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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: The Clone Campaigns

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About The Game

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns features 14 new single-player combat scenarios, new civilizations, environments, vehicles, and more than 200 new units. This add-on to Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds has some scenarios inspired by the upcoming movie, Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is required to play this game.

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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: The Clone Campaigns Review

By Adrienne Dudek |

It's probably still safe to say the The Conquerors was my favorite expansion of all time. Released as an add-on for The Age of Kings, it added tons of new units, loads of new campaigns and some thoughtful rebalancing to the existing game. I remarked at one point that Galactic Battlegrounds, based off of Age of Kings, seemed like little more than a Star Wars themed expansion pack. Not that that's a bad thing; I loved Age of Kings and I loved Star Wars. But now, concurrent with the release of the film, LucasArts has released the first expansion to Galactic Battlegrounds, The Clone Campaigns.

Like the new film, the game adds two new political factions to the Star Wars universe: the Confederacy of Independent Planets and the Galactic Republic. While both are centered primarily on the use of troopers and mechs, there's more than enough variety between the two sides, both of a practical and philosophical nature. The Confederacy workers, for instance, are upgraded with basic training automatically, making them more robust. The Galactic Republic doesn't have the same worker advantages but they do get cheaper air units and a reduced cost for mech upgrades.

Each of the two sides has a unique campaign, seven missions for the Confederacy, six for the Galactic Empire. Since they attempt to tell a single story, you've got to play them in order, beginning with the Confederacy. As in the previous game, the action within the missions doesn't overlap the action of the movie but rather supplements it by focusing on some of the side stories on the periphery of the film. It's a good approach that keeps things fresh while also giving you some ground to stand on.

While hardly surprising, it's significant that the game gives you a "good guy" and "bad guy" oriented campaign (although truth be told, both sides and their respective heroes seem kind of bad). I won't spoil the surprises by revealing any of the specifics of the missions but you get to meet up with a few of the characters from the film, visit a few of the locations (although under different circumstances) and see some of the action that took place behind the scenes of the movie. Once you're done with the campaigns, there's a single bonus mission that you can play. I won't spoil it either but simply say that it takes place right after Return of the Jedi and gives you access to a really cool unit.

Unfortunately the two campaigns are told too differently. In the first campaign you take on the role of Sev'Rance Tann and operate under the direction of Count Dooku. All the mission briefings are handled in the present tense and Count Dooku speaks directly to you in person: "You need to go do this..." While the second campaign has you take charge of jedi Echuu Shen-Jon, all the briefings are handled in the past tense. Mace Windu tells the story of Echuu to you as if you're not Echuu. It may be more effective from a story-telling standpoint but it's kind of an abrupt change after the immediacy of the previous campaign. On the same level, the fact that you don't control a main character from the film (like Chewbacca or Darth Vader in the previous game) is kind of a letdown.

The two new civilizations and the six existing ones all also gain special team bonuses that take effect when they ally with another civilization. The Confederacy and their allies receive a nova collection bonus while the Galactic Empire's allies benefit from increased mech movement. The Republic offers more effective healer units and faster jedis. Beyond these benefits, each side also gets a unique fortress bonus. The Rebel fortress has a longer range and wider sight radius while the Republic fortress offers garrisoned units a higher rate of healing. These benefits are a nice way to further differentiate the sides but they don't really start to shine until you start playing multiplayer.

All civilizations share two new units. The first available is the Power Droid. These little guys are absolutely fantastic and, trivial as they may seem at first, they might be the neatest addition to the game. They act as mobile power generators and you can use them to set up remote satellite bases in key strategic locations. I've used them countless times to supplement (and in a few cases completely replace) my existing power generators. The downside of course is that they're more vulnerable to attack.

At the other end of the spectrum lies the Air Cruiser. Best described as heavy assault air units, the air cruisers don't become available until quite late in the game. As you might expect they're slow and extremely vulnerable but can deliver massive amounts of damage from long range, well beyond that of the game's turrets. There are two other new, civ-specific air units in the game. The new Rebel A-wing is a great hit and run attacker (although it's too far down the tech tree to be as useful as it could be). The Republic gains access to the Jedi Starfighter which combines the mobility of the regular fighter with whatever Jedi powers and technology you've researched.

The small balance changes really help to offset a few of the deficiencies of the previous game. First and most significantly, turrets of all kinds are more expensive and require longer to construct. This ameliorates the turtling that characterized many of the battles of the previous game but, even so, a defensive strategy based on the thoughtful placement of turrets is still almost impossible to beat until you gain access to the tech level 4 units and abilities. The sight and firing range of air units has been increased, as has the strength of mounted units when attacking buildings. This also tends to minimize the effectiveness of a turret-oriented defense. To help supplement the decreased effectiveness of the turrets, anti-air troops have been improved. They're now cheaper and less likely to take damage from air units.

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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: The Clone Campaigns Game Walkthrough


                    Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga
                                 By: Legomondo
                     Version: 1.15 (Last Updated: 05/27/04)
                            Game System: DOS/Windows


  1.  Version
  2.  Introduction
  3.  Basics
  4.  Civilizations
  5.  Unit & Structure Appendix
  6.  Campaign Walkthrough
  7.  Technologies
  8.  Multiplayer
  9.  Codes & Secrets
  10. Legal Information
  11. Thanks

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ 1. Version ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

05/27/04 - 1.15: Added some reader content and a couple of codes.
  "Multiplayer" is still behind.

08/31/03 - 1.11: Yuck.  School has started again.  But, FAQ wise, the "Basics"
  are basically done.  The "Multiplayer" part is still under construction, as
  well as the "Codes & Secrets".  Hopefully, this version will also fix the
  missing parts of my FAQ that a reader was so generous to point out.

08/07/03 - 1.10: This whole FAQ is complete, but I'm going to rewrite the
  "Basics" and "Multiplayer" part, and finish the last of the codes.

07/27/03 - 1.00: Everything is almost complete, with even two Clone Campaign
  mission, poorly formatted.  However, I plan to add more stuff to this FAQ to
  include the Clone Campaign expansion pack.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ 2. Introduction ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Hey all, and welcome to my Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga FAQ.  Saga?
Isn't it just Galactic Battlegrounds.  Yeah, it should be, but as time went on,
video game stores started including the expansion pack with the original one,
declaring the new package as what I'm calling it today.  Sort of like what
Westwood did with some of their Command & Conquer games.  Hope you enjoy this

If you have any questions that you want to email me, you can do so at:
Legomondo [at] yahoo [dot] com.  If you're wondering why I spelt out the @ and
., it's because I get a lot of spam mail due to my guides, which I'm guessing
is due to lots of spam bots.  So, instead of depriving you all a way to contact
me, this will [hopefully] stop a new wave.  Oh, and by the way, when you're
emailing me, INCLUDE the title of the game in the subject.

                                               - Legomondo

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ 3. Basics ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Like I said in the "Version" history, this section has been rewritten.  Why I
wrote such a crap "Basics" to begin with is probably due to the fact that I
wanted my guide to be complete when I sent it in.


You all probably know the simple clicking used to direct units, but this part
is dedicated to the hotkeys that you will probably find very useful.

  -=[ Basic Hotkeys ]=-

Grouping -
  CTRL + Number
You'll use this one a lot.  Using this method, you can assign a whole squad of
units to a certain number so that they can easily be brought up.  Pressing the
number you assign the units to will highlight them anywhere on the battlefied.
Pressing it twice in a row when they're already selected will center the screen
on them.  To add or subtract units from a group, hold down CTRL and select or
drag a box around them.

Stopping -
  "S" Key
Pressing "S" will immediately stop any moving unit in their tracks.  It's good
for units who are heading into the range of a turret, but not much else.

Garrison -
  "G" Key
A handy way to quickly bring up the garrisoning symbol so you can garrison
troops into buildings and turrets.

  -=[Advanced Hotkeys]=-

Multi Building -
  Shift + Left Mouse Click
Instead of having to click five times for five units you want to build, simply
hold down the "Shift" key while clicking the build unit button and it'll
automatically build five for you.

Options Menu -
  "F10" Key
This one is only good for bringing up the menu where it asks you to save, etc.

Killing Units -
  Delete Key
Have a unit you don't need.  I like to send them off into battle so they can at
least do some damage, but if you need a unit fast, then pressing the "Delete"
key on a highlighted unit or building will instantly destroy it.

Conversions -
  "C" Key
Whenever you have a group of Jedi Knights of Masters, pressing the "C" Key will
automatically order them to convert, instead of dragging your moust towards the
button and then towards the enemy.

Multi Construction -
  Shift + Click on Building
If you ever play a large game with 200+ units, then you know what a hassle it
is to continually press the build button and then go to the Prefab Shelter
button.  Instead of doing that, you can hit shift right before you place the
building on the map.  Doing this will allow you to place multiple Prefab
Shelters wherever you want.

                                  Game Basics

It should go without saying that you lose should you ever let your Command
Center or Workers get killed or destroyed.  No doubt about it.  Having at least
one with enough resources will let your empire thrive to its fullest.  That
being said, you should also have enough Workers to have a steady supply of all
resources that you need most.  We're mainly talking about Carbon and Food.

Thankfully, Carbon and Food are the two most plentiful resources found on most
maps.  Carbon can build structures and units while Food can build Workers and
units.  Nova and Ore can build other advanced weaponry such as ships, fighters,
and defenses.  It's always good to have a balance of Workers on your most
needed resources.  The more Workers you have on a resource, the faster the
income.  Income means troops, and that means victory.

When battling an opponent, you must learn the strengths and weaknesses of your
civilization.  Each side has its own technological strategies that will boost
your fighting force to their max.  Don't forget to research them, or any other
technology you'll use on the battlefield.  Having better technology than your
opponents means that your troops fight and last longer than theirs.  Likewise,
don't go spending too much resources on technologies that you don't need.  Not
only do you waste resources, but you can't build as many troops since you spent
all of it.  As you're about to attack, exploit the enemy's weakness in their
defense.  Try to mix up your assault force with air attacks, sea attacks, then
your main ground assault.  Ground assaults should especially be well suited to
cover each other's backs.

As you attack, think ahead.  It's very doubtful that your first attack will
always succeed, so build more.  Build multiple military structures next to your
opponent's base so you can send them in quickly into battle.  Reinforcing your
initial assault force means that it'll last longer.  Bigger assault forces mean
they last longer, instead of going one on one.  If you use Jedi, have them
convert enemy units to your cause, even if they die upon conversion.  This
either makes the unit join your cause, or they die.  Either way, the enemy
still has wasted its resource building it.  Keep it up.  Don't let your enemy
build up.  Early rushes can mean the difference between victory and lots of
hours spent trying to defeat them.

If you're thrown on the defensive, make sure to have lots of troops and
defenses.  Shield Generators can double the hit points of anything it touches,
which means they last twice as long.  If you're defending an area, don't just
leave a few units there.  Make sure that you leave enough so that they can
successfully defend themselves from multiple attacks.  Assigning units to guard
certain structures also help because they don't stray too far and get
themselves caught between the enemy.  If your enemy starts to use Cannons, use
Cannons of your own.  Unless they have a shorter range than the enemy's, they
can successfully hit the enemy Cannon and destroy it.  This means that you
won't have to send units to destroy it and they won't be bantha fodder.  Last,
walls do NOT hold off the enemy.  They only tell you where and when they
attack.  Jedi should convert enemy units when possible so they cause meyhem and
confusion among their ranks.  Do that over time you can emerge victorious.

Now young Padawan, it's time to test your skills on the battlefield.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ 4. Civilizations ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

A brief history of the civilizations and their unique bonuses are detailed
here.  The history of all of the civilizations comes from the game's
"Databank".  As for the ratings, they come from the Instruction Manual provided
with the game.

                                Galactic Empire

  Civilization Bonus : Aircraft cost 5% less.  Upgrade to Heavy Mechs are 10%
    less expensive than other civilizations.
  Team Bonus : Mech Factory units gain +10% speed.
  Fortress Bonus : Fortress build 10% faster.

"For thousands of years, the Old Republic ruled the galaxy, attempting to bring
together hundreds of star systems under a democratic rule.  Unfortunately, the
massive Republic became bloated and corrupt over time, leading to discontent
and suspicion among its subjects.  Unable to maintain control in the galaxy,
the Republic found itself at odds with the massive Trade Federation and other
groups.  Capitalizing on this discord and conflict, Emperor Palpatine rose to
power.  He took complete control of the government and instituted the so-called
New Order, under the pretense of ending the Old Republic's corruption.
However, his true agenda focused on total domination of the galaxy.  Under
Palpatine's rule, the Old Republic was transformed into the Empire, a
tyrannical and oppressive government that attempted to enforce order and
loyalty through force and fear.  Alien races were eradicated or enslaved,
entire industries and star systems were nationalized, and terror became a way
of life.  Slavery was rampant throughout the Empire, and social injustice
flourished.  Even the Jedi Knights, the last beacon of light in a rapidly
darkening galaxy, were pursued and murdered during this dark time.

To further solidify his position, Palpatine surrounded himself with powerful
minions, including the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.  Eventually,
Palpatine even abolished the Imperial Senate, allowing his loyal Moffs to rule
portions of his domain as regional governors.  Imperial stormtroopers,
anonymous soldiers totally loyal to the Emperor, became his shock troops and
enforcers on rebellious worlds.  Entire systems were frightened into compliance
by the massive Star Destroyers, Super Star Destroyers, and orbital battle
stations produced by Imperial forces.  Most terrifying were the Death Stars,
mobile superweapons capable of destroying entire planets.

The Empire began to falter at the Battle of Yavin, when the Alliance forces
managed to destroy the first Death Star.  Imperial forces enjoyed a brief
revenge at the Battle of Hoth, but the combined might of the Rebels brought an
end to Palpatine and his government at the Battle of Endor.

Unfortunately, small remnants of the Empire remained scattered throughout the
stars.  Five years after the Battle of Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn gathered
these forces for an assault on the New Republic.  He failed, but a year later,
the reborn Emperor threatened galactic peace.  Again, the villain was defeated,
but the last factions of the Empire remain a constant danger in the age of the
New Republic."


  Civilization Bonus : Gungans can build Prefab Shelters underwater.  Buildings
    have self-regeneration.  Workers have a +10% Ore Mining Bonus in TL-3.
  Team Bonus : Shipyards cost -15% less.  Shield Generators cost -10% less.
  Fortress Bonus : NONE

"The original inhabitants of Naboo, the Gungans are a secretive species found
in the thick swamps of their homeworld.  An amphibious species with flexible,
cartilaginous skeletons, Gungans are generally adept warriors and skilled
artisans.  They place great emphasis on personal responsibility, loyalty, and

Gungans have several distinct races.  Boss Nass, for example, is an Ankura
Gungan, while Jar Jar Binks is an Otolla Gungan.  Long before the Battle of
Naboo, the rare and ancient Ankuran lineage allied with the Otollans, who had
constructed Otoh Gunga.  Although the Ankura Gungans, such as Boss Nass, have
unique features, most Gungans are tall and lanky.  They have long, muscular
tongues, partially retractable eyestalks, and four-fingered hands.  Their
large, strong teeth are designed for crushing tough shellfish, which form a
staple of the Gungan diet.  Two long earlobes, known as "haillu," are used for
displays of aggression, friendship, and fear.  The amphibious Gungans have
nostrils that seal when they enter the water and nictating membranes covering
their eyes.  They also boast compound lungs, allowing them to breathe both air
and water, along with well-padded kneecaps and powerful calves and legs for
increased swimming speed.  However, because they are so well-adapted to their
watery environment, their skin dries easily in hot and arid climes.  A Gungan's
skeleton is composed of resilient hard cartilage, which is far more flexible
than bone and allows for a wide range of physical movements.  Standard family
units consist of a mother, father, and several children, which hatch from eggs.

Gungan settlements can be found throughout the Naboo swamps, although many are
constructed underwater in large lakes or bayous.  Outside of the sprawling Otoh
Gunga, Gungans live in a variety of settlements, all united by treaties and
agreements.  Because of their long isolation, they are suspicious of the Naboo,
who have a much different culture.  Although traders on the fringe of Gungan
society interact with the Naboo, many Gungans have never encountered humans.

The Gungans worship a pantheon of deities, many of which preside over nature.
According to Gungan mythology, these gods live in Ossorus, a beautiful
underwater city protected by enchanted sando aqua monsters and giant Gungan
warriors astride their loyal kaadu.  The principal Gungan deity is Oma-Oma, who
is revered in legends as the creator of all life on Naboo.

Often considered primitive by outsiders, the Gungans have actually achieved a
level of technology that far outstrips many other cultures.  Gungan technology
is founded on the use of organic materials and they "grow" many of their
vehicles, weapons, tools, and even structures.  Almost everything the Gungans
manufacture is hand-crafted to some extent, so that no two bongos look alike.

It is believed that the Gungans first mobilized for war when threatened by the
semi-intelligent bursas, monstrous creatures that attacked Gungan settlements
on a regular basis, long before the Naboo arrived. The Gungans assembled a
"grand army" to meet this threat, eventually driving the bursas into
extinction.  Later wars were fought between various Gungan tribes led by power-
hungry warlords.  The most notorious Gungan warlord was Rogoe, who was
ultimately defeated by Gallo.  With the defeat of Rogoe, Gallo was able to
unite all of the Gungan tribes, becoming the first true "Boss."

Because the Naboo are entirely peaceful, the Gungans now have no real enemies.
However, they maintain a large army for protection against large predators and
out of tradition.  The army utilizes several weapons based on the strange,
Gungan energy balls.  The energy balls, which are composed of electrified goo
encased in an organic membrane, can be launched from Gungan catapults, atlatls,
and cestas.

The Gungan Grand Army is the species' primary fighting force.  Composed of
soldiers from all of the Gungan settlements on Naboo, the Grand Army can only
be rallied by the reigning Boss.  In battle, several well-trained generals
command their own groups of soldiers.

The majority of the Gungan Grand Army's troops are militiagungs, or part-time
soldiers.  They are relatively inexperienced, but fight with conviction and
courage.  Because the Grand Army is only loosely organized, the militiagungs
supply their own gear and clothing.  They are trained to use cestas and atlatls
to hurl energy balls at the enemy, and they can defend themselves with personal
shields.  The cavalry units sit astride trained kaadu.  On the battlefield and
during maneuvers, the Grand Army's generals use horns, whistles, and gestures
to convey orders and commands.  Although certainly assembled to fight, most of
the Grand Army's fantastic technology revolves around defending the troops.
The army utilizes large shield generators, mounted on fambaas, which combine to
protect several legions from blaster fire and heavy artillery.

The Gungan Grand Army had not been called to battle for almost 100 years when
the Trade Federation decided to invade Naboo.  After forming an alliance with
Queen Amidala, Boss Nass agreed to organize the army to help the humans battle
the droid forces.  However, the conflict posed a major threat to the Gungans:
When Queen Amidala warned Boss Nass that many Gungans could die during the
battle against the Trade Federation, she was not underestimating the Gungan
Grand Army.  Rather, the Queen realized that the Gungans would need to place
themselves in harm's way in order to create a convincing diversion.  With its
advanced technology, expendable droid troops, and staggering firepower, the
Trade Federation should have overwhelmed the Gungan diversionary force on an
open battlefield.  That the Gungans were able to resist capture for quite some
time is a testament to their prowess.

As many Gungan generals are quick to point out, the Battle of Naboo is not
typical of Gungan tactics.  Very few Gungan commanders would have attacked the
Trade Federation forces head-on.  In fact, before Queen Amidala arrived to
plead for a Naboo-Gungan alliance, leaders like General Ceel and Captain
Tarpals were already planning retribution for the Trade Federation's attack on
Otoh Gunga.  According to their schemes, the Gungans would start a campaign of
guerrilla warfare, launching hit-and-run strikes on Trade Federation forces and
then vanishing into the swamps.  These plans were scuttled when Boss Nass
agreed to provide the Queen with a significant diversion.

In order to attract the Trade Federation's attention, Nass called upon all
available members of the Gungan Grand Army.  Two thousand soldiers came from
every Gungan village and city, with only a few militiagungs remaining behind to
protect Gungan territory should the Queen's plan fail.  Nass also rolled out
heavy Gungan catapults, which he hoped would stall approaching Trade Federation
forces, and authorized the deployment of the large Gungan shield generators.
With the Grand Gungan Army assembled, Boss Nass ordered a steady march toward

General Ceel planned to position much of the army atop Shaak Ridge, a row of
hills south of Theed and north of the Gallo Mountains.  From this tactical high
ground, Ceel hoped to decimate enemy vehicles with the army's catapults and
take out advance troops using squads of trained atlatl and cesta snipers.
Unfortunately, the Trade Federation reacted more quickly to the approaching
army than the Gungans had anticipated.  When the Gungan army entered the valley
of the Great Grass Plains, Ceel's scouts spotted a mile-long line of Trade
Federation AATs advancing over the hills.  The general ordered an early halt.
Although remaining in the valley meant that the catapults would have reduced
effectiveness, Ceel knew that the Gungans' proximity to the swamps would at
least allow for a quick retreat.

In fact, the Trade Federation had planned to pin the Gungans in the valley.
Led by OOM-9, the droid army moved quickly from Theed with the express purpose
of capturing Shaak Ridge.  Once AATs and support MTTs secured the Ridge, the
main body of the army prepared to descend into the Great Grass Plains valley.
Meanwhile, additional Trade Federation forces attempted to flank the Gungans
from the east and west.  OOM-9 calculated that the flanking maneuvers would
wipe out the Gungans.  Fortunately, the pirate Nym and the mercenary Vana Sage
routed one flanking group, while a unit of RSF resistance soldiers under the
leadership of Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes destroyed the other.

Once the Trade Federation army neared, the Gungans made every effort to keep
the attackers at bay.  At General Ceel's command, Captain Tarpals ordered the
activation of the Gungan energy shields, which protected the Grand Army from
AAT attacks.  When it became obvious that the AATs could not penetrate the
shields, OOM-9 pulled the tanks out of catapult range and deployed his foot
soldiers.  Arranged into units of fifty-six, the battle droids emerged from the
MTTs and advanced on the shields.  Behind the battle droids, AATs, droidekas,
and reserve transports crept closer.

The moment the droids passed through the shield bubble, General Ceel launched a
counterattack.  Using cestas and atlatls, the Gungans disabled wave after wave
of battle droids.  Unfortunately, the Trade Federation forces concentrated
their fire on the shield generators, eventually destroying the Gungan equipment
and disabling the shields.  OOM-9 pushed his AATs forward to finish the Gungan
Grand Army.

While catapults slowed the AATs, the militiagungs clashed with the battle
droids in close-quarters combat.  Wielding their cestas as staffs and their
atlatls as clubs, the Gungans clobbered dozens of droids.  But General Ceel
quickly realized that the battle had been lost.  The advancing AATs would soon
bear down on the Gungans, and the dangerous droidekas had already claimed many
lives. Ceel reluctantly ordered a full retreat.  Gungan cavalry mounted on
kaadu rescued the wounded, while the most courageous Gungans stood their ground
to provide others time to escape.  Amid the chaos, the Gungans managed to
destroy a few additional AATs, but these victories came too late.

OOM-9 assumed that his flanking forces would stop any retreat, but these
smaller armies never arrived and over half of the Gungan Grand Army managed to
reach the swamps.  Battle droids and droidekas surrounded the remaining
Gungans, including General Ceel, Captain Tarpals, and General Binks.  By this
point, the Grand Army's command structure had completely collapsed.  While some
Gungans realized that surrender was their only option, others braced themselves
for a final fight.  In the end, neither would be necessary: Just as the Trade
Federation closed around the last of the Gungans, and PK units scoured the
battlefield to recover blaster rifles and droid parts, Anakin Skywalker
destroyed the Droid Control Ship.  Without the ship's signal, OOM-9 and the
rest of the battle droid army became inert.

Although Boss Nass and General Ceel would not call the Great Grass Plains
Battle a stirring victory, all Gungans are proud of the Army's efforts on the
battlefield.  Five hundred and forty-three Gungans lost their lives, but the
"distraction" ultimately led to the liberation of Naboo.

Since the Battle of Naboo, the Gungans have become a much more open society.
They now interact with the Naboo and are even beginning to become involved in
matters outside of their homeworld.  Under Boss Nass' leadership, the Gungans
have also reached the stars and colonized the Naboo moon of Ohma-D'un."

                               The Rebel Alliance

  Civilization Bonus : Carry capacity of farm droids is +1 greater.
  Team Bonus : Farm Food maximum raised by +35.
  Fortress Bonus : Fortresses have range, line of sight and search radius
    increased by +1.

"Founded in the early days of Emperor Palpatine's rule, the Rebel Alliance
(more properly known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic) was a small band
of idealistic and heroic soldiers who joined together to oppose the Empire's
tyranny and ultimately bring peace and freedom to the galaxy.

The resistance movement against the Empire can trace its roots to the Imperial
Senate, where a handful of politicians began plotting in secret to topple
Palpatine's rule.  Eventually, Palpatine exposed these "rebels" and launched a
campaign of terror against them.  Many dissidents were arrested or murdered,
but Senators Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis, both influential and vocal
opponents of the Emperor's "New Order," managed to escape.  They disappeared
into hiding, only resurfacing briefly to meet with Senator Bail Organa on
Corellia.  At the clandestine meeting, the trio agreed that only an armed
insurrection could stop Palpatine.  Soon after, Mothma drafted the Declaration
to Restore the Republic, which officially founded the Alliance.

Garm Bel Iblis and Mon Mothma began actively recruiting individuals, planets,
and even entire systems for the Rebellion.  The Rebels were joined by hundreds
of pilots, soldiers, technicians, and officers who wished to see the Empire
fall.  Meanwhile, Bail Organa and his daughter, Princess Leia Organa, covertly
aided the Alliance while maintaining their positions within the Senate.
Princess Leia eventually secured the plans to the Death Star, a dangerous
superweapon capable of vaporizing an entire planet.  Darth Vader, the Emperor's
Sith apprentice, pursued and captured Leia, but the princess had already set
events in motion that would ensure the Death Star plans reached the Rebel

Charged with locating and crushing the Rebels, Vader interrogated Princess
Leia, to no avail.  Grand Moff Tarkin, the mastermind behind the Death Star,
then threatened to destroy Leia's homeworld of Alderaan unless she revealed the
location of the Alliance's secret base.  Princess Leia seemingly relented, but
Tarkin unleashed the Death Star anyway in order to test the battle station's
superlaser and engender fear in all who would oppose the Empire.  Billions died
with Alderaan, including Bail Organa.  This proved a serious setback to the
Alliance, as Organa was instrumental in mediating disagreements between the
militant Garm Bel Iblis and more subtle Mon Mothma.  After Bail Organa's death,
a rift divided the two remaining leaders and Bel Iblis soon abandoned the
Alliance.  In hindsight, however, the destruction of Alderaan may have also
been the Empire's greatest mistake for it galvanized the Rebels; previously
unaligned systems, now horrified at the Empire's wanton evil, flocked to join
the Alliance.

The first major conflict between the Alliance and Imperial forces occurred at
the Battle of Yavin.  During the clash, Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker succeeded in
destroying the Death Star, killing Grand Moff Tarkin and many other Imperial
leaders in the process.  The Empire would have its revenge three years later at
the Battle of Hoth, when a contingent of Imperial forces led by Darth Vader,
General Veers, and Admiral Piett invaded the ice planet Hoth and overtook the
Alliance's secret Echo Base.  Numerous Alliance soldiers and pilots lost their
lives during the clash, but the bulk of the Alliance personnel managed to

A year after the Alliance's defeat on Hoth, the Alliance organized a massive
offensive in order to attack the Empire's new Death Star.  As the Alliance
fleet massed near Sullust, a small strike team led by General Han Solo
descended to the forest moon of Endor to destroy the second Death Star's shield
generator.  Although it was soon discovered that the Death Star attack was part
of an elaborate plan by the Emperor to ambush the Rebels, the timely
intervention of Endor's Ewoks and brilliant leadership ensured an Alliance
victory.  Palpatine perished aboard the second Death Star and his death
crippled the Empire.  The Rebel Alliance quickly evolved into the New Republic,
the galaxy's current ruling body.

During the height of the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance was composed of
several informal divisions that included pilots, technicians, and others who
aided the cause.  Perhaps no other group sacrificed more for the Alliance than
its highly-trained infantry, who fought bravely against impossible odds and in
every conceivable terrain.  Throughout the Civil War, the Alliance ground
troops were called upon to defend their fellow Rebels with only outdated
artillery and a handful of well-used BlasTech DH-17 blasters.  Yet the Rebel
infantry units managed to strike major blows against the well-armed Imperial
troops during both the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor.

The soldiers assigned to the Rebel infantry served a variety of functions
during the Galactic Civil War.  First and foremost, they were stationed at
every Rebel base as a last line of protection against invading Imperials.  On
Hoth, for example, they established defensive trenches equipped with Golan Arms
DF.9 anti-infantry batteries and Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower antivehicle artillery
units to stall an onslaught of AT-ATs and other Imperial forces.  Rebel
infantry members also served aboard some Rebel starships to protect important
crew members.  In some instances, they were assigned patrol, scout, and sentry
duties.  The most skilled Rebel troops became elite commandos.  Under the
leadership of General Crix Madine, these commandos attacked sensitive Imperial
installations to further the Alliance's cause."

                                  Royal Naboo

  Civilization Bonus : Nova collection is 10% faster, Holocron gives more Nova.
  Team Bonus : Air Cruiser speed is increased by 10%.
  Fortress Bonus : Increased attack against Mechs and Heavy Weapons.

"Heralded as one of the galaxy's most enlightened human cultures, the Naboo
built their great civilization from humble beginnings.  Over the centuries, the
Naboo have evolved from simple colonists to artists, scholars, and inventors.

The Naboo's history begins about 3,950 BBY, on the planet Grizmallt, with the
rise of Queen Elsinor den Tasia.  To begin her reign, Tasia introduced a new
age of exploration and colonization. Under her rule, Grizmallt spent the next
several decades launching hundreds of expeditions into the wilds of space.
Most of these missions failed, the colony ships destroyed or lost as they
searched for habitable worlds far beyond the known hyperlanes.  In the final
days of her life, Queen Tasia personally sponsored the last such expedition.
With the blessing of a famous Jedi Master, the colony ship Beneficent Tasia and
its support starships, Constant and Mother Vima, left Grizmallt in search of
fortune and glory.  The expedition targeted the galaxy's dangerous southern
quadrant, then home to a handful of settlements.  On Grizmallt, Queen Tasia's
dying wish was that this last expedition would find a home deep within
undiscovered space.  Shortly after she perished, however, the Beneficent Tasia
also went silent.

The inhabitants of Grizmallt assumed that the Beneficent Tasia had been lost,
but the starship did, in fact, survive the many hazards of unknown space.
Although severely damaged and unable to contact Grizmallt, the expedition
eventually reached Naboo's orbit.  As if guided by Tasia's last wish, the
settlers discovered that Naboo was a pastoral, peaceful world rich in natural
resources and quite capable of supporting human life.  In approximately 3,900
BBY, the Grizmallt colonists officially landed on Naboo.

Within weeks of their arrival, the settlers encountered the Gungans, the
planet's native sentient species.  Although immediately distrustful of one
another, neither species attacked the other, and the humans were allowed to
establish their first settlement without incident.  Over the next several
decades, the settlers slowly spread across the planet's largest landmass,
building cities and villages to support their growing numbers.  The human
colonists kept to the grassy plains and ocean coastlines, only occasionally
treading into Gungan territory.  Despite this, tension between the humans (who
had now taken to calling themselves the Naboo after their new homeworld) and
the Gungans remained strong.

Life on Naboo did not prove particularly difficult and the colonists soon found
that they had a great deal of time for the arts and sciences.  They established
an electoral monarchy, built beautiful cities such as Theed, and maintained a
peaceful culture that advocates education, the arts, ecology, and scientific
achievement.  The planet is a respected member of the Republic and its leaders
are viewed as well-educated and socially adept.

The Naboo are rigid pacifists. As a result, conflicts between Naboo communities
and with the Gungans are non-existent.  And, while the Naboo research and
invent a wide range of new technology, this rarely extends into weapons of war.
The Naboo recognize the need to defend themselves, but most combat vehicles and
weapons have been imported from other systems; the Naboo then modify this
equipment to suit their needs and protect the environment.

Unfortunately, although generally well-educated, the Naboo are somewhat naive
and consider their comfortable way of life as a birthright.  In addition, many
Naboo once viewed the planet's other sentient species, the Gungans, with some
suspicion and prejudice.  Specifically, the Naboo believed that the Gungans are
barbaric and less intelligent because they maintain a warlike culture.
Fortunately, most of these prejudices dissolved when Queen Amidala and Boss
Nass brought the two species together during the Battle of Naboo.

While the Naboo were not nearly as active in the Republic as other systems,
they did maintain a presence in the Senate before the rise of the Empire.  In
52 BBY, the Naboo elected Senator Palpatine to the Galactic Senate; in time, he
would become Supreme Chancellor and one of the most powerful men in the galaxy.

Naboo and its populace were thrust into the galactic consciousness in 32 BBY
when war erupted with the Trade Federation.  Angry over the Republic's new
policy to tax the Free Trade Routes, the Trade Federation singled out peaceful
Naboo, Palpatine's homeworld, for a devastating blockade.  Under the leadership
of Nute Gunray and Rune Haako, the Trade Federation held Naboo captive, finally
launching a full-scale invasion of the planet.  The Naboo were ill-equipped to
defend themselves against such an attack, although several resistance groups
did emerge to fight the Trade Federation forces.

Despite the efforts of the Royal Security Forces, the Trade Federation easily
captured the capital city of Theed.  However, Gunray could not imprison Queen
Amidala, who was rescued by Jedi and taken to Coruscant.  Appearing before the
Galactic Senate, Amidala called a Vote of "No Confidence" in Supreme Chancellor
Finis Valorum; soon after, Valorum was deposed and Palpatine was elected in his

Amidala returned to Naboo with a powerful entourage that included the Jedi Qui-
Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi; a former slave named Anakin Skywalker; Jar Jar
Binks, a Gungan outcast; the Queen's loyal handmaidens; and Captain Panaka,
Amidala's faithful and courageous personal bodyguard.  With Jar Jar's help,
Amidala found the Gungans and forged a peace with their ruler Boss Nass.  Under
Nass' leadership, the Gungan Grand Army marched against the Trade Federation
while the Queen's Royal Security Forces launched a raid on Theed.  Amidala
herself captured Nute Gunray, while the Space Fighter Corps attacked the Trade
Federation's Droid Control Ship. Skywalker struck the final blow, destroying
the Droid Control Ship.  The planet was finally free, and the Naboo and Gungans
had, at last, forged a powerful alliance.

Even after their war with the Trade Federation, the Naboo remain pacifists.
They maintain only a small army of volunteer soldiers known as the Royal
Security Forces.  The RSF includes the Space Fighter Corps that employs sleek
N-1 starfighters as their vehicle of choice.  The RSF's Security Guard is
largely responsible for keeping the peace in major cities, such as Theed, while
the Palace Guard is charged with protecting the King or Queen and the royal
court.  During combat situations or emergencies, RSF ground forces deploy a
small cadre of vehicles, including the Gian and Flash speeders."

                              The Trade Federation

  Civilization Bonus : Prefab Shelters are not necessary.
  Team Bonus : Heavy Weapons Factory units gain +15% speed.
  Fortress Bonus : Fortresses gain +3 Anti-Air range.

"Founded three hundred and fifty years before the Battle of Yavin, the Trade
Federation was originally intended to represent merchants and traders
throughout the galaxy.  However, over time, it became one of the most powerful
forces in the galaxy and a dangerous threat to peace and freedom.

Composed of officials from numerous systems, the Trade Federation was always
considered greedy and immoral.  Using its ever-increasing wealth, the
organization focused on seizing major trade routes, knowing that ownership of
these spacelanes gave the Trade Federation tremendous political and economic
power.  By fourty years before the Battle of Yavin, the Trade Federation
effectively controlled every known Old Republic trade route and hundreds of
dependent systems.

Thirty-two years before the Battle of Yavin, at the urging of Senator Palpatine
of Naboo, Supreme Chancellor Valorum began a campaign to diminish the Trade
Federation's power.  As a result, the Galactic Senate passed Resolution BR-
0371, a seemingly innocuous law that imposed a tariff on all major hyperspace
trading routes throughout the Outer and Mid Rims.  The resolution was a
resounding success because all income from the taxation of the so-called "Free
Trade Zones" would be used for relief and development of the outlying systems.
But because the Trade Federation dominated the Free Trade Zones, the
corporation was the hardest hit by the new legislation.  In the months after
the resolution's passage, the Trade Federation's profits decreased

The Trade Federation responded immediately to the threat of BR-0371.  While the
Trade Federation Senator Lott Dod argued vehemently against taxation, the
corporation's Executive Board began planning a bold counterstrike.  Under the
leadership of Viceroy Nute Gunray and his lieutenant Rune Haako, the Trade
Federation began constructing a massive secret army.  Striking deals with
Baktoid Armor Workshop, Haor Chall Engineering, and even the Colicoid Creation
Nest, the Trade Federation stocked its cargo vessels with powerful battle
tanks, deadly droid starfighters, hordes of battle droids, and menacing
droidekas.  After testing this army on Lok and other Outer Rim worlds, the
Trade Federation prepared for war.

Six months after the passage of BR-0371, the Trade Federation struck at Naboo,
Senator Palpatine's homeworld.  On Gunray's orders, a fleet of Trade Federation
battleships created a blockade around the peaceful world to prevent the import
and export of goods.  The blockade lasted several weeks and the Naboo's plight
became desperate as necessary supplies dwindled.  When the Senate still refused
to overturn BR-0371, the Trade Federation finally unleashed its secret army and
invaded Naboo.  Gunray planned to capture the capital city of Theed and force
Queen Amidala to sign a treaty granting the Trade Federation ownership of the

Gunray's plan fell apart when the Jedi Knights intervened in the crisis and
rescued Amidala.  Soon after, the Battle of Naboo erupted, pitting the Trade
Federation against the combined might of the Gungan Grand Army and the Naboo
Royal Security Forces.  While the Gungans distracted the Trade Federation Army,
the Queen and her loyal RSF soldiers recaptured Theed.  In the chaos, Naboo's
Bravo Flight managed to launch an attack on the Trade Federation's vital Droid
Control Ship.  Anakin Skywalker destroyed the DCS, rendering the Trade
Federation's army harmless.  Nute Gunray, the overseer of the invasion, was
taken into custody, but avoided any serious punishment and soon returned to his
prominent role within the organization.

In the years following the Battle of Naboo, the Trade Federation remained a
formidable power in the galaxy.  Although most of its initial army had been
dismantled, the Trade Federation quickly formed new alliances and began
rebuilding its military might.  At one point, the Trade Federation even formed
an elite assassination corps in a failed attempt to exact revenge on the Jedi.
Twenty-nine years before the Battle of Yavin, the Old Republic ordered the
Trade Federation to disband its military, but the corporation never fully
complied with this directive and maintained a secret army.

When the Confederacy of Independent Systems was formed twenty years before the
Battle of Yavin, the Trade Federation found a suitable place to align
themselves with others who opposed the rulings of the Galactic Senate.  Using
Nute Gunray's hatred for Queen Amidala of Naboo, the cunning CIS leader Count
Dooku lured the Trade Federation into joining the secessionists by promising
the assassination of Amidala, now serving as a Senator.  Although they had not
yet publicly supported the CIS because the assassination attempts had failed,
the Trade Federation leaders and a considerable portion of its military forces
where present on Geonosis during the first battle of the Clone Wars.  Now the
secret hand of the Trade Federation had been revealed and it had no alternative
but to join the CIS in the burgeoning war efforts against the Republic."


  Civilization Bonus : Carbon Collection in Tech Level 3 and above is 5%
  Team Bonus : Troopers gain +2 Line of Sight and +2 search radius.
  Fortress Bonus : Fortresses gain +5 LoS, and +10% hit points.

"One of the most respected - and feared - species in the galaxy, Wookiees are
towering, fur-covered humanoids native to Kashyyyk.  Well-known for their
strength and bestial fits of rage, Wookiees are also intelligent, loyal, and
trusting.  Among the species, bravery and honor are considered paramount.

Kashyyyk, the Wookiee homeworld, is a lush planet covered in trees.  The
Wookiees occupy the upper reaches of these vast forests, building their homes
high atop the branches of towering wroshyr trees.  Most Wookiee cities consist
of hundreds of huts connected by wooden platforms, bridges, and ropes.
However, while Wookiees may appear primitive, they are actually quite
comfortable with technology and can easily learn to pilot starships, repair
machines, and wield advanced weaponry.

An average Wookiee grows to more than two meters tall and lives several times
the lifetime of a human.  Aside from their great strength and keen senses, they
possess regenerative powers and can recover from serious wounds within days.
They also have retractable claws, although these are used only for climbing
trees and are never exposed during combat.

Wookiees speak Shyriiwook, a language consisting of grunts, growls, roars,
hoots, and screeches.  They can understand other languages, but have limited
vocal capability and can only speak their own tongue.

The Wookiee species is psychologically stable and has a deep connection to
nature.  They love their homeworld and have a deep affinity for animals,
plants, and other components of the natural world.  Wookiees can also be
strongly attuned to the Force.

Wookiees place great value on morality, courage, compassion, and loyalty.  Very
few Wookiees willingly betray their friends or families, although Vargi,
Chewbacca's brother-in-law, once aided a group of slavers trying to enslave the
denizens of Kashyyyk.  Typical of their beliefs is the Wookiee life debt, an
oath of fealty extended to anyone who saves the life of a Wookiee.  When
Chewbacca was rescued from slavers by Han Solo, he extended this oath to his
savior and has risked his own life countless times to protect his friend.
Finally, Wookiees feel that they are honored by their own deeds, and thus they
do not care for medals or other material symbols of bravery or achievement.

Although not necessarily warlike, Wookiees can be fierce warriors and deadly
opponents, especially when angered or threatened.  Kashyyyk does not have a
standing army, but Wookiees will rally to protect one another, and families
often join forces to repel various threats, including Trandoshan slavers.
Legendary are the stories of the Wookiee berserkers, who are capable of single-
handedly defeating a legion of Imperial stomtroopers or a cadre of highly-paid
mercenaries.  While Wookiees are capable of producing and using and wide range
of weapons, they generally prefer to carry hand-crafted bowcasters or ryyk
blades into battle.

Unfortunately, the Wookiees' fabled strength became a commodity during the
Galactic Civil War.  The Empire, hoping to use the Wookiees for slave labor,
tried to imprison the entire planet.  Working with Tradoshan slavers, the
Empire captured thousands of Wookiees.  Those Wookiees who escaped the Imperial
slave pens managed to form a resistance movement and launched several effective
counter attacks, ensuring that the Empire never took complete control of the

Throughout the Galactic Civil War, Wookiee innovation and desperation led the
species to invent several new weapons of war to combat the Imperial threat.  As
with many other aspects of their technology, the Wookiees combined materials
from their natural surroundings with advanced technology to produce a number of
effective "deterrents," including catapults and battering rams.  Mounted
troops, skilled assault soldiers, and the brave Wookiee berserkers continually
attacked Imperial installations on Kashyyyk, chased away slavers, and fought
valiantly to free their imprisoned brethren.

When the Rebel Alliance finally defeated the Empire, Kashyyyk, long a member
world of the Old Republic, became an important addition to the New Republic."

                               Galactic Republic

  Civilization Bonus : Prefabs hold 1 more population.  Holocron gives more
    Nova.  Jedi and Jedi Temple are cheaper.
  Team Bonus : Med Droids heal twice as fast.  Jedi gain +10% speed.
  Fortress Bonus : Fortresses heal garrisoned units 33% faster.

"A democratic union of millions of star systems that lasted for more than
25,000 years, the Galactic Republic spread peace and prosperity throughout the
known galaxy.  However as time passed and the Republic's size grew, it
eventually became too unwieldy for the Senate to oversee and the Jedi Order to
protect.  Corruption spread wildly, weakening the Senate and causing dissent
among many systems and corporate interests.

Thirty-two years before the Battle of Yavin, the first signs of the Senate's
ineffectiveness surfaced when it proved unable to protect peaceful Naboo from
the Trade Federation.  The corporation blockaded the planet, followed soon
after by a full-scale invasion of the pastoral world.  During the subsequent
political maneuverings, Supreme Chancellor Valorum was quickly ousted, and
replaced by Senator Palpatine from Naboo.  Despite Palpatine's leadership, over
the next decade Senators became more and more corrupt and in response, the
Confederacy of Independent Systems was born.  The ranks of the CIS quickly
grew, causing the Senate to endlessly debate the idea of forming an army to
protect those systems that remained loyal to the Republic.

But it wasn't until Senate Representative Jar Jar Binks from Naboo put forward
a motion to give Supreme Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers that the first
army of the Republic was organized.  Led by Jedi Master Yoda, the clone army of
the Republic descended into an arena on Geonosis to save the last surviving
members of a Jedi strike force led by Mace Windu, thus starting the Clone Wars.

In the turbulent years following the Clone Wars, the Galactic Senate lost a
great deal of power to the Supreme Chancellor's office, paving the way for the
eventual rise of the Emperor.  Under the Emperor's rule, the Republic became
the Galactic Empire, an oppressive government designed to rule the galaxy
through fear.  Although the Senate remained in place for some time after the
Emperor's ascent to power, it was eventually disbanded shortly before the
Battle of Yavin.  Following the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Endor, the
Rebel Alliance founded the New Republic in an attempt to recapture the ideals
of the galaxy's original ruling body; since that time, the former Galactic
Republic has become more generally known as the "Old Republic"."

                       Confederacy of Independent Systems

  Civilization Bonus : Workers gain Basic Training Upgrade automatically.
    Predators can be produced at the Animal Nursery.
  Team Bonus : Cargo Hovercraft returns +25% Nova crystals.
  Fortress Bonus : NONE

"The Confederacy of Independent Systems is a collection of thousands of systems
and corporate entities united by former Jedi Master Count Dooku against the
rule of the Galactic Republic.  Dooku, who had abandoned the Jedi Order around
thirty-two years before the Battle of Yavin, returned from his self-imposed
exile twenty-four years before the Battle of Yavin to begin organizing groups
that opposed the Galactic Republic, which he viewed as corrupt and ineffective.
After quickly gathering thousands of systems to his cause, Dooku began
negotiating with various corporations, such as the Trade Federation, in the
hopes of using their private armies to bolster the secessionists' military

In just two years, Dooku had built a powerful secessionist movement backed by
the financial support—both privately and publicly—of many powerful
institutions, including the Corporate Alliance, InterGalactic Banking Clan,
Commerce Guild, Trade Federation, and Techno Union.  Twenty-two years before
the Battle of Yavin, Dooku held a meeting between leaders of these groups on
Geonosis, where they officially founded the Confederacy of Independent Systems
and began mobilizing a massive droid army.  This meeting was interrupted by the
appearance of Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, his apprentice Anakin Skywalker, and Senator
Padme Amidala, all of whom were captured by the Geonosians and sentenced to
death by Count Dooku.

But just as the three traitors were about to be executed, Mace Windu led one
hundred Jedi into the Geonosis Arena in a daring rescue mission.  Dooku gave
the order to kill the Jedi, and his military secession from the Republic truly
began.  Just as the Jedi were on the brink of total defeat, the clone army of
the Republic arrived and engaged the surprised CIS forces.  The secessionists
were quickly scattered and were ultimately ordered to retreat by Dooku himself.
This conflict became known as the Battle of Geonosis, which was the start of
the Clone Wars.

Though the first battle of the Clone Wars was a defeat for the Confederacy, it
was a victory for Count Dooku, who started the war with ulterior motives.  He
was in fact working secretly for the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious.  So
the mighty corporate powers and the numerous disgruntled systems of the
Galactic Republic were actually just tools, used by the Sith during the war to
weaken the Republic and destroy the Jedi."

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ 5. Unit & Structure Appendix ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Learn the units and structures that will help you win your battles against your
enemy.  These statistics only apply without a civilization's bonus and without
technological upgrades.  Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.  However,
remember that I have the expansion Clone Campaigns installed on my computer, so
they might have changed some things.

                                 Combat Units

[Worker] - [50 Food]
  Hit Points : 55        Armor  : 0        Upgrades : NONE
  DuraArmor  : 0         Range  : 0
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 3
If any of you have played AoE, then you'll know that this is an important unit
for the creation of your base and army.  Workers are the universal unit for
gathering resources and producing new structures.  The more workers you assign
for a job, the faster it will go.  Make sure to build a sufficient amount so
that you get a steady supply of whatever you're harvesting.  Guard these units
with your life.

[Medic] - [35 Carbon]
  Hit Points : 35        Armor  : 0        Upgrades : NONE
  DuraArmor  : 0         Range  : 1
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 0
Medics heal any biological unit, excluding mechs.  The cost to heal is free.
However, Medics are droids, so only a worker can repair a medic.  Civilizations
like the Trade Federation or Confederacy really have no need for medics, as
their armies are mechanical ones.

[Trooper Recruit] - [25 Food][35 Carbon]
  Hit Points : 45        Armor  : 0        Upgrades : Trooper
  DuraArmor  : 1         Range  : 3                 : Heavy Trooper
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 6                 : Repeater Trooper
Trooper Recruits and their upgraded counterparts are your basic, standard
infantry that you'll be likely to use as your support unit when attacking and
defending.  Cheap to make, Trooper Recruits pack a weak punch in the beginning,
but turn lethal and powerful as you upgrade them.  They work best in groups,
and can be used to increase the destructive capabilities of Turrets, Command
Centers, and Fortresses.

[Mounted Trooper] - [55 Food][20 Nova]
  Hit Points : 55        Armor  : 3        Upgrades : Heavy Mounted Trooper
  DuraArmor  : 3         Range  : 0                 : Advanced Mounted Trooper
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 7
Mounted Troopers possess no ranged weaponry, which means that they must move in
close to their targets to attack.  Like most close-ranged units, they prove no
threat, unless they slip past your defenses.  Mounted Troopers work best
against structures and other defenses, such as mechs and should be grouped with
other Mounted Troopers.

[Anti-Air Trooper] - [35 Food][35 Carbon]
  Hit Points : 35        Armor  : 0        Upgrades : Heavy Anti-Air Trooper
  DuraArmor  : 1         Range  : 6
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 9
Anti-Air Troopers should be your first type of anti-air defenses.  Cheap to
make, they are mobile, and can down enemy fighters in a few shots.  Best used
in groups, they fire fast and hit hard.  However, they have limited potential,
as their rockets are used for anti-air only.  That means if they're caught in a
ground assault, they're bantha fodder.

[Grenade Trooper] - [90 Food][40 Nova]
  Hit Points : 45        Armor  : 1        Upgrades : NONE
  DuraArmor  : 3         Range  : 6
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 1
Think of a mortar guy, and you pretty much have your Grenade Trooper.  Since
you already have assault soldiers, anti-air soldiers, and soldiers that
excel at building destruction, what other soldier do you need?  Anti-mech
soldiers of course!  Their grenades are weak against everything but mechs, but
since their projectiles arc, they have a tendency to miss if the target moves.
Use them in groups for the best effectiveness.

[Jedi Padawan] - [100 Food][200 Nova]
  Hit Points : 125       Armor  : 0        Upgrades : Jedi Knight
  DuraArmor  : 4         Range  : 0
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 6
The legendary Jedi.  We all should know what they are.  Jedi Padawan are the
students who are just learning about the ways of The Force, so they can't
convert too many things.  Although they have a zero range attack [lightsaber],
their conversions take place at a range.  Jedi and Siths are the only ones who
can pick up a Jedi Holocron.

[Sith Apprentice] - [100 Food][200 Nova]
  Hit Points : 125       Armor  : 0        Upgrades : Sith Knight
  DuraArmor  : 4         Range  : 0
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 6
Sith Apprentices are just like Jedi Padawans, except that they use the dark
side of The Force.

[Jedi or Sith Master] - [100 Food][350 Nova]
  Hit Points : 400       Armor  : 1        Upgrades : NONE
  DuraArmor  : 6         Range  : 0
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 2
Jedi Masters are the ultimate Jedi.  They're very knowledgeable of The Force,
and can convert almost any unit or structure to your cause.  They also
regenerate their hit points, making them almost invincible if given the time.

[Power Droid - CLONE CAMPAIGNS] - [65 Carbon]
  Hit Points : 50        Armor  : 1        Upgrades : NONE
  DuraArmor  : 7         Range  : 1
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 0
A special unit produced only at a Power Core, a Power Droid is a mobile source
of power, able to generate enough to sustain a group of buildings before a
permanent source can be built.  Keep a few of these around near important
structures like Shield Generators, in case your main source of power fails.

[Probot] - [45 Carbon]
 [Galactic Empire]
  Hit Points : 15        Armor  : 0        Upgrades : NONE
  DuraArmor  : 0         Range  : 3
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 2
A very fast scout, it's good for covering terrain quickly, but weak in a

[Scout] - [50 Carbon]
  Hit Points : 60        Armor  : 0        Upgrades : NONE
  DuraArmor  : 2         Range  : 2
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 3
Scouts are just that.  They're mainly used to scout the terrain in the early
minutes of a map to reveal resources and enemies.  Their use later in the game
dwindles, as much of the map is exposed, and they're weak.

[Strike Mech] - [50 Food][100 Carbon]
  Hit Points : 80        Armor  : 2        Upgrades : Heavy Strike Mech
  DuraArmor  : 5         Range  : 6
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 4
Strike Mechs serve the purpose of killing infantry - fast!  If you ever see
your enemy swarm you with troopers, throw in a few of these and they'll cut
through them like a hot knife through butter.  They're pretty weak against
everything else, so only use them when necessary.

[Mech Destroyer] - [100 Food][175 Carbon]
  Hit Points : 175       Armor  : 3        Upgrades : Heavy Mech Destroyer
  DuraArmor  : 5         Range  : 7
  Capacity   : 1         Attack : 6
As its name suggests, these units can rip through mechs with ease.  They're
especially good against Assault Mechs you'll face later in the game, as they
can take them out without suffering too much damage [as long as it keeps
moving] while taking out something bigger, heavier, and more costly in return.
They can also rip through cannons and pummels, so keep a few of these around in
your base, and of course, some in your assault force.

[Assault Mech] - [200 Food][350 Nova]
  Hit Points : 275       Armor  : 4        Upgrades : Heavy Assault Mech
  DuraArmor  : 9         Range  : 8
  Capacity   : 10        Attack : 18
Assault Mechs are good against everything, except air units.  They're huge,
they pack a punch, and they can carry up to ten units inside for protection and
deployment.  Their only drawback is their slow firing rate and their slow
speed.  Keep this surrounded by support units, as this is an easy target for

[Artillery] - [50 Carbon][90 Nova]
  Hit Points : 110       Armor  : 0        Upgrades : Heavy Artillery
  DuraArmor  : 6         Range  : 9
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 15
If your attacks were ever broken down into waves, Artillery would be the first
unit to start it.  Artillery units can attack from long range, lobbing energy
shells at the enemy to soften them up before your forces engage them.  Once
they do, you would be wise to order them to stop, as their shots can and will
do collateral damage.

[Anti-Air Mobile] - [150 Carbon][50 Nova]
  Hit Points : 90        Armor  : 0        Upgrades : Heavy Anti-Air Mobile
  DuraArmor  : 10        Range  : 7
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 22
Anti-Air Mobiles are good against fighters.  However, their rate of fire is
slower than that of the Anti-Air Trooper, and its rate of movement is slow.
They do have more hit points, which means that they will last longer against a
fighter assault.

[Pummel] - [150 Carbon][75 Nova]
  Hit Points : 200       Armor  : 5        Upgrades : Heavy Pummel
  DuraArmor  : 180       Range  : 0
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 2
The ultimate weapon against buildings and defenses, its DuraArmor makes it very
strong against Fortresses and other ranged attacks so it can get in and
demolish buildings.  However, if it is attacked by a hand-to-hand combat unit,
it will go down - fast!

[Utility Trawler] - [75 Food][10 Nova]
  Hit Points : 60        Armor  : 0        Upgrades : NONE
  DuraArmor  : 4         Range  : 0
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 0
Utility Trawlers are your water going workers.  They are the only units who can
gather fish away from the shore, and also build aquafarms.  If you have some
Utility Trawlers, they also serve as great scouts, as they're quick and have
enough hit points to last them a few shots.  Utility Trawlers are also the only
unit who can build the sensor buoy.

[Light Frigate] - [90 Carbon][20 Nova]
  Hit Points : 50        Armor  : 0        Upgrades : Frigate
  DuraArmor  : 6         Range  : 5                 : Advanced Frigate
  Capacity   : 0         Attack : 6
Your basic defense against water attacks, Frigates work well only in groups, as
their firepower is lacking against other ships.  Frigates also make good scouts
early in the game and to draw the attention of the enemy.

[Transport Ship] - [125 Carbon][15 Nova]
  Hit Points : 160       Armor  : 4        Upgrades : NONE
  DuraArmor  : 8         Range  : 0
  Capacity   : 5         Attack : 0
No weapons on this ship; its only purpose is to t 

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