Dash:
    1. Jump & do Air Dash. (Obviously don't jump for the ground version, just do a
    ground-dash...but the rest is the same)...
    2. Do The Momentum Glitch. (Remember that you can then chain this technique
    back-to-back infinitely).
    (Remember...steps 4 to 6 above at: "(a) Super Aerial Strike (SAS)", explains
    how to do The Momentum Glitch).
    (f) Grip Jump (GJ) [c: GMG, findlestick]---------------------------------[tq06]
       (Requires Aerial Strike)
    This is one of (at least) two techniques that can be done without the use of
    The Momentum Glitch. This technique allows you to cross chasms or to jump up
    great heights very swiftly (tho not as far or as quick as 'Super Aerial
    Strike'), but it is still a good/useful technique.
    1, findlestick's vid (at the very start)

    Instruction on doing Super Aerial Strike (SAS)
    1. Hold up an object or enemy in the direction you want to go flying. 
    2. Let go of the object...BUT...KEEP THE OBJECT 'LOCKED-ON' (So DON'T let go
    of R1 AT ALL!)
    3. As soon as you let the object go, move towards it 1 step, jump once towards
    it and use Aerial Strike towards it. (You can also throw an object/enemy
    before doing the Aerial Strike).
    4. Starkiller will swiftly go flying towards the direction of the
    object/enemy. You can then follow up with a jump/air dash/dashing blast to
    get that extra distance.
    (G) Short Range Long Jump (SRLJ) [c: GMG]--------------------------------[tq07]
       (Requires Dashing Blast to get optimal length)
    This technique doesn't require The Momentum Glitch. It's basically stringing
    together combos that give you longer-than-intended horizontal coverage.
    1, findlestick's vid

    Instruction on doing a Combo Long Jump:
    1. Hold R1, & don't let go...
    2. ...then Jump sideways ONCE off a ledge (keep holding R1)...
    3. a Side Dash (let go of R1)...
    4. ...Jump. Then do an Air Dash Followed by a Dashing Blast.
    7. LEVEL-BY-LEVEL SKIPS & SPEED TRICKS/STRATEGIES------------------------[lv00]
    Skip the intro 'Scrolling Words' cutscene by spamming X.
     * MISSION 'VADER'>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >--------<Start of the Level>-------------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon you see Kashyyyk.
    Skip - Instead of using the force to blast the 1st big wooden gate that Darth
    Vader comes to, simply do 1 high jump over the left-hand-side of the gate.
    SAVE POINT: After the door...when Darth reaches the 'circular' looking area of
    cleared path ahead.
    SAVE POINT: When you get to the 2nd circular 'lookout' that has a round roof.
    NOTE: Even tho you can jump over the 2nd wall that obstructs you, it's just
    quicker to use 'Force Push' to destroy it as you move along.
    NOTE: Don't bother trying to high jump over the trigger that makes the TIE
    Fighter break the bridge. I tried this, but the bridge has no solid collision.
    SAVE POINT: When you get to the final lookout area before fighting the Rouge
    Jedi (in other words, save point is at the round hut looking thing with the
    round roof).
    >--------<Rouge Jedi>---------------------------------------------------------<
    Combat Info: Spamming 'Blast' followed by saber attacks seems to be a quick
    was to kill this guy. When he has a 'Force Field' around him he can't be hit,
    and soon afterwards he will do a 'Force Blast' that makes Darth go flying, so
    be careful when you see this. Ground stabs do good damage to this guy.
    Spam X to skip the cutscene after defeating the Rouge Jedi.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as your spamming of the X button is successful in ending
    the cutscene.
    >--------<Grip Tutorial>------------------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as the tutorial area appears.
    Speed Trick - When you have to throw the oject at the 3 Strom Troopers,
    you can hit all 3 in one throw by either throwing the object from left to
    right or right to left...thus hitting all three Storm Troopers quickly in
    one throw.
    Press X to quit tutorial.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you have quit tutorial.
     * MISSION ONE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >--------<<<<TIE FIGHTER FACTORY>>>>-------------------------------------[lv01]
    Spam X to skip the cutscene.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you see the back of Starkiller after he lands.
    >--------<Escape the Hangar>--------------------------------------------------<
    Holocron: There is one up on a platform near the very middle of the Hangar,
    near a spacecraft. You can either use this craft to get up to that platform,
    or use a high jump.
    Holocron: Go to the Hangar's exit door there is another Holocron up on the
    platform directly above this door. If you already haven't gotten up to that
    platform after getting the 1st/above Holocron, then use a high jump to get up
    Speed Trick: Kill a few enemies (to earn some points in order to get Aerial
    Strike later on...generally speaking, you should be quickly killing enemies
    occasionally to earn points) then just open the door while ignoring
    any attacks.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you go through the exit door of the Hangar.
    Blast the doors ahead, turn left & go straight. When you reach some enemies
    that appear from the left, go right & get the...
    Holocron: ...that is behind the door.
    >--------<Reach the second level of the construction facility>----------------<
    Skip - Use infinite Air Dash to cross to the area that is left of screen as
    you approach the first enemies that appear in front of you. So cross the small
    gap & get to the platform on the left. 
    Holocron: Get the Holocron that is to the left of the platform that you landed
    on. (Hidden behind some objects).
    Holocron: When the elevator gets to the top, exit to the door that is to the
    right, then go left. Get the Holocron hidden behind some stacked objects at
    the very end of the platform.
    Skip - Use Infinite Aerial Dash to cross to the large chasm that leads to the
    exit doors of this entire area.
    Holocron: Once you reach the other side of the chasm, go right & then straight
    along the walkway, in the 2nd opening on the left you will find a Holocron.
    1, findlestick's vid (Minus Holocron collection at 0:08):
    SAVE POINT: When you get to 1/3 of the area inside the 1st automatic doors.
    >--------<"Control Room">-----------------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: Once you exit the doors of this room.
    SAVE POINT: When you reach the Infuser Room entery.
    >--------<Escape the Infuser Room Containment Field>--------------------------<
    Kill a few enemies - leave enough force power to pull the plug out - & then
    remove the plug.
    SAVE POINT: Once you've gone through the narrow tunnel & then fall through the
    hole & land in front of the doors that lead to the Wing Assembly Area. (So
    just at the start of that door).
    >--------<Ascend the Wing Assembly (Area #1>----------------------------------<
    Skip - You can skip this whole area by doing a High Jump directly up to the
    Control Lookout area above, but land on top of the roof of the lookout tower
    and get your...
    Holocrons: There is one on top of the roof of the lookout tower, & one on the
    right hand platform. As you face the wall where the 1st Holocron was.
    1, findlestick's vid (minus Holocron collection):
    >--------<Wing Assembly Area #2>----------------------------------------------<
    Holocrons: As you enter this area, do a double High Jump up to the platform on
    the left that has a Holocron on it. While you are up there, proceed towards
    the 'broken Wing Assembly' that has a Holocron on it & get it.
    Note: If you have killed enough enemies & gotten all the cubed Holocrons, it's
    possible to have 2 Force Combo points at this stage.
    REMEMBER: You want 4 Force Combo Points in order to get Aerial Strike &
    Dashing Blast (The key Combos required to do 90% of your important skips in
    this game).
    SAVE POINT: About halfway through the hall that leads to the doors that you
    use to enter the Tie Assembly Area.
    >--------<Tie Assembly Line>--------------------------------------------------<
    Holocrons: Get the Holocron that is inside the left hand side of this assembly
    Skip - If you have managed to get enough Force Combo Points to buy Aerial
    Strike, you can skip having to pull the plug out simply by doing a "Trigger
    Breach Trick", to skip the trigger that loads the electric barrier. 
    1, findlestick's vid

    Once you skip the barrier, go and get your...
    ...Holocrons: Get a holocron that is hidden in a room that is to the right of
    that barrier that has the removable plug behind it. There is another one
    hidden amongst some of those electrified cylinders. Pull the plug & leave
    through the exit.
    Holocrons: Get the Holocron that is inside the right hand side of this
    assembly area. And then get the 2nd one that is to the right, near where the
    TIE Fighters come down through the roof.
    >--------<Defeat General Kota>------------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: At the end of Kota intro cutscene
    Combat Info:
    "Slap the piss out of him (square slaps), Punish each ULT with Sith Flurry
    (basic grab) into ground stab *he won't resist when fatigued*.
    Anytime you knock him down, try for a ground stab. You can grip him, but I
    don't find that as reliable as you might want it to be (still pretty good for
    him and Proxy).
    For the second bit with the heated floor, I fancy just preventing him from
    getting uptop with a square slap or push, but I'm not sure that is the FASTEST
    way you could use."
    SAVE POINT: Once Kota is dead
     * MISSION TWO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >--------<<<<RAXUS PRIME>>>>---------------------------------------------[lv02]
    >--------<Blast Your Way Into the Giant Hyperdrive Engine>--------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as Starkiller lands.
    Skip - Use The Trigger Breach Trick to skip trigger that loads the Hyperdrive
    Core cutscene. (c: GMG)
    (findlestick's vid, at 0:57)

    Skip - Use SAS to go over & around the entire Hyperdrive Core. Hit the
    ***SAVE POINT*** that is just after the Hyperdrive Core exit. Then restart the
    last save point, so that everything loads normally.
    1, findlestick's vid

    Skip - Just after exiting the Hyperdrive Core, you can skip directly to the
    end of the Crashed Starship by doing back to back Super Aerial Strikes. (Use
    the map to help you get through the unloaded graphics of the inner ship).
    1, findlestick's vid (at 1:02)

    >--------<Crashed Starship>---------------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: Just before you hit the trigger that loads the cutscene that shows
    you the Crashed Starship.
    Skip - If you didn't use the skip above to skip the entire Crashed Starship
    area, you can also do that same skip now (but obviously this is slower).
    1, findlestick's vid

    SAVE POINT: Once you have gone through the entire Starship & the game has
    loaded you at the next area.
    >--------<Destroy the Scavenger Camp's Shield Generators----------------------<
    Speed Trick - Use a SAS to quickly cross directly to the large blue
    double-doors on the far side that you use the force to open.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 2:02)

    SAVE POINT: During the cutscene that shows you the electric barrier after
    having gone through the large door that you just opened with the force.
    Skip - Skip this entire area by doing a SAS over the barrier door directly
    from where you stand at the end of the intro cutscene.
    1, findlestick's vid

    SAVE POINT: Halfway through the tunnel the leads to the 1st Junk Titan.
    >--------<Find a Way to Cross the Junk Chasm>---------------------------------<
    Skip - It's possible to use The Trigger Breach Trick on one of those floating
    robots to skip the intro cutscene. Tho this one is tricky, since the 'force
    drain' robots (located at the cutscene trigger) move about and can ruin your
    Aerial Strike distance required.
    Skip - Before it was discovered that time does not run when you are in the
    menus (to do the momentum glitch) this boss could be skipped by doing a short
    range long jump to get to the horizontal beam in the background, double jump
    to reach the next area below...
    ...however, since time doesn't run in the menus, it's actually quicker (and
    easier) to use Super Dashing Blast to get to the platform below the jet/wing
    1, findlestick's vid (of the slightly slower method, c: GMG):
    Incidently, it's also possible to do back-to-back SAS's directly from the spot
    where the game normally shows you a cutscene of the Jet Engine. Back-to-back
    SAS's will leave you on top of some walkable collision above the jet/wing
    area. However there is a maze of collision up there that takes too long to
    weave through to make this method viable, and to top it off you also have to
    backtrack to the start of the platform to hit a savepoint.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you reach the platform that is located beyond/below the
    jet/wing area.
    >--------<Infiltrate the Jedi Temple & Defeat Kazdan Paratus>-----------------<
    Speed Trick: Don't bother unfurling the platform that is ahead on the right...
    just jump on it's base and then continue over.
    SAVE POINT: Just as you start to walk through a path with large blocks of junk
    to your left & your right.
    Skip - Once you have passed some enemies (Just Before arriving at the 2nd Junk
    Titan arena) use one of those enemies to do some back-to-back SAS's directly
    up to the top of the elevator...where the trigger is that loads Kazdan Paratus
    (The Boss fight up top).
    SAVE POINT: Just as you are about to reach the 2nd Junk Titan area.
    >--------<2nd Junk Titan>-----------------------------------------------------<
    Skipped! (See above).
    >--------<Kazdan Paratus>-----------------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as the battle starts.
    Combat Info:
    "Obviously you will want lightning to open him up, but what is the fastest way
    at low level? Ring-out isn't that damaging (wastes time), but gives time to
    recover. Ground stabs tend to miss him.
    You might try lightning into grip for lightning grenade (spike him into the
    ground or at the ceiling?) then try to maybe ground stab *dangerous on his
    wake up*.
    His Titan is easier to deal with. Lighting imbued combos, lightning force
    power, Leaping Slash, etc. control it well."
    Spam X to skip the cutscene.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as the cutscene has been skipped.
     * MISSION THREE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    SAVE POINT: As soon as Starkiller lands at Felucia.
    Skip: You can skip the cutscene that shows the Felucians coming out from their
    lair, simply by doing an SAS (to the left) directly from behind that
    cutscene's trigger and end up at the very entrance to the Mushroom Ascent.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 2:27)

    SAVE POINT: Just before you enter the Mushroom ascent.
    >--------<Fight Your Way Through the Mushroom Ascent>-------------------------<
    Skip - Use SAS to go directly up to the upper level/exit of the Mushroom
    Ascent, no need to even fight any of the Felucians.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 3:16)

    SAVE POINT: Near the end of the tunnel that leads out of the mushroom
    NOTE: From this point onwards you can probably do a few SAS's around the place
    to skip some of the navigation on the way to Shaak Ti.
    SAVE POINT: When you reach some "Michelin-Manesque ribbed" silvery-grey
    (pointy) pillars.
    SAVE POINT: When you reach a ledge that overlooks a large open area where
    Rancors appear.
    SAVE POINT: Just after exiting the large/open Rancor area.
    SAVE POINT: After you go through various tunnels & reach the edge of a large
    open area.
    LOADING POINT: When you have just exited the large open area.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you see Starkiller appear at the ancient abyss.
    >--------<Defeat Shaak Ti (I)>------------------------------------------------<
    Combat Info:
    "Repulse (works well for) her and her friends. Opens her for ground stabs,
    cause her to fly into ring-out (not so great) or into the pustules (lovely
    damage). Having lvl2 might be desired."
    >--------<Shaak Ti (II)>------------------------------------------------------<
    "During the tentacle slams, you can use the i-frames of Repulse or
    back/sideevades or merely keep to the extreme left/right.  It is probably
    better you avoid saber lock-up with her not just for time concerns, but
    because Felucians can wail on you during it and the victory toss.  It just
    isn't a very big help".
    Skip the cutscene after defeating Shaak Ti by spamming X.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you have skipped the defeated Shaak Ti cutscene.
     * MISSION FOUR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >--------<<<<THE EMPIRICAL>>>>-------------------------------------------[lv04]
    >--------<Defeat the Purge Trooper>-------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you get control of Starkiller (so, after the droid
    finishes talking).
    SKIP: It's possible to skip everything from this very first moment of this
    level (from the 'Gas Room'), all the way to the hallway just before you get
    to the cutscene of the Trooper welding close some doors.
    The skip is done by doing a dash/dashing blast against a wall of collision
    that is behind any of those medical beds. Once out of bounds, you have to
    immediately do a high jump (or a few back-to-back levitations) to end up on
    top of the roof of the 'Gas Room'. 
    Once you are out of bounds, make your way to the final savepoint (before Juno)
    & then 'restart'. On restart, Starkiller will appear towards the end of
    the level.
    1, findlestick's vid

    Most of the level is skipped, but here is info on sections that were
    skipped just in case you need them:
    SAVE POINT: When you blast through the exit door to the room that has various
    cylindrical glass containers.
    SAVE POINT: When you blast through the door of a large open room that has many
    enemies shooting at you, some of them are up on platforms.
    >--------<Escape the ISS Empirical>-------------------------------------------<
    COMBAT INFO for final room: "Maybe slaughter some of the troublesome types
    with Repulse sending them down below or even multi-gripping to toss them into
    the laser gate. Stand near laser gate and grip objects from uptop
    *takes practice to get position down well* Rush Juno"
    Skip the cutscene after you rescue her by spamming X.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as the cutscene has been skipped.
     * MISSION FIVE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >--------<<<<CLOUD CITY>>>>----------------------------------------------[lv05]
    >--------<Start of the Level>-------------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as Starkiller finishes speaking shortly after he just
    Skip - Use one of those short 'pig-men' to Grip Jump to the final platform.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you reach the final tunnel that leads to the landing
    platforms outside. (NOTE: This is the final savepoint until the Shadow Guard
    boss has been killed).
    Skip - Use one of the enemies to Grip-Jump directly to the final platform.
    1, findlestick's vid (of both the above skips):
    SAVE POINT: As soon as Starkiller lands at the final platfom, at that point
    Load Last Save Point so that Kota appears next to you on restart.
    Speed Trick: There is a red Holocron nearby that gives you unlimited force,
    use this to quickly kill the 'pig-men' on the mechanical machines.
    >--------<Shadow Guard>-------------------------------------------------------<
    Combat Info:
    "You can't ignore his help safely with the tactic I used to control him
    (Sith Flurry to send him into the 'garage' across from where they land
    *getting him against a wall as the grab sends them to where our back faces*
    then Ground Stabbing the (hell) out of him*).
    You might be able to ignore them more if you have Sith Toss and air grab
    antics (leaving him open to ground stabs, Charged Saber Toss, lightning, etc).
    It is too slow to turn off his AI and chip him and ring-out doesn't really
    help (once again).
    It probably isn't as fast as just using Sith Toss to air grab to ground stab,
    but distanced lightning grenade spam is pretty effective against him".
    Skip the cutscene after defeating the Shadow Guard by spamming X.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you have skipped the cutscene.
     * MISSION SIX>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >--------<<<<IMPERIAL KASHYYYK>>>>---------------------------------------[lv06]
    >--------<Make Your Way to the Commander's Retreat>---------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: At the start of the level, just before you get to the tree trunk.
    Skip the cutscene by spamming X.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as the cutscene is skipped, and Starkiller appears at the
    next area.
    Skip: Do 2 back-to-back SAS' on one of the flamethrower enemies that appear in
    a short cutscene to quickly get Starkiller directly behind the large blue
    doors. Hit the ***SAVE POINT*** that is behind there & restart, on restart
    everything loads as normal.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 3:35)

    SAVE POINT: Just behind the large blue doors.
    Skip - Once you appear behind on the other side of the large blue doors (after
    restart), you can grab an enemy that is behind the transparent shield...& from
    here you can do 3 back-to-back SAS's all the way to the area behind Ozzik
    Sturn's personal quarters. Thus skipping this entire area, including the
    battle with the Imperial Guard (where the Wookie is caged in the middle of a
    circular room).
    When you do the SAS's...just make sure you land behind the EXIT DOOR to that
    room, where the ***SAVE POINT*** is. (Watch the map as you go flying).
    After that, just restart and you will be loaded at the start of the Wookie
    hunting grounds.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 4:23)

    >--------<Ozzik Sturn's Personal Quarters>------------------------------------<
    Skipped! (See above).
    >--------<Fight Your Way Through the Wookie Hunting Grounds>------------------<
    Speed Trick: Do a ground SAS or 2 to quickly get to the door that belongs to
    the 'Wookie Prison' Containment Fields.
    >--------<Prison Containment Fields>------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you walk through the door to this area.
    Skip: Use The Trigger Breach Trick to skip (at least) the first trigger that
    loads the first 2 sets of barriers. (The trigger that loads the final sets of
    barriers is probably skippable, but this is difficult - if not impossible -
    due to so many enemies about to mess up your Aerial Strike...cos of the
    1, findlestick's vid (at 5:12)

    There is an infinite Force Holocron towards the end of the tunnel that you can
    use to spam at enemies, if they get in the way of you targetting the
    electrical cable.
    SAVE POINT: As you are exiting the Prison Containment Field area.
    >--------<Destroy the Skyhook & Kill Ozzik Sturn>-----------------------------<
    Speed Trick - Do a Super Aerial Strike to get up ontop of the Skyhook Comm
    Tower, you can safely & quickly pull every hook out without any
    interruptions. (Just keep an eye out for those flying flamethrower
    troopers tho).
    1, findlestick's vid (at 5:22)

    NOTE: Ozzik Sturn appears after you have pulled out the 2nd hook, but stay up
    at the top of the tower to continue to safely/quickly pull out all the hooks.
    >--------<Ozzik Sturn>--------------------------------------------------------<
    Speed Trick - You can knock Ozzik Sturn off the ledge that is in front of the
    tower. Get the infinite force Holocron, and spam burst on his legs to edge him
    towards the ledge. Then if you do downwards air strikes, over &
    will see him drop into the chasm pretty quickly. (c: GMG)
    1, findlestick's vid (at 5:56)

    Combat Info:
    "Infinite MP uncharged push spam to the cliff (avoiding damage dealing
    *mostly* or dealing with the QTE).
    Should be the best bet unless you're on Easy with MAX power using the damage
    buff Sith Holocron (I believe those give a meaningful increase, but I'm not
    sure exactly how much it offers). There might also be an HP drain aura Sith
    Holocron around. I forget".
    Spam X to skip the cutscene.
    SAVEPOINT: As soon as the cutscene has been skipped.
     * MISSION SEVEN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >--------<<<<IMPERIAL FELUCIA>>>>----------------------------------------[lv07]
    >--------<Fight Your Way Through the Imperial Base Camp>----------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you see Starkiller.
    Skip: By using SAS on one of those large tooth/horns on the ground at the 1st
    clearing, you can go flying all the way to the narrow walkway that has the
    transparent shields on it.
    Hit the ***SAVE POINT*** at the end of this narrow walkway & restart, so that
    everything loads normally.
    1, findlestick's vid (at the very start)

    SAVE POINT: Shortly after smashing the rocks that fall in front of you, A few
    body lengths in.
    Skip: You can use a Felucian here to directly get to the ***SAVE POINT*** that
    is at the start of the Sarlacc area. Once you hit this save point, restart.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 1:04)

    >--------<Activate the Stabilizer Nexus Power Generators>---------------------<
    Speed Trick - Do 2 back-to-back Super Dashing Blasts from the ledge that
    overlooks this area to quickly get to the generator on the right, &
    electrify it.
    From behind that generator (towards the left) you can do a
    Short-Range-Long-Jump around a wall of collision to get to the generator that
    is to the left of screen.
    From there you can use an enemy or Sarlacc tooth to do a SAS directly to the
    final generator that is to the right of this one. Thus skipping all navigation
    in this entire area.
    1, findlestick's vid (minus the SDB at the start of the area, at 1:49)
    LOADING POINT: At the end of the cutscene of Starkiller walking into the
    >--------<Sarlacc Stomach>----------------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: Shortly after seeing Starkiller at the bottom of the elevator.
    Speed Trick: VERY QUICKLY jump inside the hole with the flaps as soon as you
    get to it. If you wait they will close & you'll have to wait for them to open
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you jump in the hole that has some flaps that
    open & close.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you reach the start of the wind tunnel.
    >--------<Sarlacc Wind Tunnel>------------------------------------------------<
    Speed Trick: It's possible to go through this tunnel very quickly by doing a
    ground Super Dashing Blast, followed by an SAS against one of the Felucian's
    approching you from the tunnel's exit. This will send you flying quickly
    through the exit. 
    With this method, you only have to wait through 1 'wind cycle'.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 3:16)

    LOADING POINT: At the end of the cutscene where the Sarlacc spits Starkiller
    >--------<Outside the Sarlacc again>------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you see Starkiller again.
    Skip: Grab an enemy and do an SAS directly to the exit point of this clearing.
    Hit the...
    ...LOADING POINT: At the end of the narrow walkway. Soon after that, you will
    appear at the edge of the Rancor Graveyard.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 3:27)

    >--------<Rancor Graveyard>---------------------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you see Starkiller again.
    Spam X so skip the Senator cutscene.
    >--------<Bull Rancor >-------------------------------------------------------<
    Combat Info:
    "Probably going to have to go with baiting charge (maybe catch the attention
    of it with a lightning hit), use about two lightning saber strings and back
    away to repeat while catching Brood with Repulse. I don't really see a faster,
    more reliable way".
    NOTE: There is NO SAVE POINT after killing the Bull Rancor, the next save
    point is after defeating Maris Brood.
    >--------<Maris Brood >-------------------------------------------------------<
    Speed Trick: It's possible to get Maris stuck against the walls, if you do,
    you can just spam Square for a very quick & painless victory.
    Spam X to skip the Maris defeated cutscene.
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you have skipped the cutscene.
     * MISSION EIGHT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    >--------<<<<IMPERIAL RAXUS PRIME>>>>------------------------------------[lv08]
    Spam X to skip the intro cutscene.
    >--------<Find the Imperial Dropship>-----------------------------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you see Starkiller.
    Skip - Use a piece of targetable trash located at the large pile of rubbish at
    Starkillers rear right, to do a SAS directly to the tunnel that leads to the
    next large battle arena. When you enter the tunnel that is located near the
    jet engine, you will hit the...
    ...SAVE POINT: Inside the start of the tunnel that leads to the large battle
    area. (Then restart, after doing the above skip, in order for everything to
    1, findlestick's vid

    >--------<Large Open Battle Arena>--------------------------------------------<
    Skip - Once you exit the short tunnel, go left of screen from there and do a
    short-range long jump to the some walkable collision on the left, from there
    you can just walk then doublejump/air dash/dashing blast to the exit tunnel.
    1, findlestick's vid (see above video)
    SAVE POINT: Towards the end of the tunnel that leads to the next area.
    >--------<Fight Your Way to the Dropship Roof>--------------------------------<
    Skip: Use SAS to go directly to the roof, the trigger that loads the dropship
    cutscene is in a rectangular hole that is up there (This skips the
    entire area).
    1, findlestick's vid

    Spam X to skip the Dropship cutscene.
    >--------<Infiltrate the Imperial Ore Collection Facility>--------------------<
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you see Starkiller.
    Skips - It's actually possible to skip everything from this very spot...ALL
    the way to 'Proxy-as-the-Shadow-Guard' Boss fight.
    To do this, firstly use one of the robots in front of you to do a SAS over
    the large (hangar?) building that is in front of you. Try not to go too high
    over it, otherwise the ***SAVE POINT*** at the next area will not be there.
    As you are flying over the (hangar?) building, try to land near the door
    belonging to the next circular area...that's where the ***SAVE POINT***
    should be. 
    Once you hit the ***SAVE POINT***, restart so that everything loads normally.
    Skip - (continued...) - After restart, use one of the enemies to do a SAS
    over the barriers that are in front of you. When you land at the next area,
    the 2 spinning 'door opening mechanisms' that are on the left and right won't
    actually work when you raise them. But that's fine, because there is a great
    skip that can be done here...
    ...(while most of the graphics are invisible) just press the button that
    activates 'hold' (R1 on PS3) until you grab any invisible object that can be
    lifted up with 'grip'. Then use that object to do 3 back-to-back SAS's
    directly up to the large golden 'Ring' that you see high above/in
    front of you. you fall, try to stay to the left of the very large tower-like object
    that is directly in front of you. Eventually you will hit the trigger that
    loads the 'Proxy-as-the-Shadow-Guard' Boss fight.
    Thus skipping nearly everything. If you include this large skip with the
    other Imperial Raxus Prime skips...90% of this level is skippable.
    1, findlestick's vid (at 3:59)

    >--------<Make Your Way to the Central Ring of the Facility>------------------<
    Skipped! (See above video)
    General info about this area (just in case you need it):
    SAVE POINT: As soon as you go through the doors belonging to this circular are 

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