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Star Trek: The Next Generation--A Final Unity

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At last, a well-executed game based on the recent batch of Star Trek shows.
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Star Trek: The Next Generation--A Final Unity Review

By James Archuleta |

At last, a well-executed game based on the recent batch of Star Trek shows. The game doesn't waste any time: five minutes into gameplay, the player is confronted with a violation of Federation space, a group of alien defectors requesting political asylum, and a very large and pissed-off Romulan pursuit ship. For me, part of A Final Unity's appeal may be because I'm so used to computer games' bad voice-acting and HORRIBLE dialogue. Next to that stuff, this title's decent writing and Patrick Stewart's thespian baritone seem like the last batch of Sno-Cones in Hell. (In fact, the voice talent of the entire cast is here.) Further, almost every aspect of the game—save-screens, astrogation, tactical combat, even the design of the manual—is presented in a very attractive, straight-faced style consistent with what I shall call Star Fleet Aesthetics. Players less interested in starship operations and more excited by living the lives of their favorite Star Trek characters may ‘delegate' technical operations such as combat and power routing to crew members if they wish, but the hard-core, armchair starship commander can take full control—a very nice arrangement. In fact, if the game has a notable flaw, it may be that options are sometimes a little too open, and the player's range of choices a little too broad. (But of course if we game reviewers didn't bitch about something, nobody would read our stuff.) Overall, this game offers an excellent extension of the feel of the show, and a solid game design as well.

Star Trek: The Next Generation--A Final Unity Game Walkthrough

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                      A FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr Haley

TABLE OF CONTENTS: (this walkthrough)


          VI. AFTERWORD




     v 1.0     28 December 2004



     "Star Trek: A Final Unity" is a game by Spectrum Holobyte.

     Release date:  1995, May 31
     Platform:  PC

     House:  Spectrum Holobyte
     Developer:  Atari
     Publisher:  Atari

     Official Website:  SH is long dead, and no longer has a website.
                        Refer to or at 

     Min. Sys. Requirements:  386, 8MB RAM, 16MB VRAM, 7MB disk space
     Rec. Sys. Requirements:  486, 16MB RAM, 32MB VRAM, 20MB disk space

     Also required:  8x CD-ROM drive, VESA drivers. The game runs in DOS or
                     DOS emulation *only*. Look below for troubleshooting.

     My system:  Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz, 512MB RAM DDR, 52x DVD-ROM drive,
                 nVidia GeForce 5700LE 256MB, DirectX 9.0c, Windows XP.

     The game is very stable, but to install it on modern machines is pure
     hell. The biggest problem is that the installer has trouble detecting
     the speed of your CD-ROM driver even if it's super-fast. Additionally,
     Windows manages memory differently than DOS-based systems. Most likely
     you *do* have all the needed memory, but the installer is obtuse, so
     it won't make you install the game at all.

     As a fix, it suggests to edit the file CONFIG.SYS but that is better
     not be messed with in Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

     So, check out the solution at section IV, right below.



     THIS FAQ/WALKTHROUGH is the exclusive copyright of Haley Brimley.
     Copyright (C) 2004 Haley Brimley

     You may use this walkthrough as you please PROVIDED THAT:

          1) you do NOT make any money out of it; that includes featuring it
             in publications, compendiums, compilations and other media that
             is in any way sold and/or rented;

          2) the WHOLE content remains COMPLETELY unaltered, including this
             and other disclaimers and property statements.

     Legal action will be taken against transgressors.

     The author of this FAQ/Walkthrough can be written to at:

          haley_brimley2 (at) yahoo (dot) it

     or at

          harmless_vampire23 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk



   4.1 "How to play in Windows XP"

     As we all know, Win XP has a *lame* way of emulating DOS, to the point
     where it just doesn't! The "Command Prompt" feature will not let you run
     this and many othe DOS-based games.

     In order to play "A Final Unity", arm yourself with patience, and the
     following software:

          1) DOS-Box, that can be downloaded for free from
             It's freeware, legal, and doesn't need registration. Once you
             have it, launch it and type:    mount c c:     or whatever your
             hard disk unit letter is. Then     mount d d:     or whatever
             your CD-ROM drive unit letter is. Now simply launch the setup
             and install. This solves *any* problem related to memory and
             CD speed, including the annoying "FILES/BUFFERS" issue.

          2) Most likely (but not always), the audio you hear in the game is
             not satisfying at all. So, look for and download a software
             called SndFX, which will repair all sound issues. It's an
             evaluation version, though, and the guys you could have
             purchased it from years ago aren't there anymore....

   4.2 "Backstory"

     While patrolling along the Neutral Zone, the USS Enterprise picks up a
     distress call from a severely damaged Garidian scout ship pursued by a
     large warbird. Garidians are a race historically associated with the
     Romulans, and it is therefore a major violation of the Zone. Captain
     Picard welcomes three scientists aboard seeking political asylum, and
     repels the warbird captain. The scientists are on the trail of something
     called "The Fifth Scroll", an ancient Garidian law believed lost but the
     interest in which recently rekindled. Picard accepts to assist them in
     their search, but something more serious happens: the Chodak, a race
     that everyone knew extinct over a million years ago, might not have been
     completely disappeared after all...

   4.3 "Dialogues"

     One of the major pros to this game is its dialogues. Partly developed
     by "Star Trek: The Next Generation" authors Rick Berman, Ronald D. Moore
     and Brannon Braga, they're also supported by top class voice acting by
     the series cast: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Gates
     McFadden, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, and Michael Dorn -- all reprise
     their roles as the crew of the USS Enterprise, just as though this was
     an episode in the series.

     Several episodes, actually. The quantity of spoken text is impressive,
     and it deserves to be listened to only for its depth and quality. That's
     definitely something you don't always get in video games, and especially
     graphic adventures. In this regard, "A Final Unity" is a real gem.


     - "Right" and "left" mean "your right/left", and not the characters'! If
       I say "door to the left", it means "the leftmost part of the screen."

     - I'll often indicate to "talk about everything" with NPC's. Not only it's
       interesting, as stated above, but it's an overall good suggestion with
       most if not all graphic adventures. Often it doesn't matter in which
       order to bring up topics.

     - Control panels on the Enterprise bridge are: COMPUTER (where Data sits),
       ASTROGATION (behind Picard), TACTICAL (where Worf stands), ENGINEERING
       (behind Worf). You can often access each from others. You use Computer
       to gather information, Astrogation (helm) to set courses and pilot,
       Tactical to fight against enemy vessels, and Engineering for repairs
       and energy distribution.




     * After the introductory cinematic, listen to Picard's log and speak to
       your officers. Accept Data's suggestion to use the Enterprise to cut the
       Asiram's tractor beam. Answer the hail, and tell Captain Pentara that
       her presence is a violation of the Neutral Zone. She will leave.

     * Resume your patrol in the Ruinore sector. Go to the Briefing Lounge and
       talk to your refugees: T'Bak, Lukana and Avakar. They explain the back
       story to the first part of the game, so pay attention. Say that you
       sympathise with the cause but that you currently have other assignments.

     * Sure enough, you soon receive a distress call from planet Cymkoe IV and
       the Mertens Orbital Station. Pick it up and head for the Cymkoe system.


     * Speak to all of your officers to gather insights and suggestions, then
       speak to Chancellor Daenub to learn of the conditions of the station
       and its personnel. They're both quite critical to say the least. When
       it's time to choose your away team, pick Riker to command it, then Dr
       Crusher, La Forge, and Data. Take a MED-KIT, a TRICORDER, a PHASER, and
       a MEDICAL TRICORDER with you.

     * As soon as you beam down, take the door on the left and walk over the
       catwalk to the woman trapped under the cable. Use the MEDICAL TRICORDER
       on her to know her legs are fractured. Use the TRICORDER on the cable,
       and speak to Data to know what to do. Set any phaser to minimum and
       fire on the cable to free the woman.

     * Talk to La Forge and go back to the room you arrived in. Have La Forge
       use the tractor beam: select "LOCK ON" and then "DATA CABLE", then push
       "ENERGIZE". The cable will be beamed there.

     * Go back to the woman to find out she is Dr. Ana Benyt. Use the MED-KIT
       on her. Let always La Forge speak to her, since he's an engineer and
       can ask the right technical questions. Ask how she's doing and move on.

     * Head right, take the lift to Administration and use the panel on the
       right. Push the first button to know you need the authorization code.
       Go back to Dr. Benyt and say you need help. She'll give you the code.
       Back to Administration, same panel, push the first button on the upper
       right and then the second button on the upper right. Exit the panel.
       Now the systems are on hold, but they won't resist for long.

     * Take the lift again and go to Engineering. Use the TRICORDER on that
       machine, but DO NOT GET CLOSE! Go right instead. Take the SIX ITEMS on
       the shelves and use the panel behind the officers: push the big button
       on the left, then the third among the small ones.

     * The strange machine detaches from the station! After the cutscene,
       Picard hails you. Tell him to not pursue the machine. Take the lift
       back to Administration. Use the FLUX ROUTER on the holographic pad. An
       hologram will come to life. Have La Forge examine it, and he'll figure
       out what's wrong with the station and how to fix it: the power core is
       fluctuating too much, and must be jettisoned.

     * Take the lift back to Engineering. The machine is gone, so go left and
       you meet Dr Griems, the station's engineer. Bear with his rudeness, and
       say that it's your job to work miracles. Pick the first choice when he
       speaks to you again.

     * Back to Engineering. Use the INVERTER COUPLING and the WAVE CONVERTER
       on the hole in the giant cables in the back of the hall. La Forge will
       contact the Enterprise, and they'll beam you back. Once aboard, speak
       to Chancellor Daenub again, and then head back to the Ruinore sector.


     * Long and sometimes boring, but well worth it. On the Enterprise, speak
       to T'Bak and accept to visit with the Vulcan archaeologist Shanok on
       Horst III. Once you're there, contact him. He'll let you know something
       about the Chodak race, but deny permission to beam down. Wait in orbit
       a little more, until you receive a call from Admiral Reddreck.

     * After a chat, he'll order the Enterprise to the Federal Natural Reserve
       on planet Morassia, where Federation scientist Dr. Vi Hyunh-Foertsch is
       reported missing. Accept and leave right away.

     * Once in orbit, speak to that ape (quite literally) Constable LLiskze.
       Such names! Accept to not carry any weapons with you. Away team is:
       Troi, Crusher, Data, and Riker. Don't bring a phaser, of course. The
       Morassian society is matriarchal, so better if it's Troi to speak here.

     * Have Troi ask the ape-LLiskze about everything you can. It'll help you
       gather evidence. Then walk out and head for the labs, the bottle-shaped
       building in the background. Grab the CARCASSES and use them on the
       biotable and on the sonic scope. Have Data perform these tasks.

     * Pick up the BIOSCOPE from the table and the three FIELD UNITS (A, B, C)
       too. Use the TRICORDER on the COMM PORT and speak to Tracker Melas.
       Make Data speak to her, he'll ask the proper technical questions.

     * Walk out of the labs and go back to Constable LLiskze's office. Tell
       her what happened. She'll tell you of Iydia, a supposed friend of Dr.
       Vi Hyunh-Foertsch. So go back to the lab to speak with Iydia, about
       everything. Out of the labs, head for the rightmost screen where a
       shuttle is. Pick up the MICROGENERATOR at the entrance.

     * Here comes the most inventive part of the whole game. Follow the ramp
       going up. Give the monkey the fruit if you want to. From where you are
       you see a mountain landscape, a forest landscape and a sea landscape.
       Respectively, they're called "canyon biotope", "bogforest biotope",
       and "marine biotope".

     * Place the MICROGENERATOR on the PORT, and then select the three FIELD
       UNITS you have. They will collect samples if you send them to three
       different spots for each biotope. Do exactly like listed below:

       Canyon (FIELD UNIT "A")      pit, crater, caverns
       Bogforest (FIELD UNIT "B")   the four "tunnels" near the petrified tree
       Marine (FIELD UNIT "C")      the four closest jellycorals.

       You need to remove the MICROGENERATOR each time you're done with a
       biotope, and re-insert it before you move on to the next. When you're
       through with them all, you'll have ELEVEN SAMPLES: 3 red from Canyon,
       4 green from Bogforest, and 4 blue from Marine.

     * Go back to the labs and use *every* sample on the sonic scope to obtain
       useful informatoin. Contact Healer ZZolis (names don't get any better),
       from whom you'll know about Aramut, a Ferengi, supposedly a smuggler.
       Hmm. From ZZolis you'll also get tests run on Guardians dead because of
       unusual animal attacks. Take the tests and examine thm on the bioscope.

     * It's time to talk to a real Guardian in the flesh. It's a green ape by
       the (fair) name of Tzudan, and you find her at the Quarantine Shelter.
       Talk with her, then go back to Constable LLiskze's office. Soon she'll
       go away, to be back a few seconds later. A computer will turn on, and
       Dr. Hyunh-Foertsch is back! She was kidnapped by Aramut, as predicted.

     * It was probably a beast illegally smuggled into the reserve to have
       attacked and killed the Guardians, and several animals. In order to
       set a bait and capture it, you need to reroute energy to the reserve.
       Go back to the shuttle and climb aboard. As you land, go to the panel
       closest to you. Activate it and speak to LLiskze. Go out and you find
       yourself at the Quarantine Shelter.

     * Do as the doctor says. Activate the second panel; as the beast arrives
       activate the first panel; finally activate the third panel. All of this
       should be done as quickly as possible. The beast is trapped for good.

     * Talk to Dr. Hyunh-Foertsch to know of the backstory details, then beam
       out to the Enterprise. On the way there, T'Bak says that some of those
       smuggled animals you found amazingly resemble Garidian ones -- except
       for the fact that they're all supposed to be estinct. Pursue Aramut!

     * Set a course for Joward III. Aramut isn't there anymore, but he's in
       the Nigold system, so go there. Hail him once you reach him, but he
       won't respond. Look for Iydia with the sensors, but you won't find
       anything. Aramut will try to flee: let him go. But as soon as he
       enters the Neutral Zone, Picard will open a channel.

     * Talk to Aramut and Iydia. They have lots of valuable information on a
       heavily-armed Romulan fleet allegedly planning to invade Federation
       space. Let him go in exchange for this information. Aramut also says
       where he got the animals: a planet named Frigis. On the Federation
       charts it's called Shonoisho Epsilon VI, so set a course.


     * Call the planet as soon as you're into orbit. No response. Talk to Troi
       to know if she senses anything, and then with T'Bak. You can grant him
       permission to try. He quotes verses by The Lawgiver and the Fifth
       Scroll, and someone from the planet responds.

     * Speak to Chancellor Laraq, and wait for him to call you back after a
       few seconds, with landing clearance. Away team: Riker, Data, La Forge,
       Troi. Beam down. ONLY RIKER must speak on this planet! Others won't be
       respected. Have him speak to Laraq to learn of him, and planet Frigis.

     * Ignore the pyramids and head right towards the desert. Walk to the big
       pyramid in the background, and in you go. Leave the big man alone and
       walk to the statue: it's the Gatekeeper of the Door of Enlightment.

     * SAVE YOUR GAME. Riker must answer the questions. Always choose the
       vaguest answer. "I don't know", "Who knows", "I can't say", etc. Okay,
       so he's enlightened. You may pass. Walk in the cavern, and use the TRI
       on the man in the middle. It's Aelont, Laraq's lost friend.

     * Use the TRICORDER on the engravings, and on the control panel on the
       left. It is written in Chodak. Again this ancient race. Hmm. Go all
       the way back to Laraq so he can translate to Garidian for you, then
       return to the cavern where Aelont is.

     * Use the TRICORDER on the engravings, then use the control panel.
       Aelont re-materializes aside you. Make Riker talk to him, and Aelont
       gives you THREE ITEMS.

     * Walk out and go back to where the big man was. SAVE YOUR GAME. Use the
       KEY on the VAULT. Pick up three items: the stick ending with a white
       ball (STAFF), the grey thing (DEVICE), and the GOLDEN RING. If you get
       even just one wrong, reload the game: you shan't have further chances.

     * Go all the way back to where you beamed down, and give the GOLDEN RING
       to the man in the nearest pyramid. He'll play a tune for you and give
       you an INSTRUMENT. Have La Forge put the DEVICE on top of that weird
       thing on the right. You have repaired it. The man plays something more,
       and give you a SECOND INSTRUMENT.

     * Walk out, and go to the pyramid in the background. Give the STAFF to
       the creature named Madia standing on top, and ask that she lowers the
       force-field in return. Play the SECOND INSTRUMENT, and you'll all be
       beamed out to some other room.

     * All tiles on the floor disappear! Remember Indy 3? Not quite like it.
       You have an instrument with FOUR PLUVOIDS, and you must play that and
       the others alternatively to make the tiles appear and disappear.
       "1c" means "1 pluvoid with a cover", and "1w" it's without the cover.

                     |  F  |  G  |     |     |
                     |     |     |     |     |
              |  2c  |  E  |  C  |     |     |  1w  |
              |      |     |     |     |     |      |
                     |     |     |  D  |     |
                     |     |     |     |     |
               |  3  |     |     |     |     |  1c  |
               |     |     |     |     |     |      |
                     |     |  A  |  B  |     |
                     |     |     |     |     |
                     |     |     |     |     |
                     |     |     |     |     |
                      ŻŻŻŻŻ ŻŻŻŻŻ ŻŻŻŻŻ ŻŻŻŻŻ

       - play 4;  take 3;   go to A;
       - play 3;  take 1c;  go to B;
       - play 1c;  go to C;
       - play 4;  take 2c;
       - go to C;  play 1c;
       - go to D;  play 2c;  take 1w;
       - go to B;  play 1c;  go to C;
       - play 4;  go to E;
       - play 1w;  go to F;
       - play 2c;  go to G...

     * ... and once there, use the BLUE TALISMAN that Aelont gave you on the
       NICHE. Walk in, and grab THE FIFTH SCROLL from the middle of the room.
       A loud alarm sounds! No problem: hail the Enterprise so they can beam
       you out of there.

     * Say goodbye to Laraq... but Captain Pentara's warbird, the Asiram,
       decloaks! Talk to her, and you find out a revolution broke out on
       Garid. Ask Lucana, one of your guests, who'll confirm she sent a
       message with which she informed her people that the Fifth Scroll had
       been found. In other words, you've been maneuvred. It's time to leave
       this provincial dispute behind you, so let T'Bak, Lucana and Avakar
       beam aboard the Asiram, and off with them. Wait for the cinematic...


     * As you've seen, the Romulans have massively violated the Neutral Zone
       and destroyed outspost Gamma One Five. From now on you do need to run,
       think fast, engage in combat, and most of all SAVE OFTEN. This is the
       one part where the game is more "Acction" and less "Adventure".

     * Answer the message from Admiral Williams. Worf solves a few problems
       so that you can contact Starfleet. Speak to Admiral Reddreck, who will
       dispatch you with Commander Chan at Outpost 543. Report there.

     * Hail Chan. She'll send you to the Paxanona system to protect Comm Relay
       543 from three Romulan warbirds. Attack, and they'll retire. Let them
       go. Call Chan and report. She'll send you to the Beremar system to meet
       USS Ayers. Go there immediately. There's a Romulan warbird: engage 'em.
       All you need is a direct hit to easily destroy it. Even *too* easily...

     * You cannot beam Commander Tyralak aboard, and the ship blows up. Report
       to Chan that the Ayers has been destroyed. She'll order you to meet IKC
       Bortas, a Klingon vessel in the Balis system. Go there, but don't ask
       Captain Ky'Dra if he's treating the prisoners well or he'll go berserk.
       Instead, wish him good hunt and leave.

     * Call Chan again to tell her all you know on the Romulan invasion, the
       unknown alien fleet, and this (in)famous Unity Device everyone seems to
       talk about. She'll inform you that two Klingon Birds of Prey arrived to
       Outpost 543 to protect it, and that you may leave.

     * You receive a message from Admiral Williams who allows you to continue
       your search by yourself. Go back to Frigis, and halfway there you get a
       distress call from Chancellor Laraq. Accelerate to maximum warp, and
       get there just in time to attack a Romulan warbird and defeat it.

     * Picard must beam down on the planet alone, this time. Have a long talk
       with Laraq about the Chodak culture and technology. It's among the most
       important parts of the game, so pay attention to details. Laraq gives
       Picard some sort of ISOLINEAR ROD, a ROD PROGRAMMER, and a DAYA CRYSTAL
       with coded information.

     * Beam out to the Enterprise, and set course for Horst III. On your way
       there, Data will obtain lots of useful information about the Chodak and
       the Unity Device from the crystal. You eventually arrive at Horst III.


     * Once arrived, you'll see that Shanok has left the planet. Ignore the
       automatic warning beacon, and beam down. Away team: Picard, Data, and
       La Forge. Bring a fourth to your liking.

     * Set phasers on maximum and shoot at the rocks in front of you to open
       the way. Go to the control panel in the centre of the screen and place
       the ISOLINEAR ROD in the PORT. Then use the ROD PROGRAMMER on it.
       Analyse the map with the TRI, possibly with all officers.

     * Move to the room to the left, and let everyone examine the telescope.
       You'll get some important information that you'll need later on. Go
       back to the platform you arrived on and beam back to the Enterprise.

     * You receive a call from Admirall Williams, who informs you an unknown
       race has invaded Romulan and Federation space. You're ordered to the
       Yajj system to protect Outpost Delta Zero Eight.

     * On your way there you're attacked by a group of Chodak vessels. Flee!
       You'd be incinirated in a second. In a cinematic, the Chodak destroy
       Delta Zero Eight. After a little while, Data finds out that the last
       and most important of Chodak outposts is on planet Allanor. Go there
       immediately. You may encounter Romulan warbirds on the way. Engage at
       will, but be ready to flee as you sustain even the minimum damage.


     * Hardest mission yet, but among the best too. Once into orbit, scan the
       planet surface. Away team: Picard, Data, Worf, and La Forge. You beam
       into a large hall. Don't pay heed to what the officers say. Scan with
       the TRICORDER every door and the SCHEDULE at the back of the room.

     * Shoot at maximum power at the ALLOY SEALS locking the VENTILATION DUCT.
       Pass through it to the next room. Move to the panels on the right, and
       activate them the usual way (ISOLINEAR ROD + ROD PROGRAMMER). Choose
       the first entry ("System Log"), then "more", and let them comment the
       rest of the entries. Then select "done" to go back to the first screen.
       Select "Inizialize System", then "OK", and then "Activate Facility".

     * Exit the panel and go to the window. Scan with the TRICORDER the first
       drone passing through, then the big one repairing it: Data finds a way
       to disable the drones. Go back to the starting room and use TRICORDER
       on the drone in front of you. Disable it and take its LOGIC INHIBITOR.

     * Go to the door at the back of the hall, where you saw the drone for the
       first time, and quickly place the LOGIC INHIBITOR in its circuitry.
       SAVE YOUR GAME. When a drone comes by, scan it with the TRICORDER to
       disable it. Then remove the LOGIC INHIBITOR and walk through the door.

     * Access the panel and select "Power Off" and then "Station Off Line".
       Exit, and wait for the nearby drone to be repaired. Then go back to the
       panel, and this time only select "Power Off". Exit again. Two drones
       come by. When only one light remains on on the station, fire at the
       CAPACITOR with a minimum phaser setting. The station is destroyed...

     * ... but you cannot pass. Two Chodak arrive: Optimator One and Optimator
       Two. Uh oh. Weren't these guys supposed to be extinct? Hmm. Follow them
       to their master. Picard talks to him. Say that you've come in peace and
       are on an archaeological mission. DO *NOT* say you have an ISOLINEAR
       ROD, or you'll end up in trouble. Do say you're experts in encryption
       rods in general, though, and he'll take you to the Hall of Records.

     * Observe carefully everything the aliens do, and talk to the master.
       Optimator Two is severely wounded trying to fool the security system.
       Leave him behind and pass through to get to a huge hall. When the
       master tells you to get information from the computer on the PEDESTAL,
       insert the ISOLINEAR ROD and the ROD PROGRAMMER.

     * The master reveals himself as Admiral Brodnack of the Chodak Empire,
       and shows you a "demo" of how the Unity Devce works. Then he deletes a
       file from the computer, and leaves. Read the remaining files with the
       TRICORDER to gather useful information.

     * Go back the way you came, and see Admiral Brodnack and Optimator One
       leaving. Let them go. Use a MED-KIT on Optimator Two on the floor to
       make him come to. The Chodak tells you something important. Then go up
       the stairs on the left and *stop* immediately.

     * Use the TRICORDER on each security system SENSOR, then shoot them all.
       Use the TRICORDER on each again, in order to set the phaser right.
       Shoot again with the proper setting, and quickly cross the room.

     * Go back to the teleportation pad you came with, and on its control
       panel select the first button from the right in the upper row, and the
       central button from the column on the left. Then press the white timer
       bar on the right, exit the panel and rush to meet the others on the
       pad. You'll be beamed out. Go back to the starting room, approach the
       SCHEDULE and Data scanS it with the TRICORDER. Back to the Enterprise.


     * From now to the end of the game, save often. Once aboard, you'll detect
       a Romulan warbird approaching. Do not move. After a while Data reports.
       Talk to him, and head for the Gombara Pulsar. Engage and destroy any
       Romulan warbirds you meet, but only if they're not teamed up.

     * You'll pass near a black hole along the way, and sustain minor damage.
       You finally arrive at Gombara... and find out there is no pulsar! Talk
       to Data, but decline his suggestion to travel back in time. Thankfully.
       Instead, talk to Troi and accept hers.

     * So, go to Astrogation and set course for the Al'din sector at maximum
       warp. It's at the coordinates 5-6-7. Again, avoid any confrontation on
       the way there unless there's only one wardbird at a time.

     * Even before getting to Al'din, Data pinpoints the location of the
       Unity Device: Thang sector, 3-1-3. Go to Astrogation and insert the
       coordinates. Yet again, engage only those battles you can win. It takes
       a good while to get there, so save often and chat with the officers.

     * Once in the Thang sector, go to the computer database. Pick "Missions",
       "Mission Logs", "Unity Device". The coordinates to find it are there,
       recorded by Data. The Unity device is at 9-14-16, so go to Astrogation,
       select the Thang sector, and insert 9-14-16. You will get there soon,
       and get ready for a couple of breathtaking cinematics.


     * "When the going gets tough..." Once orbiting the Unity Device (yes it's
       that big!) Data says you cannot beam down. Surprise, surprise! Captain
       Pentara from the Asiram calls. She says a Romulan and a Chodak fleet
       have been destroyed by the Unity Device whilst they were fighting each
       other. A Chodak starship will approach too, and call too. Put them on
       screen. Admiral Brodnack threatens and prepares to fire. Do an evasive
       manoeuver, and do not return fire. It was only a bluff.

     * The Chodak and the Garidians will send a shuttle to the Unity Device.
       Do so too. You land aboard the huge sphere, and you cannot decide the
       away team this time: it's Picard, Worf, Data, and Butler, clearly an
       expendable someone.

     * Walk right until you reach the interior bay. Try to reach for the
       Romulan shuttle, but you're blocked before you can cross the circle. Do
       so anyway, one by one, and you'll all be beamed out... but only Picard

     * Meet the entity in the centre of the screen, and ask whatever you want:
       it won't reply anyway. Move left, and meet Pentara and Brodnack. Ask of
       their away teams and the tests to pass. Then you all ride the shuttle.

     * A cinematic brings you to the very heart of the Unity Device. Pentara
       offers an alliance. Accept. Examine the door at the back with her. Once
       inside, you (and only you) see a projection of Captain Picard from the
       future warning you agains the two aliens. He gives you an ARTEFACT.

     * Do not talk to your colleagues of your vision. Instead, talk to Pentara
       and Brodnack to know when the tests begin. When Brodnack says it's your
       turn, place a red semi-circle in the left gap, towards Brodnack. Then
       press the button. Pentara will do the same. Then Brodnack will blast
       you both. Repeat this twice more. It's two against one, so finally the
       Chodak is defeated. Do not kill him. Give him the chance to join you.

     * Take the semi-circles back, and go towards the FIELD GENERATOR. Join
       your SEMI-CIRCLES using them on one another, then place the complete
       disc in the LOWER AIR GAP. Examine every part of the generator, until
       Picard says he needs two more discs to block the energy emission. Talk
       to Pentara and Brodnack to obtain their semi-circles. Join them two-by-
       two, go back to the generator and place them on top of your disc. The
       force field will be lowered. You can pass now.

     * Go right. There's an abyss. Use the ARTEFACT three times as the future
       Picard reminds you. Take the KEY and go right. Use the KEY on the door
       on the right, and go forward.

     * There's a greenish creature frosted in the ice. He's your Judge. Press
       the button near there to thaw him. Picard says that he wants to use the
       Unity Device for the good of all. Repeat it when he asks again. Listen
       to the personal history of Picard and Brodnack, and finally the Judge,
       satisfied, opens the door at the back of the screen.

     * Go through the door and head right. You find a high tower. Climb it and
       get ready to meet the original Chodak. Talk to them. When they say that
       a Borg fleet is approaching the Alpha quadrant, activate the panel in
       in front of you. You can either destroy the Borg fleet, or destroy ALL
       Borg *anywhere* in the galaxy.

     * Ignore both choices, and instead press the orange bar below to avoid
       choosing. Confirm your decision, and receive the entities' praise. You
       said the Unity Device would be used for the good of all, and sadly,
       that should include the Borg too.

     * Watch as Brodnack rejoins with his people and the Unity Device. Then
       admire the breathtaking ending cinematics as the Unity Device vanishes
       and Picard is taken back to the Enterprise at the last minute.

     * Congratulations, you cracked "STAR TREK: A FINAL UNITY".
       With a little help.  ;)



  6.1 "The Computer Database"

     Among the many details that have been looked after in the making of "STAR
     TREK: A FINAL UNITY", we have the computer database. It can be accessed
     from Data's panel on the bridge, and it's comprehensive of pretty much
     anything you wish/need to know on the universe you're playing in.

     "A Final Unity" is a game where dialogue and content matter so much more
     than exploring and puzzle-solving, even though those have a weight too.
     So, as already explained, do all the reading and talking you can.

     Mostly written by the authors behind the show as well, the plot for "A
     Final Unity" has nothing to envy to that of a TV episode, with all its
     pros and cons. It is actually *several* TV episodes: one of the biggest
     wonders of this game -- apart from its graphics: such accuracy in detail
     of 2D background and animation was unprecedented in 1995 -- is how long
     it lasts. Puzzles aren't hard per se, even though some are challenging,
     but even the experienced gamer can enjoy up to 15-20 hours of fun, and
     that's not to take for granted in graphic adventures. To be fans of "Star
     Trek" isn't necessary, though it helps: the dialogues, the puzzles and
     the overall spirit conform to those of the show.



     Thanks to Spectrum Holobyte for crafting "A Final Unity", one of the best
     graphic adventures to date, and certainly the best "Star Trek" game ever.

     Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ/Walkthrough.

     My next walkthrough release is likely to be one or more among "DARK FALL:

     See you next with one of those great games!  :)

           ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~  END OF FILE  ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


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