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SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm

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This expansion pack to SpellForce 2 – Shadow Wars takes players through a fascinating and exciting challenge as they fight for the magical portals, which seem to be the only connection between the shattered islands of Eo. During the search for the font, which could replace the dwindling energy and save the magical portals, the player recovers old runes and amazing traces of the most powerful creatures of the past: dragons...

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SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm

SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm Review

By Adrienne Dudek |

The original SpellForce spawned two expansion packs, and this first add-on for the sequel probably won't be the last either. Developer Phenomic is playing the RPG trump card here: dragons. The big fat scaley fire-breathing loot-hoarding lizards which are everyone's favourite beastie. But is Phenomic merely milking the dragon? Indeed, can a dragon be milked? And will they still include the obligatory mage who sounds like a German version of Julian Clary, but a touch camper?

The story, as ever, is interesting in parts - with clever ideas like a whole city which has been magically transformed into a giant ship, but it's rather a mish-mash of generic fantasy and plot twists which don't always make sense. Interface-wise, nothing of note has been altered, although SpellForce 2 had a very orderly house in this respect anyway.

A system of item-crafting has also been implemented and on the character development front there's another option to invest your levelling points in alongside the melee and magic trees: Shaikan powers. These include pet summons, substantial debuffs and sizeable healing and hit point buffs.

So while nothing substantial has been added to the SpellForce cauldron, the sequel's focus on smaller battles and quality questing has been refined, and the end result is a palatable expansion pack. With dragons.

SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm Cheats

Bring out the console by pressing CTRL + ^ (try other keys if it doesn't seem to work)CheatEffectUI: FOWEnable (0)Disables FOW
  • Console CheatsEither use Ctrl + ] or Ctrl + +. It depends on where you live and got it from.Capital letters are important.CheatEffectLogSender:NoManaUsage(1)Spells or Abilities can be used again and again.LogSender:GiveGood(###)Gives ### of all goodsLogSender:AddMoney(###)Gives player ### gold to buy items.LogSender:GodMode(1)Invincible
  • SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm Game Walkthrough

    Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm Walkthrough v0.8
    By: m0rb1d
    Check out the walkthrough on my forums!
    Section 001: Foreward
    This may not be published on any site other than , ,
    www.neoseeker.com, www.supercheats.com and sf2guru.pcriot.com. I spent alot
    of time working on this and do not appreciate my work being stolen. If you want
    to post this on your website, feel free to ASK me via email or forum.
    Section 002: Contact
    Section 003: Update History
    Version 0.1
    Started the Walkthrough.
    Version 0.2
    Added 5 more maps to the walkthrough.
    Version 0.3
    Added 4 more maps to the walkthrough.
    Version 0.4
    Added sidequests missed previously.
    Added easier navigation of the walkthrough.
    Version 0.5
    Added The Citadel Part 2
    Version 0.6
    Updated Contact Information.
    Began working my way through the game once more.
    Version 0.7
    Updated website to show the correct address.
    Began working on new website template.
    Various grammatical corrections.
    Version 0.8
    Added the first 5 sections of complete walkthroughs to the website. 
    Added quests for Winterlight Peak with pictures.
    Section 004: Table of Contents
    You can more easily navigate my walkthrough by using the SFxxx via edit>> find.
    I will list each map and then it's appropriate SFxxx number. So, if you wanted
    to go to the Dragh'Lur section, you'd go to edit>>find and use SF013. Simple huh?
    SF001 - Winterlight Peak
    SF002 - Alluyvan
    SF003 - Sevenkeeps
    SF004 - Ghost Watch
    SF005 - The City Ship
    SF006 - Sevenkeeps Part 2
    SF007 - City Ship Part 2
    SF008 - Winterlight Peak Part 2
    SF009 - The Citadel
    SF010 - The City Ship Part 3
    SF011 - Ghost Watch Part 2
    SF012 - Winterlight Peak Part 3
    SF013 - Dragh'Lur
    SF014 - Catching Up Quests
    SF015 - The Citadel Part 2
    Section 005: Walkthrough
    Winterlight Peak - SF001
    Start out by watching the cutscene and then grab the nearbye chest after you
    tell the chick that you are all right. Then, go and speak to Whisper and watch
    yet another cutscene.
    Go North, and then West to the Yellow Circle and kill the beast there. Then,
    watch the cutscene with Wind, and grab the chest that is close by. Then, head
    Northeast to the other Yellow Circle on your minimap and kill the best there,
    and of course, loot the chest. Go South from here and grab yet another chest.
    Now, go Northeast and speak to Skodjir Bloodaxe. Southeast next and hit the
    lever that is next to the last chest you picked up. This will close the gate
    and trigger yet another cutscene. You will also level up.
    The next part is somewhat tricky, as you sort of have to time everything right.
    Go North to the first yellow circle. You will have to fight a giant and a
    couple of bears, but they go down pretty easily. DO NOT MOVE the dwarves yet.
    They die very quickly, and if you do not get them to their destination swiftly,
    you will lose the game. Once the coast is clear, move all 40 dwarves to the
    first platform where the circle was. They will heal upon entering.
    Next, take your 3 main characters towards the next yellow circle. Kill
    everything nearbye and then move the dwarves to this platform. Do this a third
    time, and then go North and kill the Frost Golem near the portal. From the
    portal, if you look to the left you will see a chest. Run over and grab it, and
    when the coast is clear, move all of your dwarves to the portal. You should
    have atleast 35 left.
    The aforementioned chest contains a Harp that gives you experience for the
    Memories of Eo quest. After you've gotten this, and moved the dwarves, enter
    the portal yourself.
    This concludes Winterlight Peak. Congratulations.
    Alluyvan - SF002
    Start out by watching the cutscene. Better get used to that, as each time you
    enter a map your going to see one. After it's over, go directly north and speak
    to the scout there. Tell him to run to camp and tell them to take out the
    ballistas. Then, move further North and kill the archers on the sides of the
    walls while the treants do their thing. I only took my main 3 in there and
    everything worked out just fine. Be sure to grab the chest asap as well, as it
    contains an orc skin that is needed for a later quest.
    Next, retreat South and build up your base. Get your population max to 30, and
    upgrade your troops. Then, train them all. While all of this is going on
    however, take the path to the east until you come to Haldors little prison. Let
    him out and he will give you a quest to get 3 Orc Skins so that he can camo
    you. Then, head all the way to the west and kill everything. You might want to
    take some troops with your however, as the battle is pretty tough. After you've
    won however, free the builder guy there. You can use him with a later quest.
    South of the builder is a house with a chest hidden towards the back. There is
    a book in the chest that is apart of the Memories of Eo quest.
    By now you should have all your troops built up, so take them and your main
    characters and head back into the castle where the treants did their thing.
    Wipe out the left and right camps. It is relatively easy if you have all of
    your troops.
    Now you will be given a quest to defend your base against 2 attacks. It's
    rather easy, just make sure you have a few guys there to defend. You now have
    the option of choosing how you want to proceed. You can take the 3 orc skins to
    Haldor, or go and ask the builder if he knows a secret way into the castle. I
    used the builder, so, go and talk to him. He will tell you about the secret
    passage. So, head back to the castles main entrance and go left. You will see a
    lever to pull. Do so, and then enter the glowing light. This takes you to the
    other side of the gate. Head east and pull the lever to let the rest of your
    troops in.
    There is a camp on the left and right, plus some orcs in the middle. Wipe them
    all out, and then watch the cutscene. Take all of your troops North from the
    middle and fight the demon. It's a somewhat difficult fight, so be forewarned.
    Once you win you will see a cutscene once again.
    Now you can move the dwarves to the portal.
    Congratulations, you have just finished the Alluyvan map.
    Sevenkeeps - SF003
    From the starting point, go up and then to the left and kill the 2 wolves
    there. Then, click on the two plant things, and finally, the barrels. Then
    go and talk to Skadjir. Next, speak to Haldor. He offers you another quest. Get
    him a dark elf skin and he will produce a shadow slave for you. This comes in
    rather handy with placing your blackpowder barrels. The first elf I killed
    produced my skin.
    Once you have your shadow slave, travel to each glowing circle near the towers
    and stand there until the barrel is placed. Then, run like hell. You
    have 3 seconds to get away before it blows up. Destroy the all, and then finish
    off any straglers with your main characters. Lastly, drag the
    refugees up to the gate. Travel to the big yellow circle, and yippie haw, cutscene.
    Next, use the Garrison of the Militia Journey Stone and talk to Redmond after
    getting the 2 plant things from the left of where you talked to the
    king. Redmond will give you give you a quest to get them some food. You can
    kill animals for some food, or hijack some orc supply trains. Do whatever you
    want, but the more food you get, the more troops you get. Just travel around to
    all of the journey stones killing shit. Southeast Portal has 2 nearbye for 2
    more food. Southwest has 2 wolves nearbye as well. Also, 2 more plants by the
    wolves, and another one up north a bit.
    After you get about 10 troops or so, go south west from Redmond and hit the
    gear to open the door. Kill the elves outside, and then go further
    west to the path. Take it north, and eventually on the right side you will see
    a chest inside of a house containing a purse of some sort. Hopefully
    a caravan will be coming as well. Smoke it, and get even more food.
    Finally, going a bit further north you will eventually come to a camp of
    Norcaine. Kill them all and speak to the guy trapped inside the cage. Open
    it up and let him out. Talk to him again and tell him to follow you to town.
    So, um, lead them to town ya moron. Yippie Haw. While your in town,
    you might as well turn in whatever food you've collected and get some more
    From the southwest JS, go north until you find a gate leading east. Pop the
    gear symbol above it, and go inside. Follow the trail and activate the
    Silent Glade JS. Go east until you come to a path leading North. Follow North
    until you come to Idara. Speak to her. She gives you the Dream Stalker quest.
    Trust me, and take every soldier you have to the Sacred Ground JS. Get the
    water from the well, and then go southeast to the willow. You will have to find
    many many undead, and you only have like 4 minutes to get the water to the
    tree. After completeing it, the tree will give you the next quest in the
    series: Dream Stalker - Life.
    Next, take your troops back to the King, and stop in to talk to Falida along
    the way. Nietalf will appear and give you a book and a quest. Soul
    of the Warrior - Courage. Next, head north into the Dwarven Quarter and speak
    with Skjadir Bloodaxe again. He gives you the quest Heart of Ice.
    Next, go to the center most circle on your map. Kill everything there. Go west
    and hit the gear on the gate, then head back to Redmond and get
    more soldiers if you have more food. I'd imagine you do.
    Then follow the path around to the right most yellow dot and wipe out yet
    another Norcaine Camp. Yippie haw. This camp is rather large however, and will
    require more soldiers to defeat. I'd say 20 to be safe. Keep following the road
    around and eventually you'll come to another camp where there are some
    refugees. Same thing as the prisoners. Gotta take them to safety. So, start
    heading back into town through the main gate. Go north through the crafters
    quarters, and then east into the marketplace to drop off your cargo. This
    completes the prisoners and refugees quests. Speak to Farmer Locket while your
    here as well.
    Next, go west around the corner and speak to Farmer Idling. Following my guide
    thus far you will already have the items to turn in and finish his
    quest. Go back to Redmond and get some more soldiers, then JS to the Northern
    Gate. Take all your soldiers and tell them to meet up with your main
    characters. Easier to do it this way as if you've followed my guide so far,
    there wont be much to get in your way. Just wait it out.
    Finally head north and wipe out the last camp. Then, watch the cutscene. Woot
    Woot. Also, you get the quests Aedar, and Portal Magic. Warp to the
    University and talk to Master Askan. Southeast of the royal palace is Is Aedar.
    Get near and Wind will get a Question Mark above her head. Get the silk from
    her and then speak to Maira right near by. Then, speak to Aedar. Speak to him
    again, and choose show emotion, begging to get him to continue talking to you.
    Next, Nod. Show Anger. Then Nod. Next, pick up his Armor. This gives you the
    quest Traces from Tirganach as well.
    Bring up the quest log and click on Traces of Tirganach and then JS to
    SouthWest and head towards the blinking red light. Get the loot and pick
    up the quest Script of the Priestessess. Now go to the Northern Gate JS and
    scroll right over to galius and tell your guys to move over there. JS
    over to the woman willow and show her the letter you just recieved. Recieve
    quest The Pyscometric Oil.
    Congratulations, you've just finished the Sevenkeeps map.
    Ghost Watch  - SF004
    Find, and fight Caine, and then fight off the wolves that are attacking
    Whisper. Caine now joins your party, woohoo. Move a little further and hit the
    question mark. Follow the trail around to the large group of monsters and smoke
    them. Look south a bit and grab the chest there. Then north a bit for another
    chest. Continue down the path going west until you come to the Commander. Speak
    with him. Go north of their stinking hole and get another chest. Then,
    southwest for another.
    Next, head west, passed the commander back the way you came, and then North on
    the parth leading..um..north. You'll come to a fountain looking thing. Examine
    it, and change it to the sword. Further east, is a question mark. Examine it,
    and then the one after it. This will produce the image of a dragonling.
    You are told the yellow eye goes with ice, so, follow the path east, and then
    go north a bit to the flying king guys. Kill them, and go west a bit to see the
    yellow eye. Change it to ice. Now follow the path east to the ! above the
    gravestone looking thing. This is actually a codestone, so call Ragna, and then
    go south and get the loot from the skeleton guy. It's a book that counts
    towards the memories of Eo quest.
    Now, go back to the yellow eye, and go north. Hit the blue eye over to fire. Be
    sure to snatch up the chest to the east a bit. Now, go west, and get the
    codestone over there. Call Ragna that is. Do it, or die foo. Next, note the
    path behind you leading up. Guess what? Follow it. You will come to Agathos,
    with a question mark above his head. So, obviously, talk to him. If you have
    followed my guide thus far, then you should have a ring, and a spellbook in
    which you can advance the dialogue with Agathos. If you did not follow my
    guide, then you are a raging assmongrel, and will have to waste the time
    reading this over. Behind Agathos is a glowing thingy. Pick it up to recieve
    yet another item for the Memories of Eo quest. Who's your daddy? I ran back
    over to the red eye and changed the pointer to earth, and got 200 experience,
    so, do so. Go NE from the red eye and pick up the chest there. The fountain
    with the question mark above it is also the quest for Warrior - Courage. So,
    hit it up. It will tell you to first finish your campaign, and then come back.
    Head back to Ragna and the purple eye. Change the purple eye pointer to Air,
    and wala, 200 experience. Again, who's yer daddy? Next, take everyone up the
    nearbye ramp. Take someone to the left and right and claim the 3 chests for
    some decent items( 2 on the left side, 1 on the right). Then, on the right
    side, go up and examine the codestone. Call Ragna. You know the drill.
    Now, head down the other side of the ramp and kill off the ghost mobs there.
    Activate the 2 eyes here, and then go north and kick the crap out of the camp
    there. Be sure to grab the 2 chests once your done. To the right is a pillar
    with an exclamation point on it. Examining it at the moment will simply tell
    you there is a keyhole. So, dont bother. Instead, go west, and wipe out the
    camp there. And, as always grab all the loot. To the south of the two towers
    you activated before destroying this camp, there is a journey stone, a chest,
    and another codestone. So, do ya thang g.
    After wiping out the 2nd camp, go northwest and hit the question mark on the
    book there. Then, excavate, and get yaself another dragonling. There is nothing
    to the southwest of here, so dont waste your time going over there. Now that
    you've destroyed all the camps, remember that pillar with the exclamation point
    above it? Well, now there are some nasties waiting for you there. So, go and
    put your foot in their ass. The battle is mildly
    difficult, but I did not lose any troops. The Ghost of the City does some
    pretty massive damage, so, you might want to try luring the monsters back to
    the towers so that you can have a little extra help.
    Now, run back to Agathos, and finish off his quest. He will give you some
    history, and then follow you around like a lost dog with his sick little
    puppets. Now, go back to that pillar, and put in the key. There is nothing to
    the north and south right passed the entrance, so, again, dont waste your time
    exploring it, unless you are OCD about seeing the whole map. Continue on until
    you get the cutscene.
    Start getting your camp together, troops up, and all that good stuff. Be
    warned, you will have hell reigning down on you very soon. So, get as many
    troops together as humanly possible. Be sure to activate the towers as well.
    You should have the red ones already known, so that only leaves the purple one.
    The correct symbol is air. I imagine you will need atleast 40 troops to
    withstand the onslaught that is coming your way.
    After the battle, watch the cutscene, and be a happy camper. Next, head back to
    the fountain for the test of courage. Be sure to equip your main character ( if
    he is a fighter ) with any taunting ability you have. Same with Caine. The
    object of this test is to keep the workers alive. In order to do that you have
    to get the attention off of them. It is pretty tricky and took me two attempts,
    so, keep at it. It will also work if you can manage to just kill them before
    they kill the workers. The first time I only had 1 left alive, and failed. The
    second time I have 4 left alive and got credit.
    Next, head back to the Harbor JS, and move north east to the glowing thing on
    the ground you seen after the last cutscene. Play with it, and yippie haw.
    Congratulations, you've just finished the Ghost Watch map. On to THE CITY SHIP.
    The City Ship  - SF005
    First things first, turn around and speak to Caine to learn a little about what
    a Judge is. Then grab the nearbye chest. There is another one on the left side
    of the JS as well, so, grab it. Then, head around the big floating globe
    killing stuff and grab yet another chest. Next, check out the book with the
    exclamation point above it. Then, go south to the next level and grab the
    chests down here. Run around and grab all of the loot you can find.
    Then, head east on the 2nd level where the ice skerg's are. South a little from
    there is an orb with a ex. mark above it. Hit it. You'll know your in the
    correct area because someone will say Meat, Delicious or something like that.
    Kill everything in there and grab all the loot. Use the blue key on the nearbye
    orb stand thingy, and kill the elementals that pop. Urgi wants a green potion,
    so go back to the other room and mess with the cauldron until you manage it. In
    the room to the right of the room your in, step on the spiral pattern and
    Agathos will give you a creo enhancer.
    Next, run around the entire map looking for Escaped Thoughts. They are all over
    the place, so, once you get all twelve, head up to the big globe thing to have
    Urgi talk to you. Then head back to Agathos. Step on the spiral pattern to turn
    your escaped thoughts into crystals. A room opens up now as well. It's marked
    by a big yellow circle on your minimap. Lots of stone tablet looking things. Go
    there and fight the big mean mob that pops. After checking out the tablet, go
    back to the Navigator, which is the other big yellow dot on your minimap.
    Examine the one of the right first though and enter the 12 crystals.
    Next go down the ramp to the west, and fight the Flowing World Wanderer. Head
    further south and kill the fire things there. Also another world wanderer pops
    up. Then, another group of fire guys which are extremely tough. Then, from the
    big globe thing, go down the south east path. You will come to yet another
    wanderer. Go east from here to yet ANOTHER wanderer. Finally, North of The Wyrm
    is the last wanderer. Now, head back to the navigator, and choose to go to the
    citadel. But wait, it doesn't move. HAHA.
    Go to the southwest room that just opened up. The bottom right bench allows you
    to treat the two letters you have in your possession so do so. Bottom left
    bench. Top option, bottom option will recharge the crystal. To the west of the
    navigation thing, there is a tomb that is now open. Go there and the ghost of
    Garius will pop. You must save some ghosts. Pretty simple, follow them to where
    they disappear and camp there. You have to do nothing else. Completing this
    gives you a new stone tablet to examine as well. This one is for Sevenkeeps.
    Navigate the ship to Sevenkeeps!
    Congratulations, you've just finished the City Ship map.
    Sevenkeeps Part 2  - SF006
    After you enter Sevenkeeps for the 2nd time, go east, a little south of the
    Journey Stone and talk to Skadjir. Tell him that you have a nice floating city
    to take him to Winterlight Peak and he will gather up his possee and board up.
    Next, JS over to Sacred Ground and speak with Ainur who is standing there
    looking all pathetic. And what the hell is up with his sideburns? Looks like
    General Grant or something.
    From here, go southeast a bit and speak to the Willow Tree again. She tells you
    that she has been stalking you. Next, JS over to the crafters quarters, and
    look South East on your minimap. You will see a yellow dot. Head to that dot.
    You will come to a bridge, with a burned out house on the other side. Cross the
    bridge, and speak to the floating light there. This is Marcia. You will be
    given some story, and a doll to play with.
    To the south a bit, there is another bridge going east. Cross the bridge, and
    hit up the chest there. Then, cross back, and keep going West until you hit the
    JS for Spider Lair. You can speak to Barabus who is wandering around here, but
    you will only be presented with the same line over and over again. He will
    follow you for a short while, but outside of this, I see no use for him. Head
    West into the lair, and you will come to yet another chest. It contains a
    Spider Trap, which will knock off another part of your Memories of EO quest.
    JS over to the University and speak with Professor Undergant who is standing
    there like a tool. He tells you his opinion on Ainur. To the east is another
    Yellow Dot. You know you are looking at the correct one because Cardogan is
    standing there. Speak to him, and he will then give you HIS opinion of Ainur. I
    guess Ainur had a hard upbringing. To the NorthEast from here on your minimap
    you will see, yep, yellow dot. This time it's Farmer Salius, and a book on a
    stand. Speak to the Farmer to finish off a quest, and then read the book.
    Even further east is another yellow dot, this time for Farmer Locke. I had the
    quest in my log still, but Locke had no mark above his head. So, needless to
    say I wasted my time going here. Hopefully you can complete the quest.
    If you were lucky enough to get the Temple District JS, go there now, otherwise
    go to the Northern Gate JS. East you will see a dot for Priestess Sephis. Start
    heading her way. On the way there you will come to a graveyard of sorts. In the
    top left of that graveyard is a bag sitting on the ground. Get it, and claim
    your Skull Coin.
    Finally, JS over to the Sacred Ground and speak to Ainur again and choose
    whether or not to judge him. I chose to judge him because I felt that even if
    he did have a crappy upbringing, what he did was still wrong. I was presented
    with a chest for my trouble, and Caine recieved a new, stronger weapon.
    Lastly, JS back to the Dwarves Quarter, and hit up the magic portal to the City
    Congratulations, you've just finished the Sevenkeeps map....again.
    The City Ship Part 2  - SF007
    Not much to do here this time. Talk to Skadjir, and then head over to the
    Tablet Room. Grab your new destination, and then head to the navigation pillar
    thing. Tell it to take you to Winterlight Peak, and then, uh, well, that's it.
    Congratulations, you've just finished the City Ship map.....again.
    Winterlight Peak Part 2   - SF008
    Pretty simple map. All you really need to do is follow the path. From where you
    enter at, go south, and then east. Following west will do you no good as there
    is nothing there. When you come to the first intersection, go east, and follow
    the path until you come to a giant named Braga. Put the hurt on his candy ass
    and steal his loot. Yeehaw, another part of the Memories of Eo quest.
    Go back to the intersection, and continue on the beaten path. Go down the next
    intersection to Grim Feather. ( Everquest 2 Anyone? ) If you do not have many
    ranged attackers, the fight will sorta suck for ya. Once you have obliterated
    them, go back, once again, to the path. Follow it to Winterlight Peak.
    Inside of Winterlight Peak there are 2 groups of mobs. One on the east, and one
    on the West. Kill both groups. Once they are killed, you will get jumped by
    some chilly frost people. Move around a little bit, and you will then be
    attacked by another group. This time though, the ice witch is with them. Kill
    'em all! WLP is under the control of the dwarves again. Claim your prize by
    speaking with Skadjir. That's It, no more.
    There is an assload of rock throwers to the southeast, but killing everything
    there produces no rewards of any sort. So, head back to the floating city.
    Congratulations, you have just finished the Winterlight Peak map....again.
    The Citadel   - SF009
    Not really much to do here yet except kill everything. It's a pretty small
    area, so just do a circle around the place, and wipe out the 3 or 4 demon
    portals. You will eventually get a key. On the eastern side of the map ( before
    opening the gate ) there is a chest, and a bag on the ground. The bag is a
    piece of filigree metal, which you will need in a little while, so be sure to
    get it.
    Once you've finished your fun, open the gate using the key you got a few
    minutes ago. Once you open the gate, you will see an NPC camp. Cant do
    anything, and there are no people, but it's there. You see that big Gate
    Guardian over there? Well, to the south and west there is a chest. One in the
    south, one in the west. Get them both.
    Once you have done that, CHARGE! Too bad you get your ass handed to you. But,
    it must be done. You will eventually get a cutscene of a shadow telling you
    your an idiot, and to come over and talk to him. He gives you the skinny, and
    you end up working out a deal with him. So, you head to the portal and get back
    in your floating city, but not before stopping long enough to punk some poor
    little builder.
    Congratulations, you've just finished the Citadel map.
    The City Ship Part 3  - SF010
    Watch the little cutscene, and then run around killing as many evil thoughts as
    possible. I thought they were coming to the navigation thing, boy was I wrong.
    I ended up picking off maybe half of them. This left me with a level 23 Thought
    Storm, who for the record, was a pain in the ass. He can kill anyone with 1
    shot, and did so about 4 times throughout the course of the battle.
    So, have a little conversation with Urgi, and then head to the Guardian Room.
    It is marked by a large yellow dot in the NE of the minimap. Upon arrival,
    start picking what kind of spiders you'd like. Fire = Firelauncher, Ice =
    Frost, Shield = Protecter, and Skull = Ghosthunter. Just mix it up a bit and
    you will be just fine.
    Once you have them all picked out, speak to Urgi again about the small spiders
    laying there. He'll tell you that you have to get some crap. The clock
    generater is on the desk thing behind you. The filigree you have to go hunting
    for. You picked up one on the last map ( you did get it like I said too right?
    ), and now you need 4 more. They are littered about the area, so you shouldn't
    have much trouble finding them. However, north of the spiral patter ( south of
    where you are ) there is one. Southwest of that a bit is another. Pretty much
    just follow any path and you'll end up finding some.
    Once you have all 5, head back to the spider room and check out the desk. You
    must set the clock generater correctly. Good luck with that. I ended up pushing
    random buttons until I got it right. But I will tell you, if you manage to get
    it working, it is worth the trouble. I activated the silver spider, and he gave
    me 2 VERY nice pieces of armor. ( Shield and Helm ). I imagine the other spider
    would have given some sort of magic using equipment.
    Now that you have your big spiders, and possibly a little spider, head over and
    kill the Tought Storm. As I said earlier, it probably wont be easy if you
    didn't get to kill many of the evil thoughts, but persevere, it's not impossible.
    Congratulations, you've just finished the City Ship Map...for the third
    freaking time.
    Ghost Watch Part 2   - SF011
    Enter Ghost Watch via Journey Stone at the Camp of the Imperial whatevers. You
    will see a yellow dot to the east, go over and check it out. It is the ghost of
    Joshua. He will give you a wooden sword. Dont get too excited now. Next keep
    moving east to the next yellow dot. You have to send Whisper in alone, so stand
    down at the beginning of the little path. Once Whisper gets towards the end,
    it's fight time. Easy battle though.
    Now, Journey Stone to the Inner City. Directly west is yet another yellow dot.
    This time it is the Ghost of Elyria. Run over and speak to her. She'll ramble
    on about some marbles, and you will end up with a marble for your trouble.
    Next, look on your minimap, far off to the west is one more yellow dot. This is
    the place you need to go for the Four Winds quest. So, take your sorry tails
    over there. Once you get close, Wind will start chanting like a satanist and
    then some Djinnis will pop. Kick the crap out of them, and then JS back to the
    City Ship.
    Congratulations, you've just finished the Ghost Watch map....again.
    Winterlight Peak / Alluyvan  - SF012
    Decided to put 2 maps together here, as they are part of the same quest, and
    honestly, there isn't much to do with these two maps at the moment. I have been
    sorta running around the game doing whatever caught my eye at the time, and
    this is the consequence.
    Anyway, Pilot the City Ship to Winterlight Peak and then Ether Journey down.
    Once you are there, go SouthWest to the only remaining yellow dot on the map.
    Once again, Wind chants like a satanist, and you are jumped, this time by the
    Wind Of The North.
    That's it for WLP, so, JS over to Alluyvan, Base of the Besiegers. Same deal
    here, there is only 1 yellow dot left on the map ( way east ), so, take your
    minions over there and have it out with the Wind of the West.
    Only one thing left to do now, and that is to JS back to The City Ship.
    Congratulations, you've just finished the WLP, and Alluyvan maps, again.
    Dragh'Lur  - SF013
    Gather together about 20 troops or so, and make your way to the commander which
    is marked by the closest Yellow Dot on your minimap. Once you make it to him,
    go ahead and wipe him out.
    Next, you need to get your camp up and going. You will be getting constant
    attacks on the right side of your camp, or a few from the left. I would suggest
    taking your main characters and having them on the left side, and then everyone
    else on the right.
    Gather together about 30 troops with your main possee. Not the little guys
    though, be sure to have a few of the arachnids and knights. Necromancers are
    always helpful as well. Once you have a nice sized army with your main
    characters, start following the western path. Kill everything you come across.
    You may also want to train some shadows, and have them scout ahead. Be warned
    though, the enemy has guys that can expose your shadows, and to be perfectly
    honest, shadows are about worthless once they are in sight. Regardless, be sure
    to check every intersection, as there are chests littered around the place. In
    the south of the map, towards the middle, there is a camp with a Blade Death
    Messenger. If you take about 4 Ravangers there, and destroy the 2 buildings
    present, you will get a cutscene, and get a visitor with more troops.
    So, now you have another dot on your minimap to the extreme SouthWest. Take
    your self over there and wipe that camp out. You also need to check the pile of
    metal for a piece of the sword. Now go east to the Blade Death Messenger, and
    kill him as well. Grab the chest.
    Finally, keep going east until you come to yet another camp. Wipe this camp out
    as well. Grab your next piece of sword. East yet again to the last camp. You
    should know the drill by now, kill everything, grab the sword piece to finish
    it off. Once you have the pieces, check out your inventory for the sword. Equip
    it if you want, as it does double damage to blades. This also opens up the main
    camp so that you can finish off the map.
    Follow the wooden wall that runs along the south of the map until you get to an
    opening. Be warned, you will need a fair amount of troops to win this battle.
    Dont even try getting shadows over to Yasha, it's not going to happen. You can
    however, get Ravangers over to the Dragon Keep and destroy it. I think this may
    automatically end the quest, and give you credit. Either way, get Yasha beaten,
    and she will join your group.
    Once the cutscene is over with, JS to the Inner Fortress and speak with the
    Shadow Warrior. He will want the sword you made. Fork it over. Finally, JS to
    the traps in the swamp JS, and go examine the skeleton with the question mark
    above it's head. This is for the Selflessness quest. You must equip the Dracon
    Robe of Repentance and then speak to the guy. Choose the 1st option 3 times and
    he will become attackable. Allow him to kill you to solve the quest. Once it's
    over, check the skeleton again for the loot.
    JS to the City Ship, Halls of Navigation.
    Congratulations, you've just finished the Dragh'Lur map.
    Catching Up Quests  - SF014
    I got sidetracked as I realised I had missed a couple of things in previous
    maps. Well, this is where we get caught up. The first was Haak'h in the Ghost
    place. Ya know, where you sent Whisper in all by his lonesome.
    So, while we are on the City Ship, go to the room that you can create stuff in.
    The bottom right bench ( where we processed letters earlier ) is the bench you
    want. Go there and treat the seal you found on Haak'h. You will come to the
    realisation that you need to go to Dragh'Lur. So, hit up your map, and go to
    the Western Camp JS there.
    You will see a big yellow mark on your minimap, and guess what, that's where
    you need to go. While your guys are running that way, gather up the troops you
    had left over earlier, and send them to the far right JS. We left this part of
    the map unexplored ( or atleast I did ) and it is now time to check it out.
    So, once you make it to the grave, examine it, and then kill the guy who pops.
    He was level 26 for me, and not really very difficult. Once he is dead examine
    the body for your loot. You get a pretty awesome set of dual wield weapons. If
    you can, and do equip both you will be presented with a bonus to the weapons of
    20% of enemies armor being ignored.
    So, your other guys should be to the JS by now, so start moving them along the
    path going North. You will eventually get attacked by a large T-Rex looking
    thing, and some whining elemental guys. Yippie, we just got the Saurian meat
    for our Wyrm that is starving to death in The City Ship. But we'll take care of
    that in a minute. For now, continue along the path and grab the chest that is
    sitting on the left side. Even further along, you will find yet another chest
    on the right side.
    That's it here, so JS back to The City Ship.
    First things first, head over to the Wyrm and feed him the meat. This produced
    a level 20 Dragon thing for me. I believe it is based upon level though, so,
    dont get your hopes up. Next, if you haven't done so yet, return to the JS, and
    then drag your main guy, and Yasha over to the yellow square near the globe to
    have a conversation. You tell her to give you your rune back, and she tells you
    that it is in Alluyvan.
    You know what that mean. JS to the Base of the Besiegers in Alluyvan. You will
    see a yellow dot far to the east on your minimap. You passed this area earlier
    going to find the Wind guy. So, when you get close an assload of undead are
    going to pop. They are no joke. If I remember correctly they are all level 20,
    and there are about 20 or so of them. Needless to say it's a difficult fight.
    They managed to kill off 3 of my guys before I finally managed to win. However,
    once you had defeated them, grab the glowing bag on the ground to claim your rune.
    Back to the City Ship once again, and pilot it to The Citadel!
    Congratulations, you've just finished doing stuff that should have been done a
    while back.
    The Citadel Part 2   - SF015
    Looking on your minimap you will see 2 white dots where the NPC camp used to
    be. You know, right near the gate guardian. Go there and speak to the gargoyle
    master. Tell him to attack the gate guardian. Now, you are given a base in the
    south, directly south from where you currently are actually. So, I would
    recommend having both generals attack the east beast camp. They actually do a
    pretty good job of things. You really do not need to do anything really, just
    sit back, build you camp, and let the NPC's kick the crap outta the other NPC's.
    Now, build your base, and get an army together. I ended up with 3
    spellbreakers, 5 marksmen with salvo, and 5 blademasters with twinblades. This
    is actually sufficient to complete the map with the help of the NPC's, but by
    all means, train more.
    First step would be to take out the towers to the North, and East of the NPC
    camp. Doing so will allow you to get some more carts of resources. Something
    like 500 of each resource on each cart. To the North there is a chest, and a
    glowing thing on the ground. I believe it is another piece of filigree metal.
    If the NPC's haven't finished wiping out the east beast camp, go ahead and run
    over there to give them a hand. Either way, you need to go there to get loot
    You will see a will-o-wisp on your way. From there, go north to find a crystal
    lump. Go west for a chest, even further west for another chest, and finally
    south for a crystal lump. From here, there is a small path leading west, take
    it, and kill the armored guy for another diary page. Now, if you haven't done
    so yet, finish off the beast camp, and then get the hell outta dodge, as the
    realm camp above them is pretty nasty. They have about 25 or 30 troops that are
    going to reign down an ass whooping on you if you dont leave.
    Head back to the NPC camp and have them both start attacking the eastern clans
    camp. Same drill as before, explore and let them take it out, or you can just
    go ahead and run with them to speed things up a bit. Be sure to examine every
    inch of this map however, as there is loot aplenty. Not to mention quest items
    all over the place.
    Once they are done with this camp, send them to the Northern Clans camp. Head
    towards the eastern clan camp, but before you get there go south to a JS, and
    some scientists. Get all 3 quests, and then head north again. The first path
    you come to will yield a glittering golem. Get close to it to recieve the quest
    Behind the eastern clans camp to the east is another small area. There is
    another rare monster there as well as another crystal lump. The ramp leading
    into the eastern clans camp, north a bit, is yet another crystal lump. East of
    here is another armored drone, which will net you another piece of the diary,
    AND another crystal lump. Now go and finish off the camp of the realm.
    West, and North of here is a light elemental. Explore the camp in the
    northwest. Should have finished 2/3 quests for the skeletons so far. On the far
    west of the map, under the camp in the NW is the last of the rare monsters.
    North of the NW camp is another clock generator. This is for the other little
    spider in The City Ship.
    Return to the skellies and turn in the quests. Talk to the skellie on the right
    to get another quest. Talk to JonJon and provoke him into attacking the other 2
    skellies. While they are fighting, grab the chest. When they are done, talk to
    the skellie on the left. Outwit him if you can, if not, simply finish the
    quest. Once they get the book, they all die anyway, and you get the book back.
    JS over to Access to Library. Enter the ether journey spell, and then find your
    way to Malachy. Kill everything, watch the CS, and then enter the ether journey
    spell back to the City Ship.
    Congratulations, you've just finished the Citadel Map...again.
    Section 006: Conclusion
    I will be updating this as I make progress through the game. I just wanted to
    get what I have done out there as soon as possible. This is by no means
    complete, and it will improve as time progresses.

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