Space Empires: Starfury




Space Empires: Starfury

Developer:Malfador Machinations Genre:RPG and MMO Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

The latest game in the Space Empires series will see players assuming the role of a single starship captain rather than an interstellar ruler.
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Space Empires: Starfury Cheats

During the game press ` to access the cheat console, enter the following, then press ` again. CheatEffectwarpmap <NAME>Warp to named systemwarp <Number>Warp to systems by number (1=Terran to 91)repRepair shipcreditsAdd 1,000,000 creditslevelAdvance to next experience levelstopOther ships don't move or shootnomoveOther ships don't movecollisiongridDisplay collision grid around objectsinvInvincibility (Notification in top right corner)hideshipToggle ship model on/offhidereticleToggle target reticle on/offlrsEnable Long Range Scan at full distanceshowfiringpointsShow the firing points and weapon arcs of shipsshowmodelcenterShows centre of all objectssysmapallShow all objects (ships, cargo, etc) on system mapshowtargetidShows ID# of targetssetid <Number>Displays 'Target Sobj <Number>' permanently, doesn't appear to change the target ID

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