Soldier of Fortune II: Gold




Soldier of Fortune II: Gold

Developer:Raven Software Genre:Action Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Soldier of Fortune II Gold includes one more multiplayer mode than the regular version, among other enhancements.
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Soldier of Fortune II: Gold Cheats

First open up the console, then enter the cheats, then close the consolePasswordEffectgodGod modenoclipNo clip modegive allAll weapons and ammogive (Item name)Give indicated itemgive armorFull armorgive ammoFull ammo for your weaponshealthMore healthgive staminaMore staminapinkspiderInfinite powernotargetEnemies are stupednofatigueNever get tiredcmdlistList console commandsmapnameDisplay current map namedir mapsList mapsmap (Level name)Move to indicated levelspdevmap (Level name)Move to indicated leveldevmap (level name)Move to indicated levelraven 1Level select at main menug_gravity (0-800)Change gravity. 800 default, fly at 0g_speed (Number)Change movement speedname (Text)Change nametoggle r_fullscreenFull screen or windowed, but it will restartserverinfoShow current server settingsreconnectGo back to last serverkillYou diequitExit game

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