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Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

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About The Game

Europe-only PC port of Sonic Adventure. Taking place on planet Earth, the evil Dr. Robotnik has returned. He's eager to begin his plans for world domination by creating a twisted Utopian vision of Robotnikland. He has a scheme to use the seven Chaos Emeralds to empower the Chaos monster, which grows each time it consumes one of these magical Emeralds. Sonic becomes entangled in this sinister plot as our Hero must enlist the help of his friends to foil Robotnik's every move. Sonic Adventure DX features six playable characters to choose from, each with their own skills and abilities. There are 50 massive levels, with bonus round bosses and mini-games. To unlock the mini-games you must either collect all the emblems by completing each main game stage with each character or by completing all 60 missions in the new Mission Mode.

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Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut Game Walkthrough

 | Sonic            |  
|  Adventure   |   
|  DX              | 

This is Version 1.0 of this FAQ written by Crash124 of Sonic Adventure DX 
Directors Cut but surely not the last one. It tells you how to beat adventure 
mode with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

If you see this sign * it means it is an upgrade, all will be revealed soon.

If you are at the past Echidna Tribe, skip to flashbacks.

Table of Contents:

1. Legal Stuff...2
2. Sonic Controls...3
3. Tornado Controls...7
4. Sonic's Story...3
5. Tail's Controls...9
6. Tail's Story...10
7. Knuckles Controls...14
8. Knuckles Story...14
9. Flashbacks...18
10. Special notes...19
11. Bonus-Secret Chao Eggs Golden, Silver and Onyx ...20
12. Sneak preview...20

 1.  Legal Stuff
Sonic and Sonic Adventure are property of Sega and only sites on the list 
below are legally allowed to use this FAQ. 


                             2.   Sonic Controls
    This is the Sonic controls for the PC version of Sonic Adventure.

  Jump...X, spacebar
  Spin Dash...A, Z, Escape
  Homing Attack...X + spacebar, spacebar + X, X + X
*  Light Speed Dash... Spin Dash hold down until second coat appears then let 
go to follow rings
*  Ancient Light...Light Speed Dash near enemies.
*  Attack Bolts...Spin Dash near enemies, switches anything and sparks will 
appear to attack but if held too long will cause Light Speed Dash

                4.    Sonic's Adventure

You start out in front of Chaos 0 and must fight him.  Always collect at least 
five rings, then read the following,

                   CHAOS 0

  Chaos 0 can hurt you in many ways. These are,

Touch... Touching Chaos 0 can hurt you
Arm spin... Chaos 0 will spin its arms around quickly injuring you.
Long Punch... Chaos 0 will punch you from a light post

 Okay that's how it hurts you. You hurt it by,

Spin dashing... spin dash into Chaos 0
Jump... jump into Chaos 0
Homing attack... homing attack into it

All of these must be done near by and only when Chaos 0 is in humanoid form.

  Afterward run forward to the beach to start Emerald Coast, which is coming 

  Afterwards Tails tells you to go to the Mystic Ruins so guess where you're 
going, take the train in the near by train, you can also get a emblem at the 
back of the station.

  Get off board explore and one area has stairs, run that way up the steps.

        EGG HORNET
The Egg Hornet is super easy to beat, just follow the following but collect at 
least 5 out of the 15 rings to help.
  This is how the Egg Hornet attacks you,

Touch... a simple touch kills
Missiles...shoots a lot of homing missiles, just run fast to dodge
Drill... Egg Hornet drills into the earth you see it coming by a light

  Attack Egg Hornet by jumping spin dashing or homing attacking Eggman while 
he is using the drill attack to kill him.

  Go to Tail's workshop and grab the wind stone (the green statue) and take it 
to the cave on the right. Here are directions from Tails workshop. Turn left 
and go to the main area and enter the right cave. Place the stone in the near 
by statue item and it will float. When it falls in place jump in the wind and 
enter Windy Valley, coming soon.

Go to Station Square exit to main area. Go to where the cops where and enter 
the next area. There is a hole in the ground entering the sewer. Jump in and 
hop up to the balcony. Run down the path and grab the glowing item, the Light 
Speed Shoes. Touch the switch and rings will appear. Use your new ability to 
dash along the rings to the shop. Go back to the main area and enter the 
building with the emerald coast entrance and follow the steps. Activate light 
speed shoes and push both buttons. Use it to dash along the rings and get 
inside with the Crystal Ring. Now hop down and enter the door to the casino. 
Use Crystal Ring (new title) to dash along rings to the top after pressing the 
Now enter Casinopolis, coming soon.

 Grab the Ice Stone (white statue) and take it through the steps on the train 
to Mystic Ruins. Get off, explore the new cave and take the wind. Follow the 
new trail to the ice door and drop the stone. Once it falls into place. Enter 
Icecap by climbing the ladder, coming soon.

  Go to the main area of Mystic Ruins and approach Knuckles.

Knuckles is too easy. Grab 3 rings and start.

          He attacks by touch, gliding, punching and rolling, 3 homing attacks 
and bye-bye Knuckles. Note: you are immune of Knuckles roll if you spin dash.

               Chaos 4
Chaos 4 has many attacks including the touch, which is no longer on the lists. 
Just grab 10 rings and do the following.
Also it's okay to go in water, just jump quickly or you lose rings.
                Chaos 4's attacks

Dive...Chaos 4 will sink the lily pad you're standing on
Tornado...Chaos 4 will shoot 4 tornados, easy to dodge

  You can attack Chaos 4 by homing attacking him while he is above water. 

       3.   Tornado Controls
Spacebar...shoot machine gun pellets
Spacebar (hold)...homing strikes

    Sky Chase Act 1

 Attack the Egg Carrier with your weapons 1 lap to win, easy. 

Visit the casino area and find Amy, then go near Twinkle Park. You then will 
enter that level, coming soon.

   Grab the I.D. card and enter an elevator, both enter Speed Highway, coming 

  Go to Mystic Ruins, follow the Icecap route but don't take the ice door, 
instead, take the other route and grab the Ancient Light near Angel Island on 
the rock. Use it on the monkey near the gate to enter Red Mountain, coming 

           Sky Chase Act 2
Same as lat time but more targets, 2 laps around and a battle against the 
cannon. Follow these tips, 

  It fires forward so dodge to the side
  Destroy the other cannons first to help with safety
  Only attack when cannon is exposed

     Run forward to the Sky Deck, coming soon. 
 Take the elevator up to 102-Gamma

  Attack him like Knuckles; get 3 rings at least and always run to dodge 

  Run a ways to the captain's room touch the switch and use Crystal Ring to 
get up. Jump on the chair to move it and reveal a switch, touch it to turn the 
Egg Carrier back to normal. Exit, run to the area with the cannons and fight 
Chaos 6.

                          Chaos 6
 Dodge its attacks and when it strikes its vacuum attack make Chaos 6 eat a 
stunned enemy to freeze it, then attack, repeat.

  You will be in the jungle, find the temple entrance to enter Lost World, 
coming soon.

Run over to the entrance of Eggman's base and go to the buttons. Press up, 
down, middle on each to open the door and enter Final Egg, coming soon.

            Egg Viper
Dodge bolts by running, Attack first time by homing attacking Robotink, then 
homing attack the blue things then Eggman. Eventually jump on the saw things, 
ride to Eggman, and attack. Look out; He will destroy parts of where you stand 
until there is nothing left.

  You just completed Sonic's adventure.

       5.     Tail's Controls
This is how to control Tails in the PC version.
Jump...spacebar, X
Fly...Jump + Jump again it can be upgraded so it has the sign
Fall... Fall quickly down while flying, useful in some areas
Tail Whip...Z, A, Escape button
Rhythm badge...hold Tail Whip + Tail whip

   6.     Tail's Adventure
You start out at the pool, go into the hotel and into the main area. Then go 
BEHIND the Twinkle park entrance and turn left. When you turn right again, 
there is a hole, fly up it and go in the next room to get the Jet Anklet. Now 
go to the train to mystic Ruins and fly to Sonic's battle of the EGG HORNET.

            EGG HORNET
 Same as Sonic, grab at least 5 rings, dodge the missiles, and during drill 
attack, counter attack Eggman by jumping into him.

    After that, go to Tail's workshop and grab the green stone. Then go to the 
cave with the wind and place the statue. Go in the wind to enter Windy Valley.

                    Windy Valley
You are racing Sonic to the Chaos Emerald. Immediately turn left and fly. 
Don't hold it though; because with the jet anklet, you have 4 sec. before 
falling, bet don't hold and you glide. Land at the starpost and when the path 
falls, fly, if done right, you will land right into the aerial spring on the 
giant wind cave. Touch the starpost and choose 1 of 4 things.

1.follow the main path
2. Fly up and snatch the life
3.take the speed hoops
4. Probably fastest, jump and fly right then airborne follow the main path. 
That is until the dive down, drop down, then skip the tornado and fly right 
into the Chaos Emerald.

  Go to Station Square and enter the casino by flying into the giant yellow 

Never stop flying on main area's. On the fan's grab rings on pipes, and grab 
the Chaos Emerald at the last room before Sonic. Not too hard, too bad rings 
don't add up here.

  After that, there is a ice stone (white statue) and above is a emblem. Take 
it to Mystic Ruins and walk in the new cave. Take the wind up and place the 
ice stone in the statue. A door will appear, enter and climb the ladder to 

Icecap is a snowboarding level. Just grab rings, stay fast and take ramps 
whenever possible. Take the Emerald at the end.

  Go out to the main area and run to Knuckles.

                Hit him 3 times with 5 rings to win.

                    Chaos 4
Same as Sonic.

    Sky Chase act 1-2
On act 1 just shoot the Egg Carrier, come back later for act 2 when it comes 
shoot the Egg Carrier and smash the cannon when exposed at the end.

  Go to the jungle and run in the cave to Sand Hill. Step on the switch/statue 
thing to lower the sand. Hop down to start Sand Hill.

                   Sand Hill
Follow the red items and dodge obstacles and at the end, take Froggy.

    Go to Tail's Workshop for Sky Chase Act 2 (above) and enter the Sky Deck.

                     Sky Deck
Too easy, fly as a mega shortcut, as flying lets you skip and be fast at once. 
Now it isn't that hard is it?

Run in and start Speed Highway.

          Speed Highway
Race Dr. Eggman to the missile. Here is a big shortcut, when the track dives 
at the beginning, fly over the pillars to the speed ring at the heliport, this 
is a easy win.

              Egg Walker
You must fight Eggman with at least 7 rings, then read.

    Egg Walker attacks by,
Missiles...Egg Walker shoots many homing missiles at you, no problem.
Stomp...Egg Walker makes a shockwave that kills.
Flamethrower... Egg Walker shoots giant fireballs.

    You attack by Tail Whipping his legs after a stomp, but then jump up on 
him, easy.

      7.    Knuckles Controls
These are the PC controls for Knuckles.

Jump...X, spacebar
Punch...Escape, A, Z
Punch Combo... Punch + Punch + Punch
* Heart shield...Hold Punch
Glide...Jump + Hold Jump
Climb... Glide into climbable building
* Dig (shovel claws)...Jump + Punch

8.	Knuckles Story
Knuckles needs to go to city hall (where Sonic fought Chaos 0) and enter the 
door to enter Speed Highway.

                 Speed Highway
The shards of the master emerald are random, but here are some tips.

1 will probably be in the building curve
Check your Radar, blue means come this way, Green means your getting warmer, 
Yellow means close, pink means very close, Red means it is here.

Follow Tikal if you are lost

Afterwards, Enter the hotel and go in the door opposite of the pool, climb the 
ring-marked building the top, and glide in the button to open Casinopolis.

Knuckles stages are difficult to describe, so I can't reveal what I already 
have. But there is a cheat to win.

1.Find a shard
2.Take the shard
4.It is there again

Run back in the Hotel (Sonic and Tails creep you out at that sight huh?) and 
find Chaos 1 as he gets another Chaos Emerald making him Chaos 2. Enter the 
right elevator, left is The Station Square Chao garden (see preview).

                        Chaos 2
This is a special boss because no one else has it. But that doesn't make it 
easy though. Take 2 Rings and begin.

Leap...jumps at you creating a shockwave punch or jump
Balls...a bunch of Chaos 2 balls home in on you
?... I heard this Exists but I've never had it. Anyway it is suppose to punch 

  You attack Chaos 2's head when off guard, resting, easier than cake.

  Mystic Ruins...Welcome to Mystic Ruins, once home of Knuckles race. Go in 
the cave that is across left of Tail's workshop and There are 2 paths. 1 leads 
to a Chao Garden (see preview for more) and on the left there is the shovel 
claws. Dig in the wind thing to get the monkey detonation thing. Place it near 
monkey guard and by monkey. Do it again and go to Angel Island to blow up the 
monkey on the right to enter Red Mountain.

                  Red Mountain
Check the volcano and below the area you start first. Also be prepared to use 
the shovel claws.

  Go out to fight Sonic by the waterfall.

  Sonic is easier that Chaos 2 just land 3 hits on him. Sonic meet glide. Also 
get 3 rings.

Knuckles you dork, you got tricked AGAIN by Dr. Robotnik. Just like Sonic 3 
when he said they were off for the Chaos/Master Emeralds. Anyways prepare to 

                Chaos 4
Chaos 4 attacks you like Sonic, Just Glide instead of homing. 3 rings at least 
out of 31 I believe. 

  Now go in that cart nearby to access the Jungle.
Take the gold statue on to the gold shrine at the modern temple out the past 
one you saw before. Now go to Big's hut and climb to the top of the tree for 
an emblem, then glide to the strip of land to get the fighting gloves. Now 
glide over to the Sand Hill and exit. Turn left and take the path. Look 
carefully at the right and when you see the tall statue, turn in the cave. Dig 
in the thing that looks like where you got the monkey detonation switch to get 
the blue stone. Place it at the other part of the shrine. A door on the ground 
will open. Enter for Lost World.

                       Lost World
Search everywhere and use the cheat, balls, and radar.

Go to the Shrine of the Master Emerald on Angel Island and Gamma will be 
leaving Red Mountain. Go back in the jungle and notice a new, giant, Eggman 
base, go to the entrance, and enter. Now you are aboard the Egg Carrier. Go to 
the pool area and grab the emblem on top, then run underwater to Sky Deck.

                        Sky Deck
Use the tilt switch to open certain doors leading to shards, the radar is 
required and mission B is super hard.

Go to the front to confront Chaos 6, just fight like sonic did, just glide 
instead of home.

You Win Knuckles Story.

    9.      Flashbacks
All Characters have flashbacks that take you to the Echidna Shrine back in 
time, when one happens follow these.

Sonic...Just run forward
Tails...Turn left to get the Rhythm Badge then go to the front to talk with 
Knuckles...1. Run forward 2.Turn around to go to the Shrine of the Master 
Emerald 3.Go to the Shrine again.
Amy...Turn around to go to the Shrine of the Master Emerald
Big...Go to the Shrine
Gamma...walk forward

10.	Special Notes
My Email address is use it for
1.	Questions 2. I need the Gamecube controls 3. Point out errors 

If you're a monkey and want me to be your archenemy do the following,

1.	Use my Email to ask for dating advice
2.	Ask if we can be friends
3.	Ask a question without a subject
4.	Clog my Email with email, as I could get your virus, so please LIMIT 

Don't be afraid of dumb questions, but in later versions, if it is there do 
NOT ask it again. I need some questions now, just don't overflow is all I ask. 

Only shake the Chao eggs for 8 strait seconds then drop, I am so sick of the 
minutes rumor, it isn't true.

11.	 Bonus Secret Chao Eggs
This tells you how to get all the bonus Chao Eggs.
Golden...Go to city hall and take the rock shaped like a egg, now go to the 
shop where you enter when exiting the sewer, and make a switch with the nearby 
gold egg. Now take it to the Station Square Hotel to the Chao Garden.
Silver...Press the stone in at the waterfall and a Silver Egg comes out, take 
it to the Mystic Ruins Chao Garden to hatch.
Onyx...Amy and Gamma only, go to the prison room and notice that an egg is in 
a jail cell. Step on the switch to free it. Now go to the steps and enter E-G-
G-M-A-N as a password. Step on the teleporter disk to go to the Egg Carrier 
Chao Garden.  

12.	  Sneak Preview
This will be in a later version of the FAQ.

  Animal      Type         Special Effect
| Deer        | Running  | Draw                |
| Wallaby  | Running  | Dance               |
| Rabbit      | Running  | Hop in place    |


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