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About The Game

Soldier of Fortune is a first-person action shooter title from Raven Software. You play a soldier-for-hire who must travel to some of the world's most dangerous political hotspots in order to carry out your task. Take part in over 30 missions with tasks such as locating nukes on a speeding freight train to searching out an Iraqi oil refinery. You'll be utilizing the world's most lethal weaponry, including a sniper rifle, white phosphorous grenades, and prototype microwave pulse guns. With realistic body damage, interactive 3D environments, and the Quake II engine with new GHOUL technology to back it up Soldier of Fortune is placing you into a realistic world filled with violence.

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Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune Review

By Jimmy Goldstein |

When I first laid eyes on the ultra-violent Soldier of Fortune (SoF) last spring I thought to myself, "Well, that job in the games industry sure was fun." I couldn't believe that someone was actually creating a shooter that was so realistically brutal, especially in light of the numerous debates over video games and violence that had begun to spring up in reaction to recent youth shootings. Creating a game like SoF took a lot of guts (no pun intended...okay, a little pun intended), and the title was so over-the-top that Activision decided to ship two versions of the game: one with full gore and a more "sensitive" edition with no blood or chunks. There's no doubt that SoF is the most horrific, bloodiest, and goriest games I've ever played, and although I'm not into perverse ultra-violence, this game really is a lot of fun. But before I go any further with the praise, let me go ahead and say that Soldier of Fortune is NOT for the kids. Like Raven says in the intro, "This game is for mature audiences only."

SoF is a semi-realistic shooter, treading the line between games like Rogue Spear and Quake II. With fast thrills and big kills, it plays and feels a lot like a pure-action shooter, but the weapon damage is much more akin to realistic shooters such as SWAT 3 and the Rainbow Six series. SoF also goes one step further to capture the cinematic spirit of shooters like Half-Life. Now it's not quite as in-depth as Half-Life, but you do feel as if you're playing the lead role in an action movie, and every aspect from the high-energy soundtrack to the first-class visuals come together to help accomplish that goal.

Another way the dev team pushed the cinematic feel of SoF lies in the game's tempo. It has some of the best pacing that I've ever experienced in a shooter, something I really hadn't really paid that much attention to in previous FPS titles. SoF combines the perfect blend of scripted sequences and impressive in-game cutscenes between the furious action. By obtaining this nearly perfect balance Raven has made it so you never get tired of the action, but you never feel drawn out of the intensity of the situations either.

Sure, it's a shooter, but SoF also has a story to back the action up. We covered the backstory in our SoF preview, so I'm not going to go into again here, but needless to say it offers something that most action shooters don't...a plot. Following its cinematic feel, the game keeps the story moving through the use of the aforementioned impressive in-game cutscenes. But even though you don't control the action while the story unfolds, you never really feel taken out of the game since the action flows into and out of these cutscenes so fluidly.

Soldier of Fortune is built on the Quake II engine, but it's totally unrecognizable in its current form. The designers have only taken the core skeleton of the engine and added their own bits of meat to build one of the most impressive single player shooters I've played in a long time, and from the look of things, will be playing for quite a long time. One of the key components of the updated SoF engine is the GHOUL model rendering engine. Not only does GHOUL produce some of the most realistic looking character models out there, but it also incorporates 26 gore zones on the character models to make for the most realistically disgusting ballistic wounds you've ever laid your eyes on. All of this is extremely disturbing and extremely intriguing at the same time since this is the first time this type of damage model has been used in a shooter, and it ads an eerie yet sickly-satisfying effect to every landed shot. Now a head shoot may yield a nauseating red spray while a shot to the leg with a large caliber gun may rip the appendage from the torso. Gory indeed, but impressive technology to boot.

In addition to an excellent character modeling system, SoF features clever level design and layout. The location feels extremely realistic and authentic. Although for the most part the levels are linear and keep you on a straight path to the finish, you will find a slew of neat and creative twists in every level. Whether it be riding atop a speeding train, infilitrating a high-tech Japanese corporation, or trudging through a frozen Russian base in Siberia, you feel like you're in a real-world location. And graphically, these locales couldn't be much better. The environments are a bit square and the textures aren't up to Quake III quality, but everything is well detailed and, as I've mentioned before, the character skins are to die for.

One of the things that impressed me most about SoF (and that's a tall order since I have a long list of things I like about this game) was the game's stability and the fact that it looked good on almost every video card combination I tried it on. I can't express enough how thrilled I am to see a game that actually plays well on most systems, both old and brand-spanking new, after running through a slew of games recently that had horrible compatibility problems.

Of course, no shooter review is complete without a look at the arsenal, so how does SoF stack up against the competition? Well, it has its highs and lows. While there are a few futuristic weapons in the game like the Microwave Pulse gun and the heavy-hitting slug thrower, the core of the game revolves around good-ol' bullet lobbers. You have your small and large caliber pistols, your trusty shotgun, your sub-machine gun (both a suppressed and non-suppressed version), your sniper rifle, and your extremely versatile heavy machine a Rambo-esque combat knife to boot. Of this list, the shotgun and heavy machine were my favorite. The shotgun tears people apart at close range, and the heavy machine gun can do the same thing from a distance, plus it spits out phosphorous grenades which can cause some nasty burns. Some parts of SoF encourage you to creep through a bit more stealthily than most other shooters, but I found the best way to go through SoF was with gun a-blazin'. There's a noise meter which is similar to the one in Thief. If you make too much noise, more enemies will come after you. However, I found this just encouragement to make more noise with my heavy machine gun and it didn't slow me down much or make me worry about making too much of a hullabaloo.

In addition to the weapon loadout, there are numerous power-ups scattered around each level. In keeping check with the realistic feel of the game, you won't find any speed enhancements or quad damage boosts. The power-ups in SoF are limited to grenades, C4, armor, flash paks, and the familiar health pack (okay, so bundles of health aren't so realistic...think of them as adrenaline). They are basically just a way for you to live longer as an unarmored John Mullins is a bloody John Mullins, or gives you a means to gib your opponents easier with a well-placed explosive charge.

The sound in SoF is simply amazing, and the designers did a great job of utilizing positional sound in the game to give you cues as to where your foes may be hiding. I was also really impressed by the soundtrack in SoF. The rising scales of the music fits in perfectly with the mood of the game, and the sound team did a great job of keeping the music in the background where it belongs, using it to accent the on-screen action rather than detracting from it. It's this attention to detail on the sound effects and music in the game which really add to the realistic and immersive feel of this title, as well as adding a little extra tension into the mix.

Sure, the single player experience is great, but what about multiplay? Well, Raven didn't let us down there, either. First off, I was very impressed at how easy it was to get into a game. Although you'll be playing over, everything you'll need to access outside servers is built right into the game engine, so you'll hardly notice you're even using a service. I was also impressed with how stable the multiplay was and how many people were already online waiting to play. This means you won't be searching for a game for hours until you can finally get down into some multiplay action.

There are an impressive number of characters, 50 to be exact, split over six different factions. SoF features five different multiplay styles, but most revolve around the deathmatch model. You'll find:

    Standard DM: You know, run around and shoot anything that moves.
    Realistic DM: Where one head shot can mean instant death and you have to manually reload your weapon. You'll also have to worry about fatigue in realistic DM mode as running around too much will quickly tire your character out.
    Arsenal: You have to take out one enemy with one of each the computer-assigned weapon.
    Assassin: One of the favorite game types around the office. Assassin is kind of like tag where you're assigned a particular enemy to kill, and someone is hunting you as well. If you kill a bystander, you lose a point, if you kill the person assigned to hunt you it's worth one point, and if you nab the person you have been assigned you receive a whooping three points. Be careful, though, as the better you get, the more people are assigned to assassinate you.
    Capture the Flag: Standard CTF, which really isn't that much fun considering it's pretty easy to cap someone in SoF.

For the most part, lag isn't that bad in the game, at least no worse than any other shooter over the Internet. Of course, if you have an old school modem you're going to want to play with less people to reduce your lag, but I found playing with up to 16 people on a DSL connection to be pure butter most of the time, with only occasional laggy burps.

So all in all SoF ranked pretty highly with me and the rest of the crew here at IGNPC. There are a few things that I didn't like about SoF, but they were just minor flaws in an otherwise near-perfect game. As a Soldier of Fortune, you're obviously in it for the money, but the money you get for "services rendered" doesn't play a part in the game. It's basically just a score you can use to compare how well you did against others in the single-player game. Another problem is that the AI is a bit disappointing in spots. Sometimes you'll be shooting at an enemy and another guy standing certainly within earshot and sometimes even within eyeshot will totally ignore his buddy getting minced into ground chuck. But that's about it, really. There's not much not to like about this game, and if you've got the stomach to handle the violence, then you'll be extremely happy with SoF. It's solid, it plays well, multiplay is fast and furious, and the cinematic feel is something I hope to see in more shooters in the future.

As you've already figured out, we liked SoF a lot...a whole lot. SoF is definitely going to change the way we think about fast-paced shooters in the future and it's nice to see Raven back on the right track since we were mildly disappointed with Heretic II. A big warning though: keep Soldier of Fortune out of the hands of the kids. This game is not for children, repeat NOT FOR CHILDREN, and I wouldn't even recommend it to anyone under 17. And even if you are an adult, some of the graphic depictions in the game may be too much to handle for some.

-- Tal Blevins

Soldier of Fortune Cheats

*Make a shortcut to the SOF.exe on your desktop. Right-click the shortcut and go to PROPERTIES. Once in the properties click on the SHORTCUT tab. In the Target line you will see the path to the directory that you have installed SOF to.

*It should look something like this: TARGET "C:(the directory your game is installed in)sof.exe" Now add the command: +set console 1 to the end of that line. Now it should read like this: TARGET "C:(the directory your game is installed in)sof.exe" +set console 1

*Then click the APPLY button and run the game. Now when you are in a game and you press the tilda (`/~) key the console should appear.

Cheat Name = Console Command
God Mode = heretic
Noclip = phantom
Notarget = ninja
Weapontest = elbow
Altweapontest = bigelbow
Kill = kill
Timescale = matrix
Spawn = gimme

A Brief Explanation Of The Cheats And Their Origins:
heretic = Makes you invulnerable to enemies, enemy weapons, explosions and falling damage inside the game. The name is a tribute to Raven's historic Heretic/HeXen franchise of games.

phantom = Allows you to clip through walls, floors, doors and objects like a ghost.

ninja = Makes you invisible to the enemies in the game. When ninja mode is on, the enemies and characters all stand around in their idle animations and are oblivious to your presence. Handy for running through levels as a spectator to see where the enemies are placed.

elbow = Gives you the first 6 weapons in the game and a sizeable chunk of ammunition for each.

big elbow = Gives you the six big guns in the game and ammunition for them.

kill = Standard command for Quake II engine games that suicides the player. Best used if you find yourself stuck and unable to move out of an area in multiplayer or other times when you're unable to use the phantom cheat.

matrix = The matrix command allows you to speed up or slow down the game. The normal speed of the game is 1.0, but you can adjust it to go faster or slower. For example: If I want the game to move at ¼ speed to take some action screenshots, I'd type "timescale .25" at the console.

gimme = The command to spawn weapons, items, enemies and anything else that can be spawned into the game. As in "gimme, gimme"... "gimme all yo' money"...or "gimme treats without earning them."

Spawning Weapons:
Knife * "item_ammo_knife"
9mm Black Panther "item_weapon_pistol1"
.44 Silver Talon "item_weapon_pistol2"
Berzerker Shotgun "item_weapon_shotgun"
Raptor Submachinegun "item_weapon_assault_rifle"
EagleEye Sniper Rifle "item_weapon_sniper_rifle"
Bulldog Suppressed Machinegun "item_weapon_machinepistol"
Slugthrower "item_weapon_autoshotgun"
Heavy Machinegun "item_weapon_machinegun"
Rocket Launcher "item_weapon_rocketlauncher"
Flamegun "item_weapon_flamethrower"
Microwave Pulse Gun "item_weapon_microwavepulse"
* Note: You always have at least 1 knife in your inventory. Using this command will give you extra knives for throwing purposes.

Spawning Equipment:
Ballistic Armor "item_equip_armor"
Flash Pak "item_equip_flashpack"
Neural Pulse Emitter "item_equip_neural_grenade"
C4/Plastique "item_equip_c4"
Angel Light Goggles "item_equip_light_goggles"
Medkit "item_equip_medkit"
Frag Grenade "item_equip_grenade"

Spawning Ammunition:
Throwing Knives "item_ammo_knife"
9mm Ammo "item_ammo_pistol"
Shotgun Rounds "item_ammo_shotgun"
.44 Pistol Ammo "item_ammo_pistol2"
5.56 Ammo "item_ammo_auto"
MPG Ammo "item_ammo_battery"
Flamegun Ammo "item_ammo_gas"
Rocket Launcher Rockets "item_ammo_rocket"
Slugthrower Ammo "item_ammo_slug"

Spawning Characters and Enemies:
Bring down the console by pressing the ~ key (default) and use the spawn command (gimme) to bring these enemies into the game world right in front of your eyes. If, for example, you want to spawn a snow cat vehicle from the Siberian mission, you would type "gimme m_x_snowcat" (without the quotes) and hit . Just like that, a snow cat appears in front of you. Here's a list of the vehicles, animals, characters and enemies you can spawn.

Note: If you want to bind a key to spawn something, just bring down the console (~ key) and type "bind (key you want bound) gimme (enemy name)" (without the quotes) and hit . So if, for example, you want to bind the "s" key to spawn a NYC skinhead, you would type "bind s gimme m_nyc_mskinhead1" (without the quotes) and hit enter. When you put the console back up (~ key), a NYC skinhead will spawn in front of you every time you press "s."



Generic Characters and Enemies

Siberia Characters and Enemies

African Characters and Enemies

Kosovo Characters and Enemies

Tokyo Characters and Enemies

Iraq Characters and Enemies

Black Raiders

New York Characters and Enemies

Simply bring down the console with the ~ key (default) and type "map (map name)" (without the quotes) and press . For example: If I wanted to warp to the 2nd Siberia level, I'd bring down the console and type "map sib2" (without the quotes) and press . The loading screen would appear and transport me directly to Siberia 2.

Note: Warp to levels for entertainment, not level advancement. The game is heavily scripted, and that requires that you actually pass through certain portions of the game by actually playing. This isn't a very good method for going through the game.

Level Names and order: (31 levels)

  • TSR1
  • TSR2 (not really a level, just a cinematic)
  • TRN1
  • ARM1
  • KOS1
  • KOS2
  • KOS3
  • SIB1
  • SIB2
  • SIB3
  • IRQ1A
  • IRQ2A
  • IRQ3A
  • ARM2
  • NYC1
  • NYC2
  • NYC3
  • SUD1
  • SUD2
  • SUD3
  • ARM3
  • JPN1
  • JPN2
  • JPN3
  • IRQ1B
  • IRQ2B
  • IRQ3B
  • GER1
  • GER2
  • GER3
  • GER4
  • If you are running a multiplayer game, you can change levels by using the following level names. The command is identical to the single player level warping command described above.

    Multiplayer Maps Deathmatch

    Map Name Players

    dm/nycdm1 Warehouse 8-16

    dm/nycdm2 Underground 4-6

    dm/nycdm3 Pawn Shop 2-4

    dm/nycdm4 Back Alley 2-4

    dm/nycdm5 Bunker 2-5

    dm/kosdm1 The Sewers 4-8

    dm/irqdm1 Refinery 6-8

    dm/irqdm2 Palace 8-10

    dm/jpndm2 Restaurant 2-6

    dm/raven Raven Software 4+

    dm/suddm1 WI Death Farm 6-10

    dm/suddm2 Train Yard 6-8

    dm/suddm3 Rusted 2-6

    Multiplayer Maps - CTF

    Map Name Players

    dm/nycctf1 Gangland 16

    dm/sibctf1 Hell Freezes 16

    dm/irqctf1 Wastelands 6-12

    dm/jpnctf1 Parking Lot 4-8

    dm/sudctf1 Flag Frag 4-8

    dm/sudctf2 Missile Base 16

    dm/gerctf1 Castle Kill 6-10

    Multiplayer Maps - RealisticDM

    Map Name Players

    dm/nycdm3 Pawn Shop 2-4

    dm/nycdm4 Back Alley 2-4

    dm/nycdm5 Bunker 2-5

    dm/kosdm1 The Sewers 4-8

    dm/jpndm2 Restaurant 2-6

    dm/raven Raven Software 4+

    dm/suddm1 WI Death Farm 6-10

    dm/suddm2 Trainyard 6-8

    On The shortcut (or command line) to the game "+set console 1" to the end of the location. Now in-game press the ` key to access the console where you can enter these codes for the following:

    • cheats 1: Activates cheat mode (Must be entered first)
    • god: Godmode
    • Notarget: Enemies can't see you
    • spawn item_weapon_pistol2 : desert eagle
    • spawn item_weapon_assault_rifle : uzi
    • spawn item_weapon_sniper_rifle : sniper rifle
    • spawn item_weapon_machinegun : heavymachinegun
    • spawn ammo_weapon_(see above)
    • spawn m_nyc_ebum : woman
    • spawn m_nyc_politician : politician
    • spwn m_nyc_mpunk : male punk

    Soldier of Fortune Game Walkthrough

                              S O L D I E R   O F   F O R T U N E
                                   -Weapons and Items Guide-
                                    For the Sega Dreamcast
                                        Version FINAL
                                      BY: LiMpBiZkiTFaN
                                   [       CONTENTS       ]
                                   [1. Introduction       ]
                                   |2. Weapons            |
                                   [3. Items              ]
                                   |4. Tips & Tricks      |
                                   [5. How To Contact Me  ]
                                   |6. Credits            |
                                   [7. Legal Stuff        ]
    I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Hello, and welcome to my Soldier of Fortune Weapons and Items Guide.
    In here, you will learn all of the essentials needed to become a
    superior Mercenary. Weapons are Evaluated in the following groups:
    Primary Attack, Alternate Attack, Ammunition Used, Magazine Capacity,
    Maximum Ammunition, PADD Spike, and Dreamcast Keyboard Key. Most of
    the weapons in Soldier of Fortune are real, except for the Microwave
    Pulse Emitter.
    W E A P O N S
    As you should know if you have a Dreamcast Keyboard, and Mouse, Primary
    Fire is used by clicking the left mouse button; the Alternate Fire is used
    by clicking the right mouse button. Switching weapons is done by using the
    mouse wheel, or pressing the < or > keys, or pressing the corresponding key
    on the keyboard to equip that weapon, if you have it.
    Pig Sticker Combat Knife /
    Primary Attack: Thrust/Slash
    Alternate Attack: Throw Knife
    Ammunition Used: N/A
    Magazine Capacity: N/A
    Maximum Ammunition: 6 Knives
    PADD Spike: NONE
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 1 Key
    Notes- The Pig Sticker Combat Knife is like all other Melee weapons in
           other First-Person-Shooters; Short-Ranged, but powerful. The
           Pig Sticker Combat Knife's Primary Attack lets you slash with
           lightning fast speed, while it's Alternate Attack lets you throw
           the Knives, but it doesn't have very good throwing range. Even
           though the Pig Sticker Combat Knife is powerful, I wouldn't
           recommend rushing an enemy if you only have this weapon.
    Black Panther 9mm Handgun /
    Primary Attack: Semi-Auto Fire
    Alternate Attack: N/A
    Ammunition Used: 9mm
    Magazine Capacity: 18 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 200 Rounds
    PADD Spike: Low
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 2 Key
    Notes- Your initial lightweight weapon. The Black Panther 9mm Handgun
           is like all other Handguns in all other First-Person-Shooters;
           fast-firing, but does moderate damage. The Black Panther 9mm
           is best used at close to medium range, and against unarmored
           enemies. If you want to save ammo, you can shoot an enemy in
           the head, or in the "Nether Region", to take him out in one shot.
           The Black Panther 9mm Handgun is an overall good weapon.
    Silver Talon .44 Handgun /
    Primary Attack: Semi-Auto Fire
    Alternate Attack: N/A
    Ammunition Used: .44 Caliber
    Magazine Capacity: 9 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 90 Rounds
    PADD Spike: Medium
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 3 Key
    Notes- The Silver Talon .44 Handgun is the most powerful Handgun
           in the game. It has a slower fire rate, than the fire rate of
           the Black Panther, but it has more power. The Silver Talon .44
           pierces an extent, but it can kill a medium armored
           enemy with two or three shots. The ammo for the Silver Talon
           is very common during the Kosovo and Iraq missions. The Silver
           Talon .44 is a very nice weapon overall.
    B-42 "Berserker" Combat Shotgun /
    Primary Attack: Semi-Auto Fire
    Alternate Attack: N/A
    Ammunition Used: 12 Gauge Shells
    Magazine Capacity: 8 Shells
    Maximum Ammunition: 50 Shells
    PADD Spike: Medium
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 4 Key
    Notes- The B-42 "Berserker" Combat Shotgun is unlike any other Shotgun
           in a First-Person-Shooter; It fires Semi-Automatic, which lets
           you fire faster. The main problem affecting the B-42 "Berserker"
           Combat Shotgun is its low Magazine Capacity, which the B-42 only
           holds 8 Shells, but it reloads extremely fast. Ammunition for
           the B-42 "Berserker" Combat Shotgun is common, except for a few
           missions. An excellent weapon overall.
    Eagle Eye Sniper Rifle /
    Primary Attack: Semi-Auto Fire
    Alternate Attack: Toggle Scope On/Off
    Ammunition Used: 5.56
    Magazine Capacity: 6 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 300 Rounds
    PADD Spike: Very Low
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 5 Key
    Notes- The Eagle Eye Sniper Rifle is your basic Sniper Rifle; With a
           few extras. It has a Silencer, Armor-Piercing rounds, and a
           very cool scope. The Eagle Eye uses 5.56 ammo, which is the
           most common ammunition in Soldier of Fortune. The Eagle Eye also
           reloads fast, but I don't recommend using this at close range,
           because, oddly, its accuracy without the scope on, is horrible.
           The Eagle Eye is a nice weapon.
    T-31 Bulldog Suppressed Submachine Gun /
    Primary Attack: Automatic Fire
    Alternate Attack: N/A
    Ammunition Used: 9mm
    Magazine Capacity: 32 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 200 Rounds
    PADD Spike: Very Low
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 6 Key
    Notes- The T-31 Bulldog, in my opinion, is the worst weapon in the game.
           Its recoil makes it impossible to get anything short of a chest
           shot. But one good thing it has, is a suppressor, which makes it
           a stealth weapon, but it is not particularly potent since it
           fires 9mm ammunition. If you have to decide between the Black
           Panther or the T-31 Bulldog, go with the Black Panther, because
           it is way more accurate.
    Raptor Submachine Gun /
    Primary Attack: Automatic Fire
    Alternate Attack: N/A
    Ammunition Used: 5.56
    Magazine Capacity: 40 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 300 Rounds
    PADD Spike: Medium
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 7 Key
    Notes- The Raptor Submachine Gun is the most common weapon in the game.
           It has moderate damage, a fast fire rate, and its ammunition is
           very common. When you get the M-75 Guardian Heavy Machine Gun,
           you will probably stop using the Raptor Submachine Gun, because,
           it the Raptor does moderate damage, while the M-75 does fairly
           high damage. Overall the Raptor Submachine Gun is useful for the
           first few missions, but looses its usefulness later on.
    M-75 Guardian Heavy Machine Gun /
    Primary Attack: Automatic Fire
    Alternate Attack: Launches White Phosphorus Grenade
    Ammunition Used: 5.56
    Magazine Capacity: 40 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 300 Rounds
    PADD Spike: Medium-High
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 8 Key
    Notes- The M-75 Guardian is, in my opinion, the best weapon in Soldier
           of Fortune. It uses the same ammunition as the Eagle Eye Sniper
           Rifle, and the Raptor Submachine Gun, so you shouldn't have a
           problem running out of ammunition, or anything like that. The
           M-75's Primary Attack fires Armor-Piercing bullets at a fire
           rate a little slower than the Raptor Submachine Gun. The M-75's
           Alternate Attack Launches White Phosphorus Grenade.
    "Heavy Hitter" H-24 Slugthrower /
    Primary Attack: Automatic Fire
    Alternate Attack: Launches Flash Pak Grenade
    Ammunition Used: Gyro-Jet Slugs
    Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 100 Rounds
    PADD Spike: Medium
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 9 Key
    Notes- The Slugthrower is a weapon you could have used on your second
           trip to Iraq, but unfortunately, you don't get it until the very
           last mission. The Slugthrower is useless In the Germany Missions,
           because all of the enemies are armored, and the Slugthrower
           doesn't pierce armor very good. The only time you should use the
           H-24 Slugthrower, is when you are out of ammo for all your other
           weapons, but one plus is that ammo is very common.
    M202A2 "FLASH" Rocket Launcher /
    Primary Attack: Single Shot Fire
    Alternate Attack: Fires Multiple Rockets
    Ammunition Used: 66mm Rockets
    Magazine Capacity: 4 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 20 Rounds
    PADD Spike: High
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the 0 (Zero) Key
    Notes- The Rocket Launcher is a nice weapon to use against Helicopters,
           Tanks, and the armored guards armed with Rocket Launchers, but
           the Rocket Launcher does have some drawbacks, I.E. if you fire
           at close range, you will be shredded into tiny bits and pieces,
           from shrapnel. Enemies with Rocket Launchers are a big threat,
           because a single Rocket that hits you will take off all of your
           armor, another, and you will be turned into a pile of gibs.
    M343D Flamegun /
    Primary Attack: Continuous Spray of Liquid Fire
    Alternate Attack: Fires a Mortar-Like Globule
    Ammunition Used: Gas Canisters
    Magazine Capacity: 60 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 60 Rounds
    PADD Spike: Low
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the - Key
    Notes- The Flamegun is a good, but not great weapon. It would be better
           if it had more range, and the ammunition for it was more common.
           While the Flamegun does have a couple disadvantages, it has
           some advantages, like being able to burn straight through armor,
           and having an excellent Alternate Fire, which shoots a big ball
           of fire that explodes with good splash damage. The Primary Fire
           isn't very useful unless your at close range.
    R-22 Microwave Pulse Emitter /
    Primary Attack: Fires a Continuous Beam of Energy
    Alternate Attack: Fires a Ball of Energy
    Ammunition Used: Batteries
    Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
    Maximum Ammunition: 150 Rounds
    PADD Spike: Low
    Dreamcast Keyboard: Press the = Key
    Notes- The Microwave Pulse Gun is available after you get into the SUNI
           Corp building. The Microwave Pulse Emitter is a nice weapon, but
           has limited range, where as the best range to use it is medium
           range, because the beam of the Primary Attack only goes so far.
           The Microwave Pulse Emitter's Primary Attack fires a narrow beam
           of purple energy, which you have to keep on the enemy to kill
           them. The Alternate Attack sends out a ball of energy.
    I T E M S
    On the Dreamcast Keyboard, Items are selected by pressing
    the ; or ' keys, and are used by pressing the ENTER key.
    C4 Plastic Explosive /
    Notes- C4 has been portrayed as the plastic explosive of terrorists for
           many years in the mass media. As it stands, plastique is a
           highly stable, highly explosive charge that can be used nearly
           anywhere. With the addition on an electronic timer, C4 is a
           great way of circumventing locked doors and the occasional
           curious guard.
    HE-36 Fragmentation Grenade /
    Notes- A staple of infantry units across the globe, the HE-36 is a
           standard issue fragmentation hand grenade. The grenade has a
           throwing range of about 30 meters and the explosion and fragment
           delivery carry a casualty radius of about 15 meters. The HE-36
           explodes 3-5 seconds after removal of the pin and safety clip.
    Flash Pak /
    Notes- The Flash Pak (or stun grenade) is a small grenade that emits a
           loud stunning explosion followed by a large blast of concussive
           energy blinds and disorients anyone the blast radius for a
           limited duration.
    Ballistic Armor /
    Notes- Originally worn by police and SWAT units, Ballistic Armor is
           more flexible and lightweight than normal body armor while still
           retaining a high amount of stopping power. Because of this,
           combat forces now use it across the globe.
    Angel R-43 Light Amplification Goggles /
    Notes- Light amplification and starlight scopes have been in use for a
           decade. Unfortunately, any sort of bright light of flash could
           damage the units, and the optic nerves of those that are using
           them. The development of the R-43 solved these problems. The
           unit automatically adjusts to overly bright lights, sparing the
           user any uncomfortable situations.
    Field Medical Kit /
    Notes- Standard issue equipment for US Army regulars, the field medical
           kit is the perfect accessory for administering medical treatment
           in field operations. The kit consists of bandages, painkillers
           and surgical tools, and can mean the difference between life and
           death for a soldier without access to the medical corps.
    T I P S & T R I C K S
    - If your stuck somewhere, try looking for cracked pipes, and vents.
    - If your out of ammo, don't under estimate the Combat Knife, or 9mm.
    - If you encounter an enemy with a fuel tank on his back, shoot the tank.
    - If at all possible, try not to get your PADD past the green.
    - Be aware of your surroundings, enemies can ambush you.
    - Instead of wasting ammo on a room of enemies, throw in some C4 Plastique.
    - Circle Strafe enemies with powerful weapons.
    - If you can, always go for head shots.
    - The training course is the best to practice headshots.
    - Stealth is always the best approach.
    - Don't be an idiot.
    - Hostages are expendable, just don't kill more than two.
    - If a hostage is being used as a human shield, shoot through the hostage.
    - Put the difficulty setting on Challenging, It makes the A LOT more fun.
    - Try to be patient with the load times. Just be glad Crave was nice enough
      to release the game.
    - The Combat Knife is great for stealth kills.
    - The Black Panther 9mm is great for head shots.
    - The Silver Talon .44 is great for armor-piercing.
    - The B-42 Shotgun is nice for CQB (Close Quarters Battle).
    - The Sniper Rifle is a good for taking out far away enemies.
    - The Bulldog SMG is only good for when you NEED stealth.
    - The Raptor SMG ammo is the most common in the game, use this to your
    - The Heavy MG is very versatile, so use it any time you want.
    - The H-24 Slugthrower is a good defensive weapon.
    - Rocket Launcher is great for killing groups of enemies.
    - The M343D Flamegun is good for close range attacks.
    - The Microwave Pulse Gun is good for killing Dekker at the end.
    H O W   T O   C O N T A C T   M E
    E-Mail: -REMOVED-
    - I no longer have a of 6/12/03, it will have been two years I
    have had my PS2, and I don't really remember anything from the game, so refer
    to this link for help:
    AIM: -REMOVED- (Due to Mass Spam)
     - All Guidelines for E-Mail, apply to AIM.
    C R E D I T S
    Poll Participants-
      - Frank "anavriN" Kool
      - Ryan Hemphill
      - Ukronin
      - Dreammastah
      - MCJess
      - Tyler "FLEABttn" Ash
      - jedi777
    Other Credits-
      - Crave Entertainment, And Raven Games, For Releasing This Game
      - Me, for making the FAQ
      - CjayC, for posting this FAQ
      - And most of all, the reader of this FAQ
    L E G A L   S T U F F
    Soldier of Fortune for the Sega Dreamcast, is a copyright of Crave
    Entertainment, and
    Raven Games. All other copyrights that aren't mentioned are still acknowledged
    to their
    respective owners. This FAQ is copyrighted to Ben Waldron (LiMpBiZkiTFaN), and
    any use
    of this FAQ for profit, if I find out, will result in a contact from me. I DID
    spend this time for someone to copy MY FAQ, but you can use it for anything,
    (but Profit)
    without my permission, but PLEASE don't modify it, and give me credit for it.
                                         ~THE END~

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