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Spiral Knights

Developer:Three Rings Genre:RPG and MMO Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

The Spiral Knights have awoken on an alien world. With their equipment stores raided and their starship failing to recover, they must now work together to survive on a journey that will take them to the very core of the world.
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Spiral Knights Cheats

CodeEffectRevive a downed party member, giving them only half a pip of health.Walk It OffAmass an Arsenal that includes a 5 star helmet, armor, shield, gun and bomb.Stellar SetComplete a Tier 2 expedition without having to revive.Silver SurvivorDefeat the Royal Jelly squatting in the Royal Jelly Palace.Royal PainAmass 10 swords in your Arsenal.Master SwordsmanAmass 10 shields in your Arsenal.Master ShieldbearerDeposit 10,000 minerals into a gate.Master MinerAmass 10 guns in your Arsenal.Master GunslingerAmass 10 bombs in your Arsenal.Master BombardierAmass 10 armors in your Arsenal.Master ArmorerDeposit 2,500 minerals into a gate.Marvelous MinerDeposit 500 minerals into a gate.Major MinerAmass 10 helmets in your Arsenal.Mad HatterDescend to the Core Terminal.HardcoreComplete a Tier 3 expedition without having to revive.Gold SurvivorEarn clearance to explore Tier 3 of the Clockworks.Go DeepUnlock and fill every equipment slot.Fully LoadedDefeat Lord Vanaduke in the heart of the Firestorm Citadel.Free SpiritAlchemize a 4 star item.Four-Star SmithAlchemize a 5 star item.Five-Star SmithAmass 5 bombs in your Arsenal.Expert BombardierAmass 5 armors in your Arsenal.Expert ArmorerTravel the entire Clockworks from depth 0 to depth 29 in a single expedition without having to revive.Dauntless DelverTravel the entire Clockworks from depth 0 to depth 29 in a single expedition.Cradle and AllAlchemize 50 items.Ascendant AlchemistPay a visit to Emberlight, the town of gremlin outcasts.An Emberlight in the DarkAlchemize 25 items.Accomplished AlchemistAlchemize a 3 star item.Three-Star SmithEarn clearance to explore Tier 2 of the Clockworks.Spiral SpelunkerDeposit 100 minerals into a gate.Moderate MinerAmass 5 shields in your Arsenal.Expert ShieldbearerAmass 5 helmets in your Arsenal.Expert HatterUse 10 remedy capsules.Conditioned ResponseAmass 3 bombs in your Arsenal.BombardierAlchemize 5 items.Apprentice AlchemistAlchemize 10 items.Adept AlchemistAlchemize a 2 star item.Two-Star SmithAmass 5 swords in your Arsenal.Expert SwordsmanAmass 5 guns in your Arsenal.Expert GunslingerPower up a derelict Mecha Knight.Energize!Amass 3 shields in your Arsenal.ShieldbearerComplete a Tier 1 expedition without having to revive.Bronze SurvivorDefeat the fabled Snarbolax that lives deep within the Gloaming Wildwoods.O Frabjous Day!Amass 3 armors in your Arsenal.ArmorerBuild an item to heat level 10.Applied EntropyAmass 3 guns in your Arsenal.GunslingerAmass 3 helmets in your Arsenal.HatterAlchemize a 1 star item.One-Star SmithAmass 3 swords in your Arsenal.SwordsmanPay a visit to Moorcraft Manor.World of MoorcraftUse 10 health capsules.Pharma SuitableRevive a downed party member.Helping HandDeposit a single mineral into a gate.Minor MinerReach the first Clockworks Terminal.Mission AccomplishedRevive yourself.Jump StartCross the chasm into Haven.Welcome, StrangerSuccessfully reach the Rescue Camp.First StepsObtain a Firecracker bomb.Star-Spangled BomberDefeat the Roarmulus TwinsTerrible Twin TurretsHit an opponent with a snowball in Lockdown.Son of a Nutcracker!

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