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Star Wars: Episode I: Racer

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About The Game

Imagine Ben Hur in a galaxy far, far away. Replace the two-wheeled carriage with a futuristic, hovering pod -- now take away the horses and strap two giant afterburner-powered engines to the vehicle. The boost of the two fuselages pulls the carriage forward at speeds in excess of 600mph and a stream of pure energy, called a mag beam or coupler, makes sure that the engines don't fly off in opposite directions. Like its "real," up to 40-foot-long counterparts in the movie, Racer's pods use a three-point dynamics system that will cause the carriage to realistically drift in the air behind its two engines. Unlike the movie, which features 18 opposing racers, Episode I Racer stars more than 21 characters complete with their rides, including three pods based on original design concepts that weren't used in the final film.

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Star Wars: Episode I: Racer

Star Wars: Episode I: Racer Review

By Adrienne Dudek |

Star Wars: Episode I Racer--or Pod Racer, as I'll call it for the rest of this review--is one of two new games released simultaneously with the new Star Wars film, The Phantom Menace.

Based on the pod racing sequence featured so prominently in the movie, it's a racing game set in the Star Wars universe, pure and simple. But since millions of people have already piled in to see The Phantom Menace--probably the most eagerly-awaited movie of all time--this game is benefiting from the best product placement of any game, ever.

So it would certainly behoove LucasArts to make sure the game lives up to the movie, and by and large they've succeeded. It's not the greatest racing game ever made, and it is perhaps a little too short and too easy, but it captures the essence of the film's racing sequence and provides just enough challenge and variety and an exhilarating sense of speed to keep gamers--particularly those more into Star Wars than hardcore gaming--enthralled.

The pods themselves are perhaps the most unique part of the game. Consisting of two giant jet engines loosely banded together with an open-air cab for the pilot in tow, the things are fast but fragile. Control consists of acceleration and braking, with the additional twists of a slide, booster, and auto-repair mechanisms. The auto-repair lets you fix engine damage on the fly during the race, and the slide and twist keys let you maneuver around obstacles, but the most important skill to learn is handling the thrust. By tilting the control up and hitting accelerate, you'll run the indicator up to yellow, at which point you can engage the thruster and off you go. But be careful, if you leave the thrust on too long, your engines will overheat, even catch fire.

It is not necessary to learn how to use the thrusters early on in the game, and you can in fact finish the first couple of circuits without once firing them up. But if you want record times, or especially if you want to win in a multiplayer game, using the thrusters is a key bit of strategy.

Another crucial tactic is constantly repairing your pod. Six squares measure the health and temperature of your component parts, and by tapping the repair key while in flight, you can resuscitate your flagging vehicle. Of course if you smash into a rock or a wall or whatever, your pod shatters completely and you respawn in a brand new one, but generally you don't want to do that because you lose precious time waiting for your vehicle to repair. Much better to repair on the fly, and since repairing slows you down, and best of all is to repair on the turns, since that's when you want to slow down anyway.

Strategy also comes into play when you upgrade your pod between races. When you win or place in a race, you get a certain amount of money that can be used to buy upgrades to the different parts of your racer, and if you're a bit short on cash, you can buy damaged parts out of Watto's junk shop. Should you spring for a greater top speed or faster acceleration? Better auto-repair devices or perhaps a better turning ration? While this part of the game does offer some extra interest, frankly the menu-ing system could have been handled better, as it's not always very clear whether or not you just bought a new piece or not. And as far as money goes, it's important to change the payout for the races to "Winner Takes All", at least on the first circuit, so you can be assured of getting as much money as possible early in the game. This will pay off when you enter the much more difficult races in the later circuits.

Handling the pod is best done with a gamepad, and for the most part, the controls are smooth and responsive, and each of the twenty or so different pods handles differently. As you win more races and complete more circuits, you can unlock more pods, culminating in Sebulba's pod, the fastest, best pod in the game and the only one with any sort of serious weaponry to attack other players with.

The tracks themselves are fairly varied, some long, some short, with hairpin turns, loops, open areas and narrow windows where you're forced to thread the loop. Visually they are much more diverse, showing off some truly fantastic locations like underwater cities and the dunes of Tatooine. The most annoying tracks are the ones with zero gravity areas, where you're sort of whisked along various tubular tunnels without a lot of control of your vehicle, and a bit too much patience and luck is required in avoiding the tumbling boulders. But overall, the tracks are pretty solid and not overly dependent on finding shortcuts.

The game's graphics are superb with a good card and when you're hurtling past them at high speeds, any blemishes quickly vanish. The framerate maintains a good clip throughout--in short, the PC version of the game is heads and shoulders above the Nintendo 64 version, so if you've been put off by the N64 version's less than stellar performance, be assured that on a high-end PC, the game looks fine and runs fast.

As far as multiplayer games go, it's a pretty good game on a local area network (LAN), where latency is not much of an issue, but since there's no Internet option, if you don't have a LAN you're pretty much out of luck.

--Jason Bates

Star Wars: Episode I: Racer Cheats

To unlock the character/racer get first in the corresponding track at the given difficulty.UnlockableHow to UnlockBeedo's Wild Ride/AmateurAldar BeedoBumper's Breakers/Semi-ProArk Bumpy RooseExecutioner/GalacticToy Dampner
  • Unlockable CharactersTo unlock the character/racer get first in the corresponding track at the given difficulty.UnlockableHow to UnlockInferno/InvitationalBen QuadinarosZugga Challenge/Semi-proBoles RoorAbyss/InvitationalBozzie BarantaSunken City/Semi-proBullseye NaviorAquilaris Classic/AmateurClegg HoldfastVengeance/AmateurFud SangSoice Man Run/AmateurMars GuoAndobi Mountain Run/GalacticMawhonicBaroo Coast/Semi-proNeva KeeHowler Gorge/Semi-proRatts TyerellBoonta Classic/GalacticSebulbaAP Centrum/InvitationalSlide ParamitaMon Gazza Speedway/AmateurTeemto PagaliesScrapper's Run/Semi-proWan Sandage
  • Mirror TrackPlace 1st place in all of the 24 tracks in Championship mode.
  • Star Wars: Episode I: Racer Game Walkthrough

    Star Wars: Episode One Racer FAQ
    By: Purechaos13
    Version: 1.0
    Date created: January 27, 2007
    Legal Stuff:
    Copyright 2007 Purechaos13
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
    without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other web site or 
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    Well, with that out of the way....
    This walkthrough is focused mostly on the racing tracks themselves, how to 
    achieve first place and how to overcome some of the trickier parts in the game.
    Strategies and tips, and walkthroughs of all the courses can be found here. 
    Another thing I have focused in this guide is beating the PC version of the 
    game, and I took into account some limitations computers may have. For example, 
    some computers do not allow podracers to boost or slide in the game due to the 
    computers being unable to read commands from too many keys at once. So, I have 
    constructed as to be helpful in all situations, sliding/boosting or no.
    Some general game tips:
    - Many times in the FAQ I refer to the "tilt up" key.  What this does is points 
    your podracer up so it can glide over jumps and allows you to get the best of 
    leaps off ramps.  Check your control configuration to see what key it is, or 
    assign it to a new one.
    - Always switch the money level to "Winner Takes All." This will allow you to 
    get as much money as possible when you get first in a course.  If you are about 
    to lose, simply restart until you can get first place.
    - Just because two characters have similar stats doesn't mean they handle the 
    same way.  Try all the characters out, see which ones you prefer.
    With all that said, now let's move  on to the courses!
    Amateur Courses:
    The Boonta Training Course
    Planet: Tatooine
    Favorite to win: Sebulba
    Difficulty: Easy
    The first course is fairly straighforward.  Race decently enough and you'll 
    find yourself on top. You'll start off on a sandy track with some relatively 
    light curves.  You should be able to get ahead without much trouble at this 
    beginning part.  Then, you'll enter a canyon. The turns get a little tougher 
    here, so take note of this to make sure you don't slide into a wall and lose 
    your speed.  At the end of the canyon path, you'll see a very tiny opening
    you have to race through.  This is the most dangerous part of the race, as a 
    beginner may end up missing the crack and blowing up when they hit into the 
    canyon wall.  Make sure to line up with the opening, and if you really don't 
    want to risk it, or you have a particularly wide podracer (like Aldar Beedo's 
    or Ark Roose's) hit the roll button to make your pod fit through the opening 
    more easily. Continue through the desert sands, and you'll see lots of rocks 
    on the road ahead. Most of them are small and breakable, posing no threat to 
    you, so keep going till the finish line. 
    Character: You won't unlock Sebulba by beating this race - you'll have to face 
    him two more times.
    Mon Gazza Speedway
    Planet: Mon Gazza
    Favorite to win: Teemto Pagalies
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Whoo boy, is this an easy one.  A very short and straight course, the only 
    thing you have to worry about here is hitting into the thin structures that 
    occasionally line the road.  A character with good top speed should have no 
    trouble lapping the other characters.
    Character: You unlock Teemto Pagalies by beating this one.  Teemto, despite 
    being the first character you get, is a very good one.  His overall stats are 
    balanced, good in all categories.
    Beedo's Wild Ride
    Planet: Ando Prime
    Favorite to win: Aldar Beedo
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    This course is somewhat more difficult than the first two. It starts out fairly 
    straight, allowing you gain some top speed, and then it starts throwing 
    obstacles at you. After a little time down the path from the beginning, some 
    rocks will start to pop up in your path.  These are fairly easy to avoid, but 
    don't risk it with the one rock that has a tiny opening in it - it's dangerous 
    to try and go through, and is hardly worth the effort. Just go around it. 
    You'll then cross a bridge and go into an ice cave. The ice cave sports a 
    somewhat hard turn, but much more dangerous is the ice you jump out on after 
    you leave the cave. It is very difficult to steer on ice, unless you use the 
    roll button.  Holding down the roll button allows you to steer much better on 
    the ice, so once you bounce down the first two icy plains and onto the third, 
    hold down the roll button and point yourself in the right direction.  If you 
    don't, or if you steer too wildly (you need to be very straight!) you may very 
    well collide with a glacier. It doesn't matter too much if you die there, 
    though, as your lead will probably be enough to still keep you in first. 
    After some more snowy paths, you'll come into an ice cave.  Dodge the icicles, 
    and make your way through the cave. When the cave first seperates, go to the 
    right. The right path is faster, and will shave some time off your total lap. 
    After that, it's a matter of a little more simple dodging and racing, and 
    you'll be done. 
    Shortcut: At the beginning, after your first lap, a tent to the left will open 
    up to a shorcut. The shorcut is very straight and allows you to go much faster, 
    but it can be difficult to slide into the tent without slowing down, or even 
    crashing. I reccomend practicing using the shortcut, or just forgetting it.
    Character: Aldar Beedo's a fairly good character, with low acceleration but 
    high top speed.  He may seem rather unwieldy at first, especially with his 
    wide engines, but he can really shine on certain courses. Try him to see if 
    he's the racer for you.
    Aqualaris Classic
    Planet: Aqualaris
    Favorite to win: Clegg Holdfast
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Aqualaris Classic is the longest course you've seen yet, but with some good 
    steering it's easily conquered. After you start, you'll go through some thin 
    corridors spanning right and left.  Pick either direction, whichever you feel 
    most comfortable with, and try not to hit the walls, or the large structures 
    seperating the two paths. Once you come out of the corridors, be careful not to 
    hit the pillars in the middle of the road. You'll then take a very scenic tour 
    of Aqualaris's sea through some tubelike paths.  The turns are very easy, 
    making this part simple. Once you come out of the tubes for the first time, 
    there'll be some dirt road and two ramps.  Hit the first ramp and hold down the 
    "tilt up" key to make your podracer zoom through the air into the second 
    section of pipe.  After coming out of that, quickly head to the left, because 
    there's an easily missable path there that saves time.  A little more pipe 
    section, and then you'll arrive at an area that you can crash in if you're not 
    prepared. There'll be two paths, each with two iron doors right after one 
    another either opening or closing slowly.  Steer carefully and pick the doors 
    to go through that have the most space. Don't get caught up in indecision, 
    though, or you might make neither.
    Then, you'll advance onto a larger dirt road with a very big ramp in the 
    middle. Do what you did before: head up it and once airborne, hold the "tilt 
    up"key. Continue on through some more pipe and go through the open path. Keep 
    going through the pipes until you arrive to a place that looks very similar to 
    the beginning. Once again, the path is cut into two by a large triangular wall. 
    This time, however, it's more difficult because the turns are much sharper. 
    Keep it steady around the turns, and when you make the turns and head into 
    another section cut into two directions, quickly pick another path (preferably 
    the one diagonal from you, so you won't have to turn) and go down it. If you 
    fail to do so, you'll crash into the wall dividing the two ways. After that, 
    though, you just have to stride up to the finish line to complete a lap!
    Character: Clegg Holdfast is a very fast racer with good acceleration and top 
    speed.  His air brake is awful, but...who really cares about air brake?
    Malastare 100
    Planet: Malastare
    Favorite to win: Dud Bolt
    Difficulty: Medium
    This course can be somewhat annoying, especially for beginners. The path at the 
    beginning is fairly easy, but also dimly lit - take care not to collide into 
    one of the two big rocks at the side of the road, or into a wall.  Zoom out 
    onto the eerie, poisonous lake (don't worry, your pilot will survive), and 
    continue on for a couple of turns until you see the path divide in the map. 
    Quickly look to the right for a path up the hillside, and go up it to save a 
    little bit of time.  Note: because of the aforementioned poor lighting of the 
    course (couldn't those Malastarians invest in some more street lamps?), you 
    probably won't actually see the path.  It may instead just look like a patch 
    of rough mountainside, but trust me on this and go up it anyways. After you 
    clear this, a little ways farther and the path will split into three parts - 
    left, right, and middle.  The middle is the fastest, but beware - there is an 
    obstacle in the middle of the path.  If you see the obstacle ahead of time and 
    know you can dodge it, though, then be sure to take the middle path. Directly 
    after that, you'll zoom up a huge ramp and attempt to clear a large jump.  In 
    order to make it, be sure to hold down the "tilt up" button after you take off 
    the ramp.  If you don't, you hit facefirst into the cliff.  
    Right after the jump, the hardest part of the course looms.  An incredibly 
    tight turn is ahead, and it you may find yourself crashing and blowing up, or 
    at least hitting it and slowing down.  Do your best to slide around the bend; 
    if necessary, hit the brakes and then make the turn.  Its a much better 
    alternative to blowing up, believe me.
    Character: You already have Dud Bolt. His top speed is good, his acceleration 
    is okay, and his other stats average out at a standard level. 
    Planet: Oovo IV
    Favorite to win: Fud Sang
    Difficulty: Medium
    Vengeance will catch you off guard if you're not prepared, so, uh, be prepared!
    It starts off simply enough, though.  Go around a bend and continue straight 
    until you see a thin, metallic path, with some large walls nearby it.  Turn to 
    go on to the path, and because this part of the track is thin, make sure not to
    hit into the side while you race down it. After you get off, go into the 
    corridor ahead.  It's initially dark here, so note that the path turns right, 
    else you might hit into a wall. Continue forward and you'll go down another 
    thin, metallic path and through a small doorway.  Once you've reached this far, 
    quickly turn left or right or else you'll hit into the pillar (which has yellow 
    and black stripes painted on it to warn you.) Continue down that path and - 
    what, ho! - another pillar stands in your way.  Swerve to the path diagonal 
    from you. Why? Well, for example, if you first went down the left path, the 
    right path will probably be easiest for you to reach because you won't have to 
    turn as much. Trying to go down the left path again will require a much sharper
    Keep going around the curve and you'll boost into a room with some very large, 
    rotating, pieces of machinery.  The machinery has large knobs sticking out of 
    it that you can crash into, so be sure to dodge accordingly. If you're 
    competent enough at steering, though, you shouldn't have any trouble.  
    Keep going along the course until you get sucked into a large, circular, blue 
    tunnel. And floating freely in this tunnel are...meteors! This is the most 
    annoying part of the course.  Floating through the middle of the tunnel, you 
    can't really move up or down, but you can only swerve left and right.  You can 
    also roll, too, to spin in midair.  Do your best to dodge the meteors here - 
    swerve right and left accordingly.  Unfortunately, however, sometimes you'll 
    meet a meteor that you won't be able to dodge, and you'll crash and die.  If 
    you're running straight into the path of a meteor, try a mixture of rolling and
    swerving to dodge it. Of course, dying at least once may still be pretty much 
    inevitable. Fortunately, if you've been racing well enough, you'll still have 
    a substantial lead.  Practice seems to help somewhat, too.  Continue through 
    the meteorite tunnel, until you reach a room with a giant purple beam pulsing 
    through the middle of it (you'll still be floating).  Dodge this beam (or else 
    end up fried) and keep going until finally you get thrown back onto the course. 
    It's very easy from there - use this section to catch up if crashing into a 
    meteor allowed someone to pass you. 
    Character: Fud Sang, despite his strange, pink-blobby-weirdo appearance, is 
    actually a good, very substantial racer. Using him over other equally good 
    characters is merely a matter of preference.
    Spice Mine Run
    Planet: Mon Gaza
    Favorite to win: Mars Guo
    Difficulty: Easy
    The beginner's cup ends with a fairly long, but also fairly simple course.  It 
    has quite a few different paths at parts, but no matter which you take, you 
    should find yourself winning without many problems. After passing the favorite 
    to win (which you should or you've got problems), go on down the speedway until
    you see the path divided.  Pick whichever path you want, and then you'll see 
    another split in the road.  Unlike the first time, however, the path you 
    ultimately go on differs depending on whether you go left or right here. Once 
    you choose left or right, you'll see an entire network of paths, but like I 
    said, it hardly matters which paths you pick. There are a lot of combinations, 
    and you'll have to play a while to find which one you think is that fastest - I
    hardly know myself. Just make sure that you don't hit into a mining robot, 
    which will probably hurt, and that you don't get caught up with indecision and 
    end up just hitting a wall between two paths. 
    After the road network, you should go on either one of two tracks (one of them 
    has the mining robot), and then the path should rejoin. A little ways down and 
    - boom! - the road splits again, this time into three paths.  They all end up 
    in the same place, so which you pick is hardly consequential, but I think the 
    left is a tiny bit slower, though I'm not entirely sure. After that, you'll go 
    down some roads; this section is a piece of cake. The scenery differs a lot, 
    but the roads don't. (Along the way, when you're entering a tunnel, a hovering 
    vehicle passes through. I'm not sure if you can hit it, though - avoid it 
    anyways.) After some more racing along and admiring the mining scenery, the 
    path will - surprise, surprise! - split.  Regardless of which you take, you'll 
    be on a path above some lava.  Don't worry, you can't fall in. The track will 
    make a general curve, and then you'll be back on a basic road.  A couple turns 
    later and the finish line is in sight.
    Character: Mars Guo is one of my favorite characters, and in my opinion, one of
    the best. He's very fast, has excellent top speed, and has few downsides. Use 
    him in any course you need a big lead in. I find him especially good in planets
    that mandate fast characters or high top speeds - like Ord Ibanna.
    With the victory of Spice Mine Run, the trophy for beginner's cup is yours! Be 
    merry while you can, though, because things get harder from here on. Now, we 
    face....the Semi-Pro racing circuits!
    Semi-Pro Courses:
    Sunken City
    Planet: Aqualaris
    Favorite to win: "Bullseye" Navior
    Difficulty: Medium
    "Wait, what's going on here? This is just like Aqualaris Classic!" Well, 
    initially, it is the same.  That is, until you pass through the pathways with 
    the iron doors.  After the part with the opening/closing iron doors, keep 
    going, and instead of there being a dirt road with a ramp, you'll see a dirt 
    road with a series of ramps to the right, and a tube to the left.  This is 
    where the similarities end for a while.  Once you reach this section, you may 
    not be sure which way to go, through the tube or over the ramps.  The ways with
    the ramps is slightly longer, but the ramps, if used to jump and glide, can 
    gain back that time.  So, there is no real faster way - except by the shortcut! 
    Right in front of the other side of the tube, to the left, is a small passage 
    where you can turn directly onto the road you'd normally have to take the long 
    way to reach. (It has a steel guardrail that you can go under - just so you 
    know what it looks like.) There are different ways you can do this: go through 
    the tube, then quickly turn to the left under the rail, or you can turn through
    it after going past the ramps (the safer of the two).  I really do not 
    reccomend the tube way, because it requires you to do an extremely sharp left 
    turn once you exit the tube, and it is one that you may crash on if you don't 
    hit the brakes. The fastest way is to go to the left of the tube entirely, then
    keep going until you see the opening.  Once you turn left under the guardrail, 
    keep turning left so you get realigned with the road. This is a good shortcut 
    that, annoyingly, the computer uses.  Of course, it doesn't make a huge 
    difference - I didn't even know about the shortcut when I first did the course,
    and I still won fairly easily - but it is enough to warrant your use of it. 
    Just make sure to practice first, though, because using this shortcut without 
    crashing or slowing down can be tricky.
    Once you've turned onto the new road, keep going and you'll traverse a dirt 
    road until you reach an underwater tube.  Once inside, quickly head up a small
    ramp to the right and you'll be on a higher level, which is faster. Once you 
    reach its end, jump off of it and glide for a bit with the "tilt up" button, 
    then keep going until you go onto a road that takes you right by the stands. 
    The path by the stands is a simple circle, so you can kick back and wave to 
    your fans.  After going by all the audience, you're off again, through some 
    mountside and then into another tube.  This is just like the one earlier, only 
    now the ramp is to the left and a lot easier to miss. Doesn't matter much if 
    you do, though, just keep going along the tube until you're at the last part of
    the stage, identical to the one in Aqualaris classic.  Pick a path, make some 
    fairly sharp turns, and you've made the lap! 
    Character: "Bullseye" Navior has seemingly all-around great stats, shown by the
    character select stage.  However, these stats are a little generous, I think, 
    because he isn't quite as good as the game would indicate.  Nevertheless, he's 
    still a very good addition to your growing character roster.
    Howler Gorge
    Planet: Ando Prime
    Favorite to win: Ratts Tyrell
    Difficulty: Medium
    Howler Gorge may seem very similar to Beedo's Wild Ride at first, but in 
    reality it is very different.  The beginning a straightforward collection of 
    roads, but then you'll go into caves much earlier.  Ride through them (there 
    aren't any obstacles yet, really) until you reach a cave that splits in two.  
    Go to the right for the fastest time. You'll pop out onto a snowy road, and 
    from there continue on under the large rock and into another cave.  There are 
    a bunch of icicles in this cave, so be careful. Hitting a large one will cause 
    you to blow up.  Leave that cave, go through a snow road, and you'll enter yet 
    another cave. This cave is important, though, because it has a shortcut that 
    the computer doesn't take! When you see this cave split into two, go to the 
    right! You should now be on a bridge. The bridge cuts right throught the cave, 
    saving a deal of time. After this part, however, there are some rather 
    annoying turns in the caves and snowy path ahead.  This is the time to get good
    with your turning and sliding, because if you end up crashing too much on these
     turns, your rivals will catch up. After one final turn, you'll find yourself 
    going up a snowy slope, and on the other a gigantic drop! After your 
    pod jumps of the edge, glide for a while to get the maximum distance.  
    Once you near the edge of the road sloping downwards, there'll be a slight jump
    - use the "tilt up" again to make the most of it.  The jump will take you onto 
    an ice lake. As soon as you land, hold down either one of the "roll" keys, and 
    point yourself in the direction of the ramp at the other side of the ice lake. 
    As stated before, rolling to one side makes it much easier to steer on ice. Go 
    up the ramp and you'll find yourself on an icy ridge. Quickly look to your left
    (or right) as you continue ahead; you'll see a small path going up.  Instead of
    going into the structure ahead, move onto the path to get on top of the 
    building and save yourself some time. Glide off the roof, land, and keep going 
    on.  Soon you'll find yourself in a mixture of a structure and a cave. It has 
    some turns, but if you mastered the ones before, these ones will be cake. After
    that it's only a matter of continuing on the snowy road and dodging the rocks. 
    You dodged meteors, before, so these rocks shouldn't be a problem.  Make your 
    way past and you'll have completed the lap!
    Character: Ratts Tyrell's a little guy with some big engines. His stats are 
    very much like Aldar Beedo's, with sub-par acceleration but good top speed. 
    Dug Derby
    Planet: Malastare
    Favorite to win: Elan Mak
    Difficulty: Easy
    At the beginning of the race, there'll be a sharp curve - make sure to slide 
    around it.  Directly after that, quickly look to your right to see a shortcut 
    sloping up a hill. Be sure to take this important shortcut, as it saves a fair 
    amount of time and most of the computer players take it, too.  After riding 
    among this mountain road, you'll rejoin with the normal one and go fairly 
    straight for a while. The paths get a little narrow ahead, but the most damage 
    it'll do is scrape the pod's paint. After you emerge from a thin path, you'll 
    have to do a quick turn to the left. It's really very simple from there on, and
    there aren't even any obstacles. You just have to alternate between some right 
    and left turns, and hardly challenging ones at that.  As long as you're taking 
    the shortcut and keeping ahead, this race should be fairly easy.
    Character: Elan Mak is a character you start with, and his stats are pretty 
    sub-standard. Unless you're some Mak-maniac, find some better racers.
    Scrapper's Run
    Planet: Ord Ibanna
    Favorite to win: Wan Sandage
    Difficulty: Medium
    Courses in Ord Ibanna like Scrapper's Run are very close races; unlike the 
    longer courses, you'll be seeing yellow dots trailing you much more closely.  
    The best characters for this course are ones with high top speeds, like Mars 
    Guo or Boles Roor. Make sure to pass Wan Sandage at the beginning of the race, 
    then go as fast as you can until you enter the tunnel.  This tunnel is long and
    straight, so you'll end up going faster than you have probably ever gone 
    before. Make one turn to the left in the tube, and you'll shoot right back out 
    onto the road...and to the trickiest part of the course. Ahead of you now is a 
    sharp curve by a wall striped yellow and black. You'll be going extremely fast 
    at this point, so if you do so much as hit that wall, your engine will come off
    and you'll blow up, and the second or third place people will pass you.  What 
    do you do to take away this risk, and avoid blowing up here?  Well, as soon as 
    you land and approach the wall, hit the brake for a second.  You'll be going so
    fast that it won't subtract from your speed too much (you should still be going
    in the 500's), but it'll do two things for you: it'll give you more time to 
    take the turn well, and it'll reduce your speed so that if you do hit the wall,
    you'll probably still live. If you're still crashing because you're going too 
    fast, though, try holding down the brake longer or even cutting the engines. 
    These are all good alternatives to blowing up, and you should still be in the 
    After this, the course is very simple. There are some turns ahead, but the road
    is so wide you need not worry about them.  Just focus on going as fast as you 
    can (now's when the guys with high top speed shine).  Finally, you'll end up 
    going down a road and making a jump.  Tilt up and glide across the jump, then 
    land and zoom across the finish line.
    Character: Looking like a palm tree with goggles, Wan Sandage boasts high 
    acceleration but low top speed. This makes you wonder how he was able to 
    become the favorite to win in a course that caters to racers with better top 
    Zugga Challenge
    Planet: Mon Gazza
    Favorite to win: Boles Roor
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    This is the longest course in the Mon Gazza Spice Mines yet, and is a little 
    harder than its counterparts. It begins with some simple turns you can use to 
    get ahead of the pack, and then you'll be thrust out onto rougher terrain. This
    part is similar to the network of roads in the Spice Mine Run, only the roads 
    are less defined and there are fewer of them.  It doesn't matter too much which
    ones you take, but make sure to actually travel on a road and not on the ridges
    of dirt in between them, which are slower.  The fastest way to do this part, I 
    believe, is to stay to the left and go between the treads of the mining robots.
    This path is more difficult, however, because it requires fast turning in order
    to dodge the robots and stay on course. (Touching these inactive robots won't 
    blow you up, though, so don't worry.) After that, you'll pass another robot, 
    and then be forced to either go right or left. Neither way is really faster, so
    keep going through some tunnels until you reach a brightly lit, more colorful 
    one that has a bunch of signs (alien advertisements?) on its walls. You can 
    manage a shortcut if you're attentative; see the grate right before you enter 
    this tunnel?  There are little holes to the left and right of it. Drop down 
    these and you'll go on a straighter underground path, and the time going 
    through this tunnel will be shaved off.  If not, just keep going and do your 
    best around the turns.
    After that, you'll have to pick right or left again, and then you'll enter a 
    section of the level similar to that of the Spice Mine Run.  Just like the 
    other level, you'll be traveling on one of two grated roads going over lava. 
    Neither boasts a significantly faster time, so just pick one and keep going.  
    These roads mostly do a slight curve, so turning won't be a problem.  Then, 
    you'll travel on a dirt road again.  Make a quick right turn, and then you'll 
    enter an area with some thin corridors.  The first corridor turns left, the 
    next turns right. After traversing these, you'll proceed up a ramp and have to 
    make a jump over a lava pit! Hold down the "tilt up" button to glide across it,
    else risk smashing your pod.  You'll race through some more roads, nothing very
    special about them, but then you'll jump off a slight ramp and go face to face 
    with a giant, active mining robot! Avoid even touching this robot, or else 
    you'll explode instantly. Also, make sure that you don't go too high when you 
    jump off the aforementioned ramp, or else you'll fly right into the robot's 
    body! Go between the giant machine's treads-for-legs and keep going. From there
    it's a simple matter of going around the bend and you're at the end!
    Character: Boles Roor has incredible top speed, but his other stats aren't 
    quite so stellar. That means he tears up the track in straighter, faster 
    courses like Scrapper's Run, but has trouble in the curvier courses. Use him in
    Mon Gazza Speedway for ultimate effect.
    Baroo Coast
    Planet: Baroonda
    Favorite to win: Neva Kee
    Difficulty: Medium
    This is your first race on Baroonda.  The courses on Baroonda are renowned for 
    being filled with vegetation, and possessing a lot of curves (as you will see 
    later on).  Don't be daunted, though - a little practice and you should be able
    to conquer this course just fine.  It starts out very simply; round a few bends
    and then go over a bridge.  After that, continue on to find yourself on a 
    second, wider bridge.  Look to your right here to see a ramp going off the 
    cliff. Instead of going down the actual road, steer to the right and jump off 
    the cliff, then glide.  This should save you some time.  Afterwards, you'll 
    find yourself going onto a beach.  There's no need to follow the path on the 
    map directly here, as going off-road won't slow your pod.  Just cut across the 
    sand as quickly and as straight as you can and dodge the palm trees. 
    After that, you'll wander into a forest.  This part pretty much embodies the 
    two central themes of Baroonda: curvy roads and lots of vegetation.  There are 
    four bends in all, and they can be pretty annoying if you don't take them 
    right.  Slide around them as best you can, taking the turns lightly, but don't 
    worry if you hit into the wall.  In fact, doing so sometimes propels you into 
    the air, allowing you to glide more quickly around the bend.  Just make sure 
    not to take a turn too hard, or it's possible your pod may blow up upon impact.
    After the fourth bend, you should be facing a small opening covered with some 
    vegetation.  You can turn left to continue on the path, or you can take this 
    very obvious and very useful shortcut that saves you a lot of time.  Head 
    through this vegetative opening (you'll shred the plants as you pass through), 
    and you'll join the road on the other side. You'll also find yourself staring 
    down yet another shortcut covered by plants.  This is similar to the one 
    before. Unless you purposely want to make this course harder, pass through this
    opening onto the next road. 
    You'll then proceed to another rather easy section, where you'll be traveling 
    on a stone road around a mountain.  This is a good time to achieve your top 
    speed. After some easy curves around the mountainside, you'll rejoin the city 
    that you started at.  Head across a bridge parallel to the first one you went 
    through, and then you'll see an opening into a building with an archway around 
    it.  When you go through this opening, stay to the left.  Why?  Well, inside of
    this building there are some pillars in the middle of the hallway, and if 
    you're not vigilant you'll hit one and blow up. (Another option is to stay to 
    the right, but because of how the archway is tilted, it's harder.)  But if you 
    stay at the left once you go into the building, you should be fine. From there 
    you turn left, right, and then one more hard right, and then you're done!
    Interesting side note: Be sure to look to the sky whenever you're on Baroonda, 
    because you may very well catch a glimpse of a C-9979 landing ship - the 
    landing ship that the droids used in the invasion of Naboo.  Foreshadowing, no?
    Character: Neva Kee has the strangest podracer there is.  Instead of the 
    orthodox design - two engines tied together with an energy binder arc, a 
    driver's seat attached to the engines with cable - Neva Kee's engines and seat 
    are just connected together in one big podracer. He's sitting right in-between 
    the engines! As for his performance, he's got great acceleration and the best 
    traction of any pod - great for curvy courses.  
    Bumpy's Breakers
    Planet: Aqualaris
    Favorite to win: Ark "Bumpy" Roose
    Difficulty: Medium
    The second of the courses named after a character, this one takes place in 
    scenic Aqualaris.  However, this course is much different than the previous 
    ones.  You start out next to the stands, similar to those in Sunken City.  Pass
    "Bumpy", and head down a very wide road.  You'll do a series of jumps here - 
    make sure to use the "tilt up" button to make the most of them.  After the 
    third jump, you'll head down a rather rough mountain path. The turns don't look
    very hard here, but because the road is slanted and uneven, you may find 
    yourself hitting into them a few times. It's hardly consequential, though, so 
    keep going until you reach a jump. Glide off the jump and you'll head into a 
    tunnel.  This tunnel has a very steep left turn, so keep that in mind.  If you 
    don't think you'll be able to slide around the bend without hitting the wall, 
    which is difficult to do, then slow down. If you don't, you very well may blow 
    up upon impact.  Directly after you exit to the tunnel, look to your left. 
    Instead of going all the way around the lake in the middle, jump off the cliff 
    here - there'll be a road.  This is a good shortcut that saves a nice amount of
    time.  Just make sure you don't jump too early, though, or you'll plunge into 
    the water and blow up. Try out the shorcut once or twice, to make sure you can 
    do it easily.
    After that, go on a ways until you go off a jump.  As soon as you land, you 
    must very quickly look to your left. There will be a path that will cut 
    straight through the walls, saving you a little bit time. This shortcut 
    requires a quick eye, and can be hard to see if you haven't practiced. However,
    this path's as far from vital as you can get.  It's really only for those who 
    want to squeeze every last second off their times. Once you finish traversing 
    the dirt road you're on, you'll head into an underwater tube.  You'll then pass
    through that familiar "iron door" section, though they seem to open and close 
    faster now. Once outside of that, you'll see a very familiar site: the site of 
    the shortcut in Sunken City, with the tubes and the ramps. Remember that the 
    shortcut - some rails you can go under to an adjoining road - is to the walls 
    on the left, after the far end of the tube. Also make that when passing under 
    the rail, you don't hit one of the vertical iron bars sticking down.  There are
    a couple such bars, and hitting one will probably destroy your pod. See the 
    Sunken City guide for the rest.
    Keep going on the road until you enter some more pipe section. However, pay 
    attention, because there is an extremely sharp left turn. Make sure to either 
    turn early and slide or hit the brakes, but whatever you do, be careful! More 
    than once I've smacked facefirst into the wall because I didn't take enough 
    preparations with turning. After you (hopefully) make this turn, go a little 
    farther and you'll see a small blue ramp to your left, leading upwards.  Go up 
    the ramp to go onto an upper path, and then glide off once you reach the end of
    it. From there you'll exit the pipe, and after passing some mountain road 
    you'll head back into the stadium. Score! You've beaten the final level in 
    Character: Ark "Bumpy" Roose is an great character, possessing good stats with 
    some especially good acceleration. I don't find him quite as fast as Mars Guo 
    and the like, but he's still a very worthy character.
    Semi-Pro didn't stand a chance. With your growing skills and some great advice 
    *cough cough*, you've blown through the Semi-Pro racing circuit and moved on to
    race with the pros! But be wary, because the Galactic Podracing Circuit will 
    have tracks far tougher than any you've seen before!
    Galactic Podracing Courses:
    Planet: Oovo IV
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Favorite to win: Toy Dampner
    As if it's name wasn't ominous enough, Executioner takes place on the asteroid 
    prison Oovo IV, the same place as Vengeance. And yes, there are more meteors. 
    However, instead of there being one big meteor section, there are two smaller, 
    easier ones. In fact, with a little practice on this course, the meteor showers
    in Vengeance may actually seem harder. However, your rivals here follow your 
    tail much more closely than they did in Vengeance, so dying here is more 
    dangerous and more costly.  Try to die as little as possible, and keep the 
    It starts off simply, like usual.  Pass in-between two walls and onto a thin, 
    railed, metallic path, identical to that of Vengeance.  Similarities end there,
    though.  After the railed path, you'll head arounda  bend to the left, and then
    you'll be forced to squeeze through a tiny crack in-between two walls.  If 
    you're cautious or your pod has wide engines, make sure to roll so you'll fit 
    more easily. After that, you'll rocket down a path sloping downwards.  You'll
    be going very fast at this point, so when the path ends and you're forced to 
    turn right, make sure not to hit a wall or your engine may suffer some damage.
    Go through a straight, very cool-looking path of rails, and then head straight 
    on into a metallic tunnel.  You'll turn a little bit under some overhangs, and 
    then you have to - here it comes - go into a meteor-filled tube.  I tell you, 
    meteors and travelling do not mix.  However, this is easier and much shorter 
    than you might think, so with some luck or some practice you should be able to 
    dodge the meteors without too much incident. After you bypass the hurtling 
    rocks of death, you'll shoot back out onto the track.  Ahead you'll see to very
    large structure shooting upwards, with paths to the left, right and a very thin
    path down the middle. Just go left or right, because the middle path saves no 
    time and only puts you at the risk of skidding your pod into a wall and 
    damaging it. 
    Keep going and you'll be forced into another meteor shower. You may end up 
    dying in this part, or you may find it easy - it seems to differ. Practice 
    helps, though. Once you get tossed back onto the road, you'll be in a big room 
    with a small doorway at the end.  The doorway is rectangular, and rotates from 
    being tall to wide.  Be careful not to even get close to hitting the sides of 
    the doorway, because I've seen the game glitch up and cause the pod to blow up 
    for doing so.  Afterwards, you'll pass through a very cool room with a path 
    going through a swirling vortex of purple energy. Keep going through and you'll
    be in a very, very big room filled with purple haze.  At the end of the room 
    are four tunnels you can go through.  The ones to the left are curvier and 
    slower - try taking the one to the far right.  That's the one, at least, I've 
    seen the favorite to win take, and it's straighter than the others. 
    After passing through the tunnel, you'll be thrust into what looks like a 
    meteor room, but look - no meteors! Just hold down up until you get tossed back
    onto the road. A little ways further and the first level (and perhaps the first
    lap) of the International Circuit is complete. 
    Character: Toy Dampner has a good set of stats, but his overall top speed is 
    not very high. Nevertheless, he has great acceleration, and his bottom three 
    stats - even though they're the ones I consider the least important - are 
    Sebulba's Legacy
    Planet: Malastare
    Favorite to win: Sebulba
    Difficulty: Medium
    It's you vs. Sebulba, round two.  This time Sebulba's challenged you to a race 
    in the mysterious, perhaps evil, and definately poorly lit world of Malastare. 
    Don't get intimidated - just be sure to take all the shortcuts and you'll be 
    fine. It starts off with a sharp turn to the right, but take the turn hard and 
    you'll make it easily.  Zoom past a greenish lake, and you'll be forced to do 
    another sharp right turn, similar to the first.  Again, just hit that right key
    to take the turn hard and you shouldn't have trouble.  After that, you'll see 
    ahead of you the path divide.  There'll be a path going up into the mountains 
    to the left, and the regular road will go on to the right. It's imperative that
    you take the faster mountain path, or else you may get passed by the computer 
    racers who do.  Once you rejoin the main road, look to your right as you 
    continue.  You'll see the opening to a cave, which is yet another shortcut.  
    Take it and blaze through the cave tunnel. Be careful, though, as one part of 
    the cave has poor lighting and you may become disoriented.  Just keep plowing 
    through the path, quickly as you can, until you rejoin the main road.  
    Once you do, you'll come to a familiar place.  Remember that part in Bumpy's 
    Breakers, where you had to go on an elevated path around a lake?  This is the 
    same, complete with a path below as well.  But do not, I repeat, do not drop 
    down to this path! While it makes a tighter, faster curve, the road it then 
    continues on is very curvy, while the upper path goes totally straight. 
    The road below is not a shortcut, it's a punishment for anyone who steers badly
    and drops below.  After not taking this path, you'll just have to go straight
    to reach the finish line. Eat that, Sebulba!
    Character: You don't unlock Sebulba quite yet - you need to beat him one more 
    Grabvine Gateway
    Planet: Baroonda
    Favorite to win: Anakin Skywalker
    Difficulty: Hard
    The second track in Baroonda is an extremely curvy course, and the pretty much 
    the hardest course yet - tight turns are frequent, and dying is pretty much 
    inevitable. Use someone with great traction to make the course substantially 
    easier - Neva Kee is a great choice.   
    Grabvine Gateway starts off like Baroo Coast, only backwards.  Descend down the
    first hill, and once you enter the building swerve left or right to dodge the 
    pillars.  Turn right down the mountainside, and keep going until you see...
    what's this, a desert? This place has a lot of turns, some of them quite 
    dangerous, so good traction will help out a lot. Take the first left turn in 
    advance, being careful not to crash into the ancient wall. You'll then turn 
    right a little, and you'll keep going until you reach another, very sharp right
    turn.  Be very careful on this turn - if you have bad traction or aren't 
    prepared for it, you will blow up.  Be sure to take the turn early, and if 
    you're still on a collision course, hit the brake a little to slow yourself 
    down.  From there you'll do a left turn, a right turn, and another left.  
    You won't blow up by hitting these walls, probably, but colliding into them 
    will slow you down so be prepared.  Then, after that last left turn, you'll be 
    forced to do another very hard right.  Again, take this turn early and slow 
    down a little if need be, because hitting the wall here at a high speed will 
    result in one of your engines coming off. 
    Then, you'll do a left and pass under a stone statue's legs.  You'll proceed 
    onto a forest road.  Stay on the actual path as best you can, because going on 
    the grass will slow you down.  Be ready to pass to the left or right of a large
    rock, and then through another statue's legs to go into a dense forest area. 
    There will be a lot of tight turns in this area, too, but they will almost 
    never result in your destruction. Also, there are some overhanging vines that 
    will block your sight of the road ahead. Be sure to look at the map to see 
    which way the path curves ahead.  Once you pass the forest road and go either 
    to the left or right of a giant vine structure, be ready for the most annoying 
    part of the course. You'll enter a large lake/marsh with some giant tree roots 
    sticking down into it.  There is a set path, but going off of it will not slow 
    you down.  What is really dangerous about this part is that there are some 
    HUGE, very dangerous curves that you may be unprepared for because of abundant 
    fog in the area. You may end up running straight into the wall and getting 
    destroyed.  Getting an early start on these turns is VITAL.  Look at the map to
    see when the curve begins, and turn early.  Stay close to the wall farthest 
    away from the deadly turns, and it'll be much easier.  However, you'll also 
    have to be wary of the tree roots, because hitting them is fatal too. You may 
    need to practice this area several times.
    The first deadly turn is to the right - once you advance onto the lake, stay to
    the wall on your right (and off the road) and be prepared to turn.  Take note, 
    though, that there is also a tree root onto the right, so make sure to first 
    dodge that, then get ready for the turn.  The next large curve is to the left. 
    After making the first curve to the right, quickly position yourself to turn to
    the left.  Watch out for some tree roots and take this one as early as you can,
    too. After that, the path will start alternating from sharp left to right 
    turns.  Take these early, hit the brake if you need to. Just do your best not 
    to blow up. After passing this nightmarish part, you'll pass under one more 
    statue and start on the mountainside again. Pass over a few bridges and you'll 
    be back into the city again.  Go by the stands and to the finish line.
    Character: Anakin Skywalker is a starting character.  Despite the small size of
    his pod, he combines good speed and acceleration with some nice turning for an 
    overall great racer.  
    Andobi Mountain Run
    Planet: Ando Prime
    Favorite to win: Mawhonic
    Difficulty: Medium
    This is the third track in Ando Prime, and is very similar to Howler's Gorge.  
    It is exactly the same, in fact, until you glide onto an ice lake.  (See 
    Howler's Gorge in the Semi-Pro Circuit for details.)  Instead of there being a 
    ramp, you'll see a tunnel. Hit the "roll" button and steer yourself into it. 
    You'll go underground into a rather straight, very simple tunnel, which is a 
    great place to achieve your top speed. After you emerge, you'll find yourself 
    in a tundra, with huge icy cliffs everywhere.  As you set out onto it, quickly 
    look to your left.  On the map, you should see another road trailing off to the
    left.  Now, you can either go onto this path, or keep going forward.  I 
    believe the path is a little faster, but only just.  The outcome of the race 
    will hardly depend on which you take. 
    If you take the shorcut: You don't actually see a road trailing off, so look 
    to the map to see when you should leave the main road.  Continue through the 
    frozen wasteland, and you'll enter an icy cliff. What's kind of annoying about 
    this part is that the turns among this ice cliff are very tight.  You may 
    suffer substantial engine damage by hitting into the canyon wall. Do your best 
    to weave among the roads, and then you'll end up joining the main road. 
    If you don't: Keep going through the tundra, dodging any glaciers in the way.  
    Once the path curves left, turn through a small ring of ice and go straight 
    into the canyon. The turns aren't as tight here as they are in the shortcut, so
    steering through it is easier. Eventually you'll see the path of the shortcut 
    join your road.
    From there you just continue along the path until you reach a more refined 
    road, and straight on to the finish line.
    Character: Mawhonic has stats very similar to those of Elan Mak, meaning he's 
    a sub-par character. There are better racers out there.
    Dethro's Revenge
    Planet: Ord Ibanna
    Favorite to win: Ody Mandrell
    Difficulty: Medium
    This course is similar to Scrapper's Run, without the deadly turn and with a 
    few new tricks and surprises.  It isn't too difficult, though. A little ways 
    from the beginning, on a road with lots of metal bars around you, you'll see a 
    second path run under you.  Be careful not to fall, which will slow down your 
    total time. The only time you're really likely to fall is during turns, though,
    so be careful during them and stay in the middle. When you see come to a little
    gap in the road, with warning stripes painted on it, hit the "tilt up" key as 
    you pass over it.  It may look like you'll make it, but if you don't tilt your 
    pod upwards you'll be sure to crash.  After jumping the first gap, keep going 
    down the tunnel until you see a circular exit.  (You'll see some other exits 
    below you, but don't take them.  They're not any faster and going through them 
    requires you to drop below.) Pass through it and you'll continue on another 
    path surrounded by rails. Like before, when taking the turns here, make sure to
    stay in the middle of the road or you'll drop onto the path below.  After a 
    couple curves you'll see another gap in the road ahead, this one marked by 
    flags.  Be sure to tilt your pod upwards to make the gap (as small and 
    insignificant as it seems).
    You'll then proceed onto a curvy road with some lightposts on both sides of the
    road at regular intervals. Stay in the middle of the road, or you'll risk 
    hitting into one. If you haven't tried the course before, doing so will take 
    fast reflexes.  If you do end up going off the road, then be sure to weave 
    around any lightposts in your way. Then, you'll enter a tunnel with some very 
    easy turns.  Cake. Afterwards, you'll jump out and ahead of you, you'll see a 
    small path going into the ground.  You can enter here to go through a very 
    straight road, but what I prefer to do is to miss the opening entirely, and 
    keep going.  You'll then see where the tunnel comes back above ground.  Ride up
    it like a ramp and glide. After some more fairly easy turns, you'll go off two 
    big jumps. This part is easy, really. Glide off the jumps (by holding down 
    "tilt up") to make the most of them, and be sure to stay straight for the 
    second jump to make it through the opening. The second jump will take you 
    right in front of the finish line.
    Character: Ody Mandrell is yet another character you start with.  He's a 
    generally good character, with all-around stats, though he's got better 
    acceleration than top speed. 
    Fire Mountain Rally
    Planet: Baroonda
    Favorite to win: Ebe Endecott
    Difficulty: Hard
    "What? Another course in Baroonda?" 'Fraid so. Fortunately, however, this one 
    doesn't have the annoying section on the marsh that the previous one had, but 
    is a challenge nonetheless.  Staying ahead of the favorite to win at all times 
    is vital, because catching up can be very difficult. Self-preservation is key.
    Start off in the usual city area that you do in Baroonda, and continue until 
    you reach a long bridge. Pass through it, then turn right down the 
    mountainside. You'll come to a jump - be sure to "tilt up" to glide across it 
    or else you may face grave penalties. Go down the mountain some more, and 
    you'll come to a dirt road.  This place has a lot of tough turns, and getting 
    through them without hitting their sides is near impossible. Focus on taking 
    the turns well enough, at least, so you don't blow up.  The first one is a hard
    turn to the right, and immediately one to the left.  After that, you'll see a 
    tree branch in your way - don't worry, you'll go over it.  Then, you'll face a 
    quick left and a hard right in succession.  This is the part where you're most 
    likely to blow up, so hit the brakes if you need to. Finally, there will be 
    more turns, alternating from left to right. Slide around these bends, and it's 
    okay if you hit the side, so long as it doesn't cause instant destruction for 
    your pod.  Pass over one more tree branch, some more turns, and you'll head 
    onto a volcanic road.  Jungles, mountains, deserts, volcanoes - is there 
    anything Baroonda doesn't have?
    Head into the volcanic tunnel, admire some gushing lava to your left, then 
    continue down some more ash-ridden roads until you go into the volcano a 
    second time. As soon as you do, you'll be forced to choose a path.  Stay on 
    the upper road and choose left or right, whichever is easiest.  You'll enter a 
    second volcano room, where you should just stay on the road you're on. Then, 
    you'll enter the final lava room, where lava, rocks and paths are everywhere. 
    Pick whatever path is easiest, closest or whichever you feel most comfortable 
    with. Just make sure not to do two things: go on the lava, which slows you down
    (but surprisingly doesn't immolate you), or hit a rock.  Don't get confused 
    with the paths so much that you venture off and do one of those two things.  
    Just pick a road and stay in the center of it.  You'll eventually emerge from 
    the volcano and head into forest.  Stay on the center of the road, like in 
    Grabvine Gateway, and keep going until you're in a desert.  This is just like 
    the desert part in Grabvine Gateway, only backwards.  Fortunately enough, the 
    turns seem to be less dangerous this time around, but you should still be 
    alert. Prepare for all turns in advance, and don't despair if you slow down by 
    hitting into a wall. It's much better than dying, believe me. You probably 
    shouldn't have to hit the brakes, though: just keep going. Your engines may 
    take a beating, though.
    After the desert, simply race up the mountainside and into the city (be wary of
    the building with the pillars, though) to complete the lap.
    Character: This is third course in a row you haven't gotten anyone new. Ouch.
    Ebe Endecott has fairly balanced stats with nice cooling and repair, though his
    speed is a little weaker than some of the other starters.
    The Boonta Classic
    Planet: Tatooine
    Favorite to win: Sebulba
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    This is it: The final course in the racing circuit, your final showdown with 
    Sebulba, and the course portrayed in the movie, Episode 1. Pick your favorite 
    character and get ready to win it all!
    This course has a slew of different paths. I picked the paths that the 
    favorite, Sebulba follows, since I'm fairly sure they're the fastest. Go down 
    the dirt road at the beginning until it split into two paths: a road on a ridge
    to the left, and a cave to the right.  Go to the right and continue through the
    cave until you jump out onto a canyon. Be sure to stay on the road to the right
    of this canyon, because deviating from it will slow you down. After emerging 
    from the canyon and turning to the left, you'll enter another.  You'll 
    encounter a couple of turns, one of them a wide and hard (but far from 
    dangerous) curve to the left and you'll see the path split.  There'll be the 
    main road, and then you'll see a small path going up to your right.  Go 
    whichever way you want.  The path going up is more fun and allows you to get 
    some extra distance by gliding, but if you miss it, it's really nothing. 
    (Note: Sebulba does not take the path going up.)  Anyways, soon you'll come to 
    a very large crevice that you'll be forced to jump over.  Hit that "tilt up" 
    key (that should be quite familiar to you by now) to glide across it. Continue 
    on the desert track and you'll go into a rocky area.  Initially, you'll see 
    three paths ahead of you. Quickly turn onto the rightmost path, which is also 
    the fastest. From there you'll go through a curvy path, but this isn't really 
    very difficult.  After you emerge and rejoin the other paths, you'll head out 
    into a desert.  There won't be a path at first, but soon you'll enter a less 
    barren section and you'll see the road.  Keep going down the road, and make 
    sure to jump over the pit you'll see by tilting upwards.
    Then, you'll go onto a road with lots of rocky arches, very similar to what you
    saw a lot of in the movie (assuming you've seen it).  This part isn't very 
    difficult, but be sure to save time by always going to the left whenver you see 
    the path split a little.  The first time you'll see two arches, left and right,
    and you should pick the left.  Look at the map to see where the second is, or 
    just stay to the left for all of this part. After this section, you'll pass 
    into a canyon, then through a crevice. There'll be three paths - just go on the
    one in the middle.  Emerge from the cave and out into a wide gorge and - what's
    this? You're getting shot at! Whenver a shot hits the ground, flame will emerge
    from the spot.  Hit the flame and your engines will catch fire, making it 
    harder to control and damaging them. Stay to the left at this part (the fire, 
    generally, concentrates in the middle) and dodge the flames. Keep going and 
    you'll see a path to the left and right, and one path dipping down in the 
    middle.  You may feel the urge to take the middle, and fastest, path - but do 
    not! As I said, all of the fire concentrates in the middle of the track. While 
    there's virtually no danger of getting shot if you go on the left or right, 
    it's pretty much impossible to avoid fire if you take the middle, the path 
    being too thin for you to be able to dodge. 
    Keep going, staying on the left or right, until the shooting stops.  You'll 
    enter a canyon, but be careful! A sandcrawler (or whatever that vehicle the 
    Jawas use is called) patrols this area, so until you pass it, stay on the 
    lookout and keep to the left or the right of the track(the sandcrawler only 
    stays on the middle).  Soon afterwards you'll see something very familiar: a 
    small crevice you have to go through, identical to that of the first level. 
    That's right, the worry's over! The rest of the track is exactly the same as 
    the first course in Tatooine.  Just fit through the crevice and pass through 
    the rocks and you're done! You are the champion!
    Character: Sebulba is finally yours! Sebulba's stats are generally vary between
    par and sub-par, except his top speed, which is through the roof.  Also, by 
    hitting the taunt button, you can activate Sebulba's flamethrower.  FOOM!
    You have conquered the Galactic Podracing Circuit, and now you have risen to 
    the throne as the Podracing champion! But wait, what's this? There's more? 
    That's right.  The Invitational Podracing Circuit, consisting of four tracks, 
    still prevents you from becoming the ultimate podracer. You get the first two 
    tracks of this by completing the Amateur and Semi-Pro Podracing circuits, and 
    you unlock the last two by beating the Galactic circuit. 
    Invitational Courses:
    Ando Prime Centrum
    Planet: Ando Prime
    Favorite to win: Slide Parimita
    Difficulty: Medium
    At the beginning of the course, look at the map and it'll show a path trailing 
    off to the left at the very beginning.  This path is faster, so be sure to take
    it by veering off the slope to the left, instead of going on the road. Keep 
    going, and as soon as the paths rejoin, head to the right, back on the road. 
    Ahead of you should be an ice cave, split into left and right. Take the faster,
    right path. This section of the cave is a little annoying; the sharp turns and 
    rough path will hinder you, but as long as you don't crash and blow up, it'll 
    still save you time. Continue until you make a slight jump and enter the city. 
    Immediately, head to the left and go up the ramp you see there.  This is a 
    useful shortcut that leads you through this icy city faster. Once you head up 
    this ramp, you'll go into a tunnel.  The turns in this tunnel are somewhat hard
    and may get on your nerves a bit, but again, this route is definitely faster. 
    Once you exit this tunnel, keep on going and you'll go up a ramp. Glide off of 
    it, and continue on. This section of the city has different pathways, but none 
    of them are really much faster than one another. Just pick your paths and keep 
    going.  After picking to go either right or left around a very large structure,
    you'll start descending down a road leaving the city. When it comes to an end,
    glide off of it with the "tilt up" button and you'll touch down very near the 
    finish line.
    Character: Slide Parimita has respectable acceleration and amazing cooling and 
    repair, but his top speed's a bit weak.
    Planet: Ord Ibanna
    Favorite to win: Bozzie Baranta
    Difficulty: Hard
    This course has a certain trick to it.  At a couple of places around the 
    course, you'll be on a road surrounded by metal bars, with a lower road under 
    you.  You'll start on the upper path, but veering off too far will cause you 
    to fall down on the lower one. If you manage to stay on the upper path without 
    ever falling down, then you can win. Fall down and you have lost, with 
    virtually no chance of recovering first place. Really. See, if you fall off at 
    this certain point, you have to take an extremely long route around that will 
    cause you to fall far, far behind. What's worse is the computer players almost 
    never fall off the track, so you need to stay up with them.
    The course wastes no time. Just a little ways from the starting line is one of 
    the aforementioned roads, where falling down onto the road below means defeat.
    As soon as you head onto this road and start to take the turn, you must slow 
    down. Hit the brake.  Just make sure you alter your speed enough to make the 
    turn to the left, because it is almost impossible to make that turn and not 
    fall down if you're going fast. However, try not to go too slow or else you may
    fall behind, or even worse, a pod will collide with yours. Try to strike a 
    balance: find the fastest speed you can go and still stay on the upper track. 
    Once you make this turn, the path will start to go straight again. You can hit
    the gas here and catch up - just make sure to glide over the small gap in the 
    track (indicated by warning flags).  A little ways further and you'll have to 
    turn yet again.  Do the same thing: slow down, make sure you can take the turn 
    without falling off, then go to full speed again.  There will be some more gaps
    in the track ahead, so make sure to jump them. I've actually seen the favorite 
    to win fall down through these gaps once, both providing entertainment and 
    ensuring victory.
    After making the jump, you'll continue on another track with metal bars, 
    similar to before, but you won't be able to fall of this one. Go through it and
    you'll see ahead a road curving in-between some metallic pillars.  Instead of 
    weaving through these, skip all the confusion and look to your left.  You'll 
    see a wall of steel mesh, with a small little opening in it.  Take this opening
    to save a lot of time (I know the favorite to win does). Doing so will put you 
    straight in line with the next road you need to proceed on to. This road is 
    like the ones before, with an upper and lower level, but don't worry - it 
    doesn't matter much if you fall off onto the lower route.  All that does is 
    take away the ability to ride on the top of the building you'll proceed through
    (or on top of) next. If you managed to stay on the upper track, be similarly 
    careful up there.  While it is faster this way, it is also possible to fall off
    the top and die. After you jump down off the top of the structure (or just race
    from out of it), turn right and continue on. You'll eventually have to make two
    jumps (glide for best results), and you'll be at the end. Just make sure not to
    fall down on any of the laps, or else you'll have to restart...
    Character: Bozzie Baranta is a fairly unimpressive character.  While a little 
    better than Mawhonic and Elan Mak, the only thing worth noting about him is 
    respectable acceleration and turning.  Still, at least his pod is pretty cool.
    The Gauntlet
    Planet: Oovo IV
    Favorite to win: Gasgano
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    This is the final course of Oovo IV, the asteroid prison facility. Fortunately,
    there are far fewer opportunities for you to die here.  The bad news is Gasgano
    follows you pretty closely here, so staying ahead of him is a necessity.  It 
    starts off similarly to the two previous courses, but then in a surprising 
    twist you'll go outside. Stay on the road here, or else you'll be slowed down. 
    A little ways down and suddenly you'll hear gunfire.  Just like in the Boonta 
    Classic, bullets - or whatever their weapons shoot - will hit the road, causing
    small flames to shoot up.  Do your best to dodge the flames, but don't leave 
    the road just to dodge them. If you do catch on fire, jus 

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