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About The Game

An investigation will lead the most famous detective of all time to the edge of the irrational as he thwarts the designs of a sect of the disciples of Cthulhu. Discover the adventures of Sherlock Holmes with a gripping atmosphere, for the first time ever delivered in a thoroughly intensive and wholly immersive real-time 3D world. Throughout your investigation you will meet more than sixty characters with whom you can interact freely. Hundreds of clues and objects will need to be scrutinised and utilised in order for the investigation to be solved. From the most logical deduction down to the smallest detail, the decor and textures offer the player a true feeling of living the role. Cities and places exude authenticity, creating environments you would expect to find at the end of the 19th Century. And yet, amidst the daily grind and bustling lives of society, there also exists terrifying places, and it is in these confines where you will have to control your fears, retain your focus, and ascertain the truth.

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Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Review

By Jimmy Goldstein |

Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos might seem like strange bedfellows at first. After all, the coke-snorting, bee-loving, violin-playing sleuth would no doubt have little common ground with the deranged worshippers of the gigantic, octopus-faced extraterrestrial, but after playing Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, we think it's a match made in heaven. Or at least, whatever passes for heaven among the Great Old Ones.

When a few immigrants suddenly disappear right in Holmes's very own neighborhood, he and his trusty companion Dr. Watson are drawn into an investigation that leads them around the world, from mental hospitals in Switzerland to the bayous of Louisiana to pirate caves in Scotland. Along the way you'll uncover the mystery of an ancient horror and its unsettling intersection with modern life.

In all, it's a very well written story with plenty of interesting characters, loads of atmosphere and details, and even the odd twist or two. The dialogue is smart and clearly shows that the writer was not only familiar with Doyle and Lovecraft's styles but we also able to incorporate them into a single story that feels as though it could have been written by both authors. We won't spoil any of the specific plot points, but there are plenty of crazed ravings by maniacs and overly long, dry explanations and ruminations by Holmes.

Any game focusing on Sherlock Holmes creates a certain expectation with regard to its difficulty and The Awakened doesn't disappoint. The puzzles here aren't as obvious as in the recent Sam & Max so you'll really have to think about how all the pieces fit together, sometimes literally. There are a few multipart collection quests that basically solve themselves, but even then they lead to other puzzles that require some substantial (but not unreasonable) leaps of logic. You'll find a few reflex oriented or timed puzzles scattered throughout the game. While they make a nice break from the logic puzzles, some of them feel a bit out of place and a few require trial and error before you're even sure how to manipulate them.

Rather than being a boring pixel hunter where you mouse-over every possible item on the screen, The Awakened will often snap your icon towards an important clue or object. This frees up the player to spend more time imagining how the items they find might be used to solve the larger puzzles at hand rather than wasting time scouring every square inch of the environment in hopes of finding a crucial missing piece. That's not to say that finding items is easy, because there are plenty of items that are tucked away in less obvious locations. In a few cases, the items you need are even hidden inside other items you're already carrying. Nice touch.

From time to time, you'll come upon a clue that begs to be investigated further, prompting Holmes to pull out his trusty magnifying glass to take a closer look. Often there are important details to be seen in unlikely places, so it pays to try a little pixel hunting here. Even so, it feels more like a real investigation than tedious busy work. Holmes even has a lab (desk, really) where he can examine items in greater detail under a microscope, or even run chemical tests on them in some bizarre gyroscopic burner.

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened Game Walkthrough


                                   FAQ GUIDE


                        SHERLOCK HOLMES : THE AWAKENED



Author:         Balmoran (c) 2007
Platform:       PC
Updated:        29 December, 2007
Version:        1.03

Sites allowed to use this:


1. Introduction : about this guide
2. Index of questions: as some of the answers may contain spoilers, I 
   arranged the q's in order of progression of the game, and gave an
   idea in the index of where in the game the problem occurs.
3. FAQ's and answers
4. Thanks and credits


As there are very few walkthroughs available for this game, and I don't 
have the time or courage to write one, (yet) I've decided to try and 
help players by putting together a little guide which addresses the most 
common questions asked on the game's board, so this is very literally 
a FAQ guide. Some of the answers are mini-walkthroughs to help players 
through parts where most people seem to get stuck. The m-wthru's are 
very detailed as people get stuck even after consulting the only 
2 full walkthroughs out there. And we all do hate to get stuck, 
don't we? 
Hope this FAQ helps. I will regularly add Q and A to it.

   1)   Stuck at start
   2)   Motion sickness
   3)   Can't get into warehouse 12
   4)   Can't get temple door to open
   5)   Stuck in temple under warehouse 12 
   6)   Stuck in basement of Swiss institution 
   7)   Cannot find safe
   8)   Safe combination in N.O. house
   9)   Davey's Cipher and map
  10)   In the cave under the lighthouse
  11)   Quiz answers



NOTE: in my mini-walkthroughs, I shall assume that you will read the notes 
and documents in your inventory asap. after acquiring them, I do not 
constantly remind you to do so; neither do I constantly remind you to save,
though I strongly suggest that you save often in general, but especially 
in the Edelweiss Institute.



I'm at the start of the game, and following the walkthrough provided by the
game guide. I've finished investigating Stenwick's house and the walkthrough 
says to go back to Stenwick and Holmes deduces blah, blah, blah, then you're 
automatically back at Baker Street, but when I talk to Stenwick, all he does 
is ask if I've found anything. What am I missing?


I would suggest you go over the footprints again, as that seems to be a 
common snag.  Measure the footprints, using Sherlock's measuring tape.
Also take note that the right footprint is missing a nail.
(Click the magnifying glass inside the close-up view on it, for Sherlock to 
remark about it.)


This game is giving me some serious motion sickness. Only one other game has 
ever made me feel ill. Anyone else get queasy playing this game? 


Try setting your mouse sensitivity as low as possible . 
In SHTA, you can set your camera sensitivity low as well, so give that a 
try too.



I'm having trouble getting in to warehouse 12.  I tried with the 
scraper hand and then with the hook and rope. Sherlock just says, 
"yes, there is something here" when I go to the window. What now?


Warehouse 12:  
After you've spoken to the "Moonlighter" with the pelican pendant in 
your hand, and he has given you a package, click on your map to go 
back to the pub at the wharf.
Enter pub. In your inventory, drag your knife to the package to 
open it. Click on fake arm/hand to 'take' it, then click on old 
drunk standing at bar. He'll put it on and thank you.

You should then take his old hook that he put down on the counter. 
Go back to warehouse 12 and combine hook and rope in inventory.
While standing close to the big green doors, look up and see a 
destroyed screen above the door. You must go very close to the 
door to see the hand cursor appear on the broken mesh.
Click the hook-rope combo in inventory on the hole in the mesh 
(as soon as you can see the 'hand' cursor)

Holmes will toss the hook through the hole and you will turn into Watson.
Click on Holmes to talk to him. Then go around the corner to the 
right side of the building, and walk up to dirty windows. Click on 
window to change to a static "look closer" view. 

Use the hand-cursor to wipe the window clean. While wiping, your 
view will automatically focus on the green door inside the building. 
It is now a sort of puzzle where you have control of the hook via 
he mouse. 

You have to try and hook the hook through the big padlock-thing 
on the floor with downward swinging movements of the mouse. It's quite 
difficult, but the wilder you swing, the more easily you'll hook 
the target! Once you've hooked it, it will automatically bump up 
the lever to open the door. 

You are now Holmes again, and can walk inside.



Help please! I am in the basement of warehouse 12. I can't get the door to 
open!  I assume I have to use the shapes that was on the table in the pub, 
but the symbols don't show anywhere in my notes or anything. 
I have gone to both walls, but nothing happens!


Yep, a slightly irritating thing is that you actually had to make your own 
drawing (I mean you  as the player, not you as Sherlock) of these symbols 
when you looked at them on the table. 
One would think Sherlock's drawing would show in notes, but nope, 
it doesn't. 
Don't despair, though,  instead of you going back to the bar I'll just 
tell you what to do.
First you've got to go and click on the thing that looks like a birdbath 
in the middle of the room. 
Then you will see parts of the table symbols against the walls.
Right click to exit out of the view of the symbols and go and look at those 
squares either side of the door - yes, they are also parts of 
"Dirty Sommer's"  symbols from the pub table.
Now what you have to do, is to press them in the same order that they 
were on the table.

This is the sequence: 
1) the middle glyph left of door. 
2) the top glyph right of door. 
3) the bottom glyph right of door. 
4) the top glyph left of door. 

The door should now open.



I am stuck in the temple. I have picked up everything I can and examined the
body.  I made a copy of the message on the tablet beside the body. 
I have looked at a walkthrough and it says Holmes summarizes everything 
and the body shivers but that has not happened. Thus I cannot get back to 
Baker Street.

     A short walkthrough of the temple section from the moment the doors 
     have opened:

1.   Enter temple.
2.   Walk to table left of door and click eye on box with pelican trinkets.
3.   Turn around 180% and walk to the opposite corner to the R of the door to 
     a box of coal next to mattresses.
4.   Take some coal.
5.   Walk back to door and, as if you had just entered, walk down the central
6.   Halt when you see white clothes and a black drawing on the floor on your 
7.   Click on drawing in black dust of square with cross inside.
8.   Click on white clothing with spectacles. Holmes should take docs. from 
9.   Turn around 180% and walk to the table on the L-hand side of aisle 
     (Ignore body on altar for now).
10.  As you reach table, click on white powder spilt on table.
11.  Click on oblong metal box.
12.  Walk a bit more forward, and click on greyish vase with painted 
     flowers on front. 
13.  Now turn around and walk towards body on dias, a short cutscene should 
     rigger when you reach it.
14.  After cutscene, click on man's neck.
15.  Click on his R-hand. (closest to you)
16.  Click on the little magnifying glass in bottom L-hand corner of your   
17.  Click the on top part of index and middle finger - SH should
18.  Walk to L-hand side of altar, next to man's head, and pick up small  
19.  Walk around to the man's L.hand and click on it.
20.  Click the little magnifying glass onto the man's middle finger. (Holmes 
     says thumb, but it's a mistake, he should've said middle finger )
21.  On either side of the altar are two +- chest-height stone pillars with 
     sloped tablets on top, full of scribbles on the sloped part.
22.  Click on either one of these, on the scribbles. (They are apparently 
     identical either side)
23.  Holmes should remark a copy should be made. Click on the advertisement 
     inventory, then "use" it (click) on the scribbles.
24.  Click on the coal in your inventory, and "use" it on the advert now 
     sitting on the scribbles.
25.  Right-click to exit inventory, then click on the rubbed page to 
     pick it up.
     Holmes's summary and the cut-scene that ends this scenario should now 
     kick in; if it doesn't, cry. (It does for me, though)



Stuck in basement of Swiss institution: I've gone to the doctor's office, 
found bloody footprints, talked to crazy guy that only talks to professor. 
Found secret door & file about professor, but am now stuck!


Many people seem to get stuck at about this point, after they have 
visited Dr Gyjax's office. However, to make sure we cover everything, 
I have prepared a mini-walkthrough from the first time you enter 
Dr Gyjax's office:

1. Unlock door with key you found in room with body-disposal well.
2. Enter and look to right-hand side.
3. Click on book; "Worship of Ghouls"
4. Click on model of human head.
5. Click on filing cabinet, then on Wolff's file.
6. Turn around, walk to fireplace, pick up poker
7. Go to desk, click on note (Willem Burger's letter)
8. Pick up classroom key
9. Use poker on drawer.
10. In drawer, pick up hand-written letter and telegram from N.Orleans.
11. Walk around desk to door next to filing cabinet & use poker on it.
12. Enter room and turn left to face blackboard; click on it.
13. Go to torture-contraption and click on head-restraint.
14. Walk around contraption and click on large cylindric battery on floor.
15. Go to desk with bright blue bird and click on bird.
16. Click on notebook with experiments
17. Exit experiments room and Dr Gyjax's office.
16. Go back to spiral staircase. If it seems you cannot climb up them, 
    hug the left-hand wall and you should be able to go up close to 
    the wall.
17. At top of stairs, push the lever on wall to your right, to open gate.
18. Go through to Becker's cell and talk to him about Wolff.
19. Turn R from Becker's cell and walk to end of corridor, past Eva's cell,
    then turn right to go to room that says "Unterrichtsraum".
20. Use classroom key on door and enter.
21. Walk down R side of room and click on wooden "stocks" in corner.
22. Walk L to bookcase and click on beard 2nd shelf from bottom.
23. Go to desk next to blackboard, click on note - it's a letter    
    mentioning the mysterious "anonymous patient".
24. Exit classroom, return to dr Gyjax's office.
25. Click top draw of filing cabinet in dr Gyjax's office.
26. Click on the file with no name on the label.
27. Exit Dr Gyjax's office.
28. In inventory, combine the specs and the beard to create a "Prof
    Scwartz disguise".
29. Click on disguise to "put it on".
30. Speak to Wolff disguised as Prof Schwarz.
31. Go back to dr Gyjax's office. 
32. Push up unlit torch on L side of Gyjax's door.
33. Go back to Wolff's cell (you have to do it in this specific order)
    and push up the unlit torch opposite his cell.
34. Save your game.
35. Go to the room containing human disposal well that has bloody footprints   
    outside it,(the room that says:"kein zutritt" outside)and press the 
    unlit torch opposite the door
36. When the secret door opens, enter.
37. After cutscenes, you will be asked a quiz question. The answer is:
38. Put your capslock on (to run) and run to dr. Gyjax's office.
39. Enter, and go to far side of room with mesh doors, and two ropes,
    one long and one short.
40. Remember the code for the lift in one of your notes that you found in the   
    kitchen? Pull L-hand short rope 3 times.
41. Pull R-hand long rope once.
42. When lift doors open, enter lift.
43. When it stops, exit to your right, and walk towards prisoner in cell.
    (Could this be our mysterious anonymous patient designated to do laundry
44. Use spoon on lock of cell door.
45. Speak to patient.
46. Go close enough to patient for Holmes to recognise him as his arch-enemy, 
47. Click on Moriarty again. Guards are alerted. Holmes enrages Moriarty to 
    the point where M. chases off the guards.
48. Walk along R-hand wall and turn R to go up stairs.
49. Ignore shelves immediately in front of you at top of stairs, walk around 
    them on left, walk along other side till Holmes remarks about laundry 
    and Amos disguise.
50. Click on hat and coat on shelf to your right.
51. Open closed door in front of you and enter.
52. Watch cutscenes.

           END OF SCENARIO



I cannot find the safe in Arneson's house in N.O.!


The finding of the safe, happens through a cutscene that only triggers 
once you have found every single clue that you need to continue with 
the game. So make sure that you have clicked on every single spot of 
blood and all footprints. There are some footprints that need to be 
measured outside, and you must explore up the path until the mosquitos
turn you back. Click on all pictures, shelves, books, etc. possible,
and pick the flowers outside. It's easy to miss a blood spot, and also 
make sure that you have "looked close" at every item possible.



Did anyone figure out the combination to the safe in Arneson's house? 
I figure it has to do with the clock riddle but cant figure the 
pattern or method.


The clue to this puzzle is based on the newspaper clock puzzle.
The answer to the clock puzzle is about factors. 
Factors are the number or numbers by which a number can be divided.

If you look at the clock puzzle you'll see the a black 7 with a 
red 2. That means 7 can be divided by 2 numbers: 1 and 7.
Black 10 and red 4, that means 10 can be divided 
by 4 numbers: 1,2,5,10.
Check the relation of the inner numbers to its corresponding 
outer numbers.
The inner numbers are the numbers the outer number can be divided.

1 is divisible by 1 only        =      1
2 is divisible by 1 and 2       =      2
3 is divisible by 1 and 3       =      2
4 is divisible by 1, 2 and 4    =      3
5 is divisible by 1 and 5       =      2
6 is divisible by 1, 2, 3 and 6 =      4
7 is divisible by 1 and 7       =      2
8 is divisible by 1, 2, 4 and 8 =      4
9 is divisible by 1, 3 and 9    =      3
10 is divisible by 1, 2, 5, 10  =      4
11 is divisible by 1 and 11     =      2
12 is divisible by 1, 2, 3, 
              4, 6  and 12      =      6

So the combination to enter on the safe is :
1 2 2 3
2 4 2 4
3 4 2 6

Click on the cross shaped handle to open.



What am I supposed to do with Davey's Cipher?


To get the correct answer for Davey's cipher, is important for two 
1) It is the answer to the quiz question once you return to London
from New Orleans
2) It is the guide to help you get the correct co-ordinates on a map, 
showing your next destination after London.

How to work out Davey's cipher: I personally found this to be a difficult 
and confusing puzzle, especially as the figures on the piece of paper you 
are supposed to work from, are not set out very clearly.
The final answer can be seen under Quiz answers at the end of this guide, 
but before looking at the final answer, why don't you try to work it out 
for yourself first?
The sets of numbers you need to work with, are as follows:


If you work it correctly, that set of numbers will give you the first part
of your answer.
The second part must be worked from the following set of numbers:


Those give you the second part of the answer.

Now, when you get to use the answer to the cipher again, (after the quiz) is 
after you have done the following:
Visit Barnes bookstore and go to the newspaper stand for a paper, after
which you should visit Wharf 13 again.

Go to the pub and talk to the bartender about the Scottish coast, who should
then give you a key. Open the door round the side of the bar with it, and find
a rolled-up map in the far corner.

The Scottish Coast map, is where you are going to need Davey's cipher.
Go into "close look" mode. You can scroll around the map, by using your mouse.

See that the map is divided into sections, longitudinal, and latitudinal.
For the logitudinal reading (vertical), you need the first answer 
(in the form x.xxxx). The second part of the cipher is for the horizontal 
reading. (
Click at the point where these two readings intersect, and that is the place 
where you need to go next.



In the cave under the lighthouse, Sherlock asks for matches from 
Watson. I got the matches from him, but after that I have no idea where 
I'm supposed to go.


Mmm..... lots of people (including myself) get lost here in these dark and 
confusing tunnels. 
It would actually be nice to have some kind of map or something for this 
Anyway, what you basically need to do here, is go back, and then 
take a right-hand turn-off that you probably couldn't see before. 

In these caves I set my gamma-correction a lot lighter, and though 
everything sort of becomes more white-and purply, its' a lot 
easier to see things. 

I replayed the cave part after the matches and saw your problem.
Even if one set your gamma lighter, it is very difficult to see the little 
side passage where the bones are. 

Do this: after you've received the matches, exit the cave where you 
received the matches, and walk back slowly towards the light part 
where the planks broke, but all the while keeping a lookout to your right. 
After a few steps, you should see that there is a bit of light to your right, 
indicating a tunnel passage.
Go down it until Holmes says it is too dark and you cannot continue. 
At this point, swivel your character 90* to the right using your mouse. 
Then strafe two steps to the right using the D key. 
You should now be able to see a little side tunnel slightly to the right in
front of you. 
This is the area where the bones lie. Enter it to pick up some bones. 
Combine rum with rags, then alcohol-soaked rags with bones to 
make a bone torch. 
Light it with the matches, which will now allow you to continue on to 
where you saw the red thing lying.

However, you cannot cross the dangerous crevice.
Move your mouse over the rock wall to the left of the crevice till you get 
a hand cursor on a boulder. 
Time to make a bomb. Combine powder flask with rags to make a 
bomb, and "use" it on the boulder.   Kaboom! 

You now have a boulder bridge to hop over on to the other side. 
Pick up the red belt and continue on past it to your next puzzle.



What are the answers to the Quiz questions?

QUIZ Q1 - From what part of London does one of the two kidnappers of 
          the young Maori come from? 
      A:    Docks

QUIZ Q1: - Where should you go to continue your investigation? 
      A:   Switzerland 

QUIZ Q2: - The hermit asks: Who am I?
      A:   Light of Abyss

QUIZ Q3: - Where should you go to continue your investigation? 
     A:    New Orleans

QUIZ Q4: - Who has Arneson's signet ring?
     A:    racoon or raccoon

QUIZ Q5: - What is the solution to the code written by young Davy? 
     A:    56436 6134
QUIZ Q6  - Where did the Hindu hide the key? 
      A:   stomach

4)                         CREDITS & THANKS              

I would like to thank...
-   TheAgonistes for part of the explanation on the clock puzzle.
-   MaGtRo who's walkthrough on the Gameboomer's website I also referred 
       to for help in explanation of the clock puzzle.
-   Frogwares!
-   My fellow gamers, without whom this website wouldn't be.


This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright. (Yaddayaddayadda.........etc.)


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