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The PC version of Sega Rally 2 also offers online play as well as a split screen mode.
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Sega Rally Championship 2 Cheats

Enter the following code when "PRESS ENTER KEY" is displayed, before entering the main menu (press ESC key to quit to the title screen if already pressed Enter)CheatEffectilovesegarally2andsegaUnlock everything except the bonus car Kerolla WRC
  • Change the skin or modelling of your rideIn Car Selection screen, hold PageUp when confirm selection on certain cars. The modelling and/or the texture can be altered to that of another car (the performance will NOT be affected). The following table shows the cars which the trick can be applied, and the corresponding hidden modelling, shown on the right.CheatEffectLancia Stratos HFLancia Stratos 1975Mitsubishi Lancer EvolutionMitsubishi Lancer Evolution VToyota Corolla WRCTEIN CorollaToyota Celica GT-FOUR ST185Toyota Celica GT-FOUR ST185 1993Subaru Impreza WRCSubaru Impreza WRC 1998
  • Sega Rally Championship 2 Game Walkthrough

    Peugeot 306 Maxi ARCADE guide by Gouki (PAU) for a potential 3:58:31 time.
    This guide is copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001 Gouki (PAU) 
    Sega, Sega Rally 2 (c) copyright Sega Co. Ltd. 1998, 1999
    Ver 1.0 (08-1998)
    Ver 1.1 :new times and new styles.
    Ver 1.1 :few spelling corrections were made.
    Ver 1.2 :added a few things about the game and copyrights. (22-3-2000)
    Ver 1.3 :added Riviera 4th gear method! (06-07-2000)
    I don't mind if you want to use this guide or if you want to put it on 
    your site, but if you do, please contact me first! This is an in depth 
    guide for Sega Rally 2 using the Peugeot 306 maxi or a potential time of 
    3:58:31. This guide can also be used for the Dreamcast version of Sega 
    Rally 2. 
    Many thanks must go to players: SAS, KKG, ITO, DKI and QED from 
    Japan, Matt Chan (ESP) from Australia, PEZ from Sweden and A.A and YHM from 
    the Netherlands. 
    About the Peugeot 306 Maxi: 
    The Peugeot 306 Maxi is the frontwheel drive car. The difference with other 
    Sega Rally 2 cars and the Peugeot 306 Maxi is, the 306 Maxi has a lot of 
    understeer, you have to steer into turns earlier, and so the 306 Maxi 
    doesn't slide very much. The speeds of the 306 maxi are often higher because
    the car doesn't drift. 
    In Sega Rally 2, the Peugeot 306 Maxi is the fastest 
    car, the fastest 306 Maxi time (and Sega Rally 2 time) is 3:57:35 raced by 
    Japanese player DKI. 
    In this guide I only will tell how I drive, I know that
    it can be faster but I'm still learning how to get faster. Above the stages
    are my times given and the fastest times possible for that stage driven by 
    Peugeot 306 Maxi. These stage times are always raced by Japanese players!
    Everything can be raced full speed, unless I tell to go off accell, but even
    then sometimes it's maybe possible to go full speed.
    General Advice
    The Starting Method
    Desert Stage
    Mountain Stage
    Snowy Stage
    Riviera Stage
    General Advice:
    Try to avoid drifting, if you drift you will lose speed and this will cost 
    Take corners OUT-IN-OUT this means from the very outside steer into 
    corner to inside,and hold steer so that you will come out of the corner at 
    the very ouside. 
    Don't hit walls and cars! This will cost speed.
    Avoid water puddles (on desert stage) Do not drive through water. It will 
    cost speed and time. 
    Always try to drive the shortest line! It's often more important as higher 
    Starting Method:
    (thanks must go to Japanese players KKG and SAS for explaining me how to 
    make the fastest starting method)
    Put the gear in first.
    Wait for co-driver to count down.
    3...2..1..GO...Full accel at "GO" (do NOT accel before "GO", this will get 
    the car into a slip)
    at 4000 rpm into second gear, immediately into third gear.
    At Desert course go to 4th gear at 200 kmh.
    At ALL OTHER courses go to 4th gear at 190 kmh.
    Desert Stage:
    My Fastest time: 56:25
    Fastest 306 Maxi time: 56:04 (DKI, JKR)
    when having shifted to 4th gear turn steeringwheel slightly to the left, run 
    over grass on left side as close to the border as you can get. Pass the comm
    car on the right and run the grass on the right side very close to the 
    border. At 232 kmh enter gravel!
    Target speed: 232 kmh (when overtaking the com-car)
    from the very right on grass steer in easy, don't drift, if you drift it 
    will cost speed. Take this corner out-in-out. Do not end up right on grass, 
    so stay OFF GRASS!
    Target max speed: 245 kmh after corner.
    Again take this corner out-in-half out. First half steer into corner, then 
    before entering grass full steer to the left. Try to drift as close to the 
    wall as possible. Countersteer as fast as possible when coming out of this 
    Overtake the car on the left side.
    Target speed: 236 kmh.
    MEDIUM RIGHT, MEDIUM LEFT (thanks to Matt Chan: ESP and PEZ)
    After water puddle set car up to the left for medium right. From the very 
    left at greyish cameraman, turn wheel half to the right and when entering 
    grass turn steeringwheel fully to the right. When at apex, turn wheel full 
    to the left, do a little bit off accel and then full accel again try to 
    drift as close to the left fence as possible. Try not to end up on right 
    side grass but next to grass.
    Target speed: 229-230 kmh at second crest jump.
    From middle of road steer half into easy right and drift, but keep drift 
    angle as small as possible. End up on the right side of the road.
    Target speed before long easy left: 235-236 kmh.
    LONG EASY LEFT (min. speed in this corner 230-231 kmh)
    This is the corner with the mountain on the inside. From the very right on 
    grass just after co-driver says long easy left, steer fully into left, full 
    accel, if you don't make it off accel a little bit. Be sure sure to don't 
    hit the wall on the outside!!! To do 56:2x times you have to take this 
    corner at 231 kmh.
    Drift into this corner with minimize drift angle and pull the car straight 
    as soon as possible to set up for finish. Don't run grass on the inside.
    Finish on the gravel on the right side.
    Target speed: 244 kmh
    Mountain Stage:
    My Fastest time: 1:00:92
    Fastest 306 Maxi time: 1:00:51 (DKI)
    Steer into turn and just after turn at 190 kmh put gear in 4th.
    Approach from the middle of the road, steer in left and stay on the 
    left-middle side of the bridge. Full speed.
    Run over bridge and steer in early to stay on the left side near the border. 
    If you steer in too late the next 2 K-rights will be very difficult.
    From the very left steer to right just afet second advertisement on the left 
    border. Steer fully right and do a small off accel, but then full accel again
    Run brick wall on inside. Come out on the far left side of this corner.
    Hesitate, then steer again fully into right turn and run brick wall on inside
    again. Do an even smaller off accel here and full accel again to come out on
    the left side again. Pass the car on the left side.
    The key of the 2 K-Rights is to stay as close to the right side wall as 
    possible, do out-in-out and very little bit off accel!
    Target speed: 219-220 kmh (when passing the car) Note: this can be 221 kmh, 
    but then you will go wide and that's not the better method!
    Enter from middle after passing the end up on the left side. Run 
    grass with left wheels of car, but not too much.
    Pass the com. car on the LEFT. If you are fast enough through K-RIGHT, 
    K-RIGHT. Don't hit the on the back, this will cost speed. 
    out-in-out. A little bit off accel here too.
    Top speed: 229-230 kmh on gravel.
    Try to steer in very carefully, try not to drift. When the car starts 
    drifting try to drift with minimize drift angle and stay as close to the 
    left wall as possible. End up left.
    Target speed: ??? kmh.
    CAUTION HAIRPIN RIGHT (thanks must go to Japanese player KKG: 4th gear 
    155 kmh and com-car turn)
    In 4th gear. Enter this turn from the very outside, with left wheels on 
    grass, just after co-driver says checkpoint, steer in right use brake and 
    then also handbrake. Release brake as fast as you can just after apex. Hold 
    handbrake just a little longer. Turn into 3rd gear and accelerate again. 
    Pass the com-car on the inside (=right side)!
    Target speed: 155 kmh.
    Overtake the Corolla on the left side and shift to 4th gear at 190 kmh. End 
    up on the right side of bridge.
    From right side of road do a small off accel and steer into medium left. 
    When at left side of this turn full accel gain and steer fully into right. 
    DON'T RUN GRASS ON RIGHT SIDE! this will cost a lot of speed and you will 
    drift and end up against the left wall. Do a small off accel again just 
    before the left grass, run grass a little bit but not too much, if you do 
    you will stick on grass! Then full accel again.
    Target speed: 210-213 kmh just after right corner.
    After medium left, medium right stay on the left side of the road and steer 
    full into medium right. Do a small off accel to stay on the right side of 
    the road on the grass with the right wheels. You must do a small of accel! 
    Use timing to pull car good for the Open hairpin left.
    CAUTION OPEN HAIRPIN LEFT (thanks to KKG steer in and brake, 4th gear 
    190-192 kmh)
    Make sure that your right wheels are on the grass on the right side. Just 
    after co-driver says caution hairpin left steer into left. The car will turn 
    left and then press brake, do NOT use handbrake. Press brake a little bit 
    and make sure to hold the wheel to the left. You will come out of this turn 
    on the right side grass, if done correctly. Try to stay in fourth gear, if 
    speed is below 190 kmh shift to 3rd gear. This a very important Key Corner: 
    run this corner well and you are able to do 1:00:9x time or even faster, but 
    minimum speed must be 188 kmh!
    Target speed: 190-192 kmh.
    Simple out-in-out, full accel. Don't run grass on the inside this will make 
    you jump and come out on the very left side against the wall. Don't come 
    out to wide.
    From the very left with left wheels on left side grass turn steering wheel 
    into right, do out-in-out and a little bit off accel
    Target speed: 215-216 kmh.
    Approach this turn from very right or middle of the road, steer in early, 
    aim at inside wall, but don't hit it. End up right and countersteer fast 
    to straighten car for finish.
    Target speed: 217-218 kmh.
    Snowy stage:
    My Fastest time: 56:93
    Fastest 306 Maxi time: 56:59 (DKI)
    Run the inner shoulder of the right turn, just after turn shift to 4th gear.
    On the end of the right side before the left corner begins steer fully to 
    the left.
    Run as close to the wall as possible, but do NOT run snowwall here, because 
    it will cost speed!
    Target speed when entering very long easy left: ~200 kmh. Drift next to left 
    side, do not run left side, just before running left side, pull steer to 
    right and immediately to left again. (this is called GERO-technique, founded 
    by Japanese player SSZ)
    It looks almost that there isn't a turn, but there is...! Before the easy 
    right stay left, go to easy right, run snowwall at easy right as close to the
    wall as possible. Then to the easy left: run also snowwall at easy left. Do 
    IN-OUT for the next corner.
    Target speed: 217 kmh, after easy left.
    LONG MEDIUM LEFT (thanks must go to KKG no full accel, stay as close to the 
    CAUTION this is a dangerous corner. Anecdote and me, we call it the Paul turn, 
    because I always drift out of it, no matter what car I drive. With 306 Maxi 
    the corner is very difficult to take full accel, so for beginners I recommend 
    off accel before you steer into corner. For expert players: from very outside, 
    just after co-driver says MEDIUM LEFT, steer fully to the left, while still 
    drifting from the easy left before. I slightly turn the car straight before 
    the LONG MEDIUM LEFT. Go out-in-out.
    Target speed through corner: 214-215 kmh. (AS CLOSE TO THE INNERWALL AND RUN 
    From the very right put car straight and immediately turn fully to the right. 
    Stay as close to the right apex as possible, try to run apex!
    Do half out-in-out. Pull car straight from last corner and immediately steer 
    fully to the right. Again run apex on the right side.
    Target speed: ???
    From the very right, just when co-driver says checkpoint, steer in and do OFF 
    ACCEL. Run left snowwall and just after running snowwall, start accelerating 
    again. Stay in fourth gear! Timing is the key to run left snowwall here.
    Target speed: 192-194 kmh.
    From ouside do NOT run snowwall, it can be very tricky, if you run snowwall 
    the bad way you will fly out of this corner! Slightly drift through this 
    corner and put the car up onto the left side for the HAIRPIN RIGHT.
    When half between easy left and hairpin shift to 3rd gear and go for 
    wall-turn. Thanks to DKI's video I now know where to hit the wall. 
    You must hit the wall before the apex, hold handbrake you can accelerate 
    again very fast! End up on the left side on the course, a bit on the left
    snowbank. Hit the wall with right headlight of the car and hold handbrake 
    and start accelerating again. Just after corner on the left side release 
    handbrake and full accel. To 4th gear at 190 kmh. Pass the com-car on 
    the left.
    Target speed: 98-100 kmh.
    Take this turn in-in and stay on the inside of the turn. NEW: When steered 
    to the left you will enter sand area, now do GERO technique: steer fast to 
    the right, then fast to the left, then fast to the right and again to the 
    left. This technique is used by almost all Japanese players and is used for 
    keeping speed!!!It's an expert technique to hold speed. If you pass the 
    com-car here pass it on the inside or it will push you out of the turn. 
    Pull car straight for crests.
    Target speed at first crest jump: 212-213 kmh. (when used GERO)
    Stay on the middle of the road and end up on the right side.
    Just after last crest, pull steer fully to the left and do a little bit off 
    accel, run snowwall on the left side of corner. At almost end of left corner 
    steer fully to the right and run right side of corner.
    Target speed: 221-222 kmh.
    Riviera Stage:
    My Fastest time: 1:04:21.
    First lap record: 33:48 Second lap record: 30:70.
    Fastest 306 Maxi time: 1:03:90 (DKI, RLI) lap times: 33:32, 30:50 (RLI)
    NOTE: I've practised with 4th gear technique, but this will take very long 
    time to do properly. But 4th gear technique is faster!
    Just after start stay as close to the right fence as possible. Like the 
    start at mountain and snowy, just before the first right corner shift to 
    4th gear at 190 kmh.
    Do in-in-out. Come out of this corner at the very left side for the hairpin 
    At the very left before co-driver says hairpin right put stick to 3rd gear. 
    Steer fully to the right and brake and use handbrake at the same time. Hit 
    the wall with right headlight of the car (wallturn) and before hitting the 
    wall release brake. But HOLD handbrake. Until you end up on the left side 
    after hairpin hold handbrake, after that release handbrake and start 
    accelerating again.
    I saw DKI-san do the 4th Gear method, It's almost the same as the 3rd gear 
    method. Just before you want to steer into hairpin it's very important to 
    set car up straigth, and do off accel. Then steer into hairpin, same as 3rd 
    gear method, but just after hairpin, as fast as possible, shift to 3rd gear 
    and start accelerating again. I have to tell you it's very hard to do this!
    Target speed: 115-125 kmh.
    Stay as close to the left side of the fence and steer half to the left.
    From the left side of the road steer a little bit to the left and a bit to 
    the right to end up on the white stripes on the road, before entering 
    medium right, medium left.
    This bend is harder to do thand the last one. I steer half in before the 
    right bend begins. At the right apex, I steer full to the left and hold 
    steeringwheel to the left, to end up on the left side of the road after 
    medium right. Be sure not to go wide: timeloss.
    Before hairpin make sure to drive at left side of the road as close to the 
    fence on the left as possible. Shift to 3rd gear and after co-driver says 
    hairpin right steer fully right with brake and handbrake. Make sure that 
    steeringwheel is already fully to the right before hitting the wall with 
    the right front of the car. Again here, release brake before hitting the 
    wall but HOLD handbrake. Hold handbrake until ending up on the very left, 
    just after hairpin, then start accelerating again and release handbrake. 
    Note on overtaking car: You can overtake the car before hairpin, but then 
    you have to be very fast thought the first hairpin and always drive the 
    shortest line. With bad luck sometimes the car pushes you out of the 
    hairpin. When you don't overtake the car make sure to overtake the car on 
    the right side in hairpin.
    I saw DKI-san do the 4th Gear method, It's almost the same as the 3rd gear 
    method. Just before you want to steer into hairpin it's very important to 
    set car up straigth, and do off accel. Then steer into hairpin, same as 
    3rd gear method, but just after hairpin, as fast as possible, shift to 
    3rd gear and start accelerating again. The only advance of 4th gear method 
    is higher hairpin speed. But I'll have to say third gear is easier to do.
    Do out-in-half out. From the very left steer in and drive as close to the 
    right side of the fence as possible without hitting it. When very fast you 
    can overtkae the car before the k-right. When you didn't overtake the car 
    before the second hairpin, you must overtake this car on the right 
    innerside of the k-right. When you are too slow, pass the car on the left 
    side just after k-right. After k-right stay as right as possible on the 
    track, near the right side of the fence.
    Target speed: 210 kmh.
    Stay right and before the MEDIUM RIGHT go a little bit to the left, not 
    too much: timeloss!
    Do half out-in-out. Full accel! Make sure to steer fully right before the 
    corner starts, or else you will end up in the left wall after corner.
    From the very left do exactly the same as in the first round BUT do it 
    EARLIER, so that you will hit the wall earlier, just before the corner! 
    This is because the speed you will have: 225 kmh. If you are too late, 
    you have to brake harder for not hitting the wall on the outside, after 
    Target speed: ~125 kmh.
    The rest is the same as the first lap!
    Sega Rally 2 ARCADE:
    When the cabinet is in use for more than 2 weeks 2 extra cars are available:
    Toyota Celica and Lancia Delta.
    To use these 2 cars, when you start a game, choose championship or practice, 
    at the car select screen PRESS VIEW and PULL HANDBRAKE at same time to see 
    the Toyota Celica and Lancia Delta.
    Sega Rally 2 (c) SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD., 1998, 1999
    Many thanks must go to Japanese players: SAS, KKG, XRF-ITO, DKI and QED.
    I also want to thank:Matt Chan (ESP) from Australia, PEZ from Sweden and A.A 
    and YHM from the Netherlands. 
    Peugeot 306 Maxi Driver, website:
    Copyright (c) 1998,1999,2000, 2001, 2002 Paul Jenneskens.
    If you have any questions or comments, mail me at gouki@freemail.

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