SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Krabby Patty




SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Krabby Patty

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About The Game

Follow SpongeBob and his friends through the most sea-riffic adventures yet, including: Invasion of the Patty Snatchers, Boatong School 101, and Hide N' Go Jelly fishing! Adventure ensues as the evil Plankton attempts to invade the Krusty Krab to steal Mr. Krabs' secret recipe for Kraby Patties.

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Krabby Patty Review

By Leandro Herena

In Operation Krabby Patty, players will play five arcade games: Invasion of the Patty Snatchers, Boating School 101, Who Cut the Cheese?, Hide N' Go Jellyfishin', and Save the Money. In Invasion of the Patty Snatchers and Who Cut the Cheese?, kids will direct SpongeBob, Patty and Patrick through collectables they have to search the areas for. Patty Snatchers requires the ingredients for a Krabby Patty be found, and Who Cut the Cheese? alternates between finding empty hooks and cheese-filled hooks. Hide N' Go Jellyfishin' is another hunting mission, but with an added twist: Patty, SpongeBob or Patrick must shoot the Jellyfish with a net when they find them, and their guns must be reloaded periodically. Boating School 101 is a racing game where SpongeBob has to find the different colored buoys in order, and Save the Money is an arcade shooting gallery type game wherein SpongeBob has to load cannons on a pirate ship with bubbles, then shoot the pirates when they're transporting treasure to various treasure chests scattered in the sand.

In Operation Krabby Patty, all of the arcade games are exceptionally well-designed for young players, and increase in difficulty the more they're played, to keep the challenge interesting. Our favorites were Save the Money and Who Cut the Cheese?. However, there are only five games, and two of them are practically the same game. Despite the lack of depth, this is actually a fun game that your child will surely enjoy.

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