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Star Chamber

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About The Game

Star Chamber is a turn-based online strategy board game of space combat and diplomacy, and players use special decks of cards that represent the assets and abilities of their favorite alien races. You can conquer your enemy's home world for a military victory, unearth ancient alien artifacts for a cultural win, or double-cross your way to a political victory at the Star Council. Cards include game elements such as ships, heroes, politicians, and special alien technologies, and the game models intrigue, economic planning, and both space and ground combat.

In February 2005, Worlds Apart Productions, LLC signed with Nayantara Studios to continue development and distribution of the game to increase and stabilize the online game with an improved technology base and growing development efforts.

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Star Chamber

Star Chamber Review

By Brian Egan |

The Gameplay is the reason you will return to this game over and over again. While it may seem daunting at first, the game really isn't that hard to come to grips with. It is recommended that you go through the three tutorials provided to familiarize yourself with the basic functions of the game, how to make strategic plays, and most importantly the three distinct ways to achieve victory. You will come out of these feeling like maybe this game isn't for you, but it all falls into place once you start playing for yourself. You may lose the first couple of games, but with each loss you will probably learn a valuable lesson for next time. While it is possible to play against other people online straight away, I personally recommend that you try several AI matches, just to find your bearings with the game.

Once you decide to put money into this, and buy some booster packs, you can really start to get in-depth by creating custom decks to play with. And with 9 races to choose from (5 in the trial version) there is a lot you can do to make yourself a unique player. And the online portion is a lot of fun, adding a lot of replay value, and the best thing is that there are people of all skill levels online, so no matter if you are a total Newb, or a hardcore veteran, you are sure to find a good match in terms of skill.

Although this is a niche genre, I think a lot of people would enjoy its gameplay if they are willing to give it a chance. And with a free, unlimited trial period, what have you got to lose in trying it out?

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