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Star Wars: DroidWorks

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About The Game

In Star Wars: DroidWorks challenge your students to use and apply their understanding of basic principles of physical science. Watch them design droids in a 3-D laboratory, then test their decisions in exciting missions which require knowledge of energy, forces and motion, magnetism, simple machines and light. An interactive glossary of scientific terms with real world examples is included.

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Star Wars: DroidWorks Review

By Brian Egan |

Droid Works allows you to build your own droids based on the Star Wars Universe.

The object of the game is to build droids to carry out a series of objectives in your mission profile. These can be as simple as "get through the door at the end of the course" and "use wheels on your droid," or as complex as raising a bridge using a lever and fulcrum as you perform several other tasks, all without running out of power.

The graphics in this game are truly superb, but they do still have the annoying tendency to show parts sticking out of your droid if you collide with objects. Additionally, when you turn your droid, the camera view moves as well, which can make figuring out which way to move a bit awkward at best. The visuals are also a bit blocky, typical of multi-polygon graphics. Putting droids together is relatively simple. Players select a part they wish to use and drag it into the design area. Color-coded blocks show where other parts attach. Players must match the blocks up to attach other parts to the part they have already chosen. In addition, players may color their droid and see it in motion. There is even a button that shows the droid dancing to music, which is fun no matter how old you are.

DroidWorks combines puzzle solving, education and action into one fantastically enjoyable game. The many available droid bodies and parts allow players nearly infinite possibilities. This game is one you shouldn't miss.

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