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Shadow Warrior

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About The Game

Lo Wang. Master ninja assassin for 20 years. A Shadow Warrior. Shadow warriors are the best of the best, and Lo Wang was the best of the Shadow warriors. Every top company in Japan had a shadow warrior... a protector, a negotiator, a cleaner. Lo Wang worked for Zilla Enterprises, a conglomerate with control in every major industry. Too much control. Power corrupts, and Master Zilla's corporation was corrupted to the core. Lo Wang discovered Master Zilla's demonic scheme to rule Japan, using creatures summoned from the dark side. A man of honor, Lo Wang quit. But one as powerful as Wang either must be on your side, or on no one's side. Master Zilla unleashes his creations for their first test: to kill a single man, a shadow warrior.. Lo Wang!

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Shadow Warrior Cheats

Call up the send message prompt by pressing "t" (default controls), and then enter the following:

Activate Most Cheats - "swgreed" (This combines invulnerability, weapons, etc.)
Invulnerability - "swchan"
All Weapons and Items - "swgimme"
Toggle Clipping - "swghost"
Automapping - "swmap"
Change Rockets to Bunny Heads - "swtrix"
Show Debug Data - "swloc"
Change Screen Resolution - "swres"
Level Select - "swtrekXY" (X is the episode number, and Y is the level number.)
Restart Level - "swstart"
Always Win at Pachinko Machines - "winpachinko"
Display "Help Config" - "config"

Shadow Warrior Game Walkthrough

3D Realms and GT Interactive Software
****** *    *  ****  *****  ****** *     *
*      *    * *    * *    * *    * *     *
****** ****** ****** *    * *    * *  *  *
     * *    * *    * *    * *    * *  *  *
****** *    * *    * *****  ******  ** **

*     *  ****  *****  *****  ***** ****** *****
*     * *    * *    * *    *   *   *    * *    *
*  *  * ****** *****  *****    *   *    * *****
*  *  * *    * *  *   *  *     *   *    * *  *
 ** **  *    * *    * *    * ***** ****** *    *

*******************FOR THE PC DOS/WINDOWS**********************
**********Written and Produced by Helen Chiu(TimiAzN)**********
************Planned by Pat Ling(Predator Hunter)***************
*****************Last Updated: March 24, 2004******************

Status: Version 1.00 - March 29, 2004 - 8:00pm ET GMT -0500
(This is the final version of the guide. Any corrections or
  suggestions will not change the version number or date, but
  will be corrected. You will be given proper credit, of

Updates will be handled by TimiAzN. Thank you for reading this!


--->Contact Information<---

---->Revision History<----

Section 1. About this Guide
  1-1. Basic Information About the Game
  1-2. The Status Bar

Section 2. Technical Information
  2-1. Characters(Completed 02-14-2004)
  2-2. Weapons(Completed 02-14-2004)
  2-3. Item List(Completed 02-14-2004)
  2-4. Enemy List(Completed 02-14-2004)
  2-5. Cheat Codes(Completed 02-14-2004)
  2-6. Hints and Tips(Completed 03-09-2004)

Section 3. Walkthrough
  3-1. Walkthrough**Completed**
   3-1-A. Enter the Wang(4 Levels)(Completed 03-10-2004)
   3-1-B. Code of Honor(18 Levels)(Completed 03-16-2004)
  3-2. Secrets**Completed**
   3-2-A. Enter the Wang(4 Levels)(Completed 03-09-2004)
   3-2-B. Code of Honor(18 Levels)(Completed 03-07-2004)

Section 4. Fun Stuff/Miscellaneous
  4-1. Cool Stuff
  4-2. Links
  4-3. Lo Wang's Quotes
  4-4. Girl Quotes
  4-5. Audio CD Information

Section 5. Frequently Asked Questions
  5-1. Frequently Asked Questions
  5-2. E-mails

Section 6. Credits

------------------------------->CONTACT INFORMATION<---------------------------

Real Name: Helen Chiu
CodeName: AzNTimi
B-Day: March 25, 1985
ICQ: 78129469(I'm barely on ICQ..)
AOL/AIM: AzNxxGrL4u, KimmyC1089
MSN Hotmail:
Yahoo ID: None
Where you can find me: GameFAQs Forums(Username: TimiAzN).

------------------------------->REVISION HISTORY<------------------------------

v1.00 (March 29, 2004): Final Version of the guide. Added some more information
                         and checked the entire guide for any spelling or
                         grammar mistakes. Included two new Sections in Section
                         4: Miscellaneous Information with lots of info.(134k)

v0.90 (March 24, 2004): More Cool Stuff Added and highlighted the keys in the
                         walkthrough for easier time reading! Some Lo Wang
                         Quotes added as well!(129k)

v0.85 (March 15, 2004): Code of Honor Levels 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 walkthrough
                         completed! Code of Honor completed!(127k)

v0.70 (March 14, 2004): Code of Honor Levels 11, 12, 13, 22, 14, and 15 
                         walkthrough completed!(110k)

v0.55 (March 12, 2004): Code of Honor Levels 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 21 walkthrough

v0.40 (March 11, 2004): Enter the Wang Walkthrough completed! Code of Honor
                         Level 5 completed. Included a new section: Section 4.
                         Fun Stuff/Miscellaneous with some information.(70k)

v0.30 (March 9, 2004): Enter the Wang/Code of Honor secrets done! Starting Game
                       Walkthrough sometime later! Included a Hints and Tips
                       Section in Technical Information part. Also made some
                       additions and fixed some spelling mistakes.(49k)

v0.20 (March 5, 2004): Most of the secrets are done. Walkthrough hasn't started
                     yet, but will be soon once I'm done with the secrets!(35k)

v0.10 (February 14, 2004): Sections 1 and 2 done! Starting Walkthrough soon!
                           Posted guide to GameFAQs!(20k)

------------------------->SECTION 1. ABOUT THIS GUIDE<-------------------------

This guide is for everything you need to know about the Shadow Warrior PC
game. If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail me at

Please do not copy this guide without my permission. Doing so will cause you to
commit plagiarism. Note that in mind.

This guide is found posted at the following sites:

1-1. Basic Information About the Game

Name: Shadow Warrior
Developer: 3D Realms Entertainment
Publisher: GT Interactive
Disc: CD-ROM
System: PC Windows 95 and DOS 6.2
Rating: Mature 17+(Animated Violence, Animated Blood & Gore,
                    Strong Sexual Content)
Release Date: Q4 1997

- 28 Huge Levels, 6 specifically designed for multiplayer "Wang Bangs".
- More detail, interactivity, gags and hilarious "Lo Wang Speak" than
   Duke Nukem 3D
- Swim, duck, jump, drive vehicles, climb ladders, go anywhere,
   do anything!

      Shadow Warrior is a 1997 PC released game from 3D Realms where you play as
a Master Ninja named Lo Wang. He has been a Master Ninja for 20 years, which he
calls himself the Shadow Warrior. Lo Wang is the best of the Shadow Warriors, and
every top company in Japan has one. Lo Wang worked for Zilla Corporation. The
corporation is said to have too much control and the power corrupts. Lo Wang
discovers that Master Zilla's demonic scheme is to rule Japan, using creatures
summoned from the dakr side. A man of honor, Lo Wang quit. The consequences of
quitting is that Zilla will use his creations against Lo Wang...


System Requirements
CPU: Pentium 66MHz or better
Memory: 16MB or better
Available Hard Disk Space: 60MB
A working CD-ROM that is at least 2x in speed
100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card
VGA Graphics or better
Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick(optional)
Can run under Windows 95/98 or DOS 6.2 or better.

1-2. Playing the Game

Main Menu
New Game - Start a New Game
 Difficulty Levels
 Tiny Grasshopper - Easy Difficulty which should be only for newbies.
 I Have No Fear - Normal Difficulty which isn't all that hard, except
                   there is more enemies this time around.
 Who Want's Wang - Default(Hard) Difficulty.. for those who want a
 No Pain No Gain - For Experienced Players.. for the possessed.
Load Game - Load a previously saved game
Save Game - Save your progress
Options - Enter the Options menu
Cool Stuff - Various Information
Quit - Quite the game

Options Menu
Screen Menu - Set up the eize of the screen
Mouse Menu - Configures Mouse Sensitivity
Sound Menu - Change the volume of the sound/music
Kid Mode - Changes the game to Teen-rated. Password required to switch
            back to Mature.
Messages - Toggles screen messages
Shadows - On/Off
Auto-Run - On/off
Crosshair - Makes aiming easier
Auto-Aiming - Makes is easier to blast at enemies
3D Sprites - Some of the game sprites are switched from 2D to 3D
Level Stats - Shows you on-screen how many secrets you've found and
               how many enemies you've killed.

Up Arrow - Move up
Right Arrow - Turn right
Left Arrow - Turn left
Down Arrow - Backstep
Spacebar - Use items or open doors
Tab - 2D map modes
Shift+Arrow - Run in direction of arrow key
Caps Lock - Auto-run
Alt+Arrow - Strafe in direction of arrow key
Control - Fire currently equipped weapon
A - Jump
Z - Crouch
Backspace - 180 degree turn
[ or ] - Select Inventory Item
Enter - Use current inventory item
; or ' - Previous weapon or next weapon
Scroll Lock - Holster weapon
Keypad 5 - Center vertical view
Home/End - Aim up/Aim down
Page Up/Page Down - Look Up/Look Down
Pause - Pause game
ESC - Display Main Menu

Function Keys(Controls)
F1 - Help and Game Story
F2 - Save game
F3 - Load Game
F4 - Sound/Music Settings
F5 - Screen Resolution change
F6 - Quick save
F7 - Chase View
F8 - Toggle messages on/off
F9 - Quick Load
F10 - Quit to DOS
F11 - Brightness
F12 - Take a PCX screen shot

Inventory Shortcuts(Controls)
C - Caltrops
F - Flash Bomb
G - Gas Bomb
M - Medikit
N - Nightvision
S - Smoke Bomb

Weapon shortcuts
1 - Fist/Katana
2 - Shurikens
3 - Riot Gun
4 - Uzi
5 - Missile Launcher
6 - Grenade Launcher
7 - Sticky Bombs
8 - Rail Gun
9 - Guardian Head
0 - Ripper Heart

1-2. The Status Bar

| |      |     |                     |         |         |    |Y|
|N|      |     |                     |         |         |    |G|

A. HEALTH - Shows Lo Wang's health level. If it drops to zero, you're dead.

B. ARMOR - Shows the percentage of Lo Wang's armor remaining.

C. WEAPONS - Shows the status of Lo Wang's weapons. Each weapon displays two
numbers separated by a /. The first number is the amount of ammo you have for
that weapon, and the second is the maximum amount of ammo possible for that
weapon. If the numbers are brightly lit, this means it is the currently
selected weapon. If it is of medium brightness, it means you have the weapon,
but it is not currently selected. If it is dark, it means you have not found
that weapon yet.

D. AMMO - Shows the amount of ammo left for the currently selected weapon.

E. INVENTORY - Shows the percentage and status(if applicable) of the
currently selected inventory item. To change the currently selected item, use
either the "[" or "]" key.

F. KEYS - Shows the keys currently in your possession.

G. YIN YANG - Don't worry about this one. It's just there for design. But
there are actual yin-yangs in the real game's status bar.

There is a compass on the top middle of your status bar. The walkthrough
wont be written according to the compass unless I specifically said so.

---------------------->SECTION 2. TECHNICAL INFORMATION<-----------------------

2-1. Characters

1. Lo Wang
Lo Wang has been a Master Ninja Assassin for 20 years. He is known as the
Shadow Warrior.

2. Master Zilla
Very little is known about this person. He seeks to rule Japan, using
creatures summoned from the dark side as his aide.

3. Master Leep
Lo Wang's master. He died because of Master Zilla's domination. His disciple
Lo Wang is taking revenge for him.

4. Master Leep's Women
Naked(Oops, I.. err.. messed up!?) women who serve Master Leep. You'll see
a lot of them as you progress. Some take a bath in the water, and some
others are, well, tougher(if you know what I mean o_O).

5. Dead Corpses
Well, before Zilla's domination, there were a lot of innocent people living
in the village and in the city. Once Zilla takes over, it killed a lot of
the people in the town, leaving their corpses there like raw meat. Poor

2-2. Weapons

1. Fist/Katana

Both are close range weapons. You can use the Katana anytime to slice every
enemy in half/in pieces. Watch out, as this is only a close range weapon,
which means only use it when you are running out of ammo for your guns.

2. Shurikens

Capacity: 99 Shurikens
Pack: 9 Shurikens

You need at least 3 shurikens to throw. Any less will disqualify you from
doing that. If a Shuriken hits a wall, it will stick there and you can
retreive it by pressing Spacebar near it. This weapon should be only used
when you don't have ammo for your other weapons.

3. Riot Gun

Capacity: 52 Shells
Pack: 24 Shells
Weapon: 8 Rounds

Ordinary fire is only 1 round, while alternate fire gives the ability to
fire 4 rounds at once. To toggle between Standard Fire and Alternate fire,
press 3. Use for knocking enemies back and gives them some serious pain.

4. Uzi

Capacity: 200 Rounds
Magazine: 50 Rounds
Weapon: 50 Rounds

You can toggle between one or two Uzis to fire. I'd prefer two because it
can clear out a group of enemies without any problems.

5. Missile Launcher

Capacity: 50 Missiles
Pack: 5 Missiles
Weapon: 5 Missiles
Mode 1: Fire Missiles Normally
Mode 2: Next 5 missiles are homing(Heat Seeker Card required.
Mode 3: Mini-Nuclear Explosion after a short countdown.(Nuke Required)

Press the 5 key to toggle between the modes. Note that for Mode 3 you have
to wait for the countdown first, then you can fire.

6. Grenade Launcher

Capacity: 50 Grenades
Box: 8 Grenades
Weapon: 6 Grenades

This weapon launches a 40mm explosive shell that bounces before it explodes.
It is ideal for dealing death in hard-to-reach places such as ledges or
around corners.

7. Sticky Bombs

Capacity: 20 Sticky Bombs
Box: 5 Sticky Bombs

Perhaps the sneakiest weapon in Lo Wang's arsenal, this small explosive
device is surrounded by sharp spikes, allowing it to "stick" to almost
any surface. After priming, the bomb will detonate when its motion
detectors sense something nearby, including you. A sticky bomb will make
a beeping sound when it's tracking for it's prey. The louder the beep,
the more closer you are to it, so keep a good lookout.

8. Rail Gun

Capacity: 20 Shots
Pack: 10 Rods
Weapon: 10 Rods

A top secret weapon and still classified, the Rail Gun can shoot a piece
of metal at near light speed, propelled by a magnetic field.

9. Guardian Head

Capacity: 80
Head: 30
Mode 1(Left Hole): Used to launch fire at a straight line
Mode 2(Middle Hole): Creates a Circle of Fire surrounding you.
Mode 3(Right Hole): Launches a explosion of fire straight at where you're

With three modes of firing, this weapon is devastating in the right hands.

10. Ripper Heart

Capacity: 5 Hearts
One at a time deal

Squeezing this gory item will summon forth a "zombie-like" version of Lo
Wang, that will kill with reckless abandon for a short time.

2-3. Item List

Regular Items

1. Armor
Red Armor adds 100%. Gray Armor adds 50%. Both add protection and reduces
physical damage. Once armor goes away, you might too.

2. Fortune Cookie
Not only does it come with a clever little message inside, but it also
gives Lo Wang a 50% health boost, up to a maximum of 200%.

3. Small Medikit
This handy little discovery adds 20% to your health, up to a maximum of

4. Heat Seeker Card
This small red circuit board allows your next five missiles to have
heat-seeking abilities.(For use with Missile Launcher.)

5. The Nuke
Once found and detonated, it will cause a range of destruction that only the
strongest enemies can hope to survive. All others will be vaporized. (For
THIS SETS OFF, YOU CAN BE AFFECTED AS WELL! It glows pretty bright, leaving
you temporarily blinded.

6. Keys
You will discover both ancient and modern keys that you will need to advance
through the levels. Modern keys come in 4 different colors.. Red, Blue, Green,
and Yellow. Ancient Keys come in 4 different colors as well.. Gold, Silver,
Bronze, and Red.

Inventory Items

1. Gas Bomb(Shortcut Button: G)

Capacity: 1

Once dropped, it temporarily emits a stream of choking smoke. This is a good
way to clear out a room full of monsters. It affects you as well, so stay
away from it.

2. Smoke Bomb(Shortcut Button: S)

Capacity: 1(100%)

Renders you partially invisible for a few seconds. During this time you can
dispatch monsters more easily.

3. Flash Bomb(Shortcut Button: F)

Capacity: 2

Blinds nearby enemies for a few seconds, and while they stumble about, you
can sneak by or finish them off.

4. Caltrops(Shortcut Button: C)

Capacity: 3

Small razor sharp talons of metallic death. You throw the Caltrops on the
floor, and they lie there. If someone steps on them, they take some damage,
and they will cry out in pain. Same goes for you, too. Except that you
complain more than they do..

5. Night Vision Goggles(Shortcut Button: N)

Capacity: 1(100%)

These government issue goggles can illuminate living things in the darkest
of areas. It's best to save these for the dark gloomy areas of your

6. Large Medikit(Shortcut Button: M)

Capacity: 1(100%)

A portable health pack carrying a maximum of 100% additional health. When
you are low on health, you can select this to bring your health back up to
a maximum of 100%.

7. Tool Kit

Capacity: 1

Allows you to repair damaged vehicles like tanks, forklifts, or other
broken machinery you find along the way. You activate the kit by pressing
SPACE on the control panel of a broken vehicle(usually indicated by rising

2-4. Enemy List

Regular Enemies

1. Brown Ninja
Can do all player actions(climb, duck, hide behind boxes). Fires an Uzi or
throws Shurikens. Will suicide from lack of honor by blowing their brains

2. Red Ninja
Can do everything his brown counterpart does, plus he can shoot small
missiles at you.

3. Green Ninja
Fires Uzi or two different forms of magical napalm. Can also flash bomb
you, and is always partially invisible until he dies.

4. Orange Ninja
Has the added ability to shoot heat seeking missiles at you, and is tougher
than normal.

5. Gray Ninja
Has the ability to launch grenades at you, and is tougher than normal.

6. Shadow Ninja
The most fearsome of the lot, this Ninja uses ancient skills to stay almost
invisible. He can blast you with two types of magical napalm, or use
blinding flash bombs on you.

7. Coolie
Walks around with a box of explosives. Poses little threat from a distance,
but if he gets near you he blows up, causing severe damage.

8. Coolie Ghost
Not content with attacking you once, some Coolies will spawn a spectral
ghost after they make their ultimate sacrifice. These apparitions float
around phasing in and out of existence, taking time out to heave nasty gobs
of bloody goo at you.

9. Ripper
Big-ape like monster. Jumps around and can cling to walls above you, waiting
to drop at any moment. Or they will charge you at full speed and start
ripping at your flesh. Will rip your heart out if you let him get too close.

10. Baby Rippers
These are smaller versions of their parents, only they move faster, spit
green goo and are very hungry.

11. Guardian
These hard to kill beasts use swords at short range, switching to fireballs
when farther away. Note: Sometimes after killing one, you can harvest its
decapitated head and use it as a weapon.

12. Female Ninja
These female warriors carry a lethal crossbow, and you will find yourself
dodging bolts from long distances. When they get closer they will loft
sticky bombs in your direction, making it hard to stand still. Treat these
ladies with some respect.

13. Koi
These denizens of the deep look like normal Koi until you get close and
notice the rows and rows of razor-sharp teeth. Alone they pose little
threat, but if you come across a school, you'd better make a run for dry

14. Hornets
These overgrown yellow jackets will do minor damage, but beware a swarm
of them. They are extremely fast and erratic moving, making them hard to
hit, while they continually sting away at your health.

15. Bunnies
You may encounter some of these cute little creatures along the way. What
you do with them is your business.

16. Mines
There are various mines in the game that will detonate near you. They can
spew caltrops, emit poison gas, explode, launch grenades, or flash bomb you.
There are also ancient magical counterparts to mines called Accursed Heads.

17. Mini-Sumos
These are basically smaller versions of the gigantic sumo boss. They are
less tougher, obviously. Once you kill them, they will pump out gas from
their ass and it smells as bad as the Gas Bomb, so stay away.

Boss Enemies

1. Serpent God
This is a four-armed evil snake-like creation of Zilla himself. He can shoot
devastating energy balls from his eyes, and when attacked, will spawn a
circle of exploding Accursed Heads. These heads will launch themselves in
order to protect their evil master. Be very prepared for battle when you meet
a Serpent God.

2. Sumo
This giant nightmare of a sumo wrestler will meet you with a vengeance. His
mass aline will cause damage as he stomps on the ground, sending shock waves
your way. He can also send Accursed Heads your way with a giant clap of his
hands. These guys are very tough, and hold a surprise or two for you.

3. Zilla
Your final battle of the game. Prepare well, Lo Wang, and heed all that
Master Leep has taught you.

2-5. Cheat Codes

What are the cheat codes for Shadow Warrior? Do you really want to know?
Question though, Why do you need to cheat? Are you stuck at a certain place
where you just need the easy way out? Okay, I'll give them to you. Use
these wisely, and play with them.

Press "T" anytime during gameplay and type in any of the following:

Code                  Effect
----                  ------
swchan               God Mode
swgimme              All Items
swgreed              Enable Everything
swtrekAB             Warp to another level. Type in Episode Number first,
                      then the level number.
swloc                Displays Frame Rate
swres                Change Resolution of the game
swstart              Restart level
swghost              Ability to walk through walls(clipping)
swmap                Toggles auto-mapping
swtrix               Bunny Rockets for Missile Launcher
swquit               Quits the game

2-6. Hints and Tips

- Strafe and avoid gunfire a lot. Use the crosshair to aim precisely if
you have to. That's why it's there .=)

- Sometimes you see women who may seem nice. Some will hurt you and if
you kill them, monsters will spawn someplace, so keep a good lookout or
not be so violent against the ladies!

- Enemies who have guns have very accurate aiming and can chew your
health like no tomorrow. Kill them before they get you.

- Never forget what you have in your inventory. Sometimes your health
might be low and you were too busy swarming around the environment
looking for medipacks. In your inventory, there is a portable medikit,
too, so use that.

- Armor can only last for a while. Also, stay away from hostile places,
such as ground liquid, sentry units, and flying fireballs that may look
like it's coming out of nowhere. Be alert and ready at all times.

- Conserve your ammo. Only shoot at what you can hit. Don't waste them.
Also, for explosive weapons, don't play around too much with them,
because you will never know if a grenade will come back at you or you
dumb enough not to know where was the last sticky bomb you placed. Be
serious most of the time. There's plenty of ammo as well as enemies.

- If you want to exit a level fast for some reason, follow this: Once
you get your hands on a key, rush to that door that the key can be used
on and don't play around.

- Enemies hate each other as much as they hate you. This means that
from time to time, enemies might go against each other. Use this to
your advantage and don't miss that opportunity.

- If the game feels a little too hard for you, try a easier skill level.
It always works. Then if you're up for the challenge, go with harder

------------------------->SECTION 3. GAME WALKTHROUGH<-------------------------


Game Walkthrough is in progress. This walkthrough will not cover some secrets.
You can check the Secrets section for that information. Other than that, if you
have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, please feel free to e-mail me
anytime and I will reply as soon as possible.

Also, the walkthrough will cover the game in *Who Wants Wang* difficulty. Some
enemies I mention may not be there because you are playing in another difficulty
other than Who Wants Wang.

And the compass is not necessary in my walkthrough unless I specified otherwise.

3-1-A. Enter the Wang

Level 1. Seppuku Station

You start off inside Lo Wangs Dojo of Death. Two Brown Ninjas will come from
the window with uzis. Take them out with your sword and try to take as less
damage as possible. You can recover any lost health here by using your fists
to hit either dojo. As you go out the window, there is a green van crashing
in another vehicle, killing a brown ninja along the way. To the left is a
gray truck with a uzi in the back. Pick it up and kill anything that moves.

Now find the "Baggage Claim" sign, and go down the ramp, killing any enemies
all the way until you reach some crates and a GOLD KEY. Pick up the GOLD KEY
and use it to enter the FarEast Railroad Station. More ninjas will be inside.
You know what to do with them. To the left of the way you came in is a black
window. Jump through it to find a Riot Gun sitting on a ledge. Now go back
into the station and find a black vent. Go through it, all the way down.

You should be in a room with black armor. Grab the armor and just to the left
of the train map is a panel that you can open for a Missile Launcher. To the
left of the panel is a remote controller. Check on it. Do you see something
that looks like a red dot on the left of the screen? Control the vehicle and
move it in as far as it goes on that red dot.

Now where do you go? Well, you can navigate the other vents, but I'd rather
worry about the exit to this level =). To the right of the train map is a
vent on the top. This is the way you came in and the way you should be
heading now. So go back up to the first room of the train station. There
is another door here other than the way you came in. Go in to visit Koi
Pond. As the sign tells you to feed the fish, you should do what they say
by feeding the fish some bullets and killing other enemies along the way.
You can take a dip down the pool to find some caltrops behind the wall.

After you're done with that part, enter the Pachinko Parlor. The sign will
tell you which way is the parlor :P. Here you will find the game room. 
Check the Godzilla poster for some grenade shells. Pick up the SILVER KEY
at the Prize Pick-up space. You can receive various items if you play the
Pachinko machines long enough(as long as they're not destroyed). 

Now head to Platform 45 and use the SILVER KEY on the brown door. Go in
and hit the switch to open the grey doors. Go in to the train platform.
Kill any enemies that are here. There are some shotshells on top of the
train and various items behind posters in the platform. Now head to the
right track(yes, the one without the train) and keep heading forward.
Over here, you have to watch out for the turret. You can pump missiles
at the turret to take it out. Blow up the tubes here and the train will
come behind you. Go inside the train and turn right. Keep going to find
the end level switch to end the level.

Level 2. Zilla Construction

You start off inside a tunnel. The rock walls will start to come down and
block your view of the train. There is a gigantic hole in front of you. Go
through it. On the right wall is a ladder. Head up that ladder and get any
items along the way. Jump down to the biggest area in your map.(You can go
the other way, but it'd be more dangerous with all the brown ninjas around

Now head to the red-lit area(not the door, but the one on the right). You
should see a little figure on the wall stating "Portaku Inc. We carry your
load!" there. There is a door there. Go in that door and turn left. You
should see a sign that says "Pull". Check on that and another opening is
revealed with a switch. Hit the switch and go back out. Now head up the
little stairs to the office room. You'll see that the power is out when you
try to turn on the lights even though the computer is still working(judging
by the 260 on it). Kill all the enemies here. There is some uzi ammo inside
the locker here. To the right of the entrance is another door. Go in it and
pick up the Yellow Key plus other various items in the room.

Now go back out into the huge opening. There is a red-lit door that can only
be partially opened. Don't worry about that. To the left of the door is a
opening. Go in this opening staying on the right wall. You'll come to the
yellow key door. Use the yellow key you have and go in the red-lit room.
Kill all the enemies here and go forward. You'll see a sign that says "Zilla
Enterprises". Head left and keep staying on the right wall. You'll eventually
come to a RED KEY on a crack. Grab the key and now head to the right of the
sign and open the door.

Kill all the enemies here. To the right of the "Operations" sign is the red
key door. Use the RED KEY you found earlier and go in. Kill all the enemies
in here as well and jump up into the opening where the brown ninja was and
grab the tool kit and blue key. There is a switch here as well that opens
the covers so you can go back to the huge opening easier.

Once you go back into the huge opening, find the broken forklift. To the
very northeast is where the blue key door is. Go through the door using the
blue key you found earlier and go down the ramp. Check the leverage to make
sure it's to the right side and then hit the switch to restore power. Once
you restored power, go back to the Machine Room(the part where you found the
red key) and use the two generators there. One will generate a infinite
amount of uzis while the other one will generate a GOLD KEY. Grab the gold
key and then go back to Operations, through the red key door and around to
the gold key door.

Once you enter the gold key door, go down the path and kill any rippers
along the way. You should see something that looks like a white square.
Behind it is a switch. Hit the switch and the cylinder-like thing should
drill a hole on the ground that has water underneath. Dive down there and
go in the opening and a teleporter should pop up ending the level.

Level 3. Master Leep's Temple

You start the level outside of Master Leep's Temple. A gong is in front
of you. There are medkits on both corners in the north side. Hit the
gong to open the door behind it and go in. On the left side is a switch
which will rotate the thing next to it giving you sticky bombs. To the
right of the entrance door is another door. Go down there and you should
see a sign that says:

"Master Leep says
Rabbit is Gentle
Rabbit is Humble
Follow the Rabbit."

Remember this sign if you're after one of the secrets of the level.
There's a grenade launcher behind the door next to the sign.

Head in the firepit room and kill any enemies that are there. There is a
man upside down. Stand on the arrow pointing the well and let him sink
down to the lava. Once he is completely crisp, he will let go of a gold
key. Grab the GOLD KEY and find a picture of Master Leep and his women.
There is a portable medikit inside. Use the GOLD KEY on the gold key door
and go in. Blow up the barrels and get the BRONZE KEY that comes out. Now
go back in the firepit room and dive in the water. Follow the way.

Once you surface on the other side, ninjas will be all over the place,
so stay put and watch for your health. Kill all the foes here and use the
BRONZE KEY to get access through the large doors. Go in and blow up any
barrels that are there. Kill anything that moves as well. Now go forward
and in the pool. Find the girl with the purple hair and do not say Hi to
her or else she will shoot you. To the right of the girl is a crack. Blow
it up using a explosive and the water should rise up. There is a small
opening opposite the crack. Go in there and pick up the missile launcher
and then the SILVER KEY. Now go back to the large door and go through it.

Use the SILVER KEY on the door to the right of the large bronze doors
and enter. A ripper or two will come out and try to scratch you to
death. Keep going, collecting as many items and killing the rippers
along the way. There is a rotating gong here. Use it to jump up to the
other side where the brown ninja is shooting you. Once you get to the
other side, blow up the barrels and it will create a hole for you to
step up.

As soon as you step up to the mountain path, kill any wasps that get
in the way. Along the way you will see a rabbit. Remember Master
Leep's sign about following the rabbit? That sign was to help you get
one of the secrets of the level. I wont be covering this, because it's
all in the Secrets section =). Anyway, walk up the mountain path and
keep going forward. Keep going, following the path and jumping from
pillar to ledges plus killing ninjas along the way. You eventually will
come to Master Leep's dead corpse. Seems like he was stabbed to death.
A girl is here crying as well as you when you meet him.

On the back of Master Leep's chair is a lever. Use it and it will reveal
an opening to your right. Go in and around the wall and you'll find a
teleporter. Go in it and follow the path. Be sure to take the safe way
by getting on one of those stone transporters and making it to the other
side. Once you get on the other side, keep going in. Oh No! You got
trapped! Well, do you see where the Coolie is? To the left of him is a
mechanism. Blow it up and you will be free from crushing.

Here is a stone-wall puzzle. To solve it, you need to step on certain
stone switches. There are six of them. Here's the layout:

|     Stone Puzzle     |
| AA                DD |
|                      |
|          P           |
|          O           |
|          O           |
| BB       L        EE |
|                      |
|                      |
|                      |
|                      |
| CC                FF |

Step on switches(in no particular order) BB, EE, and DD. Spells out "BED".
Hmm.. anyway, this will blow the door beneath the pool. Dive down the pool
and swim through the door. When you see surface, go up and you should be
in a green-lit room now. Hit the switch on the other side and kill any
rippers that annoy the hell out of you. Keep going until you find a Coolie
who most certainly loves to test out what he is carrying. If the Coolie
generates a ghost, kill it and go down the tilting floor to end the level.

Level 4. Dark Woods of the Serpent

You start off sliding down the ramp and will land on the ground unharmed.
Go in the training area. Use the dojo to recover any health if you have
to. Now go up the ladder and stay there, killing any enemies that tries
to load a few bullets in your body. There are 3 rooms you can see. One
in the North, one in the West, and one in the East. Go to the East and
West ones first and hit the switch at the end of each room. Now go back
downstairs and go in the room between the two pairs of katanas. You should
see 3 switches. Hit switches 1 and 3(that means don't touch the middle one
:P), and then go back upstairs and to the East and West rooms again and
hit the other switches that are revealed. Get the BRONZE KEY and then go
back downstairs. Now go either right or left and around until you reach a
bronze door. Use the BRONZE KEY and go through.

You should now be in front of the Dark Woods. Go through the Dark Woods
and keep going until you reach a house. There are a lot of rippers over
here that really annoy you, so kill them before they get you. In the
upper right of the entrance is a crack. Blow open the crack and go in.
You should see a switch there. Hit it and the fire traps will go off. Now
go back in the house using the entrance and grab the GOLD KEY.

Now head back to the part where you entered the bronze key door. Around
that place, there is a tree with a big hole in it. Go in it and you'll
see the gold key large doors that gives you access to Peasant Village.
Go through the doors and follow the path. When you reach the point where
it splits left and right, take the left. There should be a well. Dive in
it and surface on the other side. You should be in a red key house. Hit
the switch next to the picture and it will lower, giving you access to
the RED KEY. Take the RED KEY and exit the house. 

Now head left and then take a right. You should see the other red key door.
Use the RED KEY on that door and go through. Enter the house that has a
sign "Chin Sikki's Forest Fresh Rabbit Farm". There are two uzis in here
and a bunch of rabbits in the view in front of you. I'm suggesting target
practice, but let's keep them alive. They look too innocent. =) Anyway,
head back out and take a left to go through another entrance. Take the first
entrance to the left to find a fortune cookie. 

**If you already have a REPAIR(TOOL) KIT, skip this part.** 

Now head back out, take a left and a left again. Then turn right and you
should see a window. Look through the window and you should see a barrel.
Blow up the barrel and the door should leave a crack open. Go back to the
other side and through the door and use the lever there. When you come back
out, the door to your northeast has opened. Go in there and get the repair
kit. You can dive down the pool for loads of shurikens.

***End Skip***

Now go through the semi-circular tunnel. You should be in a big open space
with a steamed vehicle. Use the repair kit on the vehicle and blow away any
enemies that come to you. Now position the tank the way it was before and
blow the wall in front of you(it takes 4-5 blows). Go through that wall and
kill any Coolies there. Now blow up the entrance crack and go through.(You
can go around the house to collect some ammo and items.) Once you are in,
go around and get the grenade ammo and a teleporter is revealed. Go through
the teleporter.

The teleporter has transported you to Ripper Valley. Turn right and keep
going until you see a place where you can climb up a mini waterfall. Kill
ALL the rippers in here and jump out the wide opening on the left. Now turn
right and you should see a carpet. Jump on it and let it transport you
beneath of what looks like hell.

Lo Wang will wonder who is flying the magic carpet. Have the carpet transport
you until you reach a part where there are Coolie Ghosts and Rippers. Be
sure to kill anyone along the way of your little ride. Anyway, get off at
the last stop and head up the path, killing any Rippers and Coolies. There
is a lever here. Use it and two remote-controllers should show up. These
two controls are for the pillars with arrows on them. You must move them
so that you can jump from the left to the northwest.

Once you get it right(and you're on the other side), go down the path and
kill the ripper there. Collect the items and jump down the opening there.
You are now in the Serpent's Lair. Lo Wang will say he's not afraid of a
snake. To the left are missiles and to the right are grenade shells. Up in
the north are some regeneration items. The key to taking this snake down is
to strafe a lot and never go close to him, especially if you're using the
Missile or Grenade Launcher. You'll know when he will go down. He has to die,

Once you defeat him, you will see a nice cinematic.

Congratulations! You have beaten Enter the Wang! However, this is only the
shareware, and it's less than 20% of the whole game. Get ready for Code of
Honor! Walkthrough will be coming soon!

3-1-B. Code of Honor

Level 5. Rising Son

You start the level on a boat. Grab the uzi and portable medikit on the
boat and ride on the boat until it begins to sink down. Along the way,
a explosion will occur leaving a hole somewhere on the left wall. Go in
this hole and kill all the ninjas there. Grab the uzi ammo to stock up
and walk up the path to the bridge. Go across the bridge and pick up
the other uzi there for some John Woo action. Kill all the ninjas there
and replenish your health in the dojo room. *If you step on the table
with a bowl, the picture between the two dojos will open revealing a
grenade launcher.* Also, check the cabinets for some various items such
as caltrops. Do not worry, as there is plenty of uzi ammo in this room. 

Now go through the door and a bunch of ninjas will shoot you from the
water on the right. Use the turret to make quick work of them. There is
a silver key door here, but you don't have the silver key, so dive down
the water to where the ninjas were and pick up the sticky bombs. You
should see a crack on the wall. Use your grenade launcher and blow up
the crack. Go through and kill the foes there. The right leads you to a
dead end, but various panels in the corridor will give you various items.

Instead, head left and through the door. Brown ninjas will be shooting at
you from the left, so take them down. Now go through the other door, and
take out the guardians. There are some rail gun rods and armor up high
on the ledge. To get to it, you're going to have to use the statue to
jump there. Now go back to where the brown ninjas were shooting at you
and jump out into the opening. You should be facing a little waterfall.

There are two ways to go here, so go the eastern way and follow the path
until you reach a GOLD KEY.(Hitting the gong up top will trigger a opening
to your right revealing a missile launcher.) Be sure to kill any enemies
that get in your way. Now go back to where the two guardians were attacking
you earlier(where the rail gun rods and armor were) and go through the
other door. Kill the rippers along here. Next to the silver keyhole is
a crack, so blow it open for a fortune cookie. The gold key door is just
along the way, so use the GOLD KEY you found earlier and go through.

Once you enter, a guardian will be attacking you, so kill it. Now go
through the other door and watch out for incoming fireballs. Blow up
the barrels that get in your way and take out the Coolie as well. Keep
going past the Buddha statue and around to enter a small bridge. The
SILVER KEY is hanging up on the top, so jump to get it. Use the silver
key on the door(of where you found the fortune cookie inside the crack).
Open it and go through.

You will see another puzzle here. This one is easy. Follow this:

|(Green Switch)  (Door)  (Purple Switch) |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|Red Floor                Yellow Floor   |
| Switch                    Switch       |
|                                        |
|            Blue Floor                  |
|             Switch                     |

Let's see how many hints you need before you actually get it right. =P

Hint #1: Primary Colors and Secondary Colors
Hint #2: Mixing..

Solution: There's no need. You can figure out this one pretty easily.

  Step 1: Step on the blue and yellow floor switches and hit the green

  Step 2: Step on the blue and red floor switches and hit the purple

See? That wasn't hard. Anyway, the door will open. Go through and down
the path, killing any rippers along the way. You now enter the Serpent's
Lair. Who said Zilla was fair? First level of the second episode and a
boss already!?

Anyway, you guessed it. You have to fight the Serpent again as if the
last battle wasn't enough with him. There are plenty of Missiles and
Grenades here, as well as their respective weapons. Plenty of fortune
cookies and portable medikits, as well as a nuke and heat seeker cards.

Always stay behind the columns for cover if you're going to take out
this boss. Don't let him knock you down into the lava or else you will
be Zilla's next meal of the day. Remember that the Serpent has plenty
of Accursed Heads around him, and they usually pump out gas bombs at
you, stinking up the whole place like no tomorrow. Once you manage to
kill the boss, the end level switch will be revealed opposite the way
you came in the lair. Hit the end level switch to end the level.

Level 6. Killing Fields

You start the level with a brown ninja in your face with a uzi. Kill him
before he chops away at your health. Turn left and go in the ledge. Pick
up the Riot Gun and the portable medikit in the distance. Now go back to
where you found the Riot Gun and up the step to the fire. Another brown
ninja is waiting here. Keep going to the bridge with the guardian. Blow
up the barrels and jump through the other side of the bridge. Now head
down the stairs and up the stairs again(where another set of barrels are)
and blow up the barrels. Keep going up the stairs until you reach a house
locked by a gold key door.

To the right of the bronze key stone door is a opening. There is a crack
here, so blow open the crack to find a Ripper Heart inside. Keep going and
turn right. Kill the ripper there and keep going. You'll come to a room
with flying darts. Watch out for the darts. Go down the other end and take
the stairs on the left. You'll find a Guardian Head and you will see the
GOLD KEY all the way on the other end. But before you even get a chance
to get close to it, a explosion will occur and a bunch of Red Ninjas will
come through and try to blow you up. Kill them off and pick up the gold

Now make your way back to the gold key door and use the GOLD KEY on the
keyhole there. Go in and pick up the fortune cookie, grenade launcher,
and the SILVER KEY. Be sure to watch out for the big ripper as well. Now
go back outside and go up the little stairs in the north to find another
portable medikit laying around. To the right is a rail gun. Head north
and you should see a ninja when you jump down. Keep going past the water
to find the silver key door.

Go through the silver key door and you should see a statue. Kill the
enemies here and go btween the two columns. Then turn left and keep going
that way(staying on the left wall) until you reach a place with some lava
and flying rocks. Do you see a Uzi sitting there? Go in there and jump
through the lava to the ledge and get the RED KEY. After you get the key
you are attacked by Rippers. Kill them and keep going to find a Rail

Now head back out and turn right and keep going until you find the red
key door. Use the RED KEY on it and then head inside. You should be back
out in the open again. Kill all the enemies here and use the statue to
jump over the wall to the other side. Kill the ripper there and the
BRONZE KEY should be out in the open lava. Obtain the BRONZE KEY and
then use it on the bronze key door. The bronze key door is located right
next to the gold key door, to the left. Once you head in the bronze key
door, kill the enemies and then hit the end level switch to end the

Level 7. Hara-Kiri Harbor

"Hmm, maybe a boat would help me reach Zilla."

You start inside a room and you automatically get the Riot Gun. Pick up
the ammo as well. Now head out the door and take a right. Pick up the
uzi and go into the corridor. Keep going until you see big crates. Grab
the grenade shells and the uzi clips behind the crates. Then head out
into the harbor and look for a boat with explosive barrels. Blow up the
barrels so that whoever is inside is now blown to smithereens. Grab the
RED KEY inside the boat and then go to the red key door(it's right behind
the house you started in). Use the RED KEY on the door and go in.

Once you enter the red key door, a couple of female ninjas will be in
there and attack you. Take them out and then grab the nuke and also the
SILVER KEY! Now exit the red key door and then turn right. Then turn
left and you WILL see the silver keyhole. Go there and place the silver
key in there to gain access. Go in the silver key door and kill all the
brown ninjas in there, as well as a ripper and a coolie. There are a lot
of items in this room, so stock up all you need. Don't forget to grab
the repair kit along the way. Now go back outside and in the open water.

Do you see a steamed waterboat? You can see two, but you only need one
really. Use the repair kit you found back at the silver key house on the
broken vehicle and drive around until you see a small waterfall with a 
opening on the top. Drive it over there and jump up to find some shotgun
shells plus a BRONZE KEY. Now go to the Bronze Key door(which is found
right across the silver key door) and use the BRONZE KEY on it. 

Go in and enter the Marketplace. Lo Wang will say something about the
woman being his old girlfriend. Now let's test your timing skills or
else you will drown to death. In the room there is a switch. The plan
is to hit that switch, dive down the water, go in the opening, swim
around, grab the key, and then swim back inside before the thing closes
on you. You might want to save your game in these kind of situations.
The only reason I suggest that is because since it's underwater, there's
no doubt that there will be Koi in there to get in your way and slow
you down.

Anyway, once you make it back out, exit the room, as it probably stinks
like roasted human. Once you exit the room, take the path to the left of
the silver keyhole and stay on the right wall while moving forward. Then
turn right and around left to the gold key door. Use the GOLD KEY on it
and enter. Kill the baby rippers and pick up the caltrops and missile
launcher. Hit the end level switch to end the level.

Level 8. Zilla's Villa

You start the level with two or three brown ninjas shooting at your face
and throwing shurikens. Kill them and then move forward. To your right is
the silver key door and to the north is the gold key door. There is a
gong in between. Hit the gong and the column with the bird will slide down
revealing a Ripper Heart.

Now take the path to the left of the gong and go up the stairs. Keep going
around and by the time you are in the other side you will see the GOLD KEY.
Brown Ninjas and Baby Rippers will be here trying to protect the GOLD KEY.
Kill them off and grab the GOLD KEY as well as other items that the ninjas
may drop. Now make your way back to the gold key door.

Use the GOLD KEY on the door and go in.. Collect the SILVER KEY and kill
the ripper and guardian there. Check the room more for some rail gun rods
and a Riot Gun as well as some small medikits. Now make your way to the
silver key door and use the SILVER KEY on the keyhole(=P). Go in and you
should see a picture in front of you. Go through it to pick up a gas bomb
and night vision goggles. Now go down the spiral staircase and kill the
ninja there. Pick up the shotshells and the flash bomb on the table.

Now head to the fireplace to get the small medikits and immediately turn
around. Look up and you should see a ladder. Jump up to climb the ladder
to come up to the roof. Take a left, picking up the shotshells, and then
right, then left again. Kill the ninjas and keep going until you find
the BRONZE KEY. Pick up the key and the rail gun and jump down from the

You should land on the big fireplace. To the left is a gong in which you
can hit it that opens a hidden place revealing a missile launcher. In the
middle is a door on the right leading to a dojo for health regeneration
and some sticky bombs. And to the right is the bronze key door. There is
also some uzi clips in front of a picture you can get if you're low on uzi
ammo. Don't forget to check the picture as well for a grenade launcher in
it. Once you are done killing the enemies in the room, head to the bronze
key door and use the BRONZE KEY you found back up in the roof on it. Enter.

Once you get in, kill the ninjas there and pick up any items. There should
be a place you can jump to. Jump there for the RED KEY and some ammo. Now
head to the red key door(which is in the first fireplace room behind the
silver key door) and use the RED KEY on it. Head in and pick up the armor
and caltrops. Hit the end level switch to end the level.

Level 9. Monastery

You start off a level seeing a spinning slicing thing which will kill ALL
the ninjas in front of you giving you a nice headstart. If any of the
ninjas survived that, kill them off. There is a picture with two horsemen
on your left. Jump through it for a grenade launcher. Now stay on the left
wall and go to the first small space on the left. Check the walls for a
opening which will lead you to some sewer. Go behind the water on the
middle left for the RED KEY. Pick up the uzi clips and head in the tunnel.
Kill the ripper and the ninja up ahead. Now go back to the room with the
spinning slicing thing.

The red key door is right next to the silver key door. So use the silver
key on the door and head in. Kill all the enemies in here. There are
some things you can do here before heading to the north end and turning

1. Pick up the items in this room.

2. Hitting the gong will cause 4 panels in each corner to open for lots
of items and ammo.

Like I said, head to the other end and turn right and open the big doors
and go through. Head downstairs and kill the ripper and ninjas along the
way. Behind the statue is a Riot Gun. Next to the left column is a Uzi
and next to the right column are a couple of small medikits. Now head
up the little stairs to the dojo room, picking up the caltrops and shot-
gun shells along the way. Use the dojos to regain any lost health and
also kill the enemies here. Behind the opposite corner you came in is a
place you can go upstairs(where the brown ninja was shooting you from
above). Head left and through the door. Inside there is a huge column,
and behind it is the SILVER KEY as well as some ninjas. Grab the silver
key and the missile launcher behind it.

Now head to the silver key door(which is back in the room where hitting
the gong gives access to 4 panels, opposite of the bronze key door). Use
the SILVER KEY on that door and go through. The GOLD KEY is right next
to the first statue you see on the right! Pick up the GOLD KEY and kill
the ninjas that get in your way. Make your way back to the gold key door
(which is where the spinning slicing thing is, opposite the silver key
door). Use the GOLD KEY on the door and go through. Be fast at this, as
the slicing thing can catch up to you while you put the key in and try
to open the door quick enough.

Go up the stairs, head left, kill the grey ninjas, go down the other
end, and turn left to pick up the BRONZE KEY and grenade launcher. Now
make your way back to the bronze key door, which is located behind the
red key door(where you found items in the 4 panels by hitting the gong).

Use the BRONZE KEY on the door and go through. Kill all the missile-
launching ninjas here and stock up on missiles and get the armor. To
the right of the right statue is a opening. Go inside the opening to
find a Uzi. Now hit the end level switch to end the level.

Level 10. Raider of the Lost Wang


There are two exits to this level. One exit will lead you to Level 11:
Sumo Sky Palace, and the other one will lead you to Level 21: Shanghai
Shipwreck. I will be covering both exits for this level.


You start the level with a bunny in front of you running around looking
innocent. A Coolie will come up to you from the north to again test out
what he is carrying as he loves it. Now head right and stay on that wall
while moving forward. Do you see a white rabbit? Go that way and keep
going until you reach a place with two chairs and a column right in the
middle. In the north there is a spinning slicing thing. Try to go around
that without getting hurt to use the switch behind it. The water between
the two chairs will rise.

Dive under the water and you should be able to see a hole up where the
column is. Dive up the hole and climb the ladder. A female ninja is waiting
up there. Kill her and grab the shotshells, small medikits, and missiles.
Then jump down on the other end. Go in to find some grenade shells, rail
gun, and the GOLD KEY. Now make your way back to the two chairs. Make your
way to the gold key door(which is located on the middle West of your map).

Use the GOLD KEY on the door and go in. Kill all the enemies and go down
the stairs. Keep going, staying on the right wall killing enemies along
the way until you reach a silver key door. You can't go there because you
don't have the silver key, so head back down and you should see a crack
on the left wall somewhere. Blow it open and the stone walls should start
coming down making it look like they trapped you. No, they didn't.

Instead, go back to where you fought the rippers and ninjas. Can you see
a little ledge there? Use that to jump in the opening up ahead. Keep going
and you will see a big hole on the ground. Jump down this hole and kill
the guardian below. Keep going ahead and you should see some ninjas as
well as the SILVER KEY. Kill the ninjas and grab the SILVER KEY. Make your
way back to the silver key door.

Use the SILVER KEY on the door and go through. Turn the lever here. This
will fill the big hole(where you got the SILVER KEY) with water. So head
back to the big hole and dive under. Remember the other side of the hole
(where the SILVER KEY was standing)there was a hole above you can't reach?
Well, now you can reach it because there is water to help you dive up.

Dive up that hole to find a Missile Launcher and a Ripper Heart above.
Now dive back down and into the big opening and dive up again to find
a Riot Gun and some missiles there. Now dive back down and go through
and then dive back up. You should see some guardians and rippers there.
Kill them all and you'll notice that there is only one way to go. Yep,
the opening to the left of the bronze key door. So head down there and
get ready to face the Serpent Boss. This time there are two, so find
whatever way to deal with them and make it good. Use the statue as

Anyway, the BRONZE KEY is just under the left firepot, so grab that key
and make your way back to the bronze key door upstairs. Now you might
say, "There are two bronze key doors!? Which one am I suppose to go to?"
Use the one with the door that has 4 parts with the same design and go
through the bronze door all the way to the north opposite this one.

Once you head in, kill all the enemies in here. There is another bronze
door here, but don't worry about that. That isn't necessary. Instead,
dive down the water for some grenade shells. Dive back up and go into
either mini-waterfall-like thing and dive all the way down. You should
see a RED KEY in the middle. Grab it and dive back up. Make your way
back to the red key door(which would be upstairs to where you fought
the Serpent Boss, below the Japanese fan).

Use the RED KEY on the door and go through. Female ninjas are here to
give you a nice exit welcome. Kill them and hit the end level switch
on the other side to end the level.


Do not hit the end switch. Instead, search this place for some vines and
climb up. Grab the heat seeker card up there and hit the switch. This is
one of the two switches you must hit. Now let's search for the other one.

Head back to where you first entered the gold key door, but do not go in.
The rabbit is running in front of the picture giving you a clue. To the
left of the picture below is a medkit and also a switch. Hit this switch
and the picture will open giving you access to the secret level. Don't
forget the armor and ammo lying around. You'll need it =).

Now some of you may wonder what the other switch was for? Well, if you
hit this switch first, you'll get bars blocking the exit. To unlock the
bars, you must hit the other one. So, in conclusion, it doesn't matter
which switch you hit first, as long as you hit both of them. =)

Please see Level 21: Shanghai Shipwreck for walkthrough.


Level 11. Sumo Sky Palace

You start the level with a Baby Ripper and Guardian in your face as well
as a Brown Ninja shooting at you from the left window. To the left window
you can see the GOLD KEY and to the right window you can see the silver
key. Take the enemies down and immediately proceed forward. You will come
to the gold key door, but you don't have the key yet. To the right of the
gold key door is a opening with some items. You can check the left side,

Go to the door across the gold key door and proceed forward. A ninja will
be on the far side shooting at you. Kill them all and go all the way to
the other end and the switch will lower. Hit the switch and the GOLD KEY
behind you on the far side will lower giving you access. You must walk
across the ledges without falling to get that GOLD KEY. You'll know which
way to go on your way back. Pick up the smoke bomb and the GOLD KEY and
make your way back to the gold key door.

Use the GOLD KEY on the gold key door and go through. A Serpent will be
waiting in the middle of the room as well as a Ripper. Find a way to take
them both down and go to the other side of the room. You have a choice
between going left or right. Fir 

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