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Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

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About The Game

Septerra Core is a futuristic fable set on a world of 7 continents that float, one above the other, around a central living computer core. You'll play the part of Maya, a young Junk Scavenger who lives on the second layer of Septerra Core, where inhabitants dwell among the trash discarded by the inhabitants of the level above them. Picking a team of three characters from the game's nine, you'll set out on a quest to unlock the secrets of this bizarre and complex world.

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Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator Review

By Jimmy Goldstein |

It's not surprising that, after the success of Final Fantasy VII, PC gamers would start seeing more console-styled RPGs being released. What is surprising is that we'd start seeing console RPGs (CRPG) that were never on any console. Recently games like Silver and Septerra Core have given CRPG fans something to make their console cousins jealous -- especially in Septerra Core's case. It's one part fantasy, one part cyberpunk; one part Fallout 2, one part Final Fantasy VII. But however you classify it, Septerra Core is one heck of a lot of fun.

A lot of any RPG's charm lies in its story, and Septerra Core doesn't disappoint, offering a deep, rich, and engaging narrative throughout the game. Septerra Core is a planet comprised of seven layers or "shells" surrounding a central core (hence the name sept meaning seven, terra meaning earth, and core meaning, well, core). The history and mythology behind the peculiar planet tells of Marduk, a noble hero who hid the Gift of Heaven in the core to keep it away from evil hands. An ancient prophecy foresees the day when someone of Marduk's blood will unlock the power of the core and gain the knowledge of the creator, in essence making them a god. One of Marduk's lineage, the power-hungry Doskias, knows of the prophecy and takes it upon himself to attempt to unlock the secret of the core and retrieve the Gift of Heaven. Mad with greed, Doskias doesn't care who he has to eliminate in order to obtain this ultimate power, and he leaves a trail of ruin throughout the shells as he makes his way to the central core.

That's where you come in. You begin the game as Maya, a junker from shell two who scavenges trash deposited by those on the shells above you. The inhabited shells of Septerra Core are based on status, with the lower class citizens living on the lower shells closer to the radiating core. The highest class, the Chosen (of which Doskias is a member), live on the outermost layer and care little for those below them. As Doskias tears through the second shell, Maya gets wind of his plan and vows to stop the Chosen at all costs, since the last time they appeared on junker soil meant the destruction of her hometown and the death of her parents.

As with most RPGs, you'll control multiple characters as you make your way through the game. Although there's no option to create your own characters, you will have a total of nine characters throughout the game that you can choose between to fill out your three-person party. Just as in real life though, you have to make wise decisions about who to group together because not everyone sees eye-to-eye. In the beginning it's easy as you only have to worry about managing Maya, her childhood friend Grubb, and his robotic dog Runner. But other characters may bicker between one another, making your group less effective overall. The designers have done a good job of including a number of side quests to bring some of the members closer together and work better as a team. The key to building a good party in Septerra Core lies in balance. It's not a good idea to have all tanks in your group with strong attacks and no special abilities. Likewise, it's not a good idea to have a bunch of tinkerers who are good at fixing things, but useless when it comes to shooting a gun or throwing a punch.

The combat system in Septerra Core is handled very well. Like most CRPGs, you pick your attack and watch an animation based on your chosen move. Although combat is turn-based, Septerra Core opts for a time-based system which adds more of a real-time feel to the game. Each character has three attacks -- weak, medium, and heavy and three bubbles beneath their character portrait that fill during combat depending on a character's speed. Weaker attacks obviously do less damage, but take a shorter amount of time to complete than heavier attacks. The combat system in Septerra Core gives you much more variability than many CRPGs where you just pick an attack and go, and it offers up more strategy, especially when you're up against multiple enemies. With the variable time attacks, you have more control over how much damage you dish out to a particular enemy.

The magic system is also handled very nicely in Septerra Core. The game uses an interesting spell system based on Fate cards. As you progress through the game, you'll find different cards that empower you with magical abilities. The spells run the gambit from fire attacks to personal healing, ability enhancements to protection magics. These cards can also be combined to create new spell effects, adding a lot of variety to the magic system. Each spell requires a certain amount of core power, which will increase as you gain levels in the game. More powerful spells require more core energy, so you have to be careful not to waste all of your core energy on big burners early in the combat phase only to be left without enough energy to heal your party when you need it the most.

As interesting as the story is and as clever as the combat options are, the game does suffer from the same downfall that plagues many CRPGs Septerra Core is very linear. It's not like traditional PC RPGs where, if you get stuck, you can continue exploring other areas and come back to the problem spot later. Instead you're stuck at the same point until you finally figure out what to do. While this can be a drawback, it's not so bad in Septerra Core because the story is entertaining enough to keep you from getting bored. Without a solid and engaging storyline, this game wouldn't be nearly as fun. But it's obvious that the designers were trying to weave a good tale as much as they were trying to develop an entertaining game.

Although Septerra Core uses a 2D graphics engine, the anime-inspired visuals are all well done. While easy to overlook because of the drab, futuristic setting of the game, the landscapes and backgrounds are all highly detailed and carry a subtle beauty. Character models are likewise highly detailed, and each character displays a lot of personality simply by the way they look.

The sound in Septerra Core is a mixed-bag. Unfortunately, the game lacks a good, continuous soundtrack, and you'll go for quite a while without any tunes at all. While the music in the game is well done and even catchy at times, it's sparse. Sound effects are also rather disappointing and repetitive. However, the voice acting in the game is top notch, and the designers even payed special attention to making the character's mouths move along with every word of dialogue, instead of just opening and closing at random while the conversation is playing.

Although Septerra Core was developed entirely on the PC, there's no multiplayer options. Too bad, because thinking about the possibility of Septerra Core co-op makes me wonder about the next incarnation of this series, but it's understandable considering its console stylings.

There's a lot to like in Septerra Core, and not much that truly stands out as poor design choice or frustratingly difficult. If you opt for the minimum install, the game can be a bit slow when you're waiting for an encounter to load. Instead I would suggest you sacrifice over 600 MB of hard drive space for the full install so you don't have long down times between the action. All in all, the game is well worth it, and I was happy to give up over half a gig to Septerra Core to increase its performance.

Septerra Core came at a really good time, just when PC gamers have seen what good console RPGs like Final Fantasy VII can offer, and when they're wet with anticipation for Final Fantasy VIII. If you can get over the linearity of Septerra Core and get into the story and the characters, then the game will offer up hours of fun and keep you CRPG fans busy until Final Fantasy VIII hits the PC sometime early next year.

-- Tal Blevins

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator Cheats

First off, hit F12 to open the COMMAND box. You can tell this is open because in the empty box thing on the bottom of the screen should be the word COMMAND in green. Next, type IMAREALWEENIE and hit ENTER. Next, to put in a code, hit F12, type the code, and press ENTER. MAKETHEMSTOPMOMMIE - Turns off enemy A.I. (Enemies won't attack) ENEMIES - Shows enemy stats, kinda... SPY - Show debug numbers FPM - Frags Per Minute [CTRL] [F3] - Kills all enemies that are in the battle and gives you the EXP, GOLD, and ITEMS you night recieve. *****THIS ONE YOU DON'T HAVE TO HIT F12 BEFORE DOING BUT YOU MUST BE IN A BATTLE*****
  • Free Level MapTo get a map of a level that you're currently in, just press [F12] and type MAPMAKER. The map download takes a while, so be patient.
  • Gain All ItemsPress F12, type in IMAREALWEENIE and press ENTER. F12 again, and type in WTFWWT-BGIOB and press ENTER. F12 once more, IMAREALWEENIE and press ENTER. Now F12 one last time, and type in GIMME. Your inventory will be filled with 50 of each item.
  • Gain 2300 Exp Points InstantlyAfter entering in the WTFWWT-BGIOB code, press F2, and you will immediately gain 2300 experience points. Pressing F3 will add Grubb and Runner to your party. They can't talk to people.
  • DedugPress F12 put WTFWWT-BGIOB and then enter F12 again and IMAREALWEENIE then press F12 and put 1 of these codes.CheatEffectDEVELOPERDedug ModePLAYERMap Showing areas in Dedug modeGHOSTHave opened hand has cursor (u cant move :( )VAMPYREShows some desplay icons on screen
  • Cheat CodesFirst off, hit F12 to open the COMMAND box. You can tell this is open because in the empty box thing on the bottom of the screen should be the word COMMAND in green. Next, type IMAREALWEENIE and hit ENTER. Next, to put in a code, hit F12, type the code, and press ENTER.CheatEffectsightView line of sighthidetextDisable spoken textfpsView frame rate
  • Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator Game Walkthrough

              ,SSSS.                                          CCCCCCCC 
             SSS   SS.                                    CCCCCC    CCCC
            SS'      SS                                  CCCC'        CC
             SS      SS                                 CCC'           
               SSE*** PP*P) 'T'  E*** RR*/ RR*/  A--A CCC'O**O'RR*/'E***  
       SSSS    SSSEEE'PP'    T   EEEE'R RR'R RR'A    A'CC' OO' R RR'EEEE
        SSS'     SSS                                    CC.                
          SSS     SS   ________________________________  CC'            .CCCC  
           SSS' SSS   |L E G A C Y of the C R E A T O R|  CCCC'     .CCCCCC'
             SSSS                                           CCCCCCCCCC'       
                 |      Septerra Core FAQ/Walktrough       |
                 |            Version: Definitive          |
                 |         Copyright Absolute Steve        |
                 |        Email:        |
                 |        All rights reserved 2003         |
                                 Table of Contents
         You can type Ctrl+F to find what you are looking for, the fast way.
     1. Revision History
     2. Introduction
     3. Walktrough
     4. Characters
     5. Fate Cards
     6. Equipment
     7. Enemies
     8. Cheats
     9. Credits
    10. Copyright
                                1. Revision History
    v. 2.70 April 27, 2003.
    I added the Fate Card Section. 
    v. 2.65 April 16, 2003.
    I fixed a lot of spelling errors. Speterra=Septerra ;-)
    v. 2.60 April 12, 2003.
    Walktrough finished! Finally! I'm sending it in. Only things left to do are 
    -Treasures at certain sections
    -Enemies at certain sections
    -Shop List and Equipment List
    -Fate Cards List
    -Somewhat better lay-out
    -Character and Attack List(perhaps a Level list)
    +Any spelling mistakes that need to be fixed?
    I hope I can get all of these done ASAP, and then you can enjoy =)
    v. 2.50 April 4, 2003.
    A HUGE Update! I fully completed the enemies' section, so you can search the 
    FAQ for a specific enemy with the <number>~ thing. A useful thing, so you 
    don't need to search all the time. The walktrough is *almost* finished, only 
    the Final Dungeon is missing. But I'm getting stuff done. I am. Hopefully 
    this whole FAQ will be finished at the end of April, so my mind can get some 
    rest on this, with the feeling that I've actually helped everyone who still 
    plays this. Oh, and you should, because this is a great game. Anyway, this 
    all doesn't have anything to do with the updates, but I just felt like typing 
    all that. 
    v. 2.40 March 19, 2003.
    Walktrough is now finished with the catacombs and Jinam Shell part. It was a 
    loong maze, I must say.. Glad that's over now..but wait, there are a few 
    more(even BIGGER) mazes ahead! Wish me luck, as I write all about them.
    v. 2.30 March 17, 2003.
    I finished the Walktrough up to the catacombs part. Tried to change the ASCII 
    art around, but it didn't improve so I left it the way it was. I really hope 
    I can send this in soon.
    v. 2.10 March 14, 2003.
    Version 2.10 already. Time flies away. The walktrough is now completed up to 
    the Doomsday Device Section. I'm doing really good I think. At this rate, it 
    should be finished really soon.
    v. 2.00 March 13, 2003.
    I added anther chunk of the walktrough. The "Freeing Wind City" section is 
    now completer. Hurray! Well, not really, the rest is still unfinished, and 
    I'm starting to want to send it in..
    v. 1.90 March 12, 2003.
    A big update. I added the WHOLE enemies section, with help from Curlis, and 
    the official strategy guide. Too bad quite some information is incorrect, so 
    I have to edit a lot. Before I send this FAQ in, I just want to do that, and 
    finish the Walktrough probably. The other sections are important too, but 
    have a lower priority. The Walktrough is now complete up to the Core Part.
    Next thing up is Freeing Wind City.
    v. 1.80 March 09, 2003.
    I have finished the o-so-long Chosen Capitol area, including the Chosen 
    Palace. W00T! That really is some good progress, and I think the Walktrough 
    is more than 1/3 complete at this time. Just a little bit more and I think 
    I'll just send it in..I THINK. Or maybe not, I don't know.
    v. 1.60 March 07, 2003.
    I updated the Walktrough, and it's even more complete, getting bigger all the 
    v. 1.50 March 06, 2003.
    Working on this FAQ every day makes it progress good, really good actually. 
    The walktrough is currently at a list of things to do when you get Lobo's 
    Ship, and is progressing as I type.
    v. 1.40 March 05, 2003.
    Another part of the Walktrough is done. It's almost complete up to the part 
    of Shell 6. That's some pretty good progress. Now all those other section 
    that need to get done..Hmm, seems like a long job. But don't worry, it'll get 
    there! Oh, that's right, I'm not yet sending it in, not until it's at least 
    half completed. So, to the people out there who still play Septerra Core: 
    "Something good is on it's way, and it's in your direction!" =) Wait, wait, 
    wait. That's what life's all about, I know.
    v. 1.30 March 03, 2003.
    I added another part of the Walktrough, up to Shell 4. I'm not yet sending it 
    in for a long time, which means that no one will read this..yet! Because I 
    will finish this and then there will be one damm good FAQ! Just give it some 
    time, as you know, the game is very lengthy, with dungeons existing out of 
    several digital kilometers..
    v. 1.00 Februari 22/23, 2003.
    Hello. This is the first version of the FAQ, but I won't send it in yet. It 
    basically has nothing in it yet. I created the ASCII art(it looks pretty 
    decent I think), and I made the Table of Contents. The Walktrough is just in 
    it's pre-alpha stage, so don't expect much from it. I hope that I'll complete 
    this guide, because it's really needed on the net, IMO. There really aren't 
    any in-depth guides available. And that's a shame.
                                   2. Introduction
    In the center of Septerra lies the Core, a giant Biocomputer. Seven 
    continents, each with it's own unique population and cultures, turn around 
    the core on different levels. 
    The ancient prophecy says that once in a time, the continents will get to 
    each other and stay on the same level. This is the Legacy of the Creator. 
    Over a thousand years ago, Gemma tried to get the keys and fulfill the 
    Legacy. But the Creator send Marduk, his son, to prevent him from doing this. 
    Marduk defeated Gemma and hid the keys, saying that the world wasn't ready 
    for this yet. 
    The Chosen, inhabitants of Septerra who strongly believe in their own 
    superiority of knowledge and technology, want to fulfill this legacy with 
    force. This will be a disaster for all the other people who live on Septerra. 
    In the meantime a young woman named Maya, a junker, gets involved with this 
    problem, and she gets confronted with a lot of problems. Without help she 
    won't stand a chance against the Chosen and other enemies. But who can she 
    trust in a world that's in war, a world that's near collapse?  
                                    3. Walktrough
    Before starting:
    I use version 1.02 of Septerra Core. This is the LATEST version, and the 
    patch can be found and downloaded for free at the following address: 
    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to download this, so you can benefit fully from my 
    FAQ. Of course, you can use this FAQ if you haven't installed the patch, but 
    you'll encounter several nasty bugs, errors and glitches that the patch 
    normally eliminates.
    It's recommended to use the "Game Map" which you can view with the Tab 
    Button. I use it very often while I'm writing things in this Walktrough, 
    especially when I need to clarify a location.
    Also, the enemies in the Area sections aren't the real names, but just names 
    that I've given them that I found fitting. You can type the number with the ~ 
    sign when you search with Ctrl+F and skip directly to the real enemy's name, 
    with stats and more information, in the enemies section. An example:
    You see the following: 1~Grey Wolf: 20 HP, but you want to know more about 
    this enemy, because you can't beat it, or you think it's cool, or you need to 
    know something about it. Press Ctrl+F, and in the screen that comes up, copy 
    and paste 1~, or just plain type in there. It should take you to the enemies 
    section, with the information on this enemy. Clear?
    1. Shell Two |
    When you start the game, listen to the conversation and watch the opening 
    FMV. You will start in your home. Talk to Uncle about several things. Now 
    head to the right and open the fridge to find a bread. You can get a bread 
    from this fridge every time you have no bread. To the left is a bed where you 
    can sleep when you are injured. Go outside and down the alley. Speak to the 
    people if you want. You should buy anything from the shops in town, because 
    you don't have much money yet. Now explore the town, visit the shops to check 
    what they have, just find your way around town while exploring. When you feel 
    that you're done, head to the lower right of the city, to the city map. From 
    here you can select where you want to go in the city. Downtown Oasis is where 
    you came from; Head to the world map. Go to the pumping Station a bit down, 
    and walk to the right part of the screen there. Pick up the Wire Conduits. Go 
    back to the worldmap. Go to the left, and enter the Badlands.
    Area: Badlands
    Treasures: None
    Party's Level: 1-2
    1~Grey Wolf: 20 HP
    2~Red Wolf: 30 HP(can summon Grey wolves)
    There are enemies here. The dark red wolves are stronger than the light grey 
    wolves. Try to kill them first. When you are low on HP you can use the Bread 
    you found. Maya should advance to level 2 when you get trough the area. Head 
    to the left of the area and once on the world map, head to Azziz' Temple.
    Talk to Azziz and he'll give you the Water Fate card after the conversation. 
    He also gives you a bread for your way back. Go trough the badlands again. Go 
    to your home and speak with Uncle about Tori. Grab a bread from the fridge if 
    you need to, and sleep to heal up. Go to the Pumping Station. This looks like 
    a huge misunderstanding.
    Boss Fight 1
    3~Guard Soldier x2: 20 HP
    4~Guard Sargent: 60 HP
    Strategy: Kill the two normal guards first, then focus your attention on the 
    sargent. You can use the Water Fate Card on him if you want, or just attack 
    away. He occasionally heals himself, but it's no big deal. He falls soon 
    Rewards: Heal Fate Card, Core Rune
    After the battle, go back to Downtown Oasis and speak about Tori with Uncle. 
    Heal up, and grab a bread if you need it. Go out of town. From the worldmap, 
    Grubb's workshop is located all south, a bit west from the Pumping Station.
    When there, talk to Grubb and tell him about Tori. He and Runner will 
    accompany you. Grab the Power Generator on the floor. Go back to Oasis again 
    and go to the Junkheap. In the upper-left part of the screen is something 
    that looks like a broken plane. Let Grubb inspect it and you'll receive a 
    TurboEngine. Equip it on Maya. Now head to the Pumping Station and walk up 
    the pipe. Inspect the control panel of the ventilator. Select the Conduits 
    from your Key Items and use it. Then attach the Power Generator. Head to the 
    Desert Pipes area on the other side.
    Area: Desert Pipes
    Treasures: *Box- Potion, Smellsalts, Heartstone
    Party's Level: 2-3 
    5~Spiderbug with Red Marks: 35 HP
    6~Spiderbug with Green Marks: 55 HP
    7~Giant Crab: 11 HP
    8~Green Slime Jellie: 25 HP
    Walk down the pipe and area, battling monsters along the way. Then go left, 
    where a Giant Crab is; Don't worry, this isn't a boss fight. Since all your 
    attacks(except Runners Level 7 attack that does 2) do 1 damage, you can 
    better attack with level 1 attacks to get the same result. When you walk up 
    the pipe you can go two ways: To the right you can find a box at the end of 
    the path. Inside is a Potion, Smellsalts and a Heartstone. The Heartstone is 
    an accesoiry that partially protects against poison. Equip it on Maya or 
    Grubb. Go back and take the left path. Walk on the pipe to the end, and move 
    further towards the lower-right. Go to the worldmap. You can go to outlaw 
    canyon, but I suggest you go to the small town Galdon first. Those animals 
    are called Helgaks. Grab a root from each of them. Enter the salloon further 
    ahead. The bartender isn't too friendly with you. Now speak to the rude 
    bounty hunters with Maya and Grubb, and you'll be drawn into battle. They are 
    annoying because they cast Barrier on themselves to reduce damage. They have 
    45 HP each. Just keep attacking and you'll be fine. This isn't a boss fight. 
    After the battle, rent a room for 50 gold at the barkeeper. Buy some breads 
    before going to Outlaw Canyon. Around 20 is plenty.
    Area: Outlaw Canyon
    Treasures: Dead Sargent-Core Rune, Soul Stone
    Party's Level: 3-5
    9~Pickaxe Bounty Hunter: 45 HP
    10~Twin Razorblade Bounty Hunter: 45 HP
    11~Twin Razorblade Bounty Hunter(green hair): 55 HP
    6~Spiderbug with Green Marks: 55 HP
    You'll get attacked by Bounty Hunters upon arrival in Outlaw Canyon. Kill 
    them. Move further, and head right. Go up a level when you can. Cross the 
    bridges and move towards the end of the area to find Tori, and where a scene 
    will occur. After the scene, inspect the Sargent to find a Core Rune and a 
    Soul Stone. Take note of the Bird. Use the ship on the left to initiate a FMV 
    and a scene. Afterwards, you'll find yourself on Shell 3.
    2. Shell Three |
    The tower with the ??? marks is locked, so you can't enter. You can't do 
    anything in the nearby forest either, so go down and enter Southfarm. The 
    people here will point to Wind City when you ask them about the Holy Guard. 
    Don't miss out talking to the Old Woman feeding birds. Let Grubb repair her 
    disk player and she'll give you Bird Seed x10. You can use this to feed birds 
    all over the world. Look in the shops if you want, but there isn't anything 
    great for sale. Go to Wind City. This is a pretty big city. In one of the 
    shops, the item shop, you can buy an accesoiry called True Strike. It's smart 
    to buy one and give it to Grubb. If you have the money, you could also buy an 
    Ironheart for Maya. It adds to HP. Now head to the Mourn Graveyard.
    Area: Mourn Graveyard
    Treasures: *Box- Silver Clove *Box2- 3 Breads, Core Rune
    Party's Level: 4-7
    12~Zombie: 60 HP
    13~Mad Skull: 50 HP
    On the right is a glowing spot. Inspect it and a Zombie will battle you. When 
    you've defeated it, a pool of acid blood is left on the ground. Now head a 
    bit up, and go to the right to get to a small(secret) area with a bird and a 
    box. Feed the bird some seed. Inside the box you find a Silver Clove. This is 
    an accesoiry that protects against Undead Damage. Pretty useful in a 
    Graveyard! Go to Southfarm and buy an Acid Vial for 100 gold. Go back to the 
    cemetery and put the acid in the bottle. Go back to Wind City and go to the 
    capitol building at the upper part of the city. There, go right towards the 
    library. Check the globe. Grubb can't fix it. Walk to the upper right and 
    inspect the statue on the collar. Use the Acid Flask on it. Then take the 
    Draxx head off. Before you go back to the graveyard, it may be wise to buy 2-
    3 potions, and some other healing items. Then go to the Graveyard. Head to 
    the left and use the Draxx head on the statue. It'll get alive.
    Boss Fight 2
    14~Draxx: 150(?) HP
    12~Zombie x4: 60 HP
    Strategy: This is a very easy battle. As in most RPG's, the undead are weak 
    from healing effects. So if you use a potion on Draxx and the Zombies he 
    summons(let him summon them first to receive more money and exp), it'll end 
    the battle instantly. If you don't have healing items, kill Draxx off with 
    Level 7 attacks, but that's a lot harder.
    Rewards: Earth Fate Card
    Now proceed to the area behind the statue. The enemies are tough in huge 
    quantities, so you might want to use a Potion in a battle with 4-5 enemies. 
    Otherwise, when they are with less, use breads and normal attacks. Anyway, 
    proceed and take a right and hit the switch to open up a door. Go trough it.
    Head right and at the go up the stairs at the end. There, enter the next area 
    to initiate a scene. Runner will leave the party and is replaced by Corgan, a 
    good Swordsman. In my game, he started at level 7, one level higher than 
    Maya. Go back and at the exit, Duke and Araym face you. 
    Boss Fight 3
    15~Duke: 110 HP
    16~Araym: 96 HP
    Strategy: Kill Duke first, then focus all your attention on Araym. This isn't 
    really worth the name "Boss Fight", but still a bit.
    Rewards: /---
    After the battle you will move further in the cemetary. The exit is at the 
    upper left, but the gate is locked. The switch that opens it is on the lower-
    right of the area. Press it to open the gate. To the more upper part of the 
    right, you can find a box with 3 Breads and 1 Core Rune. Go to the exit. Duke 
    and Araym will fight you once more. They aren't tough. The fight is *very* 
    similar to the previous. After the battle you're going to the mountains. 
    Area: Mountains
    Treasures: Layla- Core Relic, Potion
    Party's level: 5-9
    17~Gray Wolf: 32 HP(can cast Haste-all)
    18~Silver Gray Wolf: 45 HP(can summon Gray Wolves)
    19~Stone Rhino: 70 HP
    Layla will give you a Core Relic and a Potion. Rest in one of the tents. When 
    healed up, go in the mountains. Just walk up the mountain trail, battling 
    monsters on the way. The last battle with the Stone Rhino gave me a Cat's 
    Paw, and accesoiry that boosts you Strike, Power, Agility and Speed. Equip 
    it. Move to Armstrong on the worldmap. Upon entering you'll face Selena and 
    two Chosen Soldiers.
    Boss Fight 4
    20~Selena: 111 HP
    22~Chosen Soldier x2: 60 HP
    Strategy: After some turns, Selena will cast Barrier-all. Kill the Soldiers 
    first, then go for Selena. Use Geostrike and Level 7 attacks. Heal when 
    Rewards: Barrier Fate Card
    Area: Armstrong
    Treasures:*Box1-SupplyCache,2 Core Runes,4 Potions, Root *Box2-Power Token.
    Party's Level: 6-9
    21~Chosen Soldier: 45 HP
    22~Chosen Soldier(2): 60 HP
    At the crossroad you can go left or right. The left path leads to a box with 
    the Supply Cache, 2 Core Runes, 4 Potions and a Root. The right path leads to 
    the graveyard of Armstrong, and a box with a Power Token. This is optional to 
    get. Exit Armstrong and enter the mountains. A scene will take place. Walk 
    down the trail and talk to Layla. Give her the Supply Cache. Now go to 
    Southfarm. Speak with the Chosen Guards with Corgan and they'll attack you. 
    Kill them. Go inside one of the shops that has an Iron Plate in the floor, 
    and speak to the Black Man with Corgan. He'll open up a way into Wind City. 
    Speak to Abbot, and he will give you a passport. Go to the worldmap trough 
    Southfarm again. On the worldmap, head all left, cross the bridge, and enter 
    the Helgak Port. Show your Passport to the lady. A scene will be triggered 
    and afterwards, you regain control of only Maya.
    3. Shell Five |
    Area: Gregor
    Treasures: *Shelves- Fast Shoes *Machine- Metalcoat *Barrel- Bread, Root, 
    Core Rune
    24~Jinam Droid: 61 HP
    Speak to the people who found you, and check the shelves in the room with the 
    bed to find Fast Shoes. Equip them, as they're rather good. Go outside. Walk 
    to the right and find a bird at the end of a cracked bridge. Feed it some 
    seed. Go down the stairs and speak to some of the people. To the rightmost of 
    the area is some sort of Machine. Inspect it to find a Metalcoat. Talk to the 
    man in the upper left corner and ask about Corgan. He gives you Corgan's 
    Sword. The nearby shop has a lot of interesting thing for sale. Recommended 
    buys are: Hardsheath(good armor), StrongEngine, a Smellsalts or two, some 
    core runes and perhaps some breads and roots. Buy the attacks Grenade, Napalm 
    and Buzzsaw if you can spare the money. Go outside and speak to the Robo 
    Soldiers. Now go around the fence towards the left, and speak with Corgan on 
    the other side. Give him his Sword. Talk to the soldiers and kill them. After 
    the battle inspect the nearby barrel to find a Bread, Root and Core Rune. Go 
    back to the shop and buy a Medsword for Corgan. It's *much* better. Maybe you 
    can also buy him HardGreaves and HardSheath. Now you're all set. Leave Gregor 
    on the left side and go to the Mesa Canyons.
    Area: Mesa Canyons
    Treasures: *Barrel- Fire Guard *Barrel 2- 2 Kyra's Tears, Potion, Core Relic
    Party's Level: 7-10
    24~Jinam Droid: 61 HP
    23~Jinam Droid(2): 51 HP
    27~Ankaram Sergeant: 100 HP
    26~Ankaram Soldier(2): 71 HP
    19~Stone Rhino: 70 HP
    28~Helgak: 84 HP(can escape from battle)
    25~Black Wolf: 32 HP
    17~Gray Wolf: 32 HP
    Walk trough the area and head to the right. Go up a level and cross the 
    bridges. Walk the path out and go to the next area on the right. Walk over 
    the big bridge till the point where it is broken. Go left and take the upper 
    way. In the barrel at the end is a Fire Guard. Now go back and travel all 
    down and right until you have reached the other end of the big bridge. You 
    can go up or right. The upper path leads to a barrel with 2 Kyra's tears, a 
    Potion and a core relic. A sideway that's on the upper way's path leads to a 
    Bird. Feed it some seed. Now go to the worldmap at the end. Go down, to the 
    Ankaran Base.
    Area: Ankara Base
    Treasures: *Barrel- 3 Roots, Potion, Core Rune, Core Relic, Smellsalts, Air 
    Fate Card
    Get the stuff inside the barrel, including the Air Fate Card. Talk to the 
    girl on the right and learn that she's named Led. She's the daughter of 
    General Campbell. Go back to the worldmap and go all north. Enter the Crashed 
    Jinam ship.
    Area: Crashed Jinam Ship
    Treasures: Droid on floor-GearMuscle
    Party's Level: 9-11
    23~Robo: 51 HP
    24~Jinam Sergeant: 61 HP
    29~Maintainance Bot: 65 HP
    30~Guard Bot: 77 HP 
    This is a switchmaze, but not a very big one, fortunately. Go to the left, 
    hit the switch, and the center door opens. But only the first one. Head to 
    the right near the center door and hit the switch to open the second center 
    door. Go trough and talk to Grubb. He found a Holo Message. Now go back to 
    the Ankaran Base. A scene will occur. Speak to Dave, the soldier, with Maya, 
    and he'll give you a Jinam Dogtag. You can play the Holo Message that Grubb 
    found at the nearby computer. Now head back to the Crashed Jinam Ship. Head 
    to the right from the entrance and use the Jinam Dogtags on the device. Go 
    trough. Note that all enemies are robotic in here, so Grubb's repair attack 
    inflicts major damage on the monsters. In this area, find the switch that 
    opens the side door in the hall. Walk trough the hall until you get to a 
    crossroad. To the left is a room where you can find a GearMuscle on a dead 
    droid, and some sort of computer. To the right the path leads to the Power 
    Converter that Led was looking for. Now exit the ship and go back to the 
    Ankaran Base. Give the Power Converter to Led. Speak to the soldier guarding 
    the door. Speaking with Led lets you. After the scene you receive a potion 
    and a core rune.  
    Area: Subway Station
    Treasures: *Barrel- Psycheknot
    Party's Level: 7-11 (Led is probably low-level)
    32~Carrion Crawler: 50 HP
    31~Maggot: 90 HP
    33~Brown Wulf: 71 HP
    24~Jinam Sergeant: 61 HP
    29~Maintainance Bot: 65 HP
    34~Beetlebug: 50 HP
    Walk down the long hall and go to the next area. Go to the left and walk the 
    linear path to the end. It'll lead to a new hall which is a dead end. At the 
    end however, is a barrel with a Psycheknot. When you got it, go back to the 
    crossroad walk SouthEast. To the left is the capitol, but you can't go that 
    way. To the right is the Ankaran Research Lab. Watch the scene.
    Area: Ankaran Research Lab
    Ankaran Sergeant: 100 HP
    Ankaran Luitenant: 160 HP
    Walk trough the hall. At the end, watch the series of scenes. After all the 
    scenes, Gunnar will give you the Summon Fate Card.
    4. Shell Four |
    Area: World Bazaar
    Treasures: *Slums-Quick Silver, Smellsalts, Cornucopia, Bread, Titan, Root.  
    38~Cyclone: 97 HP
    40~Convict: 97 HP
    41~Bounty Hunter: 97 HP
    39~Green Bounty Hunter: 100 HP
    In this room you can change your party. Selena is a very good choice, and 
    Corgan also, but the two tend to attack each other in battle, so you might 
    want to take Led in place of Corgan. Go upstairs and speak to the bounty 
    hunter. He'll battle you. He is *incredibly* strong, but also very scared. He 
    runs away from battle after the first hit. Now let Led or Grubb inspect the 
    Crate of explosives. Lure him into battle again, and shoot the crate with 
    Maya, inflicting MASSIVE(good enough for the final boss!) damage. You receive 
    the Bounty Hunter Hideout Key. Now explore the area a bit. Some rooms seem 
    empty, but hold battles. One battle awards you with a Soul Stone, one with an 
    Elixer, one other with a Cornucopia. Now visit some of the shops and upgrade 
    your equipment. Buy a Mix Bowl and a couple of earplugs. When you're done, 
    head to the left of the area. Now you are at the city map. Where you came 
    from was the Red Light District. Go to the Slums. In the left Pipe you can 
    find a Quick Silver, in the middle tube you can find Smellsalts, and in the 
    right one you can find a Cornucopia on the table. On the second Level is 
    another pipe. In it, on the table, you can find a bread. On the most upper 
    level are two more pipes. In them you can find a Titan and a Root. After 
    you've gotten all these items, go to the Shipping Transport Area. Go down to 
    the southeast and talk to the captain. Now visit the shops and buy a 
    PowerEngine. Then head northwest and inspect the sewer grate. However, this 
    isn't the sewer that you are looking for right now. Go to the Bounty Hunter 
    District. In this area are two side-rooms. One holds a battle that gives you 
    a Core Rune, and in the other is a bird. Feed it some seed. Buy two 
    BastardSwords from the shop, and give them to Corgan and Selena. From the 
    start of this area, check around and go down on the southeast(check map). 
    Walk over the docks, and use the key you got from Loch to open the valve. 
    Enter the sewer.    
    Area: Sewers
    Treasures: *Box-Wallet
    Party's Level: 12-16
    35~Blood Maggot: 90 HP
    36~Giant Green Crab: 34 HP
    37~Medium Maggot: 115 HP
    38~Cyclone: 97 HP
    40~Convict: 97 HP
    41~Bounty Hunter: 97 HP
    39~Green Bounty Hunter: 100 HP
    The first part of the sewer is easy. Just follow out the path to the next 
    area. This is area is somewhat trickier, but not much. Araym is captured and 
    held in a prison on the southwest, to free him you must hit the switch on the 
    center platform and open the door. There is also a Box with a Wallet on the 
    northeast. Now speak to Araym and exit the sewers, fighting battles on the 
    way. Go back to the hotel where you started, in the Red Light District. 
    Selena leaves the party, so replace her with Araym. He starts at Maya's 
    level. Now go to the Captain at the Shipping Transport Area, and speak to him 
    with Araym. He brings you to Shell 7. When you walk to the ship Duke will 
    confront you.
    Boss Fight 5
    42~Duke: 250 HP
    41~Bounty Hunter x2: 97 HP
    Strategy: Kill the bounty Hunters first, as they cast barrier that slows the 
    battle down. Then go after Duke. He is somewhat tougher than normal bounty 
    hunters, but not much so he shouldn't be much of a problem.
    Rewards: /---
    5. Shell Seven |
    After the battle, you find yourself on Shell 7. This Shell is somewhat 
    different from the other shells, with strange growing plants and a glowy 
    environment. On the world map visit Bone Circle Village. It looks like you 
    can't get in, not yet. So go back to the world map and head north. Enter the 
    Mountain Caverns. 
    Area: Mountain Caverns
    Treasures: /---
    Party's Level: 13-15
    46~Giant Brown Crab: 30 HP
    44~Spiderbug: 97 HP
    45~Orange Bee: 50 HP
    47~Bee Sphere: 160 HP
    The beginning is pretty linear. At the lower level, just follow the path 
    towards the northwest. At the intersection you can go down at the southwest, 
    which is nearby. Do so, and go to the next area. Walk to the end of this 
    path. There are no enemies here. Before going to the next area, heal yourself 
    fully(Core energy also) and equip all your characters with Earplugs as 
    accesoiry. Then go to the next area. If you don't do this, Maya will not be 
    able to enter because of the sonic sound. You'll face a Boss in the Lava.
    Boss Fight 6
    48~Sonic Lava Boss: N/A HP
    Three Tentacles: 100 HP(each)
    Party's Level: 13-15
    Strategy: This boss will be the hardest you've faced so far, so expect a 
    lengthy fight. To defeat the Boss, you need to kill all three the tentacles 
    at one time, so that not one stands anymore. This is pretty tricky, because 
    all of them have a high defense, but it can be done. However, DON'T kill them 
    off one by one, because the Lava Boss will heal it's tentacles to it's fully, 
    and restore them. Therefore, you need to pound each tentacle with Magical 
    Water attacks, and keep track of the damage you've done to each tentacle. 
    When you've depleted their HP to about 10(for EACH) you can kill them off. Do 
    this quickly, or else you have a problem. To stay alive against the boss it's 
    strong attacks, use healing items like a Potion when you need to heal up for 
    a second.
    Rewards: Fire Fate Card
    Receive a WHOPPING amount of experience and gold, and your characters will 
    jump a few levels. Now go back to the previous area, and to the first. Go 
    northwest to the worldmap. Go to the Mining Ruins. Let Led or Grubb inspect 
    the garbage heap(now, or perhaps later when you've taken them with you) to 
    find an item. Grab the explosives from the barrel northwest and a Biolum 
    Lantern from the Box northeast. Then speak to the man who is called Hermit 
    from now on. Go back to the worldmap and go to the Dark Lake, on the north.
    Area:Dark Lake
    Treasures: /---
    Party's Level: 15-17
    28~Helgak: 84 HP
    49~Sphere Plant: 97 HP
    50~Grey Rhino: 97 HP
    Walk to the north of the area and inspect the water. It's very poisonous, so 
    use the explosive you just found on the water, to create a bridge of dead 
    Helgaks. After doing this, head all southwest, walk over the dead Helgaks, 
    and feed the bird some seed. Then just head all north and go to the worldmap. 
    Enter the Helgak Cemetery. Pick up the Helgak Bone from the ground(it's on 
    the east side of the area, it looks like..well...a white bone!), and inspect 
    the thing in the water that looks like a boat. You will do something with it 
    later. Then leave the whole area again. Combine the Helgak Bone with the Bowl 
    Mix. On the worldmap, head all back to the landing area, going back trough 
    the mountains again and speak to the captain. Go to Shell Three. When on 
    Shell Three, go to Southfarm and speak to Carver in the northeast shop. He 
    can make a flute out of your Helgak Bone. Give it to him. Go back to the 
    worldmap. If you want the Ressurect Fate Card, go to the cemetery, and into 
    the tombs, past where the statue of Draxx first stood. Go northwest until you 
    reach a Box with the Card. Exit the area and go back to Shell 7 by flying to 
    Shell 4 first, and then from there to Shell 7. Go trough the mountains again. 
    Go to the Mold Forest, which is on the south on the worldmap. 
    Area: Mold Forest
    Treasures: *Barrel(second part)-Potion, Sea Prism
    Party's Level: 15-18
    52~Eggspider: 103 HP
    51~Sphere Plant: 97 HP
    53~White Scissorbug: 97 HP
    55~Purple Sphere Plant: 97 HP
    56~Orange Bug: 50 HP
    54~Grey Jelliefish(second part): 60 HP
    You can either walk a bit northeast, or just plain east from the beginning. 
    At the northeast path, you may notice a door that you can't open yet. When 
    you get to the all-east part of the area, you can take the lower or the upper 
    exit. The lower exit leads to an area where the air is unbreathable, so take 
    the upper exit for now. This area goes in a circle and isn't too big. On the 
    northeast of the circle area is a red plant. Use the Biolum Lantern on it 
    after you use the Helgak Flute on it. Fill it with the glowing fluid. Now you 
    have a full one. Head back to the worldmap, this time heading to Bone Circle 
    Village. When there, use your Lantern on the strange pillars, and the 
    Underlost will let you pass. Enter the Village. The Village Chief gives you 
    the Cure Fate Card. Speak about many things and he'll introduce you to Badu, 
    who joins your party. He's very slow, but quite powerful at times. Take Araym 
    and Badu in your party now. Walk in the tent behind the Chief to rest and 
    heal up. Now go trough the mountains AGAIN, and at the end, check out what 
    Badu does. Speak to Hermit about some new subjects at the mines, then go to 
    the mold forest. Let Badu open up the previously locked door at the northeast 
    path. This is again a pretty linear path. There is a barrel located in the 
    far northwest of the area. Check the map. It holds a Potion and a SeaPrism. 
    Then just head to the exit at the northwest of the area. You are now in the 
    Mining Area. Guarded by Chosen Soldiers.
    Area: Mining Area
    Treasures: *Mining Car-Metal Buckle
    Party's Level: 15-17
    57~Chosen Minion: 100 HP
    58~Chosen Minion: 97 HP
    59~Chosen Mech: 97 HP
    This might look like a very complicated area, but it really isn't. Sure you 
    can take a few up-and-downs, but all you really need to do is walk to the 
    northwest corner of the area. In this area, there are a few levels. First, 
    walk to one of the stairs to get to level 2. Here, on the northwest, you can 
    find a Metal Buckle in a Mining Car. Then just go east up to level 3, and the 
    next area. Kaleb has a surprise for you ready. You must battle his precious 
    Mining Helgak.
    Boss Fight 7
    60~Mining Helgak: 600 HP
    Party's Level: 17-18-19
    Strategy: The Mining Helgak is a tough boss. His hard shell does not make 
    things easier, and his attacks are powerful, and overall fast. You should 
    start the battle by casting Barrier on all your party members, to reduce the 
    damage done to you at least for quite some turns. The strategy here is to 
    attack the shell that protects the Mining Helgak's head with Maya and Araym 
    with Level 1 attacks, and do that 5 times. Let Badu charge up to his level 3 
    attack. When the head is exposed from the shell, attack with Badu right away. 
    You can also use PoisonSpit with Badu if you have it, to poison the Helgak, 
    and that does even damage when it is in it's shell. The problem with this is 
    that it might get hit by the poison when you are about to hit it with Badu, 
    although the chance is small when you attack right away. So just repeat this 
    strategy, and use a potion when your HP gets low. You should be warned for a 
    powerful attack that the Helgak can execute though, which it only performs 
    when it's head is exposed for too long. So just don't wait for that long.
    After defeating it, you will go to the Chosen Ship.
    Area: Chosen Ship
    Treasures: *Barrel-Solid Strike
    57~Chosen Soldier: 100 HP
    59~Chosen Mech: 97 HP
    There are two rooms to the southeast. The first room's switch opens up a room 
    on the northeast, where a barrel is inside that holds a Solid Strike. The 
    second room's switch opens the door to the exit of the map. Exit, and a scene 
    will occur. Grab the Lens Shard when the whole scene is over. You are now on 
    Shell 6.
    6. Shell Six |
    Go to Scrumm Town on the north. Go to the Bartel Mall and buy things from the 
    shops to upgrade your party. Buy things such as: SmallBlitzer, Shrapnel, 
    Meat(!!Key item!!), Bone Knifes, Long Sword(x2), Blades, Wind Shoes, and a 
    load of healing items to endure the next few areas. Then go to the Shipping 
    Transport. Grab the nearby Drill, lying on the floor. The man at the end is 
    on the lookout, and you can't get the Manifest lying behind him. However, 
    Araym, master thief as he is, knows how to deal with this situation. Just 
    speak to the man with Araym, and he does the job. Give it to the guard at the 
    locked door. Exit the city and go to the Mountain Pirate Base.
    Area: Mountain Pirate Base
    Treasures: *Barrel-Knuckles
    Party's Level: 17-19
    63~Punk Bounty Hunter: 116 HP
    66~Bounty Hunter Pickaxe 1: 116 HP
    62~Bounty Hunter Pickaxe 2: 150 HP
    64~Black Wolf: 123 HP
    61~Bounty Hunter Razorblades: 116 HP
    65~Bee: 85 HP
    70~Helgak(Snow area): 116 HP
    69~Flying Bug(Snow area): 100 HP
    68~Stone Rhino(Snow area): 116 HP
    71~Flying Helgak(Snow area): 275 HP
    Explore the area, after you've battled the pirates to get trough. Go up one 
    level. The exit up north leads to a path with a barrel that contains 
    Knuckles. The other exit leads to a snowy area. Go there now. Walk over the 
    path until you face the flying Helgak. It's pretty strong, but it's a special 
    enemy. When you've defeated it, grab a Helgak Egg from the nest. Use the 
    Drill on it. You can walk to the summit, but it leads to a dead end. You 
    encounter some powerful undead here, but if you finish hem with healing 
    items, you get a pretty fat experience amount. You can enter/exit this part 
    to respawn the encounters. There is also a barrel with a Quicklight here. Go 
    to the first area, and walk to the exit on the northeast to the worldmap. Go 
    south to Pranno. Grab a Herb at the end of the town, and feed the nearby bird 
    some seed. Enter the saloon, and be re-united with your party again. Form 
    your party. I usually take Araym and Selena with me, but that's just my 
    personal favorite combination. Now go back trough the Mountains, and to the 
    South Green Mire. Enter the south swamp. 
    Area: Green Mire
    Treasures: /---
    Party's Level: Your Party's Level will depend heavily on whom you take with 
    you from this point. Led is about 12 levels lower than Selena, but Selena 
    isn't considerably stronger. Therefore, I can't list the Party's Levels 
    anymore from this point. Or I can, but it's use will have lost it's 
    effectiveness. At Boss Fights it may still have a use.
    73~Green Jelliefish: 70 HP
    75~Orange Bug: 116 HP
    74~Giant Crab: 30 HP
    76~Helgak(west swamp): 97 HP
    72~Purple Bug(west/east swamp): 123 HP
    77~Bee Sphere(east swamp): 240 HP
    Walk to the next area in this linear path. That isn't too hard =). Speak to 
    Lobo. You'll need to rescue his Crew before he will help you out. Go to the 
    East part of the swamp. Feed the bird to the north some seed, then head to 
    the southwest corner of the map. There are some leeches. You can't just pick 
    them up, or they'll attack you(no real attack though), so distract them by 
    using some meat nearby. Then you can grab them. No exit the map and go to the 
    west part of the swamp from the map. In the southwest part of this area, grab 
    the Sleep Plant from the ground. Combine it with the Drilled Egg. Now it's 
    Drugged. Head a bit north, the west, and feed the egg to the Water Helgak 
    there. Use the leeches on it when it's asleep. Now you've got yourself some 
    Bloated Leeches. Go back to Scrumm Town, the Barter Mall, and head inside the 
    Tattoo Shop. Give the Leeches to the woman, and she'll make some tattoos for 
    Maya. Go to Lobo and tell him that you're ready to go in. He gives you a 
    Flare and the Key to the Shipping Docks. I usually pick Araym to accompany me 
    later. Go back to Scumm Town and to the Shipping Docks. Unlock the door with 
    the key. After the scene, you play as Maya only on Connor's Isle.
    Area: Connor's Isle
    Treasures: *Box-Potion, Core Relic *Table-SmallBlitzer, Chainvest *Barrel-
    Armor Rune *Background Barrel-Wind Shoes *Beertap-Potion *Background Barrel-
    Aegis *Junk Crate-Core Relic
    Bounty Hunter(pickaxe): 38 HP
    78~Pirate: 116 HP
    81~Pirate(twin razorblade):123 HP
    80~Pirate(Punk): 123 HP
    82~Small Bot: 116 HP
    64~Black Wolf: 123 HP
    79~Brown Pirate: 160 HP
    83~Bee: 100 HP
    Head to the southwest room, the box contains a Potion and a Core Relic. You 
    can't free the prisoners, not yet. Then head further to the east, and grab a 
    SmallBlitzer and a Chainvest from the Table. Then go (south)west to a new 
    area. Be sure to keep Maya healed between battles, or else you might find 
    yourself dead at one moment. Cross the bridge further down, then cross the 
    one that comes up the nearest by, and follow the path. There is a barrel down 
    there tha contains an Armor Rune, and from some barrels in the background you 
    can grab Wind Shoes from, that's a bit further, and just keep going. At the 
    Beertap you can find a Potion, at the dead end. Now go up the level and hit 
    the switch. Now go back over the bridge and you've walked in a circle. Now go 
    to the next area southwest. Walk down the hall and hit the switch at the end. 
    Walk trough the hall from the door that you just opened. Signal Lobo at the 
    secret entrance. Now you have a three-man party again. Go back inside, and 
    walk to the room that opened. Hit the switch and grab the Blue Isle key from 
    the Box in the next room. Go back to the previous area, and use this key on 
    the blue device. Grab an Aegis from the barrel in the background, and the Red 
    Isle Key from the main barrel. Now go to the room that opened, since the 
    other way just locked up. At the end, hit the switch again, then go to the 
    next area and use the Red Isle Key on the Device with the red glow.The hall 
    leads to Connor's Throne. Don't miss out the Core Rune in the Crate with Junk 
    right before the entrance to the next room. Connor will have a little chat, 
    and then fight you.
    Boss Fight 8
    84~Connor: 450 HP
    Twin Machine Guns: N/A HP
    Strategy: Connor is a robot with a very high defense, and he is practically 
    immune to your normal attacks. You must therefore attack the two machine guns 
    all the time with level 1 attacks until they spin and aim towards Connor. 
    Then they will attack/shoot and damage him for about 50 HP damage. When a 
    Machine Gun has attacked, you must attack it 3 times again, or else it will 
    attack you again. Connor has some attacks himself, some powerful, some weak, 
    so just heal with items and Magic when you feel the need. Keep this strategy 
    up and Connor should fall soon enough.
    Rewards: Bless Fate Card
    Grab the Cell Keys from the ground. Now all you need to do is to free Lobo's 
    crew. Go back to where Maya started, so backtrack trough the areas to the 
    cell blocks. Free the people there, and in the last cell is Lobo's crew. Go 
    back to the open area, the secret area where Maya signaled Lobo, and the ship 
    will take you off the Isle. Congratulations! You've got yourself a Ship! This 
    makes worldmap traveling a lot easier. With the ship you now have the ability 
    to travel between Shells whenever YOU want to. You can do QUITE a lot 
    optional things now. Here's a list of all of them, in a somewhat special 
    order. You can mark the ones that you've done if you print the list out(man 
    I'm user-friendly =D)
    7. Optional Quests |
    This is a list with optional things that you can do once you've gotten Lobo's 
    ship. Later there will be new things, but I will mention those later.
    Now for the list:
    Go to Shell 2, and to the west of Grubb's Workshop there is an Isle with a 
    ??? area. Enter the area by landing the ship on it. There is a ghost of a boy 
    in this area, and if you approach him in the wrong way, he will run in the 
    nearby well. Here is how to approach him in the correct way: Go around the 
    fence, on the right, and walk all down staying as close to the fence as you 
    can. Then walk south, still staying close to the fence, and walk to the well 
    between the benches and the well. Maya should now stop the Ghost, and the boy 
    will give her the Holywater accesoiry, that protects One fully from Undead 
    Go to Shell 1. You haven't been here yet, I know, but you are only here for 
    this small quest right now. West of the Chosen Capitol in the Middle, is an 
    hidden area. It's not even marked with the familiar ??? marks. Double-click 
    on the lake and your ship will land. In this small area are two pretty weak 
    Black Wolves, and a Barrel, to the northeast near the building, that holds a 
    Luck Charm. This is an accesoiry that only Maya can equip. It adds to the 
    amount of Gold gained after a battle.
    On Shell 2 visit Oasis. Before you go to the Junkheap, take Led and Grubb 
    with you on the party. Then go to the Junkheap. Speak to the Warbots and you 
    will battle them. They are pretty strong for this point in the game, but a 
    couple of Repair attacks should make the Junkheap a bit larger. After the 
    battle, check the area and pick up the Pipe, which is a Keyitem you'll use 
    later. That's not where you came for though. Check the map for an exit that's 
    not normally visible. With the map you should be able to find it. Grab the 
    Disrupt accesoiry from the broken ship. It protects(better than Earplugs) 
    against Sonic Based damage. Go back to the worldmap. You don't want to fight 
    your way trough an area with ALL those warbots at this point of the game =/.
    Still on Shell 2, go to Outlaw Canyon and bring Selina with you. Check the 
    map. On the east of the area is a small room that you haven't been to yet. 
    Check closely to find a door. Selena can open it. Inside are three weak 
    Bounty Hunters: Black-purple Bounty Hunter: 19 HP, Green Haired Bounty 
    Hunter: 45 HP. After the battle, Maya will open the Box and find the 
    Armstrong Seal, and a Lockpurse. The Lockpurse protects fully against steal, 
    and the Armstrong Seal has it's uses..You aren't done in Outlaw Canyon yet. 
    Go to where you found Tori, and feed the bird some seed. You couldn't do this 
    before because of the scenes.
    After doing the last quest with the Armstrong Seal, go to Shell 3 and take 
    Corgan and Selena with you. Armstrong is invaded by the undead. Walk to the 
    end, to the graveyard. Fight the Undead boss there. It looks like Draxx but 
    it's a brown version. It has 292 HP and it can summon a group of 4 zombies, 
    just like Draxx could. If you let him summon the zombies first, you get more 
    experience. However, DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG WITH DEFEATING IT! It has some 
    DEVASTATING multi-attacks that can wipe out your party easily. I hope that 
    was enough of a warning =). Just kill it with healing items for victory. 
    After the battle, place the Seal of Armstrong back in the Shrine. Corgan will 
    now respect Selena, and they won't attack each other inside battles anymore. 
    Go to Shell 5 and take Grubb and Led in your party. Together they can open 
    the door on the north. Once inside, Maya will check for any survivors, and 
    Led gets attacked by a group of Pirates. Grubb(you) must choose if he wants 
    to grab the Gadget or to help Led. Forget the Gadget and help Led! When you 
    do so, Grubb and Led will be able to perform their super lightning-combo's 
    Grubb-Led Combo when they are together in a battle. The Gadget, if you need 
    to know, is a ForceBlitzer, a Core Engine that is pretty good in the game for 
    now, very true, but later on you can just get it and it becomes useless. Now 
    Grubb and Led are together.
    On Shell 5, fly southwest and enter the ??? area on the small Isle with 
    mountains. The Barrel at the end holds a MindBarrier, an accesoiry that 
    protects fully from the status Berserk.
    On Shell 3, go to Southfarm. Bring Corgan and Led with you. Defeat the Chosen 
    Soldiers and then go to the shops to buy some new, good equipment for your 
    party. In the shop with the iron grate, go down and into Wind City(only 
    possible with Corgan in your party) and check out the library. Fix the Globe 
    of Septerra with Led, and Abbot will reward you with a Soul Stone. After 
    this, exit to the worldmap again.
    On shell 6, head a bit south from the Mountain Pirate Base. Double-click on 
    the forest that only the ship get to, and you will land. In this area is a 
    box that Box that holds a Touchstone. This increases the amount of experience 
    that the party gets after battles. Only Maya can equip it. 
    ?So which is better? The Luck Charm or the Touchstone? The Touchstone is, 
    because you will get more experience after battles, and you gain levels more 
    easy. Therefore, the enemies(in those really long dungeons) become somewhat 
    On Shell 4, just fly west from the World Bazaar, and search for a hidden area 
    there. The ship will land when you've found it. In this area is a Box, but 
    you can't open it yet. To open it, you must press on one of the lights on the 
    walls that shines brighter than the others. Do this a couple of times if 
    necessary, then grab the EndikuBell from the box. It adds bonus damage to 
    spells, I think.
    On Shell 4, there is one more hidden hidden area. It's on the north of the 
    World Bazaar. Just check it good(that Isle) to find it. However, it's wise to 
    wait with this area until you are much stronger, because some really nasty 
    creatures guard the treasure in this area. Two Strong Bugs in the first 
    fight, and a very strong Rhino as a second fight. However, there *is* a way 
    to reach the Restore Ring, without really cheating. You can run away at both 
    battles, and the enemies won't bother you anymore on your way. You probably 
    end up wounded when you try this, but still, it works pretty good, most of 
    the time. Same for the second battle. Now the path is cleared for you, and 
    you can open the box to receive the Restore Ring. It protects against *all* 
    negative status effects. 
    On Shell 3, go to the forest that is marked with ???. It's on the east. Here 
    are five stones lying around a Tree. Every time you look at one, a battle 
    takes place. After that battle, you are rewarded with an item. You can only 
    look at one stone, going counter-clockwise. Here are the battles:
    Battle 1: Stone Rhino: 97 HP-Soul stone-Easy 
    Battle 2: Gold Rhino: 142 HP-Soul Stone-Easy
    Battle 3: Purple Rock Rhino: 298 HP-(can cast Berserk, summon Ghosts)-Quick 
    Battle 4: 2 Platinum Rhino's: 324 HP-(casts lightning/all after charge up, 
    berserk, Summon Ghost, Curse)-EarthPrism-Very Hard
    Battle 5: 3 Goldsilver Rhino's: 207 HP-Spirit Guard-Medium
    Some advice for the battles: Buy some Wards so you can nullify the Berserk 
    status, and cast Barrier on everyone in the fourth battle. That protects you 
    from 3-digit damage. 
    The Spirit Guard is an accesoiry that protects against all elemental attacks. 
    From this point forward, I equip Maya with the Touchstone, Araym with the 
    Restore Ring, and Selina with the Spirit Guard. That way you have a really 
    balanced party that can handle most situations. The accesoiries really help.
    And that's it for what you can do right now. You can now proceed with the 
    story. Go to Shell 1 and Enter the Chosen Capitol.
    8. Shell One |
    Area: Chosen Capitol
    Treasures: Barrel-Kyra's Tear, Barrel-Elixer, Barrel-Iron Buckle, 
    Battles(from saving people)-Core Relic, Elixer, Core Relic
    85~Chosen Soldier 1: 142 HP
    86~Chosen Soldier 2: 149 HP
    87~Small Bot: 142 HP
    88~Chosen Mech 1(brown): 142 HP
    93~Chosen Mech 2(grey): 168 HP
    89~Chosen Minion 1(orange-yellow, East): 142 HP
    90~Chosen Minion 2(black-East): 155 HP
    94~Grey Wolf(East): 142 HP 
    On the city map, go to the west District. This is a pretty small area. At the 
    end, grab the Red Capitol Key from the barrel. Note: In this area there were 
    two battles that rewarded me with a HydrMuscle, and the other with a Core 
    Relic. I don't know if these items are always given. Back on the city map, go 
    to the East District. In this area, you can save three groups of people, and 
    you are awarded with a Core Relic, an Elixer, and another Core Relic. At the 
    end of the area is a barrel with a Tank Engine inside. Now go back to the 
    city map again, and maybe you want to stock up on healing items, because 
    you're about to play trough one of the longest dungeons in the game. When 
    you've stocked up, enter the center district. At the end of the path is a 
    Tank. Use the Tank Engine on it and it'll move out of the way. In the small 
    area behind the Tank is a barrel with a Kyra's Tear, and a switch that will 
    move a train of some sort out of the way. Go back and follow the path to 
    where the train moved. In the very northeast of this area you can find a Long 
    Sight from a broken Tank. Just follow the path, and see how Chosen Soldiers 
    kill each other. At a sideway path is a barrel with an Elixer. At the end of 
    another side path is a barrel with an Iron Buckle. It adds to strength. Make 
    sure you get it before you meet up with Gunnar, who is nearby. A soldier will 
    take you to the palace. This Palace is just a HUGE maze.
    Area: Chosen Palace
    Treasures: Barrel-Soul Stone, Cabinet-Psychering, Bed-Smellsalts, Vase-
    Potion, Barrel-Truesight, Cabinet-Kyra's Tear, Corpse-Cornucopia, Food Trash-
    Root x2, Barrel-Armor Seal, Big Heap Barrels-Potion, Barrel-Red Star
    85~Chosen Soldier 1: 142 HP
    86~Chosen Soldier 2: 149 HP
    88~Chosen Mech 1(brown): 142 HP
    93~Chosen Mech 2(grey): 168 HP
    89~Chosen Minion 1(orange-yellow): 142 HP
    90~Chosen Minion 2(black): 155 HP
    91~Gold Rhino: 142 HP
    92~Purple Rhino: 155
    Go trough the hall, and enter the door on the left, which is the only opened 
    one in the Main Hall for now. In this area, there are two locked doors in the 
    center, and a left and right path. Go left, and hit the switch at the end to 
    open the first center door. Then take the right path and hit the switch in 
    the corner of the last room. Then, go to the center and head up the stairs. 
    Walk around the hall, and grab the Blue Palace Key from the barrel on the 
    other side. Here is also the door with the Red Device. Remember this. Now go 
    back to the Main Hall. Walk a bit further, and open the Blue Door with the 
    Blue Palace Key. Enter the next area. Go southeast at the first moment you 
    can. Walk trough the rooms here, to a small hall. At the end, hit the switch. 
    This will lock one door(which leaded only to another locked door), and opens 
    another door. Go to the hall where you started again(still in this area 
    though) and walk further. The second room you can go into holds a barrel with 
    Soul Stone. Head to the end of the hall, and go northwest. The door there is 
    still locked, but you can walk trough some rooms and end up in a dead end. 
    However, the cabinet in that last room holds a Psychering. Then go back to 
    the intersection, and head southwest. Go down the stairs and head southwest. 
    Hit the switch at the end of the path. You'll open some doors, and close the 
    one you just came trough. Now go northeast, and try talking to the Monk that 
    is in fact a Chosen Minion. You can find a Smellsalts on the bed of the open 
    cell. Just walk further, and before you go back up the stairs, grab a Potion 
    from the Vase on the Table. Then go up the stairs and to the northwest, where 
    you opened the door. In this small area behind the opened door you can find a 
    TrueSight in a barrel, and on the other path, where Chosen Soldiers are 
    fighting, is a switch that opens the second door to the room you've been 
    trying to reach. In a cabinet between two beds in this area, you can find a 
    Kyra's Tear. To open the first door again you must hit the very first switch 
    that you activated in this area. It was at the end of the hall of the first 
    room(if that made sense). Save your game and heal up. You are about to face a 
    boss. Head in *the* room. Fight the first Magi, the Speaker.
    Boss Fight 9
    95~Yellow Magi, The Speaker: 500 HP
    Strategy: If you attack him directly, you won't only do little damage, but 
    the Magi will also counterattack with Scream, a sonic based attack. This 
    attack hits everyone for big damage. This can be reduced somewhat with 
    assecoiry's like Earplugs and Disrupt, but it's wise not to hit him at all 
    this way. If you give him the time, he will create three spheres that will 
    close in on your party members, and explode when they reach you. Hit these 
    spheres with level one attacks to drive them back to the Magi, and they'll 
    explode on him, causing damage. Do this enough times, and you'll end up 
    Rewards: Red Palace Key, Law Fate Card
    With the Law Fate card, you can perform powerful combo's like summon Marduk.
    Head back to the Main Hall. Walk back to the area that you first explored. 
    Open the Red Door with the Red Palace Key. Behind it is the Second Magi.
    Boss Fight 10
    96~Green Magi, The Seer: 1000 HP
    Strategy: You can end this battle pretty quick. The Magi has 1000 HP, and 
    that's quite a lot. A good way to deplete that amount of health is to summon 
    Marduk, but afte you've charged up to Level 3 with, say, Selena and Maya. 
    They have pretty good magic, and should inflict around 400 damage. Heal Core 
    Energy and Life, then summon Marduk one more time. When the Magi's HP gets 
    low, he summons three Ressurection Spheres, like his brother before him. You 
    must destroy all three balls to make him appear again. Don't destroy each 
    ball one by one, but all at once. If you don't do that they will start to 
    heal, and even revive each other. When all balls are destroyed, the Magi 
    appears again. A good charged up Marduk should do him in.
    Rewards: Yellow Palace Key, Slow Fate Card
    Go back to the Main Hall, and walk it out until you come to the yellow door. 
    Walk trough the hall and to the next area. Go to the southwest. The first 
    open cell has a background barrel where you can grab a Potion from. The dead 
    elite-Chosen Soldier further ahead has a Cornucopia on him. In another cell 
    is a hall that leads to a switch. Hit it, and a door opens. Just proceed 
    exploring on this side first though. Another cell has 2 Roots waiting to be 
    found in the food trash. At the end of the whole path is a barrel with an 
    Armor Seal. Go back to the entrance, and this time, take the left/northwest 
    path. A bit further ahead, you can grab a Potion from the big heap of 
    barrels. At the end of this path is another switch that opens a door. There 
    is a second path in this area that leads to a barrel with a Red Star, an 
    assecoiry that partially protects from Core Drain. Now go back to the 
    beginning of the area again, and go trough both the left and right opened 
    doors to open the two center doors. Behind them is the third and final Magi.
    Boss Fight 11
    97~Red Magi, The Listener: 525 HP
    Strategy: This Magi can just be attacked whenever you want, but he has some 
    pretty powerful attacks, so heal when you need to with Potions and Roots. He 
    summons three balls, that you can attack. The Magi will counter this with a 
    pretty powerful atta 

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