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Silent Hill 4: The Room

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About The Game

Henry Townshend finds himself trapped in his own cursed apartment. Only by exploring mysterious portals leading to disturbing alternate worlds will Henry begin to uncover clues as to why he is trapped. Such is the premise of Silent Hill 4 The Room, a more action-focused entry into Konami's survival horror series. Features include a higher number of weapons and enemies than previous games in the series, changes to the environment in real time, shifts between the first- and third-person perspective, and various visual and control upgrades to the Silent Hill 3 engine. Levels include a forest, a prison and a hotel. Also available for PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox.

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Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill 4: The Room Review

By Jimmy Goldstein |

Like it or not, the "survival-horror" genre has reached, and passed, its zenith some time ago. Say, three or four years ago. Potential players that might have stayed with the genre apparently were lost on Resident Evil: Code Veronica's controls, its evil twin story, or didn't care too much about the "huge" change from pre-rendered backgrounds to polygonal ones (though many hardcore fans did). And player and critic reactions to Silent Hill 2's claustrophobic fogginess and Silent Hill 3's quick action were all over the charts: Either you loved or hated them.

Personally, I love survival horror games, and I especially love the Silent Hill series. I adore a good scare, and nobody does it better, with that beneath-your-skin sense of freakishness, that subtle eeriness of silence and the unknown, than Konami's Silent Hill team. I love the sense of atmosphere, the surreal sense of wandering around lost in limbo, the logic puzzles, the NPC grotesques, the obscurity of Pyramid Head. And there's perhaps the most freaky instance ever, in Silent Hill 2, of a talk show host speaking over a broken radio directly to the player.

So I've wondered why I've hesitated to play this latest one. After finishing it this weekend, I discovered why. Despite another interesting story (this, of course, is debatable depending on what level of fan you are), and all of the key mark characteristics of the series, Silent Hill 4: The Room is neither brilliant nor terrible. Instead, it falls into that weird ether world of limbo, a game that's good in parts and weak in others, leaving you with a feeling of only mild satisfaction. It's like waking up with a great hunger to a plate of luke-warm eggs.

Making matters worse is a PC port with the blurriest textures we've seen in years and some serious graphical glitches on an GeForce FX 5900-based system at work and at home. Even with the latest official driver set, there seemed to be a big problem with the game successfully rendering the graininess filter. Instead, you got an ugly, transparent overlay. Another rig, this one with a Radeon 9800 Pro, had no such graphical issues, but all three systems suffered from poor audio syncing. This was most notable on the nVidia system, with dialogue often starting several seconds after the characters' mouths started moving. With a game so heavy on story, it puts a damper on things. We should also point out that the game is DVD-only.

While Silent Hill 3 was in development on PS2, Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo (KCET) was simultaneously working on Silent Hill 4: The Room for the PS2 and Xbox, the first time they've attempted parallel development. (SH4 was released in Japan in July.) This year, gamers will see a few significant changes, with pacing, location, and your relationship with "the room" itself. There are several interesting, though less significant, alterations in the form of menus, puzzles, and storage.

The Room
The story proves to be the most significant -- yet strangely insignificant -- aspect of this new arrival. Henry Townsend is a pretty average, straight white guy who one days wakes to his apartment room, which is industrially secured by multiple chains and locks from the inside. He cannot get out through the windows, and so he's stuck, left in wonder and confusion. Several days later, a small hole appears in his bathroom. It turns out to be a portal to another dimension, and it's Henry's only way out.

The room, you soon learn, is a safe-house for regaining health and for saving your progress. It's also the biggest new aspect in the architecture of the game. See, Henry is caught up in what basically results in a Silent Hill twilight zone, a plane he must examine and explore in order to escape. The room is where it all begins. As Henry, you'll explore Ashfield, a town a few miles away from Silent Hill, as well as subway, forest, water tower levels, and the apartment itself.

However, you'll always return to the room. It decays as you progress, and since the portals from the other world always lead to the room itself, you find that part of its intrigue is seeing how it transforms, what new things happen in it, and what other new clues there are to find. For instance, you can peek out the front door peep hole and you can yell all you want, but the neighbors, landlord, and your friendly next-door neighbor Eileen cannot see or hear you. You're trapped. You can peek into Eileen's room, too. You will watch everyday details of her life, such as the shaving of armpits, sweeping, getting ready to attend a party, and watching TV.

The room is a growing, organic creature of its own sort that requires your attention to complete the game. It creates a decent amount of claustrophobia, but not the kind that I'd hoped for. And yet, it's almost always fun to see what's going to happen next.

Silent Hill 4: The Room Cheats

UnlockableHow to UnlockGet 10 stars using hard mode.Unlock One weapon modeAfter finishing the game one time save and then reload the save the go to forest world and look for the cut tree, the chainsaw will be there.Locate ChainsawFinish the game one time and save. Start a new game using that save and go to room 302 to find the Outfit, it can be picked up on the 3rd time throughEileen Nurse outfitFinish one weapon mode.Unlock all weapons modeSuccessfully complete the game on any difficulty setting. Save the game after the credits complete to unlock the "Brand New Fear" option.Brand New Fear modeSuccessfully complete the game with a rank of at least 9 big stars. Start a game in "Brand New Fear" mode and look in Room 202 in the Apartment WorldSubmachine GunUnlock all 4 endings & Eileen's alt. costume on 1 game save. Start a new game & select Eileen's alt. costume. Cynthia will wear her alt. costume.Alternate Cynthia costume

Silent Hill 4: The Room Game Walkthrough

   _________ __ __                 __      ___ ___  __ __   __       _____  
  /   _____/|__|  |   ____   _____/  |_   /   |   |__|  | |  |     /  |  | 
  _____   |  |  | _/ __  /       __ /           |  | |  |    /   |  |_
  /        |  |  |_  ___/|   |    |       |    /  |  |_|  |__ /        /
 /_______  /|__|____/___  >___|  /__|    ___|_  /|__|____/____/ ____   | 
         /              /     /              /                     |__| 
|                   Author: A I e x                                          |
|                   Completed: July 31st, 2005                               |
| || TofC ||                   Table of Contents                  || TofC || |
|                    - Table of Contents............TofC                     |
|                    - Walkthrough..................1.00                     |
|                         - Controls................0.00                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.01                     |
|                         - Subway World............1.02                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.03                     |
|                         - Subway World............1.04                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.05                     |
|                         - Forest World............1.06                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.07                     |
|                         - Forest World............1.08                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.09                     |
|                         - Water Prison World......1.10                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.11                     |
|                         - Water Prison World......1.12                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.13                     |
|                         - Building World..........1.14                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.15                     |
|                         - Apartment World.........1.16                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.17                     |
|                         - Hospital World..........1.18                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.19                     |
|                         - Hospital World..........1.20                     |
|                         - Subway World 2..........1.21                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.22                     |
|                         - Subway World 2..........1.23                     |
|                         - Forest World 2..........1.24                     |
|                         - Water Prison World 2....1.25                     |
|                         - Building World 2........1.26                     |
|                         - Room 302 of the Past....1.27                     |
|                         - Room 302................1.28                     |
|                         - Outside Room 302........1.29                     |
|                         - Ritual Area.............1.30                     |
|                    - Plot Summary.................2.00                     |
|                    - Item Checklists..............3.00                     |
|                    - End of the Game..............4.00                     |
|                    - Legal & Copyright............L.0C                     |
|                    - Credits & Thanks.............C.0T                     |
| || 1.00 ||                      Walkthrough                     || 1.00 || |

For an introduction to the game, please see the review section at the bottom.

+--------------------------------- CONTROLS ------------------------- 0.00 --+

| D-Pad        | Cycle through items                                         |
| Left Analog  | Move your character                                         |
| Right Analog | Move the camera                                             |
| X            | Examine and/or attack, also confirm                         |
| Circle       | Hold to run, also cancel                                    |
| Square       | Open inventory                                              |
| Triangle     | Open map                                                    |
| R1           | Dodge right                                                 |
| R2           | Position yourself in combat ready state                     |
| R3           | N/A                                                         |
| L1           | Dodge left                                                  |
| L2           | Move camera to face forward                                 |
| L3           | Dodge                                                       |
| Select       | See information about item in inventory                     |
| Start        | Pause the game                                              |

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.01 --+

Upon awaking, examine everything in your bedroom, you can examine something 
when the eyeball icon appears.  Enter your living room and kitchen next.  
Examine everything that you can and try to return to your bedroom.  This 
should trigger a scene.  After the opening credits you will awaken in your 
room once again.  Feel free to look out the window to see what is going on.  
Leave your bedroom and approach your front door.  Go back into your living 
room and note a scrap of paper sticking out from behind the bookcase, next to 
the television.  After reading it, check the opposite corner to find a red 
book on the table.  You can use this to save your game whenever you wish.  
Approach the door again, pass by the large chest sitting against the wall and 
it will automatically bring you to a little men.  You can use this to store as 
many items as you want, since you can only hold ten things at once.  Look 
under your front door to find a scrap of paper.  After reading it, go into the 
room beside the front door and check everything out.  In your kitchen, open 
the fridge door and take the -Wine Bottle- as well as the -Chocolate Milk-.  
Now it's time to check out that loud noise that came from the bathroom.  Go 
there and watch the scene.  When you're ready examine the hole to get the
-Steel Pipe- then enter the hole.  Hold up to reach the Subway World.

      (__/  ) 
     ) /      
+-- (_/ UBWAY WORLD ------------------------------------------------- 1.02 --+

Equip your Steel Pipe (using the square button) when you reach the bottom of 
the escalator.  Head West (assording to your map which you can look at by 
pressing triangle) to trigger a scene with a mysterious woman.  Now she'll be 
following you around, as you go around the corner past the washrooms another 
scene occurs.  Now it's time to take on your first enemies.  Hold R2 to get 
into the fighting pose.  Remember these creatures will attack violently if you 
try to turn your back and run, but they will hesitate if you stay facing them.  
Hold X to charge up your attack then get close and let loose.  Keep your 
distance while charging.  Once the enemies are defeated, make absolutely sure 
by approaching the bodies and pressing X to stomp on them.  They won't be 
getting up after that.  Enter the washroom to find another hole, go into the 
hole which takes you back to the bedroom at your apartment again.

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.03 --+

Leave the bedroom and return to the living room.  Notice your health is 
gradually returning to full while here, be sure to keep this in mind, that you 
can return to your apartment and heal rather than wasting items all the time.  
Check the small shelf in the corner of your living room near the kitchen to 
see that it has moved, choose to straighten it.  You will find a -Pistol- on 
the ground.  Examine the writing on the wall.  After reading it, examine the 
hole in the wall.  After doing so you'll hear the sound of a phone ringing.  
It's coming from your room, go back and answer it.  When you leave the room 
another sound is heard.  This time head to your front door and look out the 
peephole.  That's brings an end to everything you need to do here, it's time 
to visit the world of the hole again.  Return to your bathroom and climb in.

      (__/  ) 
     ) /      
+-- (_/ UBWAY WORLD ------------------------------------------------- 1.04 --+

When you reach the washroom again, examine the bloody mannequin to get the 
-Lynch Street Line Coin-.  Leave the washroom and make a left.  In the next 
area you will find a couple of turnstiles and a dog wandering around.  Kill 
the dog by cramming your Steel Pipe down its throat then continue across, past 
the turnstiles, to the next area.  Here are two of those evil dog monsters as 
well as an enormous worm-like body of which you can only see a piece of.  
Don't worry about this worm, while creepy, it can neither attack you nor be 
killed.  It does however react to your attacks, so feel free to whack it for 
fun.  Be sure to eliminate the enemies before messing around however.  Go 
around behind the worm down the hall to the West to find -Pistol Bullets-.  
That's all there is to get here, return to the turnstiles.  There are four 
turnstiles here but only one of them will change to a stationary camera view 
when you stand in front of it.  This one has a little token box on the left.  
Face the actual turnstile, not the toekn box and press square to bring up the 
little inventory menu.  Use the D-pad to cycle right to the coin and press 
square to use the Lynch Street Line Coin to open up the turnstile.

At the bottom of the stairs there's a quick cutscene and a new type of enemy 
appears.  These are the ghost enemies, they have the ability to harm you even 
without attacking, simply being in their vicinity will damage you and they are 
cannot be killed so unlike the dogs, the best thing to do is to just run.  At 
the bottom of the stairs make a right (when facing down the stairs) and keep 
going down.  At the bottom you will hear a voice, use the right analog stick 
to look over and see Cynthia trapped in one of the subway cars.  Run all the 
way to the end of the waiting platform and go into the final door on the 
subway at the top (South end.)  There is a red button beside you, press the 
button and leave this subway car.  Return to the train car where you saw 
Cynthia trapped previously, she has already been let out and will quickly 
rejoin you, but you still want to go through that door.  Go through the door 
on the right then head up, and go through the door on the left.  There is a 
box in this train car, feel free to examine it but you cannot do anything with 
it at the moment.  Go up through the door, and up through the next door.  In 
this car make a right to get out of the subway car and go up, there should be 
two doors here.  Head throguh the door on the right, then go down and throguh 
the door at the bottom.  There's a door on your left here, go down, through 
the door on the right and down again.  This is the last area you have to go 
through, just go down as much as you can, then right to escape.

You are finally out of the subway cars now, just South of you are some stairs 
leading up, at the top pick up the -Pistol Bullets-.  Descend the stairs again 
and run all the way to the South end, the door here is open.  You will find a 
hole on the other side.  At this point, in terms of progressing the game there 
is no reason to go htorugh the hole, however, in terms of healing yourself and 
using your storage box back at the apartment there may be a good reason to use 
it.  Since there are no negative consequences at all to going back and 
healing, you might as well do it.  When you return to the Subway World through 
the hole again you will pop right back out in this room.  Climb down the 
ladder to the bottom and take a few steps to reach a fork in the path.  Don't 
go across the wooden boards to the South, instead climb the ladder to the 
West.  You will find -Pistol Bullets- at the top of the ladder.  Examine the 
door and you will unlock it.  That's all you need to do, climb back down the 
ladder and go South at the fork, across those boards.  It's a pretty linear 
path to the door at the end.  Kill the dog monster when you come out of the 
door.  There are quite a few of these in this area, if you move gradually you 
should be able to take them on one at a time rather than four at once.  When 
you see the open door of a subway car, go isnide and run to the end.  There is 
a golf club on the seat, pick up the -9-Iron-.  The goldclub is much strong 
than the Steel Pipe however like the description says, if you keep using it, 
it will break and there's no way to prevent this, so it's just kind of a 
temporary weapon.  Leave the subway car and keep going West until you see an 
escalator.  Grab the -Nutrition Drink- at the bottom and ride the escalator 
up.  If you ignore the escalator and keep going West you will find another 
hole.  The next thing you have to do is kind of dangerous, I would seriously 
recommend returning and restoring your health first.  Also if you have a full 
inventory, be sure to drop off some items in your chest like the Lynch Street 
Line Coin, some of those many Pistol Bullets, perhaps the Wine Bottle.  Return 
to the Subway World and go East then head up the escalator

This is kind of difficult, the escalator is very long and creatures will 
appear of of the walls to attack you.  There are a few tactics you can use to 
avoid damage.  Personally I prefer to run and just try to time the movements 
between attacks.  You can whip out the Steel Pipe to either stun or even kill 
the things in the walls, perhaps you will find it easiest to use the Pistol.  
Either way, you'll eventually reach the top.  Run East down to the end of the 
hall and grab the -Pistol Bullets- then climb the stairs to the top.  After 
examining the objects on the ground, examine the door to get the 
-Temptation Placard-.  Open the door and watch the cutscene to be warped back.

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.05 --+

Take a look out your window upon waking here.  Something odd is going on 
outside.  Leave your bedroom and listen to the radio transmission that chimes 
in.  Once it ends, take a look under your door for a scrap of paper.  After 
reading it you've done pretty much everything there is to do (besides take 
another peek on Eileen, you can do that whenever you want.)  Head for the 
bathroom and get ready to enter the hole once again.  Before you go check your 
inventory.  You can drop off most of the irrelevant items, in fact the only 
two things you absolutely need are the Chocolate Milk and Steel Pipe.

      (, /       
     ) /         
+-- (_/   OREST WORLD ----------------------------------------------- 1.06 --+

Move West and go through the gate.  Down this path you will find a large set 
of metal double doors and a hole to get back to your apartment beside them.  
In this room there are some flying creatures buzzing around.  The Steel Pipe 
will make short work of these enemies, no need to even chage it up, in fact it 
works better if you just swing quickly and wildly.  Grab the -Pistol Buttlets- 
from the bottom of the ramp and go into the next room where you'll find more 
of those obnoxious buzzing things.  Proceed through the gate and examine the 
car that is running, the driver's side door is open and there is a note in it.  
Examine it again to find a second memo.  Before leaving, if you've beaten the 
game prior to this, you'll find the -Chainsaw- in this area.  Now go down the 
path and through the gate to find a man sitting on the rock.  Listen to what 
he has to say then notice there is a kind of a fence thing in the middle with 
candles on it.  Well in one corner, on the opposite side of the fence from 
Jasper you'll find a -Nutrition Drink- laying on the ground.  Now porceed 
through the gate at the Southwest corner and be ready with your pipe.

Defeat the three dog monsters in this areea and be careful of the sort of 
fenced in area in the middle, a large object will drop though I'm fairly sure 
it can't actually hurt you.  In the next area there are three more of them as 
well, once again, use your pipe to club their faces and keep going.  Once you 
reach the large open area, enter the hole on the right side at the start.

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.07 --+

Leave the bedroom and go answer the buzz at the front door.  There will be a 
scene when you look out of your peephole.  If you've saved your game, healed 
up and stuck the Chocolate Milk in your inventory, then it's time to go back.

      (, /       
     ) /         
+-- (_/   OREST WORLD ----------------------------------------------- 1.08 --+

There is more than one door here, the one you want is the upper left 
(Northwest) door when looking at your map.  Run through this area and the next 
area to reach a place that overlooks the lake.  There is a -Portable Medical
Kit- on the ground here beside you.  There's also a hole here to get back to 
your apartment but since you pretty much just came back, don't bother.  Return 
to the area where you cameout of the hole and take the Southwest door this 
time.  Follow the linear path, past the ghost, past the hole and through the 
door where you'll find a young child.  Step forward to trigger a scene.  
Afterward examine the open grave which has a number written on it.  Check the 
door on the South side, since it's locked turn around and go back.  Return to 
the orphanage (the Wish House) and speak with Jasper out front.  Jasper is 
very thirsty and yearning for some chocolate, so you know what to do.  Press 
square and cycle to the Chocolate Milk and press square again.  Offer him the 
chocolate milk and he gives you the -Blood-Inscribed Spade-.  This time take 
the lower right (or Southeast) door.  There are four of those monstrous 
canines and a couple buzzers going around.  Watch out for the one dog that has 
a somewhat red tint to it, this is a more powerful version of the normal ones.  
Go through the next area after this and then you'll find yourself in front of 
a large, off looking tree.  On the back of this tree there are some hands 
coming up out of the ground.  Use your Spade here to dig up the -Rusted
Bloody Key-.  Now try and go back the way you came, notice that the previous 
screen loops forever.  That is because you are holding the Rusted Bloody Key, 
read the description of the key and re-read the memo you found in the car to 
learn why you are looping, and how to solve it.  Go through the East gate and 
climb the steps.  There is a hole here, but before going into it, check the 
left side on the ground for a -6-Iron-.  Now enter the hole back home.

Deposite the key in your chest along with anything else you don't need, allow 
yourself time to fully heal, save the game and return to the Forest World.  
Now you can freely run back to the Wish House without any trouble.  Enter the 
hole to return to your apartment and put the Rusted Bloody Key into your 
inventory again.  Return to the Forest World and use the key to open the Wish 
House.  Examien the scribbled notes in front of the cabinet then read the memo 
on the ground in the corner at the end of the room beside the door.  Now when 
you hear crying, examine the door beside the memo you just read to get the
-Source Placard- then go through the door to trigger a cutscene inside.

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.09 --+

Leave your room and go answer the door, well by answer, I mean look out the 
peephole for a scene.  Dump everything that you do not need into the chest 
beside the television.  Save your game and go back into the hole again.

  __       __)
 (, )  |  /
    | /| /
    |/ |/
+-- /  | ATER PRISON WORLD ------------------------------------------ 1.10 --+

Stand up and begin to run around the circular path until you find a memo on 
the ground.  Read the memo and then keep running until you have done a full 
circle according to your map.  Now take a look at your map, this is important 
because it is how I will reference the rooms.  Each floor has the same basic 
layout as this, there are eight rooms in the circle.  Pretend the rooms are 
like the numbers on a clock face.  There are no rooms exactly up, down, left 
or right, meaming no 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock or 9 o'clock.  Every 
other number is on there.  Just to make it easier to avoid confusion I will 
refer to them in two ways.  If I say up-right room, I mean from the exact 
middle at the top, the room on the right.  Up-right would be different from 
right-up though, right-up means from the exact middle of the right side, one 
room up.  It's beside the room I mentioned first.  Since this may also sound 
complicated I'll just use both.  First go to the down-right (5 o'clock) room.  
You'll know you understood directions right if this is the room with the 
crying man inside.  There's nothing you can do for him now.  Head to the left-
up (10 o'clock) cell and go inside.  Read the note and just... bask in the 
creepyness.  The last room to go into the the right-up (2 o'clock) room.  
Inside you will find -Pistol Bullets- on the bed.  Now it's time to leave this 
cell block area.  Take the lagre double doors located on the South side.

There is a hole in this room as well as two other doors apart from the one you 
came from.  Take the door leading West.  Climb down the red ladder directly in 
front of you and at the bottom, face West and start running.  Keep an eye on 
the ground, you will pass a small object after five seconds or so, it is the 
-Saint Medallion-.  Ignore the ladder at the bottom and go through the door.  
Watch out for the buzzing things here, they are flying around.  You'll see a 
hole on the far side of the wall, though you haven't really encountered 
anything yet to hurt you very much.  Read the sign that is kind of posted in 
the middle to get the -Water Prison Exit Key-.  Read the sign afterward.  Now 
remember that red ladder you passed on the way down just before entering this 
room?  Go back and climb up that ladder.  Run in the opposite direction you 
did when you came down (counterclockwise) to get back up to that room with the 
hole.  Check the memo on the wall beside the hole and go back through it.  

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.11 --+

You will notice when you leave the bedroom that the television is on.  No 
matter how hard you try you cannot turn it off, so don't even bother trying.  
Notice that another note has been slipped under your front door, be sure to 
read this one.  Afterward head back to the washroom and re-enter the hole.

  __       __)
 (, )  |  /
    | /| /
    |/ |/
+-- /  | ATER PRISON WORLD ------------------------------------------ 1.12 --+

The key you found at the bottom is used to open the door in this room leading 
East.   Right when you get outside there is a ladder beside you, climb up it.  
Now climb up the other one to reach a set of large double doors.  Go through 
the doors.  Really the only room of interest here si the up-right (1 o'clock) 
room.  There's a diary in it that you can read, that's it.  When you're ready 
to go then leave the cell area and head back to the outdoor walkway.  There's 
a ladder next to the double doors, climb up it.  Climb it a second time to 
reach the roof and go through the doors.  Run around behind the large tank in 
the centre and turn the handle to open the gate.  Leave the roof area and 
climb back down the ladder once, enter the cell block here.  Run around this 
area to find two large two-headed enemies.  Personally if I were you, I'd pull 
out the Pistol for these things, and make sure to stomp them right away after 
you do.  Enter the up-right (1 o'clock) room and kill the wall man above the 
-Pistol Bullets-.  Also be sure to check out the two diaries in the right-down 
(four o'clock) room.  When you're ready to proceed go to the left-down (eight 
o'clock) room.  There is a hole in this room, drop down... three times.  

Be ready with your weapon because you aren't alone down in the shower room.  
Unlock the door and exit the shower room.  Run up and climb the ladder in the 
middle.  Read the memo sitting on the desk.  Feel free to look through the 
holes, now climb the ladder up to the next floor and read the document on the 
desk.  Climb the ladder once again and read the memo on the wall.  The secret 
number for getting through the door will be here.  You don't have to right it 
down, it will always be in your scrapbook.  Turn the handle here to the right 
once and the man on the first floor should be set free.  Climb down the ladder 
three times to reach the basement and trigger a cutscene.  Go through the 
South door and there should be a ladder just West of here.  Climb up and go 
through the door beside you.  Feel free to make a return trip to your 
apartment to save your game and heal up.  Once you're ready, head back.

Leave this room through the East door which takes you outside again.  CLimb 
the ladders to reach the third floor cell area.  This time enter the right-
down room (four o'clock) and jump down the hole.  Before jumping a second 
time, check the table on the left to get a -Stun Gun-.  Drop down to the very 
bottom to reach the Dining Hall.  Go through the North door to find the 
kitchen, but it's too dark to punch numbers into the panel.  The solution 
follows.  Leave the kitchen and the dining hall, climb the ladder in the 
middle to reach the surveillance room again.  Go up to the second floor 
surveillance room and turn the handle to the right four times.  Now climb up 
to the top and turn the handle to the right once.  All of the bloody beds 
should be lined up now, you can use the peepholes to verify.  Return to the 
kitchen once again and now the panel is illuminated.  Examine the door to get 
the -Watchfulness Placard-.  Check your scrapbook (press triangle on the map 
screen) and read the secret number memo, this is the number you need to punch 
into the door.  Put in the code and the door should open, triggering a scene.

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.13 --+

Leave the bedroom and when you hear a noise, go into the bathroom and take a 
look at your bathtub.  Next head for the front door and take a look out the 
peephole.  After a scene get the two memos from under your door.  Read them 
and save your game.  Now head for the bathroom and go into the hole again.

      (, /    )
     ) / ____)
+-- (_/ (      UILDING WORLD ---------------------------------------- 1.14 --+

Run down the alley and around the corner to the next area.  Run down the 
stairs to find a new type of enemy, one of the crazy monkeys.  Use either your 
Steel Pipe or Stun Gun on it (Stun Gun works much better.)  Run down to the 
bottom of the stairs and watch the cutscene.  Afterward defeat the crazy 
monkeys and enter the room.  There is a dead guy, or dead ghost, lying on the 
ground.  Examine his body to get the -Ghost's Key-.  After getting the key 
examine the body a second time to get the -Sword of Obedience-.  Quickly go 
through the door before the ghost gets up, because he will.  It's a pretty 
linear path here, run down a few flights of stairs to get to the bottom and 
head through the door.  Run up the hall and go thorugh the door on your right 
(West.)  Get the -Pistol Bullets- off the shelf and go through the North door.  
Notice there are a number of baseball bats against the wall here, pick up the 
one on the ground to get the -Aluminum Bat-.  There's also a -5-Iron- on the 
ground on the other side.  You're probably carrying a lot of things now so use 
the hole here to return to your apartment.  You won't really need the Steel 
Pipe anymore, might as well dump the golf club.  You can dump the Sword of 
Obedience as well, and even the pistol.  Hang on to the Stun Gun, the Aluminum 
Bat, and bring the Saint Medallion as well, along with perhaps a healing item.  
Now answer that damn knock at your door (in this game, answer means look out 
through the peephole.)  After this check through the peephole in the wall to 
see what's going on with Eileen, then back to the bathroom and into the hole.

Take the North door out of the room and go down the stairs, then enter the 
door at the bottom.  This is a great place to test out that new bat, there's 
dogs wandering around in this room.  Down at the end of one of the aisles you 
will find a key on the shelf near someboxes, pick up the -Albert's Sports
Key-.  Now that you have the key, return to the room with the hole where you 
found the bat, that's the sports shop.  The key works on the door on the West 
wall.  Run down the stairs using your Stun Gun to kill any crazy monkey men 
along the way.  At the bottom of the stairs there is a thin walkway leading 
East, go through the door at the end to find yourself on an elevator.  After 
the scene when you get off the elevator, go through the South door and pick up 
the -Pistol Bullets- from the ground.  Enter the elevator again and examine 
the button panel, choose to press the top button.  Take the door on the 
opposite side (North) out of the elevator and ready to run down the hall.  The 
hallway here is very thin and populated by ghosts, be careful.  Remember that 
the Saint's Medallion will negate the evil effect of ghosts.  Run as fast as 
you can to the end of the hall where you will find a -Spade- and a -Sword
of Obedience-.  Return to the elevator and press the bottom button.

Take the ladder on the North side down to the lower floor.  There is a 
-Nutrition Drink- on the North side beside one of the pillars.  Head down the 
hall leading West but not before taking out those long dangly tentacles.  
Climb the ladder to reach the top, watch out for the monkey men here.  There's 
also dogs wandering around, this area can get very difficult.  Don't worry 
about checking the doors, just rn down to the end of the alley until you hit 
the next screen.  Many more monkey men here, stay away from the door for most 
of the time, the one there won't move unless you get close.  Eventually once 
the time does come to fight him be careful because he's equipped with a 
Pitching Wedge!  You're free to pick up the -Pitching Wedge- once he's dead of 
course.  Descend down the stairs and go through the door on the East side at 
the bottom.  Keep going down again until you hit the bottom, there are a 
number of doors here.  Go through the door on the South wall.  There's a 
-Rusty Axe- sitting on a stool near the door.  Also read the Bartender's Memo 
which is on the counter.  Henry happens to live on South Ashfield Street, 
perhaps the answer lies in his apartment.  Back into the hole you go!

Examine your chest and get ready to switch up the old inventory.  I would drop 
the Pitching Wedge, the Aluminum Bat, the Pistol (if you haven't already) and 
hang onto the Rusty Axe, Stun Gun, Spade, and Saint Medallion.  Look out your 
living room window and check left, there should be a large billboard that says 
"Bar Southfield 555-3750."  Save your game and go back into the hole.Examine 
the door and input the number "3750" to unlock it.  There are ghosts in this 
area so it may be a good idea to use the Saint Medallion here.  Run up about 
eight billion flights of stairs and examine the door at the top to get the 
-Chaos Placard-.  Enter the room and watch the scene before it fades.

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.15 --+

Take a look out your window when you wake up.  Head for the living room and 
listen to the transmission.  Put whatever items you have that you don't need 
into the bin, check through the peephole to see what Eileen's up to, save your 
game and return to the bathroom.  Time for another trip through the hole.

      (, /  |
     ) /    |_
+-- (_/        PARTMENT WORLD --------------------------------------- 1.16 --+

Begin by turning around and going into room 301.  Walk over to the desk and 
read the diary.  Grab the slip of -Red Paper- from the table then go into the 
bedroom and read the magazine on the bed.  Equip the Saint Medallion then 
examine the two red posters on the wall.  One contains -Locker Key #106- and 
the other contains -Superintendent's Key-.  Getting this key will make a ghost 
appear in the room, which is why you equipped the medallion.  Run out of the 
room and unequip it.  Go to your door, Room 302, and use the Red Paper to 
slide it under the door.  Now run to the end of the hall and go through the 
door.  On the staircase the long haired man is there, speak to him and he'll 
offer you the doll.  It is up to you whether you want to pick it up or not, it 
isn't required.  If you do, then you'll get the -Shabby Doll-.  Run down to 
the bottom of the stairs and beside the little desk table with the lamp, are 
some lockers.  Open your inventory and use Locker Key #106.  Nothing important 
really, so climb through the hole on the opposite wall to get back.

Examine the two red pieces of paper under your door.  Check through the 
peephole to see if anything is there, then save your game and dump the doll in 
the chest if you picked it up.  Now climb back into the hole to get to the 
Apartment World again and go through the double doors leading West.  Use the 
Superintendent's Key on the first door on your left.  Check out the pieces of 
paper on the side of the room to get -Red Paper- and -Torn Red Paper-.  Beside 
it there are some keys hanging on the wall, examine ti to get -Apartment 
Keys-.  Head into the bedroom and read the diary on the table.  Now leave this 
room and go up the hall, and into the first room on the right.  Check the 
bedroom to find a -Portable Medical Kit-.  Sitting on the end table is a 
phone, do not dial the numbers, it will just make enemies appear.  Down at the 
end of the hall, room 107, has some interesting stereo equipment but not much 
else.  Return to the room with the hole and lockers and such.  Proceed through 
the doors on the opposite side, leading into the East hall.  There are a 
couple of dogs in this room, you can take care of them easily with your Rusty 
Axe or Spade.  Look around for the room marked 102 and go inside it.  

Stomp on all the leeches in here.  If you've beaten the game before and 
unlocked it, you'll find the -Submachine Gun- here.  Your mail goal in this 
room is to open the fridge and get the -Torn Red Paper- from inside.  Run to 
the end of the hall and go into Room 101.  Unfortunately the only thing in 
this room that's actually real are the -Pistol Bullets- on the counter.  Run 
back up to the third floor where you started.  Put the Red Paper and two 
pieces of Torn Red Paper under your door, Room 302.  Now enter Room 304 and 
grab the -Pistol Bullets- from the bedroom.  Descend down to the second floor 
and go thorugh the doors leading into the East hallway.  Ignore Room 204 and 
enter Room 203, perhaps with the Saint Medallion equipped.  On the floor in 
the middle of the living room is a bottle of -Bug Spray-.  Also check the 
bloody shirt in the bedroom to get another piece of -Torn Red Paper-.  That's 
all there is to do here, return to the stairs area and head through to the 
West hallway on the second floor.  Go through the first door on the left and 
pick up the -"Skinned Mike" Cassette- from the coffee table.  The next room 
you want to go into is Room 207.  Pick up -Richard's Revolver- from the 
electric chair.  Also check the bedroom to find a -Putter-.  Climb back up to 
the third floor again and put the Torn Red Paper under your door, this should 
be the fourth one.  Use the hole in Room 301 to return to your apartment.  
Read all four of the pieces of paper under the door and then return to your 
room.  You'll find the -Doll Key- between your bed and the window.  Go back 
through the hole to the Apartment World and open Eileen's door for a scene.

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.17 --+

Look out your window when you wake up, then go into the living room and look 
through the peephole in the wall into Eileen's room.  Read the piece of red 
paper under the door and get the -Succubus Talisman- from under there as well.  
You're free to listen to that Casette Tape if you want, the stereo is beside 
the television.  Now open your chest and put everything in there except the 
Succubus Talisman and a weapon.  Also take out the Chaos Placard, Watchfulness 
Placard, Source Placard and Temptation Placard.  Enter the bathroom and take a 
look at the hole.  Now go into the laundry room, the one beside you front 
door.  There is something odd on the wall, look at it and use the Succubus 
Talisman.  Now there are four indentations, each with words that match the 
names of your placards.  Put them in the correct slots and a hole will appear.

       ____  ___)
      (, /   /
     ) /   /  
+-- (_/   (__ OSPITAL WORLD ----------------------------------------- 1.18 --+

After leaving the room go over to the South side of this hall and pick up 
-Eileen's Bag- from the ground.  Watch out for all the buzzers, axe them to 
death with the power of your axe.  There are two doors on the East side, go 
through the upper one.  Read the memo on the desk and take a look at the 
board.  Now exit through the North door.  You'll find a -Paper Cutting Knife- 
on the desk here.  Leave this room now, notice there are three doors on the 
West side of this area, take the third one down from the top.  Sitting on a 
shelf you'll find a -Nutrition Drink-.  Now when you're ready, enter the 
bottom West door.  Get ready to swing your axe with full power the second you 
get in here.  These things are so powerful that sometimes it takes two stomps 
to really kill them.  Take a look on the shelves for something that stands 
out, you'll find an -Ampoule- which pretty much restores almost all of your 
health and has a regenerative effect.  Leave the room and go into the one 
directly opposite it, there is a -Portable Medical Kit- on the table in here, 
that's about it.  You've found quite a bit of crap already and you only just 
got here.  If your inventory is getting full you might want to return to your 
apartment and dump somestuff off, most of these medical supplies will be 
unnecessary at this point and there's little reason to carry around that 
knife.  Drop everything with the exception of the Rusty Axe and Eileen's 
Handbag.  Coming up is a section where you'll get a hell of a lot of items.

Head to the very South end of the large hall and go into the room beside the 
elevator on the East side.  Ascend the stairs and go through the door.  
There's a hallway here with tons of rooms and crazy wheelchairs moving up and 
down the hall.  The chairs can hurt you but you can't hurt them so just stay 
out of the way.  Unfortunately while the rooms don't actually change, their 
positions are random.  Basically this means that the room beside the stairs 
for me might have a bed and nothing else, while the room beside the stairs for 
you might have enemies and some X-Rays or something.  You'll still find the 
room with just the bed, but perhaps it might be down the hall.  I'll just 
describe them in the order I find them, starting on the same side as the 
stairs.  Enter the room beside the stairs and walk across the sticky floor to 
find -Pistol Bullets- beside the bed.  Next is a pointless room with a bunch 
of X-Rays.  Next is a room with a falling spike roof that almost lands on your 
head but doesn't, nothing in here.  Next is a room with some skin on the bed 
and a bunch of things stuck in it, you'll find -Pistol Bullets- in here.  Next 
there's a weird room with a bed handing under the floor, after that a room 
where it's raining inside.  Next a room with a broken bed and a -Nutrition
Drink-.  After that a room with hooks hanging on the walls.  After that is a 
room with a wheelchair and some -Revolver Bullets-.  Next is a room with a
-Holy Candle- in it.  Next comes the fabled "face" room.  Across the hall now 
is a locked door then a room with a cobra holding a -Hospital Room Key-.  Use 
the key to unlock the cage when it falls.  This key will unlock the locked 
door, but don't do that until you're done exploring the other rooms.  The next 
room has a -Nutrition Drink- in it.  Next there's a nice room with another 
-Saint Medallion-.  Next is a room with a number of baby chambers.  After this 
is a room with broken glass and a -4-Iron- on the ground.  Next is a room with 
a cloth over something with legs coming out the bottom.  After there's a 
patient enemy in the room and nothing else of interest.  Next there's some 
kimbs on the bed and finally a room with two patient enemies.  That's it.

In case you're interested, you should have found the following items:  Pistol 
Bullets, Pistol Bullets, Nutrition Drink, Revolver Bullets, Holy Candle, 
Hospital Room Key, Nutrition Drink, and 4-Iron not necessarily in that order.  
Head back to the room which was locked, the one at the far end on the left 
assuming it isn't random and use the Hospital Room Key.  After a scene Eileen 
will start following you around.  If you have Eileen's Bag with you then open 
your inventory and equip it, it's a weapon for her.  Leave this room and the 
instant you do, begin charging up your Rusty Axe.  You probably won't be able 
to see too well because of the camera, but in this hall the wheelchairs have 
been replaced by two patients.  Kill them then run to the South end and press 
the button to call the elevator up, don't gon inside though, instead head back 
downstairs.  Make sure Eileen is right behind you when you go through doors 
otherwise you'll leave her behind.  There are two more patient demons on the 
first floor, be careful.  Enter the washroom and go back through the hole.

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.19 --+

At this point, your apartment changes, and not for the better.  The most 
notable of these changes is that you are no longer healed when you return 
here, so the carelessness you have enjoyed in combat up to this point must 
change to carefulness.  Leave your room and head into the living room, take a 
look at your ceiling fan, then go get the envelope from under the door.  It 
has a -Small Key- in it.  Also check beside your bookshelf, the one with the 
radio on it, there should be three pieces of red paper.  Dump most of the crap 
you found into the bin.  Now that you can't heal in the room anymore you might 
want to consider keeping a Portable Medical Kit with you at all times.  I 
would take the Rusty Axe, Portable Medical Kit, Eileen's Bag, Small Key and 
perhaps a Saint Medallion, you never know when it might come in handy.  Once 
you're ready then head back into the hole in your laundry room.

       ____  ___)
      (, /   /
     ) /   /  
+-- (_/   (__ OSPITAL WORLD ----------------------------------------- 1.20 --+

Leave the room after the scene and go into the elevator, since it should be on 
the second floor you'll kind of just be walking on the gears.  The Small Key 
that you found will unlock the gate in the shaft.  Begin charging up your 
Rusty Axe right when you get in here then start down the stairs.  Let loose on 
the patients in this hall and stomp them into the ground.  Go through the door 
at the bottom and run down the spiraling path.  Ignore the stairs on your left 
unless you really need to get back to your apartment for some reason.  All you 
need to worry about is getting to the door at the bottom of the walkway.

      (__/  ) 
     ) /      
+-- (_/ UBWAY WORLD - 2ND TIME -------------------------------------- 1.21 --+

You're back in a familiar place now.  Around the corner before the door you 
will find a -Holy Candle- on the shelf.  I will explain the use of these the 
next time you go back to your apartment.  Unlock the door and head through it.  
Be ready with your axe to fight these enemies, actually I find the axe isn't 
too effective against them (unlike the Stun Gun) but it gets the job done.  
Run around to reach the washroom and go into the men's washroom.  Grab the 
-Nutrition Drink- from the stall and leave.  Now into the women's washroom, 
jump into the hole and head back to your apartment once again.

      (, /   )
        /__ /
     ) /   _
+-- (_/       OOM 302 ----------------------------------------------- 1.22 --+

All right, time to learn about hauntings, because they're going to start now.  
A haunting is like a ghost presance, when you are near it, the screen will go 
red and you will begin to take damage.  The difference is that in most cases 
there is no ghost, it's just an oddity, and they are found in your apartment.  
There are two steps, the first is detecting and locating, the second is 
eliminating.  Detecting is easy and is made possible by your radio, go and 
turn it on now.  If the radio is silent then there are no hauntings in your 
apartment, if it's loud then there are.  You can find a haunting either by an 
odd physical disturbance, or just the fact that when you stand near it the 
screen goes red.  I won't spil it by explaining the details of each one, but 
you'll know them when you see them.  Once you've located the haunting you can 
get rid of it in two ways.  Those Holy Candles you have, this is what they are 
for.  Get to the centre of the haunting source and set the Holy Candle down on 
some surface, let it burn and it should gradually get rid of the haunting for 
you.  The other is to equip a Saint Medallion and just walk into it, but the 
Saint Medallion will break quickly (and Holy Candles bur out too of course, 
you won't have an infinitely usable fix for them.)  Anyway once your apartment 
is free of hauntings, check under your door for a piece of red paper and an 
envelope with a -Toy Key- inside.  Open the chest and get the Lynch Street 
Line Coin and a Sword of Obedience out of it, you'll need them. Now head back.

      (__/  ) 
     ) /      
+-- (_/ UBWAY WORLD - 2ND TIME -------------------------------------- 1.23 --+

Leave the washroom, equip the Saint Medallion, and head down the hall toward 
the turnstiles.  Prepare for you first boss fight, sort of.  You don't have to 
fight this boss but opting out of doing so means she will not go away, and she 
will reappear.  Here's what you do, equip the Rusty Axe and start smacking.  
Don't use the change up attack, just keep hitting her until she falls, THEN 
use the charge up attack.  After doing so see if you can stomp on her corpse.  
This won't kill her, but it will mean that it's time to use the Sword of 
Obedience.  The next time you knock her down, don't attack or stomp, hit 
square to use the sword and pin her to the ground.  Continue past the 
turnstiles to the next area.  Defeat the monkey men and go into the little 
area to the West before the worm to find -Nutrition Drink-.  Past the worm 
down the East path get the -Silver Bullets-.  Return to the turnstiles and use 
the Lynch Street Line Coin again to get thorugh.  Descend the stairs and go 
left and down the hall toward the dead end where you'll find another 
-Nutrition Drink-.  Just back a bit before the drink, look agains tthe wall to 
find a -Riding Crop- in the pile.  Equip it while standing beside Eileen, it's 
a new weapon for her.  Return to the hall and keep going down the stairs.  

Enter the subway car at the bottom and go right, up, and left back into the 
car.  Remember that colourful box from the beginning of the game?  Use your 
Toy Key to open it now and get the -Filthy Coin-.  Return to the bottom of the 
stairs and make your way all the way down to the South end, go through the 
very last open subway door (not the one you have to open yourself, this one is 
already open).  Head right into the next car and look on the ground above you 
to find a -Saint Medallion-.  Leave the subway cars once again and go thorugh 
the far South door on the wall.  In the event this door is locked it means you 
are either just coming to this guide for help at this point, or just suck at 
following it.  I say this because earlier in the station i told you to go out 
of your way to unlock this door, hopefully you did, if not you'll be able to 
get to the same place by going through all the subway cars and around a 
different path.  Your destination is that underground weird walkway with the 
wooden boards to walk across.  Anyway assuming you have been following the 
guide, climb down the ladder after picking up the -Holy Candle-.  At the 
bottom go down and head right at the fork.  If you have room in your inventory 
(I don't) then pick up the -Nutrition Drink-, if not, then just remember it's 
there because you're can come back afterward if you want.  Head back a few 
steps and go down at the fork this time, climb the other ladder.  There is a 
hole at the top here, return to your apartment so you can dump things off.

If your radio is making noise (assuming you turned it on) then you'll have to 
get rid of a haunting first.  I find at this point it's usually the one in the 
kitchen, take your Holy Candle and go set it on the counter beside your shoes.  
If it's not that one then obviously put it somewhere else.  Open the chest and 
drop Eileen's Bag, any Saint Medallions, the Lynch Street Line Coin, and the 
Silver Bullets.  Hang onto the Filthy Coin for now, maybe a health item if 
you're paranoid, and maybe one Saint Medallion.  Head over to your sink and 
use the Filthy Coin to get the -1& Coin-.  Read the piece of red paper under 
your door.  Now if you're set, jump back into the hole again.  Go through the 
door leading North and charge your Rusty Axe to slash those damn dogs.  Run 
North while kepping an eye on the benches to your left to find -Pistol 
Bullets-.  When you pass the stairs, turn around and go up to find a -Portable 
Medical Kit-.  Back down again, enter the subway car at the end and go left to 
find a -Holy Candle- on the ground.  Now run all the way back to the South end 
and go through the door, and down the ladder.  Grab the Nutrition Drink is you 
didn't before and keep going in that direction, perhaps with a Saint Medallion 
equipped.  Head out to the open area King Street Line subway platform.

You need to go up the escalator.  Make sure you kill all the wall men on your 
way up, in fact you might even want to consider going up the down escalator.  
The reason for this is that the wall men don't come back once they're dead, 
and you'll be bringing Eileen back this way, so it will save you a lot of 
trouble in the long run.  At the top, run down the hall leading North and get 
the -Nutrition Drink-.  Leave this area and ascend the stairs.  Get 
-Cynthia's Commuter Ticket- off the floor at the top of the stairs and use it 
on the turnstile to get out of here.  You don't need the Lynch Street Line 
Coin, use the Commuter Ticket again instead of the coin and it lets you 
through.  Head down the stairs and at the bottom, use the 1& Coin on the 
vending machine with the same symbol to get the -Murder Scene Key-.  Before 
going back up the stairs where you just came from (which you are going to do) 
run to the end of the platform and get Eileen out of the room.  Now head to 
the top of the stairs where the turnstiles are and use the Commuter Ticket to 
get into the King Street Line again.  Open the door to the room where Cynthia 
died using the Murder Scene Key and pick up the -Train Handle- off the floor.  
Go down the stairs and down the escalator.  Enter the train car and run to the 
end where you can use the train handle.  Now a few steps back the door is open 
leading North down into a new tunnel.  Beside the door you will find a -Sword 
of Obedience-.  Through the door there's a scene and then a boss!  A boss you 
cannot harm at all, to defeat him, go thorugh the door, that's it.  This place 
should look familiar, run to the very and and go through the door.

      (, /       
     ) /         
+-- (_/   OREST WORLD - 2ND TIME ------------------------------------ 1.24 --+

There are two tombstone-esque things in the graveyard with red writing that 
you can't read, approach them with Eileen and try to read them, she should 
interrupt and read them out to you.  Examine the torch at the Northwest corner 
to acquire -Torch-.  Examine it again to light the torch (after equipping it) 
and quickly run through the door.  Follow the path for a few steps then look 
left for a well, when you examine it you'll get the -Doll's Head-.  At this 
point you may have noticed the long haired man in the coat has followed you 
thorugh the door, he has a gun and he's not afraid to fire.  Run!  Quickly 
grab the -Nutrition Drink- from under the lamp post and run like hell.  Don't 
run too fast though.  Head back to the Wish House area.  So much for that 
thing.  Run to the middle of it and you'll find a memo on the ground.  Also 
look for a wheelchair in the middle of it, when you examine it there's a memo.  
Use the Doll's Head here then grab the -Holy Candle- on your left.  Hanging 
from the broken playground pieces on the East side is a chain, go over there 
and pick up the -Chain-.  It's a new weapon for Eileen, have her equip it.  
You can dump the Riding Crop now, head back through the hole to the North.

Exercise any hauntings around your apartment and then check under the front 
door for a piece of red paper.  Drop anything you don't need into the chest, 
this includes the Commuter Ticket but does not include the Torch or the Sword 
of Obedience, you need those.  Enter the laundry room now, below the hole and 
a little to the left is a canister of oil.  Use your Torch on it to soak the 
Torch in oil.  Now head back through the hole to reach the Forest World.

If you're ready to continue then take the upper left door (according to the 
map) out of this area.  Charge your Rusty Axe and bring it down on those damn 
two headed freaks.  There's a -Nutrition Drink- on the ground just before the 
door.  There's all sorts of stuff in this next room, on the right you will 
find -Pistol Bullets-.  At the upper left is a -Nutrition Drink- and beside it 
on the ground is the -Pickaxe of Despair-, the strongest weapon in the game.  
Leave this room and go left for a cutscene.  Afterward examine the pedestal 
beside you to get -Crested Medallion- and you'll find -Revolver Bullets- to 
the North as well.  Since you're probably overloaded on stuff, return to your 
apartment through the hole here and dump it all.  Be sure to keep the Axe or 
the Pickaxe, the Torch, the Chain, Sword of Obedience, and Crested Medallion.

You'll need the Torch equipped, light it with the flame beside the exit to 
this area.  Now run back toward the Wish House.  Ignore the victims in this 
area, but make sure to wait for Eileen before going through the door.  On the 
path here there is another well, examine it to get the -Doll's Right Leg-.  
Return to the Wish House and use the Doll's Right Leg on the doll.  Now take 
the upper right door, run down this path to the next area and at this point 
check immediately on your left for another well with -Doll's Left Arm- inside.  
Assuming you soaked the torch in oil, it should easily still be burning at 
this point.  Remember this is the room with that large ugly sack that fell 
down in the middle.  Contine along the path, still going away from the Wish 
House.  Unequip your torch before going through the door.  

You'll probably need the Rusty Axe for this one, I find the Pickaxe of Despair 
just doesn't have a fast enough recovery time time to allow you to strike and 
then jam the Sword of Obedience before he is able to get up.  When fighting, 
just be sure to keep your distance most of the time and you should be fine.  
Eileen can pull her own weight.  Re-equip the Torch and use the flame to light 
it, now continue East.  Run through the next area to reach the factory.  
Here's an interesting tip, if you take off Eileen's weapon then she won't 
waste time trying to fight the ghosts and actually bother to keep up, it might 
really help you out.  You can find a -Nutrition Drink- on the far East side, 
after grabbing it head South to the door.  Follow the linear path through the 
factory, along the path after it, and when you come to an area with one of 
those monkey men, examine the well on your left to get -Doll's Right Arm-.  
Defeat the enemy and pick up the -Holy Candle- off the ground.  Before going, 
grab the -Nutrition Drink- from behind the fence near the gate.  Return to the 
Wish House are and place those limbs back on the doll.  Now take the final 
door you haven't taken yet, the lower right one.  Run along the path, picking 
up the -Nutrition Drink- along the way.  In the next area get ready to run 
because the man in the coat is back, and he's replaced his Steel Pipe with a 
Chainsaw!  When you make it through, in the next section look on the other 
side of the weird tree to find -Silver Bullets-.  Finally, through the gate 
light the Torch and examine the well to get -Doll's Left Leg- as well as a 
-Nutrition Drink- on the ground.  Now head through the hole once again.

Use that Holy Candle on whatever crazy hauntings are occurring in your 
apartment.  Drop the following items into the chest, Silver Bullets, Nutrition 
Drinks, and the Torch.  Now head back to the Forest World.  Make your way back 
to the Wish House and place the final piece of the doll, on the doll.  It will 
roll out of the way and reveal a staircase which you can take down.  Read the 
bokk sitting on the table at the bottom.  Place the Crested Medallion into the 
door and run down the spiral staircase to revisit the Water Prison World.

  __       __)
 (, )  |  /
    | /| /
    |/ |/
+-- /  | ATER PRISON WORLD - 2ND TIME ------------------------------- 1.25 --+

Enter the elevator thing and watch the scene.  At the bottom, prepare 
yourself.  Take off any weapon Eileen is carrying and when you go through the 
door get ready to run, all you have to do is run a few steps down and through 
the double doors.  The danger is the long haired coat, he's replaced his 
Chainsaw this time with another Pistol.  Outside on the walkway now, start 
running.  Since Eileen can't climb ladders you need to take the long way, but 
once you start running he'll be chasing, so keep running!  Go thorugh the 
first door to reach the third floor cell area.  Start by going into the left-
down (8 o'clock) room and getting the -Pistol Bullets-.  Next head into the 
right-up room (2 o'clock) and grab the -Holy Candle-.  Once you've done this 
then your destination is the up-right (1 o'clock) room.  Drop down the hole, 
then again, then again.  When you reach the kitchen, go thorugh the door with 
the number panel to reach the death chamber.  Examine the shirt on the ground 
to get -Prisoner's Shirt-.  Head back into the kitchen and out the othe 

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