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SimCity 5

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About The Game

The city-building simulation game returns with up-to-date 3D graphics and a brand new engine powering the virtual world. Electronic Arts’ SimCity (2013) reaches new heights thanks to their new, totally built-from-scratch "GlassBox" engine. The new gameplay is based on this system and it allows for deeper game immersion than ever before. In this new installment of the multi-million selling franchise, we're introduced to more human-like behavior, smarter artificial intelligence, and a dynamic, always-changing, world. SimCity 2013 marks a true rebirth of the franchise that brings the depth of simulation that has been the series hallmark for more than two decades and marries it with next generation accessibility and a robust multiplayer mode.

    Game Features:

  • • New dynamic multiplayer mode ensures that life in your city will have an impact on the in-game communities you build with your friends
  • • Data visualization ensures you can keep track of your city’s resources more easily than ever before
  • • Finite resources: Sim City 5 introduces new challenges that encourage sustainable communities
  • • All-new natural disasters like t-rex attacks!
  • • Brand new 3D graphics bring the city of your dreams to life in stunning detail
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SimCity 5 (2013) Trailer

This version of SimCity will be the first to feature online play. The title is expected to be released in 2013.

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SimCity 5

SimCity 5 Review

By Gus McZeal |

SimCity 5, which actually and confusingly shares the same title as the original SimCity—I hate when they do that!—is, obviously, the latest title in the SimCity series. Now that I’ve reeled you in with that shocking tidbit of information, I guess it’s time to write something legit about this upcoming game in a series that Maxis seemingly designed for megalomaniacs. SimCity 5 allows you to build a community from the ground up and ultimately dictate whether your city flourishes or descends into a degree of anarchy that would send even Snake Pliskin or Mad Max fleeing into the wilderness.

SimCity (5) bills itself as a “construction and management simulation” game, which sounds crushingly boring but really, it’s a bit more interesting than that. Like other SimCity games, you start with a scrubby plot of land, which you develop into a backwater town that will eventually evolve into a big city. The game uses a brand new engine called GlassBox that works by amalgamating clouds of data or whatever to influence your city’s economy. Yup, clearly don’t know quite what I’m talking about here, but I do know that the Sim residents of your city supposedly gain collective agency through their individual actions: each Sim has his or her respective buying power, moods, wants, and desires, essentially formulating a kind of algorithmically-directed community spirit. If you’re a benevolent and intelligent city planner, well, everything will run smoothly, but if your city is a grody, polluted midden of dereliction and squalor, you can be sure that the Sims will riot in the streets, burning cars and buildings and generally expressing their loathing for you. I think it’s obvious which scenario sounds more interesting…

For all you budding architectural planners, building cities in SimCity just got a whole lot easier. I thought it was pretty weird that one of the features being billed as “exciting” in SimCity was the fact that Maxis is adding curved roads—really? This wasn’t in the game until now?—but I guess SimCity enthusiasts can really start getting jazzed about recreating cities that aren’t grids like Toronto or Philly. Armchair anarchists will be stoked to know that burning down virtual cities will be more satisfying than ever thanks to the new GlassBox engine, which allows fires to spread more realistically! Buildings will also collapse in ways that take real-life physics into account—perfect for players with god complexes who want to punish rioting Sims with tornados, earthquakes, and alien invasions. Still waiting to hear about giant monsters attacking the Sims, but maybe that’d infringe on Rampage’s copyright.

SimCity is a game about virtual communities, but Maxis doesn’t want to ignore the real-life communities that grow around their games. For the first time, SimCity will have multiplayer, which lets you and your friends come together to run cities concurrently via the interwebz. Now you can form sinister world governments dictating the flow of resources around SimNation from the comfort of your armchair—although the truly evil among you probably stand hunched over your computers, clicking at your keyboards with crooked T-Rex arms and cackling madly while strip-mining all the arable land in your territory and outsourcing the minerals to nearby cities for huge cash while your own Sims starve. Or you could set up legitimate trade networks with your friends and stay buddy-buddy with real and virtual people alike! The choice really is yours. The game will be fully moddable, too, so expect community-designed custom buildings, disasters, resources, terrain palettes, and everything else you might need to create the city you truly want to rule over with an iron fist or a velvet glove.

I could go on a long rant about how SimCity works to affirm capitalist politics in ways many socially conscious people might find problematic, but I’m not a pretentious douche, and you’re here to find out about video games, so I won’t. Well, this preview just got 10,000 times more awkward. I’m gonna slink away now. SimCity (the fifth!) is due in February of 2013, and will be available on PC and Mac.

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