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Silent Storm: Sentinels

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About The Game

An add-on to the turned-based tactical game Silent Storm. The story of the add-on takes place in the first years after the war. "Thor's Hammer" revives from the ashes and gets ready to pose a new threat to humanity, while veteran operatives join their efforts and establish a secret mercenary organization to counter "Hammer's" hidden agenda. These people call themselves "Sentinels"...

Silent Storm: Sentinels features covert action in desert environments, desolated mines, and industrial vaults. Governments do not support "Sentinels" so they have to buy weapons and equipment taking risks at their own.

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Silent Storm: Sentinels Cheats

Alter game files at your own risk and ALWAYS make backups! Find the autoexec.cfg file in the game directory. Add this to the end of the file: wirbelwind. You can now press ~ (or the key above Tab) to open the console window. Enter one of the following codes for the desired effect:

  • setxplevel[X] - Set squad member level [X]
  • game_noai [0 or 1] - Toggle AI
  • godmode [0 or 1] - Toggle God Mode
  • cheat_showall [0 or 1] - Toggle all enemy locations
  • i_am_an_alien [0 or 1] - Toggle transparency after loading a saved game

Alter game files at your own risk and ALWAYS make backups! Find the autoexec.cfg file in the game directory. Add this to the end of the file: wirbelwind. You can now press ~ (or the key above Tab) to open the console window. Enter get item XXX in the console window, where XXX is the numeric code below:

  • 352 - "Little Joe" Silenced
  • 146 - 36M Mk I
  • 398 - Acetophenetidin Analgesic Tablet
  • 406 - Adhesive Surgical Plaster
  • 390 - Advanced Picklock
  • 224 - AGS cartridge belt
  • 223 - AGS rocket launcher
  • 19 - AVS-36
  • 90 - AVS-36 Magazine
  • 182 - Bazooka M1
  • 184 - Bazooka rocket propelled grenade
  • 158 - Beretta M1938A
  • 159 - Beretta M38-42
  • 353 - Beretta M38-42 Silenced
  • 441 - Beretta SMG Magazine
  • 357 - BHLG 1Z
  • 246 - Billy Club
  • 247 - Black Jack Club
  • 142 - Breda
  • 45 - Bren
  • 112 - Bren Gun Magazine
  • 57 - Browning M1922
  • 113 - Browning M1922 Magazine
  • 397 - Bullet Extractor
  • 14 - Carbine 1938
  • 17 - Carbine 98k Scoped
  • 351 - Carbine 98K Scoped, Silenced
  • 350 - Carbine Delizl Silenced
  • 16 - Carbine M1 1936
  • 402 - Cardiac and Respiratory Stimulant
  • 232 - Chakra
  • 48 - Chatellerault M1924/1929
  • 116 - Chatellerault Magazine
  • 412 - Chloroform Powerful Analgesic
  • 1 - Colt M1911
  • 378 - Colt M1911 "Big Joe"
  • 376 - Colt M1911 BigJoe Arrow
  • 74 - Colt M1911 Magazine
  • 242 - Combat Dagger
  • 396 - Compressed Gauze Bandage
  • 192 - Dart Arrow
  • 43 - DP
  • 110 - DP Drum Magazine
  • 383 - DShk Boxed Cartridge Belt
  • 222 - DshK Machine Gun
  • 427 - Dynamite Charge
  • 149 - F-1
  • 239 - Fairbairn Sykes Knife
  • 410 - Faste Haemostatic Powder
  • 21 - FG-42
  • 93 - FG42 Magazine
  • 234 - Finnish Knife
  • 137 - First Aid Kit
  • 127 - First Aid Kit
  • 401 - First Aid Kit
  • 384 - Flak38 Magazine
  • 399 - Forceps, Abbey
  • 22 - G-41 W
  • 171 - G-41 W Scoped
  • 49 - Garand M1
  • 117 - Garand M1 Magazine
  • 172 - Garand M1 Scoped
  • 226 - Gatling Drum Magazine
  • 225 - Gatling Machine gun
  • 405 - Haemostatic Forceps
  • 414 - Haemostatic liquid
  • 413 - Haemostatic powder
  • 386 - Hank of Wire
  • 359 - Heavy Mortal Shell
  • 429 - Hecsogen Charge
  • 240 - Ka-Bar Knife
  • 236 - Kappmesser Knife
  • 245 - Katana Sword
  • 249 - Khukuri Knife
  • 87 - Lee-Enfield Magazine
  • 15 - Lee-Enfield MK1
  • 173 - Lee-Enfield Mk1 Scoped
  • 489 - Lewis MkI
  • 488 - Lewis MkI Magazine
  • 361 - Light Mortar Shell
  • 400 - Liquid Cardiac Stimulant
  • 377 - Little Joe Arrow
  • 243 - Luftwaffe Machete Knife
  • 2 - Luger British
  • 3 - Luger P08
  • 75 - Luger P08 Magazine
  • 430 - Lyddite Charge
  • 227 - LZ Energy gun
  • 469 - LZ-System Energy Charge
  • 363 - LZ-System Energy Charge
  • 434 - LZS - Scoped Energy Gun
  • 88 - M-1 Magazine
  • 133 - M-24
  • 140 - M-34
  • 123 - M-39
  • 250 - M1917 Knife
  • 241 - M3 Knife
  • 28 - M3A1
  • 348 - M3A1 Silenced
  • 101 - M3A1 SMG Magazine
  • 122 - M61
  • 216 - Machanical Sabre
  • 244 - Machete Knife
  • 174 - Manlicher-Carcano M38
  • 372 - Manlicher-Carcano M38 Magazine
  • 373 - Manlicher-Carcano M91 Magazine
  • 175 - Manlicher-Carcano M91/24 Scoped
  • 366 - Mark 1
  • 23 - MAS 1936
  • 94 - MAS Magazine
  • 82 - Mauser 1912 Magazine
  • 8 - Mauser K96 1912
  • 346 - Mauser K96 1912 Silenced
  • 7 - Mauser K96 1926
  • 9 - Mauser M.712
  • 81 - Mauser M.712 Magazine
  • 25 - Mauser M29
  • 24 - Mauser M98
  • 86 - Mauser Magazine
  • 210 - Mechanical Sword
  • 362 - Medium Mortar Shell
  • 360 - Medium Mortar Shell
  • 41 - MG 34
  • 42 - MG 42
  • 213 - MG 81Z Auto Cannon
  • 211 - MG FF Auto Cannon
  • 418 - MG FF Magazine
  • 385 - MG34 Boxed Cartridge Belt
  • 109 - MG34 Boxed Cartridge Belt
  • 417 - MG81Z Magazine
  • 387 - Mine Probe
  • 129 - Mine Shovel
  • 212 - MK 108 Auto Cannon
  • 419 - MK 108 Magazine
  • 409 - Morphine Injection
  • 411 - Morphine Sulfate Analgesic pill
  • 13 - Mosin 1891-1930
  • 176 - Mosin 1891-1930 Scoped
  • 85 - Mosin Magazine
  • 40 - MP 28 - Bergmann
  • 160 - MP 38 v
  • 161 - MP 40-II
  • 38 - MP40
  • 105 - MP40 SMG Magazine
  • 343 - MP41
  • 347 - MP41 Silenced
  • 420 - MSS 41 Magazine
  • 215 - MSS 41 Sniper Cannon
  • 84 - Nagant 1896 Cartridges
  • 11 - Nagant 1910
  • 345 - Nagant 1910 Silenced
  • 431 - Nitroglycerin Charge
  • 144 - O-23
  • 145 - OF-37
  • 190 - Panzerfaust
  • 191 - Panzerfaust rocket propelled grenade
  • 458 - Panzerklein Repairing Tool
  • 459 - Panzerklein Repairing Tool
  • 180 - Panzerschrek
  • 181 - Panzerschrek rocket propelled grenade
  • 76 - Parabellum Magazine
  • 183 - PIAT rocket launcer
  • 218 - PIAT rocket launcher
  • 185 - PIAT rocket propelled grenade
  • 395 - Picklock
  • 393 - Picklock set
  • 379 - Pistol Stunning Dart
  • 367 - PMD-6M
  • 370 - Pmi-43
  • 163 - PPD 40
  • 36 - PPS 42
  • 37 - PPS 43
  • 34 - PPSh 41
  • 35 - PPSh 41 modified
  • 103 - PPSh/PPD SMG Magazine
  • 104 - PPShm/PPS SMG Magazine
  • 467 - Prototype 8M1
  • 468 - Prototype 8M1 Clip
  • 221 - PTR Boys gun
  • 421 - PTR Boys Magazine
  • 423 - PTRS Magazine
  • 220 - PTRS Sniper gun
  • 235 - Pukke Knife
  • 358 - PWM-1
  • 214 - PZB 41 Cannon
  • 422 - PZB41 Clip
  • 150 - RG-42
  • 148 - RGD-33 (defensive modification)
  • 147 - RGD-33 (offensive modification)
  • 12 - Rifle 33-40
  • 461 - Rifle 33-40 Scoped
  • 462 - Rifle Stunning Dart
  • 44 - RPD
  • 111 - RPD Boxed Cartridge Belt
  • 151 - RPG-40
  • 152 - RPG-41
  • 153 - RPG-43
  • 154 - RPG-6
  • 4 - Sauer 38X
  • 77 - Sauer 38X Magazine
  • 381 - Sea Devil Rifle Clip
  • 382 - Sea Devil Scoped
  • 424 - SHKAS Clip
  • 219 - ShKAS Machine gun
  • 369 - Shumi-42
  • 231 - Shuriken
  • 248 - Smatchet large combat Knife
  • 368 - Smiz-35
  • 83 - Speedloader for six .38 rounds
  • 89 - Springfield M1917 Magazine
  • 18 - Springfield M1917 Scoped
  • 141 - SRCM mod .35
  • 237 - SSA Dagger
  • 29 - Sten MKII
  • 32 - Sten MKIII
  • 344 - Sten MkIII Silenced
  • 30 - Sten MKIV
  • 31 - Sten MKV
  • 102 - Sten SMG Magazine
  • 39 - STG 43
  • 106 - STG43 SMG Magazine
  • 299 - Stunning Air-gun Silenced
  • 298 - Stunning Air-gun Silenced
  • 162 - Suomi
  • 437 - Suomi SMG Drum Magazine
  • 177 - SVT 40 Scoped
  • 20 - SVT-40
  • 91 - SVT-40 Magazine
  • 228 - TG-21
  • 392 - The key
  • 389 - The key
  • 26 - Thompson 1923
  • 27 - Thompson 1928
  • 99 - Thompson 1928 SMG Magazine
  • 97 - Thompson M1 SMG Drum Magazine
  • 233 - Throwing Knife
  • 230 - Throwing Knife
  • 364 - TLG-3
  • 371 - TMD-B
  • 433 - TNT Charge
  • 6 - TT 1933
  • 79 - TT Magazine
  • 471 - Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
  • 472 - Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
  • 470 - Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
  • 132 - Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
  • 217 - Vickers Machine gun
  • 5 - Walter P38
  • 78 - Walter P38 Magazine
  • 10 - Webley-Scott
  • 349 - Welrod MkI Silenced
  • 388 - Wire Cutter
  • 365 - Wood Chopping Axe
  • 143 - Z-23
  • 47 - ZB 26-30
  • 115 - ZB26/30 Magazine

Silent Storm: Sentinels Game Walkthrough

                              Silent Storm: Sentinels
               A Pistoleer's Adventure in the World-War-II-ravaged lands
                                 by Laclongquan
                                 version 1.0
                              Date 31st Oct 2008
                   Future version: will update the rest of equipments

Silent Storm Sentinels is (c) 2003/2004 Nival Interactive, JoWood, and 
their affiliates.

This guide is copyright 2008 Laclongquan aka Nguyen Gia Thai.

This guide is for personal use only and may not be sold, bartered,
or used for any purpose that involves profit, including but not
limited to, money, favors, slaves, and/or human babies. Sexual favours is okay,
though.Unauthorized copying of this Guide will result in your horrible, 
agonizing destruction of said electronic or devices. Then it gets worse.

Table of Content:
01.00 Preface 
  .01 What is a pistoleer 
  .02 Why do I care about playing as a pistoleer 
  .03 Cover my ass section (credit page)

02.00 Chapter 1 (On the funs and unfuns of pistoleer) DONE
  .01 Oh the funs, the great funs that we had 
  .02 Ugh, it's not so good, we are in trouble now. 

03.00 Chapter 2 (On the ins and outs of training) DONE
  .01 The things we do 
  .02 The things we dont 

04.00 Chapter 3 (Loots: use? sell? repair?) 10%
  .01 Pistol (that itty bitty thingagumies you fondle)
  .02 Rifle (My, what a long thing you have there!)
  .03 Grenade (hey ladies, wanna look at my balls)
  .04 Explosive (hey ladies, wanna look at my stick)
  .05 Knife (that sharp pointy you wanna throw at my face)
  .06 Tools (your usual essentials, and Unmentionables)
  .07 And all the rest

05.00 Chapter 4 (On companions and baggages) 10%
  .01 Sniper-Scout (the ones who like to let hands wander unnoticed)
  .02 Grenadier (who has big balls)
  .03 Soldier (who can play all sides with panache)
  .04 Medic (who always want to play doctor with you)
  .05 HMGers (the guys and gals that love big logs)
  .06 Your mules

06.00 Chapter 5 (That spot of troubles you got during travel time) 
  .01 Prison of Shade 
  .02 Bank Heist 
  .03 Germany's Research Station 
  .04 Germany's Railroad Station.
  .05 Poland's One and Only 
  .06 Germany's Factory 
  .07 England's V8 Crashed Site.  
  .08 Egypt's PK camp

07.00 Chapter 6 (The adventure in this big wide world)
  .01 First mission (that fateful encounter in Poland)
  .02 Second mission (testing MY loyalty? and in Switzerland, no less?)
  .03 1st set of mission - Must-Win Penemunde Archives mission (ROBOT)
  .04 1st set - How-to-lose Scientist (a poetry-loving scientist? Boggle!)
  .05 1st set - How-to-lose Snitch (a bother in forest)
  .06 1st set - How-to-lose A4 missile silo in Poland (You got me there!)
  .07 Interlude - Act of Terrorism (adventure in London's sewer of fame)
  .08 2nd set - How-to-lose Godfather (an offer he would not refuse) 
  .09 2nd set - Cant-lose Pen (Assassins, convicts, wardens, oh my!)
  .10 2nd set - Must win Border mission (ROBOT)
  .11 2nd set - How-to-lose Corrupt Official (his lair got many shinies)
  .12 Interlude - Traitor/Treachery
  .13 Interlude - Defend the base
  .14 3rd set - The Stash (ah! another continent, here I come!)
  .15 3rd set - Valhala Firm (once again, back to sweet Swiss land)
  .16 3rd set - The Warehouse (yawn!)
  .17 SECRET MISSION - Mechanical Soldier (aka Robots)
  .18 Final Battle - Stealth Mission (chicken your way out? shame on you)
  .19 Final Battle - Assault Mission (It's easy to be hero in this army)
08.00 Tricks and Tactics
  .01 Here is your bag of tricks
  .02 And your treasured tactics too


* 01.00 Preface *

Silent Storm Sentinels is a good tactic squad-based combat game. YOu assume
the role of squad leader, with a profession out of six (scout, sniper, 
soldier, medic, engineer and grenadier). Your main mission is search and 
destroy an organization attempting to control the world, the Thor's Hammer. 
You can hire your troops from the pool of veterans managed by your 
employer, the Sentinels group. They also sell you some supplies and provide 
a safe base for rest and regroup.

For new gamers, or even vetera but new to this series, this game can be 
quite hard. Even if you get to high level with high HP you still can be 
killed by a lower level enemy by burst fire, or grenade, or just plain 
traps set up near flamable materials. No sure way to survive. For you, 
there's are two guide to help: Guiler's guide on Gamefaqs and Coyot's guide 
on Net. They are detailed and help you with many survival necessities.

For veteran who beat the game at least once, who want to squeeze every 
little ounce of fun from this game, this is your guide. You want to play 
with challenge, with difficulty, with flair, you can read on. This way can 
be pretty damn hard but it wont be sadistic. I promise

Detail: Custom game, enemy +3 lvl with 100% in damage, max on AP and VP
Save anywhere (because I hate inconvenient thing) Heal on skill (realistic,
and hard), Hidden Encounter OFF (no tick), 

* 01.01 What is a pistoleer *

You can only use pistol up close and personal. Not for you the chatter of SMG,
the roar of heavy machine gun, or the whisper of Sniper rifle. For you, it 
must be the sound of knock knock on their heads, from your trusty pistol. 
Sometimes you can use knife, or throw it, and if some patrol group discover 
you, a grenade or two before running away seem a good idea, but over all your 
main weapon is a pair of pistols.

Since you use pistols you must be quite close to the enemy. Scout around a bit 
to ensure that no other vojak beside your target. Position at his back then aim
at his body parts. Head for crits, hands for falling weapons, legs for limiting
mobility. At first you need a whole magazine for one target, but later on just 
two head shot are enough. And with the low AP cost, you can do plenty of other
things, like running away, or kill another one. You can even contemplate the
insanity of disarming a whole group: Border mission my scouting sniper disarmed
7 guys (reinforcement group) with his trusty M712 (19Familiarity)

You should always go with at least one mate. Pistol sometimes cant finish off 
enemy so a helper is necessary. More importantly is that maybe you need an 
assistant on Spot and Interrupt. A Scout, or scouting Sniper, is good. A 
grenadier is like a lumbering mobile battery, with all that entail.

A Scout, or Soldier, is a bit of a waste since burst-able pistol are rare 
(M72, then Sterling Para) and you cant make use of Melee. Throwing is an 
occasional thing anyway.
Medic is more a Melee kind of guy, but more importantly, Medic's limit on 
Hide is ANNOYING. For you, either Sniper or Engineer is good. Sniper is good 
because its limit on Burst has no effect on you much. Snipe is waste but 
pistol cant snipe anyway, so it's moot point. Mine is an ENGINEER because 
there's a special mission require your squad leader must have 130 Engineer 
to get. No way to get that using other characters. And Engineer got quite a
freedom others dont have: Hide, shoot, throw, melee, set trap, mine. The only
thing Engineer cant do is sniping.
Grenadier is overpowered. And the necessary perk for pistoleer is Fast Snap 
Shot is at the end of the tree. So playing Grenadier as pistoleer is not

* 01.02 Why do I care about playing as a pistoleer *

You want challenge, remember? playing as melee knife maniac is hard but it 
simplifies logistic (drop guns out of equation). Playing with SMG is easy, too
easy at times (Border mission, if Shade at my position instead he will kill or
heavily injured those guys with his PPSh, or AK47, accessible with money). 
HMG is too annoying (a burst at close range and still cant kill? come on!) 
beside it's middle game before we can have other HMGs than Lewis. Rifleman 
is easiest of all: stand on high ground, let good scout find enemy 
positions, shoot them, yawn. Grenades are too powerful direct way to win

Pistoleer require you play as a team of at least two, ideally four. The 
forward team got spotter, an interrupter, an engineer and a finisher (to 
ensure enemy stay dead)(grenadier is great, sniper stand second). Medic is 
good but not essential. Mine is Engineer so I can do bandage thing easily. 
The behind group can be a heavy weapon specialist (if you use HMG, or rocket,
or grenade launcher) or PK. PK is ridiculously slow in combat I really dont 
bother much with them (but fighting them is sooo fun!). Good coordination, 
caution, and plenty of backup.

And playing as mine : Engineer-pistoleer, ensure you got to play the secret 
mission Mechanical Soldier (Robot). You can get a Robot but the real reward is
the journey lead to play the mission. You will have helpers using SMG, rifle, 
HMG, grenade. You can do the engineer stuff your self. What fun!
* 01.03 Cover my ass section *

As I said before, there's two guide on S3: Guiler's guide easily accessed 
from and Coyot's guide which is harder to get. Coyot's site is 
down, his post on nival forums is lost  (Nival forums are down, whcih is a 
bummer). The two guides are very good for beginners and midleground gamers.
The S2 and S3 active community concentrate on 
forum and they are quite knowledgable about this stuff. I got almost all of 
my tidbits from there. The stuff about training I got from there but 
perfect by myself. Other stuff I note as personally experiments.

* 02.00 Chapter 1 (On the funs and unfuns of pistoleer) *

We deal with the attractiveness of pistoleer here. And the ugly side. You 
cant say I didnt warn you before hand :-p

* 02.01 Oh the funs, the great funs that we had *

Play with pistol mean you have great tactical mobility and you must have 
tactical mobility. You hide then scout around to determine enemy position, 
shoot them or shuriken them, wait for them to pass, laying traps/mines, or 
just plain runaway. Pistol allow you the luxury of shooting once before 
running away, which believe me, SMGers or riflemen dont have since they 
lost more precious AP for it. THAT is a doorknocker to attract enemy and 
lead them to traps you set. An engineer can decimate a 3-man patrol just 
like that. In fact, playing as Engineer is more versatile than Scout since 
your mines are soooo dangerous. And we havent even talked about explosives. 
Shudder! The higher your engineer skill is, the more damage they cause.
and the better hidden they are, of course.

You need backup: one if you want, but three for full effects. Like I said, 
spotter, interruptor and finisher. So you play with a team which scout dont 
really need (scout can solo kill by silenced guns or knives), sniper only 
need scout, HMGers are a laugh since if they enter the fray either you have 
bigger firepower or you get hurt totally. Grenadiers are too powerful, with 
his 3-5 grenades a turn. In fact, grenadiers are the only profession can 
blow to smithereen 5-6 enemies without breathing hard. (Aside: remember S2's 
Defending German Factory? that mission got 12 red guys in two group stand 
in the courtyard. The HMGer open a hole in the ceiling, Grenadier run on 
uptop. Next turn Scout eyeball red position, then Grenadier throw 
pineapples. At 15 apiece he can throw 4 to 5, destroy 6-8, or very luckily 
all 12.)

You can dual pistol. Cant shoot, but wth! Pistol got small magazine unless 
its the 20-round machined pistol Mauser M712. They got used much more often
than other guns so they degrade faster, so you need a spare. Pistols are small
so you got more space on inventory for loots.

We always got a touch of sadistic side so nothing satisfies us than the 
bark of handgun methodically touch separate parts of body. SMG is too quick 
to kill, Rifle is too far.

You have shoot more so you level up Shoot skill faster. Generally you dont have
to train Shoot skill. And you get Familiarity much faster than others. Scouting
Sniper or Scout, generally dont need to train Shoot. As to playing Engineer or 
Medic, you especially dont need to train Shoot.

As Engineer you can bandage yourself well, make Med skill go up, lead to 
increase in Attributes.

The Challenges you got are plentiful: against heavy armored troops, agains 
sharpeye snipers, against PK. For PK you simply have to rely on heavy grenades
or luring them to mined path. You could throw explosive but my experiment show
they act more like shrapnel than deep-charge, so it affect PK more than 
pilots. And throw explosive till the PK exploded and left the pilots standing
there, naked and stunned, exposed to our barrels of M712, is... inelegant.

* 02.02 Ugh, it's not so good, we are in trouble now. *

You always have to shoot so many times so early games are hard. Sauer is 
too light to kill quickly.  M712 is and must be your main weapons till after  
1st set missions and it's not so great unless in the hand of a scouting sniper. 
Other pistol are good but if you are attached to M712 series with 
high FAMI, you will be reluctant to change weapons, even with Sterling Para,
which is the best pistol there is (my scouting sniper sport a pair of M712 
from start to there, and I was verrrrrry reluctant to change).

A logical progression is (whatever work first)-->M712 -->Browning HP -->
Sterling Para.

CZ M25 is very good but from start to finish, with luck, you may encounter
the second gun. Quite bad if you had to depend on this.

You can use silenced pistol but the number is limited. You will be screwed 
in-mission if you dont have a spare but it's hard to find. After 1st set of 
mission you MAY have 2 welrods. K1912 silenced is better a bit but... shrug.
In term of firepower silenced pistols are incredibly boring. More, it took 
lots of shooting to kill. While that is good for shoot, it's hard on the gun
and if you dont have spares (damn hard to find) your pistol will be jammed.
After its jamming the third times I imagine you will get tired of silenced

Another reason is that silenced guns make you independent of your mates. 
In game it's not a fun thing, although convenient.

If you meet PK, your only way to damage it is heavy grenades (PWM and the 
likes). Pistol simply dont have the penetration to touch pilots inside. 
Although playing as Engineer you can set high-pene mines, or highlevel 
explosive trap, or just throw it at them, PK remain a nuisance to deal with,
but challenging.

* 03.00 Chapter 2 (On the ins and outs of training) *
Skills are limited by level. Approaching its limit and skills will increase 
very slow, rendering training inefficient. Skills also are limited by 
profession and attributes: Engineer got better eng than Medic than Scout... 
same profession but who got better corresponded attributes got higher limit.

Skills increase by actions: each action affect certain skills. the bigger the 
gap between current skill level and limit, the bigger the advance an action 
made. At most one action increase one full point.

Each action with certain weapons increase your Familiarity with that weapon:
pistol, SMG, rifle, HMG, knife (both melee and throwing). Kickboxing lower 
your Familiarity with other weapon, though.

Attributes are mysterious. We only know that increase skills will increase 
attributes. Which to which, or how, we dont know. I suspect Attribute increase
also being limited by profession and level but I have no proof, just a hunch.
My hunches also said Attributes are limited by levels (mercenaries aside).

Last thing: Intelligence affect the exp you receive so smart guy level faster
than dumboes (exception is Shade). It's not quite so obvious that you would 
notice: 1 level in 14 with a difference of 4-6 Intelligence and should not 
affect you too much, other than gameplay, off course.

VP: being hurt (eek) by any mean necessary
AP: using action (run, walk, open, shoot, climb, hide...)
Evasion: avoid attack, not necessarily succeed.
If you get hurt, then let the wound bleed, your VP and Evasion will increase, 
limiting by level alone. If you running around like crazy, AP increases.

Shoot: shooting (duh)
Melee: kickboxing, knifing, clubbing
Throwing: Throwing knives/shuriken/grenade/explosive
Burst: short/long burst  
Snipe: sniping (must snipe then shoot, snipe alone wont increase it)
Each action of these skills will increase familiarity on the equipment we are 
using. Kickboxing reduce though.

Hide: use the action button hide
Spot: each instance we spot something (new items, contents, the moving figures 
of inhabitants, your stealthed allies...)
Interrupt: interrupting enemy
These skills link to each other pretty well. If you can hide, hide near enemy 
to see/hear enemy's movement to increase spot. Entering combat stages near them
so that you can interrupt them but still remain hidden. Only Interrupt can be 
increased with enemy.

Medicine: using med items
Engineer: using engineer items (picking lock, setting traps, disarm, repair)
The best way to increase Med is try to make use of those rolls during training.
You get hurt, then your trainee heal you with rolls: he increase med, you 
increase VP/Evasion. Best way for Engineer is picking the unpickable lock in 
the main office. limit by only the cheap lockpick (save the expensive stuff 
for mission). An aside: even at 130 Eng plus Oiler, your repair point cost 
still lose to repair service offered by Dealer. So buy repair for your 
weapons in use.

03.01 The thing we do *

Since we want to make use of Familiarity, we try to work efficiently. Training
with weapons increase your FAMI with it and lower your FAMI with other weapons.
So you only train when your level pretty much stop, like 10+ (at enemy +3lv) 
or when you change to new weapons. in easier setting you can train earlier.

The weapon you want to increase FAMI will be trained last. 

First: melee. You kickboxing the ground or the wall(or kniving if AP cost is 
lower) until the speed of skill increase slower down. This way your FAMI with 
other weapons go way down. Use with HP/Evasion/med trainees. Pay attention to 
the rate of progression in melee level.

Second: Throwing. Using shuriken if you can, or throwing knives. Stand near the
corner, make your VP/EVA trainee stand IN the corner, you face him/her then 
throw. weapons will either fall off her or off the wall and land near you so 
you get them back easier. Use with HP/Evasion/med trainees. 

Third:shooting/burst. using low AP burst weapon to train both. Shoot alone, 
using low AP pistol like Sauer or 38 SW. At this stage pay attention:
****if your old weapon's Fami is still 1+, using training weapons to train 
until that old weapon's Fami return to 0. then you can stop training to 
increase your chosen weapons' Fami through battlefield.
****if your chosen weapon is the low AP kind, or you got plenty of ammo and 
dont mind burning them, by all means  start training with your new weapons.

I like to use Sauer or 38 SW to lower my scout's scoped 38-40 rifle's Fami. 
They are cheap and fast. Luger P08s are good for this with plentiful ammo.

Medicine: Hurt your HP trainee until they are nearly died, then bandage them 
with rolls. Cheap, fast, and you can do it many more times than other 
expensive med equipments. Rinse and repeat till you are tired of it.

Engineer: Buy a bunch of cheapo lock picks. go to the office and pick the 
unpickable locked cabinet. Do it till you reach your limit. Cheap, fast

Interrupt: go into hide mode. reach near enemy's position. it's best if they
are a group and moving. Enter combat mode, stay there and hope they wont 
discover you. Enter turn upon turns until your limit reach.

* 03.02 The thing we dont *

We dont repair weapons to train ENG. repair to sell, yes, but not to train. 
Picking the unpickable cabinet in main office is so much faster, cheaper 
and convenient than doing THAT.

We dont using high level med stuff to train. They are costly, rare, and too 
effective so you cant train many times before you have to stop.

As for paying skill with money, it depend on your taste. Also if you have high
FAMI and dont want the trouble of train/retrain to stabilize FAMI. By all mean
purchase points for Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, however costly they
are. Those three increase verrrrrry slowly so buying is a cost-saving measure.

* 04.00 Chapter 3 (Loots: use? sell? repair?) *
The valuable stuffs are arranged according to Guiler's guide, but also from
data collected by forum members.

NAME                          PRICE      SPACE      COST/SPACE
----                          -----      -----      ----------
36M Mk1                       $ 154         4           $ 38
Acetophenetidin Analgesic     $  24         1           $ 24
Adhesive Surgical Plaster     $  75         1           $ 75
Advanced Picklock             $  75         4           $ 18
AGS Cartridge Belt            $2610         4           $652
AGS Rocket Launcher           $4830        16           $301
AVS-36                        $2580        14           $184
Bazooka M1                    $2767        21           $131
Bazooka Rocket Propelled Gren $ 658         3           $219
Bazooka Rocket (Armor Piercin $ 738         3           $246
Beretta M38-42                $2113        10           $211
Beretta M38-42 Silenced       $2134        14           $152
Beretta M1938A                $1618        12           $134
Billy Club                    $  52         8           $  6
Breda                         $ 114         4           $ 28
Bren  `                       $2352        21           $112
Browning HP                   $1387         6           $261
Browning M1922                $1450        21           $ 69
Browning M1922 Magazine       $  30         1           $ 30
Carbine 1938                  $1415        12           $117
Carbine 98K Scoped, Silenced  $4042        14           $288
Carbine DeLizl Silenced       $1577        14           $112
Cardiac and Respiratory Stimu $ 240         4           $ 60
Cash                          $ 990         2           $495
Chakra                        $ 195         4           $ 48
Chatellerault M1924/1929      $1254        18           $ 69
Chatellerault Magazine        $  30         2           $ 15
Colt M1911                    $1187         6           $194
Colt M1911 Pistol Clip        $   9         1           $  9
Compressed Gauze Bandage      $ 120         4           $ 30
Defused TNT Charge            $ 180         2           $ 90
Diamond Necklace              $3600         4           $900
DP                            $2833        21           $134
DP Drum Magazine              $  84         4           $ 21
DShk Boxed Cartridge Belt     $ 270         4           $ 67
F-1                           $ 211         4           $ 52
Fast Haemostatic Powder       $ 135         4           $ 33
Fairbairn Sykes Knife         $  58         3           $ 19
FG 42                         $3150        12           $262
FG 42 Scoped                  $4710        12           $392
Finnish Knife                 $ 327         3           $109
Flak38 Magazine               $ 660         4           $165
Forceps, Abbey                $ 195         6           $ 32
G-41 W                        $2350        14           $167
G-41 W Scoped                 $3012        14           $215
Garand M1                     $1742        12           $145
Garand M1 Rifle Clip          $  12         1           $ 12
Garand M1 Scoped              $2370        12           $197
Gatling Drum Magazine         $ 600         4           $150
Gold                          $1500         2           $750
Golden Goblet                 $2700         6           $450
Golden Ring                   $ 600         1           $600
Golden Watch                  $1560         4           $390
Haemostatic Forceps           $ 135         6           $ 22
Haemostatic Liquid            $ 150         6           $ 25
Hank of Wire                  $  84         4           $ 21
Heavy Mortar Shell            $ 615         3           $205
Hecsogen Charge               $ 870         6           $145
Jewels                        $3000         4           $750
Johnson Light Gun (clip)      $  27         2           $ 13
Ka-Bar Knife                  $ 609         3           $203
Kappmesser Knife              $  27         3           $  9
Khukuri Knife                 $ 495         8           $ 61
Lee-Enfield 10r Rifle Clip    $   9         1           $  9
Lee-Enfield Mk1               $ 157        14           $ 11
Lee-Enfield Mk1 Scoped        $1038        14           $ 74
Lewis Mk1                     $ 559        21           $ 26
Lewis Mk1 Magazine            $  42         4           $ 10
Light Mortar Shell            $ 294         3           $ 98
Liquid Cardiac Stimulant      $ 120         4           $ 30
Luftwaffe Machete Knife       $ 346         8           $ 43
LZ-System Energy Charge       $ 307         4           $ 76
M-24                          $ 249         3           $ 83
M-39                          $ 117         4           $ 29
M1917 Knife                   $ 121         8           $ 15
M20 Bazooka                   $4645        21           $221
M20 Bazooka Shell             $ 865         3           $266
M20 Bazooka Rocket (Armor Pie $ 952         3           $317
M3 Knife                      $ 384         3           $128
M3A1                          $1318        15           $ 87
M3A1 Silenced                 $1637        10           $163
Manlicher-Carcano M38         $1161        12           $ 96
Manlicher-Carcano M91 Scoped  $2114        14           $151
MAS 1936                      $ 679        12           $ 56
MAS Rifle Clip                $   6         1           $  6
Mauser K96 1912               $ 111         8           $ 13
Mauser M.712                  $1269         8           $158
Mauser M29                    $ 532        12           $ 44
Mauser M98                    $ 310        12           $ 25
Mauser Rifle Clip             $   7         1           $  7
Medium Mortar Shell           $ 396         3           $132
MG 34                         $4675        21           $226
MG42                          $5077        21           $241
MG91Z Magazine                $ 450         4           $112
Mine Probe                    $  21         3           $  7
Mine Shovel                   $  96         8           $ 12
Mk3A1                         $  43         2           $ 21
Morphine Sulfate Anagesic Pil $  52         4           $ 13
Mosin 1891-1930               $1184        14           $ 84
Mosin 1891-1930 Scoped        $1824        14           $130
MP 28 - Bergmann              $ 543        10           $ 54
MP 38                         $ 306        12           $ 25
MP 40                         $ 327        12           $ 27
MP 40-II                      $ 549        12           $ 45
MP 40 SMG Magazine            $  28         2           $ 14
MP 41                         $1118        10           $111
Nagant 1910                   $  60         6           $ 10
O-23                          $ 135         4           $ 33
OF-37                         $  96         4           $ 24
Painting                      $4200         6           $800
Panzerfaust                   $2320        21           $101
Panzerfaust Rocket (Armor Pi  $ 673         3           $224
Panzerfaust Rocket Propelled  $ 550         3           $183
Panzerklein Repairing Tool    $ 135         4           $ 33
Panzerklein Repairing Tool    $ 285         6           $ 48
Panzerschreck                 $3810        21           $181
Parabellum Pistol Clip        $   7         1           $  7
Part of the "Amber Room"      $9000        12           $750
Picklock Set                  $ 204         4           $ 51
PIAT                          $1693        21           $ 80
PIAT Rocket Propelled Grenade $ 433         3           $144
PIAT Rocket Armor Piercing    $ 511         3           $170
Picklock                      $  15         3           $  5
PPD-40                        $ 746        10           $ 74
PPS 42                        $1590        12           $132
PPS 43                        $2298        12           $229
PPSh 41                       $2568        10           $256
PPSh 41 Modified              $3213        10           $321
PPSH/PPD SMG Drum             $  85         4           $ 21
PPShm/PPS SMG Magazine        $  42         2           $ 21
PTR Boys Gun                  $2689        21           $128
PWM-1                         $ 795         3           $265
Rifle 33-40 Scoped            $1260        12           $105
RG-42                         $ 354         4           $ 88
RGD-33 (Offensive Mod)        $  72         3           $ 24
RGD-33 (Defensive Mod)        $ 289         3           $ 96
RPD                           $3912        18           $217
RPG-40                        $ 471         6           $ 78
RPG-41                        $ 663         6           $110
RPG-43                        $ 508         6           $ 84
RPG-6                         $ 577         6           $ 96
Sauer 38X                     $ 202         4           $ 50
Screwdriver                   $  30         4           $  7
SHKAS Clip                    $ 450         4           $112
ShKAS Machine Gun             $1860        21           $ 88
Shuriken                      $ 117         1           $117
SKS45                         $3756        14           $268
SKS45 Scoped                  $5289        14           $377
Smatchet Large Combat Knife   $ 177         8           $ 22
Smiz-35                       $ 232         2           $116
Springfield M1917             $ 742        14           $ 53
Springfield M1917 Rifle Clip  $   7         1           $  7
Springfield M1917 Scoped      $1400        14           $100
SRCM mod .35                  $  63         4           $ 15
Sten Mk II                    $ 712        10           $ 71
Sten Mk III Silenced          $1353        12           $112
Sten Mk IV                    $1858        10           $185
Sten Mk V                     $2608        10           $260
Sten SMG Magazine             $  28         2           $ 14
Sterling Patchett             $3523        21           $167
Sterling Patchett Para        $4231        12           $352
Sterling Patchett Silencer    $4341        10           $434
STG 43                        $4362        18           $242
Stocks                        $1800         4           $450
Stun Air-Rifle Silenced       $2550        14           $182
Stun Pistol Silenced          $ 202         8           $ 25
Stunning Dart                 $ 150         2           $ 75
Suomi                         $2039        12           $169
SVT 40                        $2883        14           $205
SVT 40 Scoped                 $3722        14           $265
Thompson 1923                 $3909        10           $390
Throwing Knife                $  63         2           $ 31
TKB408                        $5937        10           $593
TNT Charge                    $ 289         6           $ 48
TT 1933                       $  95         6           $ 15
TT Pistol Clip                $   9         1           $  9
Vickers Machine Gun           $2811        21           $133
Volksgewehr45                 $2180        18           $121
Walther P38                   $ 999         6           $166
Weapon Brush                  $  90         4           $ 22
Webley-Scott                  $1554         6           $259
Welrod Mk1 Silenced           $ 277         8           $ 32
Wood Chopping Axe             $ 240         8           $ 30
Z-23                          $ 102         4           $ 25
ZB 26/60 Magazine             $  45         1           $ 45

Now then, onwards to category

* 04.01 Pistol (that itty bitty thingagumies you fondle) *
I only introduce best pistols and the progression a pistoleer would use.
Other pistols may get a honorable mention. Or they may not. 

Name: Snap/Burst/Average-Damage-per-AP(burst)/Magazine/Ammo caliber

M712: 10/15/6.67/20rds/7,62*53 USSR
Most trusted pistol. Plentiful in loots (germany research station 2nd stage)
Burstable 2rounds. 2 types of ammo. You can use to the very last battle.
The ammo is same as PPSh 41, or PPD, PPsS42-43. The 20rds magazine is the 
most compact of this class and should be used instead of other magazines.

Browning HP: 8/*/7.38/13rds/.38 Parabellum
Interim pistol that must stretch till the debut of Sterling Para or Cz M25.
No burst mode. 2 types of ammo. Quite rare (one piece in sale) but with 2000
points in maintainance it can be used in mission if repair before hand.
The plentiful ammo helps quite a bit. 13rds of magazine helps more. 

Cz M25: 8/incomplete
Quite possibly the best pistol, it's very rare (only piece in sale). 2 burst
mode. 2 types of ammo. With 1600 points of maintainance it's possible to use
in mission but inconvenient. Best as a supporting weapons for grenadiers or 
scouts. 24 rounds magazine.

Sterling Pratchett Para: 8/
Best pistol. Although it's slightly inferior in quality compared to M25, it's
quite easy to find spares, making it more usable (burst shot all the time with
no fear of jamming). 1200 points of maintainance. 2 burst mode. 2 types of
ammo. 32 rounds magazine.

* 05.00 Chapter 4 (On companions and baggages, aka  *
*on the ones who like to let hands wander unnoticed)*

There're two ways in dealing with mercenaries: You hire them cheap and use them
consistently to train the way you want OR you hire them costly for the skills 
they had. The second way require you do many encounters and Bank Heist because
it's so costly to get competent help.

High level mercs got a few things going for them: their Attributes are 
wonderful. Some are way better than you hope to train up to. 26 points in 
three stats? you must train until the fun got suck out of you to get that 
good. Or use them from start to the very finish. So buying is worth 
considering. Shade is 28 points and as cheap as they can get, but he paid for
it by level up quite slower than others. And some skills take forever to train
Engineer is especially bad. How long will your train to get to 130? At least 
consistently until midgame. (I must admit, the limit on Engineer's skill
is through mission and level: level 13 to allow for 130 pts).
You can have one, or three, mercs with 26 points at the very start with a 
wonderful low low price of 30K~. Good mercs, good equipments.

Sometimes, if you feel like want to burn money, you can buy mercs just to get
their equipments which are quite late game stuffs.

Low level mercs is in fact the ideal trainee you want them to be. Train them 
up, use the way you want, and cheap. A feeling a solid team from start  
to finish isnt bad either. Training and Using is also the only fun way to 
increase Familiarity in weapons.

I go the middle road. When I play non-Engineer, I hire top-class Engineer. 
And a grenadier. high-end grenadier can be trained  but why bother when you 
need to train your Scout, your Sniper, your Medic... Medic is very easy to 
train so I never hire expensive doctor if I can help it. Abala is good enough 
for me. When I play Engineer, only grenadier.

* 05.01 Scout - Sniper *

Scout and Sniper make a fitting recruit for Pistoleer. Scout because of their 
Hide and Spot; Sniper because of their Shoot. As companions, they help you 

Since you use pistol, the high Shoot limit and low burst of Sniper are ideal. 
And the high FAMI perks come with Snipers make M712 scouting snipers deadly
dangerous. Can you imagine disarming 6 redshirts in one round with just a 
pistol? Of course you have to get really close to that group and got a full
turn. And if you dont have backup to kill them all the next round you will get
mobbed. But the possiblity is there.

With Scout, you can see, hide and hear better, which makes getting near targets 
easier. Plus you can melee and throw better than scout. A FastThrow scout is 
nearly as dangerous as a grenadier (low strength and lack of a perk limiting 
the range of heavy grenades). And with medium burst limit you can make full use
of burstable machined pistols such as M712 and Sterling Para.

* 05.01.01 Shade *

You get him from Switzerland Encounter Prison of Shade. Rescue him and he 
stay in your group for free. Alas, you cant get rid of him short of killing.

Shade is a ninja type of scout. He's very good with his hands: melee, 
throwing. Shoot and Burst is worse than other scouts. His Hide skill simply
is magical. And his attributes! Oh his attributes! He's better than even the 
most expensive mercenary you can hire. And since you use him so much, at 
middle game (before Treachery mission) his attributes can get up to 30+. 
That's right, 11/11/9. 

Paying for all that goodness is his slow level progression. about 1-2 level
lower than other, however much you used him. But I dont object to that.

Paid two points for Fast Throw and you got a wonderful grenadier. Equip him 
with Katana or some good melee knives (hell, those throwing knives are good 
enough) and you wont have to worry about guns or ammo. His bad Shoot and Burst
make him unfit to use gun but worse come to worst, you can always slap him 
some rocket launchers and  unleash him against PK. Although in that case he
can throw some mean heavy grenades, so it's more optimal that way.

He cant wear armor or change outfit. So middle to late game he can be very 
vunerable before heavy gunfire or grenades.
* 05.04 Medic (the ones who like to play doctor with you) *
Medic got the making of a fine rifleman. Oh they can wield pistol just fine.
But that wont make full use of his gun tree: fast snap, good aimed, better 
careful. Equip them with 14AP rifle like those carbines and medic shine 
like stars. The silenced carbine delizle is especially fit, since it have no
snipe mode and early middle game, plus with fast snap they cost 11AP to shoot.

Beware the trap of Carbine 98 K silenced. It's only deadly in the hands of 
Snipers. In the hand of Medic it's make him bloody slow killers (4shots for a
target). So you can use it as interim weapons to train out of Fami from the
Delizle. Exchange it with Scoped SVT 40.

Dont forget 3 points to get the perk seeing enemies' HP. A fine tactical tool,
it is! And to be frank, it's about the only reason we pick up Medics, because
Engineer can bandage you quite well with proper training.

Abala is quite a favourite. With Dani, I got the impression she can shoot HMG
Chateaullerault quite well compared to other. Alas, that MGs only shine in 
early to middle game. Later it's sooo out of date.

Remember, the way to use medic is SnapShot 14-15AP rifle. Pistol is fine but
not optimal.

* 06.00 Chapter 5 (That spot of troubles you got during travel time) *

There're 3 types of Random Encounters: Worthy, Generic, and Dangerous 

Worthy is very rare, and got only two worth mentioning: Prison of Shade, 
and Bank Heist. They say Worthy is repeatable but if the first time is hard 
to catch, you can imagine the subsequent is soooo harder.

Generic is generic encounters, some battlefields got lockers with something 
in there, most dont. Dangerous Generic is the same maps as Generic but got 
one more twist (stationery machinegun) and more red guys. Loots are a bit
better: if generic got forcep, dangerous got first aid kits, generic got 
rifle 33-40, dangerous got scoped, kind of like that. 

Loots in lockers as well as equipments change with level and stage. First 
stage you got guards with Lewis Mk1, 2nd stage got Bren or Chateaulerault...

* 06.01 Prison of Shade *
A worthy encounter to do with at least one more mule, to carry loots away. 
It's in centre of Switzerland, left of the lake. Wait a LONG time for it.

You get a free mate out of this: your ninja scout Shade. He got wonderful 
attributes but level up slower than normal. Best with melee and throwing, 
worse than normal scout with Shoot and Burst, also Magically Hide. Unable to 
wear bodyarmor or change outfit.

Four snipers on four towers can be killed by one careful pistoleer. After 
that, the lone machinegunman on the front yard is just another prey.

From the back you can see and shoot a guard standing near the stair 
watching the door. After that done the anthill is in chaos. Either they run 
out and get killed in the dark by you or you methodically open the door, 
throw one apple in to wound/bleed them first then enter. The guard booth 
is a bit strange, opaque glass maybe?

Loots are rifle, machinegun (Lewis Mk1),a PPD, pistols and nades. All of it 
are so welcome to a level 2 gal. In fact it can be done at level 2 but you 
may not have money to hire a mate yet. And just You and Shade will not be 
able to carry away all the loots which is such a crying shame. So wait 
a bit, get more mules (and levels) then visit it.

* 06.02 BANK HEIST *

Gimme your money! This lucky event happens near the LZ of Germany, right to 
the right, and a bit down. Quite rare too. Some say it's repeatable but I 
havent revisited yet.

A group of Hammer attack a bank. Guards fought back. They got mostly pistols
and some rifles. Most the robbers attack frontally but there's two riflemen 
stay at the back of the bank, ambushing. 

Kill them all, guards and robbers! Since they consider you an accomplice or 
rival, you might as well. Tactics? Run like hell to the back, finish off two
goons there and break into 1 of 2 offices. After that you can manage.

70K in treasure and cash. And a tidy amount in reselling guns as well. You 
should have your full squad and your necessary load-out, not more. Yes, 
it's that bulky.

You can do a lot of encounters to train your team or you do a few of this to 
get money to hire expensive top of the line mercenary. I did it once to get a
top-end grenadier and an engineer (my squad leader is a scouting sniper). 
Worth every penny out of them. But more is overpower since they are way ahead
of enemy's level.

* 06.03 Germany's research station *

One 3-floor building surrounded by fence (cuttable by wire cutter you got from
second mission to last, or you can destroy it manually). Top floor got a pair 
of good pistols. Ground floor got medical stuffs. Guards. 1 Scientist. 3 
unarmed Engineers. All hostile.

Dangerous Version got a machinegun mounted on sidecar and three more guards,
mostly stand around the gate. Weapon mostly generic. Another version is three
more guards staying outside (no stationary MG, you start at the fence behind 
the shed). unless you can silent shot all three you cant sneak in. When you 
can get a wire cutter (fence cutting version, not trap defusing) you can 
break the fence and get in, dont have to bother with the gate

Your best sneaker can sneak through the gate, round the truck, to the back, 
up the ladder, sneak in the office upstair to get the pistols first. Sometimes
there's one or two inside but it's not troublesome too much if you can get 
there. The downstair medical stuffs cant be had unless you frontal assault. 
If Engineer is sneaky neough you can get in, plant mines in front of all 
those doors then attack: any guards open the doors will get a nasty surprise
especially the door of the shed with all those oil barrels.

My personal favourite: Good enemies, good loots. Generic is boring. Dangerous
is a bit rare. This map is around the north, near the coast. You can redo
this map all campaign long with the various type of guns and medical stuffs.
Also one early place where we can get forceps and bullet extractors for free.

* 06.04 Germany's Railroad Station. *
Boring! Dangerous version got one HMG point toward your starting place.

Redshirts. Unarmed Engineer.

No Loots!

* 06.05 Poland's One and Only DONE *
Oh God! Factory with empty lockers. Dangerous version get some cheap loots 
(grenades) in there. You know, the East bloc countries are pretty poor picking:
USSR dont have lockers, and Poland has empty ones. So depressing!

* 06.06 England's repair station *

A 2 wing compound, one small factory. Factory got trapped-and-locked locker
with heavy grenades. Compound got medical stuffs. 

Generic guards with generic weapons. 

No Dangerous version? Boring. The grenades are interesting if you are into
throwing melons around though.

* 06.07 England's V8 Crashed Site *

A V8 crashed on an underground compound. Guard house aboveground. Underground 
got locker with 10 Little Joe Arrow. Considering LJ ammo is cheap, LJ is 
awkward to use, this mission is worthless in term of loots.

Guards with generic weapons.

No Dangerous Version? Quite dangerous, but not much loot... Boring.
* 06.08 Egypt's PK camp *
It's around the Assault Mission Map, can be mixed in with normal RE.

You start in a small rocky area. 4-5 PKs stand near the camp with a chest of 
AGS gun for PK and ammo. Infantries are quite good (estimated 3-4 levels
higher than you). 

If you dont have good antiPK guns (2 at minimum) like bazooka with AP rounds,
or PWM (6 is the preference) you are screwed. Even if you got enough for one,
the swarming red wont let you have the time to fix the PK to counter. In that 
case, use the scout to get the AGS, sniping which infantry you can, hide and

IF you have enough, let the fun begin!

There are other encounters in USSR, Poland, Egypt but with no lockers, the loot
limit to what enemies can carry which is not very much other than guns and 
ammo... Boring. I had to mention Russian RE because they're quite middle game 
and the loots of guns are interesting enough but really...
* 07.01 First mission (that fateful encounter in Poland) *
Grab the pistol but dont walk up yet. Use your fist to break down the locked 
door nearby. There're good stuff inside. Pity we are pistoleer so we cant use 
the MP40.

Run like hell upstair: Sometimes one, sometimes two guys inside the building. 
If there's one, run near him and shoot, make way for Boris. If there're two, 
run back down and Hide until they get down the basement. Shot him on the ears 
as you dont have enough bullets and skills anyway. Boris will butcher the guys
for you. Grab the pistol T1933. And the picklock in the bedroom. Attic got 
nothing worth the bullets you shot up.

If Boris want to run outside, let him. Even if he get killed, dont worry. Grab
the dropped Axe from his corpse. Now we can methodically find a way to ambush
the rest of enemies. Whatever Boris carried will be lost with him in the 
cutscene so it's optimal to let him get his ass killed.

The last one is in the barn, looking at the door. If Boris still alive he may 
run straight up to him and eat 1st or 2nd rounds for you. In the mean time you
get near and gun him down.

Pick up your loot and run near the red cross to exit.

* 07.02 Second mission (testing MY loyalty? and in Switzerland, no less?) *
Keep only a pistol, one pineapple from the loot, two magazine. You will need
all the space for loot. Repair the pistol if need be.

This town got place you can ambush enemies: behind the bar or the stair lead
down to basement. So you either shot the guy once or twice then hide behind 
the bar or just run away down the stair. You can use the pineapple if 2 red
shirts stay near each other, dont be economical here. Try to ambush them. 

You may change from TT33 to Luger British for a while, there're two in 
this mission. Other than the bunch of reds around the bar, one rifleman
with Lee Enfield stand on the balcony overlook the front yard of the bar.
You can run up to him on the ground then shoot upward or you can crawl 
upstair to shoot, up to you.

There's civilian outfits in bedrooms, and four small grenades (in two chests)
in the basement. The blocked underground passage can be clear by grenade, gun,
or fist.


Before you choose the next mission, try to recruit a few more teammates. Dont
forget Shade in Switzerland. Try to gather a full squad so that you can carry
away all those loots. Train if you can, esp in Hide.
* 07.03 1st set of mission - Must-Win Penemunde Archives mission (ROBOT) *

At the first cross sections you can go two ways: my recommendation is straight
forward to the cul-de-sac. We will turn around later.

At the end of the rail road there's a group SCRIPTED guards. IF they saw you 
they will assume ambush postions and paying no attention to your ambushers. 
So you can send your good sneakers into positions first then send clumsiest 
guys in later to trigger.

IF the short ambush became long enemies may come near and stand on the other
side of the wooden wall. HMG or grenades will unblock the way fast. 

Go through the bridge  and corridor is another cul-de-sac with a blocked off
section and one-two guards there. There's loot behind the wooden panels: amber
and valuable. if you run straight  to the other end of this corridor you can 
find the ladder (2 guards) to deeper sections of the mine. You can do that 
to advance to next session or you could turn aside to deal with the rest of 
enemies remaining  (send a scout and a grenadier, they will solve problems 
fast) (another blocked off wooden panel hid gold bars). Pick up all the 
loots before proceed though.

The next session got two blocked off with Lewis Mk1, Scoped rifle, 4 Hesogen
charges (save them for later). Eliminate enemies before you step on the 4 
pillars room.

The 4 pillars room is scripted. If you step on it you enter combat mode and a
[i]engineer will run away. try to kill him to find the cyphered message 
necessary to open secret mission {mechanical soldier}. Scout and grenadier 
forward to discover and destroy enemies. What they cant kill sniper with 
rifles can finish off.

The cyphered message is first of a series of clue lead to Secret mission, the
which also has requirement of 130 Eng for main character before you can 
activate robot. Or you could just use code to open that mission.

* 07.04 1st set - How-to-lose Scientist (a poetry-loving scientist? Boggle!) *
* Get the scientist out of that town alive
When you press leave mission, that NPC must be alive in your party. Even if
if you kill everyone already and the message was sent, if you then kill him,
you fail. Losing this mission is easy, just kill him at the end. Viola!

The targeted scientist at the second house on the left turn. If you go near,
or if enemies sense his presence, a cutscene will ensure. if you talk to him,
he will be added to your party, an unused engineer.

An search and destroy team will appear on the top right corner of the map and
advance toward where the scientist is. If you position a good sniper at the 
end of that left turn and look toward that direction you can snipe them from
afar. Or you could just ambush them at mouths of those two alleys. Grenadiers
work great if they enter in group.

Three redshirts in the house right next to scientist's house: one secondfloor
two groundfloor. Three or four on the house on the other side of the crossroad
who will advance to investigate noise of battle.

Two or three civilian oufits scatter in the map. That's all for stationary

* 07.05 1st set - How-to-lose Snitch (a bother in forest) *
Condition to win:
* Kill the informant before he left the map
* Kill every THO agents in the map
The informant count as a THO agent. He left the map, you fail. BUT, dont let
him the only one THO left, ie, dont kill everybody before he leave, as he 
would refuse to leave in that case.

This map present a challenge for one who is interested, that is let the 
tattletale left the map after you loot his silenced Sten III. You can get this
after this battle or two anyway, but doing is a complicated challenge for the 
bored. Show your merc to him, he draw to shoot, shoot his weapon off and let 
him live, he run away in that case. 

If you let enemies sense your presence they will trigger a cutscene and come
to you. 

2-man patrol and two standing guard are on this side of the road.

The officer near the car can spot quite good. The informant will run toward 
your discovered presence after the cutscene . If injured, or you stay 
undiscovered he will run toward the 2-floor ruin then toward the 5-man place
to leave

On the other side of the map, a 5-man group will move AFTER the cutscene. 
Their position is where the agent leave. 2 man on the ground floor of the 
2-floor ruin to ambush. One sniper on the second floor can see quite good.

A good scout can sniff out their position beforehand, allow your grenadier 
approach the 5-man position. Scout himself can stay near the 3 mans. Sniper
can provide support from proper distance. Your remainders can dispose of the 
4s on the other side of the group.

At start, scout kill the sniper, grenadier (or Fast Throw grenade chucker) can
bombard the 5-man with 3-5 grenades. Timing right you can heavily injured them
to the point they cant counter. Although if you stay near the 5-man, the 
informant will be quite reluctant to escape through it. Sniper can kill the 
rest of them.

No stationary loots.
* 07.06 1st set - How-to-lose A4 missile silo in Poland (You got me there!) *
* Grab the A4 missile design
* Kill them all

I am not sure how  I can lose this mission. Inform me if you know how.

3-man patrol along the rail. left them till mop-up. 

2-man patrol near the antenna. They will investigate sounds.

2 separate moving guards in the trench. Dispose them silently if you would.

1 moving sniper on the big roof. 1 standing sniper near the tower. Snipe them 
from afar.

1 ambushing officer near the truck.

each bunker got one redshirt. the tower got one groundfloor and one uptop.

The big garage got 4-man reinforcement group if you make approriate noise.
A grenadier nearby and a shooter can dispose them off handily as they get 
out of the garage door. 

Somtimes the garage door cant close up. You still have to get to underground 
section to chase enemies though.

First part is the ground battle. Second part is in the underground tunnel.
Send scout ahead to discover enemies then kill them. Basic tactic, really.

Third part happen in that garage. As you emerge from the trapdoor 7 redshirts
stand on high to ambush you.

Depend your preference: a grenadier with light grenades will damage them 
handily. SMGs and riflemen can finish off the rest. Careful with the apple 
so they dont snag and explode in your hand.

Lotsa loots.
* 07.07 Interlude - Act of Terrorism (adventure in London's sewer of fame) *
* Kill them all.
* Dont let any of the four armed barrel explode.

As the prompter say, bring along an engineer. At least 4 charge of lockpick, 4
charge of disarming stuff(recommend 7 or more).

Scout will advance to sniff out enemies position. Right before you on the right
hand is a 4-man group will chase and stuck you in if your scout ignore that 
right-turn and go straight. Proper position will allow grenadier and sniper to
finish them off as they run. 

Straight up ahead is 2-4 redshirt who will see you through the door and 
advance toward you. To the end of that road is a right turn that lead you 
straight into the hot barrel of a HMG and a smg. A tunnel with three mines.
One PPD guy at the end of that, protecting a staircase lead to the main room.

Back to the start of the sewer, the right turn lead you to 2 culdesac with
two group of redshirt. One culdesac got a locked chest with two dart guns.
Save them for the end of this.

At the end of this road is another staircase. Now position one dart guy here
with half of your disarming stuff. Call them group A. Group B is at the other 

As you moved to open the door, cutscene cue in to show that there's at least
4 heavily armored THO inside busily arming the explosive barrels.

Group A enter: a THO behind that pillar who will arm the barrel at stair. 
Another stand a bit farther on the right will arm the barrel in the middle. 
Dartgun one guy and gun down the other.

Group B enter: you may be discovered by the pillar THO. 2 stand near the big 
barrels of wine that can shield them quite well from grenades. Gun them down,
or dartgun them as you wish.

If they can move they will cutscenely arm the explosive. You got about 2 turns
to disarm them, giving you a dynamite device each.

The THOs here is abit random between 4-6. In easier difficulty there's one or 
two art pieces.

* 07.08. 2nd set - How-to-lose Godfather (an offer he would not refuse) *
* Kill all the assassins but left Godfather alive
* Interrogate him

For the sake of Mechanical Soldier mission, leave this mission until after 
Border and Corrupt Official. It's has few hidden bugs that can closed off 
req for mechie mission. And just to be on the safe side maybe you shouldnt
lose this. But this is the only lose-able in the second set.

He refuse our offer. Most unwise. And he want to kill us for money. Extremely 
most unwise. And we want to lose the only loseable mission of all 4, so he 
had to go. Kill him before talking.

Easy mission with plenty of melee fighters. Godfather Smoke got 4 bodyguards 
and one gatekeeper. There's one Russian guard at the barrier. Two lurkers with
stand in the mist so hard to see. And someother buggers. Easy peasy!

There're loots in the locked back room of his office and an identical chest 
in the factory. A few cash pile and stock. It's poor pickings, equipment-wise,
in this mission.

* 07.09 2nd set - Cant-lose Pen (Assassins, convicts, wardens, oh my!) *
* Interrogate Otter
* Kill enough prisoners

This mission is abit buggy, generally speaking. Sometimes Otter die at the 
very start of mission, making interrogate him impossible.  In that case you 
cant fail this mission

IF otter is still alive, you can always kill him before you speak to him. 

5-man prisoners group near the shed with one Russian officer. you can run 
one or two guys behind the shed to attack them (dont run straight ahead at

Grenadiers move to near the gate. Sniper lie where convenient and shoot the 
targets. It's a simple mission, really, if you have high FAMI rifles, or good
grenadiers with light apples.

Good loots.

* 07.10 2nd set - Must win Border mission (ROBOT) *
* Captured the prisoners.
* Kill them till they surrender.
* Dont let Russian guards die too many (1-2)

If you pay that paltry amount you start on the Finnish border and stuck one
up the rear of the THOs. plus you get a carbine 98k silent so ahead of time.
If you dont pay, you get two crappy silent guns. I always pay.

Move to middle of the bridge and terminate them. Let one THO alone so you got 
time to taking care of the wound and move to positions.

The reinforcement appear after you kill the last THO. An oval group which will
surrender when only 3 remain. The [i] guy is in the middle.

A pistoleer in the alley, and a scout in the house will see them all. A 
grenadier station behind the door of the guard house. He could stay on the 
roof but he will be sniped easily. Two riflemen lay straight on the track, 
slightly behind the grenadier's door. The rest can be where you want.

Two riflemen can open fire to draw off enemies presence, making them spend all
their AP on shooting them from far afield. Then the pistoleer and the scout 
can open door and open fire/throw grenades. Pistoleer can use the trick of 
shooting their arms to make them dropped guns. Then grenadier can finally open
door and sling grenades toward the weakened enemies.

When they are down to 3 they will cutscenely surrender. The [i] guy will tell
you of a village in poland, which is a clue toward Robot mission.

Plenty of loots

As for the silent sniper gun, Carbine 98k scoped silent is a bit specialized. 
Its damage mean only sniper can use it effectively and undercover. In others'
it's not so good. 

* 07.11. 2nd set - How-to-lose Corrupt Official (so many shinies) *
Stealth Mission:

* Covertly Infiltrate His Office (stealth always)
* Interrogate Him
* Extract stealthily and safely.

If stealth status is blown:
* Capture Official
* Interrogate him

This mission cause many "buggy" situations for people so I will explain 
upfront what need to be done.

Most often meet bug is that you lost stealth when attack a Hammer guards. 
The four outer perimeter Hammers are okay to take out but the two personal 
guards and two in the nearby room is NOT okay. They are SCRIPTED to 
discover you if you so much as whisper to them, so forget it. And later on 
when the cutscene happen there appear  

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