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Star Wars: Anakin's Speedway

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About The Game

Direct from Lucas Learning comes Anakin's Speedway, the ultimate Star Wars Podracer playset for ages 4 and up! Create thousands of Podrace test tracks filled with turns, loops, jumps, and tunnels and learn about cause-and-effect relationships as you drive your Podracer through them. Build thousands of Podracer tracks, pick Anakin Skywalker, Sebulba, Gasgano or Ben Quadinaros as your pilot and drive your Podracer through various terrains and courses to see what happens. Adjust your speed to safely navigate your course -- and make sure to watch your fuel gauge! Travel to three different Star Wars environments, explore the jukebox and other fun clickables, and even print out Podrace courses and racer trading cards.

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Star Wars: Anakin's Speedway Review

By Brian Egan |

Star Wars: Anakin's Speedway allows children who aren't quite ready to play Star Wars: Episode I: Racer with the big kids to enjoy some podracing action created just for them.

You can build on one of six track areas on each planet and use any of 28 track pieces, most of which have five variations. There are literally thousands of different tracks you can make. When you're done, you can send one of the aforementioned pod pilots out for a test spin. You don't actually steer your pod; instead, you choose to increase or decrease its speed by pressing the number one, two or three on your keyboard. If you press zero, it will come to a stop. A fuel gauge flashes if it becomes too low; pressing the spacebar sends out a group of pit droids who give it a refill.

When you've had your fill of podracing, check out the Podracer's Hut for some much-needed relaxation. Fode and Beed are here too, offering up amusing comments on the action inside. There are plenty of things to click, and there's even a little Nuna who is hiding somewhere. Find it and click on it for a surprise.

The bottom line is that while this game would be kind of dull for an adult or older child, young children will have a blast with it. So, if your little one loves Star Wars, this is a great title to pick up for them.

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