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Stand O'Food 2

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About The Game

The sequel to the original casual burger stand game, Stand O'Food 2 now lets you cook not only burgers but lasagnas and cakes, and even more! Many useful devices will help you serve customers faster.

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Stand O'Food 2 Review

By Brian Egan |

As a nameless chef, it's up to you to serve a seemingly endless stream of hungry patrons. Accomplishing this task requires navigating a series of conveyor belts, pulling the necessary ingredients (tomatoes, noodles, cheese, bacon, etc.) off each to assemble the specific meals which shoppers request. The faster you do so, the more combos, bonuses and cash you'll earn towards meeting a minimum victory goal, with customers' moods dwindling along with a constantly ticking timer.

Admittedly, the regular introduction of new variables, such as shop-bought bonuses like cola machines to improve customers' temperaments or teddy bears to help calm fussy children helps keep interest levels high. On a positive note, you'll also discover that the excitement picks up considerably following the first few stages too. Still, no matter how far you progress, moving from one type of food service to the next, the game's failings are both consistent and obvious. More distressingly too, like the Pidgin English used within tutorials and menu screens ( When the child playing up and cries his parent's modd falling down ), little about the outing's overall layout makes much sense.

Strange sensibilities and sub-par sound/music aside, what you have here is basically the half-formed kernel of a storyline and campaign mode wrapped around a decent and subtly-nuanced, if not well-rounded, design. As such, collecting trophies and enjoying over 200 individual scenarios featuring new concoctions, gadgets and extras such as a handy piece-shuffling robot entertains and perplexes in equal measure.

Despite all of its flaws though, this game is actually quite fun. Give it a try if you enjoy time management games.

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