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Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures features the base game, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, along with all three of the game's expansions: Jump to Lightspeed, Rage of the Wookiees, and Trials of Obi-Wan.
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	 (  _` ( )_                 ( )  _  ( )                   
         | (_(_)| ,_)   _ _  _ __    | | ( ) | |   _ _  _ __   ___ 
         `__  | |   /'_` )( '__)   | | | | | | /'_` )( '__)/',__)
         ( )_) || |_ ( (_| || |      | (_/ _) |( (_| || |   __, 
         `____)`__)`__,_)(_)      `___x___/'`__,_)(_)   (____/

               ___           __                               
              (  _`        (_ )               _              
              | ( (_)   _ _  | |    _ _       (_)   __    ___ 
              | |___  /'_` ) | |  /'_` )(`/')| | /'__`/',__)
              | (_, )( (_| | | | ( (_| | >  < | |(  ___/__, 

		A Guide To the new Beast Master Expertise System

In mid-May 2007, SOE released the newest update (publish/chapter) 
to Star Wars Galaxies, Chapter 6. With Chapter 6 came the Beast Master 
((BM)) expertise tree. It brings back much of the old Bio-Engineer and 
Creature Handling system many Pre-Cu players have been begging for. 
This guide is a guide to help you understand the BM system and to get you 
on the fast track to crafting and incubating your very own combat pets 
and mounts!


1.5 - Added Pet Leveling Guide (10/2/07)

1.0 - Basic Guide was Created


The BM system isn't a profession; rather, it's an extra expertise tree 
available to every class and profession. You have 45 expertise points to 
spend in this tree. Let's explore each skill in the Beast Master 
expertise tree.


INCUBATION: This ability allows you to use an Incubator to craft new beasts. 
You will also receive the "Extract DNA" and "Revive Beast" commands when 
you learn this skill.  


BEAST EMPATHY: You can learn this skill to improve your ability to keep 
your beasts happy. Your creature's happiness can range from furious to 
ecstatic and has a direct impact on its loyalty and how quickly it 
gains levels. You'll need this skill if you have a mount or a combat pet.


INCUBATION QUALITY: Can provide up to a 20% bonus to your enzyme qualities 
during incubation. Increasing the quality of enzymes can affect the points 
available for the beast's stats during incubation. You must spend three 
points in Beast Empathy to learn this ability. 


GENETIC ENGINEERING: Grants a bonus to Genetic Engineering. 
Learning this skill gives you a bonus toward the effect of hydrolase 
enzymes during the refining process of incubation. You have to spend 
three points in Incubation Quality to learn this ability.


STUPID PET TRICKS: Beast(s) under your control will do tricks at your command.
Some pets enjoy performing tricks for their master so much that it can 
improve their happiness. 


DNA HARVESTING: Learning this ability increases your chance to obtain higher 
quality DNA from a creature in the wild. Every 10 points will give you a 5% 
bonus to the minimum quality of the DNA you are extracting.


CREATE MOUNT: You can make a creature a mount when its still in its egg.
Beasts such as the Bantha, Bol, Bolotaur, Brackaset, Carrion Spat, Cu Pa , 
Dewback, Eopie, Falumpaset, Graul, Kaadu, Kashyyyk Bantha, Rancor, Tulrus, 
Varactyl, and more can become mounts. You have to spend a point in Stupid 
Pet Tricks to learn this ability.


INCUBATION PROCESSING TIME: Learn this skill to reduce the time required to 
incubate and hatch a beast. If you spend three points in this expertise, 
combined with a high quality incubator, the time between incubation sessions 
can be decreased by as many as 12 hours. You must learn the ability Create 
Mount before you can spend points in this skill. 


ATTACK!: You can command a beast under your control to attack anything you 
are able to attack yourself. Choosing this skill automatically adds the 
Attack button to the Pet Toolbar. 


CREATURE KNOWLEDGE: Learn this ability to gather detailed knowledge 
about a creature. This skill allows you to study creatures in the wild 
for chance to discover special abilities that can then be taught to your 
beast. Beasts can only learn from creatures of a similar type; for example, 
a narglatch can't learn abilities from a rancor. You must have spent a 
point in the the Attack ability in order to learn the Creature Knowledge 


ENHANCED SKILL AcQUISITION: This skill improves your chance to learn 
abilities that you may use to train your pet while you are studying 
another creature. You must spend a point in the Creature Knowledge skill 
before you can learn this ability.


SOOTHING COMFORT: The Soothing Comfort ability removes a harmful effect, 
state, or damage over time effect from your creature. You must spend four 
points in Enhanced Skill Acquisition in order to use this ability. 


SWIFT RECOVERY: Learn this skill to reduce the amount of time it takes to 
revive your beast from incapacitation. You must spend a point in Soothing 
Comfort before you can learn this ability. 


MENDING: Train this expertise to use the ability Heal Beast to restore 
health to your injured creature.You must spend a point in Swift Recovery to 
learn this ability.


ADDITIONAL COMBAT COMMAND : You may teach your beasts an additional combat 
command once you have chosen this expertise. You must learn Improved Pet 
Recovery to unlock this slot on the Pet Toolbar. 


EXCEPTIONAL NUTRITION: Select this ability to increase the Health of all 
beasts under your control by up to 100%. You must have learned the Soothing 
Comfort skill in order to learn this ability. 


IMPROVED PET RECOVERY: Learn this expertise to increase the amount of Health 
your beast receives when you revive it from incapacitation. You must have 
spent 2 points in Exceptional Nutrition to learn this ability.


ADDITIONAL COMBAT COMMAND (2) : You may teach your beasts an additional 
combat command once you have chosen this expertise. You must learn Improved 
Pet Recovery to unlock this slot on the Pet Toolbar. 


DEXTERITY TRAINING: Learn this skill to increase the attack speed of beasts 
under your control by up to 100%. You must spend two points in Exceptional 
Nutrition to learn this ability.


SPECIALIZED SUPPLEMENTS: This ability increases the Health and Action 
regeneration rate of your beast by up to 100%. You must spend two points in 
Dexterity Training in order to obtain this ability. 


ADDITIONAL COMBAT COMMAND (3): You may teach your beast(s) an additional 
combat command once you have chosen this expertise. You must learn Improved 
Pet Recovery to unlock this slot on the Pet Toolbar. 


FORTITUDE: Learn this skill to boost your pet's defense and increase the 
armor of beasts under your control by 100%. You must spend two points in the 
Dexterity Training expertise to learn this skill.


SAVAGERY: Increase the damage caused by beasts under your control by 100% by 
learning this expertise. You must spend three points in Fortitude to use 
this skill. 


HARMONIOUS UNDERSTANDING: This ability reduces your damage reduction 
penalty when controlling a beast. You must spend three points in Savagery 
to learn this skill. 


Ok, you've spent your expertise points in the Beast Master what? 
You have to have an Incubator to bio-engineer your pet!  Once you contact a 
structures trader to craft an Incubator or buy one for yourself, you need 5 
things to start your pet.  Each time you craft a pet, you'll go through 
three Experimentation Sessions until you can formulate an egg.  Each 
experimentation session can last from 12-24 hours, depending on your skills 
in the BM tree and/or the quality and functionality of your Incubator.


A. GEOTHERMAL ENERGY - A new type of energy, Geothermal energy is needed to 
run the incubator. It can be obtained like any other type of energy, 
though a Geothermal energy generator, (or through a bazarr if youre lazy <.<).
For each Experimentation Session, 2500 units of Geothermal Energy are used.


B. LYASE ENZYMES - Out of the three enzymes needed to craft a pet, the Lyase 
are probably the easiest to get. You need one Lyase Enzyme per Experimentation
Session, and they are obtained simply by foraging. That's right, foraging 
actually has apurpose now rather than to just find fishing bait!

A Lyase Enzyme will be colored, and will say "Random Attributes Affected: XX"
The XX represents the number of random attributes a single Lyase Enzyme will 
affect, and you want as many as possible. The minimum number of attributes 
you canaffect is one, and the maximum number is 11, or all of them.

Lyase Enzymes are easy to get, and they help out a combat pet immensely.


C. ISOMERASE ENZYMES - The second easiest enzyme to get, Isomerase Enzymes are
common and play an important role in the development of your pet.  You will 
need two Isomerase Enzymes per Experimentation Session, or 6 for a full beast.
The quality of Isomerase Enzymes is measured in a percent, the lowest percent
 being 5% and the highest being 90%.

To obtain Isomerase Enzymes, you must loot them off of dead beasts. This is 
the important part so listen up: THE QUALITYOF THE ENZYME IS DIRECTLY BASED 
OFF OF THE COMBAT LEVEL (cl) OF THE BEAST YOU KILL. For example, if you kill 
a cl 5 worrt you will most likely loot a 5-6 % Isomerase Enzyme.  Now if you 
kill a cl 91 piket protector, you will most likely loot a 87-90 % enzyme. 
The percentages will usually be a little higher or lower than the beast you 
kill, and 90% Isomerase Enzymesare rare, so keep on killing to get the good 


D. HYDROLASE ENZYMES - Undoubtedly the hardest enzymes to get your hands on, 
the Hydrolase Enzymes determine the points you can spend in the 6 types of 
skills your pet can get while in the Incubator. Hydrolase Enzymes' quality 
is the same as theIsomerases Enzymes, or in percents, with the same caps,
(5-90 %)

To obtain Hydrolase Enzymes, you must first purchase or craft an Enzyme 
Extractor. After you get that, go out and kill an animal. When its deceased, 
target its corpse and use the Enzyme Extractor. You will have sucessfully 
extracted a single Hydrolase Enzyme. Similar to the Isomerase Enzyme, 
the quality of a Hydrolase Enzyme is based on the cl of the creature you
extracted it from.

The six skills your pet can learn are as follows:

Survival and Bestial Resilience (green) represent a creature's defensive 

Cunning and Intelligence (yellow) represent a creature's intellectual 

Aggression and Hunter's Instinct (orange) represent a creature's aggressive 


E. DNA - Without a creature's DNA you can't even start an Experimentation 
session! DNA is extracted from live or dead creatures using the DNA 
harvesting ability. The DNA is stored in DNA Storage Devices, and they say 
the quality of the DNA, ( from 5% quality to 90% quality) and the name of 
the species of the DNA. You only need one DNA storage device for 3 
Experimentation Sessions.  



Now that you've crafted your pet, its time to take it out and level it up.
A pet levels up the same way your character does, by gaining experience 
points from killing other creatures or NPC's.  To level up your pet, have it 
attack an NPC that is close to or higher than the pets combat level. 
(Your pet will come out of its egg at cl 5).  It will gain experience points
for every creature it kills, and will level up like you would.  

When your creature is out, an action toolbar will appear over yours, with 
your pet's abilities.  To use these, just click on them like you would your 
own attacks.  

To boost your pets experience while fighting, give it a Dietary Supplement.  
There are different kinds of Dietary Supplements and you'll need to find the 
one that will affect your pet. These will boost the exp that your pet gains 
by 400-500 points per kill, and are extremely effective and useful while 
grinding your pet to cl90.

Pet combat is very similar to normal combat, and takes only a few minutes 
to get used to.


While not enitrely essential, your pet's mood will determine if it gets an 
xp boost or decrease, and if it will listen to you. You may notice that your 
pet "approves of this activity" or "dislikes being on this planet". Every pet
has a favorite planet, activity, and food, as well as activities, planets, 
and foods it dislikes.  To find out its favorites, all you have to do is do 
all the activities you can, (killing NPC's, killing creatures, tricks etc), 
feed it all the food you can, and call it out on every planet. This way, 
you will quickly find out your pet's likes and dislikes.

A pet's mood can range from anywhere to furious to ecstatic...and belive me, 
you'll want to keep your pet's mood up at all times.  The madder your pet is,
the less xp it will gain during combat, and vice versa.  To lift the spirits 
of your pet, just do its favorite activity, feed it its favorite food, 
or call it on its favorite planet. You'll be glad you did.

A pet's loyalty level can go up and down the same way. Your pet's loyalty 
level will start at "Wild", but with time, patience, and some of your pet's 
favorite food, the loyalty level will increase, capping at "Trained". 
You'll want to try to get your pet's loyalty level as high as you can, 
because it will definitley help while grinding your pet to 90.

NOTE: Like a real pet, your pets in Star Wars Galaxies love attention 
and food, so be generous with both! ^_^


You may be trying to extract DNA from an animal, and it might say 
"This Creature does not have DNA viable for Incubation".While that statement
may be true, it doesn't mean you can't get one of those rare creatures as a 
pet. To get a rare creature, such as a rancor, graul, or kimogila, you 
will have to use Pre-CU DNA Samples. What I mean by that is that the DNA for 
these creatures is no longer available, and you have to get the DNA samples 
from a player that has them from before the infamous Combat Upgrade. 


Though you probably have made your pet by now, only a handful of people have 
actually grinded their beast to its cap, cl90.  I'm adding this Pet Leveling
guide to help you get the best combat possible out of your pet!

- Always Always Always use Supplements if possible! These have a chance to 
give you a 500% bonus to EXP per kill! It will make grinding a lot easier. 

- Never attack a creature that Cons grey to you. You will negate all EXP 
being rewarded to your pet even if you do 1 hp of damage! 

- Do not be afraid to go grind off of creatures even up to 10 levels lower 
than your pet. If it is capable of getting EXP off that creature, it will 
get the same EXP off of that as it would a lvl 90 elite. 

- Use Macros if necessary. To activate any option on the pet toolbar, use 
/ui action petToolbarSlotX <-- Where X is 0-8 depending on position on 
the bar. 

- You may also do all the killing for your pet provided to only attack 
things that con GREEN and up! spend 1 point in the BM expertise to be 
able to call your pet and set it on PASSIVE. This will grant you the 
abilitiy to call your pet and also grant the REVIVE ability. Go out 
and hunt away and your pet will gain the same EXP as it would if it was 
doing the killing, whatever method works best for you! 

- Keep your pet Happy with food, tricks, etc for extra EXP. You must 
find what activities it likes best as every pet is different.

- If you want your pet to auto-attack using one, two, three, or all of the 
abilities you've trained it just right-click on the icon on the Pet Toolbar 
to set that ability as an Auto-Attack. 

- Set your Pet on DEFENSIVE MODE. Aggroing many NPCs allows your pet to 
pick them off 1 by 1 as they attack you. Watch your health though... 

Level 1-10 

Mos Eisley Outskirts - Random Static Spawns of low level creatures. 
Right behind the Bank spawns the most creatures at a rapid rate. 

Bestine Outskirts - More random low level Mobs.

Behind Dearic, Talus starport, immediate spawn of level 2 NPCs. 

Combat Level 10-20 

Valarian Depot Outside of Bestine. Waypoint -1500 -3300. These can pack a 
punch so be careful. 

You can try to continue to grind off of creatures in Mos Eisley... 

In front of Moenia, Naboo cantina, immediate spawn of level 18 NPCs. 

Mos Espa, Tatooine.. -3164 2157, cl 16 NPCs. 

The White Thranta compound at 3693 -4096 on Tatooine. 

Lars Homestead,Tatooine (-2464, -5376), there is a massive spawn of womprats.

Combat Level 20-30 

Squill Cave on Tatooine. Waypoint 50, -250. Run around here for some good exp
and also Learn Bite 1 and 2 if interested!
Greater Tatooine Mynocks at -2713 2539 outside of Mos Espa, Insta-Respawn.
NPC spawn outside of Coronet, Corellia. Fast Spawn and fairly easy kills
Spawns around Jabba's Palace are quick and easy!
Wookiee Camp next to Starport on Kashyyyk.
Moenia, Rori has Static Spawning Thieves.
Gungan vs Imp battle on Naboo. (POI)
Behind Moenia starport, immediate spawn of level 20 NPCs.
Narglatch spawn at the crashed transport near Deeja Peak on Naboo.
Nightspider spawn out front of the Theed main square.
Starving Flewts outside Dee'ja Peak Naboo at 4313 -1258. 

Combat Level 30-40 

Darkwalkers Cave on Naboo. Waypoint 5050 -2075. good exp and fast spawns. 
Best results in the deep end of the cave. 

Mission Terminals in Theed, Naboo.
Trandoshan Camp on Kashyyyk.
The Narglatch Cave on Naboo.
Nightspider spawn out front of the Theed main square.
Sayormi (Ultra fast respawn, in the dead forest) - cl 32.
The Durni Bunker is outside Kor Vella [-3655, 2843]. 

Starving Flewts outside Dee'ja Peak Naboo at 4313 -1258.
Sand Crawler, Tatooine (5749, 4016) First kill jawas, then sandpeople 
(watch for Krayts)!
The NSH bunker on Talus (-4626 -3210) cl30-41 NPC's. 

Combat Level 40-50

Outside of Tyrena, Corellia there is a static spawn of lvl 35ish NPCs. 
These are a good point to level up at and follow. 

Inside of Tyrena has some NPCs on a quick timer that are kill able as well. 

Static Spawns on outsirts of Dearic, Talus. 

Mission Terminals in Dearic, Talus. 

Trandoshan Camp on Kashyyyk.
Webweavers in front of the cave in the Dead Forest, Kashyyyk.
The Aakuan cave POI on talus, cl39-51 NPC's.
The Durni Bunker is outside Kor Vella [-3655, 2843]
Corellia, The Cave POI in the Agrilat Swamp.
NE corner of Nashal, Talus, Spider Spawn, there are about 100 of them and 
they can pack a punch (cl 45ish) (/waypoint 7323 7609)
Ettyy Hunting Grounds, Kashyyyk 
Sayormi (Ultra fast respawn, in the dead forest) - cl 32 (xp stops at 46) 

Combat Level 50-60 

Continue Tyrena Spawn... 

Kill Thieves in Restuss that are East of the starport (100 meters or so) 

Lok canyon corsair stronghold POI.
The Wallugas in the Ryatt Trail.
Kashyyyk Ryatt Trail - Escaped Wookiees (high grounds) - cl 55 

Combat Level 60-70 

Continue to kill Thieves at Restuss (NOTE: Exp stops at lvl 67) 

Mission Terminals at Nym's Stronghold on Lok.
The Wallugas and Moufs in the Ryatt Trail. 

Pull missions from Dantooine, pulling missions in a player city can get you 
lvl 60+, while NPC cities give lvl 90 missions.
Kashyyyk Ryatt Trail - Escaped Wookiees (high grounds) - cl 55 

Combat Level 71-90 

At this Level, if your toon is CL of 90, you can participate in the
killings without having the pet suffer from EXP loss. 

!IMPORTANT NOTE!: At CL75, the supplements for your pet will no longer work!
Sorry, but you'll have to grind the rest of the way the hard way :P


Player Killing for pet EXP 

If you are lvl 90 with a pet and you want to be the one doing the killing 
and let your pet do the rest you may want to check out these places 
(NOTE: Creatures have to be CL 70+ if you plan to assit your pet in killing): 

Mustafar: Beetle Cave, Suggestion is to bring a group in and kill kill kill! 
Beetles are strong with pub6 and can be killed very fast in that 30 minute 

Mustafar: Old Facility (NE of map) Very fast Spawns. Mobs are seperated for 
the most part and most attacks will be 2 NPCs at a time.
Mustafar: Droid Armor, I would suggest a group for this but a lot of kills 
can be made durring this, Not the fastest method at all but chance for 
high end loot.

Mustafar: Tulrus Island, many spawns, watch for strong Aggro!
Mustafar: Burning Plains, many spawns around there just waiting to help.
Rori: Restuss Battle, if your faction controls the city, the many NPC spawns 
and mission can add up nicely and reward yuou with GCW at the same time.
Endor: SE area of planet has many lvl 70 spawns everywhere.
Kashyyyk: Feral Wookiee Spawn in Rryatt Trail, Webweaver Path, fairly quick 
spawn of lvl 80s.

Naboo: waterfall behind Theed Spaceport, and to the left of the little river 
is a spawn of Kaadu (fast respawn).
Dathomir: Of Course, the pre-Publish 6 grinding location for toons is now 
there for Pets! S/SE of the planet has many lvl 70-90 creatures.

I'd like to thank Diokana for allowing me to use this helpful, informative pet
leveling guide, and for me to share it all with you! 

This wraps up my Beast Master Guide...I hope this helps all of you that 
have questions about BM, and if this can't answer your questions, just 
ask some helpers in-game :D

Thanks to SOE and for the Expertise info, and bluemoogle
for the title graphic!


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.


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N   A



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