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About The Game

Save the Colony! Your staff are brawling, the Harvester Robot is chain sawing its way through the oxygen supply and small furry aliens have taken over the disco. This is home. Each unique personality has a mind of its own so remember happy colonists make for productive colonists. Ignore them and they'll pick fights, argue, get depressed, and eventually go crazy. Nurture them and they will work hard for you, become friends and maybe even fall in love. With over 100 buildings at your disposal, it's up to you to build a colony that meets all the colonists' needs and keeps them safe and happy. So before you shell out all your credits on iron extraction and space chicken productions to bring in the cash, remember, that without a gym, a sauna or a half decent restaurant, nobody's going to want to work for you.

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Space Colony

Space Colony Review

By Jimmy Goldstein |

I've always loved the thought of traveling to a different planet. I had never considered that if that was ever to take place, I would have to travel to only dark and inhospitable planets with a bunch of malcontent lazyasses. Space Colony from Firefly, the makers of Stronghold, throws that proposition at potential gamers. There are some quirky and fun gaming moments to be had along with fairly good strategic decision making opportunities. But unfortunately, interface annoyances, lackluster graphics, and characters that should have been fun to interact with mix in to create a game that was almost great, but will remain average in my mind instead.

The Idea

Take one part The Sims, one part Startopia, and a pinch of combat strategy and you'll have Space Colony. The general idea of the game is to be able to build a profitable colony on a distant planet while managing the "strong personalities" that each of the colonists bring with them.

You will take the role of an overseer for Blackwater Industries. They're shameless profit mongers and could care less about your personal sanity as long as whatever insane job they assign to you and your crew gets finished. Throughout the game, during announcements from the company and in mission briefings, you'll hear get an earful of their clever company slogans such as "We put profit first!" At least they're honest, yes?

The humor in the game runs along these lines and is pretty entertaining for the most part. Your colonists will all have their own catchphrases and lines of dialogue for all of the functions available to them in the game. There aren't a ton of them, so you'll start to hear repeats shortly, but they're done well for what they are. When the big Norwegian biker starts talking to himself, you can't help but give a chuckle.

Over the course of the game, you'll have to interact and use several different colonists to keep your new colony clean, healthy, safe, and operational. Missions are broken up into several general types. You'll be charged with setting up and running mining installations, tourist traps, and directing military actions against hostile alien life and competitors. Most of the difficult missions will have you completing a bit of each. Bring in intelligent alien life and you've got some real problems sometimes. It's pretty hard to beat some of these missions on the first try. The computer can be ruthless with its attacks and if you don't place defenses in the correct positions, your money supply will dwindle quickly and your base will be destroyed.

In any case, there are plenty of scenarios to keep you engaged. You'll have the campaign, which actually follows a path of rising difficulty (which can be pretty difficult), the Galaxy mode, which will allow you to pick individual scenarios with ranging difficulty levels, as well as a sandbox mode with several types of planets to suit every player's needs. Add a level designer onto this, and there's plenty of play to be found here. The question is just whether you'll want to keep playing it or not.

The Colonists

The personality of the game rides all on... well, personalities. Each of the colonists that's supplied to you will have some sort of personality disorder to drive you nuts. Some, such as the main character Venus will give you little to no problems (unless they've been probed by a floating alien brain), while others like egomaniac Greg, will give you nothing but problems. Each of the colonists have needs, some of which will be more important to them than others. Stig needs to eat, Greg needs to talk, Mr. Zhang needs to sleep, and so on. If their needs aren't satisfied, they'll get angry and they're work shift will diminish. A lot of the equipment that you place into the game will require one of these colonists to operate it. So really, your success depends on keeping your colonists happy. And they can be a bunch of little whiners.

Generally, none of your colonists will take care of their own needs unless they get to a critical point, and sometimes even then, they won't take care of them, at which point they'll go insane and you'll have to either send them to the robot psychiatrist or throw them in the brig. This can be pretty aggravating as you'll sometimes find your colonists sitting around doing nothing when they're out of their work shift. They could easily be filling up their needs instead of sitting around. Why they don't take care of this stuff I don't know. Even the wackos I know in real life will make sure to have some fun, eat, or take a nap when not at work. What's even more frustrating is that very few of your colonists will stop and talk to each other when not at work, which means friendship ratings will drop quickly (way too quickly) and the next time two individuals stop to speak, they'll just shout insults at each other. This not only makes relationships worse (to the point that colonists will knock each other out) but it also drops the relationship need down all the way, meaning you'll have to hold their hands even more.

Perhaps it was just that the game felt too much like a babysitting simulation at times. While I didn't mind micro managing the colonists some of the time, it seemed like that was all I was doing. Why couldn't they have gotten some relationship points when sitting down at the same table with someone while eating? It makes sense. People talk when they're at the table with someone else. Why were there no relationship points given when colonists were doing activities together such as dancing? Yes, there are special commands to get colonists to specifically go and do things like dance and sit in the hot tub together. But why not when they just happen to be sitting together? Actually getting two people together to talk can be a pain in the ass as well as every character on the team, aside from Slim and his skateboard, are slow as constipation. But I suppose what really baffles me is that I thought people would have gone crazy because they couldn't have gotten away from one another, not because they couldn't find anybody to talk to.

Even more frustrating is that when colonists are in their shift and the job runs out of things to do, one of two things will happen. The first is that they'll just get up and wander off to do nothing (if they don't have a secondary job) instead of just sitting down and waiting at their post for more work to come up. The second is that they'll continue to sit at their post even though they have a second job that needs doing more.

Space Colony Cheats

Macintosh Version: Go to the Bridge Screen (by pressing the space bar or clicking on the bridge) and click on Financials. (i.e., the Apple key and the letter O not the number zero). This gives you 10,000 credits and can be repeated up to a maximum of 100,000 credits.

PC Version: Same as the Macintosh version except go to the Financials section of the Bridge screen. (again, that's the letter O not the number zero).CheatEffectCommand + O (simultaneously)10,000 credits (for MacVersion only)Alt + Shift + O (simultaneously)10,000 credits (for PC Version only)

  • Level SkipGo to the Bridge Screen (by pressing the space bar or clicking on the bridge) and click on Mothership. Un-pause the game if it was paused and the 'Mission Success' screen should come up.CheatEffectAlt + Shift + Y (simultaneously)Ends current mission
  • Space Colony Game Walkthrough

    \\\    \\\    \\\    \\\   
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     \    \     \ \          \
    \                   \         \    \                   \       
     \    \      \\          \
    \\\    \\\    \\\    \\\    \  
         \          \
                    Copyright-   Hyperjaco2  2010.  All Rights Reserved
    Platform	:  PC
    Release		:  October 14, 2003
    Created By	:  Hyperjaco2 (  )
    Created	:  April 7,  2010
    Finished	:  April 31,  2010  
    This walkthrough should only be on  and now other sites unless i
    otherwise say so in the walkthrough on the copyright's section. Please do not
    copy it, or anything from it, if you would like me to post it on another site,
    send me an email, and I may just post it.
    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
     ~  ~  ~  ~
    Info On Walkthrough
    Walkthrough-Story Mode
    Personal Opinion on Game
    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  T  I  P  S  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
     ~  ~  ~  ~
    They're quite a few strategies that will help you in this Walkthrough.
    Mini Bases- The name gives the tip away, if your colonist(s) are out working
    far from the main base, place a bio dome and create a mini base specified for
    their needs, place a Shower Block, a Mess Hall, Beds, Disco, etc. health
    shouldn't be much of a problem though; they can return back to the Main Base
    for that.
    Military Strategy- a Good way to save Credits and your lasers is this little
    strategy I came up with. Set about three lasers next to each other around the
    area the Horde of Aliens coming at you. Place directly in front of it a bio
    dome and connect a light to the opposite side of the lasers. This way the
    aliens will be attacking the bio dome and not your lasers, use small bio domes,
    they only cost 100 credits. This is extremely useful against Orox, however you
    stand no chance against Hyracsus when it comes to this strategy.  
      ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  I  N  F  O    W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H  ~  ~  ~  ~ 
    ~  ~  ~
    This walkthrough helps you go through the missions but isn't precise on what
    will happen in every mission in the game. ni Won't be telling you to place
    objects tnat raises power and O2 unless it's completely crucial in the mission.
    This walkthrough also isn't copying anyone, I copletely made it all by myself,
    i didn't do any copy and pasting methods, nor steal ideas from anyone else,
    although the walkthrough may have some of the same stuff that other
    walkthroughs have, I can assure you i probably don't even know about them
     ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  G  A  M  E    W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H   ~  ~  ~  ~ 
    ~  ~  ~
    >>>  Tami's Training  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives- Venus, Stig, Tami.
    Difficulty- Very easy
    Mission objectives- Tami on Power desk. Base nutrients 5. Assigned Bedsx3
    When the mission starts wait until the operatives arrive into the bridge. Buy 3
    beds (beds are in the furniture section) and place them in the smaller bio
    dome. Assign the beds by clicking on the operatives and clicking on the beds.
    Go to the recreation catalog (the Catalog with the Musical note on it) and
    place a disco. Put Tami on power desk, Stig on Oxygen desk, and place a
    nutrient extractor outside the base near the Hydromorphus (The Tree like
    things). Put Venus on nutrient extractor (She is the best at it). Wait until
    you get 5 base nutrient and you best place a mess hall.
    >>>  Cleaning up  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Tami
    Difficulty-Very Easy
    Mission objectives-Base litter level 0%. Tami and Stig friends.
    Place a social area (found in furniture) and place a Cleaning and Repair post
    (engineering). Now that you have plenty of base nutrients assign Tami to the
    cleaning and Venus to Power desk. First start out with Stig and Tami being
    friends by clicking on Stig or Tami and clicking on the social area and wait
    until they arrive there and become friends after that fill Tami's needs and
    click on the Cleaning post and she'll clean everything up.
    >>>  Garden of Eden  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Tami, Dean
    Mission objectives-Vegetation destroyed. Space Bike x1. Find beacon marker.
    When the mission starts and the computer says opening forbidden zone
    immediately pause the game! Go up little north and keep placing lights north
    and when you come to the fork in the path go right and keep placing until you
    find the beacon. Go to Engineering and place a space bike and then go to
    furniture and place one more bed in the little bio dome(with the other beds)
    and then go to industry and place by the bridge two Weeding Post. Also put a
    shower block. Unpause the game and assign Stig and if Dean is out of the
    shuttle assign him to the Weeding posts. Now just let them all work and
    eventually the vegetation will be all gone. Note: some other missions will have
    this vegetation immediately get rid of it because it will clog your base and it
    will be harder to place more bio domes, extractors, warehouses, etc.
    >>>  Iron in the Valley  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Tami, Dean, Candy
    Difficulty-Very Easy
    Mission Objectives-Acquire 10 Iron. Warehouses x3.
    When the mission starts go up to where the beacon was and place an iron
    extractor. Assign Stig to it and when Candy arrives assign her to cleaning and
    switch Tami to Oxygen. Now you can place another small bio dome (place it next
    to the medium or small and connect it by using corridors) place a bed in it and
    assign it to Candy. Go to Engineering and place 3 warehouses (they must be
    connected to the other warehouses) then wait until Stig gets his iron and
    mission should be complete.
    >>>  Bob and Boffin  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Tami, Dean, Candy, Billy Bob, Nikolai
    Mission Objectives-Acquire 60 Space Chickens. Teach Candy Chicken Extract.
    Teach Nikolai Chicken Extract.
    First thing you want to do is place two beds and maybe another bio dome if you
    don't have enough room for the two libraries; place the two libraries.  Also
    place a chicken extractor and assign Billy Bob to it (He's the best) and then
    click on Candy and click on the library and make her learn Chicken extract and
    do the same thing with Nikolai. Wait until you get 60 space chickens and for
    Candy and Nikolai to learn how to chicken extract.  You might want to start
    getting Dean and Candy Friends right about now for an upcoming mission.
    >>>  Space Chickens!  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Tami, Dean, Candy, Billy Bob, Nikolai, Daisy
    Mission Objectives-Credit Balance-$20000
    First start out with placing a bed for Daisy. Sell all the space chickens and
    MINE! Mining will make a good profit I probably haven't told you how to sell
    yet click on the bridge button (located near the map) and go to recourses click
    on the resource you want to buy or sell and click buy or sell.(note: in some
    missions you will not be able to buy or sell some resources.)Just wait until
    you have $20000 make sure you sell your chickens they're worth a lot in this
    >>>  Heat!  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Tami, Dean, Candy, Billy Bob, Nikolai, Daisy, Charles,
    Mission Objectives-Happiness level 70%. Acquire Argon Gas-10. Special Friends
    Candy and Dean
    Pause immediately to read this!!!! Now remember when I said make Dean and Candy
    friends well this is why special friends mean falling in love to make that
    happen you must have the relationship bar almost full and click on the
    character and then click on the heart icon and it will show several actions
    such as "you want to get a drink" or " want to dance?" you may want to place a
    disco a bar and a running machine. Now select Dean or Candy and click on the
    heart icon and do one of the actions it should show a percentage based on the
    personality of the person and there happiness and keep doing this until they
    have the three hearts this way you'll have a better chance of making them fall
    in love! When they do the mission objective will be complete. Now unpause the
    game and do all of that! First make two more beds for the new operatives and go
    down a little south of the base until you find black water. The water should
    have bubbles in it place an Argon Gas Rig and assign Vasilios to it. Since you
    have lost your Solar Power Plants find the lava vents (located in lava near the
    silicon and Argon) Now you must preoccupied on the colonist becoming happy and
    making Dean and Candy fall in love (if they haven't already) Now you may be
    having problems with the rodent disease place a medium biodome and make it full
    of MediBays and prep them with Dean.
    >>>  Evacuation  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Tami, Dean, Candy, Billy Bob, Nikolia, Daisy, Charles,
    Mission Objectives-Acquire 10 Iridium Crystals
    First go down to the south east side of the map until you see Lava. Across from
    the river of lava there should be some land with Iridium Crystals. Sell some
    Chickens or Silicon for some extra credits. Place a Medium Biodome near the
    lava river and place two small beds (Assign Venus and Stig to them) a Banking
    machine, a Shower Block, a Mess hall, and a Disco. Just outside of the Biodome
    place an Engineering Repair Facility and a Scavenger Bunker. You won't have
    enough Credits for all of this at the beginning of the mission so you'll have
    to wait a few minutes until you get about 8000-10000 Credits. When everything
    has been placed Assign Stig to the Engineering Repair Facility, and Venus to
    the Scavenger Bunker. Buy Pharmaceuticals to Cure the Rodent Disease and guard
    the Main base's entrances with lasers. A little while into the mission and
    you'll have a military bug problem; so your Military equipment won't be able to
    be used and your base will be defenseless. When this happens you'll have to use
    the Repair Facility to fix the Lava Plants from destroying. While the Scavenger
    Bunker is going across the Lava Stig should be repairing it with the Repair
    Facility. If the Scavenger Bot happens to get destroyed in the lava, you'll
    have to place a Robotics Factory, an Electronic Fabricator, and you'll need to
    mine the iron at the bottom of the map. Assign Nikolai to the Electronics
    Fabricator, Assign Stig to the Iron Extractor, Assign anyone else that can mine
    (except for Venus) to a Silicon Extractor, and Assign Venus to the Robotics
    Factory. Now everything should be going smoothly until the Scavenger Bot is
    made. To create it you'll need a certain amount of iron and electronics, to
    make the electronics you'll need silicon, that's why I told you to place all of
    that. Once you have everything Make Venus create the Bot, and then return
    everyone back to their normal jobs. Congratulations you have Completed
    When the mission is over it will show two paths; the civilian path and the
    military path. (I recommend the civilian it's a lot easier!) The civilian path
    is on the left side.
      ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  C  I  V  I  L  I  A  N    P  A  T  H  ~  ~  ~  ~ 
    ~  ~  ~  ~   
    The civilian path is more about focusing on your colonists and collecting
    >>>  Antidote  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Hoshi, Kita, Mr. Zhang
    Mission Objectives-Stockpile 10 Base Nutrients, Stockpile 15 Pharmaceuticals,
    Lose if Vegetation Destroyed
    This mission isn't so hard I made Hoshi and Kita start on the Bridge, Make sure
    you fill a Small Bio-dome with beds Mr. Zhang Practically starts the mission
    Sleepy; also put the main items in the base, including a medi bay. After Power
    and Oxygen are practically full, assign either Hoshi or Kita to a
    Pharmaceutical Extractor (one of them can do both power and oxygen) and Start
    making Zhang create an Android (only one): assign it to an Argon Gas Rig your
    Lasers will need it to destroy those nasty bugs that eat away at the
    Vegetation. Assign Venus to a Nutrient Extractor. Make sure your Airlocks are
    guarded by lasers to avoid the Rodent Disease, However if a colonist happens to
    catch the disease you could use one of the pharmaceuticals and cure it (put an
    Android on the Medi Prep) After Venus has Stockpiled the nutrients, place a
    Weeding Post and assign her to it to get rid of the Stripper Mounds. This
    mission should be straight forward but this next mission...
    >>>  Contract Race  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Hoshi, Kita, Mr. Zhang, Slim
    Mission Objectives- Stockpile 50 Titanium, Lose if Enemy Stockpiles 50 Titanium
    Pause immediately when this mission STARTS! I know Venus Had said that the
    Enemy's base is heavily guarded by lasers, but those Lasers don't have there
    gas yet... so I came up with a strategy (I recently read on another website [I
    think it was like Space Colony fans .net or something] that had the same
    strategy) Place a small bio dome by the enemies lasers and titanium and place 
    about 2 lasers behind it, their lasers will go after the bio dome then your
    lasers, make sure you buy some argon too for your lasers, you want to place it
    by their titanium extractors. This mission isn't fair because they have the
    advantage, Assign Stig to a titanium and some Androids also, since they can
    work non-stop. Also read the Hints they may be useful.
    >>>  Pressure Cooker  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Hoshi, Kita, Slim, Mr. Zhang, Babette, Greg, Nailer, Bhoomi
    Mission Objectives-Stockpile 5 Protorapter Eggs, Train Hoshi 2 Stars in Mining,
    Train Kita 2 Stars in Mining, Train Slim 2 Stars in Mining, Destroy Space Ship
    You have a lot of mission objectives for this one. Sell any titanium you get to
    Train Hoshi, Kita, and Slim their Mining and to buy the Scavenger Bunker (You
    used it in "Evacuation" to Collect Iridium Crystals but you can Also use it to
    collect Protorapter Eggs) Make sure you place Lasers to blow up the Space Ship,
    but don't place them too close, otherwise you'll destroy the eggs too. Place
    the Scavenger Bunker where the Space Ship was and guard it with a laser, again
    not too close though just close enough that if it got attacked the lasers would
    shoot the Raptors. Set a Training Pod to train Slim, Hoshi, and Kita. It cost a
    lot for the training but it's very short, but that's why you should keep mining
    titanium because you can make a good profit out of it. Wait until you get all
    five eggs and when raptors come let them attack your scavenger bunker so the
    lasers kill them, plus you may want someone on an engineering repair facility.
    Protorapter's eggs only start to hatch near a light; the closer they are to the
    light the faster they'll hatch.
    >>>  Welcome to our Home  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Slim, Candy, Billy Bob, Hoshi, Kita, Mr. Zhang, Greg,
    Babette, Nailer, Bhoomi.
    Mission Objectives-Total Tourist-40, Time until Defeat-60 Days
    This Mission isn't as hard as it seems, your main problem is all of the Silicon
    on the planet. The First arrival will be Venus, Stig, Slim, Candy, and Billy
    Bob. Place Candy on Cleaning Duties, Billy Bob on Maintenance, Venus on Power,
    If you want you can place a Bio Research Lab and place Mr. Zhang on it (for a
    future Mission you might want to make a small area of grass) and grow some
    bamboo, if you would like to instead of buying nutrients for your base, but
    then you'll have to have someone one the nutrient Extractor, you can also train
    him using a library, he actually learns pretty fast. Place Silicon Extractors
    throughout the outside of the base for the Rest of the mining operatives to
    clear room for Hotels, Bio-Domes, and Warehouses. When the last Colonists
    arrive you should place Bhoomi on cleaning and Babette on Oxygen. Nailer and
    Greg can mine. You'll have to buy Nutrients for there is no Hydromorphus on the
    planet. Place a nice amount of power and oxygen plants; you'll defiantly need
    the Oxygen. Set the Mining areas as well. Once there is enough room place
    another Bio-dome and place some beds in it. Also place the Tourist Port and
    Single Room Hotels, don't place too much hotels though. Silicon will be your
    Credit Maker, Sell it frequently. You have plenty of time to beat this mission;
    about 3-5 hotels will complete the mission in about half the time, place more
    if you want the mission to go by faster though.
    >>>  Fairway  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives- Venus, Stig, Slim, Dean, Candy, Billy Bob, Vasilios, Hoshi, Kita,
    Mr. Zhang, Greg, Babette, Nailer, Bhoomi
    Mission Objectives-Greg and Babette-Special Friends, Play golf Holes-Five
    You should be glad this is an easy mission, you won't half to worry about
    tourist that much. Asteroids on the other hand will become a problem, place the
    Space Defense Shields around and click on them to see the radius of their
    protection. Make Greg and Babette go to a social area until their relationship
    meters are full. Now Choose Babette and make her ask Greg to go to a Jacuzzi
    (the chance will always be 100%). Do two more Love Actions with Babette until
    they have 3 "will you be mine" hearts. Try and make them fall in love and don't
    give up until they do. If you need credits, replace the Single Room Hotels with
    Double Room Hotels, this way mor tourists will arrive and you'll make
    1000credits for each tourists! For the Golf holes, place a Bio Research lab, If
    you haven't already, and place Mr. Zhang on it. Grow an area of Space Grass,
    and place the golf tees outside the grass and the golf holes inside it, keep
    doing this until you have 5 Holes. Make Dean play on the 5 holes and the
    mission should be complete.
    >>>  The Celensoan Ritz  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig, Tami, Slim, Dean, Candy, Billy Bob, Vasilios, Hoshi,
    Kita, Mr. Zhang, Greg, Babette, Nailer, Bhoomi, Barbara
    Mission Objectives-Credit Balance-100000, Total Tourist Stars-10
    You'll need a lot of money for this mission, so sell your all of your Silicon!
    Aim for getting the 100000 first that way you won't be wasting money for the
    tourist. Venasian Slugs start coming into your base in this mission, they'll
    leave trails of slime in your base which will lower health stars for tourists
    and lower colonists hygiene levels fast! Guard your Airlocks with lasers and
    buy the Argon for them. Replace your Double Room Hotels with Triple Room Hotels
    this way you can get more tourist and make more Credits from them. Having about
    3-5 Hotels will get you a good profit, remember that tourist arrive every 10
    days. Don't forget about Silicon, get rid of as much as you can and sell all of
    it. Once you've gotten the 100000 goal complete, start placing bio domes and
    filling them with Restaurants, Shower Blocks, Bars, Recreational Objects, etc.
    Until you reach the 10 star limit (which by the way you can check at the bridge
    >>>  The Host  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives- Venus, Stig, Tami, Slim, Dean, Candy, Vasilios, Hoshi, Kita, Mr.
    Zhang, Greg, Babette, Nailer, Bhoomi, Barbara
    Mission Objectives-Build Inter Galactic Transporter.
    For some weird reason Billy Bob has disappeared, this must be a glitch because
    it shows him at mission briefing. A new zone will be open with Space Gas and
    Titanium up in the very North-Eastern corner of the map. The Hosts will
    occasionally come and make your operatives go crazy and destroy base
    facilities, place a Detention Facility and Lock those Operatives up. Place a
    few titanium extractors and get a few of your mining operatives onto them.
    Place an Argon Gas Rig also, and get Venus to run it and make someone replace
    her current job. Create a mini-base for these operatives also this way they can
    just raise their needs on their breaks and go back to their jobs happy. This
    mission is actually pretty easy by using this strategy. (The Glitch I was
    talking about happened to me, and for so long I was confused! The transporter
    was never there from the beginning of Celesoan B so you may have to start over
    the planet, or go back to your last mission and complete it!)
    >>>  Rebellion  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives- Venus, Stig, Tami, Slim, Dean, Candy, Billy Bob, Vasilios, Hoshi,
    Kita, Mr. Zhang, Greg, Babette, Nailer, Bhoomi, Barbara, Nikolai
    Mission Objectives-All Host Dead
    Your first priority is to destroy the free host, then construct the Missile
    Silo, otherwise the Host will destroy it. Use Manned Lasers to destroy
    him… or her? Using this strategy Place a Manned Laser not too close but
    at the same time not too far from the Host, Slim is very good at Manned Lasers
    so use him. When he successfully attacks the Host wait until the Host Skull
    Bodyguard comes for him, quickly, before it kills you, move Slim outside and
    the Skull won't affect you. Keep doing this until its dead. Then start
    construction on the Missile Silo. It will need 20 Argon Tanks and 10
    Electronics. The argon you can get by the Gas Rigs. Stop selling your Silicon
    and place an Electronic Fabricator. Nikolai can run it. When the Missile Silo
    is done you can finally set it off and kill the rest of the Host!
    Congratulations! You have completed the Civilian Path!!
     ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  M  I  L  I  T  A  R  Y    P  A  T  H  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
     ~  ~  ~
    The Military Missions are more hard and fast pace, I suggest beating the
    civilian path before this one.
    >>>  Can anyone here me? HELP!  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Mission Objectives-Get to Inactive Base
    This mission is very straightforward. The Rock Hoppers are your worst threat,
    the inactive base across the Canyons must be protected otherwise if the Base is
    destroyed you'll fail the mission. Start out with your base and the inactive
    base's defenses. Use the Dog Bots to Kill the Rock Hopper Queens, just keep
    moving around the canyons using lasers, Dog Bots, and Force Fields. Progress
    slowly though defeating the queens one at a time. After the dog bots have
    gotten to the other base make them guard it. Then Fill Venus' needs and make
    her go to the dome with the medi-bay in it, make her use it because she'll get
    damage going across the lava. After that send her straight to the other base
    and once your close enough to it the mission should be completed.
    >>>  Rescue  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Slim, Mr. Zhang, Nailer, Greg, Barbara
    Mission Objectives-15 Iridium
    Place the basic base need items in the base, and maybe a Jacuzzi for Barbara
    and Greg. Don't forget about the social area Venus doesn't seem to get along
    with any of colonists. Immediately prep on base defenses, you don't have a
    certain time to meet your goal so might as well make it a long mission. Once
    your base is pretty well defended and you get the credits, place a Titanium
    Extractor and set Greg on it; Greg's a pretty good miner as long as he has a
    good friend and Jacuzzi waiting for him on his break, and you'll need a good
    colonist. Barbara can run Power and Health on the bridge, while Slim works on
    O2, it's pretty much the only thing he can do in this mission. Nailer can clean
    the base and every now-and-then run the Weeding Posts to get rid of those damn
    Stripper Mounts. Mr. Zhang, well he doesn't pose of much of a use in this
    mission, I normally just have him run around the base doing nothing, but you
    could train him for something for a future mission. Once everything is running
    smoothly you can finally start getting Iridium, place some lasers out a little
    bit just far enough so that the other Lasers behind them can start shooting
    Rock Hoppers if they get near them, when the Argon Gas arrives to the Lasers
    replace any of that set of lasers that got destroyed and then get the Scavenger
    Bunker down. Start Mining the Crystals be very careful of those rock hoppers if
    they get to the miner start placing force fields around it, the force fields
    will get destroyed easily so have another one ready to replace a destroyed one.
    Keep mining the Crystals and you should get done then pretty fast if all the
    rock hopper queens in the area are dead (They are blue single dots on the map
    they won't be moving or anything so)
    >>>  Moonshaker  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Slim, Hoshi, Kita, Mr. Zhang, Greg, Nailer, Barbara
    Mission Objectives- Stockpile 15 Pharmaceuticals
    You will be facing two new aliens in this mission, Hyracsus, which will pound
    the ground with their feet and cause earthquakes in a wide range area and they
    will produce offspring which will eventually start to grow and become adult
    Hyracsus, and the Protean Worm, which go underground and come out and spit acid
    at any base structure and go back hiding underground quick, they can be
    destroyed by killing the Mother which can be found as a blue single dot on the
    map that doesn't move. When you first start, set all of the basic base objects
    (Don't forget about the Pharmaceutical extractor! The plants are found up in
    the south western side of the canyon from your base [where the Hyracsus will
    spawn]) and immediately start production on the Military Robots. Place lasers
    on the North, east, and South side of the base, Place a Manned Laser on the
    south side to take care of the Hyracsus. When the military Soldiers have been
    rebuilt send them to the Protean Worm Mothers, the ones you have to worry about
    are to the east and south of the base. When the Hyracsus start coming after
    your base get Slim onto the manned laser to take care of it, you can also gun
    up an operative outside to take care of them because they are unaffected by the
    earthquakes. Replace any structures that get destroyed, wait until the mission
    objective is complete and you are off this PLANET!
    >>>  The Fribulan  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Tami, Slim, Hoshi, Kita, Mr. Zhang, Greg, Nailer, Barbara
    Mission Objectives- Stockpile 50 Titanium, Lose if Enemy collects 50 Titanium
    This mission is so, hmm what's the word, hair-Pulling since it gets so
    annoying. The base is clogged with so much vegetation there's barely enough
    room to set bio domes, the titanium just has to be put behind your Titanium
    extractor, and the Fribulan Collect the Titanium so fast it's not even funny;
    not to mention the common assaults of Gorriliods and Fribulan Spitters' spit
    hitting your base. Anyways place a Nutrient Extractor and get Venus running it
    (since shes the only one that can do it) start clearing away the bamboo down
    east so you can place another small bio dome, prep the medi bays early too,
    you'll have a a military bug and Rodents will start to clog the inner part of
    your base and all your colonists will develop the rodent disease, pick a person
    of your choice to start mining up in the north area with all the Titanium, you
    can try taking over the west titanium area but you won't be able to mine there
    because the titanium extractor will get destroyed so just set a whole bunch of
    lasers and Hover Mines there for now. You defiantly won't be able to complete
    this mission at first go, just keep trying until you finish and win.
    >>>  Spineweed  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Slim, hoshi, Kita, Mr. Zhang, Greg, Nailer, Barbara
    Mission Objectives-Destroy Fribulan Mother
    The only way to eradicate the Spineweed is with Cluster Bombs which are very
    expensive because they use up one Argon Gas Tank per bomb, and some bombs miss;
    eventually the Spineweed will stop growing though. Set the Cluster Bombs all
    around the base where the Spineweed will start coming in place them in a kind
    of Arch position. Once the Spineweed stops growing take the chance to raise
    Credits and buy as many Military Soldiers as you can. Then Go straight to the
    Fribulan Mother, she looks kind of like a Tree Stump thing all the way to the
    Western side of the planet. (trust me you'll just keep having to face Spitters,
    Fribulan, and Lungs over and over again to where you take up all your time.)
    Then kill The Mother and mission will be Complete.
    >>>  Betrayel on Aggerholm  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Mission Objectives- Complete 3 Missile Silos
    Pause immediately when the mission starts. Pause production on all the
    missiles, this way all argon will go straight to the Lasers. While the game is
    still paused place some lasers near the Protorapter nests around the base,
    there are some near the crator water and some near the northern part of your
    base. Buy some Nutrients, unless you would like to Chop down some of the
    Hydromorphus with a Nutrient Extractor. Place a Training Pod and the basic Base
    Items also. Unpause the game and train Venus and Vasilios in Argon, train Venus
    1 extra, and Vasilios 2. if you would like to, train Barbara in Argon
    Extracting too, I did and boy was i rolling in the Argon. Place as many Argon
    Gas Rigs as you did in who you trained, 2 if you did Venus and Vasilios and 3
    if you added in Barbara. Place a Silicon Extractor near the Silicon to the
    South West. Place either Hoshi or Kita on it. When Greg arrives Place two
    Electronic Fabricators and place Hoshi and Kita on both of them and Greg on
    Silicon Mining. Unpause the Production on the missiles, and place some
    wherehouses becuase you'll need a lot of wherehouse driods for the Argon,
    Silicon, and Electronics that will be flying around the map. Sell some Silicon,
    you'll have extra nearly all the time becuaseit only takes one Silicon Rock to
    make electronics. You won't be able to launch any of the missiles after each
    one is done. You should be able to complete the mission in the amount of time
    it shows.
    >>>  A Bad Thing  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Mission Objectives-Destroy all Prtoraptors and Eggs
    Pause when the Mission starts, Get rid of the Nests to the East and up in the
    North West corner first, otherwise you'll face a massive assualt of
    protorapters the entire mission. Use Soldiers to destroy all the nests. Place
    Lasers near the nests first though, the Military strategy in the Tips section
    is very useful. There are about 10 nests, and a huge nest is in the middle of
    the map with an Orox guarding it, like i siad the Military Strategy is
    EXTREMELY useful against Orox. Make SURE you destroy all Protorapters in the
    nesting area, leaving just 1 egg or Protorapter could give them the chance to
    reproduce and remake there nest. Unpause and Destroy the first two nests I told
    you to go after first. Once they're gone Destroy the One to the North with the
    Mushroom like plants that light up to hatch the eggs, go after that one next.
    Then go after the one to the Very East side of the map. Near the middle there
    should be about 2-4 hidden nests, destroy those and then go for the one with
    the nasty Orox. To destroy the Orox Place lights to lure him out, It'll go
    after them one by one, and then use the Military strategy when he reaches the
    entrance of the Canyon. Once thats done you can then destroy the 100 Eggs in
    the Canyon. There may be a little bit of Protoraptors running around the map
    still; seek them out they are the blue dots on the map. I suggest to not try
    and harvest any of the eggs, its a waste of 5000 credits for the Extractor and
    it'll probably always get destroyed.
    >>>  Death or Glory  <<<
    _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
    Operatives-Venus, Stig
    Mission Objectives-All Orox Killed and base destroyed
    When the mission starts go to the Orox base located on the eastern area of the
    map. Keep running production on Argon and Electronics becuase you may be able
    to construct another Missile or two. Get Stig either Mining, or Argon
    Extracting, if he's mining you can sell some of the silicon. SAVE. When the
    Orox spawn and get near there base this is when you should launch all three
    Missiles, simultaneously and the Orox base should get destroyed along with the
    Orox losing a lot of their Health, if the Orox base never got destroyed load
    and try again. Pause Production on two of the missiles, that way the Argon and
    Electronics won't go to each and every Missile. When the Orox Begin there
    March, you can shoot another missile at them.  Create a Small Military Assualt
    area for them to the west of where the Orox Base was. Place Commandos they are
    extremely useful against the Orox, also use the military strategy I put in the
    tips section of this Walkthrough. The Military Strategy should defiently work.
    Sometimes when you've killed all the Orox the mission objective will still be
    up there, now you must find them, use the map they should be blue dots, you'll
    have to use the Soldiers, Dog-Bots, and Commandos to go and kill them; Hurry
    though 2 more can spawn on the map. Congradulations!
    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  P  E  R  S  O  N  A  L  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
     ~  ~  ~
    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  O  P  I N  I  O  N  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
     ~  ~  ~
    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  O  N  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
     ~  ~  ~
    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  G  A  M  E  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
     ~  ~  ~
    I thought this game was a lot of fun, I still actually play it a lot. It's
    really strategic, and I try to do other startegies, I will post them in the
    walkthrough if I come up with any other ones. I have't yet played on any other
    modes yet, and I haven't beat the complete Galaxy Mode, But I will add it into
    the Walkthrough once I do. I'm not sure when that will be though unfortunatly.
    This game was great, the only part I didn't like about it was the no character
    creation, I love all of the sims games, I own all of them. The game has a lot
    with it too, like the Galaxy Mode, Sandboc Mode, and Editor Mode (Will
    Eventually add in walkthrough Also). I had a lot of fun, I'm just going to get
    bored of it once I beat everything on it though.
    My Sister for letting me use her Laptop to create this walkthrough and use the
    internet on it to post it, thanks again Mandy =) !!!

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