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Silent Hill 3

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About The Game

Konami's Silent Hill series has succeeded in delivering some of the most horrifying and psychologically disturbing experiences in videogame history. Silent Hill 3 continues that tradition by providing clamoring fans of the series with the same masterful blend of mysterious storyline, nail-biting sound design, challenging puzzles and shocking monsters. New chilling locations in the town of Silent Hill such as the Mall, Amusement Park, and Subway are revealed in the new game, as well as featuring a new arsenal of weapons like the flame-thrower and sub-machine-gun. Heather, a seemingly normal teenage girl must explore the hellish place of Silent Hill in order to understand her forgotten past and escape with her life, if not her sanity.

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Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3 Review

By Jimmy Goldstein |

First thing about this game...and be warned, it's a four-letter word: "Port." Go on, desensitize yourself now: Port, port, port. As with Silent Hill 2 before it, Silent Hill 3 for the PC is an essentially straight port of the console version, mechanical issues and all -- but it's no less creepy for all that, and that's what you're here for, after all. In this wonderfully loose, versatile language of ours, "port" can have a number of meanings. In addition to covering the translation of a gaming experience from one platform to another, it can also mean, among others things, A) a place of safe haven, or B) a form of alcoholic beverage. Both good things to have on hand after a few hours in the Silent Hill universe.

The Silent Hill series has been pretty nasty from the outset -- that old PS1 game (that now looks so comparatively crunchy) still has some baaaaad moments, even in the first few minutes of gameplay (the first time I came across that wheelchair in the alley, my girlfriend pointed at the screen and muttered "That's not good," a phrase which thenceforth became my personal mantra for anything I didn't like the look of in Silent Hill games). In this third game, the story revolves around a fundamentally everyday main character; still no elite, paramilitary cops here, thank you kindly.

This time, however, our protagonist is an unwilling participant who could hardly be less like her two game-hero predecessors: Instead of being a male (and somewhat bland) thirtysomething entering the haunted town of Silent Hill of his own free will to address a real or perceived wrong, our 'hero' is instead a moody girl named Heather who A) doesn't live anywhere near Silent Hill, B) only begins to suspect something is out of whack when a middle-aged stranger in a trenchcoat accosts her in the corridor to a public restroom, and C) only wants to hang out at the local shopping mall, like any other by-God American teenager.

"By-God." Yes, that's a recurring problem here... particularly when the mall in question goes suddenly and inexplicably straight to Hell, taking Heather--and the player--with it.

While Silent Hill 2 took a while to get rolling, Silent Hill 3 immediately finds Heather in an "amusement park" that gives the whole notion a bad name. The mall, too, soon 'goes bad,' its clean, capitalist confines suddenly becoming ruined, hellish doppelgangers of themselves -- dark, rusty, bloody, unpleasant in all major respects. Before long, Heather's entire world is crawling with monsters.

Much has remained mechanically true to the series (the menus, the difficulty levels, the viewpoint), but Silent Hill 3 boasts improvements across the board.

At least Silent Hill 3 is a little more generous with the weapons: In addition to pipes and a less-than-ideal knife, Heather has relatively quick access to more serious weapons, including a pistol, an Uzi, a shotgun, and a stun-gun. Heather can strafe left and right as she confronts the monstrosities of Silent Hill, and if she bookends her attacks with well-timed, single-button blocks, the katana is surprisingly-effective weapon once you get the hang of it, even on tougher enemies. Monsters are everywhere, their proximity announced by the shrieking static of Silent Hill's now-famous malfunctioning pocket radio. Some players may find the radio annoying and turn it off, while others will find that it adds a level of aural tension.

Silent Hill 3 Game Walkthrough

    ###-  x#  ##    ##+## .+x  --.##X+#X  .x; .-; ,#. +#    x#.     ######.
  ### ;#  ##  ##  +-## -=,#### #########  -#.      +. ##   x#.- .x  #+  .#-
   #+#x#  ##  ##    #####.## #;##   ##     ###### ##. ##    #xx        ###
  X#X ### ##+,##### ##.,, X#+####   ##x, =### .## ###-######= x##=. ##  ###;
   .###   =#  =#### XX### .#  ++x   x-     #;  #  ,#  ,.x##,-x+#x+- ######

                                  #-   xXX#+x,+=+;
                                 # ;###x,.       -#x,.
                                ###.=##     #- #   ## #
                               ##+ ##    . ##  # #  ## #,
                             + # ,X#  +## ##  ## #=  #-# =
                            =.# #=#   ### #   #  ###  ## x
                            +##.###  ### ##  ## ##.#  +# x
                            ## ###  #### XX =#  ## #   # #X
                            # x# #  ## # # ##  ### ; x ## #
                            # ## #  #-x+#x## # #Xx#=##  # #
                            # #+ # +### x## #,###       # ##
                            # ## ## # ; ##### ##        ;+ #
                            # ##  #.#x ##-    .+## ##### #-#
                            #x ## ## # -     -#x##  ####  x#
                           X # ##  # # ############  ###  ;+#
                           # #X ## ##  ############   ##  ,+ ,
                          ,   # +#  ##  #######     +### = x
                               , ##-= #-,, --x####### =#  ,
                             ### # ##  #########      #=
                           ##  #Xx  #.# ######- =##x  . ##
                          #   ### # ##    ;######--### =###.
                         #  #####  #=X ##     X######    X###
                        ##  #####  # ## ###           ##
                         ## ######  # ##  ##xx#        #   ###  =
                          -# ######  # ######=X-   #X   ####### ,#
                   ;######  # ######  #+,##++=####=     #######  +#
                 # ##;+####+.# =##.##.  #  .+;;     .#- ######## -=#
                  ; ###########  ######  X##=;    .+#x  ######## ,-#.
                #### =#########-    x####  ##+,.-X#+ .  #######;   #;
               ###### #X###########x    x#   ####+;-x;. #######    x.
              ########-+#################=    -##=-=;;  ######  x .=;
              ########=####################+    .##=,  ##+         =-
             ######### #x-#.###############x      =x  #      =+##. ==
             #####X#;- x##X ################           ;##,x###xX  x,
            #######X.. #x X #####################=  ;##### ####  . X

              Silent Hill 3 (PlayStation 2, PC) - FAQ/Walkthrough
                               v1.3 - 11/02/2004
                    by Dev [devhatesyou(at)gmail(dot)com]


        Game Developer : Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
        Game Publisher : Konami
        Platform(s)    : PlayStation 2, PC.

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Table of Contents                                              [sh3_01]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

Note: This guide uses a sectioned code search system so you can easily find
whatever section you'd like to jump to without scrolling. To find the section
"Table of Contents", for example, one would input; [sh3_01] into their
wordprocessor or browser's find function for text matching. All of the
individual section codes are listed here in the Table of Contents.


[sh3_01] .. .. - Table of Contents
[sh3_02] .. .. - Update History
[sh3_03] .. .. - Controls, Options, and Menus
[sh3_04] .. .. - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
[sh3_05] .. .. - Characters
[sh3_06] .. .. - Basic Combat Guide
[sh3_07] .. .. - Walkthrough: Introduction
[sh3_08] .. .. - Walkthrough: Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park (Dream)
[sh3_09] .. .. - Walkthrough: Central Square Shopping Center
[sh3_10] .. .. - Walkthrough: Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center
[sh3_11] .. .. - Walkthrough: Hazel Street Subway Station
[sh3_12] .. .. - Walkthrough: Underpass/Sewers
[sh3_13] .. .. - Walkthrough: Construction Site
[sh3_14] .. .. - Walkthrough: Hilltop Center
[sh3_15] .. .. - Walkthrough: Otherworld Hilltop Center
[sh3_16] .. .. - Walkthrough: Daisy Villa Apartments
[sh3_17] .. .. - Walkthrough: Silent Hill - West South Vale, Part I
[sh3_18] .. .. - Walkthrough: Brookhaven Hospital
[sh3_19] .. .. - Walkthrough: Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital
[sh3_20] .. .. - Walkthrough: Silent Hill - West South Vale, Part II
[sh3_21] .. .. - Walkthrough: Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park
[sh3_22] .. .. - Walkthrough: Silent Hill Church
[sh3_23] .. .. - The Ranking Screen
[sh3_24] .. .. - Endings
[sh3_25] .. .. - Riddle Section
[sh3_26] .. .. - Weapons
[sh3_27] .. .. - Items
[sh3_28] .. .. - Enemies
[sh3_29] .. .. - Secrets, and Extras
[sh3_30] .. .. - Memos
[sh3_31] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Introduction
[sh3_32] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Central Square Shopping Center
[sh3_33] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center
[sh3_34] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Hazel Street Subway Station
[sh3_35] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Underpass/Sewers
[sh3_36] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Construction Site
[sh3_37] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Hilltop Center
[sh3_38] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Otherworld Hilltop Center
[sh3_39] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Daisy Villa Apartments
[sh3_40] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Silent Hill - West South Vale, Part I
[sh3_41] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Brookhaven Hospital
[sh3_42] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital
[sh3_43] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Silent Hill - West South Vale, Part II
[sh3_44] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park
[sh3_45] .. .. - 10-Star Walk: Silent Hill Church
[sh3_46] .. .. - Contacting the Author
[sh3_47] .. .. - Credits
[sh3_48] .. .. - Copyright/Legal Info

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Update History                                                 [sh3_02]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

* v1.3 - Released 11/02/2004. More formatting changes, typo fixes, and so on
         mostly. Revised a couple sections and added an items section detailing
         all items in the game. Not much left to document. It was a major edit,
         but this thing should be less confusing and better organized now.


* v1.2 - Released 9/25/2004. Major edit has been done. Added memo section that
         has every memo in the game. I have also updated my e-mail address.


* v1.1 - Released 3/01/2004. Numerous changes/clarifications. Haven't got much
         e-mail so I'll assume it's relatively error-free!


* v1.0 - Released 2/14/2004: First release. Since there's already a lot of info
         out there about the game, I decided to make a complete guide before
         releasing anything. Errors are probably bound to pop up here or there.


* FAQ Creation Date: 01/10/2004.

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Controls, Options, and Menus                                   [sh3_03]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

The controls for Silent Hill 3 are much the same as the others in the series.
Luckily, unlike previous entries, the character is much more responsive.
Strangely enough, this makes the game more fun to play!

____ _  _

_ _  ____

These are the controls for the North American PlayStation2 version of Silent
Hill 3, with control setting "B" (default). If you are playing the PC port, I
would hope that you are intelligent enough to correlate to what you've assigned
your own buttons/keys to do. Lucky you for complete configurability of control,
too, since the PS2 version only has a couple preconfigured sets.

- D-Pad

Move. In "3D" control mode, pressing left/right rotates Heather left and right. 
Pressing up makes her move forward in the current direction she is looking, and 
pressing back makes her step back in the current direction she is looking. In 
"2D" mode, you move in whatever direction you press based on where the camera 
currently is. This can be a real pain when the camera suddenly switches 
directions for some. Personal preference, I suppose.

- Left Analog Stick

Functions like the D-Pad, but can also be used to perform a zoom-in while
holding L2 if you press it down like a button. This is referred to as the "L3"
button when you press it down.

- Right Analog Stick

The stick itself does nothing, but pressing it down as a button (considered
"R3") will use your currently equipped supply. This can be anything from Beef
Jerky--dropping Beef Jerky to the ground to Ammo--quick reload. Quick reload is
a key tactic I'll expand on later. You can even set and use health supplies on
the fly. This is a very underrated feature and I recommend you use it.

- L1 Button

Strafe/step left. Press L1+R1 to do a 180 degree turn. Only works in "3D"
control mode.

- L2 Button

Camera manipulation. Usually moves the camera to behind Heather. This is used a 
lot to get a better view of your surroundings or enemies during combat. Use it 
often, use it for good.

- R1 Button

Strafe/step right. Press L1+R1 to do a 180 degree turn. Only works in "3D"
control mode.

- R2 Button

Hold down for Combat/Caution mode. Moving while in this mode makes the least 
noise. Many enemies will find you based on the noise you make while moving, 
among other things, so keep this in mind if you feel like bypassing some 
enemies, or killing a single without alerting others.

- Triangle Button

Open Map screen. Press X to zoom in/out in the map screen, and press circle to 

- Square Button

Hold to run or walk, depending on your default. While in Combat/Caution mode, 
press to block. Must be timed correctly. Also cancels/exits menus & puzzles.

Blocking won't stop all attacks, but those that it can block will be reduced to 
about 5% damage if blocked properly. There are few attacks in the game that 
simply cannot be blocked, and I will note these where possible.

- Circle Button

Cancels, exits menus & puzzles. Toggles flashlight on/off.

- X Button

Action button. Used to go through doors, pickup items, examine things, and so 
on. In Combat/Caution mode, it is used to attack.

- Start Button

Pause. Skip cutscenes. While paused, the time-counter does not increment, which 
is useful for speed and 10-Star rank runs when you need to take a break.

- Select Button

Open menu.

Note: Like with many PS2 games, you can press L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start to do
a soft reset.

_____ _  _

Main Menu:
_  _ _____

With default control scheme, press X to confirm and Circle to cancel.

- New Game

Start a new game.

- Extra New Game

Start a new game with the ability to use all unlocked features. Unlocked by 
completing the game once. In an Extra New Game, you will not have to play the 
Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park Dream sequence that is at the beginning of a 
normal New Game.

- Continue

Appears when you soft reset or die while playing the game. Allows you to 
continue from last "checkpoint" or place you saved at. Whichever was more 
recent. Continues count in the Ranking screen, so if you're going for 10-Star 
then continuing is not acceptable.

- Load

Enters the file loading screen. Allows loading of savegames and results files.

X loads files. Circle exits the menu. Triangle prompts to delete the 
highlighted file. L1/R1/L2/R2 buttons scroll down/up 8 files a press.

Files with White text color are normal "New Game" saved game files.
Files with Green text color are "Extra New Game" saved game files.
Files with Yellow text color are Results files from cleared games.

There are 40 slots in total, and you can use all 40 without taking any more 
space on your memory card than the game initially took when you first 
configured it. Konami was smart with save-handling when making this game.
The savefile always takes around 365 kilobytes of space on a memory card in the
PlayStation2 version of the game.

- Options

Enter the Options menu. See below for description of those options.

- Extra Costume

Enters a screen with a virtual typewriter where you enter codes to unlock extra 
costumes for use in an Extra New Game. Codes ARE case-sensitive. Unlocked by 
completing the game once. Note that when you enter a code for another Extra New 
Costume, it won't be added to games in progress. It will only show up in a 
fresh Extra New Game started after you have unlocked that specific costume.

_______________ _  _

Action/Riddle Modes:
_  _ _______________

- Action: Easy.

Fewer enemies, more supplies. Enemies are easy, and you have more health and 
stamina than on higher Action modes. Recommended for beginners.

- Action: Normal.

More enemies than Easy, and fewer supplies. Enemies become somewhat tougher, 
you have less stamina and health than on Easy. This is also a good mode for 
beginners who have confidence in themselves, or series veterans. You probably 
don't want to play Hard Mode right away even if you are a series veteran, 
because honestly the action is much more difficult here than in previous 
entries to the series.

- Action: Hard.

More enemies than on Normal, and again, fewer supplies. Enemies become faster 
and tougher than Normal. You have the same amount of health and stamina, 
though. Recommended for those who have played the game through once or twice. 
Required to get Gold ranking for Action Mode on the Ranking Screen.

- Action: Extreme (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X)

Nearly same amount of enemies and supply availability as Hard, but enemies get 
a bit more powerful with each Extreme Mode, up until Extreme X where almost all 
enemies can hit for 1/3rd your health. You have HALF the health and stamina you 
had on Normal and Hard. Enemies on Extreme will die from the same amount of 
damage that they did on Hard, though.

There are also some very nasty things on Extreme modes, such as being knocked 
down, or leg chewed by Split Heads and the high amount of button mashing
required to recover from these -- and the higher you go in Extreme modes the 
longer it takes to get recover from these. Split Heads will often kill you if 
you don't have >60% health and they get your legs on higher Extreme modes. 

Extreme modes can also be used in place of Hard mode for Gold rank. You can
select different levels of Extreme Action by pressing Left/Right while 
highlighting Extreme Action mode when selecting your difficulties before you 
begin a new game, at the main menu. 

Extreme Action 1 is unlocked by completing the game on Hard Action once.
Extreme Action 2 is unlocked by completing the game on Extreme 1 once.
This continues all the way to Extreme Action X. Each mode gets progressively 
harder by small increments, but overall you probably won't notice much.

Extreme modes are recommended for veterans who like it rough. Anyone who can 
get a 10-Star rank on Extreme X is my personal Silent Hill hero. Really.
In actuality, I think that Extreme modes are good training to get ready for 
doing a 10-Star run on Hard Action / Hard Riddle mode. Extreme is quite a bit 
rougher than Hard Action, so you'll be ready for much worse than Hard Action 
can throw at you if you play a few Extreme games. Still though, it probably 
*is* possible to get 10-Star on Extreme X. Just... not very likely. Feel free 
to e-mail me with screen caps if you ever REALLY do it.

- Riddle: Easy.

Riddles are simple, and Heather often gives clues. Some puzzles are excluded 
from this mode.

- Riddle: Normal.

Riddles are moderately difficult. Heather no longer gives clues. They actually 
require some thought on this difficulty.

- Riddle: Hard.

Riddles are quite challenging. Infact in some cases, unless you have some 
knowledge not even provided in the game, you won't be able to solve them.
The tough riddles on this mode luckily do not have random answers. This Riddle 
mode is required to get a gold ranking on the Ranking Screen for Riddle Mode 
category. There are no "Extreme" riddle modes, and unlike Silent Hill 2, no 
"Extra" riddle mode.

___ _  _

_  _ ___

These are the configurable options for the game. Note that some of them only 
appear once you've completed the game. I'll list those as such.

Main Options:

- Control Options

Unfortunately, you can't custom-configure your controls in the PlayStation 2
version. You get a choice between "type A", and "type B".

type A

D-Pad = Movement
Left Analog Stick = Movement
Select = Pause
Start = Skip Cutscene/Menu
L1 = Sidestep left
L2 = Camera manipulation
L3 = Camera Zoom (while in Combat Mode)
R1 = Sidestep right
R2 = Combat/Caution Mode
R3 = Use Equipped Supply
Triangle Button = Map
Square Button = Flashlight
Circle Button = Action
X Button = Run/Walk, Cancel

type B

D-Pad = Movement
Left Analog Stick = Movement
Select = Menu
Start = Skip Cutscene/Pause
L1 = Sidestep left
L2 = Camera maniuplation
L3 = Camera Zoom (while in Combat Mode)
R1 = Sidestep right
R2 = Combat/Caution Mode
R3 = Use Equipped Supply
Triangle Button = Map
Square Button = Run/Walk, Cancel
Circle Button = Cancel, Flashlight
X Button = Action

It's not too much different, but I still prefer type B because I learned it 
first. Again, choose what you want.

- Language

Sets the language of the text displayed within the game. All voice acting is
still English. In the NTSC U/C (North America) version, you can choose from
many languages including German, French, Spanish, English, Japanese, Korean.

- Subtitles

Toggles subtitles on/off for cutscenes. Also, if they're turned on, they are
displayed in your selected language.

- Screen Position

Screen positioning tinkering. Usually it's fine, but play with this if it's not
centered correctly.

- Brightness

Play with this to your satisfaction. Konami recommends turning it up until you 
see faint vertical lines. I had to use level 7 (max) brightness to see these 
lines on my TV, but you may not have to.

- Vibration

Soft, Normal, Hard, or Off. If your controller supports it. Some find it 
annoying. Again, personal preference. It helps quite a bit though, before you 
unlock the life bar as constant vibration not attached to any actions or events 
means you're hurting.

- Sound

Stereo, Mono, and so on. Select what's right for your sound setup.

- BGM Volume

Background music volume. Strangely enough, this also effects the voice volume 
in the ingame cutscenes. It's part of the BGM, for some reason.

- SE Volume

Sound Effects Volume. Volume for most sound effects.

- Control Type

2D or 3D. This was covered above in the controls section.

- Exit

Exits options menu.

_________ _  _

Extra Options:
_  _ _________

Press L1 or R1 in the options screen to switch between the normal options and
extra options screens.

- Blood Color

Sets the color of blood. I think the default is fine, but green and violet are 
useful for some to know when an enemy is TRULY dead.

- Blood Volume

Volume of blood. See; how much will spill. Again, personal preference. I think 
normal is fine, but if you've got a thing for gore you can bump it up.

- Walk / Run Control

Sets whether Walk or Run as the default movement type. Normal is walk.
Reverse is run. I use reverse. Then I don't have to hold down a button all the 
time to run -- only to walk. I walk less than I run by far.

- Map

Zoom in or Zoom out. This sets the default for whether your map is zoomed in or 
zoomed out when you open it. Personal preference, again.

- Noise Effect

Toggle for the grainy noise filter. Personal preference, once again.

- Display Mode

Normal or Sharp. Normal looks somewhat blurry, but you won't notice the jagged 
edges and so on like with Sharp. Whatever you like is fine.

- Bullet Adjust

Unlocked after completing the game at least once. For every time you've 
completed the game, you can set it up higher by x1 to a max of x5.
This multiplies the amount of ammo you get from a pickup by this modifier.
For example, if your Bullet Adjust is x5 you get 50 handgun bullets from one 
box of handgun bullets. Use this as soon as you get it. It's great and has no 
downside. You can get this up to x5 easily by loading a file right at the end 
of the game and killing the final boss over and over again.

- Life Bar

Unlocked after completing the game on Hard action mode. This is a must for 
speed runs, 10-Star runs, and Extreme difficulty modes. It displays your health 
(yellow bar), stamina (green bar), and when knocked down by an enemy, it 
displays a purple line. As you mash buttons, this line will decrease in length, 
and when it fully disappears, you'll get up. This is information that is hidden 
from your view normally.

On harder difficulty modes, you'll notice you have less health, less stamina, 
and it takes longer to get up when knocked down. Vital information to have when 
completing challenges. Life Bar can only be used in an Extra New Game.

- Beginner mode

Unlocked by dying on Easy mode a few times. You can toggle it on when playing 
on Normal or Easy Action modes only, and it makes the game's action much easier 
than without. Many enemies are literally pushovers.

- Exit

Exits options menu.

_________ _  _

In-Game Menus:
_ _  _________

Pressing the menu button (Default: Select) during gameplay will bring up a menu 
that looks somewhat like this:

|         Status                 Maps          Memos          Options     |
| ||      |
| | In-Game Screen Cap.  |                   ||                |
| | (Color Determines-   |                   |           |                |
| |  current health-     |   (Item)   (Item) | (Handgun) | (Item) (Item)  |
| |  status)             |                   |           |                |
| |______________________|                   |           |                |
|                                                              |
|                                                                         |
|                                                                         |
|                                                                         |
|           Items                                          ______________ |
|                                  >>| Equip        ||
| ||                               | Reload       ||
| |        Weapons        |                                 |
| |  |                                               |
| |_______________________|     Handgun                                   |
|                                                                  |
|         Supplies          Holds 10 rounds of ammunition. Small and not  |
|      powerful, but easy to use.                    |
|                                                                         |

In this example, we are in the weapons menu with the Handgun selected and with 
the sub-menu up to Reload or Equip it. Each (Item) is actually represented with 
an image in the game. You can navigate these menus with the D-Pad. Cancel 
button (Default: Circle) cancels/exits menus, and Action/Confirm button 
(Default: X) accepts and enters menus. At the bottom right, you get a 
description of any highlighted items.

Here's an explanation for each of the parts of the menu...


This shows Heather's current Health Status with a small screen capture of what
you saw before you entered the menu. The status is determined by a color.
This is what each color represents:

Dark Blue: 88-100%.
Light Blue: 75-88%.
No Color: 60-75%.
Yellow: 40-60%.
Light Red: 25-40%.
Dark Pulsing Red: 25% or less.

This, along with the vibration function which starts 50% health or below will 
alert you to when you need to use health items.

At least, until you unlock the Life Bar. Then it becomes easier to make that 
judgement call.


This menu lets you scroll through, use, combine, examine and equip items.
Puzzle items, and equippable gear like the Bulletproof Vest show up here.

Combining works like this; Select Combine on the sub-menu, cancel out, scroll 
to the next item you wish to Combine with, Select Combine on it as well, and 
continue for as many items as you'd need to Combine. Then select use when you 
have selected all items to be Combined that will be used at the same time.
Not all items with a combine feature on their action menu can actually be 
combined. On some it's there to throw you off.

Mini-icons will appear below the status panel to indiciate which have been 
combined. If the combination is valid at this spot, it will use the items.
If not, you will get an error message/sound and retain your items.


This menu lets you scroll through, equip, reload, and examine your weapons.


This menu lets you examine, use, and equip supplies to be used with R3. 
Selecting the "use" option uses them in the menu. Equipping them lets you use 
them during live-action. The Quick Reload is performed this way.


This menu takes you to the maps screen, which lets you scroll through and view 
any maps you've acquired. A shortcut to reach this screen in-game is the Maps 
button (Default: Triangle.)

Any map with an UP or DOWN arrow at the top/bottom of the map screen means that 
there is one or more maps for that area which you can look through by pressing 
the D-Pad up or down.

Pressing the X button zooms in, and while zoomed in you can use the D-Pad to 
move around the zoomed map. You cannot switch to other maps while zoomed in.
X button while zoomed in will zoom out.

Markings on maps are explained like this:

- Squiggle Line: Broken Door you cannot pass through.

- Straight Line: Locked Door.

- <--> Mark: Door you've already passed through. An open doorway.

- Circle marks and other misc marks: Points of interest. Usually you
  can solve a puzzle at these or use an item, or something.

- Swirly Circle thing: Save point you've examined.

When you enter the Otherworld version of an area you've already been through, 
the marks are erased because the Otherworld often has different openable doors 
and so on. Although, the areas do have the same basic layout.


Enters the Memos menu where you can review some pictures, texts, and so on that 
you've examined in-game.


Accesses the exact same options Menu that you can access from the game's Main 

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ                               [sh3_04]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

Q: Hey! Why don't you write a guide for <insert game here>?

A: I really only write guides for games which interest me a great deal, and/or
   I enjoyed a lot.


Q: I haven't played any Silent Hill game before. Is this game for me?

A: Sure. While you may not appreciate some of the back-story from the original
   Silent Hill, it basically tells you all you need to know about what
   happened. You don't need to know anything about the previous games, though.
   This is a sequel to Silent Hill for PlayStation. Silent Hill 2 had nothing
   to do with this game or the original story-wise, aside from the town itself
   and some recurring themes they had in common.

   Both Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 are great games, though, so if you like
   this you might as well pick them up and play them. Well worth the amount of
   money they sell for now. Just be sure to note that this game series can be
   profoundly disturbing to some, so it's not for everyone. If you can handle
   it though, that's great.


Q: Does this game have anything to do with Silent Hill 2 and James?

A: No. Silent Hill 2 only had the town and some recurring themes in common with
   this game and the original Silent Hill game. It was a completely original
   story which in no way was connected to the stories of the original Silent
   Hill game and Silent Hill 3. It showed us another side of the town known as
   Silent Hill with a minimal religious cult involvement. Still a great game if
   you haven't played it.


Q: How do I get the [insert weapon/item here]?

A: Read the appropriate section or the walkthrough, where I explain acquiring
   these in detail. The Items and Weapons section should help as well. If it's
   about unlocking a secret weapon, check the "Secrets, and Extras" section.


Q: How do I get the UFO "Revenge" ending?

A: Read the Endings section.


Q: If I delete my game saves from the load menu (in the game itself, not the
   large memory card save,) will I lose all the extra unlockables I acquired?

A: No. Saved features such as unlocked items, difficulty modes and so on are
   saved separately from your game and results files. Konami was smarter here
   when designing SH3 than with previous games in the series in regards to how
   extra features that are unlocked are stored. Nothing to worry about. You can
   delete all of the load list files and still keep all of the stuff that
   you've unlocked.


Q: I'm having a lot of trouble unlocking the Heather Beam, how did you do it?

A: Read the weapons section for an in-depth explanation on how to acquire it.


Q: What determines whether Valtiel appears to drag Heather's corpse off when
   you die or not?

A: Some people think it's monsters with strange 'oil' on them, but that's not
   the case. It appears to happen consistenly on certain screens. Find one and
   try it over and over. Brookhaven Hospital Roof comes to mind. It'd take too
   much time for too little return to die on every screen with enemies and
   document which screens have a cutscene like this, but there are quite a few
   of them.

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Characters                                                     [sh3_05]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

Main Characters

___ _  _

_  _ ___

Age: 17

Heather seems to be a normal 17 year old girl. While out shopping at a local 
shopping mall one day, she falls asleep in a local "Happy Burger" restaurant. 
Shortly after she wakes up, she meets an old detective named Douglas who claims 
to know about her birth and says he has someone that wants to meet her. Soon 
after this, her world turns upside down as she finds herself alone in a 
nightmarish otherworld with unbelievable monsters hunting her.

You play as Heather in Silent Hill 3.

____________ _  _

Douglas Cartland:
_  _ ____________

Age: 50s

Douglas is an old, grizzled private detective who's in his 50s. He seems to be 
following Heather around for some reason relating to her past and his work as a 
detective. When questioned, he claims to have been hired by the woman named 
Claudia to find Heather. He also says that he knows nothing about what is going 
on with the monsters and other strange occurances. Is he friend or foe?

________ _  _

Claudia Wolf:
_  _ ________

Age: 29

A strange woman in her late 20s with blonde hair and shaven eyebrows who wears 
a black robe. Heather first meets Claudia in the shopping mall. Heather does 
not understand her cryptic rambling at first, but soon puts things together and 
realizes that Claudia seems to have a connection to the monsters and strange 
alternate reality that Heather experiences.

___ _  _

_  _ ___

Age: 24-26.

Vincent is a man in his mid 20s who has brown hair and glasses. He seems to 
know Claudia, and yet claims that he is on Heather's side. Heather first meets 
Vincent in the Otherworld Hilltop Center, in a Mental Clinic. Vincent, like 
Claudia, appears to have something wrong with him -- at least to Heather upon 
first meeting him. What are his true intentions? Is he trying to decieve 
Heather to help Claudia out, or does he have a hidden agenda?


Other Characters

___________ _  _

Stanley Coleman:
_  _ ___________

A patient at Brookhaven Hospital. He leaves Heather a strange doll with his 
diary in various parts of the hospital. He seems to be obsessed with Heather-- 
knowing personal details about her, yet he has never truly met her in person.

________ _  _

Leonard Wolf:
_  _ ________

Another patient at Brookhaven Hospital. He is Claudia's father, yet when
Heather first speaks to him he seems to be a somewhat sane and level-headed
person, denouncing what Claudia believes in and what she has done. He IS in the
hospital for mental problems, though...

___ _  _

_  _ ___

A mysterious creature which is seen wherever Heather goes. It seems to appear
whenever Heather experiences the "Otherworld", and is often seen turning
valves. Heather first sees him when the shopping mall shifts to the Otherworld.
Valtiel appears when you die sometimes to drag Heather's corpse off.

Valtiel is a very humanoid-looking creature who has tattoos of the same
occultic circle on the biceps of each of his arms. He usually whips his head
around in a very strange and erratic manner.

Unlike the other strange creatures, Valtiel does not seem hostile to Heather,
nor can she harm him. He seems to appear everywhere Heather goes. Is there more
than one of this creature, or is it a powerful being tied to what's going on
with Heather?

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Basic Combat Guide                                             [sh3_06]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

________ _  _

_  _ ________

Combat in Silent Hill 3 is fairly simple, but unlike the previous games in the 
series it's a bit more challenging. Luckily, they've improved the mobility of 
the player in this game so the gameplay is actually fun and managable with the 
increased difficulty.

Holding down the R2 button will enter you into Combat/Caution mode, and from 
there you can press your action button (Default: X Button) to attack with the 
currently equipped weapon. Unlike previous games, only heavy attacks tend to 
stun your opponents, and thus halt their attacks. On your first play through, 
it is best to run past most enemies. Infact, unless you're going for a high 
ranking, it is best to not fight most enemies at all.

______ _  _

Stomp Move:
_  _ ______

The Stomp move is performed on an enemy laying on the ground. You must NOT be 
in combat mode, and you must walk up to the downed enemy. Press your 
action/attack button (Default: X, again) to perform the stomp. Unlike previous 
games in the series, the stomp is not an instant-kill on a downed enemy. This 
makes getting "Kills by Fighting" for a ranking game much harder. Also note 
that not all weapons will make an enemy "assume the position" for stomping 
anymore. Only those with sufficient stopping power (read; heavy weapons) will 
perform that task for you.

___________ _  _

Weapon Handling:
_  _ ___________

Some weapons have more than one mode of attack which are performed by either 
holding/pressing a direction and pushing your attack button, or mashing the 
attack button. Different modes of attack will be covered in the Weapons section 
below. To avoid lengthly reload times, either reload in the menu or set bullets 
for your current gun as your equipped supply.

___________ _  _

Quick Reloading:
_  _ ___________

Pressing down the right analog stick as button (this is called the "R3" 
button), you can do a very quick full-reload. Simply count your shots and when 
you know you're out of ammo and would have to reload normally, hit that analog 
stick button. Luckily, when you already have one type of ammo equipped and 
change to another weapon, the game will automatically change the equipped ammo 
type to what the new weapon uses. I'm surprised this feature hasn't been paid 
much attention by others, really. I found it very useful.

____ _  _

_  _ ____

New to the series in Silent Hill 3 is the ability to block enemy attacks.

You can block incoming attacks by pressing your block button while in Combat 
mode (Default: Square Button) if timed correctly. Not all attacks can be 
blocked. Blocks must also be timed correctly so that your guard is up when the 
hit actually occurs, and it must not be an attack from behind.

________________________ _  _

Using Auto-Aim with Firearms:
_  _ ________________________

Auto-aiming occurs with ranged weapons, and while in Combat Mode you tend to 
lock onto enemies near you. Note that the effective range is determined by: 
Flashlight (if it's on, you get a longer range), and Action Mode. If you are on 
a low difficulty action mode, you get a longer effective range for auto-aiming. 
A further word on auto-aiming; You can switch between valid targets in your 
auto-aiming range by pressing left or right. This is useful when fighting 
groups of Slurpers and Split Heads.

______________ _  _

Stamina and Combat:
_  _ ______________

There is a new factor in combat; Stamina. When your character makes those 
exhausted sounds, it's not just for show anymore. It now determines run speed, 
weapon swing speed, melee attack/stopping power, attack recovery time, and some 
enemies will act differently depending on your stamina's status.

When I talk about stamina values, I refer to the green bar on the life bar you 
unlock by finishing the game on Hard Action mode one time. If you haven't done 
THAT, you cannot really tell what the status of your stamina is very easily. 
Just know that if your character is breathing heavily, running slower than 
usual, or swinging her weapon slowly, you're likely low on stamina.

Stamina is restored by standing completely still for some time, drinking a 
health drink, using an Ampoule, or by entering another area/using a door.

_________ _  _

Closing Words:
_  _ _________

There's only so much I can tell you. It's best to get some experience under
your belt and do some fighting yourself so you can apply this knowledge and
perhaps formulate your own ideas about Combat.

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Walkthrough: Introduction                                      [sh3_07]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

So you've decided to play the game, huh?

Well, before you start:

- Don't let me spoil the game for you. If you just need puzzle solutions, I did
  make a section which contains the solutions for the tougher puzzles. In the
  interest of being complete, this Walkthrough will have spoilers.

- Tinker the options to your liking.

- Decide what Action difficulty you'd like. Easy and Normal are good for first
  timers, but I'll be covering Hard just to cover the worst one could expect
  for a first-time play.

- Pick whatever Riddle level you want; I'll cover all three.

My normal Walkthrough covers...

- Hard Action Mode. So if you're playing on a lower difficulty level, just
  expect less enemies, easier action, and more supplies.

- All Riddle modes are covered. Just check the Riddles section of the guide.

I am assuming this is your first time through, so this Walkthrough will be 
structured to take into account that...

- You have the base x1 Bullet Adjust, as a first time player would. Ammo will
  be conserved for when it is truly needed.

- You are not very familiar with the combat system, so running will be a key
  tactic for bypassing many enemies on your first go. This also helps keep
  enough health supplies for taking on the bosses without much of a problem!

- The fact that item placement is NOT always the same. It is based on several
  factors. Action Level, how much damage you've taken, how many health or ammo
  supplies you currently have, and so on. Just pickup whatever happens to be
  there. Chances are you won't find exactly what I did at the same point.

Here are some tips for first-timers.

- Check EVERY door if lost. Your map will be marked appropriately and from
  there on you will know which door is broken, which is locked, and which you
  can pass through. It will all be marked on your map.

- Don't fight everything. Infact, run past most enemies. This helps conserve
  health and ammo supplies for when you really need them.

- Don't use a lot of guns and ammo to fight off normal enemies. Ammo in Silent
  Hill 3 is of a much lesser supply than in Silent Hill and SH2.

- The Directions as I explain them are often directions on the map. Compass
  style. North (Up on map), East (Right on map), South (Down on map), West
  (Left on map). You can determine which direction you are heading by checking
  your map. A green pointer shows your current heading. Not all areas have
  maps, but most do. In the areas without maps I'll give directions in a
  different style, using left/right from current position and so on. Infact,
  I'll do that where it's convenient as well.

- Save OFTEN. Especially if you somehow get too scared to continue playing.
  This hasn't happened to me, but some people say it happens to them.

- Turn on vibration and heal up when the heartbeat-like vibration starts.

When you're ready, select "New Game" from the main menu. From here, select your 
Action and Riddle modes.

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Walkthrough: Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park (Dream)        [sh3_08]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

                                "Where am I?"

* ENEMIES IN THIS AREA: Split Head, Closer, Pendulum.

After selecting your difficulty modes and accepting, you will start the game.

After watching the intro cutscenes with the end being Heather, the main 
character which you control in the game saying "Where am I?" as she takes her 
knife out of her jacket, you will gain control.

Take a moment to get acquainted with the controls so that you have a basic feel 
for how to move your character, go into combat mode and attack their air. Feel 
free to swing your knife at the air to get a hang of swinging a weapon and what 
that does to your mobility while attacking.

As Heather is an average girl, don't expect her to kill everything with ease 
like some kind of superhero. She's really not that tough. Keep that in mind. 
You will likely be running from many fights on your first go through the game.

Next, learn the menu. Press select (or whatever a non-standard control setup 
has the "Menu" button set to) and learn how to Navigate the menu. Read the 
Controls, Options, and Menus section above for detailed info.

When you've got a basic familiarity with all of this, read below.

First off, I'd like to say that completing this section completely is 100% 
optional and there is no reward for it. You can die or complete it normally, 
but either way the result is the same. It's just a dream and Heather will wake 

- Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park, Entry Area:

You'll notice your immediate surroundings don't exactly look like a normal 
amusement park. Steel grated floors that have a seemingly bottomless pit below 
them, holes in the ground, and strange giant rabbits with blood all over them. 
You can examine the rabbits for some dialogue. There are also some cages with 
corpses in them that you can examine on this screen as well.

This is foreshadowing of what you will see in the future; This is what is 
referred to as the "Otherworld". It has the same basic layout as what the place 
in the real world does (if that place even exists), but is usually decayed and 
hellish looking.

If you check your menu, you'll notice you have a Handgun, a Sub Machine Gun, 
and a few melee weapons. Equip either the Handgun, Steel Pipe, or Sub Machine 
Gun. You also have a couple health supplies and more ammo for your Handgun.

At the far end of this area, there is a door. You can enter doors by pressing 
X. When the game loads the next area, you should be ready for combat. There is
a Split Head (dog) waiting for you right at the other side.

- Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park, Shopping Area:

Holding down R2 will have you enter Combat/Caution mode. From there you can 
press X to attack with your currently equipped weapon. Look towards the dog, 
preferably with your Handgun equipped and start firing off shots. It will take 
about 6 or 7 hits to kill it. You can dodge its' leaps by holding down L1 or R1 
to strafe left or right, or in 2D control mode by just moving around. Make sure 
you don't walk into a wall or other barrier.

When it is dead, you can continue along the linear path in this area. Check the 
doors that you come across to see if you can enter them. This is vital when 
exploring areas. Not all doors open.

The one door, midway around this half-circular court leading to the mountain 
coaster will open. It is a gift shop.

- Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park, Souvenir Shop:

There is nothing of interest in here, but you can examine many of the things 
sitting on the shelves here for some information. Again, it is good to examine 
everything you can. This will not only give you some dialogue to read, but in 
some cases clues or even items. Leave this gift shop and continue along the 
previous area.

- Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park, Shopping Area:

You should see some large enemies (Closers) in the way, but just run past them. 
They are slow. There is a door at the end of this area which you can pass 
through to the next area. It is at the opposite end from which you entered the 
area in the first place.

- Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park, Rest Area:

In the next area, there'll be more enemies.; Probably 3 more closers. Simply 
run past them and use the double-door steel gate at the opposite end you 
entered this area.

- Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park, Roller Coaster Entrance:

This will lead you to an area where you hear a very creepy grinding noise, and 
are also probably attacked by a Split Head. The grinding noise comes from the 
Pendulum enemies, which you should definitly not try to fight. Turn left and 
run forward. Look for some stairs leading up. Run up the stairs and check the 
door to the control room for the Coaster. Sometimes a Pendulum will fly up and 
hit you on your way up, so heal if you have to.

The door at the top is locked. You can't find a key for it, so nevermind for 
now. When a door is described as "Locked" rather than "lock is jammed/broken", 
then chances are you can find a key. This however, is an exception. You should 
notice next to the control room another small steel gate which leads to the 
coaster track. Go through it.

- Otherworld Lakeside Amusement Park, Roller Coaster Track:

Now that you're on the coaster track, walk along it to make sure you don't fall 
off if playing on Hard. When you get far enough on the track, a cutscene will 
be triggered.

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Walkthrough: Central Square Shopping Center                    [sh3_09]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

                 "Remember me, and your true self as well."

* ENEMIES IN THIS AREA: Closer, Split Head, Numb Body (small).

- Central Square Shopping Center, Happy Burger (1F):

Heather will wake up in a restaurant. Stuff her pendant into her jacket and 
walk out in a cutscene.

- Central Square Shopping Center (1F):

Another cutscene plays where you meet a guy named Douglas. After that...

- Central Square Shopping Center, Women's Bathroom (1F):

* KEY ITEM: Pendant.
* KEY ITEM: House key.
* NEW WEAPON: Knife.
* EXTRA NEW WEAPON: Heather Beam.

Extra New Game: In an Extra New Game, if the Heather Beam has been unlocked,
                you will see two circles that look like save points swirling
                around Heather's head in this room. This signifies that you've
                unlocked the Heather Beam. This also allows you to use the
                Sexy Beam if you have the Transform Costume unlocked as well.

You will start with some of these items in your inventory. The knife is weapon, 
but nearly useless. The others will not be used until much later. The Extra
weapons are explained in the weapons and secrets/extras sections, and you will
only get these when unlocked and only an in Extra New Game.

Inside the bathroom, you can examine the mirror for some dialogue and examine
the closed stall door to get a response. Someone is in there. Heather does not
want to leave via the door she came in because, well, "that creepy old
detective is out there". There's also a red circle with markings on the
mirrors. This is a save point. Save if you wish. Since Heather doesn't want to
leave the way she came in, we use the ALTERNATE plan.

Go examine the open window to have Heather exit using the window into an
alleyway behind the mall.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Outside Alleyway:

Extra New Game: In an Extra New Game, if you turn left and go to the stacked
                boxes at the end of the alley, there will be a weapon, the
                [Unlimited submachine gun] sitting on them if you have
                unlocked it.

* EXTRA NEW WEAPON: Unlimited submachine gun.

Turn left and run to the end of the alleyway. Unfortunately, there are stacked 
boxes and Heather does not feel like climbing to get over them and hop the 
fence (lazy). Turn around and head the other way. At the very end of the OTHER
side of the alleyway, there is a van blocking your way. Heather comments on it
if you examine it. Head back a ways and look for a door leading back into the
mall. Use it.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Back Hallways (1F):

You're now in some back hallways of the mall. Take a right and head to the very
end of this hallway. There is only one other unlocked door other than the one
you came through, and it is a set of double doors at the very end of the
hallway opposite where you came in. Enter those double doors.

- Central Square Shopping Center (1F):

You should notice that there's blood smeared on the tiles in this area you just
entered, and some kind of strange sound nearby. Look for the only door which
seems to be opened. The inside of the store it leads to is illuminated.
Everything else is closed down. Enter that door.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Women's Clothing Store (1F):

* NEW WEAPON: Handgun.

Upon entering this clothing store, you will see a cutscene. Heather finds a
[Handgun] on the ground, and picks it up. After the cutscene...

You can examine the corpse for some dialogue. On a bench here, there should be 
some [Handgun bullets]. Take them. Now exit via the door behind the counter. 
Note that when Heather's head moves to look at something, it is usually an 
item, unlocked door, or a document of interest.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Back Hallways (1F):

* KEY ITEM: Shopping mall map.

You'll be in another hallway area. You can examine all the doors you'd like,
but the only ones which will open are the one you came from, and the stairwell 
marked "Exit" as well as a double-door that unlocks from this side and leads 
back to an area you've already visited and don't need to go back to.

Note that when you near the stairwell door, there is also a change in the 
camera angle. Examine the document on the wall to get the Map for Central 
Square Shopping Center, [Shopping mall map].  Now use the stairwell door with 
"Exit" on it.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Stairwell:

Walk up these stairs and take the door at the top to come out on the second

- Central Square Shopping Center, Back Hallways (2F):

As soon as you come into this area, another hallway, you should hear some
strange noise and footsteps. Start moving around this hallway and you'll see
it. This is a Numb Body. You can either kill it with your Handgun or run past
it. I recommend you run past it and exit via the south hallway exit door.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Circular Court (2F):

You'll be in a circular court. Run straight forward from where Heather is
facing when you enter this area. You should see some doors and a sign above
them named "Helen's Bakery". Enter these doors.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Helen's Bakery (2F):

Extra New Game: In an Extra New Game, the [Flamethrower] is on the counter here
                on top of the "Crispy Toasted..." flyer if it's been unlocked.

* KEY ITEM: Tongs.
* EXTRA NEW WEAPON: Flamethrower.

Inside the Bakery, you should see Heather's head look at a pair of [Tongs] 
sitting on a plate. Go up and examine to take them. You can examine various 
things around the Bakery for comments from Heather and a flyer on the counter 
for the Bakery. "Crispy toasted Bread, right to your very door!". When you're 
done examining things, exit back to the circular court.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Circular Court (2F):

Return to the door which leads back to the hallways you got onto the second
floor from.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Back Hallways (2F):

Back in the hallway, run past the Numb Body again and make a left at the
intersection, so you'll be heading North West. Check the doors on your right
side (north side of the hall on the map).

- Central Square Shopping Center, Store Room 1 (2F):

The first one you should enter will be a store room which has a Split Head
that, if you don't move towards it or make any noise around will start chewing
some beef jerky on the ground. You should see an item on a box beside the dog.
It is a package of [Beef jerky]. Calmly walk up beside the dog and grab it,
then turn and exit via the door before the dog has a chance to bite you.

This is a big hint for new players. It's basically showing you that beef jerky
can distract some enemies. Don't use it to distract them, though. They are easy
enough to avoid and there are more dangerous opponents later in the game which
can also be distracted by jerky.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Back Hallways (2F):

Extra New Game: In an Extra New Game, at the northwest end of this hallway,
                there is a door with an odd handle if you've unlocked the
                Beam Saber. Examine this door to get the [Beam saber].

* EXTRA NEW WEAPON: Beam saber.

Two doors down heading northwest, on the same side of the hallway at the last
door you opened, there is another door that you can enter.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Store Room 2 (2F):

* KEY ITEM: Key taken with tongs.

On the shelves in here, there are some [Handgun bullets], and a [Health drink] 
that you should take. There is also a save point next to them that you can use 
if you'd like. If you examine the back area where the camera changes, the 
screen will change and Heather will note that under the thing with boxes
stacked on it, there appears to be something there that she cannot reach.

She is lazy and does not want to move the boxes. Go into the menu and use the 
Tongs for a scene where Heather gets on the floor and uses the Tongs to get a
key. You recieve the [Key taken with tongs]. Examine the key to learn that it
is for the store "My Bestsellers". Exit this room.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Back Hallways (2F):

In the hallway, three new Numb Bodies have spawned. Run past them and the one
that was already there to the south exit leading to the circular court, where
we can do something new with the key we just acquired.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Circular Court (2F):

At the circular court, turn right from where Heather is initially facing and go 
around the court, running past any Closers you may encounter until you see the 
store, "My Bestsellers". Examine the door to it to use the Key taken with
tongs, and then check the door again to enter.

- Central Square Shopping Center, My Bestsellers (2F):

* KEY ITEM: Shakespeare Anthology 1.
* KEY ITEM: Shakespeare Anthology 2. 
* KEY ITEM: Shakespeare Anthology 3.
* KEY ITEM: Shakespeare Anthology 4.
* KEY ITEM: Shakespeare Anthology 5.

Inside the store, run behind the counter at the back and grab the
[Handgun bullets]. Examine the door to find that it is locked and requires a 
code to be punched into the number console. If on Normal or Hard Riddle modes, 
there is also a note next to the door with clues for the puzzle. This is our 
first real puzzle. Search the rest of the store until you come to a pile of 
books laying on the floor. Pick them up.

They are; [Shakespeare Anthology 1], [Shakespeare Anthology 2],
[Shakespeare Anthology 3], [Shakespeare Anthology 4], and
[Shakespeare Anthology 5]. If you're on Easy Riddle, you will only get 2 or 3
books off the ground, and the rest will be sitting on the shelf.

Solve the puzzle to open the door behind the counter. For the solution, see the
Riddles section of this guide.

Once you've finished the puzzle, enter the door.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Back Hallways (2F):

A scene will play where you meet Claudia, a strange woman in a black robe with 
blonde hair and shaven eyebrows. After the cutscene, run through the hallway 
and look for the elevator doors; It is the only thing in this hallway besides
the door you came from which works. Enter the elevator.

- Central Square Shopping Center, Elevator:


Once inside, you'll notice there's no panel with buttons and the door won't 
open. Great, huh? The elevator starts moving and you hear some static.

A cutscene will play where a [Radio] drops from above. Pick it up and read what 
Heather has to say. The elevator door will open. Step through.

A cutscene will play. When it is over...

___  _ ________________  ________  _ _____  _ ___________  _ ______________ ___

..  Walkthrough: Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center         [sh3_10]  ..
_________ _  __________   _ _ _________ _______ ____________ _ ____ ____  _____

                    "Is this a dream? It's got to be."

* ENEMIES IN THIS AREA: Split Head, Pendulum, Numb Body (small), Closer.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center, Back Hallways (1F):

You're let out of the elevator to a very new-looking place. This is still the 
shopping mall, but it is the Otherworld's version. The first thing you'll 
notice is that things are a lot darker.

I suggest running because there are Split Heads around and you don't have a lot 
of ammo to be wasting on them, nor do you have a good melee weapon yet. From 
the elevator, run south, continue through the hallway west and at the 
intersection with north/south paths as your choices, enter the door.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center, Medical Room (1F):

Hopefully, you ran clear past the dogs and entered here without taking any 
damage. If not, don't worry. There are some [Health drinks] in the cabinet 
here, and an [Ampoule] on the desk. There's also a save point on the bed if you 
want to save. Exit.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center, Back Hallways (1F):

Take the hallway north and exit at the double doors at the north end of the 
hallway. Just run past all of the dogs in your way.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center (1F):

There are Closers here. Probably three of them. This is a wide open area, 
though. Simply run past them. Head a bit east and then north through a hallway 
and continue north until the way north turns into a path going east. The first 
yellow door you come to on the left, you should enter.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center, Storage Room (1F):


Inside here, you'll notice a switch and notice on the wall. Pay heed to the 
notice. Turn the lights off with the switch on the wall. This will reveal a 
[Flashlight] turned on and sitting on a stack of cardboard boxes. Walk up to it 
and take it. Search the room to find some [Handgun bullets] and perhaps a 
[First-aid kit] sitting on the shelves here. Take them. Exit.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center (1F):

Enter the door east of the one you just came out of.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center, Women's Bathroom (1F):

* KEY ITEM: Bleach.

This is the bathroom that you ditched Douglas at, only in the Otherworld. If
playing on Normal or Hard Riddle modes, there should be a bottle of [Bleach] in
here. You can also examine things around here if you'd like. If you're on Easy
Riddle mode, there is no Bleach. Don't worry.

If you have a Silent Hill 2 save file on your memory card, you'll get a funny
scene here with an Silent Hill 2 reference when you examine things. Leave when
you've got your Bleach and seen all you want to see.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center (1F):

Head east to the end of the hallway, and then go through the wrecked metal 
shutters at the end.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center (1F):

There will be 2 Split Heads and a Closer here. Run past them and go through the 
open door to the women's clothes store to your southeast.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center, Women's Clothing Store (1F):

* KEY ITEM: Hanger.
* EQUIPMENT: Bulletproof vest.

Since you've got the flashlight, you can take the things in here. Examine 
things if you wish, and then take the metal clothes [Hanger] off of a rack here 
near the doors you came in from. On another rack in the north side of the 
store, there is a [Bulletproof vest] for you to take. Don't equip that. You're 
still going to be running quite a bit, and it slows you down. Exit the store.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center (1F):

The dogs disappeared, but an extra Closer is here. Just run past the Closers to 
the wrecked metal shutters you entered this area from and go through.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center (1F):

Run west, and then south back to the intersection where you can head east/west. 
Head west and check the northwest most door to enter...

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center, Happy Burger (1F):

Happy Burger sure looks different. Run around the tables until you find one 
with a ladder above it. Heather notes that if she had something long, she could 
get that ladder down. Use the Hanger. A cutscene plays where Heather uses a 
now-bent hanger to get the ladder down.

Examine the ladder to grab it and use the D-Pad to climb up.

- Otherworld Central Square Shopping Center (2F):

Check your map. See the escalators going UP southeast of you? Go up.

- Otherworld 

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