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Star Trek: Armada is a 3D real-time strategy game set in the Star Trek Universe. Lead four distinct races such as the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg. Build over 30 types of starships, including battleships, cruisers, destroyers, scout ships, cargo ships, transport ships and construction ships. Arm your fleet with a multitude of weapons, from Phasers to Photon Torpedoes, and build research stations to develop specialized weapons.

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Star Trek: Armada

Star Trek: Armada Review

By Adrienne Dudek |

If games like Starcraft, Age of Kings, and Total Annihilation have set the bar for real-time strategy games, someone needs to inform Activision that the purpose isn't to dance the limbo. The attractive Star Trek license and the multiplayer gameplay rescue it somewhat, but the single-player game is about as exciting as watching one of those Next Generation episodes where the crew spends an hour wrestling with ethical dilemmas and intellectual puzzles, such as why Captain Jean Luc Picard has a French name but an English accent.

Gameplay is straightforward real-time strategy stuff. You get four campaigns, each with five missions, and then a bonus scenario at the end. You play as the Federation, the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Borg. Each race gets five main vessels, and you research a variety of special weapons for most of the ships. The Romulan Shadow Class ship can use a Phase Cloak, for example, as one of its specials. The infamous Borg Cube has a Holding Beam as its special. Besides the campaign, you can also play in skirmish mode against the computer or online with up to eight in a game.

Resources add a small new twist to the game. Dilithium is the familiar cousin of C&C's tiberium and Starcraft's crystals, but the other resources are a bit more interesting: crew and officers. Each ship needs a minimum number of each to function effectively, and as a ship takes damage it loses some of each. As the ship loses crew and officers, it becomes less effective, finally spinning out of control if it isn't destroyed outright. The game allows you to transport crew from one ship to another, including from friendly to hostile ships. You can actually take over ships this way. The Borg can also assimilate your crew. If you find an unmanned ship, just beam some crew over there and you're good to go.

The story is good Star Trek fare and does a nice job of propelling the player through the missions. Cutscenes are a mix of engine-rendered scenes and some cut-rate CGI. The story's interesting though. Graphically, the game is strong. A nice option is to be able to switch from the top-down view to a more cinematic view. That's probably the most compelling feature of the single-player game being able to get in the middle of a big fight and switch to a movie-like view. You'll see nice touches like a shield flare when an enemy is hit, and spectacular explosions as ships break apart in a shower of metal and flame.

Armada is played on a 2D plane in space. In an effort to combat what I'll term the boringness of space, Activision has populated the cosmos with many obstacles, usually in form of asteroids and nebulae. The nebulae come in five colors, with each color having a unique effect on ships passing through it. Red nebulae are dangerous while blue ones offer safe haven shields and weapons don't work inside of them.

Some of the level designs are a bit weird, like M.C. Escher had personally laid down the asteroid belts and gaseous nebulae. The result is that your suspension of disbelief is stretched way beyond the breaking point, which is something considering this is a Star Trek game.

The game is also buggy and has problems with some video cards and sound cards. It crashed every time I alt-tabbed to the desktop. Bad Activision! Beyond that, the RTS gameplay is a bit on the dull side and has several flaws. Beyond the glitches, the most notable flaw is the poor AI. The computer tends to do a poor job of both instigating an attack and rebuilding its destroyed structures. The AI does a lousy job in both using special weapons and in reacting to humans using them as well. The scripted campaign missions tend to bypass this problem somewhat, but players will find the skirmish mode too easy.

Another difficulty I encountered related to the fact that the game's units are entirely made up of spacecraft. The result is they tend to look alike. It's a bit hard to tell some of them apart at a glance, which is crucial to successful RTS gameplay. Managing crew levels was another headache. If your crew members are dwindling, you don't know it unless you click on each ship and squint to read a small display.

Finally, Armada suffers from another common RTS problem -- the "spellcasting" issue. We've seen it in Warcraft and Starcraft, among others. Supercool abilities like Klingon Death Chant and the Federation's Corbomite Reflector really add to the battle - it's just that it's frustrating to attempt to use these quickly, while the computer AI can use them with ease. RTS games have evolved beyond the point where attractive graphics and the excitement of real-time action are enough to carry the day. We rightly expect more now. Armada may find a receptive audience with casual game fans who love Star Trek. It's easy and straightforward and propelled by an interesting story told with graphical flair. The battles look great, although after you've seen them a few times the visual splendor wears off. For hardcore gamers there's a multitude of better RTS choices out there, although if you want to play a Star Trek RTS, you can have fun with multiplayer options.

Armada is not a bad game. The design is interesting and at times it is an exciting game. It just doesn't hold up well when compared to the best RTS games the genre has produced. As much as I love RTS gaming, the genre's a bit played out. It's hard for me to be enthusiastic for anything that isn't as good as the best games I've played in the past. I want my RTS games to be as good as Starcraft and Age of Kings, and Armada unfortunately isn't.

-- Mark Asher

Star Trek: Armada Cheats

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Star Trek: Armada Game Walkthrough

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                                                Star Trek: Armada
                                                Game Guide with Walkthrough
                                                 by: Billy Lee
                                                     Version 1

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without permission from the author.  This guide is protected by the American
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    |  NCC-1701-E Computer Terminal  |
    |                   LCARS Ready  |
    |                                |
    |   Encounter Logs               |
    |             _010. Federation   |
    |             _020. Klingon      |
    |             _030. Romulan      |
    |             _040. Borg         |
    |             _050. Omega        |
    |   Federation Database          |
    |             _060. Tactical     |
    |             _070. Astrometrics |
    |             _080. Vessels      |
    |             _090. Structures   |
    |             _100. Armory       |
    |                                |


Encounter Logs


NOTE: The strategies listed in this walkthrough are what worked for me, I can
  not guarantee that they will work for you, although theoretically they

_010. Federation Campaign

_011. "Premonitions"

The goal of this mission is to build a Starbase and Dilithium mining station,
and to scout the area for remaining Dominion troops.  Use your Construction
Ship and build yourself a Starbase, somewhere near the Dilithium Moon, but
far enough away so you'll still be able to build yourself a mining station
nearby (the closer the mining station to the dilithium, the faster you get
your dilithium).  As each gets built, make sure to hit the recrew button in
their menu to get them up to full capacity.

Once those are built, you'll receive a message saying that there are Dominion
ships entering sensor range.  A few seconds after that, you'll be attacked by
them.  They're nothing much at all, the Enterprise can take them on by itself
if you want.

Once you've taken over or destroyed all of the ships (there will be approx. 5
of them), a ship will come through a wormhole followed by 2 Borg spheres.
The Premonition (as it's so amply called) has taken a real beating and has
lost it's weapons and engines, and it is now your job to go rescue it.  Take
as many ships with you as you want to, again, the Enterprise is enough, but
you should take the other ships with you just to be on the safe side.  If any
of your ships aren't at full crew capacity you can go back to the starbase
and have it transport people over, then recrew itself.  The Premonition is a
very tough ship and can take a real beating, so don't worry about it being
destroyed any time soon.  Once you arrive at the Borg ships, if you fly
directly into them you will be attacked, but if you manage to stay at your
maximum weapons range away from them, you can attack them while they stay
focused on the Premonition.  Also, if you so choose, you can take over the
Borg ships.  Either way, once the Borg ships are no longer a threat, the
mission will be complete.

_012. "Paradise Revisited"

You're now using Worf, ambassador to the Klingon Empire, commanding the USS
Avenger, a Defiant class ship.  Your mission is to provide support for a
Federation base in the Baku sector, under attack from the Son'a.  Try to
always capture the Son'a battleships that attack, as they have torpedoes as
well as the standard phasers.  The first thing you need to do with your base
is build a construction ship, and with that a dilithium mining station over
near the dilithium moon.  Once that is complete you should build a Shipyard
(once you have the dilithium) and then construct yourself a fleet to defend
the station.

Once you've done all that, all you have to do is select all your ships and
hit the "Search and Destroy" button in the orders menu and the mission will
end after you've wiped them out.  There are only about 5 more light ships and
3 battleships left by the time your mission has changed to this anyways, so
it shouldn't be too hard to win.

_013. "Vendetta"

The Avenger has come under attack, and must now flee in order to stay in one
piece.  The journey to the first wormhole will be done automatically, but
make sure you select the ship before it goes through as time is of the
essence in the first part of the game.

Once through the first wormhole, you want to move up and to the right through
the gap in the purple nebula, past 2 moving asteroid belts, and then go
straight up.  There is a ship you can take over to the right past a blue and
then a green nebula, but it's not worth going after right now as you'll take
a lot of damage on the Avenger and the ship will most likely be destroyed.
Right now you want to make your way to a red nebula with a station emitting
radiation from itself.  Once you go through the radiation, the pursuit on you
will be broken off, so now destroy the station and stop the radiation.  If
you want, you can go back and get the derelict ship now in safety, then
return past where the radiation was and continue to the next wormhole, with
another derelict ship along the way.  Don't bother sitting around letting the
ships repair themselves as you won't be engaging in battle anytime soon.

After you're through this wormhole, there will be another derelict ship for
you to take control of.  Once you have that, continue along the path,
avoiding the orange nebula, and continue until you reach a derelict station
and shipyard.  Take control of them, and you're now in somewhat working order
again.  Repair and recrew your ships and station, and you'll be attack every
now and then by a few birds of prey.  It's best to take control of as many of
these as you can, as you'll need as many ships as you can get for later on
(try to engage them away from the starbase as that tends to destroy them
before they can be taken over).  Also, build 4 defiant class ships, as that's
all you have the dilithium for anyways.  Once you've done all that, take
whatever forces you have and proceed to the next wormhole, fighting 3 birds
of prey and getting another derelict ship along the way.  Past the 3 birds of
prey will be a red nebula with asteroid belts pushing whatever goes near into
it, causing (pretty much) utter death to whatever enters it.  To get through,
keep going to the left past the red nebula and through one of the gaps in the
asteroids when you're at a safe distance from it.  The next wormhole is on
the other side of an asteroid wall, go around it and get another derelict
ship below a green nebula, then through the wormhole.

Through this wormhole, just go up and to the left until you run into Toral.
Attack his fleet with all you've got.  Once his ship gets down to about 1/3
or so of it's shields, he'll make a dash for the wormhole.  If that happens
you've lost him.  It won't effect the plot at all, so don't worry about it
too much.  Once you go through the last wormhole, the mission is complete.

_014. "Dark Omens"

You're back in control of the Enterprise-E, and your first priority is to
come to the aid of a Federation outpost attacked by the Borg.  Have the
Enterprise transport 5 crew members over to the starbase and then have that
recrew itself.  Once you've recrewed the ships and structures in that area,
move the Enterprise over to the Dilthium moon and recrew the ships and mining
station in that area.  Once you've done that, you can then take the
Enterprise back to a shipyard for some recrewing of it's own (or to the
starbase and have that transport people over), then go around the map getting
the various ships that are derelict.  Your first priority should be the
construction/mining ships, then the Akira and Steamrunner vessels.  Each time
you recrew one ship, immediately send it back to the shipyard for repairs.

Around your base you should build a Research Facility and research the Chain
Reaction Pulse for your Akiras as quickly as possible.  Once that's complete
you can start making Torpedo Turrets to protect your base, you'll need them
around the dilithium moon the most.

Your base will occasionally be attacked by Borg ships, which have an aversion
for attacking your mining station and ships.  While you're building up a
fleet of Akira class ships, you should leave the Enterprise in the area of
the mining operation.  Once you have about 10 Akiras, you can take them,
along with your other ships and the Enterprise in two squadrons, to the Borg
base, which is straight down from your Starbase.  Once you get there, destroy
the ships first, then the weapon platforms, then go after the structures.
The Borg have no dilithium reserves, so you don't have to worry about them
making more ships to attack you.  Once the base is destroyed, the campaign is

_020. Klingon Campaign

_021. "To the Gates of Sto'Vo'Kor"

You assume the role of Chancellor Martok in his Negh'Var class warship.
Having no taste for the Borg, Martok is resolute to have them wiped out.
First set up your base.  Once you've got all that set up, you'll want to
start building up a fleet of Vor'Cha class ships, don't forget the Weapons
station either, you'll want their Polaron torpedoes.

After a while you will come under the attack of the Borg.  Destroy them all,
it won't be too hard of a task to do.  However, if the Borg send a Cube at
you, capture it at all costs.  Those things are well worth it.  Use your
polaron torpedoes to disable them as much as possible, then start sending
troops over from everything you've got close by.  Once you take it over,
repair and recrew, then get ready for the next cube.  If you manage to
capture 4 Cubes, you'll have sufficient means to destroy the collective in
the area.  You'll still need other ships of your own, but the Cubes will be
well worth what it took to get them.

Once you have a sizable fleet of about 12 ships, take them directly up from
your base.  There will be a dilithium moon there which the Borg are mining.
Destroy the base defenses, then take over the dilithium station.  It's rather
imperative that you capture it and not destroy it, as when you capture it you
will be able to see all the locations of the Borg structures.  Don't be
intimidated by what you see, you can take a fleet of 16 and wipe out
everything easily with your cubes and Vor'chas.  Also make sure to get good
use out of the Ion Cannon on Martok's ship, that makes destroying structures
go a lot quicker.  After you've destroyed the Borg fleet and station, the
mission will finish.

_022. "The Enemy Within"

For this mission you just need to stay alive.  As such, all you need to do is
build a lot of ships, mainly Vor'chas once you can.  Don't forget to make a
weapons center as well.  You can now build Negh'Var class ships, which are
basically the same thing as Martok's ship from the last mission, only you
have to research the Ion Cannon to be able to use it, and these cannot cloak.
It's also worth noting that as far as I can tell, there is no actual base in
this area, only a lot of ships.  As such, if you get enough of a fleet, you
can destroy them all, even though that won't end the mission.

After a while you'll start to be attacked by Toral's ships.  Destroy or take
over, it doesn't matter.  About 2 minutes or so after the first wave attacks
you, the Avenger will show up.  Pilot that right through the yellow nebula,
don't worry about the 10-15 crew members you'll lose, and straight to
Martok's base.  Send 2-3 ships out to meet the Avenger so it's not destroyed
along the way.  When the Avenger gets to the station, there will be a
dialogue between Worf and Martok.  Once that is over put the Avenger into the
repair station to get it back up to max.

Once the Avenger is at max, take that and whatever ships you have left over
to the marked spot on your map, which is a wormhole.  All you have to do is
get the Avenger to open up the wormhole and start it's entry and the mission
will be completed.

_023. "A Good Day to Die"

It's time to destroy Toral's base.  There's a dilithium moon right above you
and an infinite moon near that.  Don't use the infinite moon right now
though, it's being guarded by Toral's ships.  There is very little strategy
required for this mission, all you need to do is build up a fleet of Vor'cha
and Negh'Var ships.  If you want to use the wormhole to flank his base, take
your Vor'chas and cloak them when they go through to avoid the disruptor
platforms on the other side.  Toral's base is actually quite small in
comparison to what you've been up against before, so it shouldn't be too hard
to take him out.

When you first start mining the moon, you will probably be attacked, but
don't worry, the attack is easily thwarted when the miners return from the
moon and the enemy ships are attacked by whatever forces you have and your
starbase.  Try to capture a few of them as you are no doubt working with a
small fleet at the time.  Don't bother with the Birds of Prey, only go after
the Vor'cha ships that are sent.

Toral will occasionally send ships at you, which you can easily destroy if
you keep 4 Negh'Var ships close by the base.  If Toral sends any Negh'Var
ships at you, try and capture them, it will save on the building costs and
help you get more ships ready faster.  He doesn't seem to use the wormhole
very often, so you don't need to worry about your flanks being attacked,
which shouldn't be a problem anyways, provided you keep your starbase near
the right edge of your borders and put up a torpedo turret or two (or a few
ships) next to the shipyard.  You have the entire lower half of the map to
use to build your base up with, and the lower left corner is easily the
safest place to put your research facilities.

When you do attack him though, you can do it in 2-3 waves of attack.  In the
first wave, make sure to take out the disruptor platforms first, then go
after his ships, staying away from the starbase for now.  Once that is
complete, go back and repair/recrew.  On wave 2, you want to start going
after his building structures, such as the shipyards.  Take out his station
first though, that's going to use up quite a few ships to destroy.  After the
station is destroyed, if you have more than 6 ships left, you can continue to
attack his base.  Otherwise return to your base and repair/recrew.  For your
third wave of attack, all you need to do is finish clearing out the rest of
his structures, and any ships that may still be remaining.  Once the base is
cleared out, you will complete the mission.

_024. "Grey Eminence"

Unlike the previous missions where you could sit idle and let a small army
build inside your base, this mission requires you to act quickly and advance
on the Romulans.  Things to note that are to the left of your base is another
dilithium moon, which you will need since the one you start near will get
used up very quickly.  Also, down the middle of the map is an asteroid wall,
with only 2 openings.  One is near the exact center of the map, the other is
near the bottom of the map, which is also where one of the Romulan bases is.

For your build plan, it is a good idea to build the required buildings first,
the Shipyard, Weapons Center, and Imperial Shipyard.  Don't bother with the
other structures, such as the Shockwave station and Gre'thor Armory, as those
are not worth the time and dilithium needed to use them.  Instead, focus on
building Vor'cha and Negh'Var class ships, those will be able to take on the
Romulans easily.

To take out the first base directly below you, you'll need to send about 8
ships down, recommended 7 Vor'cha's as well as Martok's ship.  Cloak them and
go down through the barrier of sensor arrays, torpedo turrets, and disruptor
turrets.  If there are other ships in the area, you'll need to take those out
first, but you don't want to use your invading force.  5 Negh'Vars should be
enough to handle interference.  Once your invading force is through the
barrier, get away from them and open fire on the space station.  Use the Ion
Cannon on Martok's ship, and then after that just keep on the assault.  If
the station targets Martok's ship, have it pull away until the station
targets something else, then move back in.  You'll probably lose 3 to 4 ships
in the attack, but don't worry about it.  Once the station is destroyed,
recloak if possible, then go back and repair the surviving ships.  Once you
rebuild your fleet up to about 12 ships, bring them all down and start taking
out the turrets, using Negh'Var Ion Cannons if possible.  After those are
gone, take out the shipyard that is in the same area as the station was, and
then let your ships take out whatever may be left of the base.  Return then
to your base and repair/recrew.

After the Romulan base is destroyed, start seriously working on an invasion
force to take the rest of them out.  You'll need about 20-24 ships, composed
mostly of Negh'Vars.  Don't forget to leave a compliment of ships to guard
your second dilithium moon away from the base, 8 Vor'chas should be enough to
keep it safe.  Once your fleet is complete, head back down with it in 3
squads to where the Romulan base was.  Go through the hole in the asteroid
wall and with your ships start moving your way upwards, destroying any
structures along the way, which is mainly just a dilithium station and a few
base structures, no stations.

The main Romulan base is in the upper left corner of the map.  Once you're
there, you should make your way through as slowly as possible.  If the
station starts firing at you, let loose with all of your Ion Cannons and that
should destroy it.  If you've still got 16 ships left, you can just let them
pick their own targets, but make sure they go after the weapons platforms,
shipyard, and other ships first.  After the base has been decimated, the
campaign will come to completion.

_030. Romulan Campaign

_031. "Cloak and Dagger"

Your first mission as Admiral Sela is to sneak a Tal Shiar spy into a Klingon
prison.  First you need to build a Covert Ops facility and research the spy
for your Shrike class vessels.  Once you've done that, cloak a Shrike class
ship and navigate it around the nebulas and asteroids to the prison, which is
directly up from your base on the map.  Once you're there use the spy on the
prison while still cloaked and you will then be told to wait 10 minutes while
the spy disarms the base defenses.  Use this time to build as many Warbird
and Griffon class ships as you can.  When you have a sufficient fleet of
12-16, cloak and move them up into the base, keeping their cloaks on.  Keep
building ships though, you'll need them at a later time.

When the 10 minutes are up, the spy will tell you to capture the prison.
Uncloak your vessels and start attacking it.  After a few seconds of attack,
a prison ship will leave the base and you'll then be ordered to capture that,
as it now has the doctor you're trying to rescue on it.  You have plenty of
time to capture the vessel, for now start taking out the ships that are
shooting at you, those are the first priority.  Once you've disabled them,
take whatever ships you have left and catch up with the prison ship (unless
you've been keeping near it) and attack it until its shields go down, then
transport men over to the vessel from every ship left, so you can take it
over.  Once you have it, escort it back to your base.

Once the prison ship has returned to your base, you'll be given your final
mission, which is to destroy the entire Klingon prison outpost.  Repair/
recrew your vessels, all the while building as many Warbirds as you can, and
once your fleet is complete (16-28 will be more than enough), take them up to
the Klingon base and destroy it.  After the base has been destroyed, the
mission will end.

_032. "A Call to Power"

There has been a discovery of the Omega particle, an item that is deemed by
the Borg to be near perfection.  As such, it's imperative that Sela capture
the particle for the Romulans.  The only thing in her way though is that the
Ferengi have already laid claim to it and are selling it to the Cardassians.
Because of this you will need to stop the transaction from taking place, and
capture it for yourself from their defenses.

To start the mission out, build your standard structures so you can use
Warbird class ships and have their Inverse shield beam.  While this is going
on though, build as many Torpedo Turrets around your base as you can, at
least 10 of them.  These will defend your base from the constant attacks of
both the Ferengi and Cardassians and are well worth the expense.  Once you
have your turrets in place, you can stop worrying about your base defenses
and concentrate on an army to get the particle.

After a while, the Ferengi will send a ship to your base with an offer that
if you send them 2 full dilithium freighters to a place of their choosing,
they will withdraw from the battle.  If you want to do this you can, and they
will no longer attack you.  If you've built up 8 warbirds by this point, it
may be easier to have them destroy the Ferengi outpost and be done with them.
You should also take a fleet of 8 ships and, under cloak, guide them to the
particle.  When your Warbirds reach the particle, you should notice that it
is guarded by Ferengi turrets and a shipyard.  Use your Warbirds to destroy
the skeleton base and, if you've already taken the other Ferengi base out of
the battle, you won't have to worry about the Ferengi anymore.  You can then
either leave the warbirds there to guard the particle or send them back to
the base for repairs, it's your choice.

If you capture the Ferengi or Cardassian shipyard, you will not be able to
produce their vessels.  Instead you will be able to make Dominion Warships if
you capture the Ferengi ones, and nothing at all if you capture the
Cardassian ones.  The reason for this is because the structure used is
classified as Dominion, and when you capture one it reverts back.

Shortly after the Ferengi peace negotiations, a container ship will be sent
to your base.  Put this in the most protected part of your base until you're
ready to go after the particle, as it will constantly be the target of attack
from both the Ferengi and especially the Cardassians.

Every now and then the Cardassians will send a container vessel of their own
to try and capture the particle.  Destroy as soon as you can, if they manage
to capture the particle, you will fail in your mission.

Once the Ferengi have been routed and the Cardassians put back, take a fleet
of 8-16 Warbirds and escort your container vessel to the particle.  The
safest way to go is actually through where the Ferengi base was, so take that
path and you'll be able to avoid the ships the Cardassians send
intermittently completely.  When you reach the particle, use the tractor beam
on the container vessel to lock on to it, then escort it back to your base to
complete the mission.

_033. "Gauntlet"

Now that you have the Omega particle, you will need to get it to safety, and
to do that you must rondezvous with 3 ships.  Getting to them won't be easy
though, as you have the Borg chasing you and the Klingons have bases set up
throughout the area.  To start, you may want to set up the squads for this
level so that the shadow class vessels are paired with the containment
vessel, and the rest of your ships are another squad.  This will allow you to
easily access the special weapons of all your ships.  Every two minutes the
Borg will send a vessel at you, starting with the smaller spheres and
assimilators, and continuing on to cubes.

When you start out, just simply follow the path until the first fork appears
and you can see 4 dilithium moons and a Klingon mining facility.  It's almost
impossible to capture this as once the shields on it go down it is destroyed
in just about 1 hit from any weapon.  If you want to try you can, but you'll
also need to capture the freighters, which will put a bit of a strain on the
number of crew members your ships have.  Once past that, you'll run into a
group of a few Klingon ships, which are easily destroyed and then when you
get back to the regular path you'll see sensor arrays.  These aren't weapons
stations, so it doesn't matter if you destroy them or not.

Further along the path, you'll run into a Klingon weapons facility, don't
bother with it, there are 4 others set up throughout the map and none are
worth destroying or capturing.  Further along is a Klingon shipyard, composed
of 2 regular shipyards and an imperial shipyard.  Destroy the 2 regular ones,
or capture them and decommission them for the dilithium, but capture the
imperial one, you can use it to repair and recrew, as well as make yourself a
Negh'var class ship with the dilithium you start out with.  I wouldn't
recommend making more than one, even if you have the dilithium moons, for
reasons that will become apparent shortly.

About this time, the Borg will start sending cubes at you one at a time.
Capture them.  Use your shield inversion beams on the warbirds to drain their
shields and the psychonic beam on the shadow class vessels to whittle the
crew down to about 100 or so.  From then on start transporting troops over
from every ship you've got and once the cube is yours, send them to the
repair station you've captured.  You want to repeat this process twice, so
that you've got a compliment of 2 Borg cubes in your arsenal.  From here on
out you can simply destroy the cubes the Borg send at you, as you probably
won't have enough crew members to capture and recrew a third.

With your fleet reinforced, continue on the path to a black hole with several
Klingon ships waiting for you.  Simply destroy them and watch the Klingon
ships get sent into the black hole, as they're no match at all for your
fleet.  Continue upwards and you'll arrive at a series of wormholes.  Now,
there is a pattern to the way the wormholes work, and it has something to do
with the asteroid belts rotating nearby, but in reality, using the wormholes
aren't worth it as you'll wind up spending 5-10 minutes just going from one
to another trying to get to the right.  Instead just go through the nebula up
and to the right.  You'll take damage on all your ships going through, so
don't send too many at once or they'll clutter each other up.  You shouldn't
lose any if they're all at full strength.

Once you're at the wormhole that has a circle around it on the map (the
wormhole to the right, not the one near the asteroid belts) you're basically
through the gauntlet.  There is a Klingon base to the right, but it's easier
to just ignore it and make a bee-line straight for the Romulan vessels
waiting for you, sending Sela's warbird and the containment vessel ahead,
while the rest of your fleet destroys the Klingons in the way.  when you
reach the vessels waiting for you, you'll complete the mission.

_034. "Unholy Alliances"

Unlike the other three missions, this one has a fairly straightforward goal.
You are now allied with the Borg, and are using them to help you destroy a
Klingon base in the area.  There will be several conversations throughout the
mission between Sela and the Klingons, mostly just banter and curses towards
each other.

To begin things, there are two dilithium moons you can use, one slightly
above where you start and the other to the right, near the Borg base.  Once
you have your base camp set up, build as many torpedo turrets as you can for
defense against the Klingons, so that you'll be able to build up a fleet of
warbirds to destroy their base.  Make sure you research the shield inversion
beam, that is going to be your strongest asset in this mission.  When you've
got a fleet of 8 ready, that will suffice to destroy the Klingon outer
defenses.  Slowly move up the map, taking out the structures as you go along.
Once you reach the base you want to avoid the starbase for now and just
concentrate on the outer structures, such as the shipyards.  When those are
gone, move to the right and destroy the dilithium mining station and shipyard
there, then let your warbirds rest for a while as you build another fleet of

Throughout the mission, the Klingon's will send Shockwave vessels at the
Borg, 3 at a time, every half hour or so from the first squad.  Now, if you
want to be a good ally, you could stop those ships before they destroy the
Borg, but if you've kept up good defenses for your base and have a large
enough fleet (even if it's not complete), then you don't need to worry about
anything happening to the Borg.  Just be forewarned, if the Borg base is
destroyed, you will fail the mission and have to start over (or reload a

Once you've got 2 squads of ships ready, take your first and destroy the rest
of the Klingon base, going after the starbase with your shield inversion
beams first, as that is more deadly than the torpedo turrets.  Once the
starbase is gone, start taking out the torpedo turrets, then disruptor
turrets, then move on to the rest of the structures, starting with shipyards
and working your way through everything.

When the base is destroyed, you'll be shown a conversation between Sela and
the Borg, and you will then be attacking the Borg.  Move all of your
squadrons to the Borg base and start systematically taking out the base,
starting with the Nexus and moving to the cubes and other vessels, then
moving on to their assembly matrices and the whole rest of the base.  If you
let the Borg be attacked by the shockwaves earlier, then you should have an
easy go of it.  After the Borg base is decimated, you will complete the
Romulan campaign.

_040. Borg Campaign

_041. "Resurrection"

You start the Borg campaign on a mission to capture a Dominion cloning
facility in the area.  First set up your main base up so you can make cubes,
but don't worry if you're short on crew for the moment, just put 5 in the
queue.  When that's done, make some defenses for your base, the Jem'Hadar
will attack, but it won't be anything too extreme.

There is an outpost base directly below where you start, about halfway down
the map, consisting of a Dominion shipyard and a dilithium mining station.
These are easy enough to capture if you've got 3 or more cubes.  If you
decide to capture the shipyard, it's a good idea to start making some
warships as they're equivalent to cubes in power, but don't require as much
in the way of crew.

There is another outpost to the right on the map, near the corner of it.
Capture that as well if you want, but if you captured the other, it's not

Once you've established a foothold on the map and have a fleet of 5 or more
cubes along with any Jem'Hadar warships you've got, send them to the lower
right corner of the map and systematically take out the base while avoiding
the cloning facility at the same time.  That you're going to want to capture,
but you want most everything else gone by the time you try so it isn't
destroyed as soon as you capture it.

Once the facility is yours, it will start cloning Locutus.  After he's
cloned, you'll be told to send a cube to the facility to be his
transportation.  It doesn't matter whether you send a cube that's all but
destroyed or one in perfect condition, just get one to him.  When you do,
that cube will become the Locutus Cube.  All that remains of the mission
after you've done this is to destroy what's left of the Dominion forces, if
any.  Once they're gone, the mission will end.

_042. "Assimilation"

Now that Locutus has been resurrected, it is time for the Borg to start their
next campaign against the Alpha quadrant.  For this mission, you must capture
the Romulan base, and assimilate as much of the map as is possible.  As you
have learned in the past, the Romulans will not sit idle, and will build up
fleets of 5 or more ships to attack you with at a constant rate.  Because of
this, you will need to move quickly in the first leg of the mission.

To start things out, ignore all notions to travel around and assimilate the
various Federation, Breen, Klingon, Ferengi and Dominion troops throughout
the main area of the map.  You have one goal for the first part of this
mission, and that is to destroy and assimilate the Romulan base on the other
side of the wormhole nearby.  Take every ship you have with you and go down
and to the left from where you start out and you'll reach a group of nebulas.
The wormhole is within these.  Go through and immediately head to the right,
don't worry about the disruptor turrets for now.  Use Locutus' Holding Beam
to take over the dilithium mining station from the Romulans as well as the
freighter.  Use your other ships to defend the attacks, while you still use
Locutus to capture any ships (preferably Warbirds) that you can and recrew
those by transporting to them from the mining station, and recrewing that
from your drone pool.

Once you've secured the dilithium station, build a Nexus as close to it as
possible for defense, and to start a small base.  Once you have that, build a
shipyard somewhere near the asteroid belt where it can be safe and use that
to repair the ships you assimilate from the Romulans.  After you've gathered
a fleet of 5 or so Warbirds, take them and Locutus to the Romulan shipyard
nearby and have Locutus capture that while the rest of your ships defend him
from any interference from the Romulans.  With that captured, you'll now have
a foothold on the Romulans, and should build up a fleet of 7 warbirds and
Locutus to take over the rest of the base.  First head after the shipyards,
assimilating the advanced shipyard, and destroying the others, as they're not
worth capturing.

You should also assimilate the covert ops facility and tal shiar station for
the special weapons they provide, and the dilithium station.  Destroy the
platforms and concentrate on capturing the space station.  Be careful when
doing this as it will explode quickly after losing shields if you're not
careful.  The easiest way to do it is to highlight your ships once they've
opened fire on it and then click the transport button, then hover over the
station and as soon as it becomes available, start transporting troops over.

It is very important that you do not let any ships escape through the
wormhole.  If you do, then that will cause the mission to become unwinnable,
as the Romulans will vanish from the map on the other side of the wormhole
for some reason.  It's best to leave easily taken over structures, such as a
mining station or shipyard (but not both or they'll start building ships
again) alive, so that if any ships do get through the wormhole and get away,
you'll be able to take over the facility and get an instant viewing of where
the ships are at that moment.  All that is required to complete this mission
is to destroy all Romulans and take over the base.

Now that the Romulan base is taken over, if any ships are left outside the
wormhole, you can concentrate on building up a fleet of 8 or so Warbirds to
destroy any remaining Romulans left on the map.  You don't really need more
than that, but if you want to build more, that's fine.  With that fleet,
cloak and go through the wormhole, parking the ships away from the nebula
cluster so that when you're ready you can send them around the map without
accidental decloaks.  When you get near other vessels or structures not
Romulan, Locutus will inform you of it, so you can assimilate them.  Be
forewarned though that you are a mutual enemy of everything on this map, and
if you run into a conflict between the Federation and Breen, or Klingons and
Breen, or whatever, they will abandon their hostilities towards each other in
favor of ganging up on your ships.  This shouldn't be too much of a problem
though, as you should only have to worry about 1 or 2 Romulan ships which you
can go gung-ho at.

Bases to take note of are that there is a Klingon outpost in the upper right
corner of the map, a Dominion shipyard below that near the middle of the
right side of the map, and several Federation stations throughout the middle
of the map as well as Federation ships around the nebulas scattered around
the map.

_043. "Extermination"

The objectives of this mission are simple, build a Transwarp Gate and destroy
Species 9341.  To start, you are given 5000 dilithium to build a base.  First
use both of your construction vessels to create 2 Nexus', both relatively
close to each other.  When they're complete, build a Processing Node near the
moon, and then have each Nexus build a dilithium harvester, once the funds
become available.  After that you should build an Assembly Matrix and then as
many Torpedo Turrets as possible.  Having at least 10 should suffice to
protect your base.  Just remember that you'll need to build up a base to a
Transwarp Gate, so don't clutter all around your base with turrets.  They're
mainly needed in the front of your base, under and near the Nexus'.  Also,
once you have enough platforms to defend your base, move all of your ships
into the center of it and put them on yellow alert so as to keep them safe.

As soon as you build a Nexus, Species 9341 will start attacking you in waves
that start out with about 3-4 ships, and then a few minutes later will come
at you with waves of 8-10.  Something to note about Species 9341 is that they
do not fire weapons to lower your shields and their systems.  Instead they
fire beams which directly attack the crew.  Because of this, you will need to
recrew ships and structures constantly.  The species will primarily attack
the Nexus' unless another vessel is in their way, but they will still proceed
towards a Nexus.  Something else worth noting about this species is that your
unmanned defense weapons, ie the Disruptor and Torpedo turrets, are
invulnerable against them because their attacks will only target crew, making
the platforms a valuable necessity for this mission.

Once your base is well defended, start building up to your Transwarp Gate, as
well as building several cubes.  You will only need a total of 4 cubes, one
of which can be Locutus' Cube.  If your moon runs out of dilithium, there is
another nearby, slightly to the right and below your base.  Don't bother
building another processing node there, just assign a cube to guard the

After a while, the constant attacks on your base will cease, somewhere around
the time you get your Transwarp Gate built.  When this happens, take your
cubes and any other vessels you have in commission, and go around the map
looking for the Mother Entity creatures.  They're scattered throughout the
map near the dilithium moons.  Once you have your Transwarp Gate built and
Species 9341 has been destroyed, the mission will be completed.

_044. "The Twilight Hour"

Your mission is to destroy the Federation so that Earth can be assimilated.
To start things out, there are dilithium moons in the lower left corner of
the map as well as the lower right corner of the map, both protected partly
by yellow nebulas and asteroids, which make them good places to build a base.
You should build 2 Nexus', as you did in the previous mission, you will need
the crew from both of them.  Also, try to space your buildings out a bit, the
Federation will use a weapon that is most effective against objects close
together.  Don't bother building torpedo turrets, they're going to be
completely ineffective against the Sovereign class Corbomite Reflectors.

The Federation will attack you constantly, usually with 1 or 2 Sovereign
ships and a couple smaller vessels, such as Akira or Defiant vessels.  After
a while they will start sending 5-7 Akira vessels at once.  Always use
Locutus' ship to capture the Sovereigns whenever possible, the assimilator
beam will go through the corbomite reflector, which is the safest and most
effective way to fight the Sovereigns.  Once your other cubes can use the
assimilator beam as well, make sure to have them use that along with Locutus'
to make things easier.

Along with the constant waves of attacks, the Federation will also use their
Temporal Stasis weapon, which will cause all of your ships and structures
that are caught by it to stop whatever they're doing, including recrewing,
repairing and building.  It will usually be targeted on your largest cluster
of vessels, or, early on in the mission, your Nexus.  The only way to dampen
the effect this has on your base is to spread out your ships and structures.

Once you've captured and repaired 8 Sovereign class ships and built yourself
5 Cubes, you're ready to take on the Federation.  Their base consists of
about half the map, but most of that is just defense platforms, which are
easily destroyed with the firepower you're taking with you.  The main points
of concern are in three places: 1 - The upper left corner of the map, 2 - The
upper right corner of the map, and 3 - The upper middle area of the map.
These 3 locations are where their main structures are.  The upper middle area
is where the core of their defense is, and should be taken on last.  That's
where the Enterprise, Premonition and Avenger are, along with several other
ships and a Starbase.

You can destroy or capture the Premonition, but you won't be able to with the
Enterprise or Avenger.  The Avenger must be destroyed, and the Enterprise
will leave the battlefield through a time portal when it gets near
destruction, or a certain amount of time has passed.  If you do manage to
capture the Premonition, you'll be able to use it's Temporal Stasis Field,
which is the same as the one the Federation has been using against you the
entire mission.  Use it directly on the large starbase labeled Starfleet
Command once you can, doing so will greatly help you destroy it.

It's worth capturing a Federation shipyard when you're on your attack, with
that you'll be able to repair and recrew your ships without having to return
back to your main base.  If you capture the advanced shipyard and want to,
you can make yourself more Sovereign class vessels, but they won't be needed
if you still have 7-8, which shouldn't be a problem.

When all that's left of the Federation is nothing but the middle area where
the core is, send everything you've got at it and destroy them.  Once all is
gone, the campaign will come to conclusion.

_050. Omega

_051. "Once and Again"

After the Borg assimilated ambassador Spock's transport to the Klingon/
Romulan peace negotiations, starfleet was all but destroyed.  Because of
this, Captain Picard went through a time portal in order to escort the
ambassador personally, in hopes to help it reach the Romulan starbase safely.

This mission is pretty much straightforward, simply guide the fleet through
the course to reach the Romulan starbase safely.  Ambassador Spock is on the
Galaxy class vessel, which is basically the same as a Sovereign class vessel,
only it has 600 crew members rather than the standard 400, and it does not
have the ability to use the Corbomite Reflector.

While guiding ambassador Spock through the gauntlet path, the Borg will
attack in 2 ways.  They will have ships waiting inside the blue nebulas, in
which case it would be best to start firing at them before they leave those,
if you can't, don't worry, the ships hidden in those aren't that much of a
threat for the most part.  They will also open up transwarp conduits.  These
are easily gotten through, just post all of your ships around them when they
open and make sure you're at red alert, most of the time the vessel coming
through will be destroyed before it is completely through.

The only thing you really need to watch out for is the Borg cube.  It will
always target the Galaxy class ship with Spock on it.  If Spock's ship's crew
goes yellow, start transporting crew members over to it immediately.  The
best way to take care of the cube is to use the Nebula class ship's Shield
Disruptor and open fire on it with everything you've got, ignoring all the
other Borg attacking you.  Once you're past that, you're pretty much in the
clear.  There will be a couple more ships on your path, but if you make
straight for the base you shouldn't have any trouble reaching it.

Once you arrive at the Romulan base, you'll be given one more mission, to get
rid of any remaining Borg in the area.  Put the Galaxy class ship next to the
Romulan base and leave it there, along with the other Romulan vessels in the
area.  Build a construction ship and then a shipyard to repair/recrew your
vessels, and when that's all done, set the original fleet you started with
out to the upper right corner of the map to recover 6 Romulan vessels inside
the red nebula and asteroid belt area.

Do not go through any of the transwarp conduits that appear, they are instant
death for any vessel that does, including the Enterprise.  If you send a
cloaked vessel through the transwarp conduit, it will hang the game and you
will have to quit and restart.  If the Borg send a cube at you while your
main fleet is away, use the Warbird Shield Inversion Beams and then go at the
cube with all you've got.  It will still target the Galaxy class ship, so
leave that near the starbase and keep transporting crew over to it.  You can
also leave a Nebula class ship with the base to use it's shield disruptor on
any Borg that come through the conduit.

To finish the mission, send your fleet around the map, eliminating any Borg
they come across.  Once you've done that, the mission will be completed.

_052. "A Line in the Sand"

You're back at the point in time where the Enterprise went back in time, when
the Borg launched their assault on the Federation, and you're also now in
control of the base above Earth.  Everything is in the same place it was
during the Borg mission, so you should be somewhat familiar with the layout.

To start things out, you should build another advanced shipyard near
Starfleet Command, and start making Sovereign ships from both shipyards.  The
research facilities are all built, but none of them have any research done,
so you need to do those.  For now, all you need to do is to keep the starbase
intact, which is done by having as many ships as you can out for defense.
You should have a few Nebula class vessels built, so you can use their shield
disruptors against the cubes that get sent at you.

After a while, the collective will send about 6 or so cubes your way, each
approaching from a different direction.  Use whatever Sovereigns and Nebulas
you have to destroy them, and don't forget that both the Premonition and the
Temporal Research center can use the Time Stasis Field, in case you start to
get into a bad situation.

Not long after that attack, the Enterprise will show up with reinforcements.
It's best to split the Klingons and Romulans into separate groups so you can
make full use of their weaponry.  With those vessels and a squad of 7
Sovereign and 1 Nebula, take them all down to the lower right corner of the
map to start systematically wiping out the Borg.  Don't forget about the
Fek'lhr and Shadow special weapons to go with the Nebula.  It's also a good
idea to use a time stasis on the Nexus' you'll run across.  At this point,
the Borg are almost out of resources, so once you destroy their ships, you
shouldn't have to worry about too many more coming at you.

Eventually you'll run into Locutus' cube.  As soon as that gets close to
being destroyed, it will go through a transwarp conduit.  When that happens,
you know you're getting close to completion.  Just continue moving across the
base until the whole thing is destroyed and the mission will conclude.

_053. "The Alpha and The Omega Pt. I"

Your main objective is to capture the Borg Transwarp Gate inside their base
without destroying it.  To do this you'll have the full power of the Klingon,
Romulan, and Federation forces, each with their own construction ship.  There
are 3 dilithium moons near your starting position, it's recommended that you
start out by making mining stations near all three, and then building a
starbase for each of the races, starting with the Romulans, then Klingon, and
then Federation.  The reason for this order is because in terms of fighting
capability, the Romulan Warbirds are the strongest with their Shield
Inversion beams, followed by the Negh'Var Ion Cannons.  You may want to put
all 3 of the starbases next to each other for added defensive capabilities,
but it's not necessary.

Although it's not specifically stated in the mission objectives, none of your
special vessels can be destroyed.  This includes the Enterprise, the Avenger,
Martok's Negh'Var and Sela's Warbird.

Unlike previous missions, you are not required to build a starbase in order
to have all of your other structures built.  You should still build one of
each though, both for the defensive capabilities and the crew increments.

The Borg will send ships at you, starting with simple spheres and
assimilators, which will eventually turn into a group of 3 cubes and 2
diamonds per wave.  It is imperative that you take out the diamonds as fast
as you can, they have an attack that will completely drain the shields out of
just about any vessel on your side, and can destroy the weaker vessels.
Because of this, you should always keep the Avenger as far from the battle as

Once you have a fleet of 8 Warbirds built up, you're ready to take out the
lower Borg base.  If you want, you can use a shrike vessel to see the entire
base, but for now you just need to know that the base you're going after is
in the middle of the map.  Cloak the Warbirds before they set out, as the
Borg do not research the tachyon grid.  Along the way will be a few satellite
outposts, consisting of a detection grid and a few energy cannons, those are
nothing to worry about and can even be ignored if you so choose.  Once you're
at the Borg base, you should target any diamonds and cubes that may be built,
or you can wait for those to leave and let your main base deal with them, it
doesn't matter.  Your first targets should be the Advanced Assembly Matrices,
followed by the Nexus.  Once those are gone, target the platforms and then
whatever.  You may need to bring in a reinforcement squad if you took on the
diamonds and cubes, since they probably obliterated most of your shields.

Once that's done, you no longer have to worry about Borg attacks, so build up
a fleet of 8 Negh'Vars, 16 Warbirds, and as many Sovereigns as you want.  You
may also want to take this time to build a Temporal Research Facility to
supplement your base.  Once you've done all this, put your fleet on yellow
alert and send all of it to the top middle area on the map and destroy the
entire Borg base, without attacking the Transwarp Gate.  When the Gate is the
only thing left, you may want to start fortifying it, but with the fleet of
the size you have, it won't really be necessary.  Once you've done all that,
let your fleet recharge its special weapons, then use the Romulan shield
inversion beams to lower the shields on the Gate and start transporting
troops over.

When you capture it you'll be given a new objective, to keep it alive for 10
minutes.  Place all of your ships around the Gate to protect it and then wait
for the Borg to get close and start letting loose on them.  With the Borg
facilities destroyed, they won't be able to use their special weapons, making
defending the Gate easy.

_054. "The Alpha and The Omega Pt. II"

Your first mission is to protect the Enterprise.  Do so by turning on it's
Corbomite Reflector.  You won't have to do this for long though, shortly
after the mission starts you'll be told to return to the Transwarp Gate
before it's destroyed.  Do so and there will be a cinematic.

Your mission is to now use the ships available to you in order to capture a
Borg construction vessel, so that the Enterprise may return to Borg space.
There are two that you can choose from to capture, but the one in the lower
left corner of the map will be easier to capture as it's further from the
main Borg space area and in a more strategic location for later on.  Once
you've captured it, have it build a Transwarp Gate someplace safe.  You can
engage with the Borg vessels close by, including the energy cannons, but
nothing else.  The Transwarp Gate will be able to be constructed without any
hindrance from the Borg.  Once it is completed, there will be another

Now, you need to build a base as quickly as possible.  All you need to build
is one type of fleet, Klingon, Romulan, or Federation.  You won't have the
time or dilithium to make more than one.  Whichever way you decide, you
should also build several Torpedo Turrets at the entrances to your base, one
near the blue nebula gap next to the dilithium moon, and another which is
more obvious, where the energy cannons were at the start of the mission.
Shortly after you're given the assignment, there will be another cinematic
and you'll be told to take out the Nexus' in the area as well.  Don't attack
those just yet.  Instead, continue concentrating on building as many vessels
and base defenses as you can.

Eventually, the Borg will notice you and begin sending waves of cubes at you.
Hopefully you've got at least 8 Warbird/Sovereign/Negh'Var ships at this
point and can use them to take down the cube shields and capture them.  If
you can, try to capture all of the cubes that come your way, they'll come in
very handy when you decide to launch an offensive attack.

Once you've captured enough cubes and feel you're ready to start an
offensive, you should move your fleet up.  You'll need to have 10-16 ships in
order to take out the base closest to you, and if you chose the lower left
corner, you should be able to advance up relatively far on the screen,
hopefully able to reach the infinite dilithium moon about 2/3 of the way up
the map on the left side.  You should wait until you have a spare 5000
dilithium to do this though, as you'll need to build another starbase, a
mining station, a shipyard of any type to repair vessels, and about 10
torpedo turrets for defense.  After you've successfully captured the moon,
start having all of your freighters go to that one since your old moon has
probably run dry.

Now that you've established a secondary base and have an infinite supply of
dilithium, it's time to start going on more of an offensive.  Build up a
fleet of at least 16 Sovereign, Negh'Var and/or Warbirds, and try to capture
at least 8 Cubes.  Once you have that, you should start building up to the
Federation Temporal Research Center, it will be coming in very handy soon.
When you have all of this ready, send 16 of your vessels over to the lower
part of the middle of the map, there is another base there for you to take
out.  Always go after the cubes first, you probably won't need to capture any
more so just destroy them.  When you've destroyed that base, you should go up
to the upper middle area.  You'll run into Locutus and a Transwarp Gate
there, so use your temporal stasis field to destroy both for another
cinematic.  If you caught Locutus in the temporal stasis field, you'll have
to sit around and wait for it to run out before you'll be able to be in
control again.  Also note that there is another infinite dilithium moon in
this area.

Now that that's out of the way, you should make your way to the right of the
map, there is a base in the right middle, which you should systematically
take out, starting with the technology node so the Borg can no longer use
their assimilation weapons on you.  There will also be a skeleton base in the
other corner from where you decided to make your base, which you can either
take out or leave for the Shrike vessel to use it's spy on and show you all
the Borg movements.

With that base out of the way, there should only be one more for you to worry
about.  Repair your vessels if you haven't been all along, and then move them
to the upper right corner of the map.  You can send a secondary fleet via the
Transwarp Gate you control to the back of the base, so as to separate the
Borg defenses.  You may also want to use the temporal stasis on the remaining
cubes in the base to keep from taking massive damage from them.  There is
also an infinite dilithium moon in the upper right corner of this base as

Once you destroy both Nexus', there will be a new objective for you to launch
a direct assault on the Omega containment facility.  Before you do this, you
should repair all of your remaining vessels and let the time stasis charge,
you will need that.  Once that's all done, open a Transwarp Conduit inside
the large asteroid belt, which you should be able to see if you used a Shrike
spy earlier.  When you send ships through it, use the temporal stasis field
directly on the Omega facility to keep from taking damage from the 4 Nexus'
and the energy/torpedo platforms in the area.  Concentrate all fire on the
facility and destroy it to end the campaign, and the game.

Congratulations, you have beaten Star Trek: Armada!


Federation Database


_060. Tactical

_061. Main Systems

Shields      - Shields are an energy field emitted from a vessel in order to
               protect it from hostile weapons.  They also prevent enemies
               from transporting boarding parties onto the vessel or
               structure they're protecting.

Engines      - Engines power the ship and allow it to be controlled.  If
               engines are damaged, the vessel will be unable to move.  If
               the vessel is in motion while it's engines are destroyed, then
               it will remain moving in the direction it's heading until it
               repairs the engines, until it is hit by a tractor beam, or
               until it slows down to a stop, which will take a while.

Life Support - The ability for a ship or structure to support life on it.
               Without it, the crew of a vessel or structure will die off
               until no one is left, or life support is restored.

Sensors      - Sensors tell a vessel what is where.  Without them the vessel
               will not be able to see as far and will let enemy ships slip
               by.  Sensors also have an impact on weapon accuracy.  Without
               them, torpedoes have a tendancy to miss more often than not.

Weapons      - This controls the ability of one vessel to fire and damage
               another.  Without it, neither normal nor special weapons will
               be able to be used.

_062. Crew Status

  While in this status, a crew is operating at normal capacity.

  When a ship reaches this level, it will be at a reduced operating level,
  which will affect different systems on different races.

  If a ship reaches red, then it's all but dead.  Systems will be reduced
  beyond that of the yellow status, and additional systems may be lost as

_063. Commands

Main Commands

Vessel Only
Move       - Any ship whose engines are still working will move to the
             selected location.

Repair and - The vessel will return to the nearest allied shipyard for
Recrew       repairs and recrewing.  It will still attack other vessels along
             the way but will not give pursuit.

Structure Only
Recrew     - Will replenish the structures crew supply from the reserves.

Set Rally  - Applies only to structures that build vessels.  Will set the
Point        point on the map that the vessel will move to when it's
             completed and in the case of shipyards, where the vessel will go
             after being repaired.

Vessel and Structure
Attack     - Any vessel or structure will weapons that are not disables will
             move to the target (if necessary and/or able) and attack it with
             its normal weapons.

Stop       - With vessels, they will stop moving and/or attacking.  With
             structures, they will stop attacking if they are able to attack.
             In both cases, the vessel or structure will start attacking
             other vessels or structures that get close.  You would use this
             command to have a vessel break off pursuit of another or stop
             them short if they're going someplace and you want them to stay
             and fight.

Orders     - See section below.

Stand      - Similar to Stop, but only the vessel will stop attacking and/or
Down         using special weapons.  If they are set at red alert, they will
             start attacking again once you have them move, use a special
             weapon, etc..

Build      - This applies only to construction ships and structures.  It will
             bring up the menu of ships/buildings that they can build.

Cancel     - This only applies to structures and vessels that can build other
             structures and/or vessels.  It will have them cancel their
             current productio 

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