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SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month

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About The Game

Everyone?s favorite fry cook has done it again! SpongeBob has just been awarded with the Krusty Krab?s ?Employee of the Year? award after having been ?Employee of the Month? for the past twelve months. His prize includes a Free Pass for him and his guests to Neptune?s Paradise, an amusement park located outside of Bikini Bottom. The problem is he doesn?t know how to get there! Follow SpongeBob and his friends from Bikini Bottom on a puzzling adventure that has them cooking Krabby Patties, exploring the caves of Marlin the Weather Wizard, destroying a weather tower, and shopping through the exclusive town of Waverly Hills. They must fulfill all of these challenges and more so they can get to their much-anticipated destination - Neptune?s Paradise!

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month Review

By Adrienne Dudek |

Basically the plot is that Mr. Krabs got FREE tickets to Neptune's Paradise, and decides to give them to Spongebob, who thinks they're ''ultra rare.'' So Spongebob has to get there- and he has to do alot along the way. Poor Spongebob, just can't have it his own way. I have to admit, this game takes way more patience then I have, even if you do have Spongebob running instead of walking. I think it was more for younger kids but hey, I pretty much liked it.

The game is fun, but the puzzles are really easy to solve, and there is limited replayability because the game is the same each time. Additionally, the game is short. Cute, but lacking in depth

SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month Game Walkthrough

Table of Contents

1. Story
2. Walkthrough
  2A. Employee of the Year
  2B. Hitting Rock Bottom
  2C. Back to Square One
  2D. Bottom's Up
3. Ending
4. Video Locations

1.  Story
   Mr. Krabs receives two free tickets to Neptune's Paradise in the mail,
so he gives them to Spongebob.  Spongebob goes off to look for Patrick to
tell him the good news.

2.  Walkthrough
2A. Employee of the Year

    Go in the Krusty Krab and grab the dirty plate on the table.  Walk back into
the restaurant and up to the salad bar.  Grab the lettuce, tomato, onion,
and cheese pile and leave the salad bar.  On the right side of the room, there are two
doors with portholes on them.  Go through the one on the left.  Grab the bun
and patty and combine it with the lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese in your inventory.
Walk to the other side of the Kitchen and use the dirty plate on the sink to clean
it.  Then use the plate on the burger in your inventory and return to the area where
you first found the dirty plate and give the Krabby Patty to the customer.  After the
conversation, you'll unlock a new place.  Go to your map and head to Downtown Bikini 
Bottom.  Walk down the road to Patrick and keep talking to him until you unlock a new
place.  Head to Goo Lagoon and walk across the parking lot, and then take the path to
Mussel Beach.  Go along the path then keep talking to Larry until you unlock a new area.
Go to Grandma's House and head inside.  After the cutscene, continue into the kitchen
and keep talking to Grandma until you unlock a new place.  Go to the Barg-n-Mart and 
go inside.  Talk to the cashier.  He'll tell you to wash his car if you want Urchin 
Chips, so head back outside and click on his car.  Use Spongebob to clean up his car 
and return inside.  Talk to the cashier again and then head go to the other side of the
store.  Go into the aisle at the end of the store and grab the Urchin Chips.  Leave the
aisle and grab the cooking oil in the box of junk.  Go to Grandma's House and grab the 
pie on the table.  In your inventory, mix the pie with the Urchin Chips.  Go back to
Mussel Beach at Goo Lagoon and give Larry the pie.  Then take his shovel and pail and
go back along the path that leads to Mussel Beach, and into Ray's Tanning Salon.  Go up
to Ray, (the big orange guy) and give him the cooking oil.  Take his sunscreen and walk
away.  Go to the left of the beach and use the shovel and pail on all the sand piles 
until you find the buried treasure.  Click on the chest to the get bus tokens.  Go back
to the right and and up the entrance to Ray's Tanning Salon and give the sunscreen to
the lady with the parasol.  She'll give you her parasol.  Go back to Downtown Bikini
Bottom and give the Bus Tokens to Patrick.  When the busdriver comes out, give him the 

2B.  Hitting Rock Bottom

     Don't go in the bus station and instead go down the road and to the public restroom.
Go inside to get the quarter and go back down the road.  Use the quarter on the vending
machine to get the Kelp Bar.  Leave the vending machine and go to the guy kicking a can.
Start talking to him then stop to grab his crumpled up can.  Now head into the Bus Station
and give the lady behind the window the Kelp Bar.  You'll get a new area, so go to your map
and head to the WSEA TV station.  Go on the path leading behind the building and talk to the 
guy working on the antenna until you unlock a new area.  Go to the Rusty Anchor and head to 
the parking lot.  Talk to Barnacle Boy then head inside.  Grab the mug by the pictures then
talk to the guy to make him go help Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.  Go up to the two kegs and
use the mug on the left keg.  Then, in your inventory, use the filled-up mug on the crumpled
up can.  Return to WSEA TV and head to the back again and give the filled-up can to the guy.
Take his toolbox then head back up front and inside.  Use the toolbox on the lady then head
in the room up the stairs.  Talk to Gary until a machine towards the right starts flashing.
Go to the machine to see Marlin's Lair and to unlock it to go to.  Head there and go down the 
path and into the building.  Go up to the slot machine and keep pulling the handle until three
arrows appear.  Remember the direction they're pointing, then leave the slot machine and go into
the new room.  Go the direction the first arrow pointed and then in the next room go the direction
the secong arrow pointed to, and then in the next room, go the direction the third arrow pointed
to.  Go up the stairs and talk to Marlin until you get his wand.  Go back to WSEA TV and go inside.
Use the wand on the door behind the lady and pull the lever on the machine.

2C.  Back to Square One

     Go down the path then enter the diner.  Keep talking to Patrick until a lady appears with
a bag with a picture of Sandy on it.  Talk to the lady to unlock Jellyfish Fields, then take
the Sandy bag.  Go to Jellyfish Fields and keep walking to the right until you get to Sandy.
Give her the bag to unlock Squidward and Spongebob's houses.  Go to them and go in Squidward's
house.  Click on the TV to watch the commercial to unlock a new area.  Go to it and head
inside.  Talk to the guy then go to the other side of the store.  Take the glasses then
return to Squidward's house.  Head upstairs and use the glasses on Squidward.  In Squidward's
dream, walk down the path and head up the stairs.  Walk down the aisle then talk to Squidward.
You'll leave his dream with his clarinet.  Leave his house and head over to Spongebob's house.
Approach the snake then use the clarinet on it.  Grab Spongebob's helmet to unlock Sandy's tree
dome.  Go there and use Spongebob's helmet on the tree dome.  Go inside and head down.  Go
behind the picnic table and grab the oxygen tank.  Return to Sandy and talk to her.  She'll go
in her tree, so follow her.  Give her the oxygen tank.

2D.  Bottom's Up

     Talk to Sandy to unlock a new area.  Go there and talk to the intercom.  It'll tell you
that you need a jacket to enter.  Return to the start area and talk to Sandy.  You'll unlock
another area.  Go to Waverly Hills then click on the coconut tree.  Grab the coconut and walk
down the path.  Click on the valves to the right then head back the way you came.  Click on
the fountain to have Spongebob soak in water.  Head back to the area with the valves and step
on the pressure plate.  Go inside and walk to the shack.  Go inside and head in the back room.
Walk across and use the coconut on the golden coconut.  Leave the shack and head to the golden
house next door.  Give him the golden coconut to get a quarter.  Return to the starter area
and click on the billboard with the big hole in it to see a telephone number.  Walk down the
path and enter the phone booth.  Put the quarter in and dial the number on the billboard to
unlock a new area.  Go to Sublime Seafoods and walk down the path to the left.  Talk to
Timmy then head to the left again.  Click on the binoculars and look for Sublime Seafoods.
When you find it, Spongebob should say the slogan.  Get out of the binoculars and go to
your right.  Talk to Timmy again to get the invitation.  Go to the right and talk to the
guy in the booth.  He will come out so give him the invitation.  Head up the path then
enter the restaurant.  Talk to the shrimp then talk to the lady by the jackets to make
Spongebob put on a suit.  Talk to the shrimp again then walk down the hallway.  Click
on the table above the stairs and then keep talking to the waiter until he kicks you
out.  Return to the area with the intercom and talk to it.  The gates will open now
that you have a jacket.  Go inside the building and talk to the guy with the mop.
After the long conversation, grab Patrick's pants on the rack and go back outside.
Give Patrick his pants, and when he gets out, click on the dial to the right.
Put the oxygen tank in it and give it back to Sandy to

3.  Ending

    Sandy, Spongebob, and Patrick finally get to  Neptune's Paradise, but an
employee tells them it's closed due to a private party.  Spongebob and Patrick
cry.  The employee tells them it's Springboob Squirepin's party, then Sandy
tells him that it's Spongebob Squarepants, not Springboob Squirepin.  Spongebob
and Patrick become happy, and almost everybody they met comes out and yells
"Surprise!".  They all have the rides and have a good day.

4.  Video Locations

    These are just bonus videos hidden in each level that can be watched at the
main menu.

    Video #1
    Hidden in Chapter 1: Employee of the Year

    Go to the bus stop where Patrick is and go left.  Go in the jewelry store
and talk to the guy behind the counter to get the video.

    Video #2
    Hidden in Chapter 2: Hitting Rock Bottom

    Go in WSEA TV with the toolbox and go in the room by the stairs.  Go through
the other door in that room and talk to Plankton.  Go back to the other room
and click on the machine.  Center the camera on Plankton then head back into
the room with him and talk to him to get the video.

    Video #3
    Hidden in Chapter 3: Back to Square One

    Click on Spongebob's Closet in his house

    Video #4
    Hidden in Chapter 4: Bottom's Up

    Go in the building at Oxygen Springs and click on Davy Jones' Locker. 

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