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Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga

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About The Game

Star Chamber is a turn-based online strategy board game of space combat and diplomacy, and players use special decks of cards that represent the assets and abilities of their favorite alien races. With hundreds of different cards and three victory conditions, the number of strategies you can develop is endless. You can conquer your enemy's home world for a military victory, unearth ancient alien artifacts for a cultural win, or double-cross your way to a political victory at the Star Council. Cards include game elements such as ships, heroes, politicians, and special alien technologies, and the game models intrigue, economic planning, and both space and ground combat.

The Harbinger Saga is an enhanced retail release version, with retouched graphics and an improved UI, new maps, new cards, four player games, a tournament drafting system, and minor play balance adjustments.

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Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga

Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga Review

By Brian Egan |

Based on the same gameplay engine as the Lord of the Rings trading card game, Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga provides a fun, all-around experience with fairly solid gameplay. Star Chamber has seven different game lobbies that will help you do everything from competing in tournaments to restructuring your decks.

Campaigns are where the game's single-player mode comes in. Here you will find the tutorial as well as many different campaigns based on which race you chose at the beginning of the game. The Deck Builder and Collection lobbies are where you will go through your acquired cards and put them together in a deck that fits your playing style.

The Trade lobby lets you arrange one-on-one swap sessions with your friends so that you can get the cards you need to complete your collection. Finally, the Store lobby is where you buy new starter decks, event tickets and booster packs.

Each turn is broken up into several phases, most of which happen automatically. You will spend most of your time in the Planning Phase. It is here where you move all of your characters on the board. They won't move when you send the command. Instead all of your characters will take up their new positions at the end of your turn. This seemed to be a bit counterintuitive to me. Most turn-based strategies that I have played allowed me to move and attack with each of my characters one at a time, instead of moving everyone at once. This means that you will have to think a little differently than most turn-based strategy games. It is here that you will tell troops and citizens to move from one planet to another in an attempt to conquer the location either by military or cultural supremacy.

In the end, The Harbinger Saga is a solid strategy game with a lot of flexibility and a wide variety of scenarios. It is definitely something to look into if you are a turn-based fan and you have a spare 30 bucks.

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